“we have 5 outta 6 percent odds here. That’s like a 84% chance.. she goes home..”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 8
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 10
HOH: Kaycee Next HOH: Sept 13
Noms: Sam & Haleigh Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

10:11am Kaycee and Angela
“Peanut peanut… ”
Kaycee – if I get houseguest choice who do I pick?
A – me .. no pick Tyler.. pick Tyler, he’s better at vetos ..
Angela says Sam asked her if she gets houseguests choice she can pick

Kaycee – I hope it’s everyone but JC
K – I’m picking either you or Brett.. Tyler gets to play lot..
A – pick JC
K – F*** … JC i choose you
A – he will be so mad that he has to play today ..
K – i hope he doesn’t I hope it’s just all of us that would be so sick..
They plan on having their standard post POV party after they win the veto today..

Kaycee – the beers are in here cold… yes..
K – I did tell Sammie I will save her one.. keep her as calm as possible,.
Kaycee mentions her conversation with Halegih before nominations. Haleigh asked Kaycee who her target is. Kaycee told her she doesn’t have a target and it just nominating people based on who nominated her and how she can minimize blood.
Angela – I wold never ask.. was I you’re target this week
Kaycee – I know..

Kaycee called into the diary room. Before leaving Kaycee hems and haws about who she should pick. If Sam is picking Angela she will pick either Brett or Tyler. She feels bad because Brett doesn’t get to play in many vetos.
Angela tells her to pick Tyler “he wins Vetos’

11:22am zzzzzzzz

11:27 am Angela and KAycee

“Peanut pEanut”

They wonder why POV players haven’t been picked yet..
Kaycee bring sup thinking there was a “temptation” asks her “why would you not do it”
Angela says she wouldn’t points out how they are in a good spot right now
Kaycee – I guess if it didn’t affect the game. (if there’s a temptation and It’s kaycee’s it will 100% x a million F* up her game.. they couldn’t even get her none expired sealed food in her HOH basket. )

Kaycee misses her regular fitness regiment.
Angaela does too looks forard to getting back into your routine
Kaycee thinks as much as she wants to be back on track she’s not sure if it’ll “Go that way” notes hwo she’ll want to spend time with her friends “Gong out for drinks”
Adds that Holidays are coming up so realistically January will be when she’s back at it.

12:17pm Veto players were picked. JC is not playing he will be the host. Everyone else gets to play.

Sam hangs out on the stairs .. talking about Bio dom. Tyler at the sink, Haleigh at the oven. Brett and Kaycee on the centre island.
Sam – no matter what happens tonight I’m cleaning out that fridge.. it’s f*ing ridiculous..
Tyler agrees..
Brett mentions how he cleaned it out with Scottie, “Usually we clean it out Wednesday or Thursdays”

12:41pm Just chit chat…
Haleigh asks him where is a spot they take girls on dates..
Brett – I almost always go sushi never met a girl that doesn’t like Sushi
Brett – I’ve never met a girl that goes No I don’t like sushi.. .it’s the perfect first date.. it’s clean it’s little..
Kaycee – and if they don’t like sushi this isn’t going to work
Brett – that to
Brett doesn’t want to go for spaghetti and ribs on their first meal
Brett – sushi every time .. then we’re going dancing ..

Brett talks about a summer landscaping job where he would look after houses for the ultra rich. Mentions how these are houses you would think is a person’s primary house but in reality these people spend 2 weeks a year in them. It was mostly landscaping.. Building walls, lawn care, weeding and generally caring for the house as if it was his own. “The basic sh1t” . Brett mentions how this one” Millionaire lady” took a liking to him and his buddy and requested they look after her place. Brett mentions how she had a 16 year old that drove a range rover

Brett – she would hand me 500 bucks and say go to ace’s hardware.
T- you were her personal assistant..
B – yeah I was her personal assistant.. instead of some 40 year old dude doing the landscaping she wanted some 20 year old guy (wearing a banana hammock)


1:02pm Brett, Kaycee and Tyler
Brett – we have 5 outta 6 percent odds here
Brett – That’s like a 84% chance.. she goes home..

Brett – dude if they make have nots for another week and it’s not our choice and he’s a have not he’ll walk the f* out (JC)
Tyler or if we get alcohol he’ll down a beer .. he’ll get a penelity nom

1:16pm Haleigh and Angela
halegih telling her they have to really start practicing the days
Angela – yeah..

1:26pm Brett says he would help Haleigh if he could.. Jokes that it Brings back memories from “Doing time”

1:39pm Tyler and Kaycee studying

1:30pm Haleigh tells JC in passing she never saw star wars ..

