“YEAH, They are running it. Right now they have a solid four and it ain’t y’all, now it’s Blue and Bowie.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the power of Veto on Felicia. Cameron was the replacement.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:44 pm Feeds return Cameron on the block.

12:47 pm Bowie, Matt and Blue talking about working out together. They go over the Veto ceremony speech
Bowie – I choose Cameron reasons
Bowie – Bowie, Bowie, Bowie, you have shown your true colours. Yes I have by taking out Liars.
Blue leaves
Bowie says Cory and America are going to be paranoid because of all the things Cameron will tell them.
Cory hopes Blue/Cirie/Felicia and America/Cory take shots at each other next week.
Bowie – Cirie and Felicia want to speak with me. Do you where they sit who do they want out?
Matt – Cory and America. They’ve been saying to ME.
Bowie – they are close to Blue right?
Matt – maybe
Bowie – they are going to come up together. Do you think they will propose me working with them.
They talk about Bowie making a side alliance with the girls to help keep them safe.
Bowie – I just don’t want to create a mess
Matt says with Cam gone they have a good shot to rolling through the season.
Matt – I’m not putting you or Jag up as the pawn ever.
Matt says he will put up Felicia and Cirie
Bowie – if we win we take out Cory right?
Matt says ideally America wins next HOH.
Bowie – Blue might win Veto
Matt – I’ll make sure you don’t go up.
They go on about having Cory relaxed this week in case he wins HOH. Matt seems sure it will be slip n slide and will win the competition.

12:52 pm Cory and Cam
Cory – I’m going to be honest with you man I don’t see a path.
Cameron – I need to get Blue and Felicia.
Cory – I don’t see you being able to get that
Cam – I don’t either
Cory – I don’t see you getting me on board either.
Cam – they are going to run this thing
Cory – them being Matt and Jag
Cam – YEAH, They are running it. Right now they have a solid four and it ain’t y’all now it’s Blue and Bowie. They bought Bowie. BOwie wanted to be a part of them the entire time.
Cory – last I heard it’s Me, America and Bowie.
Cam – that was from MEME
Cory – you don’t think you contributed to that narrative at all?
Cam – I talked just to Bowie and said there was a possibility that is true base on the way she was acting about everything
Cory – let’s be real though. weren’t you an alliance member of mine?
Cam – it didn’t feel that way since we’re Being ‘REAL’
Cory – you spent most of the week campaigning to get me backdoored before I was doing anything. you know what I mean?
Cory – I know it’s because you thought I was gunning for you but that’s the same sh1t that’s been happening all season. You know?
Cam – I get it. we both did it.
Cam – what’s the move, for you and America? how do you beat it?
Cory – I have to work out what my position in this game is. the reality is.. Why was I not backdoored last week?
Cam – because I.. was given a whole lot of information that you were coming after me. From Multiple people. People we trusted. I was told not to do it. Repeatedly so that MEME and Blue could go against you and they could keep their hand clean of everything that was going on.
Cory – the truth with Matt and Jag is they haven’t f***ed me.
Cory says this week there was two plans, either backdoor Cory or Cameron.
Cory points out that Matt and JAg are going to be seen as the threat in the house.

1:03 pm Cory and America
Cory tells America he’s telling Cameron he’s not voting for him to stay.
Cory – I’ll ask him questions see what he tells me ..

1:07 pm America and Cory
Cory brings up Cam saying There’s a group of four now running the house Matt, Jagg, Blue, Bowie
Cory – Bowie would say that’s Dodgy
Cory – that group of four makes no sense
America – you don’t think so?
Cory – it’s Matt, Jag and Blue as usually, Bowie is where we think Bowie is. I do not think Matt and Jag are trying to pull Bowie in without you and me.

Matt is heading inside yells “Behave yourself Cory”
America – Just clip it on
Cory – I’m trying it’s just…. (Cory struggles)
Cory says he’s not even entertaining voting to keep Cameron it’ll make them look shady.

1:27 pm America and Bowie
chit chats mostly.
America – I went into the comic room and studied the other day with Blue, they were having a hard time with the days. YES they don’t know the formula
Bowie – YEAH YEAEH yeah
America – it helps a lot

1:42 pm Matt’s out in the sun.


1:45 pm Current awkward feed moment.
Felicia looks up “there’s a lot of small jets today”
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Team Taylor



If cam was a better social player this wouldn’t have happened. I like players that win comps instead of throwing them too, but when you win comps leverage the wins to gain power in the house instead of just winning them for survival. Cam won them for survival which wasn’t enough for him to stay nor was it enough for me to root for him (not that I’m against him either, this season is somewhat interesting in terms of how neutral I’ve been towards everyone since Jared left).


Cam mistake was thinking he could trust a guy he kept going after week after week. You trusted him once and he screwed you. Then you trusted him again! Fool me once.

Jag and Matt are playing the game the way Cirie tried to.

Spot ON

CAM “trusting” JAGATESHWAR is as laughable as if a Jew could trust a Palestinian.


