“I don’t want to win the competition. I would rather someone else do it for me.”

PART 2 HOH: Cody Vs Enzo
PART 3 HOH: Nicole Vs Cody

3pm – 4pmThe final 3 are in the kitchen reminiscing about past events of the season. Cody is busy doing his accents and trying to make Enzo laugh. He then starts working out.

4:15pm Bedroom. Nicole talking to herself about the jury questions / her final speech. Its going to be like .. I feel like you hid behind people all season long? What moves did you do? It will be some bull crap like that. I have to be prepared to answer that. We feel like you just hid behind Cody all season. Ok!? And I don’t think that is a bad situation ..If Cody or I were on the block I think he would have been a lot more appetizing to take out. And I had to play completely separate games. We knew that people might think that we were working together because we played on the same season. So I was not seen with Cody hardly at all. When the person yelled over the wall that Cody and I were playing everyone .. I did make a final 2 the very first day in this house but in no way did I hide behind him. He never would have taken me off the block or used the veto on me. I had to ensure my safety on my own. If I had won the competitions that Cody had won people would have wanted me gone way sooner than the triple eviction. Before I came in here I read a book where I realized that I am not the type of person that needs the credit for a move. So if there was something that I wanted to happen .. I just want the same outcome. I don’t want to win the competition. I would rather someone else do it for me because it is just smarter. Work smarter not harder. And in competitions I would look around and I had the committee as a strong alliance and it was filled with strong, strong competitors. I feel like it was important for me to be the weak person in the house because I had already won this game and I didn’t want to give anyone else a reason to want me on the block.

I came in with a target on my back that only one other person (Ian) had. I knew what I needed to do to be sitting in this chair and I think winning competitions doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a better player. I was in so many positions where I didn’t need to win. I was only safe for one week this entire season. One week I won myself HOH and Veto. Every other week I had to depend on my social game. Whereas Cody won several competitions .. that is awesome but he was safe all those weeks. Big Brother is a social game it is not just about winning competitions. I worked with what I had. I worked with the body I was given and what I work with every single day in real life. I used what I had to the best of my ability. And if you want to use being 5’01” and 100lbs against me then there is nothing I can do about it. There are different ways of playing this game and I think you have to remember that. If I had won comps earlier I don’t think I would be here. I threw the wall comp that Dani won. Nicole heads into the other bedroom and continues to recount past events of the season. I am just frustrated because I need to believe in myself and I know that I deserve it and I don’t want to convince other people that I deserve it. My social relationships got me a spot in the committee which was the strongest alliance in this house. We won every single HOH in this season besides two. Everyone in the committee had the same opportunities that I did. But I did something different.. instead of winning competitions.. I played weak. I knew that alliance was going to go after each other eventually and I didn’t want it to be me. I have spent 254 days in this house and that is not by chance. More than any other house guest.

5:15pm Kitchen. The final 3 talk about requesting take out, alcohol from the diary room.

5:55pm Enzo is pacing back and forth outside the HOH room.

6:50pm Nicole is sleeping. Enzo is laying on the floor outside the HOH room. Cody is playing backgammon against himself / making dinner.

7:40pm The house guests are lazing around. Cody playing backgammon with himself. Enzo is laying on the living room couch. Nicole is eating.
8:15pm Cody and Enzo playing chess..

8:50pm – 9:41pm The final 3 are sitting around the living room chatting..

10:50pm Enzo, Cody and Nicole are eating fried rice and talking about how many restaurants he owns/co-owns. Nicole – he has so much money. Enzo – so if I go there I can get a poke bowl for free then. Cody – yeah if he’s there. Enzo remembers about the first time he met Memphis. Enzo says he (Enzo) was “drunk as F**k” and went up to Memphis and called him a “Womanizer” just to f**k with him. Enzo says he was surprised Memphis didn’t just knock him out. He says he just laughed.

