“Its time to not give a f**k about their feelings no more because people are already playing mad dirty.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:18pm Pool – Jared and Blue
Jared – I do not f**k with that kid BRO! (Cory) As far as the game goes.. I cannot f**k with that kid. He is too dangerous. I am telling you BRO, I am so done! I’ve been done for a long time!! I have been so done trying to keep up relationships with people in this house with people that there is no need to. I am going to do my best obviously but for some people there is really no f**king need to BRO. He is like number one.. So like next week in the event that I do win.. its him and America (as noms). Blue – or Jag? Jared – Or Jag, yeah. The only reason why I might do Jag actually because if Cameron wins veto we can still get rid of him (Jag) and I would be good with Cameron at that point. But if Cameron don’t win veto, then I got to hope that whoever does is willing to take down Jag or America or Cory. I am not going to do Bowie no more. Its just a waste, she’s go no game without Cameron. In the event that he is gone, she’s got nobody to latch onto. So if I was to put her up on the block and he stayed.. It would only be worse for me. I am not worried about it, it wouldn’t necessarily help. Cory, America or Jag being gone in the event that Cameron does win (veto), its fine for me. At this point, either of them three being gone is good for me.

Blue – I want to win HOH.. I want to be theatric .. dramatic. Jared – Now that we getting down to the people that we getting down to.. and essentially two of the people that I wanted to be in the jury with are not there any longer .. being Reilly and Felicia. Its time to not give a f**k about their feelings no more (good jury management idea). Blue – yeah. Jared – because people are already playing mad dirty. And one thing about me is if it going to be up, then we are just going to let it be known. Like its not going to be a secret beef. I am not doing that sh*t, that’s just weird. Blue – Cory is definitely falling for America. Jared – oh I know. Blue – They (Cory & America) kissed last night. Don’t say anything. Jared – that’s funny. Blue – then I asked over or under (the sheets). BB blocks the feeds.

12:34pm Bathroom – Meme and Izzy.
Meme – that fact that she (Bowie) is so… girl I am done with her. Izzy – I was talking to him (Cameron) last night and said you want to be so mad at me .. Well Bowie Jane was in every room I was in when we were talking about things. And after the vote, one of the reasons she said she was crying and so sad was because now the house is automatically going to lump her to you and she doesn’t want anything less. That is what she is saying. Meme – OH and what did he say? Izzy – nothing. And I was like I just work on the bullsh*t so I thought you should know that. Meme – since ya’ll are besties now. Izzy – yeah exactly. And I was like I want you to know that I see her in your room once every hour throughout the day…so just think about that motherf**ker! Meme – clown! Izzy – This piggy don’t play!

12:55pm Living room – Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – I tell you he is so conniving it wouldn’t put it past him (Cam) that he would try to make a deal with Izzy last night saying if you get on my team.. I am going to put both of them (Felicia & Cirie) on the block. I think he would. Thinking that, I save you if you save me. Cirie – MMMmmhhmmmm.. because he is going to need help. Felicia – and at the end of the day he would feel safer with her than with us. Cirie – exactly. Felicia – I wish I could just figure out what he is really planning. Cirie – I told you what he is planning. He wants me bad! Felicia – you think? But why? Cirie – I don’t know ..because I think he feels like because I played on Survivor so I shouldn’t be here. Felicia – you think!? Cirie – MmmHmm.. because he has a good old hatred for me. A deep sea hatred. I am not even going to call it a hatred.

1:28pm Backyard – Cory, Cameron and Bowie chatting on the backyard couches. Meanwhile inside Cirie and Felicia are chatting about the past events of the season on the living room couch.

2:10pm Backyard loungers – Blue and America
America – talking with you and talking with Jag I think is helpful because I just want to be solid with you guys and I already feel solid with you .. its more with like him that I want to be more like come here lets do this, you know?! Blue – no for sure, I get that. I think us three should have a conversation. Me, you and Jag. America – yes, we’re never in the same room together.

Word Games by the pool

2:49pm – 3:40pm HOH room – Jared and Cameron
Jared – the first one isn’t really an option for either of us is it? You don’t really want to put Matt up there? Cameron – F**K NO! Jared – because we lose Matt, totally and completely. Cameron – yeah done! Jared – so we just stuck with the two (Izzy and Felicia). Cameron – so we just work out a$$ off and Izzy goes. I believe off face value we got Meme’s vote. I think we got Cirie. I think I can talk to Bowie and beg her out of this. I don’t think we would have to beg very hard. Bowie would be like alright. I think Matt understands that Izzy is easier to get out right now. Jared – okay, that’s five. Cameron – that’s it. Jared – we got it. Jared – its locked. Cameron – and I think I save face value because all night I told Izzy I wanted to keep everything the same. You’ve told everyone that you want to keep everything the same. It keeps us from dropping grenade and then people looking at us again because I’ve already ripped the Band-Aid off. I think I’ve made enough of a display keeping things from people that if I do it again it will be seen as maniacal and dirty and evil. I think this saves us a little bit of face. You don’t use it, let the house decide what they want. We still get a little bit of love from the mamas. I think Cirie is willing to work after this because she knows what needs to be done. Cirie will be willing to listen. I won’t trust her for a second. Jared – me either. Cameron – but she will be willing to listen and she knows she needs help competition wise. She knows she will need to be on her best f**king behaviour around us. We’re good for one week. Cirie and Felicia will try and pull Jag. They know they ain’t getting me a$$ back. They on the fence about you so they’re going to approach you. Bowie joins them. Cameron – Izzy has been the runner up 4 weeks for HOH except for the pressure cooker.

