“Today’s the day I feel like intimidating people and interrogating them”

11:10 am Mike, Madaline and JL
The guys are talking about how shitty of a spot they are in.
“it’s so annoying they have control of the house”
JL wonders who was lying to them that they had the votes.
Maddy – Carol
JL – ohh Carol for sure she was running right back to Kyle.
JL says that Kyle told him Carol told him everything about “their little plan” to “slander” kyle
Maddy – Chris was saying the only people that didn’t know about the backdoor plan was us three and ria
JL – wow. You mean Jam knew
Maddy – that’s what Chris says
JL doesn’t believe it doesn’t think the entire house would have been able to keep that a lie.
Maddy agrees says she talks to Angie a lot. “She said yo think I wouldn’t have told you”
Maddy gets called into the Diary Room
Mike – we’re f*ed
They agree Carol was the swing vote they needed.
JL – we’ll do another push maybe tonight try to rally the troops.. what else can we do. Everything we pitched has been genuine and needs to be said they’re just way too scared of Kyle and Chris
They go on about saying they can beat Vanessa in teh next HOH and Chris doesn’t get to play. They just have to worry about Kyle.
Mike doesn’t think Kyle will be good at physical competitions “He doesn’t have stamina”
They talk about how Chris eats everyone’s eggs and the entire house are too big of cowards to stand up for themselves.
JL now talking about a twist to save them.
They wonder if Jamars will put JL up. JL thinks he will there will be 13 people in the house pushing for him to go.

Maddy comes back crying “I can’t do this game anymore.. ”

Maddy – everyone thinks I’m a weak player
JL says it’s easy to lie in this game it’s not lying that is hard
Maddy – Obviously I know on Big BRohter you have to lie and manipulate people. I didn’t think it was going to be so early in the game. I can’t trust anyone in this house especially if you leave. I don’t think I can play the game.
Maddy brings up how they haven’t even had an eviction and people are backdooring
Madeline – It makes me sick to my stomach how people are treating each other the first week
Maddy – it sucks being left in the dark

John Luke says he knows If Mike leaves he’s on the hit list for half the house, “Part of me doesn’t care about the game anymore”
Maddy – we can’t think like that
JL – I want to stay here as long as possible but I want to with the right people
Maddy – it’s so hard being fake I don’t know how they are doing it. I’m just not fake

11:41 am Hira, Sheldon, Sue and Brooke
Brooke – I just let Hira know that yesterday when I was talking to Chris he was umm.. brining up Huira’s name
Sheldon – I believe that
Hira – I’m not surprised..
Sheldon – If I put someone up and they took themselves down with the veto I would be worried to
Hira – as he should be
Hira – I’ll have a talk with him to make sure he knows I’m on his side.
Brooke – I assured him we don’t have to worry about Hira’s votes
Sue chimes in that she’ll talk to Chris it’s good to have him know that further in the game he can rely on Hira’s vote.

(Prior to this Brooke and Sue were alone talking about how everyone in the house will try to backdoor Kyle next week)

11:49 am Sheldon and Brooke
Sheldon – Jamars is hell-bent on backdooring Kyle
Brooke – I know he wasn’t pleased
Sheldon – is it even the right move for Jams to do that. I think he just wants to do something.
Brooke says Jamars is not strategic he knows Kyle is the biggest threat in the house and he wants to get him out.
Sheldon – I agree he’s not thinking strategically he just knows that Kyle is the biggest threat in the house whatever that means.
They don’t think getting rid of Kyle right away is the best play.

11:53 am cam 3 Maddy crying again
Maddy – seeing bad things happen to good people. It’s so early for this. It could have been an easy week to get someone else out.. I just don’t get it cause apparently everyone knew
Maddy – I’m sorry I’m such a baby

12:28 pm Sue and Minh
Minh saying that Sue and Jamar talk game.
Sue goes on about not being in an alliance with Jamar.
Sue – who said something
Minh – I’m just letting you know you don’t need to lie about that cause I asked you before
Sue – recently we had but not intense more like if you won who would you put up.
Minh says she doesn’t have to get so jumpy
Jamars joins them.

