Will Big Brother 22 Premiere This Summer?! Expect The Unexpected!

With summer fast approaching the half million dollar question on everyone’s mind or at least on every super fan’s mind is, will Big Brother 22 premiere this summer? The current Covid-19 pandemic has certainly put the world on hold as we struggle to get this virus under control. As a result CBS has been reluctant to release the premiere date until the current social distancing restrictions have been lifted. We recently saw how as things got worse, Big Brother Canada was forced to cancel season 8 only a few weeks in. As for Big Brother 22, casting calls were also cancelled across the country. Online submissions have remained open for hopefuls to get creative with their applications.


CBS states that even during the Covid pandemic they’re “optimistic” about the show airing this summer.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told the The Hollywood Reporter the status of this season of Big Brother and Love Island?

“We are hoping to get into production for both of those shows this summer. The key difference on those shows is the turnaround time is quick. Big Brother airs live shows every week. Love Island is essentially a one-day turnaround. If we can get into production and we certainly anticipate that, we anticipate having those shows on this summer.”
When asked if production should be able to resume, Kahl says the network will take all precautions to protect the casts and crew. Everyone’s health and safety is going to be taken into consideration.

“We still hope to have [Big Brother] on the air this summer, it could be a little later than usual but we’re still optimistic about getting those on.


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On May 22, Robyn Kass, the casting director for Big Brother tweeted the following tweet where she stated that the BB22 applications are closed and that all the semi finalists have been contacted. This is fantastic news as it shows that not everything has been put on hold and that they’re optimistic about still having the season. What will likely happen is the season will have a later premiere date than normal, which will likely push the season finale later into the fall. CBS will likely be looking to fill more of its fall tv time slots as the production of all other shows have ground to a halt.


Your guess is as good as mine. The specific casting information is never released this early. However given the last All-Stars season was BB7 in 2006, we’re definitely overdue for one, casting has been severely restricted, BB Alum have an excuse to self-isolate, and Survivor was an All-Winners season… I think it just might be an All-Stars season. And the biggest reason I think its going to be anb All-Stars season is because I’ve been saying its going to be an All-Stars for the last 4 years and I’ve lost far to many Kraken bets with Simon.


Julie Chen of course!


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brett meiners

Thanks for the update dawg.

Larry Pooper

Dawg you have always been a friend of mine! DM me pronto!

J e t s Jets Jets Jets

It’s just as well that they start later as we’ll be needing new shows to watch in the fall.

Tommy Jones

Yes! Thanks for the update! It wouldn’t be summer without BB!


With all the riots and s*** hitting the fan in the USA I doubt we are getting a new season 🙁

Chris and Kyle need to go

I lowkey wish it starts in Fall, like the over the top season


Hey CHessie_K.. Holy cow! this is what they needed to do. Hopefully, they pick the right allstars 🙂


Hey Simon. Evel Dick on Twitter said that he heard that about 10 sources have said JoshBB19 has been confirmed


Evel Dick just said Swaggy and Bayleigh will be on there 100% for sure. Dick also said he keeps hearing Angela and Tyler’s name over and over

The Beef

Evil Dick has been tweeting today that it IS an all-star season and that Josh, Cody and Frankie are all confirmed as house guests. I guess Josh could be an all-star since he won his season, but given he was up against Paul, I think most were voting anti-Paul versus voting FOR Josh – just my opinion. Can’t stand Frankie. Personally, I like Cody, and would like to see him get another chance.


So Dan and Derrick Will Be On All Stars Too Per Evel Dick


Wow … I can’t stand 2/3 of the cast already. I would love to see Dan go week 1 followed by Derrick week 2.

So what’s the list we have now
Cody, Josh, Paul, Dan, Derrick, Angela, Tyler, Bayleigh, Swaggy and Frankie.

I might cheer for whoever takes out the ones I like least.


Please NO, not Paul again!


Dick changed and said he had it wrong about Swaggy and Bayleigh, they signed up for another season of “The Challenge”. Now E.D.says Davonne will be on there


I would love to see Dani Donato, Kalia, Janelle, and Danielle BB3. I wish that Rachel wasn’t pregnant because I would love to see her and The Neanderthal again


Just get Frankie out and I will be happy

Margie Pingleton

I’m going to cry if I have to watch Paul and Josh again!


you and me both… better kraken up for this season.


Man the booger has lost it. I remember not caring about him BB2 not liking him BB7 then liking him on bb14.

another name

if it is an “all-stars” (have we fallen so far that we consider them stars?) the rumor mill has this to say:

high probability participants (multiple mentions and rumors):
derrick, cody, frankie, dan, paul, josh*. the stool.

medium probability participants (more than one mention and rumor):
haleigh, bayleigh*(swaggy has denied involvement), kaycee*, angela, tyler, nicole, ian, elissa.

low probability participants (names have come up):
david, jackson, kemi, brett, davonne*, helen, jun, michele, keesha, ivette, janelle. every single other participant since season 14. except jody.

Secondary rumor: while the industry is supposed to get it’s start rolling again, there are rumblings that a new season would not get going until the end of july.
Reason for *: before the 2019 viacom cbs merger contract issues would have voided ability to participate. Guessing the merger has made those contract issues void.

Reaction: hmmm. Start Kraken and bitterness before the season starts? Disliked over 70% immensely the first time.


That poor stool probably can’t pass the psych evaluation. If it did, I’m not sure it could endure another season in that house.


My prediction is
July 22nd start
July 23rd feeds start
65 day season


Leaks coming out now mentioning July 22 start.

another name

Cities that have been posting local field producer want ads for june x tbd.
Position parameters include short script reality segment intro/ hero shots and light cast wrangling:
Miami FL
Queens NY
San Diego CA
Detroit MI
Minneapolis MN
Trenton NJ
Savannah GA
Houston TX
Dallas TX
I’m not enough of a fan of anyone that’s ever been on to ever remember or care where any past house guests were from or where they currently live, but this might give you an idea of where they will be shooting home intro segments.

Looking forward to Paul getting screwed a 3rd time

As a resident of the Minneapolis area it is McRae (If he’s still around) or Janelle. Safe to believe Janelle is one.