Minh “I am really like scared of Kyle.” Sheldon “What kind of scared?” Minh “He behaves like a sociopath.”

11:25pm Kitchen. The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table chatting and eating. Hira is doing a “Cookie Time” show asking Sheldon personal life questions. He then opens up the audience to asking him questions.

12:20am HOH room. Minh is crying to Sheldon. Sheldon – what are you thinking? Minh – I am just feeling like .. i just feel along right now .. you know?! Like I feel alone in this house and alone in this game. And the one person that I felt had my back .. just got himself evicted. So I just feel like I don’t know how to move forward in this situation. It like never ends! It never ends. I was talking to Vanessa and said I just want you to know that I never talk sh*t about you .. ever. And she was like well I am hearing stuff today. Kyle said something and Carol. Then I went to see Carol and she was upset and thinking about self-evicting. She was like this place is hell. I understand where she is coming from because the first week was tough for me and now I am like feel like it is tough for me right now. I don’t feel like I don’t have anyone .. Like how am I supposed to play. When you made that comment in the bathroom – everyone knows you’re a notorious liar .. I thought you were joking but actually you weren’t joking. And I had a conversation with Kyle and he said it doesn’t matter if you tell the truth.. the perception is the truth. And I just don’t know .. I just feel like sh*t right now. Its just sh*tty! Sheldon hugs her. Sheldon – if you feel alone .. you have me personally. Minh – I want to be here.. I deserve to be here. I feel like there are people here that have done nothing. I want to work for it. Sheldon – you’ve been through a lot harder outside of this house .. and you made it out of it and you felt alone. Your fight is not over. Your game is not over. I do not specifically want you to leave. I don’t think others want you to specifically leave either. Whether the perception is true or not .. if the perception helps other peoples game they will make it true. I do want you to stay and would work with you because I don’t believe you would hold any grudges against me. Minh – I wouldn’t. I am really like scared of Kyle. Sheldon – what kind of scared? Minh – not scared like he is going to physically threaten me or whatever .. I just see him as a very dangerous player. I just see that he is really good with his words and twisting his words. Sheldon – Kyle is good. Minh – I am weak to that. He has me speechless. Like how do you even begin to respond to his comments. I see through him .. you know?! I don’t mean to talk sh*t about the guy. Sheldon – he is a very multifaceted person. Minh – I feel like the way he behaves is like a sociopath. He says that nicest, sweetest things that disarm you but there is something about him that is cold. He is too good to be true. Sheldon – f**k Kyle .. you just have to focus on yourself.

12:30am – 1am Bedroom. Madaline and Kyle. Madaline – I am the one that frikin’ snap chats Dan Gheesling ..okay?! Like I love this game! At home I would just like dream about it! Like the past few years! Kyle – how crazy is that. That we would actually f**king be doing this?! Madaline – yeah like even step through those doors .. you know what I mean?! Like that was big! Kyle – i wonder how this is all going to shake down? Madaline – lets just say you are sitting beside someone in the final two like a floater .. you can just see who is a floater.. I don’t have to give names. My biggest fear would be that.. Kyle – I burnt everyone along the way.. Madaline – yes. And if I am in jury ..from the bottom of my heart I wouldn’t want to see a floater win this game and I would honestly try persuade them because you would have my vote over that person that didn’t really do much in the game. And that would just mean they weaseled their way through and I don’t like that. Kyle – I would also like .. if I was there in the end with anyone .. my speech would be very good because I own my sh*t. And I would own everything that I did to everyone. And I made my intentions known to everyone since the beginning. Madaline – MMmhhmmm.. yet you still made it that far. This game is like a mind f**k. Kyle – its tough to stay ahead of it. Madaline – like who is going to benefit my game all the way along. Kyle – if you win next week, who would you put up. Madaline – honestly I don’t know. And I am just being honest, I don’t know if I want to win next week. I just don’t know. There are so many people in this house that I just don’t talk game with and that scares me. Kyle – if I won HOH and I put two people up would you vote with me. Madaline – It would depend on who it was. Do you have a plan? Kyly – yes I have an A and a B and a plan if the veto is used.

