Big Brother Nomination Results! “We have to start laying the framework for a deal.”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Have nots –
Nominations – Chirstmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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As HOH Nicole Nominated – Memphis and Christmas with Memphis as her target.

5:28pm The live feeds return from the nomination ceremony.
Bedroom. Christmas and Mempis.

Memphis – If you win the veto, she puts up Enzo. Christmas – I don’t want her to vote you out. Memphis – yeah. Christmas – because Cody would vote for Enzo. So we have to make a deal. We have to start laying the framework for a deal. Memphis – yeah. Christmas – you have to start planting those seeds. We can always start that now.


Bedroom. Memphis and Cody.
Memphis – Christmas is so funny dude! Cody – what did she say? Memphis – I don’t know .. she has no idea what is going on.. Which is whatever. She is just like we’re on the block together so we need to get someone else up and get them out of here. And in my mind I am whatever okay!? Cody – laughs. I feel like a lot of it is directed towards me. Memphis – she just assumes so much stuff which I get because she doesn’t know sh*t. Cody – yeah that is usually what happens when you’re out of the loop. Memphis – at this point we built something awesome and at this point I am going to play and we’re going to ride.

Kitchen. Cody and Nicole.
Nicole – she (Christmas) looked so mad. I’m like why do you look so mad? Cody – because its 100% .. she is mad because I’m not on the block. Like you know it is .. she already grabbed Enzo and was like we need to win veto and get Cody up and send Cody out. Nicole – she already did that? Oh my god that is hilarious!

6:15pm – 6:45pm HOH room. Enzo and Nicole.
Enzo – Its f**king ridiculous. I want them both out. Nicole – I don’t care which one of them goes to be honest. Enzo – it all depends on if one of them wins .. then the other one goes .. that’s it. I told Cody too .. he’s had it with Christmas. He is like I am ready to get him out. Nicole – yeah I know .. I am afraid he is going to flip on me. Enzo – I think Memphis is the head of the snake. Nicole – I think he keeps her going. She told me today that she finds comfort in him. I think if he goes she will be a little more frazzled. Enzo – I am more scared of him than her. I feel like he has been good at every comp he has been in. He’s just a beast. She is very emotional and that’s what killed her in that comp.. she lost concentration. We just have to win and keep it the same. Nicole says that she just wants to chill. I was playing backgammon with Memphis and Christmas was there just staring at us.

7:30pm – 8:10pm HOH room. Enzo and Christmas.
Enzo – there are only two more POV’s and one more HOH and then the finale one. Christmas – did you guys get to have a good talk. Who? Yeah, we were just shooting the sh*t. I am pretty sure I’ll be the one on the block if one of you guys win the POV. F**king crazy POV man! Christmas – I know. Nicole joins them. Christmas leaves. Enzo – my target is him (Memphis). That’s it. If we can take out Tyler, we can take out him. We can take out Christmas next week when it is all three of us. That is it. Nicole – he just doesn’t want to get taken out by her which I understand. Enzo – but why is he.. I was like Cody’re going to win the POV this week. I feel like he is the smartest player in the house. Nicole – yeah he is. Enzo – I was like you’re going to win that POV bro! That’s it! Stop .. because she is talking about you. I should never have said anything to him. Nicole – me too. I shouldn’t have told him. Enzo – but he would have been upset if I didn’t tell him. Nicole – he (Cody) mentioned that if she (Christmas) is on the block she should go. I was like no, not if he (Memphis) is on the block. Memphis is smart, he can win mental competitions. He knows I saved him this week.. He (Cody) could blindside me and get rid of Christmas .. and I would be pissed. You guys have a much better chance at beating her than him. If it was a tie I would break it. Enzo – all we need to tell him is that we did what he wanted on his HOH and got rid of Ty.. Tyler was the better player. Same thing this week Memphis is the better player. Nicole – Memphis said that if he is sitting on the block at the end of the week .. he knows he will be the one going. Enzo – he is very in tune with this game.

8:15pm – 8:45pm The house guests eat dinner and then clean up.

