“I will use the remainder of my time here to help you [Cirie], Help you line up anything with Cory and America.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Jag used the power of Veto on Felicia. Cameron was the replacement.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

2:02 pm Cory and Jag
Cory – I really care about America she’s amazing the reality is she lives in New York I’m in nashville We’re always going to be very close. Now it’s different.
Jag – what is it now?
Cory – Umm.. the reality is I have one more semester of school then I take a gap year no matter what. I can’t apply for lay school next year. It’s too late.
Cory – I Can spend that time wherever I want
Cory – that’s what I’m saying. That’s the tentative plan moving forward.
Cory jokes that their relationship will fall apart when he has to delay his lunch with her because he has a class.
Cory – finale night is a fun night we get to party but she meets my parents and I meet her parents. that’s weird right?

Cory talks about how nice it is now after Izzy and Jared left “that group was so miserable”
Cory – Like obviously I F*** hard with Jared I really clicked with Izzy
Jag laughs “You f***ed hard with jared?”
Cory laughs “Me and Jared bump uglies you know that”
Cory – that sh2t was so stressful every week. Every single one of them was so neurotic and panicked. now it’s so much more fun
Feeds flip

2:10 pm Cirie and Cameron
Cirie – it’s too hard to beat you
Cameron – they know Blue is closest to you that is why you are sitting next to me.
Cameron says he feels the most betrayed by Bowie “I took care of her for weeks after everything fell apart with red”
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cameron – I did everything but offer her a final two
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cameron says they turned Bowie against him like they turned Red against him, “I don’t know what happened I don’t know if she knows what she just did it’ll happen it’s not going to last forever, Putting me up is going to buy her at least another week or two”
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – she’s a vote.. even with a HOH win and getting Cam out on her resume they’ll (Matt/Jag) will still beat her.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – that’s the one I’m the most hurt by
Cirie – I know, there’s more to Bowie Jane than people give her credit for.
Cam – plenty .. I always knew that but that was between me and her
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm, way more.
Cam – I will use the remainder of my time here to help you, Help Blue. Help you line up anything with Cory and America. Those mother f**8ers gotta go down or no one is winning this game.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – they are going to walk it all the way home. They are extremely thankful all the competitors were take out early
Cirie- well I appreciate you it’s going to be rough but I think it’s doable.
Cam – I respect the shit out of you. I consider you a friend.
Cirie – Likewise .. these f***ers

2:23 pm Bowie Jane going savage in the pool

2:38 pm Cam and Cirie
Cirie – Blue is so fixated on Cory right now
Cam – I know
Cams says this week they had the the votes it was him, Jag, Matt and Bowie. “Aside from that it was me Matt and Jag against the world we brought in Bowie as the kicker because we knew we could always trust he”
Cam – those four we knew if one of us won HOH we had the votes one of us is the tie breaker
Cam says they didn’t want Cory to leave “specifically Bowie did not want that”
Cam says this week he offered Blue it was the only alternative.
Cam goes on about how he wanted to backdoor Cory last week “Jag was DON’T DON’T DON’T”
Cam – jag said this way we have Cory and America going after Blue and MEME and MEME and Blue can go after Cory and America. We can sit back and watch it app happen. He said that’s our style of play. Those were his words, style of play.
Cam – Cory came up and offered the flip to send MEME home. Cory had come and told us that MEME told him that he was good next week as if MEME offered him a deal. That was our cue to go OKAY MEME is leaving. I agreed to it against all my better judgement.
Cam – they let Cory take the control
Cam – we’re all getting played. It was me, Matt and Jag. Bowie as the kicker. No one knew about Bowie
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – it was me, Matt, Jag, Cory and America. The five is what we called it.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – there was no name it’s just five, all the conversation we had as a five revolved around how we will get rid of Blue. The Four all of the conversations revolved around how we would get out Cory and America. Bowie is none the wiser because she remains impartial No one knows that Bowie is part of the group.
Cam – when I knew my a$$ was on teh line this week. I knew there was no other option than to put me up and I was getting backdoored. By my friends! Then I said alright guys here’s what I will do I will place meme on the f*** Cory train. I will team up with Blue and we will take him down or you and the two of you can be clean of this.
Cam – I’m no stranger at getting blood
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – they immediately I mean MINUTES went and told America
Cirie – WOW
Cam – they immediately told America
Cirie – that’s why America changed.
Cam says Jag and Matt pulled Bowie in last night and told her about the backdoor option.
Cam – Matt with a bible in his hand this morning told me he didn’t know about the backdoor until yesterday
Cam – I think Jag may have kept him in the dark it’s always what jag wanted to do. He played me for two weeks and he’s playing everyone else right now. Everyone is playing along. they’re little parts.
Cam – Cory is wise to is. Blue has a inkling but she hasn’t acted on it. She will go where the water is and right now the water is there
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – Cory knows and is letting them play him.
Cirie – otherwise they will come right after him
Cam – absolutely. I’m dead in the water I got nothing. I’m just not going out like Joseph
Cirie – How do we get Blue back here off of Cory
Cam – by telling her this information, I will tell her all I can. I dumped it all on America last night in the hammock the whole thing
Cirie tells him to tell Blue and they will see if she comes back to tell him.
Cirie – I will talk to Felicia.. Cory kinda hinted something to me this morning in the hammock nothing solid

