Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I know I did really bad”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 8
POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 10
HOH: Kaycee Next HOH: Sept 13
Noms: Sam & Haleigh Have Nots JC, Sam, Scottie

Power Of Veto WINNER: Kaycee

12:16am Everyone milling around the kitchen. haleigh says “I know I did really bad”

12:22am Tyler and BRett

Brett – she’s gone (haleigh)
Tyler – dude.. three in a row..
they go on about KAycee getting the competition done in 2 minutes.. Brett says he spent 2 minutes “looking at it”

12:27am JC and Brett
Brett – Dude that’s huge.. Kaycee won..
JC – at least you know the nominations will stay the same.

1:04am chit chat

1:14am Brett’s making the mc griddles for their level 6 celebration.

1:20am it’s over…

2:14am Kaycee, Brett and Angela
Talking about the comics.
Kaycee says Haleigh never pitched to her after the veto.
Anegla – she did the pity thing.. i’m going to be such an embarrassment to my family.. dude shut the f* up
(Haleigh took 18 minutes to complete.. kaycee took 2 minutes)

They tell Brett how they were trying to get Halegih out of the HOH
Kaycee – I’m trying to be nice
Brett – there’s times I feel so bad.. but there’s times where I know what you are saying is complete f*ing sht..
Angela – the fakness is on another level..
KAycee says you can feel the fakness..

3:08am Tyler and kaycee
They talk about the plan being Haleigh, Sam then JC.
Tyler doesn’t like the confident JC has thinking that he has BRett.
Kaycee agrees notes that JC doesn’t have brett at all.

Tyler – I’m telling you if JC F*ing wins.. He’ll try whatever he can to get two of you up there..
Kaycee doesn’t think JC will win on Thursday.
Tyler about JC ‘He literally thinks he’s control everything”
They agree JC has been on the right side of the vote but it’s them that control everything.
Tyler says JC will be pissed when he finds out about level 6

Tyler says he lied to JC’s face about them so Tyler won’t be getting his vote in the end.
Tyler – We’re good we control all the votes..

6:30am zzzzzzz

10:05am Production waking up houseguests.

10:58am Perfectly fine place to eat your breakfast

11:40am Sam feeds the Fish everyone else sleeping..

11:43am Sam finds a dead fish..
Sam talks to the camera – there’s been a death.. and there’s something on your lens.. you have a booger..

1:05pm Its a quiet house at the moment. Sam is in the kitchen, while the others are sleeping..

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King Brett

Kaycee is becoming the GOAT at comps.

Dirty Harry Reid

Na Na Na Na
Na Na Na Na
Hay Hay

The Hive is Compost

Enjoy the jury house Hayseed.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

You’re right but it also might of sealed her fate. She has painted a target on her back the size of Bayleigh’s ego.

I can’t even...

Tyler has got to be rethinking his final two with her.
I can’t wait to see Fes’s dumb face when he’s sees how many things in a row she’s won! Lmao! I’m sure he’ll have a way to demean her victories…

Chuck U Schumer

Pay attention to everyones conversations to Hayleigh this week. They all know she is gone and they will be trying to set themselves up to the jury.


Tyler’s problem is going to be how to get out KC. She has been a beast at comps! Her social game has been awesome. Tyler needs someone else to nominate her….hence, keep JC.

After Hay goes, this is going to get gooooood!

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

Brett could put her on the block too.


Kaycee will be loyal team player and bring angela and tyler to end…angela will do likewise..sam or jc are gone next…then the only X factor is whether brett can pull off an hoh or veto in final four to force his way into final three OR far cry chance to cgarm tyler into final three or at very least orchestrate kaycee’s downfall beforehand by reasoning with him using purely gameplay logic of how kaycee is literally only person that could beat tyler in comps and jury so its in his best interests to bring hrett with angela, and to convince him kaycee would respect it cuz shes a gamer too…its really up to hrett winning last hoh or vetoing his eventual nom to force either ang or ty or kay tonom each other then brett would be the casting vote–he may even knocj out tyler by simply winniveto…brett is the key to final three outcome, and scottie or sam will be key jury votes


I told you people she’s the biggest threat for a few weeks now. She gets final 3 she has a good shot at winning the comps and winning against anyone left. Of course Angela, Tyler and Brett are remember all the crude things she says while L6 is together. Kaycee needs to watch her mouth because Angela is a shark. Brett is a shark. They both are smooth talkers and manipulators. JC is never going to make it but he did all the dirty work for L6.