9:10pm – 9:33pm HOH room. Nicole and Christmas.
They’re doing foot wraps. Christmas – I want to let my brain turn off tonight .. but tomorrow I do want to talk to you before the veto.. like I want to be really transparent about where I stand. Nicole – okay that sounds good. Memphis and Cody join them. Cody spas it up with a face mask that has a goatee.

9:50pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Christmas leaves the HOH room. Cody to Enzo – Memphis was getting all bent out of shape down stairs .. he was like what is she (Christmas) doing upstairs? Lets break it up! (Nicole and Christmas spa time) Enzo – he knows he’s the target Yo. He is smart. Cody – he thinks she is throwing him under the bus trying to strike deals. Enzo – meanwhile he is throwing you under the bus trying to back door you. Cody – I don’t think that .. like he didn’t say that. Enzo – he didn’t directly say it to me. Christmas said it to me. Cody – and then Christmas said it to Nicole. Enzo – because he is using her to do his dirty work. Cody – No I think Christmas has her own head and goes.. but I think he is smart and would want to go the end with who he thinks he can beat. I think any person minus Christmas going to the end .. every single person in the jury could go wow and it could go to me, you, Nicole or Memphis. If any four of us are in the jury against each other it could go anyway. If Christmas is there, it is going to whoever she is sitting next to. That’s what I think will happen in this season. Nicole thinks just comp wins but I think that is misguided. I don’t think Memphis is going to think just comp wins because Memphis is who came up with the committee. So he has a whole other thing. Enzo – that would be big if he is in the final two. I like the guy but he is too dangerous to have in this house yo! He has so many arguments on why he could win this. Cody – yeah. Enzo – I am not beat yo! Cody – he can win the comps. Enzo – he is mentally good too. Cody – that is why we need to be f**king on tomorrow bro! We need to be ready to go! Enzo – I want to win this one bro because I want to get back to winning because that final four is very important yo! I don’t want to leave it in Christmas’s hands because who knows what the f**k she is going to do. Cody – no we need to win that HOH. It can’t go any other way but you or me. Enzo – that is what I am saying. Cody – are you f**King locked in? Are you ready to go tomorrow? Enzo – yeah bro! I want to win tomorrow Yo! I just hope its a good comp.. not something complex. Yo he has only won one Veto Memphis. Cody – we’re in there bro! Were ready to go! We’re locked. He ain’t better than you. Enzo – oh hell no. I want to win and I’ll show my cards to them. I don’t care. Cody – na, we’re there bro. Its final five.

10:05pm – 11:20pm HOH room. Nicole, Cody and Enzo.
Nicole – what are you thinking this week? Are you still good with getting Memphis out? Cody – I am all good with getting Memphis out. Enzo – he is the better player yo! Cody – oh yeah big time! Over her .. he is the gamer plus good at comps. She is not a gamer. Nicole – he told me .. that he feels like .. the reason he was trying to strike a deal with me is because if he is sitting up there at the end of the week he is like the new Tyler. Cody – oh yeah he said that to me last week. Nicole – he said that there would be no way for us to pass this up.. so that’s why he wants to stay off the block because he knows its do or die for him. Cody – yeah, I told him I would vote her out over him. I said man you’re good no matter what even if you stay on the block. And then I’ll tell him on Thursday… YO.. Nicole – don’t tell him. Enzo – the votes are going to tell him. Cody – you want him to get blindsided? Nicole – why do you always want to tell people? I don’t want to blindside people but at the same time I don’t want to give them time to like .. divulge all our information to someone else. Cody – you think people aren’t ready to say sh*t? Nicole – I don’t get the whole I am going to tell people. Enzo – to calm the jury. Nicole – yeah go ahead and tell him. Cody – na, if we’re not going to tell him then we’re not going to tell him. Actually I kind of did tell Tyler. Nicole – yeah because he came to me all desperate.

11:50pm Enzo looking at the photos from the photo room.

12:10am All the house guests are sleeping..

7:25 am Sleeping YO

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Nicole is so smart. She can read this game even in Mandarin.

Anyone Except Nicole

Nicole is a load and will be gone soon. Hopefully she makes enough money to get her nose fixed.

