“With botox and everything you still look 43.. all the makeup in the world won’t hid it”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Felicia is Matts target however Jag and Bowie may want Cirie out instead.

7:48 am Cirie and Felicia are the first up and grumpy as ever about losing.
Felicia complains that it’s cold outside and too cold inside. Tells Big Brother to turn off the “Air” inside.
Felicia complains that the sandwich meat they are provided is “Cheap a$$ sh1t” adds that it “Smells like Lunch Meat not Deli Meat”
Felicia – the ham we had last week was good the ham we have this week is nasty that and the turkey.
Felicia – AHHH JESUS I spilled my tea all over the place.
Felicia – MOnday will be the tell all with the veto
Cirie – there’s no more tell I can see it all.
Felicia – yeah
Felicia – That’s why BOwie Jane felt comfortable saying we made it far in the game. She already knew what the plan was. She was their final 3
Cirie – mmmhmmm, wouldn’t she be yours?
Cirie says nobody will vote for Bowie in the final, “She’s like a casino player they can’t okay so they have no stake in the game they are playing with the house”
Cirie – they don’t even get a raise if the house wins. you see how excited she was about getting third place? That’s how excited she’ll be when she really gets third place.. if she gets third place.
Felicia – mmmghmmmm
Cirie – all it takes is one missed places HOH or Veto then the tears will come
Felicia – we need that to happen today.
Cirie – mmmhmmm
Felicia – one of us have to win that Veto and take one of us down.
Cirie doesn’t think they will take Jag out.
Felicia – mmhmmmmm
Cirie – mmmhmmm
Felicia – that letter came a the wrong time.
They call Jag the Mayor.
Cirie says she couldn’t tell who the letter was for “I couldn’t tell who was happier” (Jag or Matt)
Cirie – mmmhmmmm
They laugh..
Felicia says she knows Matt told them each something different yesterday.
They head outside.

Big Brother tells them “Please lower the outside awnings”
Felicia – Matt and Jag will be down in a bit.
Cirie – I’m not lowering sh1t (WOW)
Cirie – it’s f***ing freezing
Felicia – and not SUN we’ll get it when the boys come down. I can’t reach them.
They talk about Bowie Jane being a “Third wheel”
Felicia – If he (Matt) wins then he’s willing to take one of us down and put Jag up
Cirie – he better.
Felicia – If Bowie Jane wins or Jag wins one of our a$$es is going home.
They talk about how Blue will vote based on game. They won’t. Jag thinks if he backstabs them he’ll still get their vote.
Cirie – he’s going to find out
Felicia – If you played me and told me a bald faced lie I forgive but I don’t forget. When I get up there on the night with the two of you the one that stayed the most true to what they said they were going to do that’s the one that will get my vote.
Felicia – The fact that you won veto and one of us went home we weren’t really in a final 4 and you were talking all this time Sorry Jag you can’t have my vote you lost my vote.
Felicia – So I hope you have four more sitting in the house cause you’ve lost these two. (Damn they should have gotten this poisonous halloween witch out before Jury)
Felicia – He’ll just seal the fate for Matty ICE.
Cirie – I believe today me or you will win that veto. Pull ourselves down and see what he’s going to do. If Matt is too stupid to put Jag’s a$$ up.
Cirie thinks Matt might not put Jag up he’s dumb enough to be scared that Bowie will come after the following week.
Felicia goes on about during her HOH everyone wanted him up but she went with Hisam instead.
Cirie – Bowie Jane f***ing
Feeds flip when we’re back.
Felicia – we have 12 f***ing days until this is over..
Cirie – I just want my husband.

8:13 am Jag comes out.
Jag – it’s nice out.. Birds are chirping.
Jag hugs the Momma’s. Cirie fingers him behind his back.
Big Brother tells them to lower the awnings.
Felicia and Cirie won’t help Jag so he’s going to get Bowie.

They laugh after Jag leaves about Cirie giving Jag the middle Finger.

Bowie and Jag come out to lower the awnings.