Cam – they took Bowie…
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – now she’s Mother f***ing bOwie
Cirie – I KNow I saw it I was like OHHHH
Cam goes on about how he took Bowie under his wing “Me and you… me and you let’s go”
Cirie thanks him for talking to her She knows he has no reason to lie to her.
Cam talks about how he was in an alliance with Jag and Matt an they backstabbed him.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam brings up that last night he called jag and Bowie out to tell him the truth of what is going on and neither could tell him they all lied to him.
Cam – I will not piss down my leg when someone looks at me in the eye and asks me for the truth
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – coward
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – played and has been turned into a coward. Bowie had the opportunity to do the hard thing that is right. both of them did I get it. it’s a game.
Cam “it’s looking like this was lined up for awhile and I’m looking like the fool again”
Cam – matt went back to reading exodes
Cirie sigh “Cameron”
Cam – I just wish I was told
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam – just tell me the truth I’ll take it on the chin.
Cirie – talk to Blue please.
They hug

2:58 pm Houseguests enjoying the nice weather

3:00 pm Bowie, Cirie and Felicia
They talk then hug it out at the end. Cirie leaves after 30 minutes. Felicia hangs out and they are joined by Blue.

3:35 pm Matt and America
Sunning and eating (matt’s other sport) . America says her and Cory are “DATING” it’s now official.

4:10 pm Inside look of the BB pantry fridge.

4:17 pm Feeds start getting interesting

4:38 pm Felicia and Cirie
Felicia says Matt and Jag are allied with everybody. Cory and America are allied with everybody
Felicia says that Matt and Jag at least tell them information
Cirie – they be lying to us Felicia
Cirie tells her matt and jag are playing them.
Felicia – We always knew it was Matt/Jag/Blue, iF push comes to shove they will through Blue’s a$$ under the bus too. YOu got Cory and America they are trying to figure out who else they can get on their team. They realize the two of them can’t survive.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Felicia – then me and you. The question is.. Who do we side with or do we try to figure out how to stay neutral is that even possible?
Cirie – I would have liked to snatch up Bowie Jane but she’s too wishy washy, You hear what she say? She want to be with the strong people she don’t see us as strong. She don’t want to be with us. She wants us to be at the bottom of their 5 with her, Matt and Jag.
Cirie says she wants Bowie Jane on their side so the three of them can run to the end but Bowie Jane wants to be with them. (Forgetting the 2 months were Ci/Fe both were cows to Bow)
Felicia says they are the swing vote in the house. there’s two groups of 3 wanting them. “they all know it”
Cirie – so is Bowie Jane,…. Still. she’s the 5th on either side. For Matt, Jag and Blue she’s the 6th for Cory and America she’s the 5th
Fe – Mmmmhmmmm
Cirie – dammit
Felicia goes on about how Jag/Matt and Cory/America will battle it out
Felicia – if we survive double eviction we’re sitting in the final 2 seats I’m telling you that. (Grod help us)
Fe – we have to survive that double eviction I’m praying it’s anybody’s comp it’s all by chance so I can rise to the occasion (AKA a classic grod comp)
Fe – let it be that thing where you do the word
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cirie points out BOwie Jane being a snake. Brings up Cameron telling her “I’ve been with her since the red vote I told her it’s me and you I’ll protect you now. She was like Okay”