1:42pm JC, Angela, haleigh and Brett in the bathroom.
JC – have you seen the stars wars first episode.. the CGI Character.. what is the name of it..
H – I don’t know I’ve never seen star wars
JC – jar jar… I don’t know it was an alien..
Brett – jar jar binks..

JC – JAR JAR jar JAR Binks she looks like JAR JAR BINKS..
Bret – the orange guy?
Brett – the under water guy
JC – yeah
JC – she looks like JAR JAR BINKS .. not right now she had it like before like this… it was like this before hanging..
Haleigh – I’m not sure what that means..
JC – JAR JAR BINKS.. very beautiful.. I like it..

1:50pm Kaycee and Angela
talking about how to calm Sam down this week and tell her Haleigh is the target because Haleigh is the target,.

1:52pm JC and Tyler

JC says that Brett is gunning to break up KAycee and Angela..

JC wants to get Angela out.
Tyler says its more beneficial for them to bring Kaycee over BRett.
Tyler doesn’t think kaycee will beat them mental wise but physical she might.
Tyler – I know for a fact I won’t lose an endurance..
JC says Kaycee is “Completely dumb”
Tyler doesn’t think so.

2:30pm – 2:45pm HOH room. Kaycee is laying down on the HOH bed. Angela is listening to music. Brett joins them. Brett starts reading labels on packaging. Brett – I’m trying to get words (for a possible spelling veto comp). Cornstarch is a good one only two vowels and you can break it up into two words. Kaycee – hopefully its soon. Brett – if its anything physical, it will be a slam dunk. Kaycee – if its anything physical, we’ve got it. Brett – 84 % chance

3:10pm The house guests are all waiting around for the veto to start..

4pm – 5pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating and chatting. Meanwhile, Sam is in the havenot room sleeping.

They play a game around the kitchen table where three of them put their heads down and the other three walk around them and touch their thumb. The three sitting at the table try to guess who touched their thumb.

5:30pm They’re still waiting around for the veto to start..

6:20pm – 6:30pm Bathroom. Brett and Sam. Brett – do you think we’re even playing in this veto today? Sam – be careful what you wish for. I’m just saying .. we’re not the boss here. We’re not in control. Brett – Oh I’m aware. Sam – just trust the process. Brett – that’s what I keep saying. We’re not in a rush. We have nothing else to do. Sam – right. Brett – they’re the ones that are busy. Sam – I will give you an IOU for $5 if you rub my shoulder? Brett – I’ll do it.

6:49pm – 7pm Big Brother tells JC to stop that. JC heads to the bedroom and the other ask him what he was doing. JC – opening up the door and listening. (Backyard sliding door) I think they’re still working on the yard. Maybe they’re having some sort of set up problems or something. Its 7pm. Kaycee – maybe they’re just waiting until it gets dark. Maybe we’ll start at 8pm. JC – now I am happy to not play. On slop and no energy.

7:52pm The live feeds finally switch to the BB reruns. The Power of Veto Competition has started…

10:43pm Still nothing..

11:52pm Nothing yet..

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Elijah Clueless Cummings

Good draw for Level 4. JC never wins anything.

The Real Deal

Hoping for the 16% chance Haynubs wins. I want JC on the block, up and out 1st Thurs. THEN Hay.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

I’m hoping for Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Level 4 Seriel Killers

Bye Hayleigh. We won’t miss your fake persona.

Elizabrth Pocohantas warren


What is the penalty nom that jC would get if he drinks alcohol?

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

Thanks Simon.


I remember seeing a house penalty for a have not, eating or drinking but can’t recall if that was just on ours BBCan or BBus as well.


Didn’t Matt get a penalty nom last year, for not following HN rules? I thought he did, but it didn’t matter because the house was voting him out anyway.


Never mind. . .that was a penalty vote, not a nom. Sorry!


Yeah Ravens lucky boyfriend he got a penalty for allowing Raven to eat her scabs…..remember.


Matt disgusts me. What a sore loser. Remember during S16 when Brittany knew she was going home but still did the 2400 goals? Matt’s dumbass was eating and wouldn’t sleep in the Have Not room.

King Silva

They should slash the stipend they give to people who totally disrespect the rules like that. I would say pay them $1.. Maybe donate it to charity.

Clearly Matt was never going to get to come back since his game was eating cereal and acting strange with his habitually lying clown but still excessively breaking the rules, especially on purpose, should put players on a ban list for ALL CBS shows.

Good grief eh

Yes in bb Canada the house was punished when ?rachel? Ate a grape.

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire

They don’t seem to be interested in giving any consequences to jC.

