Cody “ONE f**king beer!? I’m NOT even thankful! I’m such a POS!”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nicole did not use the power of veto.
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7:20pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table chatting. Enzo – two more weeks! Cody – 15 days!

8:20pm – 8:45pm HOH room. Memphis, Christmas, Nicole and Enzo.
They reminisce about Christmas’s fight with Bay and Day earlier in the season. They talk about how Kevin got zinged about being boring. Nicole – he might be boring, or they just might what us to think he’s boring. Christmas – so you think I’m cold!? Memphis – no you are cold! Christmas – I am f**King you up tonight! Memphis – I’m going to have to sleep with one eye open bra! I am frightened for me life. Kevin just moped around a lot maybe that’s all they showed. Nicole – I feel like Kevin was the underdog and people like the underdog. I feel like mine was the worst. Memphis starts talking about the fraternity he used to run / be a part of. He talks about the “hordes and hordes” of women in the sororities.

9:24pm – 9:35pm Christmas finds 5 beer in the storage room. Cody – ONE f**king beer!?!!! Christmas – Oh my god! Hold on! Pump your brakes! I’m taking your beer! Cody – I am NOT even thankful! I’m such a POS! They head back up to the HOH room to chat about random things.

10:20pm HOH room Charades… So this happened..

12am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Crazy Christmas

Watching “Competition Christmas” pump herself up is hilarious, her delusions that she is so great at Big Brother and she is going to win at the end LOL yet she was dragged along last time and she has been dragged along this time. I don’t think she has ever had a shot at winning, not even against David.. seriously lol



Trying to stay a fan

I don’t know. She won 1 HOH. Just like Nicole. All she has to do is win a POV to be even with her. I dislike Nicole this season. She did nothing until this week. She played the same as she did the season she won. It was bitterness that gave her the win. Cody sits back and act like The Godfather this season. Derrick in his season went to people and talked to them. Cody just sits and waits for them to come to HIM all season. I don’t particularly like Christmas, but I would love to see Enzo and Christmas as Final2 just because I dislike both Godfather and Coins more.

The Beef

Christmas has already won a POV. In fact she’s won two. She did it the same week she was HOH and she won during the triple eviction when Memphis was HOH. She also won a safety suite competition, so she is ahead of Nicole in competition wins this season 4-2.

Bb fan

Coming from a person who thinks that Nicole is a level of player as Victoria. Which automatically proves that you’re inept Beef!!

Newsflash Victoria was a coaster like Kathy from BB 12 and Raven from BB 19!! They just exist in the house and have no strategy and just live Day to day while being thee worst competitor in the 20 year history of the show by having no chance literally 0 at ever winning a competition or ever having a strategy to throw a competition or never having a freaking clue at how to pull numbers by being be in a real alliance and leveraging people to their advantage in why the deserve to be in the game by securing votes or protected by allies. The Ultimate reason why a coaster always loses and finally gets eliminated is by their own PASSIVITY!!

Nicole has played a far better game than Christmas it’s not even close!
Xmas HOH she Took out Bayleigh who is so bad at the game that she told Xmas her final 2 and Bayleigh still thought that a final two is personal information!?? Not to mention that Nicole got second place that week throwing that Veto to Christmas!
There is strategy to throw competitions! Unlike Christmas- Nicole does at much better job at not exposing herself!

Christmas won her second veto she her and Tyler completely screwed their game up by taking a swing and miss at Nicole in voting her out over David which completely exposed her and Tyler. Ultimately leading to Tyler‘s eviction the next week! Tyler left last week which allowed Nicole to take him out with no blood on her hands because he voted her out.

Now Nicole is taking out her other ally in Memphis! Not mention that Nicole now has Christmas in her pocket going into the final 4 targeting the boys (Enzo and Cody) if she gets into power. Nicole has had a Better social game and Jury management than Christmas and it’s not even close!