10:55pm – 11:20pm Kitchen. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – I still think that you will win no matter what. Its your season. I love Derrick but you’re a f**king beast yo! You played awesome from the beginning to the end. No matter what they have questions .. you played f**king awesome. I am not telling you bullsh*t. You played the best out of anyone in this house. Without you I would never have gotten to the end and I know that. If you win this last this last comp you never had a vote cast on you.. no one has ever done that. You’ll be one of the greatest of all time. The kid from Jersey. Cody – its tough when going out third like you don’t get nothing. Enzo – Third place is devastating. Cody – even like now she will walk out with 74k. We didn’t get any extra 10k! Enzo – I would be happy with 50k plus what we got for coming. The 50 means a lot to me and my kids Yo! Cody – I thought it was going to be fun with Derrick but I got attacked. You just never know how like this was their time to throw a jab. Enzo – yeah that is their job to be tough on you. I believe you’ll win. I do. I think its over, that’s it. Cody – I just want to get there so bad. I just want to be sitting in the final two.

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STFU Nicole, you came in with a preseason alliance, & didn’t make a single move in this house without Cody’s say-so, so you did hide behind him the entire season. I can’t wait to see her lose. Enzo not rightfully taking Nicole out in the triple was all Cody’s influence so because the won comps & controled that house the entire season, he deserves to win the 500k.


How dare her try to come up with a compelling argument as to why she might deserve to win the game!! Also, how dare her talk to her alliance(s) about what to do each week!!


Honestly, the Nicole hate here has gotten so out of control and cruel that I’m hoping she wins. Okay, not really, I’m hoping for an Enzo miracle, but the Nicole hate needs to be tamped down to some reasonable level. Hate production for concocting the pregame alliance, not her for riding it.

Hunter's Laptop

I don’t hate Nicole but i’m sure not rooting for her to win. Does anyone think that out of these three players that Cody isn’t the best choice?

Joanne Gurman

I don’t see many hating on Cody. After all,it was a final 2 alliance with two people.

The Beef

I don’t have a problem with her trying to come up with an argument to support her position, but for you to imply that she actually was part of any of the decision making processes of her alliance before the triple eviction, is pretty much just not true. Even after that, she just did what Cody told her to do (vote out Tyler) or sat back and watched while Cody and Enzo decided what to do (vote out Memphis, vote out Christmas vs. her). She may have expressed an opinion, but basically Cody decided what to do, and she and Enzo just went along with him, every single time.

This has been Cody’s season all season long. Of course, since she’s been latched on to his coattails, anything Cody sees as good, Nicole seems to see as good as well. Her whole game has been based on Cody dragging her along to the end. She definitely kicked in and helped during week 10, which was very timely (and also very suspicious given she didn’t when jack all season long and then wins two comps in a row – but there were fewer competitors by then – only 5 – so easier to win) and she’s been more competitive since then, but again, fewer competitors.

She’s just not my cup of tea. People seem to love her or hate her. She’s a bit too much of a snake for my taste, but she’s clearly pretty good at this game, at least in some aspects of it. She knows how to last in that house, and that’s the name of the game. The only question is does the jury have any respect for the WAY that you lasted? Maybe we’ll find out on Wednesday night if she makes the final 2.

A201 B388

I think the vast majority of people think Nicole F doesnt deserve to win. Enzo talks a big game, but passed up his “big moves”. Yes, Cody has earned is place in the house, but the sadistic side of me wants to see him lose to Nicole F (he’s become cocky and lazy the later half of the game).

Which is more important:
Nicole F doenst become the first two time winner and Cody wins?
Cody gets knocked down a peg by the jury and Nicole wins?

As least Enzo is third… he deserves it.

Dementia Joe

I think Nicole has a chance to win part three and if she doesn’t evict Cody she deserves to lose.


Fully agree. I sadistically want him to lose even though he deserves the win, lmao. :p
Truthfully…imo, Nicole deserves the win against ANYONE, except for Cody…simply for being a previous winner and not being clipped before finale night. That’s it YO.