4:08pm – 4:28pm Havenot room – Matt and America.
Matt – I think we’re fine this week. I mean I hope I am fine this week. America – definitely. I asked him .. Cam and I am pretty sure he said that I would be fine and that I don’t have anything to worry about. It was more like the people that were comfortable before, shouldn’t be. He just thinks that they’ve been too comfortable. Matt – yeah he seemed really mad about that. He wanted one of them gone. And he kind of joked about the family whatever.. America – family style?Matt – yeah. America – did he? Matt – yeah because in the beginning it was all eight of us minus Reilly. Matt – if you try to work with him (Cam) don’t be surprised if he blindsides you. America – I mean, look at what he did to everyone. Matt – yeah, I mean its nice he’s winning and stuff but its not true protection. America – not reliable at all, I totally agree. No there is no working with him. Matt – its too scary. America – You really have to watch what you say around him because I know I’ve been in the situation where I’ve said something to him just going along with him and then he will tell people like oh she said this. And I am like it wasn’t like that at all. I feel good with Jag and Blue. Matt – I feel good with you and Cory. America – I am pretty sure its going to be Felicia leaving. Matt – yeah. America – next week lets say Cam goes.. then what? Like if they win, they’re going to come after us. Like there is still Meme and Bowie that are like free but we need to figure out something so that we’re all together. Matt – yeah.

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There’s so much hate seething from some of these people.


In the 1980’s I loved wrestling. I was a big Andre the Giant and Rowdy Roddy Piper fan. It was staged rehearsed and you know FAKE.
At the beginning I LOVED Big Brother. It was humorous and competitive. Now it is just FAKE.
These players are just shameful, boring and reading a script.
I miss the idea that wrestling was real just like Big Brother. I watch out of habit not out of wanting to see anymore.


I’m not, never was, and never will be a wrestling fan…but from what I know of it the participants are creating and playing characters. Those characters are following a script of sorts that tells a story, sometimes based on what the fans of wrestling want to happen. BB is supposed to be reality tv, actual people making themselves characters of a sort based on situations they find themselves in. I have always said that it is not reality tv, a more accurate description is contrived tv. People behind the scenes are manipulating situations, conversations, and the people so that characters are created and the story they want to be told is told. Past HG’s have said that the producers manipulate the show. “Expect the unexpected” hasn’t meant anything for quite a while. These people are already speculating about which comp will be next (the only thing about them that changes are the themes/decorations) and anticipating who will make a certain kind of move that someone did a few seasons back. I think BB could be good again if they actually got new comps and created game changing situations like Survivor has. (i.e. Losing or gaining an eviction vote, a veto nullifier, or the ability to gain an advantage in the HOH or Veto comps)


I always loved Ric Flair. Whooooo!!


The Nature Boy. Whooooo

Not Jason’s Holly

All the while the mamas are sitting on the couch because if they move, they have to “kayak”! They are thinking Cam is sitting in the HOH watching them! He’s actually outside talking with Corey on the couch. LOL Paranoid much?


Who is this? Who is a bad-tempered, aggressive, greedy, delusional. Loves” being angry. Is extremely selfish and childish, and at tense times mentally unstable.
Felicia or Ren?



The Beef

I read somewhere several days ago, maybe even weeks, either here or on Twitter (now X) that Cam had a “Confederate” tatoo on his chest, and was all up in arms about it.

I saw the photo of Cam by the pool posted in the update above and now I understand. Even then somebody posted the explanation that the tatoo was the logo of the U.S. Army Cavalry division, but didn’t describe what it looked like. It’s two crossed swords with the letters U.S. beneath them, and it looks NOTHING like anything having to do with the CSA, except for the fact the two swords resemble an X, as does the Confederate battle flag.

Some people are looking for anything to get upset about, and it doesn’t matter how wrong they are, they just choose to be upset anyway. Like him or not, there’s nothing wrong about that tatoo, and only a moron could see that and immediately think that’s a Confederate symbol, especially with the letters U.S. directly underneath it.


Thank you, The Beef, for making that clarification to whomever posted about the tattoo on Cameron’s chest being a Confederate flag. I thought the same thing when I saw the tattoo in the picture on this site. Thanks, Simon and Dawg, for posting it.


