Jared “Ya’ll don’t deserve to win. We’ve been doing all ya’ll work and ya’ll sit so f**king comfortable bro.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Kaboom.. Izzy and Felicia on the block. Jared isn’t using the veto. Felicia will likely go home.

Power Of Veto Results

* Jared won the veto
* It was a prize swap POV competition
* Jag got the $5,000
* Cameron got the Europe Trip for two
* 5 costume punishments for 48 hours
* Matt costume has something to do with Josh Duhamel dinner (card board cut out or something)
* Felicia and Cirie have a Kayak Costume for two.
* Izzy and Cameron have to wear pig suits digging dirt for 12 hours LOL

7:18pm When the feeds return from being blocked – Cirie and Felica are in their Kayak costume. Anytime they want to move around the house they have to both get in the kayak to go anywhere. They can take it off to sleep separately.

7:18pm Games Room – America and Cory
Matt – I got to figure out how that happened. America – he was definitely talking to them during. Cory – no I saw that .. I got to figure out Matt, that’s my problem. America – I mean Matt wouldn’t have wanted it because he would have had to decide what to do and pick between the two. Cory – Jared winning, I don’t know what he is going to do. America – he will keep them the same. Cory – he will yeah. It is only a matter of time before the old America narrative comes back because you’re too close to Cam… if they’re targeting him, you’ll be a pawn.

7:20pm – 7:45pm Bedroom – Jared and Blue
Jared – especially Cory, I am not really speaking for America. I group her and him as one. Like Cory is getting out everybody who possibly threatens the fact of putting him up. Like that is it. Like he wanted Felicia gone. He was happy that Reilly was gone. He was happy that Hisam was gone. All three people that wanted to put him up. Even when he was talking to me he was kind of like saying I need Jag gone before Cam. And I am like BRO what?! I am like bro trust me I am not that hugest fan of Jag either but I feel the same as everyone else that Cam has to go before Jag… there is not ifs ands or buts about it. But that is what f**king kills me with Cory. Like this week life would have been so much easier if he was in the same boat as us. Nobody even knows about the f**king 7 bro. Nobody knows about it but the 7 is in the most danger when someone outside of the 7 wins. And Cory and America are not trying to win. Its evident at this point. She even said I am happy I am not playing. I was like I bet you f**king are! And even if you was playing you would probably throw that sh*t. That sh*t is killing me bro. The reason why you’re able to coast by is because you don’t have to play and when ya’ll do you don’t play your hardest so ya’ll never have to make a decision. Granted, if I sit next to you in the end I feel like it is an easy win but I don’t want ya’ll getting $75,000… at this point its becoming personal. I don’t want ya’ll to come in second. I would rather lose to somebody.. or come in second any day before those two bro. Ya’ll don’t deserve to win. We’ve been doing all ya’ll work. And Ya’ll sit so f**king comfortable bro. Like truly yo! Cam feel that way about Felicia and Izzy but bro its the furthest thing from the truth because they have to maneuver everyday when there is beef in the house… especially Izzy. She has to maneuver everyday. And they’re (Cory & America) f**king liars. Like America was trying to lie to be last week about the whole pressure cooker sh*t. You gave me the reasons why you threw it so why are you now trying to tell me that you didn’t. Like that is pathological bro. I am fed the f**k up with those two BRO! What is going to happen if they do win? I hate sh*t like that. I would rather be against my enemies other than people like them bro. They are so f**king unpredictable. They’re not unpredictable .. You just know that they have no loyalty to absolutely nobody. No f**king BODY BRO! And that sh*t does not f**king help. I just want this sh*t to start moving. I am just so anxious to get him (Cam) out. I have to listen to him turn himself on… like he said I am the f**king King. Can you believe that?! Blue – I actually can believe that. He definitely isn’t a good a player as he thinks he is. Jared – he’s a great competitor. But comps is just one aspect of this game… you’ve got to have a GREAT social game in here BRO.