If Nicole wins part 3…she takes Cody and loses in a landslide.
If Cody wins part 3…he takes Enzo and wins in a landslide.
I don’t see any way that Cody doesn’t win BIG on Wednesday night.


You hit the nail on the head!


Don’t think Nicole really won her first time as opposed to Paul just list it.


To be fair, Cody didn’t even know that Tyler, Christmas and Enzo were going to vote out Nicole, it happened so fast. If Enzo had voted her out, I think Cody would have gotten over that. So Enzos bad moves are on him, no one else. He did not make any big moves like he claimed he was going to do. I like him but he’s a wuss when it comes to this game.

Twat Cream

Enzo will win.

Game Show Enzo

a years supply of Rogaine and a lifetimes worth of Rice-A-Roni.

Hunter's Laptop

I was thinking The Jersey Shore boxed set on VHS.

Ass Clown

Nicole reminds me of the nurse in Fargo. I could totally see her offing people if she worked in the ICU. She’s got a dark side. Never can trust a sneaky person like that. If she’s like that in the game she’s most likely like that in real life. She’s probably gone her whole life being a snake and stabbing people in back.

Lady E

Money changes people. I used to think that she was down to Earth, and she didn’t seem concerned with her image before. Now we have scary ass GIFs lmao

The Beefcurtains

I wouldn’t trust her as my nurse.


Also, why did she quit being a nurse to be a social media influencer? You can tell she wasn’t being a nurse cuz she cared about helping people. She saw you can make more money another, selfish way and went with it.


She wants someone else to hand her the win. Is she asking for production to make sure she wins again? That was the only way she made it last time.

A couple tries, a couple guys

Well that and certain under-the-cover games…..

Lady E

That was so good! tx for sharing.


Priceless… Kudos to the editor of this inside 180 degree peek a boo look !

Biden's Diaper

I can’t believe that they left Rockstar’s daughters birthday off.


Go figure, this is the final two. How disappointing.

Billy Big Bottom

Yawn …. zzzzzzzz

Who cares who wins out of this pathetic shower.

I’m way more worried that this season has sealed the demise of BB, not just as we know it, but literally. So disappointing.


I agree. I quit watching very early when the preseason alliance was VERY obvious. Like they had had zoom calls with derrick months in advance talking about when to target who etc.

Since 14 ended the game has been far crappier than previously. There has been what since then? 3 decent seasons. Before 11 even above average seasons were very rare. Usually excellent.

The ratings are crap. Even though they shouldnt be during a pandemic. It would take a miracle for the show to come anywhere near its former glory and we all know it. Its a shame too i used to love it. Blame production blame casting morons instead of real people and blame social media obsessed contestants equally I say.

Miss Impression

There is no winner this season.

Lady E

Only humiliation


Absolutely cody nor nicole should be deemed the winner – BB should donate prize money to covid relief charities.

Hunter's Laptop

The winner will be the viewers once this dumpster fire is over. No more All Stars please.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Does anyone know how the ratings compared to last season?

Tyler's Balls

Are cody and nicole both planning on taking each other?


Yes was that pairing was predetermined before season started.

Biden's Diaper

Has Grodner told them how to vote yet?

Donny Trump's vagina neck

Cody seems stressed on the feeds. Probably still trying to figure out who to take if he wins.

Sleepy China Joe the Walking Corpse

If this goes to a vote Cody is going to run away with the finale if Nicole doesn’t evict him.

Trump biggest clown on the planet

Buddy the world we live in today supporting and endorsing Donnie Trump for president is pretty sad.

Dementia Joe of the Biden Crime Family

Typical lib thinking only their opinion matters. The great thing about this country is that everyone gets a vote. Trump is going to win again and you will be a triggered melted snowflake.

Trump biggest clown on the Planet

If you really believe our society is in a better shape than it was four years ago because of Donald Trump then you really are a lost soul- and you don’t know how to use your vote properly plain and simple. In time History will continue to show how much of a punchline Trump really is and your support will be laughable.

Fact Check

According to Gallup Polling 56% of people say they are better off today than they were four years ago.