Feeds flip when we’re back
Fe – why does she do that?
Cirie – She wants to be with Matt and Jag.. Matt and Jag wanted Cameron so they can knock this out and rid this to the end. Cameron is really the only competitor that they were afraid of.
Fe – they figure they will ride this sah1t to the end. But none of them suckers won a HOH yet
Cirie – I don’t think they’ve been trying they’ve been so tight with Cameron. Cameron wanted to put Cory up so bad last week and they begged him not to .
Fe – WHY?
Cirie – He (cam) said Jag begged him not to use it.
Cirie says they wanted the two of them to pick Matt and Jag to play in veto so they could backdoor Cam it was their plan all along.
Fe – so they really didn’t care who went’ last week
Cirie says no.
Fe – we were just pawns all the time
Cirie says Cam has nothing to lose now and there’s a lot he’s telling her. “I’m only saying this to you”
Cirie – I don’t even trust what Bowie jane is saying
Cirie says she understands the two power centres in the game will try and get each other out.
Cirie – I prefer they get the targets out first. If they knock everybody out they will kick ball us.. Like volleyball .. Back and forth back and forth
Fe – I want them to knock each other out had let us be in the background
Cirie – I want them to knock each other out in the right order
FE – for us it’s better for Jag and Matt to go out first
Cirie – Of course
FE is going to try to talk to America and Cory and tell them the other side is coming for him “What are you going to do about that.. what is your strategy”
Cirie wants to shift Blue, America and Cory over to them.
Fe – Cory, America and BLue vs Matt, Bowie and Jag. (epic, but crack talk Blue won’t do it)
Cirie – I don’t trust none of them.
Felicia agrees. Felicia (like she micro dosing LSD) start fantasizing about a world where “This week” they take out Cory, then the following week during a double they take out MATT and JAG or a MATT and Bowie JAne
Cirie – I think when they take out Cory WE DONE. Bowie Jane is going with them. Unless we win we get rid of Cory we are perpetual pawns.
Cirie stresses that as long as Cory is in the game, Matt and Jag will have to deal with him first. “If they take care of Cory who is next? Bowie Jane? ”
Cirie says the everything that has happened recently was spearheaded by jag and they blamed it on Cory.
Felicia hatches a plan for them to win HOH, put up America and Bowie Jane tell Matt/jag the the plan is to backdoor Cory. Win the veto and backdoor jag.
Cirie – Jag will win the veto. If he win it we can’t touch him. We’ll get one of them.
FE – if Matt goes next week Jag come after are a$$es FO SHO
Cirie – we can’t let them stay too long.
Cirie – Blue can win.. Blue needs to wake up I don’t know how to wake her up.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
When we’re back Felicia talking about putting Matt and Blue on the block so they can have Jag feel comfortable.

5:22 pm Cirie and Blue making some wild carrots.


5:30 pm Cameron playing pool by himself

5:31 pm Bowie f***ing jane and jag
Bowie says she talked with Cirie and Felicia and they are trying to SUSS out of she’s willing to work with them.
BOwie says she told them she trusts Matt and Jagg more than Cory /america
Jag – did they say they trusted us more too?
Bowie – Yeah
Jag – did they mention Blue at all?
Bowie – No
Bowie goes on about how she told Cirie and FE that she’ll talk to jag and Matt because she has a good relationship with them. “that would be like getting down to a five”

Matt joins them. Bowie explains the talk with Cirie and Fe. Says they were skirting around the idea of having a five with them.
Matt – ohh so they don’t want Blue.
Jag – what did they say about Cory and America
matt – did they say they wanted to go after them?
Bowie – Ye (LOL)
Jag- what did they say about Blue?