All JC did was get in fessy’s head. Even the dead fish can control fessy dumb brain. L6 let JC take the credit but they were in control the entire time.


To be fair, the three before were all ball comps.But now that ive also seen her win a hacker comp and comics puzzle comp (*which is a social awareness and memort comp due to knowing houee guest history etc), within similar time frames as well as her personal sympathy–noblood moves–tyler angela threesome finals–good social game now–loyal team player–no resentment bitter jury so far of bayleigh rockstar scottie faysal whom dont even have her on their radar…she could easily win game now…plus she even still has hayleigh vote as hayleigh only really likes her personally out of all level 6 players…if tyler goes to end and wins rew more comps, it will be case of bitter jury versus best overall player …if its based purely on game and tyler charms jury and angela/jc take the heat in jury and make it less bloody for tyler than he canwin with brett/jc/angela/sam with a possible scottie or faysal as clincher while kaycee will get bay/hay/rock/faysal with possible scottie orcbitter samat tylers final two promise breaking etc…it will likely come down t scottie or sam’s vote to determine the winner of big brother no matter who gets to thend–with the exfeption of jc and angela lol….

Who said that!

If Kaycee keeps winning comps Tyler is going to rethink his final 2.


if Tyler take Kaycee instead of Angela he will loose 100% jury will vote to her

Wake Up Call

Tyler had better get his “head” back in the game because Kaycee has passed him as the player to beat this season.


Why the f*ck do you think Tyler will bring her??? If he is lucky, she will bring him. She can hold her own. I dont understand how people think tyler is the messiah of BB? He wouldnt have been able to do anything without L6s loyalty.

3s a Crowd

Tyler set L6 up for success from week 1 by getting Kaitlyn’s vote. Then was the member of L6 to keep JC & Sam on their side. In addition to this, who gets evectived if Tyler and Kaycee are on the block in the coming weeks? KAYCEE!


Kaycee will win veto if she’s on the block.

She could have easily beat Tyler and Hayleigh hanging on that rope but she chose to drop and left it up to Tyler to win HOH so he could have blood on his hands.

Kaycee can beat any of the guys in anything physical or endurance.

Tyler’s days are numbered and Kaycee will need to keep winning veto to stay in the game.

Kaycee is the New Janelle 2.0!

Best season in a long time.

Let’s Go!

who me?

Or without Brett and JC doing his dirty work


Tyler–angela, brett, jc, sam, maybe scottie or faysal
Kaycee–bay, hay, rock, fay, maybe scottie or sam

Gonna be close call…not 100 tho


kaycee is pretty dangerous to take to final 2 at this point. i’d definitely want to be sitting next to angela or brett.

Who said that!

Tyler wants Kaycee and JC in his final 3 because they will take him to the end while he doesn’t trust Angela or Brett to do the same.


I think he wants Angela & Kaycee. He said jc would win (but so would Kaycee)


It’s Tyler and the two girls. They already have their pecking order.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole Says Bye Bye

Well we all have the excitement that we wanted now. This week we will get Sam versus jC on the block with a possible backdoor Brett plan or a backdoor Tyler plan. Do you think Brett of jC could convince Sam to evict Tyler? It would only take two votes to evict next week.


Are u watching the..same..BB we all are??

Paul Was a Punk

I agree that JC & Brett might make a move but they don’t have the votes to take out Tyler imo but they might get Angela or Kaycee out.

Who said that!

If Tylers alliance doesn’t try to evict him then they are dumber than HIVE.

The Hive is Compost

That is not possible.

Who said that!

As dumb as they were,they knew Tyler was the biggest threat.Doesn’t the rest of L6?


Tyler’s game was very good but only because of the rest of the group. Both Kaycee and Angela have excellent comp resume’s and could sell the idea that they were the movers behind many of the blindsides. I’d say we have 3 huge threats in the house and they are Kaycee, then Angela and Tyler. Of those 3, I could see Tyler’s position as being the weakest.


Its already enoght . He should re think it NOW

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

No kidding. I can hear Rockhead telling everyone that we have to make a statement and have a gay female win this show. Not to mention that Kaycee really would be a deserving winner. She has kicked butt this season and everyone likes her.


Kicked butt this..season..? Shes won Nada till THIS wk ONLY lol Tys been winning thd..ENTIRE..season !


Hacker comp, veto, HoH, veto…plus she’s set herself up with everyone. She stayed under the radar trusting in her social game and alliance to keep her safe. She won key competitions to protect herself and her alliance. From here on out everyone plays in the veto and guess who is going to try to crush them. Out of L6/5/4, Brett has the weakest chance, all the rest can sell the fact they were pivotal in each of the moves and can point to a number of wins. Kaycee will be a force to reckon with in this home stretch.


