“You want me to keep you off the block you got to guarantee me final 2 and you need to do a lot more than that buddy”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Have nots –
Nominations – Chirstmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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Spoilers – Memphis and Christmas are going to be nominated. Memphis is her target.

9:51 am Memphis is up drinking coffee..

10:30 am still getting ready for the day.

11:20 am Nicole alone in the HOH
I technically donated my wine to the house because it’s only three glasses me, Cody and Enzo will have a glass. So I am donating to the house. Number two I already want to cry because I have to put two people on the block. I thought I would be really good at this like YEAH let’s get it done. No I feel like I want to cry and I feel bad.. I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m really good at this game I’m really good but I’m not good I guess.. People.. UGH.. I’m good at surviving.. ugh I have no idea. I’m a mess right now. I didn’t get enough sleep I want to cry. I don’t want to talk to people and tell them they may be going on the block. The thing is he put me on the block first so If I put him up that makes sense. Christmas literally tried to get me out of here right so that makes sense So I shouldn’t feel so bad.

11:30 am Memphis and Nicole
Memphis offers a deal. “If you can keep me off the block this week I would be completely content and ok and loyal to telling you lets make a final 3 deal which that means if I win the veto next week I’m taking you and if you win the veto you’re taking me Now.. with you keeping me off the block this week I’ll vote whatever way you want me to vote.. aaaand.. that’s basically it.. you see how that works
Nicole – yeah
Memphis – if I win the veto I’m not going to use it this week. If I’m off the block I’ll vote any way you want me to vote If I win veto next week I’m taking you and you will do the same with me.. the only reason I can position this to you is because I have no other deals does that make sense
Nicole – yeah totally
Memphis – otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here telling you that
Nicol e- yeah you’re loyal

Nicole says the pairs are Cody/Enzo and Memphis/Christmas she’s on her own.
Memphis says if he had won’t he HOH this week Christmas would have been his target because she tried to flip the house on them. “that was against the committee basically between me and her what you say is a friendship”

Nicole — that good you can keep them separate
Memphis – we’re not where to be friends
Memphis laughs

Nicole says she’s going to talk to the house right now she’s only talked to Memphis. She will continue to talk to the rest of the house and make her decision. Goes on about being up in the air.

Feeds cut when we’re back Memphis is leaving after he’s gone.
Nicole – Oh my god.. that not a good proposal. You want me to keep you off the block you got to guarantee me final 2 and you need to do a lot more than that buddy.. (LOL what more can he do?)
Nicole – and I know you have two final 3’s already. You are lying right to me. You have a final 3 with every single person in this house but me. I just happened to win HOH.

Nicole – I didn’t tell him at all what I was doing

11:55 am Nicole and Christmas
Nicole – this move is very very very very important I can’t play in the next HOH which is terrible so what’s going to give me the best chance to make it to final 3 and I will say I don’t want you to leave this week.
Nicole – I will do everything to make sure you don’t leave this week.
Nicole explains in order for the person to go she wants’ she’s going to have to “Do somethings”

Nicole – I don’t want to keep people I can’t be as far as the guys.. there’s a couple of really good guys and so..
Christmas – like look at everybody’s stats.. the hierarchy .. this is just facts. it’s COdy, Memphis, Me, Enzo, you
Nicole – yup exactly I know
Nicole is wanting to get someone out that has good stats.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back they are going on about having to make hard choices this game.

Nicole – I just think that for me I can’t sit next to someone whose had it in .. not necessarily easy but less rocky of a journey.

Nicole – I don’t want you to go home what I’m doing is trying to ensure my target doesn’t go home with there’s only 4 people that are eligible to be nominated this is a more strategic puzzle.

12:07 pm Memphis in his Hannibal Lecter voice – “where is buffalo bill”
Cody – what does that do?
Memphis – hydrates the face
Cody – that’s f***ing terrifying

12:15 pm
Cody – it’s 12:15 and I’ve officially hit the wall.. great time..
They’re bored.