7:55pm – 8:47pm HOH room – Jared and Cameron
Jared – Jag got that F**king $5,000! Cameron – good because I am going to use that sh*t. The f**ker already got $5,000 lets get his a$$ out of here! Jared – how you feeling bro? Cameron – I am feeling great. Jared – exceptional? Cameron – I came in here and I was like you cannot script this. No one could have written a better script of whats happening right now. Jared – I know we were talking about it.. I don’t know if I want Matt to win right now. I would much rather the power be in our hands. Cameron – when he didn’t use it, I just couldn’t wait for Jag to lose. Jared – so what you thinking Bro? Cameron – I mainly have a question for you. Two questions.. ONE do you want to play this chill? Or do you want continue the mayhem and blow some sh*t apart? And I mean blow this motherf**Ker out the frame? Jared – what are you talking about? What the f**k is going on BRO? Cameron – the first question is what the f**k do you want to do? Because once we go here we can’t go back. Jared – I know! Cameron – you have to decide to do it.. I don’t want to just tell it to you until you tell me you want to do it. We’re not going to do it if you don’t want to do it. Jared – do you want to jump of the bridge or do you want to use a parachute and jump off the bridge? Cameron – I am not trying to mess with you. Jared – how about this I say it and you say yes or no… because I am almost positive I know what you’re talking about. We leave them the same .. playing it safe. OR this is what I don’t know what we do.. do we backdoor. Cameron – wrong word. What do you want to do. And I will tell you what I think is going to be a bombshell. Jared – if you’re saying its for me … its Jag but that’s what I was thinking. Cameron – that would be this whole week was for nothing. Jared – okay because I need one of these motherf**kers out of the house badly. Cameron – what do you want to do? Jared – I want these motherf**Kers out the house. Cameron – so if you don’t care who it is. Jared – I don’t care who it is. Cameron – you tell me that you’re ready to drop grenades.. I’ll do a fly by. You just have to commit to doing it with me and we do it together. Because there are going to be pros by doing it this way. Jared – that means there are going to be cons. Cameron – small ones.. there will be cons regardless. There is going to be mayhem regardless if it gets used or not. If we drop the grenades people will scatter and not know where to go and we will be the only ones that have a little bit of control .. everyone else will be lost. Jared – so you’re ready to get rid of Izzy? Cameron – what do you want to do? Jared – I want to get rid of one of these motherf**kers. Cameron – if that’s all you want. If you’re ready to ride with me, then lets f**king ride. Jared – these are my top three prospects that I need out of this house in order .. Jag, Izzy and as much as it pains me I need Felicia out. Izzy just because she is f**king annoying bro and I am sick of that sh*t! Jag threatens me in this game. Mama Felicia last because she threatens me almost as much as Jag but I just don’t fear her winning unfortunately as much as I fear Jag winning. That is my three. Cameron – you just tell me if you want to ride and I will tell you what I am thinking. Jared – BRO how many times do I need to tell you this sh*t? Cameron – do you want me to tell you what will be awesome or do you want to hang on to it that way you can deny everything and say na I am not going to use it. The plan is going to be that you convince everyone in this house that you’re going to keep noms the same .. which I know you can do. You need to convince everyone including yourself that you’re not going to use it. That way everyone is calm. Everyone thought and thinks including you that I was going to put up Jag.. HERE is the beautiful part if you want to F**King do this, then we’re going to f**king do this all the way. We’re pulling the pin, flipping the spoon and dropping this sh*t in the hole. So here is what is going to happen.. I am trusting in your to play your role. You’re going to make sure everyone thinks you’re keeping the noms the same. In a span of two days Felicia will lose her mind. If she believes the noms will stay the same she will spill more dirt on Izzy than anyone in this house. Let her.