Are u watching the..same..BB we all are?? Kaycee has won a hacker comp. HOH and three veto comps. Open your eyes.


Actually I think Tyler may be holding back. He didn’t want to win this POV. He will come through when he needs to for sure. Also I think he will be faithful to his final 2 with Kaycee.


Kaycee will win veto if she’s on the block.

She could have easily beat Tyler and Hayleigh hanging on that rope but she chose to drop and left it up to Tyler to win HOH so he could have blood on his hands.

Kaycee can beat any of the guys in anything physical or endurance.

Tyler’s days are numbered and Kaycee will need to keep winning veto to stay in the game.

Kaycee is the New Janelle 2.0!

Best season in a long time.

Let’s Go!

Eh eh

“I can hear Rockhead telling everyone that we have to make a statement and have a gay female win this show. ” Odds against that happening are slim to none.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Who’s to know he hasn’t already rethought his plan. It’s not as if he’s going to discuss his final two thoughts with anyone else.

“Hey Brett, all along I’ve intended to take Kaycee to the final two with me but I’m thinking she’d be tough to beat with the jury now. What do you think about me taking Angela instead, no one on jury likes her?”

Botox Pelosi

Great points. Kaycee is a major contender.

Who said that!

There’s no evidence as of yet that he’s rethinking his final 2 with Kaycee who he has been very loyal to,he’s said it in drs.


He already has been and voiced in for f3 talk with JC, stating now she is winning a lot

The Real Deal

Kaycee’s a BEAST! And kind too. Let’s go!!!




Gay=cool and kind in the hive mind. The only thing I’ve seen her do was smile in front of peoples faces pretend theyre besties and talk mad shit behind their back. ..like “ I can’t fucking stand so and so”.

The Hive is Compost.

Caution: ^^^^^^^

Bitter Hivers above.

Kaycee rules!


I wonder if people are still comparing her to Jenn City now?


Such a superficial comparison, they’re nothing alike.


FOUTTE needs to change its name to FOUITJ (Five Of Us In The Jury).

Botox Pelosi

LOL. Your posts have been great this year!

Eh eh

LMAO That was brilliant.

Level 4 Seriel Killers

The all Hive jury house…….priceless!

Haleighs Booty Shorts

Why dont KC and Angela realise that if they vote out Haleigh then for sure if any of Sam, Brett or JC win the next hoh that the 2 noms will be Angela and KC?

Haleigh is alot closer to both KC and Angela now and she could promise them if she wins hoh she will for sure put up Brett and JC, then even if one of them takes themselves off the block and Haleigh is forced to put one of Tyler/KC/Angela up as a renom, the other 2 of that trio not on the block will still have the 2 votes needed to keep them safe and still vote out Brett or JC…I really hope Haleigh pitches this as I think she would go through with it

The difference is its for sure Sam would nom the 2 women and keep the guys safe, but theres a decent chance Haleigh could agree to keep Tylers main trio safe if she stays

If Sam stays, with KC not playing hoh, then the Tyler trio would be 2-3 down in hoh numbers(40% chance) in the hoh, but if they kept Haleigh its likely they would have 3-2 hoh numbers(60% chance) in their favor, which could be the difference in them going on the block or not

The group think side v side mindset is so ingrained in Tyler, KC, Angela that they are failing to remember its an individual game, and its very evident that Haleigh is not as close as she was to Brett and JC anymore, and has gotten alot closer to Angela, but especially KC, and I think KC is really dumb if she wants to use her hoh/veto to keep Sam who is only going to be loyal to guys, and get rid of someone like Haleigh who arguably is most loyal to KC right now

Its like Angela and KC are saying to themselves: to hell with my own individual game and jury votes, we are here to make Tylers road as easy as possible…production hand picked the Olympic/Hilton Head trio connection as they want their golden boy to win

Its not looking good for Haleigh right now, im sad as nobody has entertained me more this season than her…she gets my americas favorite player vote as the only one to put Tyler(as well as his 2 closest allies) on the block, and an amazing beautiful thoroughly delightful young woman, absolute feeds gold, full of energy, warmth, awesome sense of humor and liveliness


Hay will not go after j.c no way.
Sam might.
And hay is way better at comps and has 4 votes in the jury.. if you keep her too much she might win her way.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

BBfan is right. The jury is packed with Hayleigh fans and she must go.

