“Why do they have such a rage against us? What did we do?” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:20 am Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – it’s going to take them a good 7 – 8 hours when we get up they’ll be finishing. (Piggy punishment)
Felicia – madder than fish grease. then he’ll have to wear the whole pig outfit for the rest of the week. For the nominations ceremony all of it.
Felicia – we’re not leaving this house.. we made it to jury.
Felicia – I might go up and talk to him
Cirie – He can’t do nothing.. He might persuade people to vote but nobody trusts him.
They talk about how Cameron is getting backdoored next week as long as he doesn’t get picked for Veto.
MEME joins them. They start talking about Cameron
Felicia – he’s always looking for attentions he’s a like a damn little kid
Cirie – he would rather be in his HOH room lying down
Felicia – watching the camera
Feeds flip to Bowie, Matt outside. They are talking about seeing a bat. Feeds cut..

They are talking about Bowie.
Cirie – she didn’t put no time into anyone other than Cam and Red. NOw that Red is gone she’s just down to Cam and when Cam goes now what?
MEME says Bowie is up in the HOH every morning.
Cirie – she’s trying to go to Corey now
Felicia – he (Cam) wants him to use the veto. He wants him to take Izzy down so he can put the two of us up (Her and Cirie)
Felicia – he’s asking Jared..
Cirie brings up backdooring Cameron next week. MEME says the only person Cameron has is Bowie.
Cirie – I don’t understand why he feels he needs to backdoor me?
MEME – he’s a showmance he wants fireworks
Felicia calls America and Corey “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumb”
Felicia – if one of them comes down I’m putting Cameron a$$ up.. I’m putting Cameron up next to America
Feeds flip .. when we’re back.
They’re talking about how everyone in the house is hoping that Cameron doesn’t play in the veto next week so they can get his a$$ our.
Felicia says MAtt’s excuse why he didn’t take the veto is bullshit. MAtt said something about not comprehending how it works. Felicia doesn’t buy it coming from someone “that was in the Olympics”
MEME – he didn’t want to make enemies
Cirie says at least Matt doesn’t throw everything like Corey and America.
Cirie says Bowie is acting like she’s clueless about the alliances. Feeds flip

WHen we’re back Felicia and Cirie are coaching Izzy what to tell Cameron when she does the piggy punishments. Telling her to bring up all these things that Bowie Jane said about him and Red.
Felicia – make sure you tell him every rumour she said make sure he know she was part of those conversations. Izzy leaves. MEM joins them.
Cirie and Felicia are calling Cam a “Cockroach”
Cirie – he’s hard to get rid of
Felicia – part of me wants to tell Jared to leave me up against Izzy because she wants this more than I do. I want it but I hate to see her go out like that. Pisses me off.
Felicia – He’s such an a$$hole
Cirie – we got to ask ourselves are we the hypocrites.. I know this is the game and in real life we wouldn’t be his friends but are we being hypocritical in this game?
Felicia – I don’t think so cause nothing we are doing is Meanspritied and I really think the stuff he’s doing is Mean Spirited (Spitting coffee out)
Felicia – why do they have such a rage against us. What did we do that everyone else in this house hasn’t done. (Go to bed Felicia you are losing it)
Cirie – I don’t understand Matt gets a pass.. I don’t understand
Felicia – they look at us cause we’re running the house. Just because we got all these people to vote the way we wanted them to.
Felicia and Cirie go on about how everyone was already voting REd out it had nothing to do about what they wanted.
Cirie – Everyone came to the table wanting to vote REd out.
Felicia – it was going to be a 6-4 vote. WE had 6 to get rid of Jag they had 4 to vote out REd. They were already voting out REd.
Cirie – certain people get passive.. It’s going to be us
Felicia – it’s always us. I hope you are looking at this MR B. This sh1t gets old all the time
MEME says Cameron doesn’t have more will or heart than her.
Felicia says she wants to get the brown sugar babes to the end. “next week if he doesn’t win that veto we can take over this house. he is our only roadblock. All of them will be scrambling when he’s gone”
Cirie – they will kick Bowie Jane in the teeth.. Jag is working her.
They continue to complain about Cameron like he wants to be the power structure like Hisam did.
Cirie – if you don’t win everything that you have to to stay here you are going to be gond.
MEME – you have to win
Felicia – EVERYTHING. THe minute that window of opportunity they will all in this house will flip on him and he’s teh first one out.
MEME – he knows it thats why he’s MAD
Felicia – he’s a snake
Cirie goes on about how nobody in the house trusts Cam.
Felicia – he wants Izzy to come down and me and her to sit together. He wants two BLACK females GONE
Cirie about Cam “You are not my friend.. I’m not your pal. Stop playing with me.
Felicia – MMhmmmm
MEME – we should have sent him out when Hisam left
Felicia- mmmhmmm
Cirie – we should have. We made the wrong decision
MEME brings up Corey and America feeds flip when we’re back. around 1:08 am