STEP TWO – You do take Felicia down. Jared – F**K. Cameron – let it wash over. Jared – F**K that’s two people in this f**king house again bro. Cameron – step two you take Felicia down .. she is so grateful that her adopted son finally pulled through. That she has an ally because for the last 48 hours she’s been running her mouth. In you she has an ally. She is going to hate me but she doesn’t know we’re close. STEP THREE – I put Cirie next to IZZY. Jared – okay that makes sense. Cameron – No one is voting out Cirie. Everyone loves Mama C. Izzy packs her bags and the whole time she has to sit next to her best friend while they talk sh*t about each other and or campaign for themselves. Cirie slowly starts to separate herself from Izzy and finally has to start playing this game. Izzy has been her eyes and her ears. We will remove that from her. Jared – that is very true. Cameron – Izzy leaves this house and Cirie is on an island. How poetic for a person from survivor. Jared – we have to be sure that people don’t vote out Cirie instead of Izzy though. Cameron – not from the temperature I’ve been checking of the house. Jared – BRO what thermometer are you using?! Cameron – everyone wants Izzy to leave. Jared – BRO Jag. Cameron – count it out. Jared – Me, Matt, Bowie, Cory and America .. f**k no! You see who they’ve been buddying up bro! And that is another thing I wanted to run by you.. I am f**king sick of those two (America and Cory).
Jared – I truly whole heartedly believe if we put Cirie next to Izzy.. Cirie is going home .. no if ands or buts about it. Cameron – who do we put next to Izzy to make sure Izzy goes home? I need her to go home. Jared – in my opinion .. we can’t because certain people that are a guarantee .. it starts getting sketchy. And you know who .. you know who can go up next to Izzy to make sure Izzy goes home. Cameron – who? Jared – Matt. Cameron – No. Jared – we can’t but that is the point I am trying to make. Cameron – we either leave it the same or …. So here is what I what to know Izzy versus Cirie. If it comes down to it.. I mean that is the move I want to make. Jared – do you think you can get an honest answer out of America? Cameron – I think I can buy her for a week. Jared – I don’t know bro. Cameron – so my back up on this occasion is that we leave it the same. You talk to Blue and I’ll talk to Matt.

9:07pm big Brother switches the feeds to the kitten cams..

9:24pm The feeds return – Matt is now in his costume with his buddy Josh Duhamel.
HOH room – Matt and Cameron.
Cameron – do you want me to tell you what I want to do or do you want to be left out so that you can be clean.. because I don’t want to do it without you. I literally need you. Matt – right, I know .. there are a lot of things you can do for sure. Cameron – I don’t want to do anything you don’t want to do. You’re my dude. Matt – I just know that those two are on the block. I mean I don’t want to go up if that’s what you want me to do. Cameron – NO! Matt – I mean I trust your decision. Its your HOH. Cameron – I know that. I want you to know what I want to do. How about I run scenarios .. Felicia or Izzy who do you vote to stay? Who do you vote out? Matt – Felicia we could get out any time. Izzy is going to be harder to get out. She is going to be good at comps. Izzy could be more dangerous later on. I am also annoyed with Felicia because she is probably the reason why Red is gone. Cameron – Jag or Felicia? Matt – I would still send Felicia. Cameron – Jag or Izzy? Matt – I think Izzy is scarier. Cameron – Blue or Felicia. Matt – I think Felicia because POO. Cameron – Felicia or Cirie? Matt – I think I would still do Felicia. Because what Red told me .. if Felicia stays she is going to win it all. Cameron – Cirie or Izzy. Matt – Izzy is more dangerous. Cameron – okay. Matt – that’s how I feel. Cameron – I would never put you in jeopardy. I ran through ten scenarios and the one I want was in the mix. I want to keep you clean.

9:25pm – 9:45pm Bathroom – Jared and Izzy.
Jared – how do you feel about Cory and America? Izzy – I mean I feel good unless you know something. I think they’re voting for me to stay. Jared – Cory is definitely not going to vote against you for Felicia. Cory f**king hates Felicia. And Blue already told me she wasn’t going vote against you. Izzy – Is there anything I can say to him in the next 12 hours while I’m with him? Jared – oh no, no. Izzy – then what do I do with Jag? I don’t think Jag is against me I think he is trying to be self preserving. So Jag can’t win HOH next week. Jared – that is what can’t happen. Jared – you’re here already.. next week. Izzy – but every week its going to be a fight until Cam is gone. I mean next time he is just going to put me and Mums right back up. Jared – if Jag don’t put Cam up. Izzy – we have to convince him to put him up like if he wins. Like we have to convince him that that deal is bullsh*t. That that dude is bullsh*t. Jared – I know I am going to tell him.. Well I can’t tell him because then he will bring it up to Cam. Izzy – is he so mad about this punishment? Jared – oh yeah.. he was like and I f**king got to be here for 12 hours in a f**king pig suit! He was like I need Izzy gone tonight. Izzy – I can’t wait to be happy the whole time! Jared tells Izzy about Cams plan to put up Cirie. Izzy – so his plan was to put up Moms and still vote me out? I am still on the block. What is the point of putting her up? That is his big plan, like that is dumb. Jared – because he said he is positive that is the only way you go home. He didn’t want the opportunity of one of you coming down. Izzy – so his order is Me, Felicia, Cirie. Jared – he said that Cirie came up here running her mouth and I just wanted to tell her to shut the f**k up. Izzy – he is disgusting. Jared – I was just in the back of my head like I can’t wait to get your f**king a$$ out bro. I got to indoor that sh*t. And I’ve got to bad mouth ya’ll. So I got to be like yo, f**k them. He wanted me to tell everyone I was keeping things the same so Felicia runs her mouth and then end up saving her so that it breaks that bond between Cirie and Felicia.

