Reilly – “In less than 24 hours there’s one person in here that has started 17 different rumours”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots:  Jared, Corey, Hisam

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Reilly is going to pull Jared and Corey off the block leaving Felicia and Kirsten. Kirsten is her target (Sigh)

2:30 am Reilly and Cirie
R – I want to pull Jared off he’s the type of person like he basically said to me you do me this favour I got you and I believe him when he says that. I looked him in the face and I trust that. Jared for me is solid I want him off the block. We take Jared off the block we have Matt who I really really love. Matt was my roomate in the scary room. He is the sweetest guy in the world. Very smart and people underestimate him. He’s a smart dude.
C – I would love to play with Matt.. be a puzzle piece next to him.
R – Matt is good shit
C – whats the dilemma
R – the dilemma is .. who is my pawn. I already talked to Corey. Corey is reluctant . He doesn’t have a home right now he’s in this boat where he got ostracized immediately. He got pulled away by a big scary had in a competition. Didn’t get to socialize, didn’t get to meet us at first and everyone thinks he has this big twist
C – that is what Kirsten is telling everybody that he got something
R – She is pulling things out of left field
C – She said it last night.
R – Corey is genuine as hell
C – he’s smart as hell and you need that
R – maybe he can’t hang on the wall.. but he’s here when my brain stopped working and he can solve a puzzle in a instant. He just got unlucky. I’m considering I could put him up as a pawn I already had the conversation with him.

R – I would rather die than put miss Felicia on the block and leave her up there but I think If I have a conversations with her and told her listen you are the definition of a pawn. You are a pawn pawn pawn. No one in a million years will look at you and be like yeah I want you out.
C – she trust you
R – I want her to trust me I have her best interest at heart
Reilly – in less than 24 hours there’s one person in here that has started 17 different rumours, shot themselves in the foot, and I think I just need to capitalize on that.
Cirie – Miss felicia speaking from what I know.. If you had that conversations with her and reassure her that what your plan is that nobody wants her out at all you can tell her it’s up to you.
Reilly says her plan is to leave Felicia and Kirsten on the block.
R – We have Jared, Matt and Luke. Luke will do what Matt does Matt will do what I do because I think I have him. Matt trusts me. I am the girl he trusts right now. ohh he’s such a good dude I love him. Luke I need to work on.
Reilly goes on about how she doesn’t want nominations to change after Veto.
Cirie says the guys won’t use the veto, “They won’t do it”
Reilly – I want this week to go easy. this HOH for me is a washout in terms of blood on my sword. There’s 17 people we get rid of one that is starting the fire. Exterminate the fire we’re back to 16, we’re back to a clean slate. I can know next week I have people playing in the HOH that I can’t play in
Cirie – they have your back, your front and your sides, your top and your bottom.

Cirie – You got my 100% loyalty Reilly
Reilly – You got me.. I got you to
Cirie – I’m telling you you have my 100% loyalty
Reilly – same to you.. send her up (Felicia)

3:10 am Izzy and Cirie
They both know that Reilly is going to take Jared off the block.
C – She wants Miss Felicia to be the pawn
Cirie – She (reilly) said she has Matt but Matt has Luke
Izzy – Kirsten came up to me and said Luke came up to me asking if the comic room is allied.. he said he wants to be with Matt and Reilly but they are threats
Izzy – that makes me happy, even if he’s working with them I want him to be suspicious I want them to self implode
C – she’s a smart girl.. she knows
they both believe what Reilly said to them.
Cirie – we just have to manage miss Felica.
Cirie brings up Reilly hasn’t promised anything to Corey yet. “He doesn’t have a home”

Cirie – this is going to be so much fun. we are going to have a good time.
They both say they really like Reilly.
Izzy – I think at the end of the day Reilly could be with us. If we play it right
C – she wants to be and she’s smart, Strong and perfect piece to this puzzle.
Izzy – I like Miss felicia a lot but at the end of the day if something does go she can be expendable
C – it would have to be… you know expect the unexpected. The only thing that can happen is if Kirsten will win a thing but even with that. I don’t see it happening

Cirie brings up that Reilly said Matt and Luke are together but she’s never mentioned Jag.
Izzy – ohh she talked a lot about Jag with me.
C- oh.. she never mentioned jag
I – She said Jag really wants to talk to me (Reilly)
Cirie – Who was telling me that Jag was her number one?

