“you can’t turn it off in here, I just can’t. in the final 2 and then like.. being attacked like I was the first time”

PART 2 HOH: Cody Vs Enzo
PART 3 HOH: Nicole Vs Cody

2:48 am Enzo and Cody playing Chess. Doing horrible accents and generally being annoying.

3:20 am Zzzzzzzzz

8:19 am Nicole putting on makeup

8:25 am Nicole Heads back to bed..

10:30 am Lights on. Everyone Zzzzzzzzzz

1:30 pm Cody pacing upstairs. Nicole and Enzo Sleeping.

1:57 pm Cody and Nicole
Cody says he’s getting stressed.
Nicole – Because of your speech?
Cody – you can’t turn it off in here I just can’t. I’m like nervous because like IF I’m in the final 2 and then like.. being attacked like I was the first time was like.. .
Nicole – you’re not gunna get that again
Cody – it’s a very uneasy feeling
Nicole – I know. the passive-aggressive questions ARE too much
Cody – it gives me this weird anxious feeling
Nicole – I’m being as a friend to you there is nothing they can say to you this season that’s passive-aggressive and rude
Cody – you just don’t know. YOu wouldn’t have thought that about Derrick but people took jabs at him as well.
Nicole – that’s true they did
Cody – about his family… praying..
Nicole – I can’t believe they let people ask those questions
Cody – we feel like you were guilting us with your family and using you .. that’s what one of his questions were
Cody – he was like YO what the F*** and then he got the fake praying one and two of mine were just YOU’re a puppet YO what the F*** is going on
Nicole – those were rough

Cody says getting some sun would help him mentally.
Nicole – I don’t think we’re getting it
Cody goes on about how he’s getting stressed being in the same small area day after day.

2:37 pm Cody and Nicole
Cody talking about liking to play Basketball but always needing to have shoes with good support
Cody – my ankles are glass..
Nicole brings up a “Fight” she had with Victor where they settled it on the basketball court.

Nicole starts talking about her and Victor bickering about their podcast. (I didn’t know she had a podcast to)
Nicole says she doesn’t expect to be on the show again she’s been on 3 times now.

Nicole says Christmas took the bible.

3:00 pm Nicole wearing her mask practicing jury questions in Final 2. Cody playing basketball.

4:10 pm Enzo alone
Enzo – F** it man.. third place.
Enzo – another mother f*ing day left.. C’mon YO. I want the F8 outta here. A whole nother f*ing day
(if only someone had told Enzo that Cody and Nicole were playing them all)

6:00 pm Nicole has made a study cave.

7:15 pm Enzo pacing upstairs. Cody playing backgammon

7:35pm Nicole is still passed out. Enzo hanging out over the edge for the balcony. Cody is still playing backgammon with himself and talking in his accents. Cody heads upstairs and they play a game of chess. They talk about sleeping all day tomorrow.

8:43pm – 9:35pm Big Brother gives the house guests a deck of cards and butterkissed cupcake chardonnay. Enzo – we’re going to be bored of these cards in 20 minutes. Nicole – we can play poker! They sit around the table drinking the win and playing cards.

10:53pm Cards move into the living room..

12:10am The final three eating pizza..

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Backseat Driver

Remind me NEVER to tune into Nicole and Victor’s podcast….

Miss Impression

Hey,never tune into Nichole and Victor’s podcast.

ACB in the House

Social influencer. What a joke.


Their next podcast will be titled “How to end your engage after your fiancée goes back on BB and has her 3rd showmance”. Cody and his soon to be ex girlfriend can be the guests on the show


What Podcast ?????. Hopefully it’s gone by now.

Stuart Longley

Nicole gives her secrets on how to get a man; you put your right hand in and shake it all about.

The Beef

If Christmas took the Bible, that’s a really chicken shit move on her part, knowing there’s not a lot to do in there during the last week of the season and only three people left in the house. I’m sure it gets very boring, and having something to read to pass the time would be a very good thing for them. Can’t believe that she did that. I hope she at least asked them before she did it.


