“We can’t afford a pawn.. We got to be running straight.. Just like a week 4 redo”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation I refuse to believe Cameron will do a “redo” of week 4. This is a stunt cast kraken season so I shouldn’t be so foolish.

8:55 am Cirie and Izzy
Cirie – what you going to say when you go in? We have to go up there I DON’T want to go up there but we have to.
izzy – I’m going to say the same thing we’ve been saying that yesterday morning it was hectic and it started with Felicia blowing into the room
Cirie – yeah
Izzy – saying all sorts of things insinuating that she was already like flipped.. she knew things that maybe we didn’t know.
Izzy – he’s going to ask who said that made you decide.
Izzy – once I heard that Matt wasn’t voting that way I couldn’t do that.
Cirie – mmmhmmm, he’s literally going to put up Jag and Blue
Izzy – I hope so. it’s about the backdoor. I think it’ll be Felicia or me
Cirie – or me, He ain’t no BIG fan of me either. it’ll be one of the three of us. Here is my question. If Blue is up how many votes we got?
They count votes if it’s Izzy and Blue on the block. Izzy counts America, Corey, Jared, Felicia, Cirie, Matt, MEME votes “I think I would have 6”
izzy – What about bowie?
Cirie – I don’t know about (F***g) Bowie (Jane)
Izzy – over Blue?
Cirie – if yesterday didn’t happen I would say 100%
Izzy – lets say it’s you where are you votes?
Cirie says the only votes she’s sure about are Izzy and Jared. “I’m hoping Corey, I’m hoping Matt, I’m not sure about Felicia and MEME”
Izzy – wherever Corey vote America will vote whether she likes it or not
Cirie – I hope so
Izzy – I got america with Corey.
Cirie if its Felicia and Blue what are we doing?
Izzy – we vote out Felicia
Cirie – that’s what I was thinking
Izzy – that’s the best case scenario.
Izzy wants Felicia gone.
Cirie – what if it’s Jag and anybody?
Izzy – Jag’s gotta go
Cirie – I know
Izzy – what’s good about Felicia going up is it sets a precedent THAT isn’t allowed. (LOL)
Izzy – people are not saying your name
Cirie – they wouldn’t say my name to you
Izzy says Jared and Corey haven’t heard anything
Cirie says she’s scared that nobody is saying her name.
Cirie – Felicia was telling Bowie Jane “We have Jared 100%”
Izzy – Cameron said to Corey I don’t want to do what the house wants me to do there will be fireworks
Izzy adds everyone is pushing Felicia she’s worried that this will cause Cameron to do the opposite.
Cirie – don’t push her

Cirie mentions something about Felicia getting in her face “Felicia came in here well what did you tell her?.
Izzy – I was like what the f*** also Felicia we’ve been the ones in this relationship that have been consistent (LOL consistent?)
Izzy – you’ve been the one and you know it that is why you are nervous that hasn’t…
Cirie – MMMMMhmmmmmmmmm
Izzy – I was so mad at her last night
Cirie – I wasn’t .. I wanted to know what you said. that was my answer. you don’t question me like that now if you want to have a conversation we have a conversation but you never are going to tell me.. What did you say.. C’mon girl.. Please. (Go Felicia)
Cirie says Bowie needs to maintain a certain level of calm. “we’ve picked you out of puddles a couple times just now you GET TOUGH because you are up there with Cameron one week.. I want to make that clear it’s one week and he can’t play next week so settle down James Brown”
Cirie says Bowie Jane annoys her “to no end”


9:00 am Cam and F**Ing Bowie JAne
Bowie says the general jist of what happened to Red yesterday was that Felicia was driving it.
Bowie – the few people that I spoke to found out about it an hour before and it was Felicia. Is that what you are hearing?
Cam – I haven’t heard anything about it but I believe that (Kraken)
Bowie – People are trying to explain to me ohh sorry.. opps.. sorry you didn’t know. I don’t know how a flip happened at all. I think she might have run around and gone on everyone’s flipping and listed some people. just lied. Anyway I don’t know if that’s even important information.
Cam – I don’t know if she ran around and flipped everything or if it literally was a few people that were going to flip.
Bowie – I think she started the process the night before.
Bowie brings up having a conversation with Felicia about next week and Felicia forgot about red. (Izzy did the same thing funny that Bowie doesn’t remember)
Cam – I think she’s board.
Bowie thinks Felicia is “trying to build her resume” by making BIG moves.

Cam – did they grill you last night?
Bowie says yes he told them CAm wasn’t as angry as she was about the vote. She stressed that Cam was putting up Jag and Blue
Bowie – they were asking what about the backdoor. I said he was insistent that Jag went.
Cam – If anyone asks it’s the normal plan Jag, Blue with America as the backdoor. Its not a backdoor it’s a replacement nominee because regardless Jag or Blue go home.
Cam – that’s the plan. Jag or Blue is going home
Bowie – yeah yeah okay … cool
Bowie goes on about how dangerous Felicia
Cam she’s dangerous because she’s so loose. “I think the plan was always in place. It was in place the night before but she messed up and started telling people”
Bowie – Maybe, I would love to see the footage for that day.
Bowie – the great thing about their being so many people in the house is nobody can keep their lies straight
Cam – and I’m the liar.
Bowie – yeah I know
Cam – I’m the person that is getting their name run through the whole house but everyone else cannot tell the truth.

