Big Brother 22 Allstars 2 – Rumours and leaks

Big Brother 22 happening this summer might actually happen. Wowsers! it might even be an Allstars 2 season. While the leaks seem to have died down this past week going by what has come out already there’s enough to get excited.  A good chunk of these leaks are coming from Evil Dicks twitter page and US weekly’s exclusive insider sources so take them for what they are.

Big Brother 7 was the last Allstars season. It was epic and marked the end of Shapiro run seasons. After that, The GROD took over and the rest is history.  If it’s Allstars and it doesn’t drag on for 900 days it won’t matter who is on it it’ll be fun. For all, we know we’ll be sh1tmas fan after this season.. full circle.

Pointing to a July 22nd start

CBS hasn’t released anything official. We know back in May they were “optimistic” A season will happen this year. Hopefully, COVID doesn’t shut this season down like Big Brother Canada 8. “Los Angeles has the highest number of coronavirus cases among the state’s 58 counties and the most deaths.” Yikes!

UsWeekly – “now it’s set for July 22”  “CBS was originally aiming for July 15 premiere, but now it’s set for July 22,” an insider shared exclusively. “It could be pushed back even further due to COVID-19.”

Pointing to Allstars – “Which HG popped out of a trashcan for 2 seasons?”


“CBS contacting former players”
“CBS has been quietly contacting former players for a potential all-star season this summer, multiple sources exclusively reveal to Us Weekly.”

“Janelle… Ian… Frankie… Tyler are YES” 
“Janelle Pierzina from season 6, Ian Terry from season 14, Frankie Grande from season 16 and Tyler Crispen from season 20 are yes
“Rachel Reilly, Britney Haynes, Dr. Will Kirby, Andy Herren, Evel Dick or Mike “Booger” Malin are nos”

@EvelDick tweets

Haleigh, DaVonne and BB21 Nicole are on #BB22
I keep hearing Frankie turned it down. – Tweet

I said Swaggy and Bayleigh
I heard Brittany Martinez and Haleigh, but not 100% on them, so I’ve avoided bringing them up till now – Tweet

So it seems that someone dropped out of the cast and they called Josh to be on the cast yesterday.. – Tweet

Paul and his kn*b polisher [Josh] are both confirmed” – Tweet

“I hear that Derrick is 100% on this season.” – Tweet

“Which HG popped out of a trashcan for 2 seasons?” [James] – Tweet

Both Dan & Derrick are on #BB22 for sure.
They are already gaming & are together in an alliance together. – Tweet

I sent this [Link to USweekly article] to Ian and then we spoke.
We ended up talking for about 45 min.
They haven’t called him…
He’s got a great job and won’t do anything to fuck that up, even if they did call him, so.. – Tweet

“Dan is 100%
He and Sgt. Porkchop already have an alliance” – Tweet

Frankie – Sounds like he turned down the offer – “I can’t believe people are doing it” (don’t click that link)

Dan’s Streams on Twitch – He’s been dropping hints that his streaming schedule will be shortened.

@rbbq  Tweets
@rbbq Doing some great BB sleuthing. There’s a series of ads looking for a Field producer for a reality TV show, 1-day gig to capture some “hero shots and an interview.. and potentially assisting with some cast wrangling”


The locations for the job posting and some potentials ..
Miami FL – (Josh, Kaycee?)
Queens NY –
San Diego CA
Detroit MI (Dan?)
Minneapolis MN (Janelle?)
Trenton – NJ (Enzo, Christie, Cody Calafiore?)
Savannah GA – (Tyler and Angela?)
Houston TX – (Ian, James, Haleigh?)
Dallas TX – (James (shudder), Ian, Hogg nation (Shudder))
Philadelphia PA – ()
Raleigh NC – (Sh1tmas or Donny?)

Going by the leaks (and by no means a complete list)

-Nicole BB21
-James (My gut, it’s not my first rodeo)

– Kaitlyn

No – Amanda, Lane, Hayden, Enzo NO BRETT! no Shelby !  … Sigh ..



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I’m so glad you guys are back!!! I’ve missed this page so much. When I see you guys post it makes me happy. Hope everyone stayed safe during Covid. My province is Covid free for the past two weeks, but I’m sure that will change. Look forward to many more posts. 🙂 Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work.

Larry Pooper

so cool so sweet!

Poutine Ben

The rumors on Twitter change every few seconds. Gotta admit I’m kinda over it now. If CBS makes any official announcements, I’ll believe those.

CupcakKe stan

this will be interesting


Disspointed with the rumors…. no Amanda? no Vanessa? no Brett? no Zach? Chrissie?
why bringing Janelle back again? I love her to death but there’s no point in seeing her back for the 4th time.
Paul and josh again?!?!? why?!? Davone also had enough chances in the game and proved that she’s a good character but very bad at this game….
Dan should be back only ifi t’s for an all winners/legends season.
why bringing Swaggy and Bayleigh back? not interesting, not fun, really really annoying and really bad at this game. Hayleigh could be an interesting pick tho.
I love Tyler and Angela a lot, But I’m afraid that bringing those 2 back together would only do them harm.
BB20 is without a doubt the best season since BB10 but still bringing back 6!! people from that season is crazy. and no Brett….
I really hope this is not the real cast..,. they could have such better cast after so many years

Patrisha Gooch

Yes about Jannelle she has already had her chance in an All Star Season.

Larry Pooper

I pertied with Swaggy lat week he said he was out


I really, really hope Ariana’s brother isn’t on the show. I fear it’ll be hard to get the more popular players back if they are planning on a regular length season.

Larry Pooper

Hmm totaly agree!


Frankie and Josh, All-Stars? I don’t think it is even close.

Aunt Cece

Welcome back boys! Glad there will be a BB for all of us to cheer and jeer this year! Looking forward to all the snarky comments lol.

Chessie _K

Hey Simon and Dawg. New info on Big Brother 22. Looks like it’s going to happen.


Tyler has been silent on Instagram except for prerecorded stuff and Angela is in Mexico with Haleigh……I think that means Tyler is in quarantine!!