Highly unlikely. She knew what she was doing.

ACB in the House

At least Christmas was really reading it. My ten votes for America’s Favorite went five for Janelle and five for Tyler.


Does anyone really believe that they read it and understood? Do you hear how they talk?


Its like a blankiee


None of them reads the bible.

Hoss Bonzana

I might pay to hear Cody and Enzo take turns reading the Bible aloud and then talk about what they just read.


That’s who she is, hateful and spiteful. Now that’s irony!


Was it her bible? If it was then i dont see the problem… even if not i kinda find it funny that she did.


what is the schedule this week? is Part 1 comp tonight?

Dani's clogs

Enzo could save the season if he self evicts.


good one heheh


Finally something to look forward to! My local news at 11pm Wednesday…and no more “all-stars?”


El. Oh. El. :p


Yes Enzo, 3rd place & unlike before you have nobody else to blame but yourself. You had not One but TWO golden f**k it Platinum Opportunities to take a winner out. You’re dumbass chose to keep a noob over a winner. You let a pregame alliance beat you & you had clues all season about Nicole & Cody playing the house. His only hail mary is Cody decides to make the first & only big move of the season this late in game & take Nicole out. IMHO that would be hilarious.


I was thinking along the same lines but it would be Nicole taking out Cody. The jury is convinced Cody will win so if Nicole took him out then some of their votes would go to her

Jan Nan

I’m so sick of this “all stars” season. They definitely helped Nicole” frazzle” win the first comp. She hardly had any slime on her and she didn’t spin near as much as they did. It was discussing every time she came around they stopped spraying. This show is a joke compared to what it use to be. I don’t know why they like her so much. She has always rode a guys coattail every time. People saying she wins when she has too, well of course it’s easier to win when there are only 4 people left. I could go on about the HOH she won and how they obviously had her scoop made different from the others. I hope Cody wins #3 and cuts her.


I don’t understand why they like Frazzle Frog, either. There’s just nothing likable about her, and there’s a lot about her that’s annoying or disgusting.

another name

Episode Review:
It’s crap.
There’s so much that doesn’t match what we saw.
I’m disgusted listening to these three assholes try to justify their games according to the television edit, not what we saw on feeds. Listen to them. Their actual games on feeds are non-existent, it’s all about the bullcrap tv edit.

Some uncomfortable truths:

  1. Enzo, the slick six was created as a fake alliance in order to keep Bayleigh and Da’vonne on a string. Remember the idea of having the fake 6 alliance fronting the fake 4 alliance including Dani, and then the real final 3 with Cody and Tyler? Btw… you forgot your big move to get rid of Kaysar did nothing for yourself, it helped Cody and Tyler, not you, really. Pushing the Slick Six in any way as a real alliance was a production thing for a weeks worth of episodes before switching back to the Committee… nothing more, even to you.
  2. Cody, remember how many final 2 deals you actually had by the beginning of day 2? I do. You missed a couple. You forgot Dani. You forgot Tyler. The committee meant nothing to you. The Core 4, and Triple Thr3at were the alliances you called real until end of week 5 when you discussed with Dani how Production didn’t give a damn about any alliance but the Committee, so that’s when you talked about it more. The Committee was a backup alliance. Nothing more. The only time the committee became real in terms of game between week 3 and week 6 was when Da won the veto during Dani’s HOH. Then there were alliance meetings and plans. Before that… nothing. After that HOH, again, nothing.
  3. Nicf… so many discrepancies. I can’t even begin. Dani was a final 2, not just an ally. A final 2 you spent a week backstabbing before the triple. remember? The Ian edit and clips skipped the feeds version where you practiced crying and acting sad when voting him out (even practicing what you would say). There’s more, but i’m shuddering.

ALL THREE d/r explanations of game were bullshit that followed the episode storyline not the feed house story. It Really Really Really annoyed the hell out of me because it makes me aware of just how much of the tv edit choices the houseguests are clued into. I hate that aspect.

