“who do you want to compete against in this HOH the dude that won three or the girl that was handed one”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nicole did not use the power of veto.
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2:22 pm Enzo, Memphis, and Cody
Memphis – there’s no reason we don’t make it to the finals/ One of us will win HOH
They talk about making sure they’re “locked-in” for the veto.
Enzo says once Christmas campaign to him he’ll let them know what she said.
Memphis leaves..

Enzo – for real YO I think we get rid of Christmas YO that’s my idea.
Enzo – He’ll cut you on final 3 he’s not cutting you right now
Cody – really? then why was he trying to get me thrown on the block and backdoored this week
Enzo – I thought he said Christmas not him
Cody – he literally went nad himself said it
Enzo – to Nicole?
Cody – To Nicole
Cody – he said hey get a big target out I want to sit next to you in final 2 blah blah blah …
Enzo – were f***ed they’re both coming after us. Christmas and F**ing Memphis
Cody – no they’re not coming after you
Enzo – first you than me
Cody laughs “which puts you in the final f**ing three”
Enzo – if I’m sitting next to f***ing Nicole I’m getting sliced.
Cody – not by Christmas, Christmas wants to split me and her up
Enzo – Christmas wants to split me and you up
Cody – she says that to Nicole
Enzo says Christmas doesn’t talk game to him anymore because she’s made a deal with Nicole.
Enzo asks if he’s had talks with Memphis, “Like yo if I’m on the block with Nicole what do you do”
Cody – what do you think he’s going to say?
Enzo – you gotta look through to his soul
Cody says he doesn’t look through people’s souls he’s not a “human lie detector”
Cody – if somebody does X that means you’re going home and he tried the backdoor
Enzo – Christmas told him I think she’s going to do it
Cody – how many times this week did he come to me and say Christmas is trying to get you backdoored.. ZERO. For me that’s enough
Cody – Memphis is playing the bullshit and lying right to my face. You are the f***ing person I can’t trust at all
Enzo says Memphis never told him anything about backdooring Cody and they are supposed to have a final 3.
Cody explains that Memphis knows he’s tight with him.
They laugh at how Memphis and Christmas will cut them and take Nicole and she’ll win again.

Cody – Nicole ain’t winning this game again. I just don’t trust him at all. Zero trust in him.
Enzo – I trust him more than I trust Christmas that’s where I am at..
Cody – I trust him less by a lot. Christmas is like.. is straight up.. she doesn’t come to me and bullsh1t and lie..
Cody asks where were wiseguys all week when Memphis was trying to backdoor him.

Enzo – but you know if you are on the block WIth Nicole She’s (Christmas) cutting you over Nicole. No matter what
Cody – there’s hasn’t been one competition that Christmas has done better than me
Enzo – doesn’t matter now.
Cody – It does matter. I’m here for Comps. this is where I am at the end of the game.
Cody goes on about at this point they want to cut people that are better than them in comps. “Tyler was better he was on the block he goes. Memphis is up he goes.. next week we f***ing send home who we have to send home and then we’re fine”
Enzo – Christmas is playing better than Memphis in comps. I think Memphis has lost it
Cody – which one
Enzo – just the last couple of them.
Enzo stresses that Christmas will take Nicole over them.

Cody stresses that Memphis was trying to get him backdoored.
Enzo says that Nicole is trying to set herself up so that Christmas cuts them, “She’s setting this all up”
Enzo – Who is Nicole tight with? It’s Christmas!
Cody – ver us two
Enzo – no no not over us two.. she has nothing with Memphis she has something with Christmas.
Cody – do you think Memphis is loyal to f***ing anything he has with anybody? Memphis is worried about what Memphis can get how is he getting to the finals and to beat whoever he’s sitting next to and that is not with us
Enzo – he’s taking us to final 3
Cody – no he’s taking her. He thinks he’s beating her every single time..

Cody – who do you think you can beat in a comp?
Enzo – I can beat both of them what the f***
Cody – it’s about who do you feel more confident beating?
Cody says if they keep Memphis which Nicole doesn’t want and Nicole ends up winning the veto and Memphis wins the HOH.
Enzo – we’re f**ed yeah.. I’m gone

Cody – who do you want to compete against in this HOH the dude that won three or the girl that was handed one
Enzo – I’m tighter more with Christmas than Memphis but I feel Memphis will take us..

3:03 pm Christmas and Nicole
Christmas talks about the last season she was on near the end she was zombified from the pain pills this time she’s feeling the stress more.

