Jag – “If she [Cirie] stuck up for Blue fully I would have at least respected that” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is the target.


12:18 pm Chilling after the veto ceremony

12:39 pm Blue and Bowie
Blue is campaigning says she’ll protect her people and compared to America she’s the stronger competitor. She points out that her and Bowie are in the same position. Cirie as Felicia, Matt and Jag. Bowie and Blue don’t have anyone.
Blue – I hope I’ve proven that I am not a liar or gioan manipulator hoping you can trust me when I say I got you.
Bowie asks who her people are.
Blue – for me I really trust Matt and Jag. Us four have talked about that before. Personally I love Cirie and Felicia to i’m closer to Matt and Jag even during this experience.
Blue hopes they can be partners. “Is there any way I can prove to you that I will make a really good partner”
Bowie says she’s all for keeping strong competitors in the game.
Blue says if she won HOH Felicia would be her target “She’s played a good game and mentally she’s really strong”
Bowie – She’s super smart

1:02 pm Bowie and Matt
Bowie – she’s trying to suss out where I was at.. I’m like I’m on my own BLAH BLAH BLAH
Bowie – She said I love Matt and Jag but the reality is they are a pair and will save each other.
Bowie brings up how Blue started with wanting to take out the strong competitors then when she realized Bowie wasn’t down for that flip and said she wants to work with the strong competitors.
Matt – she’s all over the place.
Bowie – she was putting the bait out I wouldn’t take it.
Matt says Blue told him if she wins HOH she’s putting Bowie up
Bowie laughs “she said to me she would put Felicia up but really.. ”
Matt – she’s not going to tell you she’s putting up me.
Bowie agrees.
Bowie – She’s so dodgy

They think they hear someone coming so Bowie runs into the toilet.. false alarm.
Matt goes on about how Blue has to go she’s the stronger threat in competitions.
Bowie says Blue leaving breaks up the Blue-Cirie pair “And Jag’s 100% right?”
Matt – yeah
Bowie – he wants Blue out?
Matt – 100 percent, if we stay firm they will vote with us.
Bowie says it was hard having that conversation with Blue. She had to act Dumb.
Matt says Blue thinks she has Cirie and Felicia’s vote so she’s going to work on Bowie.
Bowie – when need Blue to start campaigning hard against America because next week the MOMMAs will want America out.
BOwie – she will have a lot of confidential information. (about America)
Bowie – I only trust you and Jag.
Matt – I don’t want to deal with the campaigning I hate it.
Bowie thinks Blue is close to Felicia and Cirie.
Matt complains about the possibility of Blue campaigning against him and Jag and not America.
Bowie – she can’t, she really needs the votes.
Matt – yeah .

