“What I want to do is tell you (Cirie) to shut up right now.. but how about we just play veto”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

8:50 am Izzy, Bowie and Jared
Izzy hopes that the Veto is a type that everyone has a equal chance.

8:55 am Cameron and Corey
Chatting about how savage the Veto picks are with Jared, Cameron, Jag and Matt being in it with Felicia and Izzy

9:00 am Cameron and Cirie
Cirie – 2 questions, not sure what you want in terms of the nominees.. Like in terms of the vote if the nominees are the same what is your preference?
Cameron – Lets play in the veto first. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. I mean as it sits right now let’s just say loose you never know what is going to happen. You put all your sh1t on the table now and something happens that we didn’t account for it’s like planning too early.
Cirie – the only reason I’m asking is like I know we have to rebuild trust if there’s questions you want to ask me if there’s something you want to know you can ask me. I will give it to you straight.
Cirie – I can’t be a replacement.. cause you know. I mean it’s totally up to you but I would prefer not to.
Cameron – no I mean it’s the deal
Cirie – IF there’s something you have questions about
Cameron – I know I can come to you

They HUG it out.
Cirie – so we’re good I’m not the replacement
Cameron – You’re fine.. we’re good. I just talked to izzy.
Cirie – it’s crazy they both feel like their not the targets

Cameron says he’s fully convinced that Red pulled off a stunt.
Cirie – to go home?
Cameron bods “Because I’m here to tell you I put my metaphorical hand on the bible more than once never would I have betrayed him. Never did I say his name to anyone about any situation every. There was nothing between the two of us that could be so damning that he would flip as hard as he did. The only piece of evidence was that he and I were in a final 2”
Feeds flips.. then cut.

9:18 am Cameron and COrey
Corey the idea right now of Felicia being on the block makes people be comfortable. they are concerned if Felicia wins or someone else wins they could come off.. that’s the anxiety
Corey says the next couples of days will be turbulent. If one of the noms wins Veto they have a “Sh1t show”
Cameron – no one who was happy about the outcome yesterday need to be nervous
Corey – I know..
Corey points out that Jag and America are best buds so that is one benefit with him being close to her.
Cameron asks if Jag would use the veto.
Corey – I don’t think so.
Cameron – Izzy selected him… it’s more evidence about what him and I have been talking about. We’re gladiators.. tools to win competitions for these people.
Corey – the easiest thing would be to not use it it would staifs a log of people
Cameron – it would be good for him to leave it alone.. everyone.

9:26 am Izzy and Cam
They continue to rehash what went on Thursday morning to cause a vote flip. Izzy blames is on Felicia.
Cameron – we’re good Izz.. let’s just get out there and play this game.
Cameron adds he can’t handle Felicia’s bullsh1t anymore
Izzy – I was upset with her yesterday. I’m struggling not saying you are being an $$hole saying this. She was telling me she would be OK with going home.
Izzy adds Felicia doesn’t want to be stuck in the Jury house for 10 weeks.
Izzy – I would die to stay here..
Cameron – how dare you thousands of people would trade places with you in a heartbeat.

9:37 am Matt, Jared and Cameron
Cameron says he was going to pick Matt so when drew his name he thought perfect.
Cameron – I thought about choosing Jag just to f*** with everybody’s head.
Cameron says he’s only worried about What Jag will do if he wins Veto.
Jared comments that Jag is talking about wanting to win it.
Feeds flip

9:44 am Izzy and Matt
Matt says he loves Felicia but he thinks Izzy is in a better position right now.
Izzy – I would be okay if noms would stay the same.
Izzy would respect Matt’s decisions if he has to “Keep appearances up for both sides”
Izzy – if you win and you keep.. I would feel confident..
Matt – If I were to do that I would make sure where the votes are going it they were going to you I would use it.
Izzy – Thank you
Izzy – There’s so many people in this house and I don’t take you for granted.
Matt – I’m not worried about you at all my worry is Felicia exposing us. We have to keep her calm. I know you wouldn’t fold but She will say something about the 7.

9:51 am Jared and Cameron
Jared says he doesn’t trust Bowie “For a second.. not for a F***ing second”
Cameron – she doesn’t know that and she’s a vote for us until she knows that. We flipped this entire house in one night..
Jared goes on about the morning of the vote claiming that is when the flip happened. Somehow it was all Felicia.