12:47 pm Pretty girls
Minh starts off saying that she was “intimidating” Sue int eh pantry saying “I know you are working with Jamar. Don’t lie to me”
Vanessa – who is Jamar voting out this week
Minh brings up that Kyle is saying he’s heard Minhg wants to backdoor him
Minh – I don’t trust Jamar for one second he’s the devil
Minh – at this point you know Maddy, JL ria ria are all in vulnerable positions
Vanessa – they’re isolating themselves
Minh – Ria ria is no use to me
Minh – Sue is Jamar’s little b1tch. Jamar is playing his own game.
Minh – Sue’s a sketchy paranoid liar that makes deals with everyone in the f**ing house.
Carol and Vanessa agree
Minh – us three are in a final three.. carol you heard that right. we’re in a final 3. Carol ..
Carol – Kyle came to apologize to me yesterday he didn’t do that on his own.
Minh wants to know who told Kyle she’s wanting to backdoor him.
Minh saying they need to reel in “those guys” now for their side because they are vulnerable
Minh – I know if they depend on me I can influence them.
Vanessa thinks it was Mike that told Kyle. Minh says she’s talked to Mike and he said he never told Kyle. (It was Vanessa that told Kyle)
Vanessa mentions last night where Mike was going nuts he might have said it “saying anything and everything”
Carol – he buried himself last night
They bring up keeping Chris in the game, “Chris is going to tell us what he’s doing”
Vanessa – I don’t know about jamar now I thought jamar was with us

Minh says her targets are Kyle, Sue, and Angie if she could win 4 HOH’s in a row.
Vanessa – one of the three right that’s who I am targeting
Minh – Ria ria. she’s a strong competitor and she’s nice to everyone
Minh – JL is weak he’s vulnerable. You can tell he’s sucking up. I’m going to have a talk with JL and I’m going to corner him and be like. yeah. I’m going to intimidate JL, watch me. I’m going to get sh1t outta him
Minh – I’m going to make him scared of me. I’m going to start attacking him now

Minh – Today’s the day I feel like intimidating people and interrogating them might as well use my time wisely

Minh – I hate Jamar I f*ing hate him I just want to f* him

They agree that Sue is close to Sue./
Minh – I want Chris isolated so he’s with us.. We have to take control of this game. WE’re getting out floaters, Snitches, and threats and we’re taking out people that are rats and snakes after that we have a chance to make final 3 happen.
Carol brings up that Angie always says how much she hates Minh.
Sue joins them says that Angie is voting Mike out.

12:57 pm Sue and Minh leave. Carol tells Vanessa if she wins HOH she’ll be putting up JL and MAddy ‘It’s easy for me to do”
Vanessa – that’s who I’m putting up too
Carol adds that if Veto is played she’s putting up Ria ria.

1:09 pm Minh and Sue
Minh says she’s told Mike she’s not voting for him to stay.
Minh goes on about how she told Mike maybe he can flip the vote, “Even though his a$$ is gone”
They laugh
Sue brings up Maddy and Ria saying they are being bullied by Minh-Ly
Minh – they’re bully me? b1tch called me trash and was trying to get my a$$ out now they are licking me a$$holes.
Minh – don’t call people out for being liars and cheater when you’re a fake a$$ b1tch
Minh – get on the block and go home

Minh – Jamar, I observe Jamar. You know what he does? He sexually intimidates that’s his game.
Feeds cut..

(LOL minh-ly is spreading a hell a lot of chaos perhaps too much for her game and not enough for me 😉 )

1:24 pm Minh-Ly, Jamar and Kyle
Kyle says that John Luke and Maddy will be going on the block If he wins HOH. Id POV is played Ria will be the replacement nomination.

They start teasing about Minh and Jamar
Kyle – I know you two have been making behind closed doors
Minh – we’ve already had sex
Kyle – no yo didn’t
Minh – we had sex in the hot tub
Jamar – we did>
Minh – I think I might be pregnant.
Minh – Kyle if I get pregnant on day 37 will you kick me down the stairs
kyle and minh laugh (WTF)
Jamar – you going to kill my kids like that
Kyle – I can’t do Jam’s dirty like that that’s his fam…
Jamar – you going to kick my kids down the stairs like that
feeds cut

2:42 pm Ria Maddy

Ria says her whole body is achy.. (there’s a flu? going around the BBCAN house)

The Expedia room is beach themed. They were also shown “a screen” which they are all trying to study and remember.