Nicole rulez

So smart, so sweet, and so QUEEN-like! Xmas + Memphis are now treating her like one and learning to kiss the ground she walks. Janelle will too.


Nothing sweet when you laugh about Autism!!!

Jeannie G

Tough call on who I would vote out if the noms stayed the same. I’d love to dump them both.


i think i get rid of memphis. his performance in comps has been more consistent than xmas’

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

You mean “the comp beast”? I can’t with her.

Joshua Cooke

Memphis or Nicole is going to win this season srry yall


It’s going to be Cody & Enzoid with Enzoid winning it all.

Anyone Except Nicole

It sure isn’t going to be Nicole.


Memphis has a big mouth. He just sent himself to jury with Christmas behind him. I hope one wins veto. What will happen if Cody goes up. Hopefully Enzo will be smart to send him to the jury. That would finally be his big move that he always talks about but never does. They might as well walk Cody and Nicole to the winners chair. Enzo is really dumb if he thinks Cody or Nicole will take him as his second. Should have kept Tyler.

Miss Impression

In what magical realm would Nichole ever nominate Cody?


Bizarro Big Brother…

Miss Impression

Can I watch that instead?


Unfortunately, it’s on SBC No-Access and requires the sacrifice of several adorable puppy souls and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

The Beef

In the magical world that Enzo WAKES UP, realizes the only chance he has to win is to get Cody out, wins the veto this week, and takes Christmas off the block FORCING Nicole to have to nominate Cody. Yes, it’s a world of leprechauns and unicorns, and we’ll likely never see it, but that’s the world we’re reduced to hoping for around here.


That would salvage this season if that happened.


there’s a chance cody takes him. plus enzo probably has the best chance against nicole in a comp vs. everyone else left in the house.

The Beef

I don’t think Enzo is smart enough to figure out his best chance to actually win the game is to get Cotex out THIS week, by winning the veto, using it on Xmas thus forcing Nicole to nominate Cotex and the two of them both vote him out! If he used it on Memphis, Memphis’ thinking is so messed up right now (he still seems to think Cody is working with him), he just might vote Xmas out, leaving Nicole to break the tie, which she would of course save Cody, and then Enzo would be totally screwed, so he must use it on Christmas.

Of course this is a very fat fetched scenario which isn’t going to happen because Enzo just isn’t that smart, and even if he ends up winning out, the best he’s going to do is end up in second place because he will LOSE to both Cotex and to Nicole on jury votes, even though he has seriously outplayed Nicole. We all know how friends vote for friends and it’s just so hard to overcome that huge advantage she has over him.

Big Jim

It’s almost over…

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”!I tried but all of this excitement is finally putting me to sleep”!


I think Memphis and Christmas area smitten with each other. He won’t leave her side and couldn’t look at her while she was packing. Now he in the bathroom while she’s showering. It’s very uncomfortable to watch!


Nana, I have you agree with you! I wonder if she’s as smitten …

I Bite

They do look intimate in the picture on this page.


I agree. On Thursday’s show while Xmas was giving her speech just before the vote, the camera zoomed in on Memphis’ face while he looked her up and down appreciatively. That look said it all….

Anyone Except Nicole

Well Christmas is very pretty. Hopefully we get some more jury footage this week.


If you like psychos I guess! She is very intense!


I’ve seen people talk of this but I’m really not perceiving any of this.


Per script Enzo or Cody wins veto . Noms same and Christmas goes to jury

Nicole's Nasty Nose

How about Enzo wins veto and takes Christmas off the block and they vote out Cody?


Well this whole season is just a big waste of time. I couldn’t stand Nicole any of her seasons and this one hasn’t changed that. Nobody to root for

Barry Kripke

Umm…every season is just a big waste of time.

Tom is a Canuck

Does anyone else think xmas is getting the golden halo girl edit because of a religious bond with Julie? The houseguests are always complaining that xmas is constantly following them around starting endless intense conversations, staring at them, looking angry etc. yet the edited episodes never show her doing those things.


Nah. Nicole got a more surreal, completely fabricated sweet girl edit then Xmas. It’s revolting to even watch.


How is someone named Xmess jewish?