10:09pm Storage room – Izzy and Cory.
Izzy – Jag made a deal with Cameron. Jag knew he wasn’t going to go up this week and he promised Cam he wasn’t going to put him up next week. Cam told Jared. Izzy – PLEASE don’t tell America. You told America about Zach and I didn’t know you were going to. Cory – yeah I told her two days ago. Izzy – I am just saying this is my a$$ on the line and this is Cirie’s a$$ on the line and this is our four a$$ on the line. Cory – everything that I tell America .. if it can damage my game .. I tell her and if it damages any of your game.. there is not even a f**king chance. Izzy – okay cool. But if Jag wins HOH next week he needs to go back on that deal and backdoor him. Izzy – he (Cam) said if me and Izzy have to be tied together for this thing.. she will have to sleep on the floor. Cory – well he doesn’t love you. Izzy – I am just saying this guy is disgusting.

10:42pm Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia
Felicia – he is a f**king snake. Cirie – he snaked Reilly. He snaked Red. He doesn’t give a damn about us. Felicia – hell no. Cirie – he’s been waiting to have this BBQ for the longest time. Felicia – so the question is, will the house trust him enough to vote with him. Cirie – they don’t trust him at all. Ain’t nobody trust him. Felicia – He’s scared enough to say he wants Izzy so we got to keep Izzy. Cirie – they know he can’t play next week. Felicia – because if all of ya’ll buckle to him now, we just handed him the key. Cirie – if I get into the jury every person I work on I will be like na.

11:20pm – 12am The live feeds return to Cameron and Izzy in the backyard in their pig suits running back and forth scooping dirt in mugs. They need to move 2,000 mugs of dirt within 12 hours. Jag – this is why I wanted to play big brother. BB keeps blocking the feeds.

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Jared still has no clue. He also has no social game. Oh how I wish Special Olympic suporters in California would protest on or around the studio grounds.

Game fan

I do hate him and his game play, but his social game is really good. No one picked him and the Knock out hoh.
Cory and cam believes he is with them.
Felishia and meme thinks he is with them more than izzy . I think Felicia even thinks they are f2.


Jared seems to be able to be a smooth operator around certain people and then let out his anger in long rants to the people he trusts. I don’t agree with his negative views of other houseguest, but I give him props for being able to rant and rave about someone and then turn on the charm when around them. It’s hypocrisy, sure, but it’s also great game play

The Beef

You must have loved Andy from Season 15. I abhor anybody who plays the rat game, and this season we’ve got 3 to choose from in Jared, Matt and Cory. As far as I’m concerned, all 3 of them suck!

Spare me the whole “lying is part of the game” spiel. I know that. What I don’t appreciate nor respect, is taking information from somebody you’re supposed to be working with and sharing it with the enemy. That’s backstabbing, also known as turncoating (from the revolutionary war days), and why those types of people are known as “rats”, some of the most vile dirty creatures on the face of the earth.

Nobody likes a rat, and when the games over and people find out what these 3 did (like America, Blue, and the people close to Matt like Jag, Bowie, Blue and possibly even Cam and Red), those relationships will likely be over, and rightfully so.