Cameron – it’s going to be a fun week
Jared – it’s already f**ing fun
Cameron – people are going to have fun sitting in red chairs
Jared – they are upset
Cameron – when they come up here Izzy is all ‘hey man we can work this out… I love you’
Cam – get the F****
Cam – Cirie.. Cam I love you do you want to do?
Cam – What I want to do is tell you to shut up right now.. but how about we just play veto.
Cam – I want to leave just one survivor to tell the world what happened (LOL)

10:07 am Corey, America and Izzy
Corey – this is THE week of this season

10:25 am Cirie and JAred
Cirie – Jag and Matt aren’t going to try Why would they put themselves in that position.
Jared – Jag is going to take Izzy down.. Jag told me already.
Cirie – ahh lord..
Jared – he’ll take Izzy down.. Blue is thinking it would be best for her to take Izzy down.. (HUH blue?)
Cirie – they know I will go up
Jared says nobody is suspecting it to be Cirie as the replacement.
JAred – Matts under the impression America goes up.

10:30 am Feeds go to the Pound

1:06pm Still blocked.
2:05pm Still nothing..
3:02pm Nothing yet.

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Here We Go

I’m getting a little tired of the Cerie Jughead show.

Here We Go

Felicia sucks but her chaos is fun to watch.

Spot ON

FELICIA is a side clown. I don’t like her but CIRIE, ICKY, and JARED should all be the focus of the punt. Leave FELICIA for later.

Here We Go

I’ve seen Cerie on all the Survivors and Traitor. She is the best snake of all. Jared is solely responsible for lying to Red about what Cam said. He turned Red against Cam.

Spot ON



Not Jason’s Holly

I saw an interview with Red saying he owes Cam a big apology and he now knows it was Jared who put that wedge. I’m hoping Cam has figured it out, too!

Spot ON

“I’ve seen Cerie on all the Survivors and Traitor. She is the best snake of all.”


un autre nom

What I’m seeing is what I keep noting.
Cam’s inability to see past his own version of narrative.
He’s been given a TON of info.
He’s only absorbed / processed the scintilla that supports his theory.
He was told Jared was passing info / spilling as HOH.
Doesn’t hear a word.
He received intel that another large alliance existed that C/I/F controlled concurrent to Legends. Doesn’t hear a word.

It’s like if he wasn’t in the room, everyone took a nap and stopped making plans.
Whoever stays this week will get the ‘I’m your savior for endangering you’ speech.

Barney Rubble

Do you think he’s delusional in the sense he feels he is intellectually superior and more insightful than other players? It is common to hear him burbling pseudo gamble twaddle and making no sense, and as a result boring people to death.


Cam is playing Jared like a fiddle. Jared is the dumb one for not seeing it.

It’s possible that this has been scripted into th show as an easy escape for Cirie. She hates the game, hates show, and said she would never do it again. She was only in it for the money. She has stated that she wants to go home. Convenient, huh?

Personally, I would rather see Jared leave. It would be more beneficial for Cam if Jared left.
We’ll see what happens…


Hope you are right about him playing Jared, but I am still astonished at how he seems to be talking to him as if he’s a confidant and ally and some of the things he says to him that he’s not saying to others. Maybe that’s part of reeling him in, but just not sure.

Barney Rubble

Do you think he’s delusional in the sense he feels he is intellectually superior and more insightful than other players? It is common to hear him burbling pseudo-intellectual game twaddle and making no sense, and as a result boring people to death.

un autre nom

Cam has boxed people. The women except Blue are emotional and fearful, therefore unable to see the logic of his vision. the men left in the house are good soldiers under his leadership, but lack the maturity to understand his vision. Cory is too young to understand anything, and is only good as cannon fodder.
With this in mind, why would he listen to them. He called himself the king last night.


Come again? MeMe emotional? Nope Meme is ice queen that makes fun of emotional people. Ridiculous Blue uses emotions to try to get her way. I just want to tell them all to JUST PLAY THE GAME! This season is too boring!

un autre nom

this is cam’s opinion. he thinks blue is cut throat.

Barney Rubble

Hmmm … he’s an arse then.

Its interesting when watching the game to realize when a player does something of which you approve, it still doesn’t really improve your opinion of him.


I said this in a previous post: Cameron thinks in military terms. So think of Gladiator scene were Falco explains to Commodus: “ I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and yet it will lie quite still. And then its enemies will take little bites of it, and yet it remains still. Then Commodus replies; So, we will lie still, and let our enemies come to us and nibble.“ Cameron is Commodus but should be Maximus. I am at least entertained. Cameron said he sees him and Jag as Gladiators when he should think of himself as Saving Private Ryan…smdh

Barney Rubble

I’m afraid that literally reads like Cameron discussing game with another player.