6:10 pm Cam and Cirie
Cam – You’re just here. You might get a little bump.. They’re not taking the 4 time survivor player not even the final 3. I mean maybe. You’re beatable.. it’s all good.
Cirie – they aren’t worried about me.
Cirie – they don’t think they can beat Felicia, They think they can beat Blue and Bowie. They can’t beat you.
Cam – if you all got the sack to take out JAG again.. Matt’s in the wind if you can figure out a way to take out Cory. america’s in the wind
Cam says you have to put both MAtt and Jag up. Cory will do it but he has to be reassured he has the votes to do it.
Cirie – Cory can’t beat them in the slip n slide Blue can!
Cam – no, Blue can get safety. if Blue gets safety they will be forced to come after you and Felicia. You can probably get Bowie as the backdoor.
Cirie -mmmmhmmmm
Cam says if Cory wins the HOH Jag and matt will be kissing his a$$

6:20 pm Blue cooking some chicken with Felicia’s help

6:25 pm Cory, Bowie, Jag, America, Matt
Joking around that the Jury house is going to start off as Cameron, Blue and Felicia
America – hot tub every night
Matt – A working hot tub

6:30 pm enjoying the cooked chicken
Bowie – I’ll be on the edge of my seat watching HOH this week.
Bowie says she had 5 or 6 red bulls. Wishes she had more. Tells Big Brother she’ll pay for it.
They talk about tomorrow the backyard is getting closed. They both plan to go to bed early.

6:47 pm Bowie and Cirie
Bowie talking about Cameron not making eye contact with her “I don’t give a sh1t” adds that there’s all sorts of things coming out bnow about Cameron.
Cirie replies with the standard “MMmmhmmmm”

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Queen Catia

I feel like it’s all we have left…


I think Cirie will take it all. She is the true mastermind of the season.


At this point, I say screw it. Give it to the 2 old ladies.

Not Jasons Holly

That would be hilarious if they started winning. I think since Jared’s gone, I like them more.

Anita Randall

They still haven’t done anything

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Eliminating Cameron assured a final two of the AARP members…


What are you smoking?


Say what ??

un autre nom

notice how everyone keeps ‘poor sweet lost baby bird’ing Matt?
it’s getting stoopid level.


If Matt is a baby bird he is a cuckoo because they are deceptive, enormous, and have voracious appetites.


Nah…he’s a big dodo bird !!


I agree, Simon. Pisses me off that they eventually won’t miss their shot at evicting Cam. He was the best physical player in the house, and they’re all literally winning nothing. It’s been years since we’ve seen such a lob-sided house. He’s could’ve been be up there with Cody, Paul and Janelle for wins, but these losers have to evict the only entertainer this season.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

He may be an all time great competitor! Could you imagine how well he would’ve done last season when Turner and Michael were the biggest threats? Lolol


Cam playing with last season’s houseguests would’ve made that season way more entertaining


Do you think anyone notices jag and matt


Jag n Matt are climbing to “Andy Herren” status( pissant and rat class), which means
one of them will win BB25

Gan ainm

Cam is finally having an impact on his way out the door.


What is the reason for Cory and America to tell houseguests that they are OFFICIALLY boyfriend and girlfriend as of yesterday? Why so they both can have dairy room sessions together of course.

Carlito's Way

Soooooo annnoyyyyyyyinnngggggggggggggggggggggg!




my brain already saw Diary until you pointed it


I read it as diary, no need to apologize because autocorrect screws us all up.
Back to America & Cory: we don’t give a f**k. They ought to get over themselves, they’re both so ordinary, they’re simply not juicy enough as a couple. Who cares !!


I have a hard time seeing America wanting to be seen with wimpy cory in public in nyc. I feel sorry for him if he believes it. What a goofy match. Nope can’t see it. Yes love may be blind but is it stooopid too? I keep hearing Tom petty I’m the background “you got lucky, babe”. Just a silly storyline. She had to “teach” him how to kiss. Bleh. Ok make a lot of noise so the mics pick it up. Ok but don’t let my mom see. Just not believable. I am embarrassed for me!