Madaline – If your A isn’t Rianne. Kyle – no. Madaline – then I would side with you. Kyle – I would like to establish a working relationship with the two of you. Madaline – that’s what I thought you were trying to say. Kyle – I would just need to know where your guy’s heads are at. Madaline – I would just need to know where your head is at with Vanessa. Kyle – I definitely know you guys want to throw her out. I am not stupid. I know you guys don’t have a relationship with her. She is a strong chick. Madaline – I just wouldn’t think that ..not that I would want to throw her up but I think that she makes a lot of … I am cool with her but I don’t know exactly where her head is at. Kyle – we are obviously close. Madaline – she isn’t someone I would want on the block. Kyle – you would want Chris and Angie up? I want Hira out. Madaline – so if Hira sat beside a pawn? Kyle – I am not sure yet probably. Madaline – why Hira? Kyle – because Hira can’t keep my name out of his mouth. Madaline – personally I don’t have that connection with Hira. But I don’t know about Rianne. I just know she is a lot closer. Kyle – if I win and put him up .. obviously she is going to be working for him? There is a good chance? Madaline – I can’t say yes or no. Kyle – in an act of good faith I would let you know my move before if I won. I am close with Chris but not as close as you think. Madaline – if we were to move forward in this game together .. I would want to keep him because if he is gone .. you would be the next one. Kyle – right. Madaline – if we were to move forward in this game till jury or past that I am down for that and I would not put up Chris. The other house guests come into the bedroom to go to bed.

2am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I don’t watch the feeds but I read an update that said Carol wants to be nominated and evicted next week?? Soooooo…….we would have 2 self evictees, 1 removed from the game and 1 actual vote?? (2 if they go ahead with this weeks ).

They may have to do a get back in for the next 2 evicted houseguests!!! Or maybe a BB vacay in the house where nobody gets evicted!!!

another name

I’m not going to put on my TINFOIL HAT (I’m sure enough people from previous seasons are sick of that), nor am I going to be social justice warrior about things this season. I’ve very much been avoiding comments and attitudes expressed by houseguests that could be viewed as discriminatory or ignorant this season. Do those comments or attitudes expressed by houseguests alter my opinion of that houseguest as a person? Probably yes. Do they alter my opinion of how they play the game? Sometimes yes, depending on if those attitudes and opinions are the basis for game moves. So sometimes yes. I’m not going to go into a diatribe about examples. I’m not going to go on a rant about racism, sexism, homophobia or any other kind of discrimination we know exists. For the most part, the majority of us as a society knows that theses attitudes and opinions are shit. I’m tired. So let’s just agree, it exists, it happens, it shouldn’t, and it sucks.
Can we also agree that the head office (corus), and the production company (insight) most likely don’t spend their day watching feeds? When they hear that a houseguest makes a comment and gesture that is determined to be threatening, they are likely not aware of instigation factors that have been discussed on feeds. They would not know one of the people expressing discomfort has been talking about getting the other guy kicked out more than once, using production rules as a strategy to eject another player.
I did not think Jamar would be ejected. I thought that would be a can of worms that they wouldn’t want to open because of the instigation discussed, and because the show itself has been editing Jamar to be their resident thug with a heart character archtype with about 15 minutes of inclusion in every hour long episode so far. Based on past actions in past seasons (lots of examples in season 5, 6, and 7), I assumed it would be a feed block where warnings are issued, and a sit down with the house would be made, telling them what is and what is not acceptable (looking squarely at season 21 of BBUS for that one). He made the gesture and comments. Therefore, he must accept the consequences. Okay, I can see that logic. I guess I’m just having a bitter taste in my mouth about the production as a strategy aspect. That one is just scummy, in my opinion.
Should they have an eviction?
Closest Canada Parallel:
Season 4. Ramsey quit while he was the veto holder on the block and his only ally in the house was his fellow nominee. He left choosing to use the veto on himself on his way out the door, and not to vote. His ally Maddie was evicted. This is the closest thing we have on the books for Canada. With this as precedent they will most likely continue. Although I completely loathed Maddie (she was such a horrible player and a truly flawed personality), I didn’t like how the situation was handled then. I won’t like it if they do it now.
Admittedly, knowing Kyle made an off the cuff remark to KVBS in the HOH room on Saturday (?) night that it would be great if they could somehow get rid of both Minh and Jamar this week and then knock out Hira, I don’t want an eviction to happen this week JUST because I don’t want Kyle to get what he wants.

I wrote too much again. Happens. This time because Carol is saying she wants to leave. UH-gain.

Tom is a Canuck

Kyle seems to have wanted out Jamar (which he got), now Minh, then Hira. That doesn’t look good on BB Canada.

another name

And that’s without his Angie angst last week. Which always seemed ridiculous. I mean, on a game level, might as well say let’s get rid of that couch.

Just a game

Cancle the eviction!


BB needs to cancel the eviction to save the show and feeds, i.e. we need Minh’s drama and her winning HOH honestly!