Haleigh's Melanoma

You almost had me until that last preposterous paragraph.


right! As I read that last paragraph I started hearing Hays fake radiant-Julie voice saying the words


The current jury will vote for Haleigh over everyone. Sam got in their nerves, so she’ll have fewer votes.


It doesn’t matter now. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and even Brett realize they have to be final 4 because the jury will not vote for them unless they have no choice. They know beyond a doubt that some combination of those four have to be siting on the chairs come finale. Haleigh, Sam or even JC makes it and they win.

Eh eh

Only reason H is up Angela & KC’s asses now is b/c they appear to have more power than Brett or JC. She consistently kisses up to whoever is in power & it’s transparent, means nothing, her word & loyalty are worthless, & they know that b/c they weren’t born yesterday.


It would be stupid to keep Hayleigh in the game. If she somehow slips to F2 by winning comps, she will win. The jury is full of her friends.


Are You..? Hayleys Mom..bro..bestie..etc

No colonel sanders, youre wrong!

Hay is beautiful……on the outside.
21yrs old, blue-eyed, blonde, nice smile, perky fake boobs, and a tight little butt.

Its whats inside thats lacking. Having rockstar as her bestie is telling enough, but her coversations “where she wants to move somewhere Americans arent liked(during her discussion of Germany with RS) or her belief that 911 was an inside government conspiracy. Shes full on indoctrinated in leftist anti American propaganda.

A shame really. I hope real world experience will bring her wisdom.

Millennial Fever

She is still young. Hopefully she will grow up and become her own person. We all do dumb stuff when we are young.

Eh eh

not that dumb. Takes special diligence to avoid using the brain & filter input so as to only allow in garbage.

Butters Mom

Tyler better hope Kaycee decideds to take him in the final two… I dont think its going to be up to Tyler.


Yep. . . I was thinking the same thing!


You could be right and to be honest the jury would love her taking Tyler out.


Exactly what I was thinking! Tyler might be lucky to get taken to F2 at this point.

Who said that!

He knows she will.


I think Kaycee is terrific and have thought this since July. But now Tyler is all the sudden feeble and will be lucky to be invited to the final 2? He has won when he needed to. I don’t think he wants so much blood on his hands or create a target on himself. So many of you jump ship so fast without realizing the game some of them are playing and doing it very well.

King Silva

Kaycee is winning now if she gets to final 2.

Tyler has to come to his senses and cut her (if he even can) or he is not winning.


He can still get fes hay or one of them to vote for him.. with sam j.c angela and brett.. but sam and j.c may get bitter on him.. in that case he lose.. will be easyier with angela in final 2 (not to say j.c and sam) but its not a done deal..

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Fez is NEVER going to vote for KC or Angela. He feels emasculated by being beat by girls.


Hahahahahahha! @ emasculated! :o)

Eh eh

That’s presumptuous. He seems like apart from taking Haleigh seriously (fool), he doesn’t take the game all that seriously — and likes the others. As for emasculation, a football player briefly bemoans losing a ball-catching comp by 1 point and Kaycee doesn’t get over it for a whole week. Despite winning. I like KC bit she seemed way more sensitive about the sense of rivalry between them than he did. Projecting. He isn’t threatened. Just dumb.

Hayleigh's Massive Mole Says Bye Bye

Exactly right.

I miss Fes

This takes me back to the good old days of Fes. Moments after winning his HOH he tells Haliegh I’m not wasting my HOH on Angela or Kaycee. Since Fes HOH ended with Scottie being evicted.

HOH- Angela. Veto- Kaycee
HOH- Tyler. Veto- Kaycee
HOH- Kaycee. Veto- Kaycee

The last one takes your girl out of the game. Oh and your magical plan of making this great speech which you told Haliegh would take all the heat off her for at least a few weeks, didn’t work either Only reason Haliegh didn’t follow you the week after is bc you once again lost another comp built for you to Scottie.

Miss you Fes. Your stupidity and game play always kept me amazed.


Great post! Absolutely right on point. All that I can add to this is that when Hay walks in the door to the jury house, Fes will yell, “Who flipped?!”

Fes mom

The only thing stupider than his plan is your own post. Next time try to correct your grammatical errors and spell his girlfriend’s name right.


Here’s your probational jackboots…next time please be more specific regarding the grammatical short comings of posters.

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

Haleigh to herself- Pack your shit again. This is what you get. It’s your own damn fault. You fucking suck, loser

I couldn’t of said it better myself.