Trump biggest clown on the planet

Fact check these number aren’t reflecting of Donald Trump job being a favorable president and a double fact check these numbers were taking before the first debate where the clown took stage and made an absolute Bafoon of himself and before Trump and everyone in the White House caught Covid!!
Further proving he has no idea what the hell he is doing with this pandemic!!

And you might want to check those other Gallup polls again pertaining to Trump because judging by his favorability,pertaining to his job, and how he has been received by the majority of Americans are completely repulsed by his ineptitude and his 25,000 lies during his presidency!!

Hunter's Laptop

Fake news. The Gallop poll is dated Oct. 13th.


Cody is an arrogant windbag – Nicole is a self centered, backstabbing cry baby who should not win and Enzo has done squat except offer excuse after excuse all season. BB wants to reward $500,000 to one of these inept 3? Not one of these final trio deserve a dime. Absolute farce of a season with a pecking order predetermined by production. Sad ending to a season that should NEVER have aired.

Biden's Diaper

They should just say we had to shut down the season due to Covid and give the prize money to charity.

Don the Con

Trump and Pence aka when you’re so full shit that you need 2 assholes.

Dementia Joe of the Biden Crime Family

At least they know what planet they are on unlike Antifa Drool Cup Sleepy Joe.

Don the Con

Donnie Trump the self proclaimed “innocent man” who refuses to testify…..
Again how many have Trumps associates have been charged or convicted of crimes since 2017….. That’s right haha

Under oath Mueller testifies July 24, 2019

Ken Buck (R-CO): “ Could you charge the president of the crime after he left office?”

Robert Mueller: “Yes”

Ken Buck: “ Do you believe you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?”

Robert Mueller: “Yes”

They say to prevent the spread of deadly stupidity. Republicans are being asked to wash their faces after kissing Trumps ass. No amount of lies sir can hide the Sheer Stupidity and Failure of Donnie Trump, and his cult following failing to admit and further denying that they made a mistake electing a
reality TV star CLOWN as President!

Never forget Trump the incompetent said Covid-19 was just a hoax and that in February it would just magically disappear one day…..


Triggered lib remember the Mueller trial found no obstruction and no collusion so don’t let the facts get in the way of your lies. In fact the whole basis of the Mueller report was based on a document that Hillary paid for to take the heat off her email scandal. All the Dems who said they had evidence testified under oath that they did not have any evidence of any Trump wrongdoing.

Maybe China Joe, Hillary, and Hunter can all share a cell.

Dan is the GOAT of BB

Trump gave up money for America. Biden gave up America for money.

No name

This might be the dumbest thing I ever heard just think about all of taxpayer dollars that are spent every time Donnie plays golf and heads to Marlago.


Am I the only one who feels Nicole didn’t win her season and that everyone only voted for her because they hated Paul, not because they liked her or felt she deserved it?


That and production was openly protecting her and I’m sure the jury read the producers well enough to know they should be voting for Nicole if they want to extend the lifetime of the pseudofame of BB.

Hunter's Laptop

Nicole didn’t earn her first win and it would be a joke to make her a two time winner if Cody is in the finale with her.


Nicole won because the jury was made up of sycophant fans that wanted to vote for a previous player plus da’vonne who wanted to vote for a woman to be winner. Paul got kinda screwed, but in fairness their jury management was lacking (mostly because they had to work too hard to stay off the block to worry about it) and they were such a terror the following season that any empathy I had towards them disappeared

Dementia Joe

That was one bitter jury,

Trump biggest clown on the planet

BB 18 Bitter Jury lmao Paul had one of the worst personal social games we’ve ever seen! Paul the person rubbed people the wrong way. I hate to say it but in a game that is a predicated as a social experiment to where your expecting to bode well to a jury of houseguest you played with for votes to win a half-million dollars you can’t be abrasive by demeaning people verbally and going around insulting women calling them c*nts!

China Biden's Forked Tongue

Paul was terrible answering the jurys questions and that cost him but
you sound like a Dependocrat. Maybe Pajama Boy will give you a hug.

