Cirie to Izzy “we’re going to be friends forever.. we’re going to be family forever”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

midnight Cirie and Izzy (
Izzy is sad going on about having stage fright as a child. “I get first rehearsal anxiety.. Even if it’s people I know I get sick before first rehearsal”
Cirie says she has the same problems as Izzy does.
Izzy – I want to go to therapy but I have no money.
Feeds flip to corey and America in the bed when we’re back.
Izzy says during casting “they asked me what I loved about survivor and I said Cirie” (OMG)
They laugh
Izzy – people say say don’t meet your heroes
Cirie – why because you’ll be disappointed?
Izzy – cause you’ll be disappointed
Izzy – Thank you for being so much.. for being a really good friend
Cirie -will you stop
Izzy – I’m feeling a lot of things I don’t want to leave.
Cirie – you’re not going… .there’s no way you’re going to leave from a vote. you can lose the veto and still won’t leave. I will campaign the f***.. I don’t even have to Izzy. Felicia has already done all the work.
Izzy scoffs – Felicia is a mess.
Cirie – I don’t believe you are leaving and you don’t believe you are leaving
Cirie – if it comes down to you and me.. I see how you love this you should here. You should stay here as long as you can.
Izzy – I promise I Jared, I know we’re not supposed to every once and awhile having time with him has been really important for me.
Cirie – Mmmmhmmmm
Izzy – he’s been really good to me.
Cirie – yeah so you are not going to leave.
Izzy – I will yell at him when he needs to be yelled up and we’ll be fine I trust him like a brother.
Cirie – you will stay, you deserve this. This is your thing. I’ve had a lot of things if you are concerned we are on the block together I’ll make sure you will stay.
Izzy – you’re f***ing perfect .. like ..
THey joke around saying they need to go into therapy together. “Maybe we get a discount”
Cirie – I did not know you felt that way but I completely understand.
Cirie – You’re so F***Ing smart. you are out of your mind that is what threatens the Camerons and the REds it’s because you are that.
They shares some laughs about being “a Simp”

Cirie goes on about being on the show because she wanted to win the money. She doesn’t love it like Izzy, Corey do. “The experience is different for you”
Cirie says she felt the same way about Survivor.
Cirie – I’m so glad I met you.. I really really happy I met you. Oh my god we’re going to be friends forever.. we’re going to be family forever. You are never getting rid of us.
Izzy – GOOD
Cirie – I have never felt this way..
They start speculating about what the Veto competition will be. Cirie gets called to the Diary room..


Izzy alone starts studying and counting votes.
Izzy – “I can do this”

12:44 am Izzy “I love you page I can’t wait to tell you everything. I can’t believe I’m on the block..
Izzy – Cirie can’t be on the block next to me
Izzy – I can do this ..

12:15 am America and Corey
America – he told me that he guessed everything in the Comp
Corey – Cam
America – yeah
Corey – Lying a$$hole..
America – don’t say anything. I don’t know what the truth is he could be lying.
Corey – I was guessing to
Corey points out that Ciurie has been first out in every single competitions
America – she sucks and she’s mean. I don’t care for her.
Corey – If Jag wins HOH could you protect me? I do not trust that guy. I do not like him in the house. I do trust you. I feel like he’s your Jared. The one person I am convinced about is MAtt
Corey – he does not help us
America – he doesn’t.. he’s not helping anybody
Corey – he’s too close to Jared and Jag. Without Matt we’re in much better shape
America – I agree.
Corey – we’re back to we need to cut off people’s options. Matt’s one.
Corey – there’s a chance Izzy wins veto and doesn’t use it.
America says they’ve been in the house for almost 40 days. She doesn’t click with Cirie, Felicia, Jared or MEME.
Corey says Jared is in a really good position.
America – I see through it.
Corey – he does not trust you
America – I know he shouldn’t he’s right
Corey – the more I look at it the more I realize we’re going to have to COMP out.. Win competitions
America – I am trying
Corey – at some point people will put us up.

6:30 am Zzzzzzz

7:30 am Early wake up

8:30 am Veto players picked.
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag

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Not Jason’s Holly

Corey told Izzy not taking herself off the block would be a dumb move. Should just let her be that dumb and vote her out. But Felicia would go instead.