4:30 pm Minh-Ly and Jamar
Minh – why are you talking sh1t about me
J – says who
Minh – you’re not throwing my name under the bus
J – who told you that
Minh – so If I roll back the tapes you’re not talking sh1t about me
J – who told you that
Minh – nobody told me anything
J – why are you lying to me
Minh – why do you think I’m lying to you because you’re guilty. Why are you smiling
J – whose filling your head with nonsense.. Vanessa?
Minh – No
J – Sue
Minh – NO. You tell me who
Ninh – You tell me who you’ve been talking sh1t about to
J – I haven’t been talking sh1t
J – I’m not one of those fake Nigga’s I’m a real Nigga you feel me
Feeds cut
When we’re back
J – I’m a real a$$ nigga that’s why
Feeds cut
When we’re back
Minh – Do I look like your sugar momma?
Minh – Ig I’m on the block you are going to win Veto and save me
J – I will
Minh – okay when you do that our trust will elevate. I’m always worried about going on the block I’m playing a game
Jamar starts talking about the “screens” listing off things he remembers. “it was on all three screens. I’m adding up all the letters, 5 100’s”
Minh – I don’t think that was important. Can you tell me how many lifts have departed
J – six
Minh asks him what people were saying about her when she left the hot tub
Jamar – people said you are annoying that you are a sh1t disturber. Same people you already know who, Rianne, Angie, Maddy..

Jamar says he was never going to put her up “I’m a savage I’m never going to do what the house wants.”
J – you are good for my game, You’re smart and competitive and you are a savage like me
Minh – you got to stay loyal to me
Jamar says she was getting under his skin a little bit.
Minh – I do want to get under your skin
Minh – like you said I’m smart, Competitive and savage and I’ll do whatever it takes to get further in this game.
J – Vanessa is your go-to?
Minh – I am my own number one
J – I’ll be your number one
Minh wants to know if she’s on the block he will help her
J – yes I will. Will it be reciprocated
Minh – yes it will

They shake on being each other’s number one. Minh tells him if she finds out he’s telling people what she’s told him he’s dead to her.
Minh – Give me a kiss
Jamar kisses her hand
Minh – No a real kiss
J – you have to earn that
He goes to give her a kiss. (Image above)
Minh – that’s not a real kiss. She goes over wraps her arms around him and kisses him
Jamar – that’s a real one

Minh goes to the bathroom
Jamar starts saying in whispers “cut her a$$ bring her as far as I can and Cut her a$$.. it’s all a game. it’s all a game baby”

8:00 pm Most of the house has been studying.

8:02 pm Ria and Maddy
Ria says Jams is on the outs that is why he’s not hanging out with them as much, “Someone has gotten into his head already”
Madeline – I think Shells. He’s two-faced
Ria – yeah
Ria – Carol is like I don’t thin kI can persuade the house to keep him (mike) so I want it (vote) to be a secret
Ria – at least Carol knows how to keep her mouth shut.
Jamar joins them
Maddie – Jams where are you voting just honest truth so we can prepare.
Jamar – Brooke. Why are we still not getting the votes
Maddy – we are. Heres the thing. We’re getting the vote we need to make sure you are still on board.
Jamar – as of right now Yes I am voting that way (keep Mike)
Maddy says basically everyone is telling them “maybe” as long as someone else is on board.
Maddy – we can really pull this off and flip the house. Mike loves you I know he will have your back. Will Brooke have your back? no
Maddy says if Jamar gets rid of Brooke then he will be Sheldon’s number one not Brooke.
Jamar – when I vote to evict will Mike be going after Shells?
Maddy – hell no
Ria – no that’s not his strategy. one of the other boys
Maddy – Kyle and Chris
Angie comes in Jamar leaves.

Maddy going on about winning HOH and not being afraid to make a big move. They Continue to study.
They ask Angie where her vote is at.
Angie – I’m going with the house I’m not being left out
Maddy – Yes I know..
Angie – let me know
Maddy – I will. It’s always going back and forth
Maddy – A lot of people are realizing that Kyle is f***ing crazy. Sorry, Canada.
Mike and Hira join them.
Maddy goes over what she told Jamar about getting Brooke out to have Sheldon closer to him.
Angie – wouldn’t know He voted Brooke out
Mike – Carol came up to me in private said I’m voting for you tomorrow. I didn’t go to her
Angie wonders why Carol doesn’t hasn’t come to her with this, “I said let me know what you’re doing so I’m not left out”
They tell her Carol doesn’t want Kyle to find out.
Angie is skeptical that Jamars will vote to keep Mike because that will put him against Sheldon.
Maddy says Jamar told them 100% he’s voting to keep Mike.
Maddy – if we lose a number for us they are just going to pick us off
They talk about Minh not being with anyone just being chaotic.
Maddy says Minh should have been gone this week.
Hira says he sees Minh being a rogue vote.
Ria – it’s up to you two, jams and Carol (Hira, Angie)

9:44 pm Kyle and Brooke
Brooke – none of this feel real to me
Kyle going on about his connection with Brooke, “When we talk I feel like I’m really talking to YOU. do you know what I mean?”
Brooke – yeah
Kyle adds when he talks to her in the house he feels its the same person he would talk to outside the house.
Kyle – Shells, Vanessa the same thing we really who we are with each other. To everyone else, it’s like…
Kyle – I really do feel bad for Maddy we did have really good talks. When I talk to a lot of people I feel like they are doing what I’m doing like sue and Carol.