Don the Con

Judging by your takes someone should’ve gave you more hugs at a certain point in your life because you’re foolish enough to still believe Trumps word after these last four years haha and that the jokes is on you because you just further proved the previous posters point about why the jury logically voted for Nicole to beat Paul.


It’s time to put big brother 18 to bed because there’s no reason to have this discussion.
There’s a clear and obvious reason why Nicole got Davonne‘s vote in BB 18 over Paul and it’s week 6 when
Paul was HOH he lied repeatedly and told Davonne that she was in no danger of going home and yet he nominated davonne for a back door at post Veto nominations and then she Davonne leaves and then in the goodbye messages. In big brother 18 Nicole‘s goodbye message to DaVonne
“Day seeing you pop of that box day one was an absolute dream come true. Strategically on the other hand I knew you were threat to my game, and you are very good and I knew you would have been coming after me soon. I’m really gonna miss you and I hope to see you soon but not too soon“

Whereas Paul not only as the HOH got all the blood on his hands for getting Davonne out on a backdoor out of the house he still continued to over lie in his goodbye message to Davonne literally saying verbatim to Day:
“Day if you’re seeing this message I don’t know what happened, I thought I made it pretty clear about what I wanted this week but I guess we both got screwed over -see you on the outside Cali love.”

That is the exact reason why Nicole deserved Davonne vote is because Nicole got no blood on her hands for getting her out and at least admitted to Davonne that it was strategically not good for her game to still be in the house which you can still respect because they told you why.
Whereas Paul still played dumb and gave Davonne no respect By never admitting to her (Day) being in trouble or in harms way that is the exact reason why Nicole got the 5th final vote from Day!

And what makes this so crucial is the fact that Nicole persuaded Paul that same week to keep herself Nicole off the block to Paul so that she didn’t have any involvement as pawn in the plan to send Davonne home as a backdoor and instead with her reluctance Nicole and telling that to Paul about not wanting to go on the block then forced Paulie to be a on the block!! That was incredible strategy for Nicole because she got no blood on her hands for getting Davonne out on backdoor only using a vote when she (Nicole) knew that Davonne was a threat to her game in big brother 18.
That Is the exact reason why Nicole deserved that final vote in big brother 18 over Paul! It was how well played by Nicole getting day out because no blood got on her and completely stabbed Davonne in the front.

That Was a massive play by Nicole because she stayed off the block for the first 91 days in house While keeping her number one Ally Corey safe until the final four whereas Paul had his number one Ally and meat shield Victor getting eliminated an unprecedented three times for eviction! If Victor doesn’t come back for a third time Paul is gone at final five post Veto nominations because Corey won HOH and Nicole won Veto. At the post nominations at the final five Paul would have been gone if Victor didn’t come back for an unprecedented third time. Paul was on the Block six times while Nicole didn’t reach the block until the final four for the first time. That shows how much more control Nicole had more in the game compared to Paul.
Nicole dominated that BB 18 game from start to finish and was never in danger EVER OF GOING HOME IN BB 18… that’s why she was the deserving winner.

In the words of Paul after Nicole was able to convince co-HoH Natalie And Michelle to Put up Paul and Victor… Paul’s Own words in front of the whole house to Nicole “something tells me that you’re good at this game and not me!”

By Paul’s own words admitting how good Nicole was at the game and the fact that he ended up taking that same person Nicole to final 2 after he said HIS OWN WORDS proves that he was deserving to lose to Nicole in the final two; Because what Paul did is something you should never ever admit in the game. It was bad move on Paul’s part to admit that in front of the whole house and give Nicole all the credit and power for what has been transpiring in the game that season to then just take her to the FINAL 2 after you just argued why you were on the block during the Co-Hoh of how good Nicole was at the game that was a bad move by Paul no matter how you slice it and that is why he messed up not taking James instead of Nicole .
The proof is completely there and it’s time people move on and ACCEPT that Nicole won big brother 18.