Felicia starts sh1tting on what Bowie Jane wears “What kind of 35 year old wears an outfit all black like that”
Cirie – she’s not 35
Felicia – that’s even worse what 45 years old
Cirie – she wants to be 35, if she’s 35 than she’s lived rough
Felicia – for real
Cirie – with botox and everything you still look 43?
Cirie – all the makeup in the world won’t hid it
Felicia – you see it in her hands and neck
Cirie – and her body, not that we’re miss America’s
They laugh
Felicia – I’m 63 girl please
They complain about Bowie not saying good morning to them. Cirie said good morning to her.
Cirie – she don’t care
Felicia admits she already talked to Bowie this morning.
Cirie says they don’t have power so she doesn’t care. (LOL you two have sh1t on her all season and she knows it)
Feeds flip again

8:55 am Matt and Jag
Matt says it’s ideal if Jag or Bowie otherwise the MOMMAS will pressure him hard and then get mad if he doesn’t use it.
Matt – if it’s doable i’m going to let you and Bowie win.
Jag – they will try and get Bowie to use it.
Matt – it’ll be interesting to see that.
Matt – no matter what I’m gunning but if it’s doable..
Jag – we want it in our hands regardless.

9:30 am Bowie, Matt and Jag
Bowie asks if he’s talked to anyone.
Matt says he’s been avoiding the MOMMAS Felicia is the target and if she wins veto Cirie is but they think Bowie/Jag are possible targets.
Matt – one of them is going down no matter what this week I just feel a little bit bad about it.
Jag and Matt tell her it’s best if she wins it but regardless who wins it they will be “pestered” by the MOMMAS
Jag says if he wins it only Felicia will pester him because he already told Cirie he’s keeping noms the same.
They talk about how they will “secretly” celebrate with all the wine they’ve been hoarding.
Matt says Felicia has been asking about his.
Bowie – She’s forgotten about mine
Bowie – they will drink it all they are SO greedy with the wine
Feeds keep flipping back and forth between the Mafia in the HOH and the MOMMAS in the backyard.

9:43 am Cirie and Felicia going over events from the first month back when they ran the house. Before this Felicia was Shitty on Corey and Americas showmance.
(These two are having trouble coping with not winning.)

9:59 am Bowie, Jag and Matt
They’re speculating about the veto. Matt things there will be movement involved.
Matt – all the vetos have usually been movement.
Bowie – I said to Felicia this morning. GEES we’ve been woken up early maybe it’s a long competition.
Bowie – OHH I hope not she said. I was just trying to stress her out.
Matt – it might be actually. I don’t want to do individual lockdowns
Bowie – that’s so boring
Feeds cut..

10:01 am Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – we’re going to win a battle today Cirie, Yes we are. They are strategizing EVIL. The TAIL shall become the head all the time. (GOOD grief)
Felicia – mmmmmmmhmmmmm
Felicia – they think they got us where they want us. We are right where we are supposed to be. Underestimated
Cirie – now you just said something..
Felicia – mmhmmmmmm
Felicia – I always root for the underdog. They have more fight in them. The people that go in thinking they’re a easy shoe in. Their arrogance takes them down.
Felicia – I feel like going up there and saying so you guys really are in final 3 HUH?
Cirie laughs
Felicia – girl you know I’m stupid.. DAMN Blue was right you have a final 3.. All this time. Bowie Jane you’ve been playing with us this whole time lying about the alliances you weren’t in Girl..
Cirie – dropped Cory and America like a hot potato.
Felicia – Dropped them like a hot potato.
Cirie – Cameron to
Felicia – She’s dropped everybody.
Cirie – ohh Bowie Jane.
Felicia – She’s dropped everybody she was supposed to be committed to. She’s only committed as long as you can give her some privilege. See those kinda people burn in hell. (Holy sh1t)
Feeds cut.

10:42 am Bowie, Jag and Matt
Back in the HOH room talking about how to avoid the Momma’s pestering
Bowie – we shouldn’t even be scared of them what are they going to do. One of them is going home this week.
Matt – exactly
Bowie – you might as well just tell them. We’re in an alliance and one of you is going home this week and next week
Bowie – you guessed it
Matt – good job you guessed it when it was too late.
Matt – it’s the MOMMAS vs the Mafia … the two mommas take on the mafia
Bowie – all the snide comments from them all the time. Mostly Felicia
Matt – always Felicia she always makes comments. She shouldn’t be. She’s on the block.
Bowie – she should be well behaved like she was yesterday for three hours.
Matt says Felicia is trying to tell him she saved him week 3.
They all agree if Felicia or Cirie had won HOH their a$$es would have been put up .
Bowie says she’s sick of Felicia bossing them around “I hope it’s a fully physical comp.. I hope it’s a 5 mile run.. I hope it’s crossfit”
Matt says next time the mommas mentions something about them spending time in the HOH he’s going to ask the MOMMAS why they don’t come up and be with them why are they isolating themselves from the house.