1:08 am
Meme – what you going to do you’re one person?
Felicia says Corey is going to play the middle of the house and wait until Jag, JAred, Cirie, Felicia and Cameron are gone then he’ll start playing the game (LOL)
Felicia – he’s going to rid it out until all of his threats are gone then he’s going to rid it
Felicia – when it’s just him and Matt he figures he can beat Matt.
Cirie – mmmhmmmm
Felicia – he’ll have just females in the house and run through them.
Felicia – I’m putting f***ing COrey and America on the goddamn Block
Cirie -mmmmmhmmmmm
Felicia – if one of them wins veto I’m putting Cameron up and he’s going out the damn door
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm

12:30 am Matt and Bowie
Matt explains that during the Veto he thought he got to hang out with the real life host not the carboard cutout.

Bowie says tomorrow Cameron wants to meet with the two of them. “So we can work out what the f***”
Matt says he thinks Felicia would go but Izzy is more dangerous.
Matt – I’m good for whatever..
Bowie – I’ll vote the way they want.
Matt – What I find is weird is Jag didn’t go for the veto
Bowie – maybe they’ve done a deal
Matt – yeah, He never told me. If I was in his position I would had taken he veto. He was cool to me he was like Do you want this? He asked if I wanted the 5 thousand. I was like Naw.. Keep it. We all were communicating during it.
Matt – We just knew we had to get the Veto to keep noms the same.
Bowie says the “Girls” (Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, MEME) are all still whispering. “When I come up it stops”
Matt – you won’t have to worry about it much longer
Bowie – Be careful what you say to anyone.. any of the girls. I trust Cirie but I don’t know
Matt – I trust her but I think she’s close with them so you have to be careful.
Bowie – I almost want to get away from all that
Matt – just hang out with us
BOwie – I would rather hangout with the boys (Bowie for HOH)
Matt – yeah I understand that
Matt – it can be annoying
Bowie – It’s bad energy

2:11 am Making Out


2:30 – 4 am Piggy punishment

4:00 am Zzzzz

5:00 am piggy punishment They’re about 3/4 of the way complete. They have to move dirt 2000 times in the backyard yard with little cups.

7:00 am Piggy Punishment is almost over

8:48 am Zzzzzz

10:24 am Feeds return. Houseguests getting ready for the day.

10:30 am Cirie and Felicia heading to the bathroom

10:35 am Matt’s punishment appears fun. He needs to take pictures of himself with some gameshow host cut out. He has a little Polaroid camera

10:48 am Matt has to take a picture under the kitchen table.

11:12 am Matt and Corey are talking about the transformer movies.
Matt – what was his name he was on Holes?
COrey – Holes was so good
Jag working out is asked what’s the guys name that was in holes and Transformers, “Holes was so good”
Corey finally figures out it’s Shia LaBeouf
They start talking game. Corey thinks America is in trouble before they are.
Matt says he thinks Jag and Cameron made a deal.
COrey brings up the 3 rat alliance say’s he feels good about it none of them would put each up.

Cirie and Felicia join them.

11:30 am Felicia, Cirie, COrey, Felicia
COrey to Felicia – How do you rank this punishment? Because you said you wanted to avoid this one.
Felicia – This actually isn’t bad it’s fun when I look back and watch this all on TV I’ll be like.. Cracking up. The only part of it is.. I want to sit outside today and at some point it will be too hot. We have on too many clothes. I’m already hot. If I could take the helmet off I would be fine. I’m sweating through my head… This is a 10 I ain’t bad
Corey points out how Cirie’s hair is elevating the helmet.
Felicia – I wish I had a way to raise mine up

Felicia – I don’t mind this at all two days, Today and tomorrow and we’re done. piece of cake

11:36 am America Joins them. Blue is also hanging around Just Chit chat.

11:37 am Jared and Matt
They’re talking about a Backdoor plan for Jag.
Matt – last night he was way too comfortable.
Jared – Cameron was already look we can put him up and we’ll just lie.