Go back and watch the film of week 6 in Big Brother 18 the week Davonne got evicted and the goodbye messages that exact same week and you will see exactly why Nicole deserved and recieved that 5th And final vote from Davonne!

Because the film will not lie and it will show that Nicole wanted Davonne out with the guys and saw her strategically as a threat and admitted to her in the goodbye message that she was a threat to her game and Nicole got no blood on her hands because she was able to convince Paul to not put her up as a pawn to be a part of the back door plan to send Davonne on out so Nicole’s only action for the week to minimize the blood to get nothing on her hands was just making a vote to get Davonne out whereas Paul got covered in so much blood backdooring Davonne that week because Paul over lied and never told the truth to Davonne even still in the goodbye message. Paul Saying to her that I don’t know what happened I thought I made it clear about what I wanted and I guess we both got screwed over lol that was not a smart a decision by Paul!

Compared to Nicole who outright confessed to Davonne in the Goodbye message that she saw Davonne as strategically being a threat to her game….. That is why Nicole earned that vote from Davonne over Paul because as Davonne said herself about Nicole in Big Brother 18.
Nicole stabbed her in the front

Billy Big Bottom

Da’Vonne has never been a strategic threat to anyone in BB, other than herself. When she talks, she has but one topic, herself. When she thinks, it is about how wonderful she was.

An awful player, who absolutely did not deserve a third shot at BB.

Paul was a dick in both seasons, but was robbed by a bitter jury both times.


BB 18 wasn’t bitter by any means Paul messed up taking Nicole over James.
Nicole was the wrong person to sit in the final 2 that season and the results clearly showed.


My take on BB and especially this Season which should never have been aired. Back decades ago Pro Wrestling was the hit on TV, no one could enough of watching these. Then as it became obvious they were all scripted, followings dropped of. Same for Roller Derby, once viewers became aware of them being scripted, viewership dropped off and finally cancelled. BB is in the same category as Wrestling, Roller Derby, and those Alaskan TV series heavily scripted and acted.
How anyone can, after this season continue thinking that it isn’t a pre-determined outcome, or that these guest aren’t given insider info in their DR sessions, and pre-game info, or outcomes of contest were its manipulated on timed events were the audience cannot make sure who won. The changing of rules during competition. The nerves of Nicole asking/demanding that BB production purchase her a new outfit. How anyone could seriously take a competition were a crippled player was allowed to win by everyone laying down doesn’t think it was production idea when previous competition the crippled player wasn’t allowed to play in case of getting hurt more.
Does anyone really believe this is a game were anyone can win? That the moment these players come in you can actually root for someone to actually win?
I wonder if anyone from production ever comes here to read how badly they are destroying a very unique show, if only productions keeps their hands off.
Did anyone really get anything from actually paying this season Live Feeds?


It could be resuscitated with a few simple changes. Houseguests nominate, public votes and most votes = eviction. Watched a season in Australia where the houseguests weren’t allowed to discuss strategy or advantages. If they did there was a 3-strike rule and automatic eviction. On that same season the houseguests earned the food they had available through team competitions. No teamwork? No food beyond pantry stock of things like oatmeal. They also showed the DR discussions between the houseguests and Big Brother. All in all, it was refreshing.


Public voting? No thanks. Then you get 16 Frankie Grandes, all playing to the cameras.

Plus, the public buys into bad players. Nicole A, James and Donny weren’t any good. But viewers loved them because they got a sympathetic edit.

Biden's Diaper


Who do you think is going to win America’s Favorite?

Donald biggest clown in the world

Joe Biden haha
I mean come on bro you walked into it because everyone knows that Trump wears the biggest diapers known to man haha
I think the previous post from Donny Trumps vagina neck would agree lmao

Biden Created 1 Job in 47 Yrs & It Was For Hunter

Does Enzo think he has a chance?


To have a better chance at winning both Nicole and Cody should take Enzo. They should not take each other!
There’s a fair chance that Enzo can win also if they do that. But if Cody is sitting there he’ll for sure WIN.