10:50 am Cirie and Felicia
Felicia – are they all upstairs
Cirie – they must be, GIRL..
Felicia – when they come back I’m going to ask them how do you all handle hiding in the HOH room all the day
Cirie – not even the backyard? the to die for.. what?
Felicia – you so tied and so anxious you need to sit upstairs
They go on complaining about Jag, Matt and Bowie. (Production cuts the feeds for a lot of the salt)
They agree Matt is coming outside to be with Felicia because he’s “ashamed” and he “Knows he’s done wrong”

11:13 am Feeds flip to pound

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Another Dixie

On ABC we have Golden Bachelor. Maybe CBS should do a Golden BB. Can you even imagine a houseful of Felicias and Ciries, in their robes, bitching about whoever is in power? Of course, late night feeds wouldn’t exist except for constant trips to the bathroom. By the way, I’m older that either of those biddy’s and I’m getting tired of their bitching.


They are two miserable old women.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

But they ain’t wrong.


Cirie & Fe being mad about Bo & Jag still being there is absurd. If they wanted things to go the way they wanted to. They should’ve won an HOH and not keep Bowie in the dark about red. Not winning a single HOH to aim at the other side that was there undoing. The fact that Bo&Jag are still there and they couldn’t keep blue or America is living proof that Cirie& Fe have Not played great games at all as they have wanted jag and Bo out for weeks. C&Fe are out of touch with the masterminds they think they are. It also proves that the edit the last couple weeks is a blatant lie making the two of them out to be puppet masters having both sides take shots at each other. The only reason those two ladies are still there is they are an easy beat at F4&F5. It is sweet seeing these two women spiral. They have done this to themselves.

Game fan

how would you feel otb and not winning nothing/one come in week 3


I would love that. I don’t watch Bachelor shows but I think that doing that ‘Golden’ version was well received so producers of other reality shows should spice things up. It isn’t like Big Brother can’t have more than one season a year like Survivor they just choose to do one.

The ‘Golden’ version could be shorter too. We don’t need a Big Brother funeral!

senior Citizen

I’m 86 and don’t know one person anywhere close to my age that bitches as much as these two. I watch some reality shows just to see how stupid people are, and most of them are in their 20’s and 30’s. To think some of these idiots may somehow get into a position of power. I feel for America (the country). But, I did like America the jury member, nice face and figure, smarter than most of the rest, just couldn’t keep her mouth closed.


Please please please Cirie or Felicia win the veto so Bowie Janes ass knows what it’s like to be on the block…Matt is screwed, Jag and Bowie will go to the final two because Hag knows he won’t win against Matt.




Two more votes! Jag the cowardly lion will not win. All that backstabbing and unnecessary lying for nothing!! Idiot f-ed up Jury Management. Felicia and Ceri should let them hear that they’ll vote for Bowie Jane in a final two before them. It’s a lie but Jag will instantly turn on Bowie Jane. He has zero loyalty to anyone. He’s plotting on Matt already. We need some drama because this is a snooze fest.

East coast

Ugh, and her little mustard seed. I can’t stand reality show contestants who think that God is paying attention and, because of their faith, He is going to help them win the game.

Cam Fav HG

Felicia says “damn & sh*t “ constantly, or uses his name in vain by expressing “Jesus” all the time, with or without Bible in hand. While the other HG say f**k constantly. I wish they all would consider that there are times “live feeders” have children in the room and wish HGs would consider that! I cannot believe how many HG’s have never watched the live feeds!
Here’s to hoping today’s Veto competition is a fair one that any of the F5 can win, so we can hopefully see some drama!
What are all the scenarios?
1) If Felicia came off and Bowie was RN, who would Jag & Felicia vote to evict out of Cirie & Bowie?
2) If Jag was RN, who would Bowie & Felicia vote to evict out of Cirie & Jag?
3) If Cirie came off and Bowie was RN, who would Jag & Cerie vote to evict out of Bowie & Felicia?
4) If Jag was RN, who would who would Bowie & Felicia vote to evict out of Jag & Cirie?
Possible outcomes:
1) Jag would evict Cirie, & Felicia would evict Bowie forcing Matt to break tie between Cirie & Bowie (I think Matt should evict Cirie);
2) Bowie would evict Cirie & Felicia would evict Jag, forcing Matt to break tie, (hum, would Matt vote to evict Jag? He would if he did what was best for “his”game!);
3) Jag would evict Felicia, & Cirie would evict Bowie, forcing Matt to break tie between Felicia & Bowie (I don’t think it matters which one of these he evicts for his game);
4) Bowie would evict Cirie & Felicia to evict Jag, forcing Matt to break tie between Cirie & Jag? (Again if Matt did what was best for his game he’d evict Jag)
Here’s hoping one of the nominees will win today’s Veto competition and take themselves off the block and shake things up in this very boring house!