Jared is coaching Matt what he should to Cameron.
Jared – what you say.. You think it will be easier to get Izzy out later then get Cirie out. people are going to feel bad for the mommas yo get what I’m saying?
Matt – I should be saying we don’t need to get rid of Izzy now?
Jared – be like Yo.. I’m not sure if it will be smart to get rid of Izzy before Cirie.. Because Cirie making into Jury is Dangerous. (wait what)

Feeds cut..

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Cirie and Felicia are becoming more and more unlikable as the days go by. What a couple of hypocrites … they’re hard to listen to! Like, how did they suddenly come up with the angle that Cam wants “two black women” on the block? I really deplore their narrative … and the way they talk about others!

Not Jason’s Holly

Felicia is the one who said that, right? It’s funny how they think race is the reason and not their game play! They ARE the ones controlling the vote, but, yeah, it’s because you’re a black woman. Come on!


I don’t think they really believe that is why. They are just saying it. Plus I think what he really wants is Izzy & Cirie, so not 2 black women.



Spot ON

REGRETTABLY, that’s how “they” think.


It’s ironic that they are pushing for only the brown sugar babes to the end. Gotta love a hypocrite.


OMG. I’m so sick of this race card B.S. Felicia you are a nasty bitchy woman, regardless of color. Blaming it on your race only shows hiw weak you are.


Play a victim stay a victim and blame it for your failures. The more it’s said, the less it means. Sad

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Can’t stand Cirie and Felicia. Just mean and bitter hypocrites. The two oldest are the most immature. I hope they fart on each other in their little boat!!!


I thought it was hilarious when they first got in the boat they were in opposite directions… hahahahaha

Not Jason’s Holly

Before bed, I was watching the feeds. Cameron and Jared were talking in the HOH room. I was really hoping Cameron would not tell Jared Cirie would be the replacement but he did! But, he said to tell them he’s not using the veto. Let them both squirm and hopefully spill what they know. Then take FELICIA down and replace her with Cirie! So, no, Felicia, he wants ONE black woman on the block! But, then Cam said IZZY would be voted out over Cirie! Jared isn’t going for that.

When I went to bed, Jared started on using the veto (forgot on who) and Cameron nominates Jag! He wants Jag out! He said Jag, Izzy, then Felicia are his next three out.

Oh, how I wish Cameron says OK, Jared uses the Veto, Cameron puts Cirie up! THAT WOULD BE GOOD TV as they say.

Game fan

I was looking to see the conversation of Jared spill the tea about that.
He won’t take the chance after that.
Cam already lied about the initial noms


“Cirie – we got to ask ourselves are we the hypocrites.. I know this is the game and in real life we wouldn’t be his friends but are we being hypocritical in this game?
Felicia – I don’t think so cause nothing we are doing is Meanspritied and I really think the stuff he’s doing is Mean Spirited (Spitting coffee out)”
To Felicia.. next to Cirie one of the meanest ones in there.
To Cirie…I wanted you out the day we first saw you (didn’t like her on Survivor either). You are hypocritical. You said about Cameron “just want to grab him by his stupid hair and throw him out the door” (or words to the affect). Well whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Cameron, grab her by her stupid haid and throw her out the door.


Why does it ALWAYS come to the race thing?? I’m sorry but that black race card is always used. Felicia is a bitch who does nothing but still runs the house. She’s nasty and vicious and wonders WHAT DID THEY DO?? Omg reality check sweetie. You’re nominated because you suck not because you’re black. It’s the game sweetie.

Carlito's Way

I was just becoming a Cameron fan and this could have had the most awesome week, then Cam chose to trust Jared and spilled all his excellent plans. Trusting the worst and most entitled person in the house. I was hoping Cam was playing him but it seems like he trusts Jared more than anyone (for whatever unknown reason! Can someone explain this to me??). This makes absolutely no sense as he had him on the block and was responsible for Red leaving. How is it remotely possible Jared is his confidant? On top of that, Jared almost had a stroke when Cam said he wanted to replace Felicia with Cirie. He blew a gasket. Did this not wake him up? Imagine if Jared did not have the benefit of having his mama there. This would be a totally equal game. But he does and it is just stinking up the whole game, in every way because they are so nasty, in every way. Jared is a poison in the house, backstabbing anyone that threatens his mama and him. NOT FAIR. Now everyone knows Cam’s plan and they are all working against him. Last I heard, Jared will leave noms the same, betraying Cam’s wish to take Felicia down, and Felicia will go home. So we will be stuck with Jared, Cirie and Izzy plowing through the game. I don’t recall a season so tilted as this. Very disappointing and hard to swallow when so obviously fixed.