Spot ON

“I have a hard time seeing America wanting to be seen with wimpy cory in public in nyc. I feel sorry for him if he believes it.”

Likewise. It’s pathetically SAD. It’s likely Pedro, Paco, or Taco may be rolling on the floor laughing somewhere in South Texas.

And no, I didn’t hear Tom Petty in the background, but I heard The Rolling Stones….”You can’t always get what you want…”. Likely what CORY will be hearing after the rollercoaster stops.


your comment had me rolling on the floor, is funny


I vote Spot ON as America’s Favorite Commenter. Always relevant always insightful always spot on.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Though you are right, he will be fine and pull in quality tail beyond his dreams after being on Bb25.

Spot ON

“OFFICIALLY boyfriend and girlfriend as of yesterday? ”

LOL….What a joke.

It’s only the next logical progression for AMERIKA to take in her “game” to deceive the young inexperienced young lad in hopes of piggybacking herself to Final Two.

When buying a used car, does it make sense to buy the first car you go to see?

On the surface, for purposes of “game”, it makes no sense. However, the “announcement” may be a way to solicit “well wishes” from the parasites in the house because, for all we know, the baby may already be on the way, and (presumably) a wedding too. So, they will naturally need prize money to fund their developing relationship, “and therefore, we respectfully request your vote”.

I wonder if CAM will get an invitation.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I can’t help but thing that if America is evicted before Cory, she will have a new boyfriend named Cameron…

I don’t think that will happen. Cameron and his wife are trying to work things out.


If she is a masochist.


I’d love that !!
Cam is a hunk, Cory not so much (jeez, that mustache !!)

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

They should send America next to he alone with Cory if they really want to get him but he may not care in the long run. He is going to get much action after the season ends!

un autre nom

If I’ve got this clear:
Cam’s spilled to America (80/20 veracity because he doesn’t own his own game in the spill). America wants to aim at Matt/Jag.
Cam’s spilled to Cory. Cory still wants to target Blue. Spreadsheet.
Cam’s spilled to Cirie. Cirie has Jag top of her three little fuqers hit list.

Cirie shared with Fe… who will paranoia the shit out the info and yapattack at the worst time.
Cirie told Cam to share the Jared plan info with Blue to see if Blue comes to Cirie.

Matt is misinforming Bowie about Cory but still saying Blue first.
Bowie is trying to weaponize Ci/Fe against Cory.

Blue… has done nothing relevant… suuuuurprise surprise. eyeroll.
Jag is trying to figure out how to be a cocky cowardly lion now that he’s getting the golden mastermind edit that gives him more credit than he deserves considering he’s a fear-based player and at best c+ level tactician. i will die on that hill.


Sending alliance member Cameron to jury early may prove to be a huge mistake for Jag and Matt. Cameron, who great at competitions, is a huge target willing to protect and work with you. Geez! Really stupid move in my opinion.


Nah, jag and Matt are wise to take this shot asap. He’s too much of a threat to them in physical comps. Other people going after him is where it gets questionable. I think this is an actively bad move for Cory and America. For the other women in the house it’s kind of a push. There’s a risk of sitting next to cam as a pawn which is not an ideal spot to be and while he doesn’t directly threaten their games he doesn’t help their games either. For Bowie specifically she gets some added benefits of being hoh when he goes home and she’s in need of a resume builder like that, though I’m not sure anyone will actually give her credit for it

BB Fangirl

Yeah it’s obvious Cam is a physical/comp threat but he’s a shield because he has no partner. Both duos are stupid for not wanting to align with him. Jag and Matt especially, had him in their alliance and could clearly trust him given they persuaded him not to send Cory home last week. They blew it. Three of them could have ridden to final three easy or at least worked together to get out Cory and America first, then split off. The way I see it, AFP is 3rd place anyway, and Cam has that in the bag, especially now that he’s out of the house and there won’t be any more possibly “creepy” footage of him. He did what he could but the rest of the cast is so lame and scared and stupid. Ratings will tank after Tuesday.


i’m not sure matt and jag need a shield. the whole point of keeping cory was so he’d take the shot at cam. ratings will be fine. there’s nothing on any of the networks because of the strike anyway.