Cam is a great player. Just a matter of time before someone took a shot.


Haven’t they taken shots before?


I wish Felicia would take the mustard seed and practice HUMILITY. Singing and humming is so bad taste. If Cirie talks HGs into keeping Cam and sending her to jury (not likely but possible) Felicia and Cam, the veterans(emotional commandos bandits since such sensitive crybabies HATE when I use the truthful word of abusers) work together to clean house. Get Blue and it’s possible.
CreepyCameron is gone come Thursday and smart play of Cirie staying on the block and thus securing a jury vote from CreepyCameron. Everything is going according to the script being scripting.

Spot ON

“I wish Felicia would take the mustard seed and practice HUMILITY”

Don’t you know it’s “hard to be humble”? So why the high expectations FROM FELICIA of all people??


Being impartial makes needless targeting remarks, I am guilty of them. Being on the block 4 times and being off the block saved by veto one time is MY WISH for her to be less joyful. Realize who helps her in the BBhouse. I have used the name Bulldog Bully Momma Fe because she puts Cory and America in the line of fire they have KEPT her even after her emotional commando yelling at them (once flipping house with Izzy vote. Then Flipping house with Meme vote) and how she repays America and Cory? By throwing them on the fire again. Some play harder than others.


Felicia is still in the house because she is useless. She can’t win and it’s better to keep weak players to the end. I’m interested to see if an HOH will be thrown this week though…

Another Dixie

Since she’s “perfect in every way.” Sorry, I had to do that.


Because she reads the Bible everyday?

Omega BB

CAMERON can win comps but that’s it, he should’ve spotted that BOWIE is extremely insecure & needs a lot of TLC. So yes it’s a dumb move on BOWIE’S part but CAMERON played socially & strategically bad as well. And now CORY still thinks he’s good with MATT & JAG.

Spot ON

” CORY still thinks he’s good with MATT & JAG”

Let him keep thinking that…so he’ll get the sharp pain on his back when he is least expecting it.


Matt and Jag are playing the game

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Cam cannot really think there is a chance in hell where Felicia will vote for him to stay ?

Blue, Jag, Matt, America & Corey are all going to vote Cam out. Cam was too cocky, Cam got played not once, not twice, this is the 3rd Time Jag & Matt played Cam for a fool.

Cam should just chill, enjoy the next 3 days, look forward to being the 1st in the Jury house, he will tan, swim, watch DVD’s, he can just chill. Cam wanted to make it to Jury.

I’m hoping that now that they have Cam out, and the numbers are small, no more hiding, you have to take a shot, so we should have some excitement coming after Thursday when Cam is evicted.

If Cirie wins HOH, Corey is up on the block, he sent her son home. I hope Cirie will put Corey and Jag up, this way if Matt wins Veto, you know he will not save Corey, if America wins Veto “LOL”, she will save Corey.

Then Felicia can put Jag up next to Matt, let the chips fall where they may. Next week should be a entertaining week.

Notice how I already forgot Bowie was even in the house, I just remembered when I looked back at what I was getting ready to post.

I think Bowie will just be a pawn over and over, or used for a vote. She has no way of being carried to Final 2. That ship sailed when she back doored Cam.


If Bowie wins Veto, would she use it on Matt or Jag if they were OTB? Since she thinks she’s their #3. Or would she not use it and vote one out? And which one would she vote out? Hypothetical speaking of course.


So disappointed with Bowie but she will be joining Cameron in the jury house soon. She had a chance to make a big move by putting Corey up but decided to be Jag and Matt’s puppet.


Yup awful decision. Everyone is paired up, but her and Cam and he definitely would’ve kept his word and taken her to final 2. She screwed herself. No one else to cheer for with Cam leaving.


Yea Bowie had a chance to at least establish working with a real team or at least form a strong bond with Cam to stay in the game.

I don’t think getting Corey out would have been good for Bowie. If she got rid of Blue, Cirie, or Felicia Bowie would keep her neutral status and could still have sides to chose from.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Question, when the show starts every week, it shows that Cam is a Stay at Home Dad.

Cam has full custody of his daughter ? Was Cam in the service long enough to retire ?

Cam’s not that old, I don’t think he was in the service long enough to retire and never work.

He was also talking about how he needed to make it to Jury so he can pay bills, just curious, I was interested how Cam is a Stay At Home Dad.

Omega BB

if he started the military & finished in his 30s, that’s a long time

Another Dixie

I think the earliest you can retire with a pension is 20 years. He didn’t stay in that long. I’d bet just one tour.


He went in at age 18, and stayed in nine years. His wife, from whom he is separated, was also in the military.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He lives with his parents. That’s all I know for sure. Sounds like he can’t get or keep a job. (Speculation)


He does not live with his parents. They live in towns in different counties, but the distance between them is not far.