12:43 pm Nicole and Christmas
Nicole – this game is cutthroat it’s very cut-throat it’s like fricken hunger games except for we don’t…. we just vote each other out
Christmas – kill
Nicole -yup. You have to be real careful what you say. That’s why I don’t talk to anyone

Christmas apologizes for the triple Flip attempts
Nicole – that’s ok you are fogiven.. are you talking about the triple?
Christmas – yeah
Nicole – yeah.. no … I’m totally fine. I’m past that I don’t want you going anywhere that’s the truth even though you did that doesn’t affect me anymore..
Christmas – Tyler was still campaigning for you to go.
Nicole- when me and Dani were up ohh really..

12:49 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole says she pretty much told Christmas she’s going up but not going home.
Nicole brings up the points Christmas made about Cody and Enzo being popular in the jury house and about Cody’s competition wins.
Cody – I’m not sending Memphis home I’m now sending her home.. just kidding..
Nicole says Christmas not once offered a deal. “NOTHING.. NADDA NADDA nothing.. I do want Memphis to go”

Nicole says Memphis deal “Sucks” explains his deal.. and pretty much everything I typed up above.
Cody – I mean it’s not a bad deal
Nicole – I need a final 2
Cody – ohh sh1t so you were looking for a final 2?
Nicole – he has a final 3 with everyone.. everyone in the house he has a final 3 deal.. he’s lying to my face and he’s not offering anything.. no you are going to on the block.. He’s like if I am on the block I’ll take that as a no if I don’t it’s a deal..
Nicole asks who’s key should be pulled first,.
Cody – Christmas she knows she’s going up
Cody – here’s my deal final 2 DONE..
Nicole – ok

They tease and giggle …

12:51 pm Memphis and Christmas

Comparing notes. Christmas talking about how she tried to downplay their relationship by telling Nicole Memphis reminds her of her military buddies.
Christmas – that was a really important influential time in my life.
Christmas – her thing is she can’t play in the HOH next week and then the veto is what it’s all about
Memphis – that’s key
Christmas – what if you .. I feel like I have some leverage against her I have some marks against me in the jury and I’m not as good as Cody and you at comps
Christmas – what if you thin of some deal to offer her next week if you win that veto you keep her
Memphis – that’s not a bad idea.. at this point it’s whoever wins the veto.
Christmas – we can’t be on the block together it needs to be you and Enzo
Memphis brings up the POV
Christmas – we need to set ourselves up for minimal damage
Memphis – yeah alright
Christmas – does that make sense. so with that if you and I are up there that means three people can win the F***ing veto and keep noms the same if you and Enzo are up there that means that three people can win the veto and change it same with me and Enzo (But if Enzo and Memphis are on the block and one wins veto sweet Christmas goes up)
Christmas – as long as Memphis is up there with me or you I think it’ll be you we have to get Enzo up there you need to make a deal to get rid of Enzo..
Christmas – find some dirt about Enzo

1:12 pm Nicole, Enzo, and Cody
Nicole is filling them in on her conversations with Christmas and Memphis says Christmas trying to protect Memphis. says Memphis is more or less saying that Nciole is the worst player in the game so she’s the person he wants to go to the end with.
Nicole says nothing is changing they’re going up still.
Nicole brings up that Christmas was trying to gett Cody because he’s won the most comps
Enzo – they’re ruthless..

Nicole says they both offered her final 3.
They all go on about their final 3. Nicole says she’s got her two people.
Enzo – the third place gets 10 g’s.. (that’s what you get)
Nicole says the nominations will be at five. “they said normal time”
Cody leaves..
Enzo – Yeah Memphis was getting nervous. cause Christmas was up here.. I was like YO I dunno.
Nicole thinks Memphis isn’t sure he’s going up. HE offered her a deal if he goes up deal off.
Enzo – get outa here yo..
Nicole – this is the easiest HOH I’ve ever had.
Enzo – if I had won this HOH it would have been tough for me because they think I’m tight with them.. once we win this POV and the HOH we’re in a good spot to make it to final 3

1:36 pm Enzo, Nicole, and Cody
Enzo – it’s going to be so much better with one of them gone this week yo. god I want to win this POV so bad YO

1:41 pm Nicole – is it that bad that I just wanted him to say he’s proud of me.. IT IS… UGH…
Cody – it’s not.
Enzo – I wanted my kids to say I’m awesome and thy didn’t they’re 10 and 7

Christmas joins them.

