Cameron – “I’ll work out… I’ll tan” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Sounds like the veto will be used on Felicia and Cameron will go up.

9:37 am Cirie and Cory
talking about Cam going up and getting evicted.
Cirie doesn’t plan on there being anything crazy happening with the vote this week.
Cirie – I just don’t want to be the perpetual pawn.
Cory – pawns are going to stop existing at some point
Cory – Sealed the girlfriend deal
Cirie – OKAY
Cory – not bad right? Yeah yeah.. Something positive from inside the Big brother House
Cirie goes on about how everyone has lied in this game.
Cirie – In real life I’m a boss in here all my brain cells turn to mush. I don’t know what that is. Why haven’t I won an HOH yet? What is happening here.
Feeds flip.

9:46 am America and Blue
America – I told him I was open to working with you. I told him I knew he was a good competitor why wouldn’t I want him on my side instead of against. I told him the line has been drawn whatever.. I wanted you on my side Cam but I can’t trust you.
America – He’s going to be going up and he will be going home. He said if there’s any way I can get the votes for him you know.. There’s nothing I can do to get four votes Cam. I would love to believe you but it’s already been so many times we’ve had the same conversations.
America – he was like I trusted the wrong people they betrayed me again I thought I was part of a team and they went back on their word.
Blue – it literally is all him
America – He was like it’s Cory.. He was like I’ll be in the jury house I’ll see Cory next then I’ll see you. I was like Whatever. He was like They’re after you the pitch was you need me here to cover your a$$
Blue – He’s scrambling. He literally went from Me and BLue are super close to the next sentence being how about she goes up to the next sentence all in the same breath the next sentence being If I go up Blue doesn’t have my back I don’t trust her.
Blue – I went from Bestie to I should go on the block to I don’t trust her Vote.
America – that might have been earlier last night he didn’t mention you.
Blue says the only person they have to worry about is Bowie and “she can’t even play”
America – A cirie and Felicia final 2 would be crazy.
Blue – at that point they would deserve it.

9:48 am Cam’s quiet today

10:00 am BOwie, Jag, Blue and America
They’re talking about Camerons attempts to get rid of Cory. America gives them tidbits from her talk with Cam last night.
BOwie – this was his biggest mistake not voting Cory out last week. He’s going to never forget that.
Jag – that wouldn’t have mattered.
Bowie – in his head it will that will drive him crazy

10:10 am Cory and Cirie
Cirie saying that Jared and Blue were together all the time even during the day. Cory and America separated during the day and did their own thing.
Cory says he heard there was a final 3 between her and Jared, Blue.
Cirie says Jared tried hard to set that up.
Cirie goes on about not being Tight with Blue. “I need to feel something. Even Felicia as much as she gets on my nerves I feel something with her we’ve connected we’ve talked. Blue is hard for me to connect with her on anything outside you were connected to Jared and I was connected to Jared”
Cory says if he’s on the block he’s going home.
Cory – people perceive me as well ..we have to get Cory out he was stirring some sh1t
Cirie – Yeah you stirred up some sh1t There’s people here nobody is going to be able to beat.
Cory – How the hell do I end up on the block next to one of them? I don’t know how.
Cirie – We got to win.
COry – that’s what I’m saying
Cirie – I don’t want to put you up, I don’t want to put up America. I don’t want to do that. A chance of that would be bad for me.
Cory – the second either of us win I’m down to talk SO openly
Cirie – me too.
Cory – we see the same path. Next week if I walk out here and see a slip n slide. We have to figure out another week.
Cory – A really important thing in this game is not having all these alliances but having solidarity.

10:30 am Cameron and America
Cameron says the jury house will be like a vacation.
America – it is, in here it’s work.
Cameron – I’ll work out… I’ll tan. I don’t do any of that stuff in here. I never really wanted to. That’s not game. That’s just doing stuff. I can’t be working and do that.
Cameron – I talked to Jag last night. I said, just tell the f***ing truth. Dead silence. You can say a lot of things about me America but when faced with the opportunity to toe the line and be brave stare someone in the eyes and tell them the f***ing hard truth even if it’s going to hurt. Me to. I will do that every time.
Cameron – I don’t deal with cowards. If you have the F***ing sack to do something like that own it.
Cameron – maybe I’m just….
America – built different
Cam – I have a standard for myself that I won’t cross.
Cam asks her if Bowie is in on the plan to Backdoor him. America says she doesn’t really know points out that Bowie is saying she’s putting Cameron up.
America – what’s she saying to you?
CAm – I’ll go on the block. She’s trying to get the least amount of blood on her hands as possible. I will go on the block because I won’t be mad at her.
Cameron goes on about not being close to Blue.
Feeds flip. When we’re back America is doing laundry.