Meme's Muse

I am enjoying Cody..”codying” Cody is throwing comps( he knew how many candles were on the cake) he didn’t answer correctly intentionally He will win when he really needs to. If you pay close attention you may notice his moves are very calculated and thought out- he will win the final prize money and he gets the girl!
America- shout out to you for standing up for yourself. For feed watchers you know that she told Cam he was condescending( he is). America is a low threat player with loose lips especially after a few drinks. She is no Angela R. But, America is living out her dream: she is on BB, in a showmance, loves the camera and will relish the attention that she will garnish (no matter how short lived) after the game is over. She hasn’t done much game wise and as long as Cory is the key to getting her second place she’s remains a cheerful soul. So enjoy!
Bowie doesn’t really want to win but don’t underestimate her she is NOT clueless IMO her DR session revealed she is aware folks tried to push their own agenda on her HOH, no matter, she didn’t want to be HOH anyway. So far not much has stuck to Matt though he has had his hand in a lot of the dealings. He will need to win more comps. He’s athletic, a competitor, yes but with the BB comps unless they require some sort of swimming technique, he’s a low level threat too. Cirie will not win , nor come in second so chill out/ calm down, she just wants out, why leave at this point and forfeit the earnings, it wouldn’t make sense, she is far from being naive. She knows how she wants to exit this game and so far she’s been in control of how that might look. Her talk with Cam was a a bit moving, she told him about which part of his personality to loose and he agreed it was an area he knew he need to work on. Fe, Blue are low level threats as well. Cam, well he has been a formidable comp player( mental and physical) but really to tell Bowie he saved her ., love her response ” I was never in danger” Read the room, Cam. Your cockiness the way you told America she was stupid ( twice) or calling Matt an idiot for not seeing things your way is not a way to up your social game, you are no Dan. I get the rooting for the underdog angle but there is a reason Cam is not adored in the house. Soon the season will be over so Cam, watch Cory, who is the legend, show you how it is done. Cory know the focus will now be on Jag going into next week, he will get rid of Jag, boom, only low level threats remain then it’s an easy walk to the finish line.

Matthew schneider

Meme’s muse the reason why people think america hasnt played a great game is because she hasnt won a single comp because she is throwing comps just like cory is that was the same thing dr will kirby did in both of his season he was throwing comps but of you look at 2 moves she and cory did do was the flip to get out izzy who was really close to cory in the game wasnt close to america who had cory turn on a close allie in the game and then mecole flip last week . Just because you havent won comps doesnt mean your not playing bb


Making moves, without actual winning a comp in that given week, is usually a bigger addition to a player’s resume than winning an HOH or Veto imo.

Of course challenge wins absolutely count and some jurors really favor that statistic so nobody wants to be in the Final 2 with 0-2 challenge wins if they can help it.

I mean they better be able to prove they deserve the win due to the strength of their game in some other way(s) like how Taylor did (she had two challenge wins btw which is the lowest amount of wins for any winner *shared with Jun and Maggie*) because most winners have 3+ HOH/Veto wins. I know Will had 0 but he won Season 2 and there was no Veto so that isn’t the same… And typically the person with more challenge wins in the Final 2 wins unless the jury really hates the person with more (Paul’s second loss lol) or really loves the other person (Taylor besting Monte).

But if a player can actually articulate how they were able to persuade/manipulate others the jury is most likely going to give them credit for it unless they are just super bitter.

We shall see if Jag/Matt are able to get to the Final 2 and then if either can own their moves. We’ll also see if this jury is bitter or not.

Just The Truth

Season had potential. Potential to be better than the previous 2 that is. Now it is looking to join those 2 train wrecks.


I think Cory and America may have a better game than I gave them credit for based on this recap. I still like them the best.


Looks like they’re geering up for a
Cirie, blue, Felicia, Matt,HOH.
I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point because any and all of them will save Cirie claiming it’s because she can’t win comps and she’s a perfect goat.
Every excuse in the book to keep her!!
She’s probably going to go on a comp run now.
Who knew?!
Yeah right!

Another Dixie

Cirie & Felicia are having a pretty decent discussion about where they stand. They have definitely figured out Mat & Jag and what they have been doing. They are talking about trying hard to win & that’s where they fall apart. The only challenge they could win is one like Felicia won earlier, totally chance. It would be fun if one of them did win & put Matt & Jag up or Cory & his “official girlfriend”. What is he? 13?


Felicia almost won this competition so give her a little more credit if the challenge has to do with answering questions.

I mean she would have won if she didn’t give the craziest over guess of all time smfh…

Bowie’s crazy under guess tried to give it to her at least.

Oddly Cameron probably would have been better off with Felicia winning than his former ally FBJ lol.


Felicia would have definitely put him up. He told her in a nasty way, that he didn’t want her in the Jury house and he couldn’t see himself working with her. So he would have 100% been OTB.


Cirie’s vocabulary is bipolar. She loves the ‘me Tarzan you Jane’ verbiage, she’s allergic to contractions..then she turns around and uses words like verbatim and caveat?! Speaks wrong on purpose..using language as a form of rebellion. Unbecoming and distracting