Even bringing back the first five evicted to discuss the final 3 felt… very edited for content. and very much fed line by production on dm while they were on chat. Nica playing devil’s advocate annoyed me. I’m still hyper-annoyed by her. Funny how on a season of uber-asshats and ultradouchecanoes like 21… she comes across as the one that you can at least sympathize with… until you see her on 22 and realize she’s just a paranoid apologist and annoying af.

First part of HOH, they are done up like zombies. Not much of a change. it’s like they’ve just forgotten to take off the facial masks we see for too much on feeds.
Let’s remember, they changed the rules for this comp. Your feet are allowed to come off the disc now, unlike previous seasons. Kept Cody in the comp after the first two minutes as far as they discussed on feeds. Okay, takes a lot longer, but we do see it. Cody’s feet come off, but he is allowed to continue. Later, Enzo slips and his ass lands on the disc and he gets the buzzer. I don’t get it… was he not given the opportunity to climb back up and reposition like Cody was given? So feet can come off as long as backside doesn’t hit the disc?? Is that the new rule??? And another feet come off Cody inclusion. This seems to be odd. Look at Cody lean back to hit things he would miss… oh. this will be fuel for his complaining later. Got it. Remember his feed complaints about getting hit harder than she did? that tends to happen when you lean back to hit things. Felt manufactured.

The entire HOH part one thing had so much oddness to it. There is something going off in my head watching it. My internal bullshit detector (like spidey sense for crap) is pinging, and even the edit isn’t saving this comp…. it’s feeling staged by bad actors. Like not even understudy for community theatre level bad acting.
And we’re hearing the complaining in the final look into the house… Cody is already whining he got it harder. HE LEANED BACK INTO IT three times, so that he hit the house. It was visible. What is that?

Honestly, I did it to myself. I knew nothing good would come from watching this episode after watching the Friday Crapapalooza season recap. Both sucked, this one was worse.

Miss Impression


Tom is a Canuck

I come here mostly to read Another Name’s take on the house. Always interesting with many “woke” moments, and instead of being bored by the houseguests, I’m amused.


Same here Tom. I like to see Another Name’s take on the episodes. Everything Another Name said was dead on. The sad part is, we all recognize something is just not right; like bad acting.


Thank you for posting this! Excellent recap/summary!


Please somebody tell Enzo he completely sucks at competitions. He cost himself a chance at possibly winning by not voting out Nicole so that Cody wouldn’t be mad. (who does that stupid stuff). He can take solace in knowing he’s the first person to finish 3rd twice. Kaysar told everyone in his speech about Cody, Nicole and Dani and he was right. It was a love triangle that may end up splitting up relationships.


Umm I think you mean Enzo will be the first MAN to get 3rd place twice since Janelle clearly got that unfortunate record (back to back seasons no less).

In her case it was sad to see but for Enzo I’m glad it happened since Hayden deserved to win (as does Cody) and this time he has NOBODY but himself to blame for him being in this predicament.

Laura Johnston

The first five are so bitter! Janelle is so jealous of Nicole its amazing


Seriously. You’re right, Janelle. She’s not a threat to anyone EXCEPT you. So unattractive.

Where’s Janelle

Janelle left so long ago and has been bitter.

A couple tries, a couple guys

Yet you STILL worry about her so much you use her as your screen name. ….lol

Where’s Janelle

Because Janelle got 14th place and has been whining for three months about Nicole while Nicole advanced all the way to finale night Haha Hints Nicole smoked Janelle and played her like a spade like your dumb title name haha considering Janelle’s occupation At 25 you look really stupid lmfao

I Bite

I really lost a lot of respect for Janelle tonight. I was already not too thrilled with her previous behavior this season. Bu tonight she fully showed how petty and entitled she is. Kaysar looked a bit sour too at the end when Nicole A was speaking about Nicole F. Two 40 yr olds with kids, stuck on such childishness. Very unseemly.