Tyler’s left shoe

Yes. It seems like he was genuine

Anyone Except Nicole

I’m voting Tyler for America’s favorite.


Good for him. He shouldn’t answer the questions because anything he says will be manipulated. Better to just not give them any ammo

Miss Impression

Serious question,is Enzo a moron?
He is targeting Memphis who is the only one who will take him to final 2.
Does he seriously think Cody will choose him over Nichole?
Enzo is doing more for Cody’s game than Cody is.

The Beef

You are on the money with this post! Enzo is a serious moron, should be much more concerned with getting CODY out of the game, then Memphis, and given the choice between Memphis and Christmas should choose to get rid of Christmas every time! However, if he wins veto, I think he should take Christmas down, not Memphis, because I believe Christmas will for sure vote Cody out, and I’m not sure Memphis would, as he still seems to think Cody is working with him per the statements made in the article above.

But it doesn’t really matter, because as you stated, Enzo is a moron, and if he wins the veto, he’s not going to use it, so the noms will remain the same and Memphis will likely go to jury unless something changes during the week.




Last week Enzo said to the live feeders he wanted to take Cody/Memphis to F3 b/c they would both take him to F2. But.. I think Tyler made him rethink his entire strategy.

Ty noted Nic is Cody’s F2 but he’s UNBEATABLE no matter who he sits beside & Memphis is 2nd best. Ty said Zo needs to take out 1 of those 2 this week & HAS to make a big move for his jury speech also telling him the best person to take to F2 is Xmas then Nic (worst: Memphis or Cody). I’m also not convinced cutting Mem is great for him but he’s clued in everyone left will take the easiest person — (meaning I don’t buy for one hot sec Nic would take Cody if she had the choice). If noms stay the same Zo will get X to guarantee F2 & he’ll tell her Cody wants to cut her but he can influence Nic to not do that.

We all expected Enzo to throw this HOH b/c he knew he wouldn’t leave – none of N/M/X would nominate him upfront & even if he becomes the replacement it’s hard to imagine anyone staying over him.

Zo also told feeders he want to win F4 HOH so he makes F3 & POV b/c he won’t be the one getting blood on his hands. The fact he’s practicing dates tells me he is committed to getting to F2 & I also think he’s much more aware of how Da’Vonne/Dani/Kevin/David feel about Nicole/Xmas then the others are in the house b/c they told him things. So while getting to F3 with Cody isn’t ideal for him as long as he’s competing also against either Nic or Xmas he should be able to win either Part I or Part II of the final HOH.

TPTB could give Cody all the answers to Part III but if they don’t I’d say Zo knows the hamsters far better than anyone remaining (especially Day, Kevin, David, & Ty plus Mem/Xmas). The only jury members Zo wouldn’t know more about is Dani & Ian. So, if he gets to that Part 3 I could definitely see him winning to be the Final HOH & I do believe he’d cut Cody knowing that move would give him the win.


Besides Nicole, Christmas is least likely to win at the end or win a competition. Memphis should be the target for all of them.

The only reason Cody would keep Memphis is their final two deal, but that is not real. They would never take each other over other candidates.

Everyone is more likely to take Enzo to the end over Cody (maybe not Nicole), Christmas over Enzo, and Nicole over Christmas (maybe – that could go either way – but both women are easiest to beat in this group).

Either way, as a voter, you don’t want to keep someone in the house who is good at competitions and who is sitting next to his ideal final two (and whose other best chance is the HOH, who is not voting except in a tie.)

Given the chance, Enzo and Cody need to vote him out for their game.

concerning the veto: If Cody were to go up and go home, I still don’t see Enzo making it to the end because he would be the next target from then on.

All puff and no stuff

Bleh. I just don’t like anyone left. I can tolerate Enzo,yo. I can tolerate the smell of dog sh*t for a hot second too. I don’t want to celebrate it tho. This season is sadly disappointing. Waited for this! Lol such a silly.


Nicole is awesome. And so underrated. At the end of the day she’s 500,000$ richer than all of you. My last comment obviously triggered some snowflakes on here so it must be true. And all of you incels and jealous women making fun of her nostrils and other features about her, I can only imagine how hideous you all are.