Cam points out that this alliance they were in tried to take out one of their own twice. “the most dangerous place to be is in this alliance”
Bowie – in a way I thought it was safer to be on the other side this is ridiculous.. I’m not saying that i’m just.. you know what I mean?
Bowie – We’ve deleted one of our own twice
Cam – the only win they got was Felicia, outside of that it was red. They just used us.
Cam – you better stop talking to me before I give you things you can’t deny.
Bowie – don’t tell me anything
Cam – nope.. Jag and Blue, America is the replacement (He’s got something cooking..it can’t be this kraken)

9:41 am chit chat in the kitchen about the stink o’ meter

10:00 am Cirie and Cam
Cirie tells him she’s not going to throw anyone under the bus
Cam – we’re down one and I’m HOH we can’t afford a pawn.. we got to be running straight.. just like a week 4 redo
Cirie – I 100% agree
Cirie goes on about always rocking with Cameron “red was my guy”
Cam – I know.. you know we’re good.

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Hold up, Bowie knows he’s cooking something up but doesn’t want to know his true plan because she knows she’s a bad liar… please Cameron do something smart not just Blue and Jag ??

Nether Region Euphemism

I can’t blame her. The Cerie goons really corner people. Felicia loves to make threats. It’s much easier to feel confident when you genuinely know nothing.


Oh Cirie shut the F up ugh

Spot ON





I can’t believe Cam is this. DUMB !!! Why can’t he see that he needs to stop believing everything Cirie, Felicia, Jared and even Izzy say. Did he not see how they did not get excited when he won HOH, Did Jared not put him on the block next to Red !

Cam needs to sit down and have a serious talk with Jag, Cam and Jag need to team up, if Jag can win the next HOH, promise Cam safety, then Cam win another HOH, they can rule the house, get rid of Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and Jared.

If Cam, Jag and Matt can get together, and really decide to help each other, Jared is no threat, he just does whatever he is told to do by his mom, Felicia and Blue.

Jag, Cam and Matt need to clean house. Work together, get rid of Izzy, Cirie, Felicia and Jared, then let the chips fall were they may, but team up, and clean house.

How does Cam not see that Cirie and Felicia are lying to him, there is no alliance, Cam you are enemy #1. Come on Man, do not put Jag and Blue up again, put up Felicia & Izzy, or Cirie and Jared, Jared put you up, why won’t you put him up !!

I was so happy to see Cam win HOH, but if he is this dumb and thinks he can trust Cirie, Felicia, Jared or Matt, then Cam deserves whatever happens next week when he’s on the block.

Wake up Cam, team up with Jag, stop thinking you are in an alliance with Cirie, dude, they are using you, they are playing you for a fool !!

Spot ON

” he needs to stop believing everything Cirie, Felicia, Jared and even Izzy say”

He’s gaming them.

The Beef

He damn sure is! Big time!


Don’t trust Matt. He runs to Cirie and spills the beans. Nice guy, but not too bright.


He’s not that nice

Nether Region Euphemism

Whatever Cam is planning would need to have one of the Cerie goons up as a pawn, otherwise most of the HGs will keep noms the same if they win veto.

Idk if Cam is willing to be seen as a liar prior to the noms, doesn’t seem to be his style. Although he does have a couple of days to change the narrative and say he’s using a pawn.

If he’s relying on a backdoor with Jag/Blue noms, then he’s got nothing.

I too still have faith that he’s better than this, please.


Cam is cooking up something or he is playing all the live feeders and the house.

only time will tell, come on Cam shake things up


I think he’s up to something too. He keeps telling them all that he’s a liar. I think he’s trying to hoodwink all of them by insinuating certain possibilities. We’re all gonna have to wait and see.


Please explain. Does Cam think Jared likes him more than Blue? We see what Blue does for Jared ;). How does Cam think can compete with that. With that considered, where does Cam think he ranks in the alliance? So weird.


I don’t know why Cam is returning the favor and putting Jared on the Block. Why not a Blue and Jared? Someone tell me why Cam is so against Jag? I missed something (or forgot something):-)


Jag has better looking feet & that’s why Cameron always keeps on shoes because of embarrassment. That’s where the jealously stems from.

Verdella Fisher

I believe Jag outdid Cam in a comp and it made him livid.

Not Jason’s Holly

Cam had the chat with Jag and flat out told him he doesn’t trust him because when Cam tells Jag something in private, it gets back to him. He sort of made a deal that if he will keep him off the block unless Cam gets word back that Jag blabbed again! If he blabs all bets are off and he’s going up as a renom. We will see.