I would throw stones at Nicole as she is looking in the mirror singing “I’m so prettyyy”…yech!!!

The Beef

Seriously? How long do you have to listen to somebody talk trash about you on national TV before you get to respond to that? We all know Nicole is the one who started ALL of this during the very first week of the season, compounded it by trying to make it look like Janelle was the one talking about her, when clearly Nicole was the one doing most of the talking, and then finally uninviting Janelle to her wedding in her GBM in an attempt to further embarrass her. She hasn’t shut-up talking about Janelle ever since. Is it any wonder that Janelle might have a few words to say about such a petty individual who can’t seem to keep her name out of her mouth? I think not.

A couple tries, a couple guys

Is this a serious comment??? Just because you don’t like a person, and/or respect someone’s gameplay doesn’t make you jealous. The more likely scenario is that Janelle is tired of her name coming out of Nicole’s mouth lol. You think people don’t tell her what’s being said? I see them replying to her twitter feed showing all of Nicole’s childish, and dumb comments. If she were talking about me like that there would be a confrontation on finale night 100%. So you should be glad Janelle obviously has more self control than most people.

Besides Janelle is 1000 x’s prettier than Nicole, successful in life and still (always will be no matter what) the queen of big brother. She has absolutely nothing to be jealous of.


Yes she VERY jealous! She thought she was a mastermind and she got blown out in the first few weeks and now is watching her nemesis go to the finale

A couple tries, a couple guys

Lol alright. Only because she’s a dangerous player, and everyone knows it. She’s the first person I’d get out too. Not to mention daddy piggy told them to get her out ASAP. But hey, Nicole’s mom, if that helps you sleep at night believing Janelle is jealous of Nicole, then by all means, don’t stop believing.

Where’s Janelle

Exactly!!! And how could Janelle still be the queen of Big Brother over Nicole if Janelle has never made final 2 SMFH All the while Nicole is on the verge of being the FIRST female to accomplishment that feat Twice making the final 2 LOL You known darn well that is not sitting well with Janelle because her crown is being awarded to Nicole haha


I can assure you Janelle is NOT jealous of Frazzle Frog. Frazzled treats people like sh!t, including Janelle, so she’s just returning the favor

Marianne martin

it saddens me reading all the hate people have on players …all three deserve to be there for one reason or another… all i have to say to those katty people here is that you are just as KATTY AND SKANKY as jennel lmao … yes its my thoughts ..

Miss Impression

When you chastise peoples behavior while engaging in the behavior you are chastising them for,you loose all credibility.Sad.
The More You Know

BBAS2 baby

Manifesting Nicole winning pt3 and cutting Cody


Alright time finally see if these Players have any real game skills. If Cody wins he needs to cut Nicole and if Nicole wins she needs to cut Cody. The question is will they. Enzo is likable but he’s not winning the game.


I’m just want Cody to win so either way him winning the final HOH will ensure that.

I’d be down for him cutting Nicole like how Jon cut Neda in BB Canada’s Season 2 final 3. Her face lol. O_O

Enzo getting third place again though makes me kinda happy because he should have known better…

But I’d also be happy with Nicole losing out on more money since at least Enzo will give it to his kids who are completely innocent even if their daddy is an idiotic clown.

If Nicole cuts Cody she deserves to win but damn I really don’t want another ‘Sandra’ even if I do love Queen Sandra..


Survivor ????


Yeah the first two time winner of any of these BB/Survivor/AR shows.

A ‘queen with two crowns’ but because she won twice she really thinks she is the best player and I don’t agree.

Of course now Tony has two wins so people can say he is the best.

I don’t want Nicole to be the first person to win twice on BB.

Sandra at least made good TV…Nicole not so much..

another name

Considering this season had so many feed blocks that it felt even worse than a season of bbcan…. I think they owe everyone about 16 more days of feeds.

another name

hmmm. hoop jumping. sounds like an individual timed hoh comp for this season.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

If CBS was smart,they should hold a CAN-AM BB. Not Canada VS America,but a collective competition. More viewers,greater sponsor reach and a welcome change from the same old BB.

another name

Well, none of the American cast would ever agree to appear for what they pay the Canadians. Remember when Niki and Tim appeared on bbcan 5 and discussed how they were being paid more than the prize just to appear?