1:26 pm Bowie and Jag
Bowie tells Jag about her conversation with Blue today.
Bowie – the jist of it she wants to work with me she thinks we’re both strong competitors there’s pairs all over the house.. dah dah dah. Everyone will save each other and not her.
Jag – hmmmmmmm yeah….
Jag says Felicia is “obviously down to get out Blue”
Jag – Cirie from what she has told us is down. So everyone is kinda down but no one knows they are all down.
Bowie – Cirie is only down if the crowds down. Really she’s working with Blue
Jag – exactly
Bowie says Blue has nothing on her.
Jag – she doesn’t have anything on me and Matt either.
Jag says as long as it’s not him and Matt on the block they have a “WAY better chance of surviving”
Bowie – WAY better
Jag – as long as the initial nominations is somebody outside of us up there.
They talk about having to survive the double by winning out and ensuring at the maximum only one of them on the block.
Bowie – Cirie was saying this morning.. Ohh Blue wants to protect the boys.. DAH DAH DAH DAH. I was like that’s a weird thing to say.
Jag – Cirie wants Blue to stay so bad
Bowie – cause she’s aligned with Blue
Jag – they’re probably a final 2. they most definitely are at this point.
Bowie – yeah, you know what America said to me last night. we were talking about 7 deadly sins.. we were talking that Blue was aligned with Jard. It was Blue, Jared, Cirie in the final 3. The Jared leaves and it becomes Blue, Cirie and Matt.
Jag – I didn’t know about that.
Bowie – Jared the night before he left came to me with Cirie and proposed.. they didn’t say the words final three but they said the three of us.
Bowie – Cirie has been in on every single f***ing alliance in this house THAT is a concern
Jag – yeah.. Cirie is going to be saying sh1t she’s not going to fight for Blue to stay. She’s in a final 2 with Blue but she won’t even stick up for Blue. She’ll go behind and sell us out and try to plant seeds but she won’t even stick up for Blue so it’s like…
Jag – if she stuck up for Blue fully I would have at least respected that. you know what I mean.. it is what it is. Cirie knows that she can’t stop the wave, Blue is going to be out.
Bowie – Blue’s out
Bowie – she’s also saying that America is faking that she’s not trying to win. She’s trying to imply that America is better than Blue
Jag – that’s funny.. I’m glad you mentioned that. She mentioned that when the four of us were out there.
Jag explains that Cirie said that Bowie was mentioning that maybe Cory told America to throw all the competitions to win.
Bowie – She mentioned that and said Yeah I agree
Jag – she said you mentioned it.. Bowie jane mentioned what if America’s been throwing it.
Bowie corrects him that Cirie told her.
Bowie – I said I agree. The fact that she flipped that
Jag – She’s trying to cover herself AND the fact that we’re talking about it shows she’s really trying to protect Blue.
Bowie says she doesn’t want to say it right now to America “Because America BLABS” but they should tell America that Cirie is pushing for Blue to stay.
Bowie – it’s very sticky that because America can’t keep a secret
Jag – that is true then America Would put up Cirie and Felicia
Jag – America won’t BLab this week and if it’s a doble she won’t have time. It only matters if she blabs if Cirie is HOH.
Jag called into the Diary room.

2:08 pm America and Blue outside chit chat

2:30 pm Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – I think they all want Blue
Cirie – there’s no way she would be on the block if they didn’t want her out. Now Matt is saying he’s put her up twice she can’t stay.
Cirie – I don’t see why she can’t see it.
Cirie – you are part of the plan not the plan you expected though.
Cirie – my only thing that scares me Now I look at it like them two. Me, You or Bowie Jane and America. Who … if I’m them. WHO do I want to take a chance and be with in a final that may be one of them slips through to the end. Now I have to sit next to them.
Cirie – Bowie Jane looks good to me cause nobody will vote for the mindless. (Ouch)
Cirie – America who rode Cory all the way look good to me cause ain’t nobody going to vote for America. Then they have Felicia. Is anybody going to vote for Felicia? Mmmhmmmm maybe.. Cirie anybody going to vote for Cirie? MMmhmmmm Maybe more than bowie jane and America. So Bowie Jane and America look more attractive than we do. that’s what scares me.
Felicia – how does saving Blue help us get to the final
Cirie – she will take the shot and America might not. that’s all i’m thinking. Who’s going to take a shot? For the same reason they want her out because they are afraid she’ll take a shot and not miss. America ain’t do sh1t.
Felicia – if that’s the case we will be needing to take the shot ourselves I don’t want somebody else to take the shot.
Cirie – I know I don’t disagree.
Cirie – right now we’re playing right into Jag’s hand. Perfect for his game. Can’t even deny.
Felicia – I’m thinking about what is the best move for me.
Cirie says it doesn’t matter the vote is locked they won’t change anyone’s mind.
Felicia – we still have our vote. Out vote is our vote.

3:05 pm Matt and Jag
Comparing notes from their conversations today. Matt lays waste to the M&M bag,. They notice Blue coming up Jag runs to the bathroom.

Blue – while I have you here I’ll do my pitch.
Blue says during the double it’s mental and America will win and come after them.
Blue asks if America has been campaigning.
Matt – she doesn’t talk to me at all I think she knows I don’t like her. Her Jokes suck. they’re not funny
Jag – I think she’ll campaign to you.
Matt – every vote counts she better.