2:26 pm

3:44 pm Cody and Enzo
Agreeing that Memphis and Christmas will cut them before Nicole
Cody – because they thin we’re too likable.
Enzo says if they win POV keep them on the block. and they’ll take the other one out next week.
Enzo – I want to play veto today.. right after noms. I don’t know what it is YO .. I hope it’s one you have to figure out a little bit because your life s on the line..

3:57 pm Camera pans around in the photo room.

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Thanks for the write-up.

Nicole should not feel bad about nominating Memphis (who put her up earlier) and Christmas (who tried to vote her out).

To be honest, these are the 2 easiest nominations of the season as both of them know they will be nominated and for what reason.


Nicole has such a big heart. This is probably treating her up inside.

Let’s all pray she wins.


Thumbs down.


Your *+$”ing with us right?

Houka Inumuta

Memphis is leaving on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These past two weeks has been amazing this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian for America’s fav!!!!!!!!!

How was my friends? Should I invite them on Thursday when Memphis is evicted.


Maybe just save for Nicole’s crowning moment.


Houka, I want you to pick/predict Powerball winning numbers for me. Just let me know if they’ll roll in the next TWO YEARS! Thanks for all the humor. You always make me smile.


I can almost bet that Enzo is her real target. She wants Enzo and Cody separated. If Enzo does not win the Veto, he’ll be on the block and voted out. That’s what he will deserve for being all talk and no game. And Cody will care less.


she might want to get out enzo, but she doesn’t have the votes. cody, xmas, and memphis would all vote to keep him vs whoever remains of xmas/memphis.


How so? It will split and Nic will be the tiebreaker. Memphis and Christmas will b\each vote to keep the other. Cody keeps Enzo.


cody wants to keep enzo. memphis and xmas will both vote with cody.


I think if Memphis or Christmas come off the block…no way they will vote out their partner.




Xmas would not vote to keep Enzo over Memphis..no way


That’s what I say…and vice versa. If one comes off…they’ll vote to save the other.


This is the first comment I’ve completely agreed wit u on.

Sam X

No way! They would require a big move but a dumb move on her part! Both Memphis n Xmas want her out …. Xmas wants to be the last girl


On Thursdays show, I had to laugh when Cod complained that everyone had their own agenda. Does he expect that everyone is supposed to follow his? Oops sorry, forgot that Enzy is still there.

Artraneen Gardner



so do cody and enzo actually vote off memphis over xmas? while i feel getting rid of memphis is better for nicole’s game, getting rid of xmas is better for enzo’s game and probably cody’s as well.

really hard to see cody not winning, but meh. overall i think i can still root for enzo. he’s played a good game, guaranteed himself final 3 and could even win if he can figure out a way to get cody voted out.


Tough. I think Memphis is Cody’s toughest competitor left so I can see him sending him to jury.


Can’t forgive not voting nicole out


Soooo funny!!


This was Janelle’s game this season

Tyler’s left shoe

Omg! So hilarious!


Codys whole game plan in three words: win, tease, and giggle.


Nicole winning the HOH pretty much guaranteed that Cody will be sitting in the final two. So who do you guys think he plans to take to the end – Nicole or Enzo?


I love Nicole and wish she could win. However, she would be the one to take to F2, if (whoever) is smart.


He will take Nicole. He can beat her easily (he thinks). And would serve Enzo right getting third again for making zero moves.


Of those two, Enzo. ‘Yo’ hasn’t won crap where as Nicole won a critical HOH, and has a good social game, plus like her or not she gets bonus points for being a past winner to get to the end. Not a Nicole fan, but I’d vote for her to win if I were a jury member.