Izzy – Secrets are more powerful than lies

3:16 am Blue and Jag
Blue says they were speculating about what everyone does with in their careers “She said she thinks Cameron is lying”
Blue – She was saying that she thinks Cameron is a cop
Jag – could be he was in the military for 9 years
Blue goes on about evidence that Cameron is a cop.
Blue – I think Luke is lying to. I think he is a TIK TOKER I swear I’ve seen him before.. it think he’s a dentist or a Doctor… he says he’s a artist
Jag – ohh a illustrator
Jag says they need to talk more to Luke.
Jag goes on about how they need to have a plan so if someone walks in on them they can change conversation.
Jag – I like Izzy
Blue – I do to
Jag – the one thing we have to be careful about is Izzy has been hanging out with..
Blue points over to the bed.
jag – yeah yeah I don’t want to be in a situation where we get f**ed
Jag – I don’t want us to give away our whole game plan to Izzy, Izzy might be more loyal to them. she might be the inside person the spy.
Blue – We have our solid 6 but we need 2 more. What I was thinking
Jag – Matt mentioned low key we need numbers he mentioned that same squad… what do yo think about Red, Cameron he was like Red seems like they are wild cards.
Jag – he wants 9 .. the thing is we can have an alliance of a certain number then have people that are close.
Blue – that is why I think we should stick to our solid six. each sub unit has their own small little branches. Izzy has been making a lot of effort. I think if I talked to Izzy that connection is pretty strong. I think me and Hisam are pretty f**ing close. I feel like those two.

Jared comes in and the conversation changes to Blue’s cat.

4:03 pm Jag and Matt
Jag talking about an alliance with Blue, Matt, Jared, Luke. “We were talking about that not being enough numbers.. we also talked about America”
Matt – RED could be on the fence
Jag – I knew Jared and Blue were saying that they like HIsam. I haven’t talked a lot with Hisam.
Matt – me neither, I feel like he will be close with the other side
Jag – I’ve talked to Corey,
Jag says Mecole is wildcard.
matt is worried if they try to recruit more people they might go and expose what they are doing.
Jag – that is what I’m thinking.. Who won’t?
Jag – Corey is homeless.
Matt – true, good thinking.
Matt – I think MEME (Mecole) and Kristen
They agree Kirsten can be convinced but she’s got a big mouth.
Jag – I was talking to Jared and Blue and they say they are Iffy with Cameron.

Jag says Izzy is cool but isn’t sure if she’s more loyal to the other side. “She could be a spy”
Matt – it’s risky
Jag – I know what if she exposes us to them.
They agree Bowie is a wild card.
Matt – I think the comic people are going to be really close. They are in their own room. they are hanging out in that room a lot.

They count the players.
Their room – Cameron, Jag, Matt, Blue, Reilly
Comic – Izzy, Bowie, Cirie, Red
Outside – Mecole, Felicia, Kirsten, America,
have nots – Jared, Corey, Hisam
Jag says they need to get a solid 6 – 8 people. “what we should do is not make an alliance just be tight with them”
Jag mentions how Reilly is talking to everyone right now expect for the people she is close to.
Matt – the people that weren’t close are putting in the effort now.
Matt – we were already bros with her before all that (HOH win)
Matt says out of who is on the block, Corey and Kirsten are a potential alliance member, Jared is an alliance member but Felicia is going to stick with her side.
Jag – I feel good about Jared. Corey I feel questionable but good, Kirsten I feel questionable but like …
Jag – if Kirsten stays in the house we can convince her to work with us.