I did read it, and think I know what it means, but does it help answer my question? Not really – sorry


I’m hoping Cameron wins the veto and takes down Felicia and then puts up Cirie. Even if Cirie stays having Felicia rather than Izzy hurts their alliance.

un autre nom

Here’s where we sit:
Cam told Cory that anyone happy about the noms isn’t a renom option.
He’s back to asking America to dance for him. She does. (freeze or fawn, the subsidiaries of fight or flight response). She thinks she’s safe with him longer than F/I/C
Cory thinks Matt has to be their target going forward.
Matt still thinks renom would be America.
Felicia is running her mouth about the voting pool.
Izzy will use veto
Jag will use veto
Jared? mom said no.
Matt? is renom America? otherwise, no.


I thought I was only one that caught that “dance” America did for Cam. It soured me for wanting him to win.

I wrote in about 2 posts back:
“ Cameron shows a misogynistic side.
Example: telling America to dance in the bathroom, she wiggles then when he is showing his creepy side she goes to brush her teeth then Cameron sharply snaps “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” Like America has to do what he says at all times.

I am an old lady (high 50’s age proud) I can spot a woman hater in hiding when I see him. I want to be wrong about Cameron. I want him to win a house for his daughter. I just don’t like his condescending way he talks to the women in the house.
So I am VERY conflicted.”

Still conflicted. If people show an emotional side it doesn’t make them a bad player. Look at MeMe she is not fearful not emotional and she is cold as ice but I have a hard time with her thinking that she is mentally superior to everyone in the Big Brother House.

un autre nom

I was under the impression he lives in his parent’s basement and has shared custody when his w / ex w isn’t stationed in Germany. She’s still in the military.

Paul Sucks

I would like to see Felicia win the HoH and Cameron throw Cerie on the block next to Izzy. I would be really curious to see if Izzy would blow Cerie’s game up and out her and Jared.

But what are the odds it is another game of chance where Felicia could even get a win? I wouldn’t be shocked if this week was OTEV.


yeah, definitely curious if izzy would out cirie/jared if she’s on the block next to cirie. it’s izzy’s best chance of staying but it also burns bridges with most of her allies and leaves her on an island (course it also wrecks jared’s game though).

Spot ON

Exactly my thoughts


I think it will be the prize and punishment veto, OTEV is usually later, but given this crew if it is otev, Felicia doesn’t stand a chance.


Just a thought, what if Cirie gets evicted as a penalty for her son calling America the offensive word which is considered hate speech. I see her sacrificing herself to save her son. Save face by saying how much she hates it in the Big Brother House and she would never do a competition like this again. She wants to wear that yellow dress but doesn’t want to do the additional 10 weeks to finale. Just a funny way instead of removing Jared they remove Cirie in this scripted way to boost ratings. I have no proof so if Cam is true to his word and doesn’t put up Cirie as replacement nominee this thought is wasted because it isn’t true but for me it makes sense.

Not Jason’s Holly

Jared or Cirie needs to be voted out! That would end a lot for either of them, Felicia, Izzy, Matt, and Meme.


Know it won’t happen but would love to see Cam win veto and Izzie (for all her talk of sacrificing herself for Cirie) trys to get him to use it on her by outing the Cirie/Jared relationship.


You know maybe Cam is thinking about putting Jared up. I think he knows about the whole Jared/Red discussion. Just a thought


I thought the same thing but if he gets put up anyone sitting next to him will be the one who goes home. Cirie will make sure of that. Would be funny if Felicia came down, Jared goes up, and Izzy blows up the secret to save herself.


How would he know about it, and why wouldn’t he have used it to salvage his friendship with red? The only ones who know what Jared said to red are cirie…and not sure who else but I seem to recall only those who would never, ever tell Cameron. Except for red. For the life of me, I will never understand why red played it the way he did…why he placed more trust in Jared than Cameron like that. Hope you are right, but really struggling to understand some of these players this season and their blind spots.


Anyone else do a double take on that pic of Jarad and Cam above? Looks like Jarad has a bun on his head (from mirror reflection) and looks just like Cirie!

I’m hoping they do that competition with scrambled hg faces this season. There are so many crazy hairstyles to put on other people. It would be scrambleverse and scaryverse combined!


Yeah, I zoomed in on Jared’s “bun” lol


Is it true that Jag said he would use the veto if he won it ? Why would he do that ?

Also, I wish Cam would stop trusting Jared, Jared keeps running back and telling his mother everything Cam says.

Wonder if Jared told Cirie, Cam said, how about you just shut up and play the veto ?

Spot ON

What did the snakes learned after CAM won the HOH ??
When Dirt Reads Are Done Dirt Cheap, they have a way of coming around again to bite.

un autre nom

sounds prize punishment. sounds by default veto is maybe Jared.
which means everyone out after jared took prize rather than veto.

un autre nom

Current stats.

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