Tyler needs to stop playing grab ass and get his head back in the game…


The others need Kaycee and Tyler to go if they have any chance of winning. Wake up!


Love Kaycee. That girl is on FIRE! They will have to take her out sooner than later if anyone else wants a chance at the win.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The real game is about to start. In order to assure themselves of a win, anyone from L4 has to be sitting next to another member of L4 to have a chance.

JC and Sam both can be of some use (very temporarily) as a vote. I don’t see Brett surviving the final purge unless he’s been completely sandbagging his competitions and can take a crucial HoH; which would put him squarely in the two surviving L4 sights, both of whom are strong competitors.

Most likely, I believe it’s going to be a Tyler, Kaycee and Angela final three. I cannot believe that Kaycee and Tyler both haven’t realized at this point that taking Angela to final two is their best bet. The final HoH will be a battle royal between Kaycee and Tyler/Angela (I’m fairly certain Angela would take Tyler).

America’s favorite is getting strange. I still believe it will be (should be) an L4 player but the way BB has been editing JC and Haleigh (completely counter to how they actually are in the house) it sure looks like BB is pushing them for AF.


I sure hope that Haleigh doesn’t get AFP. She is one of the last remaining players I would vote for. Brett is funny and should be in the running. JC is a little too pervy to get it.

Botox Pelosi

Great post Brow. Hopefully one of the two Level 4 players that don’t make the final will win AFP.


Join the discussion…


Join the discussion…
There’s only ONE logical and deserving AFP nomination and that is STEVE!!! Poor guy never had a chance


This is the first season in years I am not rooting for the first evicted to get AFP.


Why does everyone think Tyler will decide who goes to F2? Sure, he is great at comps, but the women on his team are too, so he may end up having to go with the flow, and once L6 starts ripping each other up, they might spill the beans… Nevermind the shit JC might stir up, if he goes on the block. Tyler’s game is not looking the best at this point.


I am not sure how many of those comps Tyler threw. He showed his stuff early on, but backed off when other alliance members stepped up. He had to be very careful not to show his hand to all of his final 2’s. I feel that he got a little too wrapped up in his showmance, but maybe it is all strategy. I have a feeling he will be stepping up to the plate soon, going for the home run.


When other alliance members stepped up? HoH’s: Tyler, Kaitlyn, Sam, Scottie, Bayleigh, then finally Angela which was when Hacker Haleigh struck, Haleigh, when Hacker Kaycee struck, Fez, Angela, Tyler, Kaycee. There’s a lot of comps where L6/5/4 only saved themselves because the others were just so bad. They didn’t step up but were able to roll with the punches to minimize the damage. Point is I don’t think Tyler threw them, if he did, because the others had stepped up but rather because the targets of FOUTTE/Hive weren’t critical to him.

who me?

He’s spending too much time trying to protect Angela and Kaycee from the others, they are seeing it, both Brett and JC want them up and out. Bigger surprise would be if Brett won HOH, put Tyler and Angela up, then if one wins veto and takes themselves off, put Kaycee up. Then his chances of winning go up. Especially if he can point out to Sam that Angela is doing the very same thing with Ty as she put Hayleigh and Talks To Spirits up for.

Level 6 Lover

I don’t know why Level 6(4) wants to get Sam out before JC. JC is the one stirring the pot. As always in typical reality TV, the person who has never won a comp always pulls it out their ass in the end. JC will get rid of a member of Level 6(4) for sure, whereas Sam could be coaxed into JC.


It would make sense for JC to go in DE. If not, then someone is going to have to deal with him sitting on the block for a week, unless he wins POV, or maybe if Brett goes total defection and protects him with POV. Not likely. Would be unpleasant and should be avoided. Possibly more entertaining to watch JC stir the pot for a week, but not good for the HOH.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Yes. JC has to be cut fast and the best way is in the DE. Even though he knows where most of the bodies are buried will the jury listen to him if he tells them he was the one responsible for evicting everyone? How much will he dirty up the remaining HG while he’s in jury?


Im going for Kacee and Brett im telling you this is why I dont feel bad for Angela when she whines about them saying mean things look how she talks about them in the hoh lol tit for tat dont ya think.


I like all them, but am also kind of pulling more for Brett, then Kaycee; however, when has Angela whined about either of them or said mean things in DR?


Do you watch the live feeds? Dhe cusses alot and says horrible stuff..

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

As does every other person in the house and jury! (With the exception of Sam)

Eh eh

as in true stuff?


Angela is this seasons villain and is always talking bad about people.