They should be paying viewers to watch this Season


People are still paying good money for this?

Mary Altman

I won’t miss those “No Stars” but I will miss Simon,Dawg,& the witty people on here. I pray for a better season 23!!! Till next year??? Love& laughs,Mary

another name

End of Season Assessment. Part One.
Comparison of My Initial Feelings About this Season to How I Feel Now.

I’m starting this early today, so that I don’t write a huuuuge novel tomorrow. Two Short stories instead of an anthology is about all I can muster enthusiasm for in regard to my feeling about this Big Brother 22: The Returning Houseguests we could get during a pandemic but most of them sure as shit would never be confused for All-Stars Season.
In the past I’ve read about people longing for an All-Star or All returning cast second chance season. I’ve always been the devil’s advocate saying NOOOOOO, don’t do it. My logic was akin to that nostalgic feeling you may have had for a movie you saw at the drive in as a kid, that you thought was your favorite childhood movie of all time, but when you see it on tv really late at night and stay up to watch it…. you realize it was a piece of b-movie crap that doesn’t stand the test of time. That’s what we’ve witnessed this season: we’ve all been slapped across the face with a huge ‘be careful what you wish for’ moment.

Now, I’m not going to say there was no production interference in old school bb. That would be asinine. Anyone that watched Season 5’s final 4 veto knows that there was some shenanigans in old school. But. New school has become so manufactured, that it can’t even be called manipulation anymore. Since the ruling that the show is reality entertainment programming, and not a game show required to meet the rules and regulations governing gameshows… it’s gotten worse, and far more in your face. This is the issue I have. It’s not that preconceived storylines and predicatability are now the benchmark: it’s that it is so absolutely obvious. Production in recent big brother asks us to suspend disbelief to such a level that it’s impossible to comply. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. I find this insulting to our collective intelligence, but I still watch, hoping for a surprise. I’m not surprised really. I haven’t been truly surprised (at least pleasantly) in a couple seasons. I don’t feel that any outcome for this season will be a surprise. Just go back and watch episode one again. tell me if you are surprised knowing what you know now. The writing was on the wall. In Neon paint. Admittedly, Enzo is… surprise isn’t the word, shocking certainly doesn’t fit… not 100% expected as the third, but it fits given episode edits in the first 5 weeks.

My worst fears have borne fruit. As soon as rumors began that there was pre-season alliance building going on, with full knowledge that Production would buy into it and encourage it, just like they did in season 18… I knew the end of the season was going to be like all the fingernails on the chalkboard. Does it matter to me who wins: no. Did it ever? Actually, no. I knew from week one that I was watching not to see who would win, but to watch others lose. In my head this season is an exercise in Schadenfreude.
Does it matter to any of them who actually wins? For ego, perhaps it does, but financially it depends on whether or not they have a prize sharing deal in place. Again: Anyone that listened to them on feeds in Season 18 discussing having prize sharing deals with a wink wink and a nudge nudge, knows that it is completely in the realm of reasonable suspicion that it could exist again. Especially if the architect of BOTH preseason alliance rigging schemes was Derrick.

So this completes my first short story about season assessment. Part Two Tomorrow will be the actual gut reaction I have while watching the finale, with Part One Informing you of the mindspace I will be starting from, and general attitude I expect to have.


This is why I come here. So we can all be collectively pissed off and annoyed.
I like seeing others take on what is happening and it is a distraction from reality.
Thanks Simon and Dawg, you guys rock!

Just hoping

If Nicole really wants to win, she’ll take out Cody but she already said she’ll throw the last HOH to him. She doesn’t want be the person who evicts Enzo. Damn, no big game plays all freaking season. Some of us were looking forward to there finally being an “All-Stars” season. This truly sucks.