What if Cam is playing Jared? Who knows. He might have set Jared up to see his reaction to putting Cirie up


I truely hope so. I hope he is smart enough. His last time as HOH, didn’t he promise fireworks if Red took someone down? … and they never followed through so don’t I believe it until I see it.


Typical, Felicia playing the Race Care with her “He wants two BLACK females GONE”. Rather then race maybe it’s because you and Cirie are running the House…

Carlito's Way

Also, just read a comment on another site: “I just watched cirie and meme say that matt is lying about being in the special Olympics and claiming that he isn’t deaf then cirie mocking the way he speaks… I really hope that cirie loses whatever sponsors she has. Shame on her.” Does anyone know if this happened? I used to love this game, but these deplorables have ruined it. I keep watching because I want to see them kicked from their perch!

Oh my

It’s probably true and I wouldn’t doubt it.

Game fan

Find it VERY hard to believe


It’s not true.


That is a stretch. Cam isn’t putting cirie and Felicia up for that reason. He is too much of a dick. At the same time, the fact that Cam is so disgusting in the way he talks about people, describes people in the house. It’s sick. It’s weird how people are rooting for him and his bullying ways. Watching him talk is painful on another level. Something is wrong with that guy. Just because other people crapped on him, his true colors showing doesn’t exactly say to me ‘go cam go!’

The way he talked to Jag about his physical appearance, threatening that he will flip this b if jag tells anyone about their deal. Then Cam tells JARED???

And you all like this guy???? Screw Jared also but whaaaaat? Cam is a slimebag. He can do no wrong while doing the thing he tells no one else to do. O. K.

Just bb

It’s not that we like this guy it’s just that we are looking for some kind of shake up of power. Thus far the show has been very boring and predictable. They need a taste of their own medicine.


Maybe because the rest of the house (Jared, Cirie, Felicia, Izzy….) has said things to Cam to make him believe Jared is the only one in his corner? Because of what they have told him he doesn’t trust Jag, Blue, Corey, America…. so who does he think he can trust other than Jared who from the start said he would make Cam his +1 for his buddy outside of the alliance plan they came up with.

Oh my

Jag has said terrible things as well. Let’s not act like he’s some innocent sweet victim. He’s been very insulting as well. Jag sits there and looks pitiful and then run and talk major crap.


I’m are we watching the same show they are calling Cameron horrible names roach etc come on and shut up you look stupid


I LOVE Cameron. After the 8-2 vote to evict Red, it became painfully clear to Cameron that he was lied to. Cameron is trying to zero in on who the ringleaders were behind the “oust Red” debacle and putting the blame on Cameron. I think he knows it was Jared, Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy, and he is “fishing” other’s opinions and actions to confirm his suspicions. A man who spent nine years in the military can read people a lot better than you think, and knows how to interrogate others without those to whom he is speaking becoming aware of his motives. He knows the chances of him going home soon are high, so he wants to do as much damage as he can for Red’s sake. Houseguests who want to come off the block or don’t want to be a replacement nominee will give up a lot of information.


I do agree with a lot of what you all are saying. I just don’t see how you can ignore him being nasty like the others. He’s ‘smart’ but making a conscious choice to talk that way. What is to like about that? I’d be more impressed if he chose not to lower himself to their level. That is my point. We already know everyone else sucks. Why are we acting like he isn’t an asshole teaching his daughter that women are all emotional and guys are all ‘bros’. It’s sick. But hey! The military!!!!

Bryan Rockholt

Don’t start trashing the military over this. This was MI MO thinking on the subject and everyone has a right to their opinion. As far as military goes I am a veteran and have been married for 45 years and I treat women with respect and I still open up all doors for my wife to enter first and open her car door for her so please don’t put ALL military veterans together


Remember two years ago when a racist alliance systematically targeted and evicted all of the other “non-black” demographic players (even though Hannah and Azah were not black – as to be black you have to be a descendant of North American slaves, and not the daughter of privileged immigrants who arrived twenty years ago)?

un autre nom

Azah was the one that said Hannah isn’t a real member.
It was Hannah and Kyland that weren’t considered full member for being mixed.
Azah was always a member in good standing.

Oh my

Felicia, Meme and Ceri are three mean spirited, nasty females. The ugliness that comes out of their mouth is hard to listen too. Being a person of mixed race, hearing Felicia play that card ticked me off a bit. There’s real racism in the world and she’s so out of line going there, when that man has not shown an ounce of racism against anyone in that house. Them calling Cameron all kinds of foul names and belittling that man behind his back, is disgusting and disgraceful. Have any of them looked in the mirror? There are quite a few labels they would fit. Cameron has every single right to play his own game. What a bunch of goons!