The Beef

Why should she get credit for it when going into her HOH she was “protect Cam at all cost”? She had to be manipulated into making the move with a bunch of mostly lies by Jag, Matt, Cory and America, and despite what everyone is telling her, Cam truly WOULD have had her back, at least as much as he could have while working with Matt and Jag (assumption is they weren’t backstabbing him like they’ve just done).

Obviously this is just my opinion, but I think the two of them would have been able to get him out later in the game working together, AFTER he had helped them to get out Cory, who in my opinion is a much bigger threat to actually get the votes and win the game then Cam is. Too many of the players just don’t like Cam to vote for him to win, despite all his comp wins, but I maintain, if Matt and Jag are as good at competitions as they currently seem to think they are, they should be able to get him out later and after he helps eliminate Cory.

Oh, and everybody knows jury management is a key to winning the game, and both Matt and Jag just committed a HUGE jury management blunder by stabbing an alliance member mid-back when it wasn’t really necessary to do so – so a lost jury vote for both of them.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Jag and Matt just lost their cover. They should have worked him a bit longer.

Boot order from here on:


Final 2: Cerie and Felicia


This is a spoiler and not a prediction.

MVP of the game will be Jag and Matt as a tie for Allison the only cover for them and Cory to go so early.

I don’t know about the order of eviction you’ve listed, but I can see Felicia making it to final 2. Heaven help me, but I want Felicia to win, and I think she can beat anyone left in the house. She can use surviving the block so many times, being HOH once and almost twice, and being the oldest houseguest to her advantage. That mouth of hers that has driven most people in the house crazy could really deliver an excellent final 2 speech. None of the other houseguests are worthy of the title.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I agree that she has the tools and resume to win. Maybe my boot order isn to accurate but the result is what we are going to see. Bowie ignorantly took out the only one that will take her to final two and made things harder for Jag and Matt, who she is now chummy with. So she eliminated her savior and put inferior players that she thinks she is in line with in jeopardy. I was pulling for the lass too…


I never thought I would be on Cerie and Felicia’s side, but please listen to what he is saying to you! Get Jag out! He is a coward who plays a cowardly game. Low key.

Anything can go

I agree – send Jag to jury house right after Cam. Serve him up a piece of humility pie, maybe?! Then Cory can join them the following week. Breaking up the lovebirds…..

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

He will be the next to go…


A Cirie, Felicia, Cory, and America alliance to shift the power away from Jatt could be interesting… could be a true split house if Blue sticks with Jatt (likely because she’s incompetent)

Nonexistent loyalty

Bowie had one person who approached her and has worked with her for several weeks.

Bowie had 2 people on the block who were rude, mean and dismissive to her.

Bowie chose to dump on her loyal supporter.

The Beef

Yeah but according to FBJ “There’s all sorts of things coming out now about Cameron.”

Really Bowie? People that have lied to you the whole game are going to all of a sudden start telling you the truth, now that you’re HOH, and they want you to do something that helps their game?

Can you not scream “I’m a moron!” without literally screaming it, by making such a dumb statement? She just confirmed to everyone in that house, that she will believe anything and everything they say to her, no matter how outrageous it may be, if it means FBJ will somehow get the mistaken belief it will give her a smidgen of personal safety in the game for at least a week.

Tre Billis

I’ve officially lost interest in Big Brother.


Me tooooooo tre Billis

Here's a thought....

Well folks, the season is officially over for me. The rest of these bumbling idiots, have absolutely no idea how to play big brother. I guess Cam doesn’t either for that matter. He should have back-doored someone from one of the couples. The minute Jag shot down his Idea of backdooring Corey, he should have figured out they were never really working with him. What a waste. As much as I can’t stand him, Corey now is the only person in my opinion who semi-deserves to win the game, at least he has been playing. I’ve never seen a cast of characters in all my years of watching big brother who have been so disinterested in getting rid of couples or Duo’s, especially this late in the game. Totally weird.

Not Jasons Holly

I would like to think if I had been Bowie, and veto was used, I’d put up the veto winner’s biggest ally!
Why aren’t people thinking like that anymore? No one is scared of that happening.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I hope Felicia can keep her mouth shut, don’t let Matt & Jag know that Cirie has informed her about Jag & Matt being the ring leaders right now.

