“you are saying you are putting me up against Kirsten?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots:  Jared, Corey, Hisam

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Jared and Corey are being de-Nominated. Kristen is the target. If Veto is played sounds like Luke is a possible re-nom.

8:33 am Houseguests getting up for the day

8:51 am Reilly and BLUE
B – I love that outfit
R – Thank you I don’t have any sweatpants they are all dirty \
R – I’m going to talk to Felicia first..
Blue – I think we only slept for an hour
Reilly – I’m in a dream world right now.

9:36 am Hasim and Jag
Talking about religion. Hasim says his parents were immigrants from Egypt.

9:54 am Reilly, Luke and Matt
Chit chat.. Matt and Reilly teach Luke about how the “backdoor” works in Big Brother.

Everywhere chit chat

10:31 am Reilly and Felicia
Reilly – Here’s where I am at. You are not somebody I want to leave the house
F – how does the rest of the house feel?
R – I think the rest of the house from what I observed yesterday are in the same boat you and I were in yesterday when we had a little chit chat.
F – Ohh yes
R – I let people tell me that.
R – I want this week to be as clean as possible. I want to be completely transparent to you. You are loved in this house.
Reilly says if there was a pawn situation the vote would be unanimous against the other person.
R – What I am thinking right now is YOU are nobody’s target everyone loves MOMMA Felicia
Reilly says Kirsten has ruffled every single person feathers, “It’s a no brainer that is a unanimous vote”
Reilly explains how Jared and Corey won’t make good pawns because they are looked as more of a threat. When she looks at felicia she she someone that the house loves and isn’t considering a threat.
R – Trust me come eviction night you are going nowhere
F – you are saying you are putting me up against Kirsten?
R – I see somebody right now that is shooting themselves in the foot and I am going to capitalize on that and I am going to hopefully.. again .. things are going to happen fast fast fast…
F – I want to be in an alliance with you
R – I do too, I have trust in you I have trust in Cirie.
Reilly says she was up until 4 am last night and a lot of people are bringing up Kirsten’s name. “She’s alienating her self because she’s going from this group.. this group and this group. She’s trying to have her hand in all the cookie jars and the cookie jars are talking now. It’s not looking good
F – Yeah
Reilly goes on about how they have the numbers. Nominations will be the same Kirsten will go home. (Kirsten for HOH)
F – why not put up a Corey or a Jared if everyone wants her gone anyways.
Reilly explains again, Corey has baggage from premiere night because everyone thinks he has a power, jared is seen as a comp beast.

Reilly – We set the tone for the season. It would be a whole different ball game if Kirsten was in this HOH room. It would be a dirtier game…
F – OHH yeah
R – It would be a dirtier game. I don’t want to play.. I am not a dirty player in life. I was raised better. Like I just.. I want to play a honourable game with really great people
F – when I get home I don’t want people driving by my house screaming you a bn1tch

11:00 am Reilly and Hasim
Hasim tries to say Corey has a power. Reilly doesn’t think so.
Reilly – this season is going to be no joke. the cast is freaking unreal..

Hasim – the one with the bald head. What her name is?
Reilly – Felicia
Hasmin – I think Felicia has demonstrated that she’s not really a super competitive person. from my stand point if she’s in the game she’s not a competative threat.
Reilly – absolutely not. She’s a number and she’s loyal.
Hasmin says that Kirsten told her that Matt and Reilly were “hooking up”
Hasmin – Bitch it’s been 24 hours what are you talking about
Hasmin – If you draw for veto and it’s houseguests choice if you pick me I would try and win and keep it the same.

Hasmin – it would be great if we can pull in MAtt, you, Me, Cameron and Red.. Red has a high pain tolerance.

11:07 am Nominations today

11:35 am Izzy and Blue
Izzy wants to work with Blue “I’m vibeing with you”
Izzy – I trust Cirie, Hisam and I trust you.
Blue feels the same way.
Izzy – I am convinced Matt and Luke are working together.
Izzy also thinks Reilly and Matt are hooking up.
Izzy – if you were HOH right now where are you at with the four noms.
Blue says she wouldn’t have Felicia on the block.
Izzy – I think she should stay for all of our sakes. She’s a great pawn. A great shield, She’s great around the house. I’m not about that business of sending her Architype out first. She wants to be here.
Izzy – I do not trust Corey.. I have not had one genuine [conversation].. what is your deal you are not being you.

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Hearing Reilly with Hasim all I could think was …OMFG!!!!


i cant believe theyre getting out Kirsten, im gonna miss the eye candy


Blocking shrine to save Felicia, lol. So much for Kirsten’s intro video

Here We Go

Kirsten is playing a really stupid game. She hung herself in the house.
Cerie should never be trusted for a minute. Only Jared. I’ve watched every show she’s been in. She can play and lie with the best.


Cirie and Felcia wanted to form a 4 person alliance like Cookout with Kirsten and Mecole but then found out she was using her sexuality to make an alliance with some guys and gals. Yes, that is the language they used to downgrade another Black American who is just playing the game.


Yeah, Felicia reminds me of a female version of Terrance from last season. Super jealous and too old to be so gossipy!

un autre nom

Where things stood when i went out to start post storm clean-up:

America’s first game convo is with Blue.
Reilly is pretty much doing the 16 person alliance guffaw.
Cam, Cory and Jag are leery of Cirie.
Kirsten is doing herself no favors by gossiping about the HOH.
Did Red even bother DOING a one on one?
Meme is taking Kirsten’s advice…. guuuuurlllll. shakes head.
Izzy and Cirie like Reilly.
Izzy is off scripting a bit when she pulls in Blue. Going queer collective with Hisam and Blue seems like another strategic off script.
Given her drothers, Felicia would want a matriarchy alliance.
Jared’s brolliance for defense was another off script.

So, on one end, Cirie’s minions are going off script and keeping it to themselves.
On the other end EVERYone Reilly speaks to knows the Frenchie plan.
The core on both sides are inducting members they’ve never talked to… without telling them.

bb25 WEEK ONEB.jpg

Did we ever figure out where Michael got his hoodies from? I think that was you 🙂


I almost forgot! Luke never bothered to come up to the HoH for a 1-on1. This will come back and bite him if he keeps doing that