“What if Cory told America Lose the HOH and the Veto to minimize your threat”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Veto was not used. Blue is the target.

9:20 am lights on houseguests getting up for the day.

9:32 am Matt and Felicia
Felicia saying you can put any type of food on a grill. Brings up grilling a watermelon.
Matt – your talks were good with Jag?
Felicia – yeah.. I’m just trying to figure out if he wants to shift and keep America versus Blue
Matt – I think if everyone is trying to gun for him Blue is the scariest person she’s the closest in all the comps.
Matt – If Blue is here she will take a shot at Jag.
Felicia says if this is a double eviction it would be ideal to get rid of both.
Matt says America is “way less scary” than Blue. He adds that he’ll go with what the house wants but he thinks going into a double it’s better to get out Blue first.
Felicia – Cirie has calmed down. If she won HOH she wouldn’t take a shot at you guys.
Matt – that’s what I thought. She’s on good terms with everyone she doesn’t need to win HOH she’s not on anyone’s radar.
Matt says Cirie isn’t going to do anyones dirty work.
Felicia says that Cirie will make others do her dirty work for her.
Matt agrees.
Felicia about Cirie “Those are dangerous players. If they are on your side you’re good but you have to watch out for that.

10:00 am Cirie and Bowie
Cirie says she was talking to Matt to see if everything’s the same. He mentioned to her there was some back and forth but everything is the same.
Cirie – What back and forth? between him and Jag?
Cirie – he said it’s coming down to Blue being the better competitor.
Bowie – nominations are still the same right?
Cirie – Nominations are the same he’s not going to use it.
Cirie – god forbid something goes wrong and one of the guys go home what do we do?
Cirie – say Jag goes home, It’s me, you and Matt no question. There’s Felicia and America left. Me you and Matt have to decide.. They will go on the block.
Cirie – we always want to have enough votes to save a person.
Cirie asks who America would put up if she won HOH.
Bowie – Matt and someone
Cirie – that someone can’t be one of us.
Bowie – I still don’t know how good America is as a player.
Cirie – when Cory left he probably told her the smartest thing for her to do is to minimize her threat level and to maintain she’s not a threat. Even Losing the veto is smart for her to do. It highlights a bigger threat. It’s risky but it’s genius.

10:11 am Cirie and Blue
Blue – did you get a chance to talk to Bowie Jane?
Cirie – for like 2 seconds and then Matt came out.. F****.. she was just about to say..
Blue wants to talk game with Bowie but is nervous she doesn’t know how much to talk about.
Cirie – don’t say anything about Matt and Jag to Bowie Jane. I would say. I would make her feel that you are concerned about protecting them with the double coming up.
Cirie – she said things will get sketchy for the boys.. meaning one of them could go home during the double. you will say to Bowie like we have to try and win to ensure things don’t get Sketchy for Matt and Jag.
Cirie adds she should say to Bowie “not that I think Cirie or Felicia will go after them we just want to make sure we win it first.”
Blue – I’m no going to say names I’m just going to say I want to protect MY PEOPLE
Cirie – don’t make her feel any way. You say something about Matt and Jag she’ll run right to them.

10:30 am America and Cirie chit chat about how the final 4 votes goes down while making a peanut butter sandwich.

10:40 am Cirie and Matt
Cirie telling him her theory that America is throwing everything and is really a competition super beast “What if Cory told America Lose the HOH and the Veto to minimize your threat . It would be a risk for her to take then when the double happens BOOM. That is what Bowie was saying”
Cirie – are they that smart
Matt – no
Cirie – again which one? We say how much of a competitor Blue is
Matt – she’s so much better at everything
Matt – when your life is on the line why would you risk losing the veto. You don’t risk it when you are on the block.
Cirie – I agree.
Cirie talking about the final 3 HOH “If I win we are going to the end. I just need to win the first one I don’t care about the second one. ”
Matt – I don’t think Felicia will put me and Jag up
Cirie – she thinks she’s in the four. She don’t want to give up that safety.
Matt says if he wins HOH he might have to put Felicia up.
Matt – Jag has got a lot of wins
Cirie – 7
Matt – that’s really good.
Cirie – it’s going to be hard to talk that down
Matt – if people take a shot during the double at him then he wins the veto and I might get cooked.
Matt – if it’s me or Jag both on the block I would stay.
Cirie – of course.
Matt says in the final four if he wins HOH he puts Jag and Felicia up.
Cirie – right now everyone sees Jag as the bigger target. God forbid if something goes wrong during the double it’ll be Jag not you.
Matt – the problem is if he wins the veto.
Cirie – you have to go for the veto.