If Felicia messes this up, her and Cirie will no longer be Pawns, Jag will give the order that they have to be evicted.

Blue who has done absolutely nothing the entire season but service Jared when he was in the house, I don’t think she will target Cirie, because she knows about Cirie and Jared being mother & son.

Blue thinks that her and Jared are going to ride off into the sunset when she gets out the house, so Blue most likely will try to get someone else to evict Cirie.

Little does Blue know, Jared is done with her, he treated her like crap in the house, she was nothing more than a sexual release for him. Blue is just as much of a Floater as the rest of some of these people.

Bowie Jane, she’s riding my last nerve, she thinks that she is in so tight with Jag & Matt, just wait until after Cam is evicted, Bowie will see just how important she is to Jag & Matt.
Bowie will be kicked to the curb, that’s good for her, Cam protected her, she betrayed him.

no mo bro

BJ is dumb as dirt. There are only 2 seats at the end. When it gets down to final three, does she really think she’ll be taking a seat from Jag or Matt? The only good thing about Her backstabbing Cam is now she just guaranteed she won’t make final 2.

Spot ON

BUT, there is one final HOH comp at the end, and whoever wins votes one of the other two out. SO, with the correct SCRIPT written, BOWIE could theoretically end up one of the two seats.

The Beef

I don’t know why people are down voting what you wrote. It’s completely accurate, and the final comp is always Questions and Answers, which she can win over Jag or Matt easily.

She would likely have to win the part 2 comp to get there (I don’t see her winning part 1, which is usually physical), but in a head to head comp, anything is possible.

Spot ON

“I don’t know why people are down voting what you wrote. It’s completely accurate”
Thanks for the comment Coach, but I’m really indifferent about those “down votes”. My theory is there are some here who are easily offended by Spot ON comments that are rooted on facts, reason, and logic. As the saying goes:. “It is what it is”.


I hope Cameron can wreck Jag/Matt’s game on his way to the jury house.

If Cirie/Felicia/America/Cory can stay loyal together against Jag/Matt/FBJ then they have a shot. Blue joining either side is crucial. She really needs to be convinced of the truth that Jag dropped her like a bad habit a week or two ago. Cameron knows that and needs to make her see the light because the Cirie/Felicia/America/Cory side needs help in terms of winning challenges even if they have the 4 to 3 advantage.

I do suspect Cory and America have been throwing a lot of competitions but also Matt so it will be interesting to see everyone play with the absolute intention of winning each HOH/Veto competition. At this point if you lose a competition then you (or a close ally) are basically going home so everyone better bring it.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I’m actually surprised that Cameron hasn’t gotten with Blue yet but we don’t see what goes on at the jury house and they will have a month or so together…


Blue can’t stand Cam. She’s still thinking abt Jared.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Give them free time and privacy


Bowie is beyond clueless! I can not wait for when she watches back and sees how much of a fool she looked! She is like a victoria!!! They are all showing their true character bashing 1 person. Jag is a coward and Matt lol he is just a puppet!

no mo bro

How do BJ and Cirie even communicate? It’s “yeah yeah unhuh yeah yeah yeah” and “mhmmm mmmhmmmmm mmhmmmmm”


And Jared with riiight right right riiight, Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro.

Raise your hand if you miss Jared.
I don’t see any raised hands, not even one.

Just The Truth

they vote out and cam and cirie ends up in the final 2. it is their own fault. idiots.

The Beef

Well since one of Cam or Cirie is going home this week, I don’t see how that could possibly happen.


I think the post of Just The Truth had an extra “and” in it. Read it without the first “and.” Then, it makes more sense. Took me awhile to understand that post.


COME ON Alisson, tbrow Cam a secret veto!!!!!!! Can’t stand Jag & Matt


When Cameron is gone I will be rooting for Felicia and Cirie.


Can someone please tell me who knows about Cerie being from survivor? I cant seem to catch it. I know Cam and Corey obvs but who else?


Everybody knows. That was never a secret.