They laugh and America coming to jag to ask him to use the veto.
Jag – I respect that as a game player.. I always said from the beginning you should advocate for yourself (What a slimeball)
Jag – why would i Do that?
Blue – why would you do that
Matt – you’re dumb ass for call everyone’s names out.
Matt impersonates Cirie and Felicia “I think you don’t like America”
Matt – GOOD
Matt – they said ‘you don’t really laugh at he jokes’

Blue laughs
Jag – laugh at her jokes?
Matt – yeah.. well they suck. They’re not funny
Matt talks about how america will tell a joke and he won’t laugh. They she’ll think he’s not laughing because he didn’t hear so she’ll repeat it.
Matt- I repeated her joke and she’s like… She thinks it’s because I can’t hear.
They laugh that America thought the reason Matt isn’t laughing at her jokes is because he didn’t hear.
jag – that’s so fUNNY
Matt – i’m not going to be fake I don’t care.. I’m not trying to be mean. I don’t think they are funny..

Feeds flip to America Campaigning to Felicia saying she doesn’t see a path forward for any of them in this game with Matt/Jagg in it.
America – I will gladly be the person that puts them up and takes them out. I will be the shield.
America – they will take me out before Bowie. Bowie is someone they will take to final 3 and Bowie will be happy with that.
Felicia – she will be ecstatic with that.

Feeds cut then flip then flip again back to Matt, Jag and Blue chatting.

They start sh1ting on Cory and America (why not). They go on about COry and America playing the same game but Blue and Jared played their own game and were two independent players.

3:53 pm America playing pool alone.


4:05 pm Blue hanging out in the HOH. “campaigning”
Blue – You know I got you. If I get sent home I”m going to punch you before I leave..
Matt – I’m waiting for America to campaigning.
Jagg runs up tells them they’re grilling they need to head downstairs’
Blue leaves.

4:10 pm Jag and Matt
Matt – It could be fun I miss drunk grilling.
Jag – I want Bowie up here.
Matt – if they see us down with three beers
Jag – I want Bowie. I’m saving one for America for sure.
Matt – and one for Bowie.
Jag – One for you. So that’s three.. I have 6. One for me obviously.
Matt – TWICE..
Jag – yeah you can have another one two. Get one right now.. you want to?
Matt – I’m down. The cider will be easier to drink
Matt – lets bring it down when we are grillin.. this is going to be good.. OHHH it’s 5% too..
Jag tries it “That’s good try this”
Matt – it’s like a sour beer.. it’s a cider YEAH..
Jag – I want to give one to America nad Bowie.
Matt – I can go down there and be like Jag wants to talk to you
jag – who? NAHHH that’s so SUSS that’s so suss
Matt – yeah
Matt – you want any more of the regular beer
Jag – naw kill it
Matt – kill it … you remind me of my college friends.. KILL IT

Jag pours more “now we’ll have this next one… KILL IT”

they drink (But don’t drink to the minute men.. hmmm)

4:30 pm Felicia gets to making dinner.


4:33 pm America gets her drink
Matt – Cheers to surviving this week
America – it’s monday y’all you better not ..
Jag – I’m tell you we’re telling you are safe.

Matt – I’m drunk… the truth serum is out…
Matt goes on about he’s keeping America.

Bowie joins the party. Gets her drink
Jag – just the devil I was waiting for
Bowie likes the drink.

They have their drink and chit chat..

4:43 pm Blue appears to be a bit in panic mode.
Blue smells the raw chicken in marinade. “It smells good”
Cirie – try it
Blue – are you serious?
Cirie – the barbeque sauce.
Blue – I was smelling the raw chicken. I Was like Girl you of all people
Cirie – then that should not have been a question.. yoU should have known what I was talking but.
Blue – Umm… Just make sure you make Matt and Jag as comfortable as possible this week.
Cirie- absolutely
Blue – they are just feeling a little nervous about the whole eviction. AS we all are.
Cirie – mmmmmhmmmmm

5:40 pm we got grilling going on.
Blue – ohh they are looking so good
Cirie – they can’t be done yet


Blue tells Matt to “Squirt more”

6:00 pm Blue get the taste the cooked Chicken.