You have no idea what you are talking about because you do not have to win competitions to be great at big brother Dr. will won zero competitions in two seasons and is deemed as the greatest. He was deemed as a puppetmaster because he Perfected the art of being a floater by not winning any competitions intentionally throwing them a majority of the time and manipulating both sides to think that they both had his loyalties and argued why it was better for their games to keep him because of him being disliked so much by the other side similar to how Nicole used being called a snake to her advantage throughout BB 18 as she even said during her jury closing argument in 2016. After Nicole was able to convince co HoH Natalie and Michelle not to be on the block and for Paul and Victor being up there in the Block. Paul’s own words in front of the entire BB 18 house referring to Nicole: “Something tells me that your good at this game and not me!”
The fact that Paul used those words in front of the whole house to describe Nicole and still took Nicole to the final 2 shows why she deserves to win over Paul and how great she was In BB 18 to manipulate both sides of the house in why it wasn’t in their best interest to take her out!

A floater is somebody who goes with the power week to week from one alliance to another in order to survive when they aren’t in a position of
power by either getting in the good graces of the HOH or being aligned with a large number of voters. A floater has agency which Nicole has proven that she can do over all three
seasons of Big Brother because Nicole knows how to play the
Their loyalty never gets exposed by putting themselves in situations where they don’t have to show their hand hints why Nicole threw the Veto competition to Xmas so Nicole didn’t expose herself to Davonne
or with the Committee alliance. That is why Nicole took out Michelle in big brother 18 so she could ride the middle of the 3 remaining duos and formed a secret alliance with Paul and Victor to take out Natalie so that neither sides were going to target her! That is what you call agency and brilliant strategy!

There is a Huge difference between a floater and a coaster!!

The Beef

*Yawn* I never mentioned Victoria in that 3 line post, nor Nicole really, other than to point out that Christmas has won more competitions than she has this season 4-2. Did I say something incorrect when I pointed that out? And you felt the need to write a “book” to me in response to that?

Your Nicole worshiping is cute. I’m sure she’s glad to have such strong fans like you around when her corporate sponsors are dropping her like she has the plague or something. She’s lucky Derrick hooked her up with Cody, and Cody was smart enough to get her into the committee, because that’s the only reason she’s still alive in this game, that and Enzo’s unwillingness to go against Cody, Memphis and the numbers during that triple eviction vote. It had nothing to do with anything Nicole did – you know that, but won’t admit it because that would require you to admit she’s done nothing in this game right up until this week (she’s had a really good week this week). We just don’t know how much production may have influenced how well she did this week, although after seeing the time differentials in the veto competition, I don’t know how they could have had that much influence in it.

Bb fan

OH PLEASE BEEF – YOU MENTIONED NICOLE in previous post BEING RECOGNIZED AS A COASTER LIKE VICTORIA!!??!! Which is absolute nonsense and sheer insanity to have that take.

You Don’t have to win competitions to be good at big brother and one of the comp wins that you put in there was a safety suite which is not a comp win then you include a veto which Nicole got 2nd place and intentionally threw to Christmas for strategy purposes to not reveal her hand or loyalties to who she was with in house!! That is smart and what you call great strategy- Nicole has great strategy because she had shown that she has great instincts and knows how to throw competitions and win them when the moment is right and still be able roll with both sides of the MIDDLE which shows that she has great timing and remarkable gameplay when it comes Big Brother and you can’t even own it!

With Nicole wanting Tyler to leave and then targeting Memphis as HOH to be out of the house -Nicole has been able to pull in Christmas with her two closest allies leaving!
Going into the Final 4 Nicole has a final 2 with Cody and Christmas.
For a former big brother winner to be in a position like she’s in right now shows how she strong she is at the game because she has GREAT TIMING and knows HOW TO PLAY THE MIDDLE OF BOTH SIDES! If a player pulls that off you have a great strategy and Nicole is in a position to get the end for a second time- if you can’t recognize that feat getting as far as she has twice as IMPRESSIVE than you are blinded by your hate for her!


Nicole might have “won” but it was handed to her. Gotta stack the deck so whiney wins & then convenient she wins veto too. So bogus. Don’t care who wins none of the remaining deserve squat. Cody being coached by Derrick and alliances formed BEFORE show started. BB Allstars are should never have aired. Such a disappointing season. Donate winnings to covid relief that would help many!