Spot ON

“RIGHT ON” …(lol)

un autre nom

So the punishment was basically to walk 5km in a pig suit.
3.1 miles. in a pig suit.
just to put out the reality of were they ever going to fail given they had 12 hours.

un autre nom

I still doubt Cirie’s name is even in the veto bag.
Didn’t have to secure safety night one. Lost hoh one baaad. Lost hide and seek HOH. Lost crapshoot minigolf. 2nd out pressure cooker. time in popularity comp 12:00, winning time 0:45. last pick head to head trivia…still lost. first out tf trivia. NO VETOES PLAYED.

And she’s kvetching about ANY-one else’s performance.

Cory and Matt have thrown EVERYTHING visible. Matt is currently valuable…until she learns Matt is gathering people to vote out Izzy.

Felicia is pulling racist propaganda again. Same as week one when she was on the block.
It’s her go to mindset.

Bowie. was the most loyal bbbitch and they shit on her, Tayloring her endlessly until she turned on them. And it’s her fault.

America. kissed her showmance for the first time last night. Guess what: that was for game in Cory’s head so that he retains control while he shit talks her to his allies.

Blue: was on the rebellion side. twice. For 24 hours each time.

Matthew schneider

Un autre nom once america gets voted out and after the season ends and she watchs back she will drop cory in real life hes a horrible showmance meet be the only showmance in bb history where 1 half is talking bad about the other person in that showmance that showmance is fake its all game for cory she is getting played by a 21 year old kid i thought she was suppose to be this smart women who went to brown ivy league school if you look up her profile she actually did go to brown hes nothing but a snake hes the rat who told jared she is targeting them a rat and a snake if does that to his own showmance those allies shouldnt trust him either


I’ve always (recent years actually) thought that not everyone’s name is in the veto choose chest..it’s seems so apparent that production only puts in a few chips with who they want to play….

un autre nom

bbcan is pre-arranged veto players. we know this due to the costumes showing up with labeled garment bags for veto players the day before veto picks. Schlumpy Eeyore keira found the bags, thought prodo was gifting new clothes, read out the names and had a depression meltdow beacause they didn’t get free clothes. The night before veto players were ‘picked’ in the pantry.
Why would we believe bbus is any different?

un autre nom

It’s interesting.
Felicia’s punishment effectively curtails Cirie’s game.
Jared makes a mess. Can’t run to mommy.
Runs to Izzy. Her response: Can we not make enemies while I’m on the block?
Matt has pushed for Bowie to vote out Izzy.
Cam is still referring to Felicia as the cook. The hired help?
Cory will never be an equal to anyone in the house because he overhyped his l’il brother stupid kid role. Now he wonders why nobody takes him seriously.
The weird Bowie / America invisible subplot: stalking/assault survivor thinking the flirt deserves it when the guy goes creepy.
Meme: who cares. Nobody in the house would vote her to win. shut up. It’s true.

Here We Go

I wish Jared would get caught in his lies. Meme gets the floater award.

Spot ON

“Cirie – we got to ask ourselves are we the hypocrites.. I know this is the game and in real life we wouldn’t be his friends but are we being hypocritical in this game?”

Bingo! Exactly what I’ve said. NONE of these people would talk to each other outside in the “real world”.

CIRIE and MATT on the Santa Monica Pier enjoying a brew and oysters?

un autre nom

Airhead had the open door to say ‘no more grenades, we’re good’ to Cam when Cam pitched keeping noms the same.
Nope. He bused EVERYONE.
Airhead is now coaching Matt on how to clean Airhead’s mess.
4 different lie/subterfuge intermingled plots. All so Airhead can be told not to use veto.

Cam already grilled Matt.
Cam won’t care. He already got the answers he wanted.
Without mommy wiping his arse, Airhead is the messiest player in the house.
Without mommy, in a regular season, Airhead would be a pre-jury boot.
Now we know why mommy is there.
(Well that and stuntcasts get paid more as a signing bonus to appear).

Queen Catia

Jared says a whole bunch of mess to the other houseguests when he has these convos one-on-one. Why any of them, even his own mother, take him seriously is beyond me. He is a pot stirrer to the nth degree with no original moves!


I wonder if Cirie will try to arrange a 6 – 3 vote. Dangerous for Izzy.