Why was Winston’s B.B. comics about a twin? I’m confused why that would be his superhero name


Not sure, Winstwin sounds like a fun play on words though


Winston called a twin? For superhero B.B. comics

Picture on the wall

If Sam wins DE HoH. Nominates Angela and JC. Sam wins PoV and leaves noms the same, who does Tyler vote out??






I am really getting tired of Angela and all her sh1t talking about how fake haleigh is. I don’t see her as fake, she isn’t trying to make deals with them, (that I have seen on the feeds nor on the show), I see her just trying to talk with them and maybe get to know them, you know trying to be nice because she is alone. Kaycee isn’t much better. How dare haleigh want to talk to them, my god what is wrong with haleigh – how dare she talk to anyone in the house. I used to like Angela but she is actually the mean girl that many people have stated she is. She is coming across more and more as the true fake one IMO. It sucks for me because I really wanted JC out but now I am hoping he wins (finally) HOH on the DE and he does put Angela up and she goes to jury. I know I am dreaming of JC winning anything. I was hoping haleigh would have won this veto. But I think if kaycee/angela are side by side on DE kaycee will go home with all the wins in a row she has done recently. They may finally see that kaycee has a good chance of winning no matter who is sitting beside her in F2. Everyone seems to like her, only blood she has so far is haleighs, and she for the most part has been nice to everyone. Tyler would still be an idiot if he took kaycee to F2 (if he gets that far, which I don’t think he will now). I’m still at a loss of why they would want to get rid of sam before JC, sam is worse in comps than he is, makes no sense. Really looking forward to the DE now. I am hoping it isn’t one of the L6 members and that neither JC nor sam listen to who they say to put up if in the off miracle chance they do win HOH.


I understand…..(they have spoken of this a lot) L6 considers Haleigh “fake” because she didn’t ever try to talk with them or find mutual ground with them until they were in power. They also say she is apt to agree wholeheartedly with whomever is speaking, to the point that she goes back on whatever platform she previously declared for the sake of being agreeable with the power in the house. They also don’t like how she kisses up to Julie so much.


Well said, Granny. You are always the voice of reason. I don’t blame Hay for hanging out with L6/L4 now. Everyone else has been evicted. But, I do blame Hay for smack-talking her own alliance with L6/L4 and climbing into the ass cracks of L6/L4. Some call it immaturity; I call it showing your true colors on national television.

Heather Glen

Right you are Granny. Hayleigh is fake and a mean girl.

Burnt orange.

Hayleigh has hung out with everyone this season.
She is not being fake only trying to hold on in a game that hasn’t gone her way even when she was wining.
She should continue to be social even when she wants to tell them all to F off.
They all do the fake talking up to people.
If she stayed to herself people would paint her as antisocial and dying without putting up some sort of fight .
She can’t win for losing!


The problem with Hayleigh is that not that she is trying to talk to people but that she is fairly often giddy and overly curious to the point of being obnoxious. When she kept asking Tyler is she was the target, she didn’t let up, and rather than slowly integrate back into the house, she’s up their asses non-stop. That’s what’s annoying everyone. When Scottie came back, he was tolerable, and not trying too hard. Plus, Hayleigh’s way opf talking is to ask tons of questions, but in a joking way, like. “You’d tell me if I was the target right, haha.” Give it a break!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Just for you…

comment image

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Angela has already won.


As much as I would have liked to see Sam or Haleigh win the veto for the sake of tossing the Crispin salad (I’m a fan of Tyler, but would love to see some shifting of power), I couldn’t be more happy for Kaycee. She has now moved to my #1 spot….so well deserved after back to back wins. I knew she was just waiting things out before she revealed her dynamic level of competition. She has managed the jury really well, and I strongly believe if she makes it to finals, she will win against any of the remaining HGs.

Tyler is my #2. Swaggy C made a good point last week when he said Tyler needed to own his plays or he won’t be respected by the jury. Actually, I think he said he won’t be respected because he hasn’t been owning his plays (acting like he’s being controlled by others). Should Tyler get to the finals, I’m sure he will come clean with the jury. But, will it be enough? I think he would win against any of the others, minus Kaycee, should he deliver a good speech explaining his plays since week 1.

Angela is my #3. I can definitely relate to Angela, and I appreciate her backstory. Being misunderstood is something I have dealt with my whole life, too. Yet, I’d much rather be misunderstood as a bitch, than a pushover. I admire Angela’s grace and classy demeanor. Angela has been a great competitor, but it’s my opinion the jury will not pick her over any of the other HGs in finals, exception being Sam.