The Beef

Yeah, talk to Da’Vonne, Tyler and Dani as to how good her social game is. Whereas I agree this HOH was critical to CODY’S game, it really wasn’t that critical to her’s since nobody seems to be targeting her anyway, as they are focused on the bigger targets in the house at this point. And you can say that Enzo hasn’t won crap, but he’s won 3 times as many comps as Nicole has this season, so while he’s not the leading competition guy in the house, he’s still way ahead of her. She does lead him though in whining and complaining about people actually trying to play the game, crying about perceived slights that no one even made against her, and also in backstabbing the three people she would “never” turn against in the game, that being Ian, Dani and Da’Vonne, who basically gave her the win in BB 18.

The funny thing is, Da’Vonne is so caught up in her own misguided moral SJW mentality that I truly believe she will still vote for her in Final 2 over any of the other men still standing in the house, simply because she is a woman.


now that nicolf has a comp win under her belt i think he’s leaning enzo, but i imagine he still hasn’t decided. i think he may also fear nicole has strong enough relationships with ian, dani, and da’vonne that nicolf’s too big a risk to take (that her relationship isn’t that strong with anyone else he may overlook). i think he’s less aware that enzo has done pretty good jury management himself and could relatively easily win with xmas, tyler, memphis, david, and kevin’s votes (kevin is probably never voting for cody regardless who cody goes to the end with). the jury is kind of a tossup and will come down to how strongly dani advocates for the cody win and how much the rest of the jury listens.


Nicole….and she wins


As noted keeping Nicole in the house as a previous winner was careless BUT she had 4 levels of protection – F2s with Cody, Dani, Ian & the committee.

But, if you’re going to credit Nic for getting to F5 w/o winning anything until then & without being able to influence/save the people she wanted to keep than likewise Enzo should get credit since he was the only non-Committee member to get deep in the game (with 2 members of that alliance leaving ahead of him & likely a third this week). Plus his best move through to this point in the game was forcing Ty’s oust – he lied to Cody about things Memphis said (such as putting up Nic/Cody to ensure she left although I’m not sure that wasn’t to get out Cody).

Like the others I don’t think Nic will have the votes of Dani or Da’Vonne (which means she also likely won’t have David or Kevin). And, Tyler won’t vote for her over any of the guys & possibly not even vs. Xmas although the 2 females reaching F2 is the most unlikely to occur.


Either at this point sitting next to Cody ensures Cody wins.

another name

Noms: Memphis and Grinchmas. Gee, doesn’t take a tinfoil hat to come up with that.
Target: Initially Memphis, but Enzo and Cody will end up pushing for Grinch (because both have deals with Memphis, no deal with Grinch). Whether or not Cody and Enzo bring the idea to Nicf… most likely after the veto comp is played. Cody will end up pushing more to Nicf, but putting the push on Enzo.
If Memphis comes off the block it’s automatically Grinch target.
The only way she isn’t evicted: She must win veto.

Personally: still extremely ticked that they didn’t take the opportunity to evict the wretch on her son’s birthday. That would have been popcorn. Not because I gave a crap about Tyler in the game (he tried to quit multiple times so couldn’t care less), it’s so much more like I would have enjoyed karma slapping Grinchmas upside the head.

This week pretty much sets up the final four that looks like an ersatz Brigade season final four.


I’m confused, nicole is HOH? Did xmas, the “comp beast,” not compete? Did nicole’s lucky coin slots somehow lead her to victory?

Miss Impression

I must admit I am taking great pleasure that the comp beast was beaten by Nichole.
How embarrassing.


Apparently Christmas was way ahead & was placing her second last ball but saw Memphis catching up & for the first time the entire game she dropped a ball & had to start over. He also screwed up. Nicole was at ball 23 so she had 7 left & just took her time & won as the others all began rushing & kept having the balls roll out.

So going slow & steady won the HOH.

The most interesting thing to me is WHY Xmas got panicked about Memphis almost catching her. That didn’t make sense to me – why would she be worried? She should’ve just gone slow & steady. If she had we’d be witnessing Cody OTB beside Nic (possibly Enzo).