Correct, officers in the 1st Cavalry Division wear the crossed sabres on their hats and as a collar device.


Remember Julie Chen’s sign off line,,,LOVE ON ANOTHER…..boy did CBS get this was WRONG.




I am hoping next week Jag wins HOH, he keeps his promise about not putting Cam on the Block. I want Jag to put Jared & Izzy, or Jared & Cirie, or Jared & Blue.

I want to see Cirie, Jared, Izzy & Blue running around the house nervous. I love how they feel Cam is being a jerk because he is targeting Cirie, Felicia and Izzy, but it’s ok for them to sit around and talk about if they win HOH next week, Cam is up, and hopefully evicted.

Jared annoys the hell out of me, bro this, bro that, and what’s up with wearing the Black and White rag on his head every Live Show ? Is that suppose to make him look cool ? I think it makes him look like a wannabe tough guy, Jared needs to be put on the block.

Cameron, Jag, Matt, America and Cory need to work together, the other side of the house with Felicia, Cirie, Jared, Blue, Meme, possibly Izzy, they are limited when it comes to being able to win competitions.

I understand this is a game, and I do not hate any of these people playing the game, but I do have an issue with the way Felicia, Cirie, Jared feel like they are so entitled, Jared saying you need to show him you have value, if you want to work with him.

Come on Jared, you won an HOH that your Mom threw, so you could experience being HOH. Now you won a Veto this week, not because you are very athletic, not by Skill, but the Veto Competition was take a prize away from someone.

Gee, Jared, you’re really kicking butt, why does Jared and his crew feel Cory and America are not really trying to win competitions ?

I’m hoping Cameron is still here next week, I am pulling for Cameron, Jag, Matt, Cory and America working together. I’m ok with Meme switching sides, team up with Cam & Jag, I would if I was in the house.

Cirie, Felicia, Bowie, Blue so far have not proven to be people who can win competitions, unless they are simple and easy, besides, from what I’m seeing, the other side of the house just seems mean, talk crap about Cam and Jag, Cory and America, play the game, stop making it personal.

Thanks to Cam, this week was not the same ole same, Jag & Blue on the block, I hope Jag wins HOH next week, or even America, put Jared on the block, tell him to show you that he is not throwing comps, put Cirie on the block next to him, that would be a interesting week.

Matthew schneider

Azmdw we all know that jag, cory, matt,cameron and america wont work together not happening this players are too stupid


So I see there’s been more messiness happening and Cameron may be hit with another dose of reality soon, lol. I have had to majorly catch up because my nephew got married Friday and he and his bride had the wedding after-party on Saturday

un autre nom

Sunday Nominations Episode delayed start to 845 pm
How do they twist this up to look like it was all according to plan for the stuntcasts?
HOH: Manson
Noms: Granny and Iggy
Veto: Baby Airhead

Chillers hoaxed by Legends25.
Cam targeted for the family plan.
Default HOH targets Cam for mommy veto oops
Jag new target? almost
blindside Bowie and Cam
nobody celebrated.

Cam is piiiissssed.
Felicia is worried
Bowie is piiiiisssed and teary
Jag worried he’s target again
Jared acts like he’s in trouble.
Bowie is saying why am I on the outside. Cirie is saying bbbitches still exist. Felicia puts the bitch in bitches. Everyone fake shining Bowie. She’s mad she’s excluded. He’ll trust you, that’s why we screwed you.
Bowie d/r basically lying bitches.
Matt mad he’s kicked out.
Jag thinks 7 Deadly Sins better hold.
final 2 Chillers known
RED had a hate Cam campaign Cam D/R didn’t believe them.
bathroom bullhorn. stinkometer. gas masks for a stink 10.
Examples: Blue gets a 10. Jag gets a 10. Felicia’s used to it. Cirie 10 middle of night. America losing hair.
Cam / Bowie commiserate. 2x backstabbing alliance members (Hisam, Red).
Bowie D/R again? More than her season average.
We got played. you’re my #1, I’m not telling you my plan y’ol paste eater, you.


Cirie gets the spill.
Cupcakegate. Felicia has lost her mind…. ASIDE: LIKE IT’S NEW?
FELICIA SLEEP SINGS. Cory translates.
Cam / Blue 1 on 1.
You da pawn again. Bad acting. Busing.
Cam D/R: suck it up.
Cam / Jag 1 on 1.
Promise me safety. Don’t tell anyone.
Jag won’t tell. Cam d/r time to realign.


DATE NIGHT FILLER. Jag / Matt. the Reilly Boys?
Cam / Everyone 1 on 1’s … Jag / Blue noms.

ORDER: Bowie. Jared. Cirie. Meme. Cory. Matt. Jag. Blue. America.


I spit out my juice when Cam started with the pies and Felicia was so confident that she took her teeth out. And then when she realized she was in trouble she slowly put them back in. That was funny to me.