Brett is my #4. I still don’t care for him that much given he is so full of himself and loves to push people’s buttons. But, I have enjoyed him this season much more than I first expected. You can’t ignore his great comeback after his bro Winston was evicted…and his ability to infiltrate the Hive the way he did was impressive. He’s even managing JC fairly well. His biggest downfall, though, has been lack of jury management. Had he kept his stupid mouth shut in his GBMs (especially Rocky’s), he could be considered one of the best players. However, jury bashing and failure to win an HOH keeps him under Angela, IMHO.

JC is my #5. This dude has rubbed me the wrong way since day one (bad choice of words, but you know what I mean), but he is hilarious and kind when he wants. He is just too crass for my liking, and I hate that he throws comps and/or does so poorly all the time. I don’t see anyone voting for JC. Had he won a few comps, things might be different. I suppose we do have more comps coming, so who knows????

Orwell is my #6. Orwell has been such a dynamic player getting in good with all the girls and keeping silent when asked. He just sits around and cuddles when needed, and didn’t even mind being called Orwella by Rocky. What a good bird!. The fact he can contribute so much to the house is essential (he knows his place), and much like Pablo (Paul’s inflatable pelican), Orwell is dependable.

Sambot is in last place with #7. I never thought she’d drop so low in my ranking, because I truly loved her in the beginning. But, Sam has a lot of personal demons…some we have seen, and even more shocking…..I have a feeling there are many others we have not seen. I think the Big Brother experience has been too much for Sam and has been damaging to Sam, overall. One positive is her quitting smoking! I hope she recovers from this and draws the positivity out of it all. I really hope she doesn’t let the public’s criticism crush her.

Big Brother 20 is easily going down as one of my Top 3 seasons of all time.

#1 BB10
#2 BB6
#3 BB20


OK Granny, you’ve cited a specific sex act, ” tossing the Crispin salad”. Who would be doing that to your beloved Tyler?


Are Cliff Notes available for this post?


Angela’s the only one tossing that Crispin salad 😉

Haleigh's Melanoma

Not really. They only hold hands.


Of course tyler is now owning his game YET ! Its not over ! In his goodbye massage to scottie he owened up that his eviction was the plan from the begining. He also said to bailey she had to go cuz she was the biggest threat ( while he could of said.. sorry people made me think you are the hacker.. you should of stayed!) So i dont know why people is judging his jury managmant that much. He is not that hated. And people forget there is still 5 jury to come and you need 5 to win.

And.. bb7 all stars is the best season ever!!



Butters Mom

I agree with everything you said except I like Sam a little more than you do lol. I feel really bad for her. I think her own insecurities have been her downfall. She never felt like she fit in with those girls so she decided to hate them first as a defense mechanism. She kept this mentality for so long that her actions actually did make her an outsider and adding to this, Tyler who she bonded with in the beginning told her they couldnt be seen together so she felt like she didnt have anyone to hang out with. She’s been alone in that house and staying busy is the only way she could be there and not lose her mind… which I think she has because she feels trapped and alone. She eats on the stairs because its the only place she feels like she can hide from cameras and shes mentioned several times how much weight she’s put on since being in the house. Another symptom of depression … over eating. I think shes funny as hell on the live show. I think I’d really like her outside of the house. There have been points in this game when I questioned her actions as game play but, I really dont think it is. It has however gotten her this far. I think it would be better for her to stay longer than JC for L6. I’d honestly feel ok about her getting 2nd at the end of the day, although my top 2 at this point are KC and Tyler. Its easy to cheer for the comp winners… its a litter harder to cheer out of compassion for the house maid who feels alone but has stuck it out with loyalty to her final 2. She never told Tylers secret.. I believe she really is loyal to him.

Eh eh

Good points. Rating a stuffed animal above Sam is pretty harsh. I find her a bit volatile but sweet and well-intentioned.

Eh eh

Pretty much agree with u on most of that except that I like Brett more for the same reasons you dislike him. Shredding GBMs are poor strategy but sometimes the arrogant & humorless do need a humiliating reality check & his blunt talk & incisive, irreverant wit brings it. Plus in the end he’s about having fun & just being competitive — doesn’t seem to actually hold bitterness & animosity on a personal level. So let’s not be too stodgy — some of his roasts were comedy gold.


The house needs a shake up, it’s getting a tad boring. Brett needs to win and put up Kaycee and Tyler, the biggest threats. If one comes off, put up Angela. Who will be loyal to whom? Time to end level 6’s reign.

who me?