10:48 am Cameron and Matt
Cameron asks when the backdoor plan start.
Matt says last night. “everyone was going to Bowie”
Cameron – it f***ing hurts knowing that she was the one that got turned against me. It f***ing hurts man. I’m the one that is going to look like a f**Ing idiot talking about fugitives. I’m the one that looks like the dumb a$$ having gotten close to Blue because I Was told to. This one is going to hurt a little but I understand it it’s game. It sucks
Cameron says he gave Jag and Bowie the opportunity to tell him what was going on and they couldn’t tell him the truth. Only Matt told him the truth.
Cameron – this one feels personal
Matt – I don’t think it’s personal
Cameron – It’s easy to say from the outside. I’m the guy that separates Game and personal. Enthought after all this I will see this as a game move I f**Ing love you all. This move feels intentional as if it’s been shaped for awhile.
Matt – it wasn’t shaped for awhile.
Cam – America knew that I was talking about Cory long before yesterday brother so you can’t tell me that one that was made intentional. The Alliance that I put all my Money into last week and told you guys I had your back on everything Went against me. Long Before the backdoor option and the veto was played. The two of you. That hurts man.
Matt – Mmmmmmm
Cam – it’s okay
Matt – yeah.. it’s

Cameron – I love you man
Matt – I feel the same way..

FEeds cut.

10:58 am Matt and Blue
Matt says Cam was pulling on his heart strings. “he’s good at talking”
Matt – he feels betrayed…
Blue says Cameron did it to himself.

11:05 am Cameron and Cory
Cam – we’ve got time to talk.
Cory – all day
Cam – we have a few days.
Cameron – you know what’s going on..
Cory – Yup, I heard from America. I’m skeptical I have a ton of questions
Cameron – I’ll answer every one of them I have nothing to lose.
Cory – yeah we’ll talk

11:08 am Feeds go to pound

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Mecole's Dead Brain Cells

I thought it was just me.


How he started. How he is finishing. Matt started as a swimmer. Matt finished starring in The Whale.


LORD! I am so dead.

He might not win Big Brother but he’ll win an Oscar.


He’s constantly eating, might be nerves or boredom. He’s not expending 4,000 calories a day in the pool, so he’s really piling on the pounds

un autre nom

I’m not completely 100 on this, but it’s the last thing i saw last night/this morning.

Matt and Jag (currently in a final 3/4 with everyone) were annoyed because Felicia told them about the joke yesterday afternoon while Am/Fe/Co were laughing about their fight: final 3 joke. There’s a possibility Felicia relayed it as real. Matt and Jag, aligned with everyone, think it’s annoying that Cory keeps trying to cover his ass.
They’ve decided to throw HOH to Blue. Then they briefly discussed throw HOH to Blue and throw veto to Cory (this is where i thought…. they’re still drunk).


CreepyCameron going to Matt with his emotional commando abuse bullsh*t not word for word transcribed but the gist is while Matt is reading his Bible CreepyCameron said, “I love you man. You turning Bowie against me. I (puts hand on Matt’s leg) love you man. (puts hand on Matt’s shoulder) I love you.” Matt looking around for witness really could care less Feeds switch off.
Matt knows CreepyCameron’s game is DONE BURNT. Put a fork in him CreepyCameron is the OVER COOKED HAM.

Anita Randall

So Cameron has played a dumbass game but at least he played not like the rest of you guys.


Creepy cam is a total gaslighter.


Yes! That’s exactly what I said!! Do not like him one bit!!

Omega BB

abuse? Sounds like you just love calling the police on people


Rude. No need to get personal

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Cam is just so…ODD!

Backseat Driver

So are the rest of those people….!!!

BB long term watcher

Odd is the rest of those immature players. Silly everyone of them are so annoying


Your opinion. Not mine!
Cam has been the ONLY ONE playing this game! He made this years BB WATCHABLE! Love his confidence no matter what!
He deserves AMERICAS Choice!!


He has played a chaotic game that is for certain. For me, his confidence tips over to arrogance. He is a right fighter, always has to be right. About everything. All the time. He has bad reads on people. Remember when he thought Jared was his bestie? Before Jared backdoored him? After Jared lied and turned Red against him?
If you think he deserves it, then vote for him. I don’t think I will.

Spot ON


BB Fangirl

Did you even read the post…thanks for quoting the exact same thing and making it seem way worse than it was.