The Last Chocolate Contestant

Are you Nicole’s grandma?


I’m actually pulling for Memphis to win the whole thing because I think he’s playing the best game. But I would like to see Nicole win 2nd place.


Lol. Hey Vick.

Anyone Except Nicole

I look forward to see Nicole and Victor on a future season of Marriage Boot Camp.

Shana D Freeman

Nicole is crazy she should take her shot at cody and enzo, one of them would have went home and then she has a little more room to move, she never win against cody….

Franks Farts Are Juicy

I’m to old for this sh!t


I didnt know tRump watched Big Brother

Silver Bullets

Biden watches Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol while eating gummy bears.


Warning: long post

TPTB = The Powers That Be (Grodner)

How to take out Cody on Nic’s HOH – A PURELY FANTASY post

With Nicole winning F5 HOH the path for Cody to F3 is pretty much clinched. However, if these hamsters elected to stop for a second to realize how likely Cody is to win the big prize there could be a scenario to oust him this week. Still, it would require an absolute perfect set of circumstances.

It’s a reach – but for the sake of argument let’s dive in…

The road blocks:
In a season where Cody entered the house with four F2’s already in place (Nicole, Dani, Enzo & Memphis), plus the love triangle & Committee & then created numerous other alliances it was clear Grodner & Derrick had set up their Golden Goose well. That also means Cody reaches F5 with three out of his four pregame F2s as well as two F3s each with Enzo in them and bookended by Nic and Memphis.

Recently many of the POVs have been timed events which lends itself to TPTB controlling the winner or having the ability to, if the outcome isn’t to their liking. That factor makes for a difficult situation especially if the F5 POV is timed since TPTB could easily hand him the win to ensure he stays off the block. Therefore, the first requirement would be for someone he trusts to win POV & TPTB not suspecting anything fishy would happen.

Before even arriving at that point the three individuals he still has F2s with would need to be willing to take the shot. Keeping in mind that’s virtually 99.999999% unlikely to happen let’s assume for arguments sake the 0.000001% does occur (I mean we need some form of entertainment instead of this sh*t season.

It was obvious Nic would nominate Memphis and Christmas. Similarly, it makes sense Cody is pushing for Xmas to go over Memphis b/c he knows she wants him gone whereas he likely is 50-50 on whether Memphis would still take him to F2.

Nic/Enzo want Memphis out over Xmas based purely on his competition wins & the fact he’s won all types (athletic, puzzle & mental) of comps. It’s interesting Enzo would push for Memphis to go given he’s supposed to be his F2 but this past week he started to believe Xmas was his F2 & now he seems to believe Mem would take anyone he considers easiest to win (ie: either Xmas or Nic).

How to make the impossible – possible

So… what has to happen for Cody to end up on the block & then ousted?

First, someone other than Cody or Christmas has to win POV. The reason I include Xmas is it would be even less than 0.000001 percent likely Nic would put up Cody beside Memphis since getting Memphis out is great for her game. Therefore it would have to be one of Nic, Enzo or Memphis winning POV and even then the best option would be Memphis winning. If that happens Nic has to pick between Cody/Enzo as the replacement. Cody said it didn’t matter but notice he also said ‘I know you longer’ as well as ‘put him up so everyone will have gone OTB this season’ UM yeah Cody – everyone BUT YOU!

If Enzo were to win – Memphis would need to reconfirm their F2 – tell him Cody also made one with him (that’ll bother Zo b/c Cody lied about that) but Cody’s true F2 is with Nic. He’d need to point out if you save me or Xmas then Nic has no choice Cody goes up & we don’t have to say anything to her b/c you & I (or Xmas) are the 2 voters & we take him out.

Then for F4 HOH Nic can’t play – I’ll get Xmas to promise as will I to throw you HOH so you are safe (this is critical). In fact, I think it’s the only way Zo does it. Plus Memphis would have to say – this move would be HUGE on your resume for jury speech b/c you took out the biggest player & did it on HER HOH!