Scottie's Condoms

They’re afraid of backlash.

Level 4 Seriel Killers

And ice cream scoopers.

The Hive is Compost

Anyone but Hayleigh for the veto.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole

I agree and can’t wait to see The Hive reunion complete at the jury house.

Level 4 Seriel Killers

Now she can spend all day with Rocks in her Head and Bitchleigh talking about how unfair the game is.

Sasuke Uchiha

Go Kaycee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Win that veto and KEEP noms the same.

Kaycee has a clear path to victory. The jurors like her, not one person is targeting her and she can also win comps.

Big Brother 20 Winner——-Kaycee Clark

who me?

Better then Big Brother 20 Winner—-Tyler

It’s True

I’d be happy with any on Level 4 winning!


JC is like the greatest player right now. He made people scared to put him on the block. His personality is awesome. I will be ticked off if JC doesn’t win this thing. JC is also on track to win AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL I’m guessing you’re trying to be funny.


What drugs are you on

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

They aren’t scared of JC, they just don’t want to deal with his drama until absolutely necessary. They already see what a whiny shit he is as a have not and knows his bitching and paranoia will only be magnified when he is put on the block!

Botox Pelosi

Right remember when Sam tried to put him on the block as a replacement nominee he pulled a Hurricane Bayleigh and put a diaper on.

Please up Sams Xanax dose

Oh that’s not genius… it’s pure unadulterated, stab you in your sleep after I do solo pseudo ballet… CRAZY!


Houka? Is that you?

JC the Hositle Hobbitt

Frodo JC Baggins needs to see jury ASAP. He was great in the beginning now he has lost his little mind. Sleeps all day, kissing Tyler’s armpit , jealous of Angela because he’s in love with Tyler . Time to go back to the shire on the double eviction angry little fella.


Clearly, you’re either on drugs or trolling. JC has a 0 shot at winning this game and even less of a chance to win AFP.


So why did Block Star always sht on Brett for being a rich spoiled white kid? Maybe his parents had money but apparently that didn’t stop him from doing manual labor.


Rockstar was a rich spoiled white kid.


rocky just made an assumption about him as she did with many of the HGs. She is just hateful of everyone.


Exactly . Rockstar basically characterizes everyone by looks, race and assumptions. She actually comes from a wealthy family. Could be all rumors but several people that supposedly went to school and grew up with her have said her Mother basically has supported her and takes care of her kids. She chooses to work in strip clubs.


Oddly she unintentionally showed herself to be the rascist this season with an honorable mention to Bayliegh.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It’s ironic that many people like Blockstar who shout out hateful insults accusing others of hate, judge people on looks, skin color, and financial means are actually the people they claim to stand against – hateful, judgmental, hypocritical, discriminating people. Look in the mirror, Blockstar – there’s your villain.


I Have a strange feeling Brett will pull out a another veto win today just in case his alliance tries to turns on him 😉

I would love to see JC on the block and/or a have not once again just to see his facial expressions. Drama queen! Love it!

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

Come on BB bring on the twist… hahahaha


Today’s prediction. A member of L6 will win veto today. From Sunday to Thursday, it will be slow, boring & predictable leading up to Hayleigh’s eviction. Just hoping for a surprising 2nd eviction on Thursday night to make up for what’s gonna be 2 hella weak episodes of BB on Sunday & Wednesday. Even though I can’t wait to see Sam go, Hayleigh & Sam leaving Thursday equals to a drama free & boring double eviction Thursday night.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

What I would like to happen is that they get out Haleigh first and then get out JC in the DE. I don’t think I could deal with a whole week of JC on the block!


“I don’t think I could deal with a whole week of JC on the block!” I don’t think that even Jesus H. Christ could deal with a whole week of JC on the block. Of course, JC doesn’t win anything and Sam has a small chance of winning (remember that tree comp?), so they may keep JC after DE and we’ll have a full week of his shenanigans on steroids. 🙂


I have to ask. My mom always used “Jesus H. Christ”, what’s the H for?


Hallelujah !



Busta Fooligan

I’m a fan of Jesus “tap dancing” Christ.

Eh eh



Hellraiser !


“Head of Household”


Yep! Hopefully they have considered that benefit.


It would actually be fun if Hayleigh pulls out a veto win. Put JC up and get him out Thursday. They can get rid of Hayleigh and Sam at the DE. Just a thought. I would like a blindside with JC. He’s in full paranoia panic mode.