Christmas – did you get a read on Cody?
Nicole – no. I have not.. last night nothing no alone time and he was n a weird move.. and today nothing.. Maybe tonight
Christmas – Enzo reassured me
Nicole – Good
Christmas – multiple times before
Nicole – good
Nicole says normally she would have been truthful to Memphis but she’s worried he’ll get into the minds of the guys, “that’s the reason I lied about it”
N – As long as you know..
Christmas – when did you tell him
N – yesterday afternoon..
Christmas – I think last night we were talking but he never said anything. He even asked me when was I going to start campaigning. I was like honestly at this point people have made up their minds before the veto was used.
Christmas asks if Cody told her his only priority was Enzo “how do you know that”
Nicole says she’s just guessing it’s pretty obvious “Two pairs”

4:15 pm Nicole and Cody
N – Do you still think getting rid of Memphis is best right?
Cody – I don’t know what do you think?
N – I don’t know .. she’s like.. me losing that comp was good for me because I know I need to be more locked in and stuff. I was like ohh my gosh. I just don’t want her to win.
Nicole – I do want him to leave for sure. But..
Nicole says that Christmas was asking her if Cody ever mentioned anything about wanting to take Enzo to the end.
N – I was like NO.. the only thing I said from an outsider’s perspective you and Memphis are together and Cody and Enzo are together.
N – I’m just playing dumb.. I was like why would he tell me that

Cody – for me like for the final 3 like Enzo is just going to be so easy to beat
N – I know.. I want Christmas but worst-case scenario maybe I could get her to vote out Enzo

4:39 pm Enzo and Christmas
They agree to use the veto next week to break up Cody and Nicole.
Christmas – if I win the POV next week I’ll be like well the only way I was able to guarantee my safety was to get the votes because you weren’t using the veto on me.. SORRY
Enzo – she put you on the block.. you’re life in danger with only two votes.

Enzo says he likes Memphis a lot but he doesn’t gel with him like he gels with Christmas
Christmas – he’s a specific spice..
Enzo hopes Memphis doesn’t get made when he votes him out this week.
Enzo says he swears on his family he wants her in the final three he needs her in the final 3 stresses that’s the only way they both have a shot.
Christmas – if we get to final 3..
Enzo – there’s one person to go after. that’s it..
Christmas – she has only herself.
Enzo – she’s jumping on Cody’s back hoping that he destroys this next week. it’s all about who wins that POV
Christmas points out that Nicole and Cody have been studying the comps since March “if I had March to prepare for July”
Enzo says he loves Memphis but his connection with Christmas is better.
Christmas – we all know if Cody stays he’s winning
Enzo – he’s winning
Christmas – no matter what
Enzo – what the f**
Christmas – he’s going to win his way to final 2
Enzo – he’s going to win the whole thing that’s it. In his mind, it doesn’t matter who he takes to final 2. At that point will he take Nicole if we’re there.. He probably does because he’s better friends with her since the beginning I’m winning already .. who the f*** knows
Enzo – if we can make a move we have to

5:15 pm Nicole and Cody Chit chat about Season 16
(What does season 16 and 22 have in common? they’re the two worst season of BB)

5:40 pm Christmas and Memphis

6:11 pm Christmas and Nicole
Christmas says the talk with Enzo went well. Enzo told her that Cody was on board to keeping her.
Christmas – he was like Cody thinks she’s less than a threat.
Nicole – awesome.. YEAH!

6:12 pm Memphis and Cody
Memphis – we’ve done good work..
Cody – it’s crazy… one more sleep and it’s literally two weeks.
Cody – hows Christmas doing?
Memphis says she seems very content. “Which is halfway creep”
Memphis – I don’t know man. you think she’s not going to say anything to you that seems crazy to me man
Cody – I don’t know what to say to her.
Memphis says that Christmas has spent the past 48 hours trying to back door him.
Cody says he’ll just say to Christmas flat out he’s not voting for her.

Memphis going on about how Enzo needs to start winning competitions.
Cody farts.
Memphis – that’s what I think of Enzos game play right now.
Cody – I’m like dude can you get locked in. He’s like I’m trying
Cody says the two of them in the final 3 with Enzo is “easy f***ing Money” because they will blow throw him in the comps.

6:56 pm time to eat.

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I bet that tongue can do wonders…..

Miss Impression

….for Grod


Which tongue? Please say Cody’s! Like….?


I like this season and 16 better than 9 and 15 for sure


Nicole, BB Godess.

The ultimate goat


dont do drugs.

Dan's the Man

Lars is obviously a troll. Ignore him.


Was bb 16 that bad???


Most indubitably yes. It was a season full of lemmings following Derrick’s every word and where I think the whole season was unanimous votes of voting someone out of the house.


BB16 was great, They just hate Frankie, i never understood the Frankie hate, he was a great player in BBUS and CBBUK,.. its odd, people hated Andy in BB15 and i also thought he was a great player, i really don’t wanna think its because theyre both gay, but all the hate is not deserved, they both played great games.


Shine Bright like a Frankie


Enzo….stop with the shenanigans. Memphis is WAY better at comps than Christmas is. It would be stupid not to vote him out on Thursday. Take this shot and you better not miss…

Miss Impression

Yeah,vote out the guy who wants to take you to final 2,smart.


So you think that Memphis is the only one that will take Enzo to final 2? I doubt it. I believe everyone may take Enzo to the final 2 because they think they could beat him.

All puff and no stuff

Thank you for not only listening to this drivel, but for typing it for us. This all feels so forced and I feel kinda sorry for the players. I could go another five years before I contacted any of these folks after the season. “Free”!!!


Cody is getting far too greedy by bringing nicole and christmas so far in this game. yes memphis has played better which makes sense to take him out. But a bitter Jury dont give AF. they are better off bringing him than nicole because people will vote for her to make it a joke of a season.