100% agree

Steven Tyler Dream On

Brett needs to win? What kind of comp could Brett win?


maybe that rope one where you have to unknot it. the one Lane (brigade) won, also the douche Brendan won that one also–seems to be the comp for muscular guys.

I don’t think brett would make any move. he can do nothing and get to 4. if he makes a move before that, he is just swapping spots with jc/sam because jc/sam aren’t going to win anything to protect him when l6 comes after him for revenge.


Too bad Brett sucks at comps. This seasons Meg. Useless.

Art Vandalay

If there is a comp to make McGriddles he’s gold.


Brett wouldn’t put up Tyler, he might put up Angela and Kaycee though. Depends on when, if Sam is still there she’ll go up.


Fake Hay when she sucks up to Julie chen you look extravagant she can say it to her face Thursday lol


They talk about Haleigh being fake. She is just really bad at faking being sincere. Tyler and JC are way better at that.

Eh eh

It’s easier when you aren’t a misanthrope.

Roll Tide

Angela and Kaycee are really good at being fake with Hayleigh also. They say how they really like her, then Haileigh leaves the room and the bashing starts.
Tyler and Brett fake too.

Great Season

With Haleigh being evicted this Thursday, the Hive will be responsible for 5 of 9 jury votes.

If they all vote in unison, as Scotty indIcated may happen, the final vote will mark the first and only time that they have been on the right side of the vote.

Even so, I suspect that after the votes are revealed ,they will have realized that they have again been blindsided by L4 members while voting to everything evict the final house guest instead of voting for who they wanted to win….

…Angela still has a chance!


I agree. Kaycee should have thrown this one. Three POVs and current HOH, she’s painting a big fat target on her back. They will see it and get scared. She’s going to go home sooner than expected. Which is a shame, because after Scotty’s eviction (and his childish behavior) I was really hoping Kaycee would win it all, because if it’s down to her and Tyler, the jury will go Kaycee. He knows this. I think she just lost herself the game.


Everyone plays in the veto from here on out so her fate’s in her own hands now. She can use these wins to sell everyone she played the course she needed to in order to avoid a target early. She dominated the physical comps and made pivotal moves and wins to secure herself and her alliance each week when needed. She has probably the easiest sell to the jury.

another name

Kaycee winning the comic veto in two minutes would completely destroy the previous record for that veto comp (previous record being in the eleven minute range). That would mean she pretty much had to get all of them right on the first pass, Considering in the past it has taken competitors about forty five seconds to a minute to climb the ladder and ride the zip.
When Brett talks about how he smack talked the evicted house guest’s comics, I guess we’ll see through how the comp is edited for televison whether or not the jury gets to hear it. That wouldn’t affect the bitter jury factor at all.
So, in terms of comp wins, Tyler has 2 hoh, three ( well technically four wins but three) vetoes. Kaycee has 1 hacker, 1 hoh, three vetoes. Does THIS jury care one iota about comp wins? I don’t think they really do.
This jury is most likely to vote based on which one said or did something that an individual juror took offense to. Imagine the we decide as a group deliberations: no, not that one they’re rich and entitled. no wait, not that one, they didn’t apologize to me. No not that one cus five hours in a hammock. The entire jury plan will devolve. If they couldn’t work together as an alliance in the game, how does anyone think they won’t foutte up a jury deliberation and vote.

Eh eh

Nice use of foutte as a verb.

another name

With Les Moonves stepping down, will the Chenbot even bother showing up to call it in for the rest of the season?


Contractually obligated to do so although it’s possible they’ll look for a new host for next season. It’s a tricky thing, I’m sure she’s not happy with the board but you don’t want to punish the wife for the husband’s issues. Depending on the various investigations, she may negotiate a way out of CBS and “retire” and stick to guest appearances for a bit.

Roll Tide

Julie did nothing wrong. She should not be punished for something her husband did behind her back. She more than likely extremely embrassed. I would be.


It’s going to be super awkward for Julie Chen this week, whether on her morning show or BB Live show etc.
I guess she won’t be able to threaten to have people fired anymore.

sings “Karma’sabitch! Karma’sabitch! karmasabitchkarmasabitchkamrsabitch lalalalahhh
ode to Heir Beethoven

JC is Pervy

Maybe now the View will be cancelled.

another name

i… thought… isn’t she on the talk? the view is the abc version started by walters… isn’t it?

JC is Pervy

You are correct. It IS The Talk. Sorry.


Well Julie obviously is attracted to men that are in her father’s age bracket. Another liberal Hollywood #metoo moment. Damn, the list is long.