10:55 am MAtt and Jag
Matt says that Cirie thing America will be the only one that takes a shot at them.
Jag – do you believe Cirie?
Matt – Felicia just said Cirie is going to make everyone do her dirty work
Jag – is Cirie saying we should keep Blue
Matt – no no no
Matt – apparently Bowie was talking to Cirie and said ‘do we keep America because Cory might have told America to throw the HOh and Veto so she doesn’t look like a threat’
Matt – I don’t think America would risk losing the veto
Jag – no America didn’t throw ANYTHING
Matt – Why is Bowie saying that?
Jag – Bowie asked Cirie should we keep America? We are keeping America.
Matt – either way I am taking my chances with America over Blue.
Jag – I think America would put up Bowie and Felicia.
Matt – good.. you and I control the vote we decide who we want to save.
Jag – if I touch the block I have to win the veto.
Matt – yeah

11:00 am Feeds cut to pound

Noon feeds return Veto wasn’t used.

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Another Dixie

I wonder if Matt realizes that if he wins HOH at final 4 & nominated Fe & Jag, the 4th (probably Cirie) is the one who decides who goes home. Bye Bye Jag.

Game fan

noms doesent really matter unless he wins the veto as well.

un autre nom

cirie would have to win veto to keep noms the same.

Mean Jean

Cirie is already on to Felicia. She is already planting seeds of doubt about evicting Blu. Felicia talks so much she tells on herself. I f it’s a tie vote Jag will have to expose one of his many alliances


America is showing her purple mountain majesties in all their pointy glory.

Matt's Appetite

On last nights episode during Jags HOH room reveal Felicia had her shoes on the wrong feet. Seems like that would have been uncomfortable, I dont know, maybe she was on her period & just didn’t care.


Do you think Fe still has periods.. wow – how out of touch yo are with women. She prob just rushed.


Also – being on your period does not make you forget how to put on shoes. It just messes with emotions and causes pain no man could survive.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Cirie might be in trouble if Jag & Matt start doubting her because of what Felicia is reporting to them about Cirie.

I wish Matt & Jag would pull Cirie aside, talk with her, they need to make her think that Felicia is saying things about her behind her back.

Tell Cirie to keep that to herself, they want Felicia to feel comfortable talking with them, and they’ll keep Cirie informed about what is being said about her, will this work ?? Not Sure.

I have not watched the feeds in the past couple of weeks, is Cirie saying all of the things that Felicia is telling Jag & Matt ?

Or is this Felicia being jealous and trying to make Jag and Matt trust Felicia more than Cirie ?


Cirie is still on the show?

Team Taylor

I expect Blue to be evicted first Thursday night. Then I need America to win HOH and break up the Minutemen.

Otherwise, Cirie may be our best bet at shaking up the game. She’s going to be the next target whether or not she takes a shot at the boys.

Will Cirie finally win her first individual comp on a CBS reality TV competition show? We’ll find out soon enough.


Anyone else just want this season over with already? I just can’t with this


I haven’t watched since season 20, although I do come here to read the great recaps to see if it’s still the sh!tshow that it has now become.

Mean Jean

Cirie just let Felicia know she’s on to her. She told her if she doesn’t vote for Blu and let Jag break the tie she’s playing for herself and not for them. After that Felicia changed to subject.

un autre nom

Why Cirie wants to keep Blue? She said this morning Ci/Fe should throw HOH. Fe agreed.
Neither wants to actually take the shot themselves. That’s why.
Problem: Blue is aiming at Bowie in all of her scenarios.