6:12 pm America plays against Jag in POol (America is extra bubbly)

6:16 pm The BBQ Chicken isn’t fully cooked.
Jag – is this good to have?
jag – I’m going to die now.
America – it’s adds flavour I had all the red stuff
Jag – really?
Felicia – you should never see pink at the bone that’s how you know it’s not done.
They laugh that Jag got salmonella poisoning.
America shares a story about Cory cooking chicken for his girlfriend but it wasn’t fully cooked. Cory ate all of it to prove it was cooked and he threw up all night.
Matt – yeah I remember this story

6:21 pm Felicia and Bowie
Felicia – See her meat wasn’t done either
Bowie look ‘Ohh that was is bad:
Fe – ahhhh huhhh
Bowie – I thought it was quick when it went on the girl
Fe – who took it off the girl
Bowie – Blue
Fe – it wasn’t cooked. Chicken takes a long time you can’t pull it off the girl like that. She hasn’t Barbequed before
FE – you have to cook the chicken to the bone.. hers was clearly raw.
They look at some of the plates “She ate raw chicken”
Bowie – we might need a medic. we all ate raw chicken
Fe – from now on i’ll be on the girl
Bowie agrees.

6:37 pm Jag and Felicia mention it must be a double as the backyard is getting closed tonight. Felicia points out that Cirie is a threat in the Jury house. Matt is grilling as much food as he can.

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Well Cirie just got caught based on the jag and bowtie conversation. This would be awesome if America wins the double puts up Cirie and Matt and bowtie won veto took Matt off and jag went up lol.

think I have had too much brown liquid from Tennessee lol ?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Cirie has messed herself up, she should have never told Blue she was the target. Blue is blinded by Jag & Matt, Blue also wants to work with Jag, Felicia & Cirie don’t have anything to offer anyone, why would you want to work with them ?

Matt better be glad he latched onto Jag, Matt has a very high opinion regarding his game play, which in reality, he has no game play.

Jag calls the shots, Jag wins the Competitions, Jag is the one who comes up with who will be the target, Matt follows orders, votes how he is told to vote by Jag.

For some strange reason, Matt’s stated more than once, he’s playing his own game, he also said that he hopes everyone can see he’s playing his game, Matt is kind of dense, Stevie Wonder can see that Jag is the brains, Matt just follows orders.


cirie needs to do something to get jag out. if he wins out comps she’s out in fourth. meanwhile felicia takes her to the end. matt takes her to the end if jag’s not an option. blue likely takes her to the end. and bowie and america are really easy to manipulate into at least throwing the final comps if not outright taking cirie to the end. so cirie’s only threat is jag.

the main leverage cirie has had is that she’s not a comp threat and for a while she was playing like she already lost so people were overlooking her. at the moment she offers nothing that felicia doesn’t offer, but jag’s the only one who sees that so far. felicia is definitely someone everyone should want to sit next to at the end and it’s likely getting her far because who the hell is voting felicia to win. she’s terrible at comps, she’s terrible socially, and really has no cogent argument to make that she deserves to win.


Do you think Cirie is finally regretting having Matt save Jag with his secret power?


I disagree about Felicia. If she makes it to Final 2, she will win against everybody else except maybe Matt. Matt is so dang likable. It’s hard to tell how people will vote if he is in the Final 2.

Just The Truth

You know how you go back and watch old seasons of Big Brother? I can honestly say I will never re-watch 23,24,and likely 25 depending on how the rest of this season plays out.


Sheesh, you are being far too nice. Throw in 20,21,& 22 as this is truly when “they” went wokey rouge and it’s gone expeditiously downhill from there. They’ve tried to “tone” it back this season but dragging Cirie to the final and casting her racist son shows it’s still fubar’d. They need a new channel to reboot this as it was originally intended. This is not a “cross-section” of society when 50% of the 13% are cast.

“ Gurl, oh gurl!” ……

I still think season 20 was good….,,c’mon now! The stupidity of the hive, Brett’s speeches & lying that he & Rockstar were in a “ secret” alliance, lol…. “ How dare you! On my daughter’s birthday!” JC controlling Fessie ( “ my big dumb puppet”) Fessie Evicting his own alliance member! Crazy Sam & the “ foot stomping “ story…… to this day , Sam’s laughing & spitting water meme is globally popular


20 ended on a low note as Tyler should have won and only lost due to a nonsensical jury based on their rationales.. However 20 was one of the best modern seasons that saved the game after 19*widely considered the worst*
Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee were enormous in their contribution not just for 20 but for Big Brother overall. 20 was the greatest final 4 ever. Compared to 23 and 24 the ratings cratered from the double standard of the cancel culture. It is deemed to be inappropriate to say there is a cookout present. In spite * of Taylor not nominating Jasmine* for the obvious *.Such as Mecole with the sugar babes being deemed as commendable has ruined the game. It has caused bb fandom to misjudge excellent gameplay. How viewers rated mecole as a top player this season just prior to her nomination is beyond asinine. Social media influencers that gather a large following talking big brother are the worst and will never say that Davonne or Taylor are overrated to avoid *the obvious*.