I forget who but some of the L6 said the same thing, that a double eviction is the time to get rid of JC to minimize the attitude prob. This was a while ago but shows they feel the exact same way. Thursday is shaping up to be an exciting night if they get rid of JC once and for all, personally I am pretty tired of him and last night with nothing but him on BBad was a waste. I wish they had put re runs on for us instead, what on earth are they thinking.


Seriously!?! JC laying face down…not so captivating…


I would prefer Hay, JC then Sam. L4 Final 4!


Brett was supposed to win that HOH…..

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

if I’m JC and Brett I let Tyler win the next HOH and evict Sam making him unable to compete in the next HOH and ripe for eviction.


And if you’re Tyler, you throw the next HOH right after Brett and JC are eliminated.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet

If Hayleigh, Brett and jC are gone I think your right. Sam, Angela and Kaycee are not coming after Tyler.


5 outta 6 percent equals 1.2% , if hes cyber defending the USA we are screwed!


Um 5/6 is 83.3333333% repeating. 6/5 is 120% Brett rounded up. If you are going to criticize learn basic math


Apparently you, Rachel, and Blockstar all learned math together.


Do you know how percents work? 5 out of 6 is 5/6 or 5÷6. Which is 0.8333333 which would then be multiplied by 100 to become ~83%. I’m assuming you did 6÷5 which would be 1.2, or 120%. Brett’s not my favorite person is the house but his math skills are definitely better than yours.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

“Math is hard!” Lol

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

You have to use real math; not Fezzy math.


let this comment sink in…it is actually one of the funnier posts I’ve seen in awhile. Even if you don’t know exactly what 5/6 equals, 1.2% doesn’t even pass the “does it make sense” rule. Currently it even has 4 thumbs up!


Damn that Common Core


That was funny!

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

Of course we’re screwed, look who’s in The White House

Hillary's Lies Mattered

Still hurts doesn’t it?

Eh eh

Omarasa’s been outa there a while now.


The Hive should be on the endangered species list.

King Silva

Please stay in school or at least get your GED after dropping out of high school.

who me?

And not a word about Angelas dumb move? You guys are sooo biased about her. While JC was in the bathroom; and Brett brushing his teeth Ang walked in (not knowing JC was there) and said “Level 6!”; Brett hushed her and motioned to the stall – she shrugs it off. I hope JC uses that

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Because JC would have a clue as to what Level Six is?

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Uses that for what? 4 out of the 7 are Level 6 and 1 out of the remaining 3 is on her way out the door. Even if he knew what Level 6 stood for, what could he do with that info that would even make a difference at this point?


He’d know Brett isn’t totally alone…and he and Sam are about to get Shawshanked…


I don’t think jc noticed tbh

King Silva

He was probably preoccupied playing with his ‘tiki-tiki’ thinking about ‘his boyfriend not the slut Angela’s boyfriend’ Tyler.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

First, I’d say “final 6, level 6, whatever.” Second, JC would NEVER believe there’s something going on since Day 2 he isn’t aware of. He gets mad every time Tyler reminds him he isn’t in control of him.


Exactly! I would love to see the expression on JC’s face when he finds out that they had an alliance which he was not a part of.

I can just see it. He will be dumb founded. Speechless (for once) when he realizes that he was not quite the puppet master after all.

It would be priceless to see Tyler take Angela over JC in the event the three of them make it to the end.

Now that would be epic 😉

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Can you imagine how mad he will be to think Angela was part of a real alliance with Tyler over JC? Hell hath no fury like a JC scorned (or “thcorned”, as he would say 🙂 )

Does JC Wear a Diaper?


MAGA Rules

Now that was funny.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Wait until JC finds out Brett was always in the alliance!


Omg! Laughing @ “Hell hath no fury like a JC scorned”

Now that would fabulous tv drama 😉
( Takes out the popcorn)

Team Kaycee!

Let’s Go!

Who said that!

Can you imagine Angela’s reaction when Tyler chooses JC over her.


I think you are just biased against her. I doubt hearing someone randomly say “level 6” raised any suspicion. Only people in level 6 know that it’s the name of an alliance. Did jc react to it when he came out? The celebration in the bedroom that hay walked in on was way worse and didn’t affect them.


It seems he didn’t even hear it. He was in the bathroom .


Slop farts…


I hope Haleigh wins veto just so it’s not the status quo then see who level 6 puts on the block it might not be a bad thing to vote someone out early if I were level 6 such as voting out Brett or JC if they get them on the block


If Hayleigh wins the veto i hope she pulls a Hive and uses the veto on Sam.


Kaycee would pick jc to be the replacement no doubt

King Silva

If it really is JC/Sam on the block this Thursday they should just get out JC.