4:25 am Reilly and Blue
Reilly brings up Cameron
Blue says Red is playing both sides. “Red’s in that comic room and that comic room is TIGHT though”
Reilly – Cameron was saying that comix room is a sealed deal. Dude I know I don’t even go in there. They stay in their room.
Reilly – he described it as the room of floaters. There a room of people it’s like their first day at school that is their seat with their buddies and they are comfortable. That is a solid group that I wouldn’t touch.
Blue is nervous that Cameron is really tight with Red and Red is tight with the Comic room.
Reilly brings up Cameron saying that Red is a awesome dude they are boys but he doesn’t see him getting to the end.
Reilly – I know we have Cameron, I’m trying to solidify… The easiest thing right now is to get rid of Kirsten.
Reilly explains Kirsten will put the least amount of blood on her hands.
Reilly – I’m probably going to pull off Jared, we have him we have Matt and we have Luke. I had a heart to heart with Cory my heart is with Cory he’s a super real guy.
Blue says Kirsten and Cory are sort of floaters but they are leaning more towards vs the Comic room.
Reilly – If I pull him off the block we have him
Blue proposes the three of them form a core and with that core branch out. Jag, Reilly and Blue.
Blue says she’s getting close to Izzy and Hisam “those are two people I wouldn’t want to come over to our group but make a smaller subunit to try and pry information from them”
Blue – Jared also f***s with Hisam. I feel like that could be something
Reilly – there will be subunits.
Reilly says she wants the core to be tight “Something I can rely on for 98 days”
They bring up their alliance of 5 called “the handful”
Blue is worried that in their five Matts loyalty will go with Luke.
Reilly – I can’t read Luke at all
Blue – I feel iffy about him..
Reilly – for me he’s the wild card
Blue – Matt and Luke are like this.. final 2

Blue says America would be a good addition. She hasn’t talked game with anyone yet plus “She’s a superfan”
Reilly – She’s another one I don’t talk too often.

4:55 am Jag, Blue and Reilly
Reilly – noms the smart thing for us moving forward.. we have to get Kirsten out. Every person that has come talk to me has dropped her name.
Jag – wow
R – ever since I’ve won HOH she’s been fallowing me around
Blue brings up how Kristen is trying to form a girls alliance.
Reilly brings up the first day Kristen told Felicia to watch out for their room. She tells them her plan is Kristen and Felicia. Felicia is a pawn, everyone in the house loves him.
Jag says he feels better about Corey and America than Luke.
Blue agrees.

They talk about the handfull alliance (Jag, Blue, Matt, Reilly, Cameron) with their wildcards being Corey, Luke and America.
They all seem to not want to bring Luke in the only reason he’s being entertained is because he’s so close to Matt. Their plan is to talk to Matt about not wanting Luke in their alliance.

After some lengthy talk they finalize their 8 person
Blue, Reilly, Jag are their core.
Blue, Reilly, Jag, Matt, Cameron = Handful
Blue, Reilly, Jag, Matt, Cameron, Jared, Corey, America is their 8 person
Reilly says the Bubble people are Cirie, Izzy and Felicia they are not in an alliance but are close.
They plan to talk to matt tomorrow to tell Matt they don’t want to be in an alliance with Luke.

Reilly – if Kirsten wins the veto and take her off who do we put up?
Reilly – we have 9 people that we feel cool with and then there are the bubble people.
They think Luke would be good because it won’t piss off the comic book people and he’s not in their 8.
Blue – If you put up Luke that will send the other side of the house into scrabbles.. they’ll be like wait I thought they were tight what happened?

Reilly – I just came up with our name.. for us three. Crowd control.
Reilly – Cameron loves Corey
Jag – Jared.. I mean Jared is down but there might be some conversation to be had he’s… iffy about Cameron.
Reilly comes up with the name ‘Family Style’ for their alliance of 8

6:10 am they finally head to bed.

6:22 am zzzzzz

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I’ve never heard so much
“ yeah yeah yeah…..”
“Right? Or like right”

I need to start using this in my vocabulary more so I can fit in.


In a just world, Felicia wins the veto comp and upends the plan


Would LOVE to see Cirie and Felicia at the final 2!!

Rene' M

I would like to see Cirie and Felicia on the block together!! Get rid of one of them lol


Cirie and Felicia in the final 2 would be BEYOND AMAZING !!!!