The Beef

It’s a pretty safe bet that Cirie, Jared and Meme would vote for Felicia to go, but who knows what the rest would do? There’s no reason for Jag, Matt, Cory, America, Bowie and/or Blue to vote to keep Izzy in the house, and frankly every reason to NOT keep her, as some of them working with the power side would move up a notch in the rankings should she leave, as they would should Felicia leave as well, BUT Izzy is much closer to Cirie than Felicia is at the moment, is a much better competitor in the comps, and to me will be harder to get out as time goes on, so why not get her out now if she’s dumb enough to not use the veto on herself?

Hell, I’d use her stupidity as a reason to vote her out, as nobody who’s sitting OTB, wins the veto and then doesn’t use it on themselves DESERVES to remain in the game! They would all look like complete buffoons if they didn’t vote her out after she did that, unless they’re just playing HER game and not their own.

un autre nom

(meaning I don’t give a shit)
Who is the best renom if veto is used?
Don’t yell Cirie if you’re a Cam fan.
It’s Jared.
prodo gets out of the code of conduct violation problem.
More people couldn’t give a shit about Jared in the house.
Nomming Cirie is a battle cry.
Nom pawn Jared is…meh.
He might pawn Meme. Easy ride backstabber is his view. nobody would care.

Won’t happen. Jared’s actually his best shot to really weaken the structure.
Two weeks ago he knew Jared was Cirie and Felicia’s henchman.
Now his dream of bro-downing is clouding objectivity.

Saying Cirie makes Cam lose Matt completely.
Saying Cirie where Jared is concerned? oops.
Saying Cirie’s name is bad for Cam.
It just is.


I want Jared out, I can’t stand him. He’s a freaking idiot, seriously so dumb. When Cameron says he trusts him, in my mind I’m like how, the dude put you on the block with your ride or die, I’m hoping he’s just lying when he says that and underneath it all knows exactly who Jared is. My favorite is America, and I like Cory too, I always enjoy the true fans of BB. And I hope I don’t get any hate from this, but I don’t mind Izzy. I wouldn’t mind the three of them getting together and making a run through the house, with my hope for an ultimate win for America. I don’t like Jared, Blue, Cirie, and lately Felicia has really rubbed me the wrong way. Jag has been kind of disappointing as a player, he hasn’t been the smartest strategy wise. Cameron has scored points with me by not putting up Jag and Blue, which would’ve been the stupidest thing for him to do. I like that he took the big swing at the other side first, before America which will help her in the long run.


I agree with you. I really like Cory and America and Izzy isnt as bad as people make her out to be. She is more likable when she hangs with Cory and America.

The Beef

So you’re basing your strategy on solving productions conduct violation problems now?

While none of them are strategical geniuses, who is the one that actually makes most of the decisions as to who goes up and who goes home for that power alliance? All jokes aside about coin flips, it’s Cirie who makes the final call on those things, and she’s the glue that’s holding that alliance together. You get rid of her and there’s a power struggle between Izzy, Felicia, Jared and maybe even Meme as to who takes over and who’s in charge, and the whole alliance may blow sky high!

If he noms and evicts Jared, all he does is ensure he’s Cirie’s #1 target, until he’s evicted (granted, he may not know that, but that will be the end result of evicting her bouncing baby boy), with little to no impact on the inter-workings of the alliance itself.

As for losing Matt completely, I don’t see how you think he has him now, since Matt is spilling his guts to Cirie like he’s a 4 year old little boy every chance he gets. I’m not sure who the biggest rat in the game is between Jared, Cory and Matt, as none of them can wait to spill whatever it is they know to whoever will listen to them, and it doesn’t seem to matter which side the other person is on, if you can call what we have this year “sides”.

I say take your shot Cam, and let the chips fall where they may. Things are not going to get much worse for you, no matter who you fire at, so fire away at a BIG target, and maybe we’ll see a BIG explosion!

Carlito's Way

There are so many choices to want out (Cirie, Izzy Felicia…), but I wish that America will win veto, Izzy stays on the block and Cam picks Jared as the replacement nom. Jared goes home. I think he is the worst in that he appears to be working on the “other side” but gives Cirie the advantage of knowing what others are saying and plotting. So she is always a step ahead. I keep griping that this makes it an uneven playing field. If Jared was gone, Cirie would have to actually play on her own. Let’s see what kind of game she really has. But Cameron acts like he really trusts Jared, and tells him things he does not tell others. I am hoping this is a ploy and that he is on to him and puts he arrogant ass on the block. But I am just not sure…


You make valid points, but IMHO while Jared is Cirie’s rat he’s also simultaneously her greatest obstacle.

He never knows when to STFU… constantly spilling tea to an unnecessary degree leaving Cirie to do damage control.