Cirie and Felicia are ready to go home. They aren’t competing and Cirie has millions


Simon it was comical to me especially Cerie giving Jag the middle finger behind his back and them talking about Bowie’s age


I think the reality of their situation is really sinking in. They are finally realizing they have to win veto, and probably won’t, and cannot talk their way out of this. As for her spiritualism, there are peace and love or fire and brimstone Christians. At the beginning when things were more or less going her way she was the first and now that they are not she is the other. Reading their complaining and bickering is funny to me and if one of them wins veto I think we will have some hilarious entertainment these next few days.


Jag won the veto .


Hey it was time for this from Felicia and Cirie since yesterday it was Matt & Jag talking crap which was SMH worthy…I knew Cirie clocked Matt this time around because of her time on Traitors. There was no way that she was fully believing what Matt was saying unlike what others seemed to believe


I’m surprised Fe’s hand doesn’t burn when she holds the Bible. Isn’t funny how so called “Christian ” people are usually the most hateful. I’m talking about you too Ce, you’re just as black hearted. I wouldn’t want you in my Operating Room.

un autre nom

if memory serves:
Reilly Matt late night ratting got under Cameron’s skin. It was in part the reason for his betray you to save you plan.
As soon as Blue and Jag distanced the sinking ship, it was nightly Matt/Reilly.
She’d blither about her bad reads on what had happened.
He’d parrot.

Spot ON

“Felicia starts sh1tting on what Bowie Jane wears ‘What kind of 35 year old wears an outfit all black like that’
Cirie – she’s not 35
Felicia – that’s even worse what 45 years old”
We’ll, we already suspect that she is missing lots of bolts, screws, and marbles “upstairs”, and with those horse-size teeth’s she displays when she smiles, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that those may be implants. That’s a hell of a lot of teeth to compliment two brain cells!

But with respect to her black clothing, she’s probably a latent devil worshipper. Generally, “those” people all wear the same black clothing day-in and day-out, and are just plain WEIRD.

Instead of voting her out of the house, give her a broomstick so that she can FLY OUT!!!

un autre nom

The underdogs have already been evicted.
Failed dictators of the first 5 weeks aren’t underdogs.
The current regime of backstabbers for the last 4 weeks aren’t underdogs.

It sucks to watch 2 little bitter groups try to out-suck each other by being assholes.
The way this toiletbowl of shitheads talk makes me think.

Reilly and Matt.
not a showmance.
If Matt recreates a shrine from week 2, it’s no longer the Reilly shrine. It’s a dipshit shrine.
If she’d stayed?
Her social illiteracy would have damned them.
Think about it.
How the game would have changed?
Reilly stays. Cam out.
Hisam irate.
Handful / Family cocky. Matt never bonds to house, he’s got Reilly.
who is nom / pawn / bd target?
option a suck up to Hisam no bd.
option b Hisam direct nom (can’t fix broken)
Crossroads and Chaoscoven in power. Izzy still anti Jag Matt Reilly Blue.
a)Jag / Matt / Reilly become primary targets.
b)Hisam v. Jag or Matt
keep extrapolating.
4 of the final 5 are gone by week 8.


What is wrong with Bowie I was starting to like her now she is turning into a mean girl and bully I sure do hate it

un autre nom

Bowie mirrors.
She’s hanging with Ja/Ma constantly.
She’s mirroring them.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

She so desperately wants to be 20 years younger and hang out with the cool kids. I bet she doesn’t have a single REAL friend in real life.

Just because someone is friendly to you, doesn’t mean they are your friend. BJ is a prime example.


So unfortunate I was rooting for her and felt sorry I lost respect when she turned on Cameron

un autre nom

The same Cameron that said you’re my f2 to her the exact day he suggested her as renom and evictee to save his own skin week 7? Or the same Cam that suggested to the fugitives that they push Bowie pawn, because if she was evicted it didn’t matter while planning for week 10 from his week 9 HOH room.
Just wondering which Cameron we’re expected to feel sorry for.
Maaaaaybe if he’d actually been loyal to aaanybody week 1-7 I could muster some sympathy.