Just The Truth

I wouldn’t call 20,21, and 22 woke if comparing to 22 and 23. The last 2 season were clearly set up in a way for an intensely woke outcome. Davonne set the tone in season 22 with preaching her narrative. But in the end it had nothing to do with race, she just tried to make be. But it was a large contributing factor in the casting of 23. Only woke thing I noticed in 21 was Jessica having a serious dislike towards males and targeting them just because they were Men. As for 20, it was a solid season. But a bitter Jury killed the ending.


season 20 went from being top 3 all time season next to likes of season 6 and 10 to then more of the 8th or 9th greatest season all time. 20 had the worst jury ever because they were nonsensical more so which is worse.

Scottie- voted because of public perception because he thought people would compare
Tyler to Paul’s villainy.
Rockstar- wasn’t going to vote for a white male
Sam- voted because she thought Kaycee needed the money more
Fessy-Voted because Kaycee beat him in a comp once-a veto Tyler didn’t even play in.
Bayleigh- Voted because of some unbelievably petty (even by BB standards) grudge.

– Pretty much none of the reasons were actually Game related, and the two were so incredibly surface-level that it makes you question how either function in society and doesn’t surprise you in the least that both became The Challenge mainstays for getting in dumb MTV arguments (Bay &Fessy)

Just The Truth

sorry correction. **I meant wouldn’t call 20,21, and 22 woke in comparison to 23 and 24**


Is anyone else bothered by Matt’s comments/conversations with Blue about America? I don’t watch live feeds, however what I’ve read online, (I could very well be wrong) about Matt’s comments on America are really irking me….
ie. something about getting out of bed earlier to cook them breakfast etc.


Matt has said a couple of times that he hates America. That’s a little over-the-top even if he’s just saying it as a game strategy. I hope they all rewatch the season and are embarrassed about how they acted. I just don’t think it’s necessary to repeat the personal digs over and over. I’ll be glad if Blue gets evicted Thursday. She’s got a big ego and is vindictive.


I love the raw chicken story, it would be fitting for them all to be throwing up tonight. I know this group makes me want to throw up. I think Jag and Cirie are the only ones aware of their game play, the rest are dense if they think they play their own game.

un autre nom

What deal did Blue make with prodogremlins re: the Fields family secret?
Only mentioned in d/r or after a long d/r as a reason not to turn on Fields family.
Never mentioned after Jared left. Not even as Cirie bonding tool yet.
There’s gotta be some deal with Grod.
We about to see d/r flipping a vote because Blue played along with secret as plot device therefore storyline therefore not used as strategy?
That’s my current tinfoil conspiracy… is the vote gonna be like that whack ass lucky veto where everyone guessed to the hundredths in seconds? WHO DOES THAT AND WHY?

Now you know why I’m predicting nothing regarding percentage. We’re missing what Grod deal is in place.


Honestly, if Blue survives, I’ll truly delete all the upcoming episodes and maybe check in here for the updates….I’m already so irritated.


Cirie called Bowie mindless??
The audacity.

The Beef

I don’t know if Bowie is mindless, but she sure has played a mindless game. The only comp she won, she was trying to throw, and when she was in power, she did exactly what Jag told her to do, as far as nominations and re-noms go. If she had been serious about playing her own game, she wouldn’t have just believed the lies she was told in order to get her to play Jag’s game for him.

Two seasons ago we called Derek Frazier the couch because he was just kind of “there” for the whole season, doing nothing but collecting dust. I don’t see that Bowie is much different from him, other than she accidentally won that one comp, and was forced into making some nominations that Jag basically made for her.


I would not hesitate to eat anything Felicia cooks because there won’t be any hair in it. Red was always cooking with his long beard and hair right over the stove top. Blech. Wouldn’t touch his food if he paid me.

Lost in the backyard

But she is always licking her fingers.