Then they could do Haleigh/Sam Part II for DE assuming neither win HOH/Veto to finally get Haleigh out.


POV tonight B.B. comics? What are yalls guesses?


That’s what I was thinking too. I’m just confused why they’re waiting so late to do it. The BB comics comp is a longer one because they each go individually so it will be pretty late when the feeds come back.

Butters Mom

I think its bb comics because they brought the past house guests back in for it like they have in the past. Its usually at night. I wish we could watch it on after dark but, Im assuming we will get fish.


I know! I wish they would show more comps on the feeds or after dark.


Could do some food/comfort/have not comps on the feeds so the house guests could win movie time or something. That way the more game related comps get shown on the televised show and the peripheral ones are for the feedsters.


Sorta thinking the same thing. Almost betting it will something that is a timed individual comp giving production a opportunity to rig the outcome so Haliegh wins.

Production For The Win

It also could be the spell the longest word comp since The Hive were discussing the words they would use earlier in the season.

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire

We are due for the face morh comp too.


Derrick will host the face morph because he looks like one lol.


i think that comp’s been retired. houseguests coming into the game with a word planned out has ruined it.

Hurricane Bayleigh

I hope you are correct. Maybe they could give them all the same letters and say spell the longest word you can with these letters.

Level 4 Seriel Killers

What was their decision……cat?

The Hive is Compost

That was their decision but they spelled it kat.


Thats how Hails wins stuff lol.


Black Box comp????????

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I thought black box comp too until I remembered they did something like that in the very first comp for half the house. By the looks of JC’s shirt on BBAD, it must be the comic comp.


The upcoming DE will be the perfect time for them to take out JC. It goes so quickly, it would eliminate all of the ruckus he will want to cause about being OTB. I say rip that bandaid off of him so fast his head will spin. He won’t know what happened until after it’s over!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree – it won’t give him time to stir things up or tell lies within the house … one two three your out.


Yep! Spin that Tasmanian devil right out the front door! ;oP

Lesser of Two Evils?

The same could be said about evicting Sam.

Who said that!

Sorry,Tyler will not allow that.

Future teller

Heres how the rest of the season will most likely go.
Saturday L4 wins veto
Monday Veto not used
Thursday Haileigh evicted
Thursday If Sam/JC wins HOH, noms JC/Sam and L4, JC/Sam does not win veto, JC/Sam goes home.
Thursday whoever remains, goes on the block with L4. they go home.
L4 is final 4.
L4 (Tyler, Angela, KC) nominates Brett and another L4 member.
Tyler would nominate KC/Angela to backdoor Brett.
Brett gets evicted at 4th.
Tyler, Angela, KC are final 3.
Tylerwill probably try to not win, knowing both would take him to the finals.
If Angela wins, chooses Tyler- Tyler win.
If KC wins, chooses Tyler- KC wins.

Botox Pelosi

No way in my opinion in the final three that Tyler doesn’t try to win. He needs to control his own destiny.


If they are doing an individual timed comp, I’m expecting Haleigh to do well and probably win it because the producers want to stir the pot. JC goes up and he’ll need to go out Thursday. Maybe I’m too tinfoily though but production has a way of man handling the wheel when things get close to the end.

Fes mom

And Fes wins AFP


Kaycee wins final HOH and cuts ties with Tyler.
Takes Angela to final 2.

Kaycee wins by a landslide :o)

Kaycee will need to win another HOH and or veto once they are down to final 5 with JC as they know she is a favourite to win this damn thing! 😉

Who said that!

If she’s smart.


So final 4 is brett, ty, ang, and kc…what if in your scenario, Brett some how manages to win either the HOH or veto at final 4 (while winning nothing else prior except his current one veto) and makes it to final 3–would any of the remaining other 2 (2 of either tyler, ang, or kc depending on who goes out 4th) decide to take him since he is known to be hated by hive and hasn’t won much?

Liar Liar Pantsuit on Fire

That sounds like a possible scenario to me.

Who said that!

That’s not Tyler’s plan.

Darrell G Irick

I can’t wait for double eviction and for it to get to final 3…. such a boring season…. Reminds me of last year.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I bet Production will be so glad when JC is out of the house….especially a Bob!


the edits he’s gotten lately make me think production wants him to win afp. i don’t think they want him leaving any time soon.

Boring week ahead

Great so we get to see jc all night on BBAD while they play for the POV! Man i hope jc or brett win double eviction just so we can see some action! Get this sleep fest over with!

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

Any chance Tyler and Brett will back door Angela???


Maybe after the season?


Simon, the Ranking Grid is doubled up again…

Mixing Medications?

No, No thanks, and No way.