Exactly! Case in point. There’s a reason Cam is not well received by the majority of fans. Cam would literally betray every alliance he was in. It is inconceivable Cam Stan’s don’t bat an eyelash@him in the have-not room exposing family style 1st week to hisam and red. I mean come on. Telling Hisam? There has to be some accountability for Cam’s wretched social game.


I thought lying and backstabbing was part of this game. All players participate in this behavior at some point in the game. So, does it really matter when they do it?

un autre nom

The orig commenter implied Bowie turned on Cam, therefore loses respect / support from commenter.
I’m pointing out that backstabbing your attempted backstabber means the attempted backstabber doesn’t deserve sympthy for being turned on. He got ‘got’ first. oh well.


Wow I just wrote that exact thing before scrolling down and reading yours lol. We’re in sync!


Bowie thinking she is one of the cool kids has gone to her head.


Maybe she’s mirroring or returning the mean girl and bully like behavior she received from the elders at the beginning.


she is anachronism 80’s


I’m sorry but the Mamas are too just too funny


They crack me up with some of the stuff they say. I think we may be in the minority on this one but Cirie flipping Jag off behind his back was hilarious


Yes that was too funny!


might harm her being AFP


I think that ship has sailed..


What’s more hilarious is him plotting her demise upstairs shortly thereafter without knowing she just flipped him off. When he watches this part back, he’ll love it.

un autre nom

The ONLY reason I’m cool with BFJ shitting all over Cirie and Felicia?
Has everyone forgotten how those poor innocent rabid shrews went in on her? For WEEKS?
there’s still youtube remix mashups of the fbj songs. all the worst shit dragging Bowie, who was loyal to them at the time, put on loop with beats.
Bbtwitter still has hashtagged her on the worst of it.
That’s her bblegacy. Social media and 2 withered bitches mobstomping her as the butt of the joke… for NO reason.

Now it’s a problem? Now it’s deplorable? really? eyerolllls, stfu.
Naah, the bbbitches totally deserve whatever the fuq Bowie says about them.
She should say more.


Amen! Let’s all pull out our bible now while we talk trash about other players. Hypocrites!


Yes, right on. Love love love your post!!!


My faves: poor innocent rabid shrews and withered bitches mobstomping, LOL


Ha! Matt thinks Fe is the one with the snide remarks?? How naive of him.. altho he is being misted by C. Mama C is the snide remarks queen it’s just that she’s so sneaky on top of it. She puts Fe to shame, especially when C is alone and talking to herself.. such vileness.. stuff that Fe hasn’t even heard.

Cam Fav HG

The live feeds have been so boring, I’m going back and watching the beginning of the season. You always see things you didn’t the first time. Four minutes into episode 2, when all the houseguests come inside the first night and find out Cirie from Survivor was also going to be a HG, Izzy called out for Jared to “come here” and said “I knew it, youre Cirie Fields’ son, aren’t you?” Guess who was standing there looking at Izzy & Jared, Fbj & Cameron. They had to have heard what Izzy said, but maybe in the excitement of being the first day, they didn’t pay attention. (I wish we could post pics here) Gosh, I’m just thinking if Fbj & Cameron had just really been paying attention to everything that was being said, what powerful knowledge that would have been to have attained on Day 1! We would prolly be seeing a very different game.


Bowie is nothing but a rider

Cam Fav HG



Jag won veto number 6.

Cam Fav HG

Like Jag said, winning the veto is the only way to ensure you make it to the F3. He knew if anyone else won it, there was always a possibility he could be the replacement nom. I hope noms stay the same and Cirie is evicted.


Yeah, C is on her way out the door. The young uns she’s always calling dumb and stupid just figured out her ruse and are ready to blindside her hard just like she deserves, according to Jag. He killed it in his convo with Matt on why C should go over F! His power points were spot on.


These bitches talk so much shit! LORD!

Too bad there wasn’t a competition where that was the way to win because they would be # 1 and # 2 for that one lol.


I can’t believe F is on the block 7 times (not backdoored) and not one veto win??

un autre nom

she’s 63.
let’s think about the vetoes this season.
you’re surprised a 63 year old didn’t whip the 30 year olds’ asses at otev or spinning disc or the double eviction sprint comps?
I’m surprised she didn’t break a hip.


How bitter and pathetic. Cirie and Felicia sit around in bathrobes all day and talk about Bowie’s clothes. They want to talk about Matt and Jag not keeping their word, knowing they would have evicted them both IF they had the chance. They have had alliances with every player and no plans to honor any of them. Pot, meet kettle.