If Memphis wins POV the onus is more on Enzo to push the narrative to get Cody put up as the replacement & not him. He’d need to talk to Memphis & ask if he has a F2 with Cody or not. If he told the truth then Mem/Zo would need to tell Nic they both have F2 deals made Week 1 with Cody & just figured that out (she’s asked Cody this before & he lied about both). And since she can’t play HOH in F4 they should tell her look – he’s told both of us he’s putting you on the block next week & presumably he’s telling you something different but basically he had all of us believing we were his F2 since the beginning of this game. Tell her Cody is likely to win F4 HOH & POV as well as F3 to pick who he takes to F2 & if he gets there he’s beating us all in a landslide.

Enzo would need to also talk to her separately & tell her look at how he fought to take out Xmas & he told me for sure you would go next week over me so I’m worried that he’d really stick to our F3 deal let alone the F2 deal he made with me. Aren’t you also worried what you can trust now? He’d need to say to her if we do this then we have to talk to X/M separately & get them to promise on their kids they’ll vote each other out & take us to F3. Then he could say – just put him OTB & you & I will decide what’s best afterward. He needs to emphasize I think you can win especially if you take him out on your HOH — but I’m emotional right now & he’s my guy so we can always backtrack on this & keep him (that’s important so Nic feels like he’s working with her).

If Nic wins POV it would be a similar conversation as above. The key would be getting her to put Cody up as the replacement & if I’m Enzo I push for her to take down Xmas to keep Cody calm & also to build something for her w/Xmas. Plus each of Xmas/Zo/Memphis would need to individually tell her they will guarantee her she is their F2 so if they win F4 HOH she won’t go on the block & if they win POV they will let her be the deciding vote to evict.

At that point, Nic/Enzo would have to talk & decide the best way to play it. He could say it’s up to you – if you want I vote to keep him she (Xmas) votes him out & you break the tie so you have the big resume check mark OR we both vote him out & you act like I blindsided both you/him.

Like I said up top — any of these scenarios has at best a 0.000001 percent chance of happening. But at this point I’m having to come up with far out miracle scenarios just to amuse myself (and hopefully you).

Have a great day all.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

I always roll my eyes when people comment “I hate these people.” But I hate these people LOL. I can’t stand Cody but based on (pre)game alone, I guess he should win it. Yuk. I’m very suspicious of Cody’s time on the veto aired this week. Tyler usually smokes those speed/puzzle comps & he timed out at 25 minutes? I know he’s been in his head too much this season, but Cody isn’t that smart.

Anyone Except Nicole

Grodner probably put Cody’s pictures in order so all he had to do was put them on the stand. Cody still writes with crayons.

All puff and no stuff

I thought the same thing earlier! No way anyone did that. Just setting them up takes a couple. Odd stuff

One Opinion

When I watched the VETO, I noticed Cody was the only one talking about the color frames on the pictures. Maybe he was giving some kind of color code to go by. No one else mentioned the color borders of the pictures, They were all commenting on the beer, ice cream, or popcorn. This makes me wonder why he was even looking at the colors vs the food and drink in the pictures, or the background of the photos. Could be a coincidence, or could be TPTB


Noticed that too. That Cody was saying something different.

Shana D Freeman

I think this is the stupidest house so far, so they are scare to take a shot a cody, all these people are sitting around like here you go cody! OMG sickin… SMH, this is my last season of big brother, you put 3 African Americans in the house with all these caucasians and you think they will survive, how about putting 3 caucasians in there with alot of African Americans???? See how fair it would be.

Professional Victim

Maybe if you got better players than Kaysar, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, David, and Kevin a POC would fair better.

Sam X

To actually think that it was going to get good toward the end and unpredictable…, Sorry nope same ole boring week as the previous weeks….

Ma Ma Yo!

Two questions: 1. If a player that is not on the block ( say Enzo) wins and uses the veto to remove a nominated player from the block, can he be put on the block? 2. Is Christmas really Jewish???

One Opinion

If the Veto winner takes someone off the block, the veto winner and the person saved can not be nominated. So if Enzo wins and takes someone off the block, Cody will have to go on the block as he is the only remaining player. As far as Christmas’ religion, I do not know what religion she is.