Oh, and Jared’s self-righteous ranting about other people throwing comps and coasting is such a joke when you consider that both of his “wins” were gifted to him, one in a comp where the winners select who goes next, so targets go much sooner and more often than those better aligned, plus he won because Izzy missed the last answer, and two when Jag and Matt had the choice to take the Veto or not after he was finished in THIRD place, but chose not to do so because Jag took the $5k and Matt (idiot that he is) took an unknown “prize” that turned out to be a punishment instead. I guess Jared doesn’t consider his own mother, who usually finishes last or next to last in any comp she is in, to be a “coaster” when ranting about these things. Maybe he ought to think about her first, before trashing the girl who held that button down for 14 hours, when he could only manage 1.5 hours himself.


The rantings of an entitled idiot … ugh. I feel sorry for that hair roller having to listen to it all.


Hey Jared, it also helps your social game to have yo momma in the house….BRO!!!!

Game fan

Besides maybe izzy i think he has strong connections with the others by himself . And blue & cam is more loyal to him than to cirie

Matthew schneider

I think america would be a better player without cory i really think showmances do 2 things 1 can keep you safe and the bad sides are showmance makes you a target and your more worried about your relationship than playing the game thats why i dont think america and cory are not very good more worried about there showmance than the game

Verdella Fisher

Cory may be worried about America. He’s a kid. With her few years on him and a lot of guile, she’s doing pretty well. Cam has power and she is sucking up pretty well. Her approach is a bit myopic.


Hide my purse people!!!!!!it’s wanting to swing at an ignorant, whiny, dingbat!!!!
Honestly, enough with the BRO thing. Uggggh….wish there was a way to get this entitled, unintelligent (based on comps…not being a mean girl with the insults) human (the most kind word I can think of) out ASAP! I’m actually upset this guy is here and no back door (even if it was fanfic in my mind) opti9n for him to slink away ?


What work has he been doing for them?

un autre nom

Imagine telling someone that anyone that says Cory’s name, he makes sure they’re evicted without ever winning a comp…as not playing the game.
Seriously. Social engineering the downfall of anyone that says his name… isn’t playing.

What I REALLY want:

Let’s remember: Blue and Jag are secretly happy about the nominations.
One of the BIG detractors to working with Cory was he was spilling info to the Fields coalition. Jared mad at Cory ‘should’ technically make them want Cory more.
But it’s Blue.
Blue is lettuce 1/2 the time, busing her allies the other half.

Why is Jared upset?
He made a Cam deal. for his own and mama’s safety.
Cory engineered his own safety.
America engineered her own safety.
Jared can’t take credit / doesn’t have control anymore when it comes to them. Jared hates not beibg superior. For 5 weeks he’s had Mommy giving him the upper hand.
Their showmance STILL cuts into his CHEATMANCE screen time.

Melissa Rayman

Jared is jeolous of Cory it shows.


It’s because Cory can speak in complete sentences and Jared can’t.


I LOATH Jared. I took a brief BB break while he was HOH because I can’t stand him. He’s so immature, his language skills grate on my nerves; his mama is his best game asset and he’s her worst game asset. I now need to read all the updates I missed here. I did see Red went home the last show I watched. At least he’ll find out by watching the show that Cam didn’t betray him. Now it’s time for Cory or America to win HOH & put Jared & Cirie on the block together.

The Beef

I can give you a hearty thumbs UP here!

Pretty clear Jared has been babied his entire life, and most likely anything he ever wanted mommy made sure he got it! Now he’s in the BB house and he wants to be in charge – TOTALLY. If anything doesn’t go the way he wants it to go – on the floor he goes and we get a 5 year old’s tantrum complete with kicking feet, screaming and tears!

He not only wants to be the center of attention, he NEEDS to be the center of attention! If Jared isn’t the one making deals, ain’t nobody supposed to be making any deals, and that’s just the way it is because mommy said so.

That’s the reason why I said a couple of updates back if Cam could find a way to use the veto, put Cirie up and get her voted out, that alliance would implode with the fight as to who would take her place as leader with Izzy, Felicia, Jared and Meme all four trying to take over! My opinion is the whole thing would ignite and explode as none of them will agree to take a back seat to any of the other three, and a civil war between them will likely ensue.

Now I’d be up to sit back and watch that!