BB Fangirl

Read the room…you’re in the minority here on hating Cam so much. Should be a sign. Cam will win America’s Favorite Houseguest and the the other 6 jurors will get nothing. And it saves me a few weeks of watching the show. Good riddance to the most boring cast of BB everrrr.

Truth Hurts

You are naive that you don’t realize that cameron is at or near bottom of most polls online. He will not receive AFP. I hate to tell you, but I’m just speaking facts. Cameron is not well received as whole in the big brother community. Cam is another Frank Eudy a production handed second chance that still gets taken out during the mid game because of their awful social games. That is the truth. Online Big Brother is a great site. Simon and Dawg are the best. However the poll results on the site are not a true indicator of the actual AFP.

Spot ON

Blah, blah, BLAAAAAHHHH…(lol)

Truth Hurts

That is the worst comeback I’ve ever seen. Your gibberish word responses are more worthless than hisam and camerons social game. If you actually had more than a few brain cells you could do a web search you would see Cameron is not a popular as you think. Next month you will see that Cameron will not be the AFP and the Blah, blah, BLAAAAAHHHH…(lol) will be your own words used against you. Proven you wrong because you clearly don’t understand this game at more than a one dimensional level. It is obvious you have an inability to recognize when a player has a social game that sucks and isn’t well perceived by the general public majority. Carry on child.

Spot ON


Truth Hurts

Non sense again? Wow you really do suck at comebacks. Piss the baby that is spot on spoken like a true imbecile with the dense mind of a little kid.


I’m not a huge Cam fan either but am glad it was him that came back instead of Jared. I was sooooooooooooo glad to see J go. What an a$$hole he was. Hope to see him never again. Notice J is at the bottom of OBB poll and has been since day 34 or so. Cam has topped the list for about 2 weeks now.


It really looks to me like production told these people that they have to cakewalk Cirie to the finish line.
Everyone of them have volunteered to
” Take care of Cirie.” Must be nice.


Cirie has no allies, doesn’t blow up people’s games (a la Felicia) and is terrible at comps. There’s no reason to get her out


Yeah other than the fact that she has won in other shows. She won for a reason.


Gee, are you insuating that Cirie is this seasons Victoria? How delicious! If she gets to the end, she wins on social credit alone.

Spot ON


jeremy pivens

Not sure why cirie and felicia keep getting a pass, the others are clearly about to implode and go after each other. Weak floaters about to go to the end. This show unfortunately isnt what it used to be


Actually this happens almost every season. In every season they have one “older” HG, meaning someone who is over 40. That person usually has a good social game but is lousy in the comps. That person also usually gets carried to the end for just these reasons. B/c game wise they are likeable, have some value as an alliance member and are a vote. Comp wise when it comes to it they are beatable so it is easy to get rid of them when the end is near. This season they just happen to have two older HG’s. Felicia is being taken along for these reasons and b/c she is so obnoxious she is a good shield. Cirie is still there b/c she has not really been a threat socially or competitively all game. They are the easy vote so the strategy is always to leave them in the game, but take out the better competitor and bigger threat now (in this case Cam) b/c if you don’t get them now then you will not be able to.

Wade F

This outcome for Cam is believable. I had a shred of hope Bowie would stand by him. Oh well.

When he’s gone, I’m team Felicia. Who’s with me?!

Spot ON

Or BLEW to win a HOH and take out one of the three remaining parasites.

tom f

Not on team Felicia. I have no idea who I want to win after Cam is gone. This is one of the worst casts ever. Very unlikable after all the disgusting, vitriol talk about each other. If i had to pick a “favorite”, I would have to go with America, but, I think Matt or Jag wins.


I started off the season, watching the feeds. I quit with all the Jared toxic b.s. and never went back. I watch the network shows only and follow you. I was neutral about Cam but he because somewhat of a favorite, because he played the game. The rest of them are just a bunch of followers or afraid to make a risky move.


Matt desperately needs to be a Have-Not for the entire season.

It’s gotten out of control and how Zing-Bot didn’t go off on him for that is beyond me.

Spot ON

“Cameron – I talked to Jag last night. I said, just tell the f***ing truth. Dead silence”


What a disgusting rag.

Not Jasons Holly

Cameron was talking to Matt last night and he was silent, too!


Sounds like Jag will not have Cam’s vote if he’s in final 2. He should have been honest with him at this point.

Spot ON

Being “honest” is a concept beyond his intellectual grasp.


You say Jag has no b**lls.
Don’t be shy — you can say the actual word ‘balls’.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Jag will be with him next week…

Spot ON

That’s what I’m hoping for; JAG or MATT.