Jared blew smoke to Cam about not knowing Red was going over Jag. Not sure if Cam believes that or not. But he didn’t tell his plan to Jared. But he also didn’t tell Jared Jag/Blue with America renom.

Carlito's Way

Does anyone understand why Cameron is acting like he trusts Jared, the guy who put him and his BFF on the block? I am hoping he is playing him, but just cannot tell. Please be smart, Cameron!


If I was Cameron, I would tell him I’m going to put up Felicia and Jared because they put me up simple. They should be able to do that. These people need to start playing the game and stop playing scared. It’s gonna be boring the rest of the season if they keep doing this.

Spot ON

“If I was Cameron, I would tell him I’m going to put up Felicia and Jared because they put me up simple”




Cameron thinks in military terms. So think of Gladiator scene were Falco explains to Commodus: “ I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and yet it will lie quite still. And then its enemies will take little bites of it, and yet it remains still. Then Commodus replies; So, we will lie still, and let our enemies come to us and nibble.“ Cameron is Commodus but should be Maximus. I am at least entertained


Worst season ever. It could get a little better with Cam rocking the boat a bit and he’s going to go with the lowest hanging fruit of Blue and Jag? I may be turning out weeks earlier then I even have the past 2 or 3 years.


You must not remember the seasons with Paul. I couldn’t even watch those seasons. He was truly the worst ever.

Another Dixie

I keep hoping that Cam is acting dumb & listening to everyone’s lies. I think it would be fun if he tells some that he was considering 2 people (just considering, mind you) and then tell others different names, asking that they not tell anyone. Then he should step & watch who gets upset & nervous. It would be a good way to see who is sharing the info. It would be really funny if the word got out that it might be Cirie & Izzy or Jared may be nominated.

Not Jason’s Holly

That would be hilarious.


Cameron is wanting the house to see him doing a “do over” but he is an enemy of the losers of the house. He is putting up Jag and Blue. One will win veto and his replacement will be a “SHOCK and AWE” if Cam wins veto I hope he would take Jag down and continue with his Shock and Awe plan. It’s a win win. Jag and Cam final two would be IDEAL. Jag has called out the BS on Cirie and Jared caught them in their lies which is why he is their target. Jag is close with Matt, America, Blue, Jag is playful with MeMe pushing her buttons. Cameron has Corey, Bowie.
Cameron is “secret war” game play.
Corey and America are “GOT Freys” (wishy-washy) game play
Jared is (tries to pass mommy’s moves as mine) horrible game play.
Izzy is overeager game play.
Matt and Jag too trusting game play
Cirie, MeMe, Felicia, controlling game play
Blue and Bowie FORGETTABLE game play

Game fan

Cam doesn’t have Cory

un autre nom

One on Ones Part Two
Quick Takes
we good? bye
verbal masturbation followed by is it in yet? Threat promise if he’s not a nom.
you be you. does Cirie scare you?
go out and play, Scooter, Daddy’s working
That’s a whole lot of buses… now sit down while Daddy tells you how to fix your sinful life.
Daddy loves his little muffin. Call me when you’re done with Scooter, I’m a real man.

Stephanie Edwards-Griffin

Cam is TOTALLY going to make this HOH count. I do not believe he is putting up Blue & Jag. He is going to have his own blindside at the nominations ceremony. He literally told Meme this week was going to be HELL, he played it off as it being because of the punishments, but I could hear the the revenge in his voice.


Agree – Cam will most likely be nominating Cirie & Izzy with intentions of backdooring Jared.


What does “kraken” mean?


It’s a type of alcohol. You drink it when the season becomes unbearable.


Google “release the kraken.”

un autre nom

One on Ones Part Three
Quick Takes
hi miss, i’m Cam, but you can call me daddy. you’re not a problem. bye.
Court, you say? plan is the plan.

Cam has decided Red self-sabotaged. Wanted to leave.

Y’r ma boy. they wouldn’t let me tell you. We’re all that’s left? that one has me sideye. Left of what? A Saturday’s for the boys Tailgate Party?
Tell them all Blue / Jag / America. You’re my albatross now you big ol paste eater.

Did I miss a Felicia one on one?


I honestly believe he’s dying Blue/Jag with America re-nom to keep everyone in the dark…..I REALLY hope Cam makes an intelligent move

un autre nom

My original thought was Jag Blue America combination with a secret hairbrain renom plan.
Then he was bolstered to go straight for the Corporation after so many people named Felicia.
Then Blue and America both telling him not to be weaksauce… to him that would be like telling John Wayne to put on a dress. like a dare almost. The pretty girls challenged his empowerment.
Then Jag bent a knee.
The tone of his talk with bowie was here’s the fake official cover story. We just didn’t know if she knew the real on Thurs. night.

Houseguests are already spinning which nom goes talks without Cam.
How much power will he have? How integrated will he be, if they’re old schooling pre-veto.

Spot ON