Jared is the biggest idiot on BB to date BRO! Shut the hell up already, you sound more stupid every time you open your mouth! You lie and are too stupid to be in this house. God I can’t stand he and Cirie have a leg up on everyone else, really not fair. Those 2 make me ill.

Here We Go

Agree 100%. Mama Cerie is trying to get baby into a lucrative reality career. He is useless. Such a loser so full of himself.

Matthew schneider

Jared thinks his this comp beast and both hoh and his pov were both handed to him


When he was complaining to Cory about America throwing comps – SERIOUSY, she stood for 14 hours in the pressure cooker & that little punk didn’t make it an hour did he?

Not Jason’s Holly

Sounds like Matt was actually the winner but he didn’t take the veto from Jared.

un autre nom

Anyone listening to Cam’s veto proposal to Jared can now 100% see what I’ve said about Cam failing to see house dynamic, preferring to see his own fairytale narrative.

Tell Jared, who nom’d Red and Cam, and was Felicia and Cirie’s errand boy in his fairytale 2 weeks ago… to save Felicia, so Cirie can be renom… to evict Izzy.

Seriously, the guy MUST believe that people enter suspended animation when he leaves the room.

un autre nom



Another Dixie

Or did he say that to see just how Jared would react? I would love to have been watching when they had that conversation. He knows Jared wants to protect Cirie &his putting out her name will get a reaction, especially when Jared tells Cirie. Only Jared was told, right? How did she find out? hmmmmm

un autre nom

He could be testing Jared… but i think he wasn’t expecting pushback at all.
When he quizzed Matt he should have learned anyone leaves before Jag, izzy felicia are a toss up, cirie stays.
An observant HOH with 3 sources saying Matt saved Jag and Matt loves Cirie would know.
All Cam would have learned is izzy goes v Cirie.


Perhaps but I’m with Another Name on this one, Cam doesn’t even consider it as an option.

And to be fair, unlike her son, Cirie would know enough to keep her mouth shut & not run straight back to Cam to call him out for saying I wanted to tell her to STFU & maybe now you’ll start playing the game.

Now if the roles were reversed Jared would be up in the HOH in less than 5 mins lol.

The Beef

I actually liked the path Cam was on right up until he pushed the Cirie nomination. It should have been clear to him at that point Jared wasn’t interested in anyone but Jag, Izzy and Felicia, as that’s EXACTLY what Jared had told him, despite the fact Cam was prodding him to go further.

Cam should have known anything after that was just Jared telling him what he wanted to hear.


I was rooting for Cam since I knew he was on the attack and not for Jag and Blue. So happy that he won HOH.. Until now.

We all know how stupid Jared is but would he be stupid enough to take down Felicia and put up Cirie? No way… Cam gave a valiant spin hoping he would bite but I don’t think Cam knows that she’s his mother. Or maybe he’s pretending not to know and he could expose her and Jared after he gets her on the block saying she has got to go for lying to everyone while her and son played both sides of the house.

I can’t figure him out a lot of times. If anyone but Hardened won POV… Why didn’t he just throw it to someone else? He could have avoided this whole mess – But I suppose he had to protect Cirie.
Had such hope of seeing mother and son in red chairs but it’s not a total loss. They still lose a number!

Game fan

If he knows and he says things about cirie to her son, that’s even worst


Does Jared seriously think that saying bro every other word and slapping his fist into his hand and repeatedly saying the same thing is going to get what he wants? I’d be like calm your ass down boy get a grip.


unfortunately,it probable will get him what he wants


Don’t call him boy. I dint like Jared but don’t call him “boy”


BOY 1. A male child, from birth to full growth, especially one less than 18 years of age.

2. A young man who lacks maturity, judgment, etc.

JARED, 1. A male child, from birth to full growth, especially one less than 18 years of age.

2. A young man who lacks maturity, judgment, etc.

Spot ON

It’s likely that “Boy” has a different meaning to CAM and RED.


Cirie calls him baby.


It’s my guess that calling him boy is due to him acting so immature.


But he’s acting like a boy, or a manchild, NOT a man.


But Cirie can keep commenting on Camerons hair…which happens to be afro-ish?

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He’s nothing but a beta male.