Spot ON

“Cory – pawns are going to stop existing at some point”

Foreshadowing CIRIE’S fate…

Hoping that pasty-looking flake is placed OTB by BLEW, AND booted from the house, so CAM can laugh for another month.

He’ll get another rude awakening later when AMERIKA blows him off.


No matter who walks in after Cam, he is gonna laugh and say I told you so. Jag and Bowie betrayed him big time Bowie let Jag control her HOH!

Spot ON

CAM is already laughing because, as he stated, his personal goal was to make jury. And he did that.

Sure he would have loved to stay longer for a shot at the grand prize, but that meant staying in the house for another month or so.

It’s likely that the differential between the cost of staying for a shot at the grand price and the tranquility he will get in the jury house likely suggesed that the former outweighs the latter. There was no more benefit to be had. It would have meant to having to deal with the dysfunction of individuals that remains in the house. To the jury house seems like the right option.

And besides, CAM will likely end up winning the Most Favorite player, so that will ring his register once again.


Cameron was also trying to control her HOH, he was in her ear the minute she won. Drove me crazy, his hatred for Cory and obsession with America has blinded him. He did the same thing as Jag and Matt. It’s big brother, they are all there to win. I guess they could have left him in so he could win every comp and steamroll. He’s a pro at intimidation, he literally stresses me out. I’m happy to see him go!

Lavonda Herald

I think so, too. She fell for Jags lies hook, line and sinker. Cam just had a feeling that he was a backdoor plan and that he had a feeling that Bowie was working with Cory and America like Mecole said and Jag used it against Cam and added to it that Cam was throwing her under the bus.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Glad Matt was honest and told Cam that he is being Backdoored. I agree with Cam when he said that Jag was weak, he could not even look Cam in the eye. Jag is a Coward.

At this point, now that Cam is leaving, I’m hoping that Felicia or Cirie, or anybody that will put a pawn, then Backdoor Jag right after Cam is evicted.

Corey needs to pull out another win for HOH, forget about going after Blue right now, put her on the block if Corey wins HOH, then America and Corey need to play hard, win Veto and then Backdoor Jag, give him a taste of his own crap.

I know Cam is annoying, has no people skills, and he is arrogant, but Cam really was being 100% with Jag & Matt, Cam thought they were actually working together. Call me a wimp, I felt sorry for Cam when he put his trust in the wrong people, and once again they betrayed him.

In Big Brother, you don’t always tell the truth, you have to deceive people, but you don’t cross the line and make it Mean, Nasty, Assassinate people’s character, make up lies to turn someone against another person, make the lie so bad, that it hurts the person you are lying too. Like Jared did with Red & Cam, Red was really hurt.

The Floaters in this season, play personal, nasty, mean spirited, ostracize people, tell lies that actually hurt someone’s feelings, make them feel bad.

When BB says you have to lie, cheat, betray, they mean little lies that are not personal, yea you betray people, but you do not take pride in betraying people, making them feel low, you don’t keep lying on them when you are seen talking to them, Jag is an Ass, and I’m hoping he follows Cam out of the house next week.

Jag’s Floater Skills, playing the middle, lying, attaching himself to whoever has power, it’s time for Jag to feel the heat, Jag and Matt both need to go as far as I’m concerned.

Corey has his hands in everyone’s pocket, but that is because like everyone has said, Corey is smart, he’s using his brain, Corey is not assassinating anyone’s character.

Felicia is a loud mouth, mean evil at times kind of person when her back is up against the wall, she has said some mean things to Bowie, what she has said to Cam, I have to be honest, Felicia was telling the truth when she told him he does not fit in, has no people skills, thinks he’s always the smartest guy in the room, she also said that about Corey.

The difference in Felicia and Jag, Felicia can be over bearing, annoying, and Loud. Jag is sneaky, backstabbing, lies to make you think someone is really bad mouthing you really bad, Jag is a wimp, he throws HOH comps, because he does not have the back bone to just come at you, expose his hand, so he floats, and tries to get others to do his dirty work.

Cam was a fool to keep trusting Jag and Matt, but that is just Cam, he also thought Jared was his buddy, Cam is so cocky, and full of himself, he can see that he actually rubs you the wrong way, game wise, that’s because Cam’s People Skills really do suck.


There’s no rules except the N weird can’t be used. I mean seriously… whatever gets you the W right? This is the game and we each have an opinion as to how it should be played.