Brooke – I adore JL he’s just a puppy. He’s loyal and he just wants to have fun and be with the people he likes. He’s just so cute.

9:49 pm Sue, Jamar, Hira
Talking about getting someone like Kyle out before Jury.

Jamar wonders why Sue and Brooke are on Kyle’s d1ck “so bad”
Sue – I know he needs to get out I’m just scared. I think JL is the bigger target.
Jamar – why he has no influence.
Sue – he Threw our names under the bus
Jamar – Kyle has influence with the whole damn house
Hira – Kyle still goes around talking to everyone even when he’s down.
Sue – you guys would do Kyle next week than Minh after
Hira – sure it depends..
Jamar – we have the biggest group. Five of us (Jamar, Hira, Sue, Sheldon, Brooke ). you got Three Ria, Maddy and Jl that’s 8 people left. Then you got the four, Minh, Chris, Vanessa and Kyle. Then you got Angie and Carol who are just there.
Jamar – we have the biggest group.
Jamar says there’s no point to wait they are not going to do Kyle’s dirty work and get out the three.
Hira – if we wait too long he will be able to mend his relationship (with the three, JL, Maddy, Ria
Jamar and Hira warn her about Kyle’s social game.

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Maddie recruit ways are showing like this ain’t One Big Happy Family this is Big Brother where people lie to get to the end if she can’t handle that self evict.


I fucking love Minh! The funny thing is, with Maddy and Ria.. They think the house is all going against them, but it still seems to have it’s sight on the big players, except for the people who are laying low (I think it’s still a little too early to call anyone a floater), and the problem is they’re just not having those conversations with everyone because they’re too busy mourning Mike.. Like it’s early on, you can’t isolate yourself into this little “woe is me” group already.
If all the girls talked, they would realize they all have the same targets (Chris/Kyle), and if they bring Minh-Ly in they’ll realize that Kyle is really the one to get out. I could see a serious bad ass girl’s alliance forming if Maddy would get her head out of Mike’s ass, and if they could all make amends.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Minh is disgusting

Fruit Loop Dingus

Sooner the better

another name

When a house guest says on day 12/13, “if there was a battleback I’d throw it so you could get back in instead,” I decide there’s nothing left to say about that house guest except to point and mock derisively.


Maddy is a miss goody two shoes hypocrite, she says she’s playing a clean honest game, but then deceives Chris into thinking shes going to keep what he tells her between the two of them, then immediately goes down stairs and plays dirty by telling everyone what Chris says.

another name

As of 10pm eastern. Wednesday.
to evict brooke: JL, Rianne, Maddie.
to evict Michael: Vanessa, Sheldon, Susanne, Angie, Kyle.
Wildcards: Carol, Jamar, Hira, Minh. These are the four to watch tonight. Hira likely caves to social pressure unless he has it in stone that others will vote out Brooke. Minh minhs. Carol says she’s thinking of roguing, but has also said to Vanessa and Angie she is voting out Michael. Jamar minhs almost as much as minh minhs.
Chances Michael leaves are still around the 75% mark (i usually never consider anything big brother more than a 90% due to d/r flying monkey principle).

another name

So far there were 14 fake alliances, and 11 fake final 3/2 deals. As of Monday. lol. All I know really is watch out Nessa, Chris has decided she is blondie enough that he wants to transform her brains out.


Amazing how wrong you are…Brooke stays and it isn’t even a question…you must not pay much attention dummy

another name

Within the last 2 hours, big brother canada has emailed audience members to announce that they will be suspending live audiences for big brother canada in order to promote public health and safety.
Likelihood of spoilers tomorrow is pretty much zero.


What is this “flu” going around that’s giving body aches? Like… I don’t wish it on them. But could you imagine the scandal if they all got Coronavirus?

another name

At this point I think it’s safer to say that somebody brought the garden variety happens every year as the season shifts and thaw starts flu with them. Michael and Maddy had it at the beginning of week 2. JL, Minh, Kyle, and Rianne have since had it. ALL of these people sleep in the b&w bedroom.


its the perfect quarantine