I agree…probably just a reference to his age, but we cant forget the history of using that word to refer to black men

Just bb

Eye roll


Cam should agree to whatever Jared wants just so long as he uses the veto…and then puts up Cirie. Cam has nothing to lose. He’s gonna be targeted next week anyway.


This twist is so unfair to all the other HG’s the show is getting hard to watch.


Was watching dick and Dani hard to?


Dick and Dani’s relationship was out in the open from the start. The HG’s could make so-called informed decisions about them fairly.


This is HUGE. Having a family member in the game in secret is one of the biggest advantages you can have.


Dick and Dani’s wasn'[t the only relationship twist that season. It was the actual theme, not something hidden and cheat;-like.


Everyone knew they were dad and daughter on day 1 of their first season. There was no built-in secret mole. Huge difference.


In addition, they didn’t know they were going to be in the house together that season. Jared said the quiet part out loud in the DR — he and his mother had a plan coming into the house.


Or the twins (x2), or Paul, or Nicole F, or previous hamsters returning as players/coaches, or Grodner picks like Jackson mICKie, etc.

It’s part and parcel of Grodner’s plot line. They have an earmarked winner every season before filming starts. Very occasionally it shifts but not without that hand-picked favorite getting the benefit of INDIVIDUALLY timed comps, direction in the DR, and rumored ability to go practice on upcoming comps, etc.

It used to drive me insane especially when it was people like mICKie but I’ve acquiesced to just accepting there will be a preordained Grod fav & I’ll just cross my fingers I like them or that the popularity of another player will at least allow them to be in the running.

Senior Citizen

So, Is Cam using JarHead as a chimney, blowing smoke to see where it flows — or is he really that trusting of the guy that put him and the RedHead on the block? My opinion, it’s all smoke without the mirrors.

I wish the Mexican America would tell Cory To f-off, but he’s a number if she needs one. Maybe! Since this is BB, can anyone be trusted for more than one week? Or one day?

un autre nom: I love your usually insightful posts, even though some are sooo long.

Backseat Driver

I agree with you about autre nom….he/she has opened by eyes and opinions about this BB…..what I also want to say here is let’s not under estimate Cam…..yes, he is blowing smoke up Jared’s a$$….he may surprise us all—if Jared takes one of those ladies off the block Cam may blow this game up!

un autre nom

Compared to previous seasons I’m writing pamphlets instead of my usual novels.
I’m having keyboard issues, so everything is a LOT shorter except episode live reaction recaps.


You have no idea what you’re talking about


Can they send Jared to the netherworld? He gives himself pep talks every time he speaks and it’s cringy. I think cam is playing with him. I’m not sure this season can be saved.

un autre nom

Jared planning what he’ll do when he’s HOH again.

last in puzzle night one
lost default comp hoh2
lost crapshoot hoh3
first out hoh 4
default winner hoh5
last in veto
default veto week 6.

his record is other people’s errors giving him a win, 3 last places, or choosing wrong in a 50/50.
comp beast.

un autre nom

Why we see Cirie continuously turn on alliance members loyal to her: Survivor mentality.
She’s considering her alliances as tribes. She’s considering eviction votes to be tribal councils.
Reilly was so blind loyal to Cirie that it made her a moron.
Hisam was a loyal asshole.
Red? Totally loyal to her.
But they had sway over others, or attempted to keep themselves safe without her input.

Jared suffers an exaggerated form of this. What are you doing for me? Why are you talking to others beside me? How dare you make a deal when I made a fake alliance…why are you trying to save yourself?

Izzy The Pigs backfat

They should make Izzy say “oink” every time she scoops up a cup of dirt.


What should the misogynistic pig Cam say?

BB Karma

While everyone bitchn and moaning about Cerie and Jared, remember Dick and Dani? It’s obvious big brother will let the guests know at a certain point of the game just like in their season, so everyone can calm down.. Jeez it’s just a game smh

Another Dixie

No one had to tell the others about Dick and Dani. That season everyone had a partner from their life.

Carlito's Way

And they hated each other.


To be fair, Dick didn’t hate Dani. He said that he emailed her all the time, but he hadn’t heard from her for 2 years.


Not everyone. Only 3 people were paired up with someone from their past. So 6 people had a connection out of the 14 houseguests.