Spot ON

“In Big Brother, you don’t always tell the truth, you have to deceive people, but you don’t cross the line and make it Mean, Nasty, Assassinate people’s character…”

To those CAM “haters”:
Directly from the horse’s mouth. CAM IS beyond reproach:

“Cam – I have a standard for myself that I won’t cross”


Cam was pretty harsh with Felicia and took such delight in taking away all Cirie’s people and loved breaking her things. He was quite excited telling the gang upstairs while he clacked his fingers together. I find Cam to be a very spiteful person. He’s hard to watch. Jag and Matt are playing the game to win. Never once have they hurt anyone’s feelings are made them feel like crap, quite the opposite, do they backstab and lie, yes but it’s big brother. That’s just my opinion!

un autre nom



bb25 WEEK 9A.jpg

Disappointing. Bowie was a letdown this week believing Matt and Jags BS.

Time to find something else to watch I guess.

un autre nom

Single, not a pair because she knew about Ca/Ma/Ja final 3 (told days ago by Jag). Could she beat Cam in comps?
She’s got 2 pairs saying target Cam. That’s up to 4 people playing next HOH when she can’t play. She’s been tagalong to both pairs as their third.
Told by Jag that Cam was saying she is red flag for not targeting Cory for him.
Knows the story of what happened to Reilly and the ‘story’ of what happened to Red.

Given the information she has (not what we know):
Cam’s pair ally has met a sticky end twice.
Bowie can’t match his comp record.
The pairs she’s buddying want him gone.
She makes zero enemies for taking out Cam. She makes an enemy for targeting anyone else.

Lo lo

Oh Bowie. When you watch the season back you will see that you were used to do their bidding. You will not make it to the end. You might be the next one evicted. You did everything they wanted so you can’t even claim a big move.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I just had to leave a Facebook Big Brother group because the moderator is promoting creepy Cam for AFP! Tf????????????

BB Fangirl

Looks like you’re gonna have to leave here too…


Cam for AFP(1000) times.


Fingers and toes crossed.


I think I will pass on that. No offense.


Bye !!!


Izzy is that you?

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I’m nothing like Icky. Try again…

It's me

I’m sad.
Cameron on the block.
CBS and Production with make Cirie, Felicia and Matt final 3.
Cirie says take down Felicia. Of course. CBS will not let Cirie go.
The year for deaf contestants. The Amazing Race this season.
I’m for it, however, do not like that CBS and Production set the narrative. Just let them play!!!
Just my opinion

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Yup. Its the deaf contestants season.

Spot ON

And the one who can read FELICIA’S bifold when she’s conveying classified information is the one who is slated (programed) to win.

Spot ON

I wonder what the hamsters would be willing to do IF the grand prize was…say 5 million instead of the measly $750k


When did Bowie become such a ruthless bitch? She went from nonexistent to unlikable to unbearable. She’s talking about Cam being haunted by not taking Cory out last week…. She’s just ugly now in her attitude!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Yup. She’s shown she’s no better than the mean girls.


The HOH power corrupts all, even sweet little ol Bowie 🙁

Spot ON

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Backseat Driver

Must be the Red Bull….

Matt's Cookies

I said something about Matt eating non-stop and got roasted. I didn’t call him fat, just an observation about the eating. He does seem to be gaining weight. He will EASILY lose weight after a few weeks of swimming once he’s out of the house. He’s probably never had to be concerned about calories because of his activity level IRL.

I also get hate for not being a Cam fan. Cameron is a CREEP. As a woman, imo, his vibe screams “I’ll make your skin crawl.”
He thinks he’s some kind of hero for [looking ppl in the eye & telling the truth.] But – he’s tactless and can’t see this strategy is NOT WORKING.

You’ve been evicted once, don’t come back in and do the EXACT same thing that got you out before. Not too bright.

Women, stay away from creepers like him. The unnecessary, intense levels of eye contact, rude comments disguised as “flirting” or “jokes.” Being “mean to girls” is elementary school level flirting, and that’s where his emotional levels are. His next move? He’ll be pulling on their ponytails.

Spot ON

And how many times have you said:. “I do”.


64 year old “Cam fan” here. In all my years I have seen far worse then anything people on here are trying to pin on Cam. It’s slander and libel.

BB long term watcher

Sorry, folks, this is the biggest bunch of silly 6th graders. All of those left in the house are rather disgusting and have NO Game. I think all of these folks are going to have a hard time rejoining their worlds when the game is over. You can’t honest respect any of them in business. Plus you certainly know their tells when they are lying.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Cameron is going to get boy band level of action at the jury house!

un autre nom

he’ll be there alone…?… ooooh, masturbation joke?


That’s what Cam gets for not back sporting Cory last week! He let Cory control his HOH to get rid of Mecole! She wasn’t a threat at all!