I laughed last night after his & Cam’s talk in the HOH b/c he can’t go to Cirie & download all the unnecessary sh*t he said bc she’s tethered to Miss Felicia in the Kayak for 48 hours.

Instead, he went to Izzy before she & Cam had to put on their pig costumes. To that end, I know copious posters aren’t Izzy fans but you gotta give her props for picking Cameron to have to wear a pig costume & complete the challenge of the mud dump with her.


Every season, I find myself scrolling through the comments looking for yours because you say what I’m thinking. I do believe Jared could easily be Cirie’s downfall. He’s like an anchor around her neck. Sure, he brings her intel but is it worth his blunders? I would rather see him go out before Cirie. My mind is still open as to whom I want to win. I’m not a huge fan of Cam’s but thoroughly enjoyed watching him shake things up.


Cirie loves Izzy like family: before the vote to evict.


I would LMAO if somehow Felicia were to win this Veto. Icky would implode.

un autre nom

veto guess by timing / theme:
that slingshot catapult / reward-punishment comp.
veto players


I have missed something somewhere that keeps getting mentioned over and over. What is the “r” word used by Jared towards America? If you can’t say it, could you define it? Thanks.

un autre nom

slur for mentally deficient individual.
He apologized to Cory for calling America a R3T@R>.

Not Jason’s Holly

It is derogatory for mentally handicapped people.


Called America a Retard.


I have heard it said that it was backwards DRATER.


Thanks to all of you for clarifying the “r” word for me.


I get the Cerie hate. She’s like a crappier version of Paul but it doesn’t seem like there is going to be a season where production isn’t going to pick their horse and try to push it to the end. So its her or it would be someone else.

I do get the choice of the horse and I appreciate the direction (as I see it). My feeling is Survivor is only 25% of the reason she is there. I think the main reason they picked her was because of that crappy show Traitors.

I think BB wanted to get away from gang up on the white people and they have to like it or they are racist story line we have seen in the past few years.

When Cerie was on Traitors she played to win and took the money for herself . She could have split it with a black guy. They both voted out The white guy. Then Cerie took the win instead of splitting the money (as she should). The black guy was left standing there like an idiot and said “I thought we was doing the black people thing, getting rid of the white guy and splitting the money”.

It’s about time BB got away from the race baiting BS.

Verdella Fisher

How many seasons of BB have you watched? There’s was ganging up for decades and it wasn’t on yt people. Did you protest those seasons? The Cookout, in unity, stuck together to accomplish a goal. That was not “racist”. Now it’s a pejorative huh?

Tre Billis

If these people were smart they would align with Cam. Should have while Red was in the house also, because both can win challenges and also Cam has a bigger target. Instead everyone wants to align with Cirie how has ZERO ability to win challenges. I think she won one all the time she was on Survivor and they all could not believe it. Cirie has a nice smile and uses it to stab everyone in the back. Why they trust her they are crazy and Felicia is not likely to win anything either. True she won one, but anything that involves athletics she can not win. Cam wins brain and physical challenges. Don’t these people share stories of Cirie from Survivor? Or are these people too young to have ever seen her?

Mad Max

IF they were smart????? that’s a mighty BIG IF!

Spot ON

“If these people were smart they would align with Cam. Should have while Red was in the house…”

EXACTLY what I’ve been saying. But they are not. Maybe it will change this week.

It was obvious from the very beginning how the sides were lining up. BLEW and JAG were kinda left in the middle, literally, because….well….they were in the middle.

They didn’t really “fit” in either camps. Throw a few more Asians in there, or Indians, and likely that BLEW wouldn’t be BLEWING JARED, and JAG wouldn’t pandering to the MATTS OR CORYS OR REILLY’S in the house (or to anybody else that would care to listen to him).

The prism of analysis is this: WHAT ARE THE ODDS of “this person” and “that person” (or “this person” and “that group”) be talking to each other in the “outside” world? Short answer: UNLIKELY.

Frankly, can one honestly invision a guy like a MATT hanging out with a CIRIE in a hammock under coconut trees, or a CORY taking ICKY or MEME to the beach, or a JAG hanging out with a JARED or a AMERIKA taking a stroll on Santa Monica Pier?


After this show, yes, one can envision that. That’s the beauty of the show.

The Beef

Felicia didn’t win sh@t. She was awarded HOH based on a random selection “competition” where she got lucky and her ball happened to land in the right slot. There was zero skill, knowledge or anything else that contributed to her win – only luck and random selection.