Miss Impression

Cody finally said something I can agree with.


Tecate, my second favorite beer. Just bought an 18 pack. Eat your heart out Cod. I’m sure you have a heart since you don’t have any cajones.


Long time viewers, please help me out. I’m watching season 2. The diary segments are so natural. When did the diary segments become scripted? I’ve only watched from season 12 (I’ve also seen 6).


Remember BB jury was inside of the house and more about the players initially. Since the audience, social media boom and popularity the over production has gotten more manufactured.
I’d say when they tried to up the stakes by adding Evil Dick with his daughter or having a long lost sibling Nacomis or Dan’s funeral…maybe even the coup d’etat with Jeff n Jordan and Jordon wins. All seemed like the set up then but at least most of the game play was entertaining and there were likable people.
The addition of social media allows for pregame alliances and people to cheat while production uses those relationships to shape image.


Unfortuately Bibbo, this happens with all reality shows nowadays. The production forgets that it was the chemistry of the cast that produced the good viewing and they start to try and cast “types” instead of real people. That and the rise in the delusional thinking that if they get on BB then they’ll get asked to go on Amazing Race, then maybe on to Survivor, etc. They all have agents now before they go on the show. BB has had the same “types” every year since BB6. I think the Producers learned to behave this way from American Idol. After the 5th season of Idol the producers got super lazy and believed their own hype- that the were F-ing geniuses. They choose the same types every year, and then wondered why they ended up with five WGWG winners in a row. WGWG stands for white guy with guitar incase you were wondering. So American Idol indirectly ruined BB.



if you want to see natural diary segments then watch season 1

Bic Mitchum

So is the target Memphis or Christmas? I’ve been away for a bit


I think mem – but they keep going back and forth

Hugh Sax


Trying to stay a fan

Would rather see Christmas and Enzo as final 2 over Godfather wannabe and Snaky coins.


Just curious, is anyone watching the BB this season on TV? I record it and then days later I try to watch it, but just can’t as soon as I see who is left, I have no interest.

I now fast forward to see if they show jury. Have they showed jury yet?

2020 sucks, this was something I was really looking forward to. My nephew is in prison and they watch it. I tried for YEARS to get him to watch it with me, he saw a few times, and now he wants to discuss it when he calls.

BBAS2 baby

They showed jury in last week’s thursday Oct 8 eviction episode


Well, I cancelled the feeds and cancelled my DVR recording of the show. I’m reading updates occasionally on this site. What a great potential for a season that went downhill fast. Now, my calculations for the winnings:

First Place = $500k (split five ways = $100k each)
Second Place = $50k (split five ways = $10k each)
Sign-on Bonus = $40k
Stipend = $16k (not sure on this; $1k per week?; doesn’t go to 1st or 2nd)

Cody (winner) = $100k + $10k + $40k = $150k total
Nicole (runner-up) = $100k + $10k + $40k = $150k total
Memphis (3rd, 4th, or 5th) = $100k + $10k + $40k + $16k = $166k total
Derrick = $100k + $10k = $110k total
Dan Geesling = $100k + $10k = $110k total
Enzo? = If he’s in the mix, then split the winnings even more

My only consolation is that Cody/Nicole could actually take home LESS than Memphis (and possibly Enzo) if such a prize-sharing scheme was put into place. As for the “honor” of winning 1st/2nd? Yeah, they’ll get a rude awakening on that soon enough.


In that case xmas gonna be pissed.


It’s not only that they only gave one beer, it’s that they gave Tecate. If I came over your house and you offered me a Tecate, I would slap you in the face.


Nicole will regret getting rid of Christmas. She will be the next one to go after Christmas. Hell everyone is playing Cody’s game and not their own. They deserve to lose


Someone said Nicole said on feeds that she’s already won now it’s Cody’s turn to him.




Give them a lot of alcohol. Would love to watch Cody and Nicole drunk…..