Cam to Jag “I really want to put you on the block right next to Blue.. BUT I think you are right” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Who knows!

10:24 am Felicia and Bowie
Felicia is pushing for them to evict Jag “They’ll lose their leader” She adds that the remnants of the the other side will target Cameron after that. (LOL)

10:29 am Corey and Jared
Jared – We’ll make it through but like you said it’s about the people we’re next to
Jag joins them.

10:30 am America and Blue
Blue – if there’s any way you can vouch for me that would be appreciated
America – 1000% I’ll sneak it in there somehow..
Feeds flip.. to Jared, Corey and Jag …

Corey is saying as long as you had a decent grasp of the farts in last night HOH it was basically a coin flip. He adds that Cameron is going around claiming he knew ever answer. Corey thinks there was a luck component.
Feeds flip back to the girls in the bathroom.

Blue tells her to stroke Cameron’s ego and remind him that next week will be a sh1tshow for him
America – Does he now know everyone was targeting him cause when I spoke with him that time he said everyone is acting like I’m a villain. Like he’s got to know
Blue says Cameron told her that the comic room was telling him that red was saying sh1t abot him
America – I Hope he doesn’t buy it
Blue – PEOPLE are lying to you, LYING
America – people that are never up PAST 10 are up past 2am last night! or like up this morning super early! like what! everyone is scrambling.
Blue – yeah yeah miss girl.. you are speaking to the mother f***ing choir right now.
America – it’ll be okay I got you.. I myself don’t feel safe. WE’re going to make it to jury..

11:00 am Izzy and Felicia
Felicia thinks Cameron is going to stick with the plan and put up Jag/Blue replacement is America.
Izzy – if he talks to me in riddles i’m going to be like.. I’m sorry I didn’t understand
Felicia – don’t do that.. let him 0play his whatever he’ll look at that as snarky
Izzy – it’s not snarky 1/2 the time I don’t understand him

11:05 am Jared, Jag and Corey
Jared broing out “I love UFC dude.. I LOOOOVE UFC”

11:14 am Jag and Cameron’s One on One
Jag goes over what he had talked about last night. He doesn’t want this to be a thing where they are both taking shots at each other.
Jag – after I leave.. if I leave then what?
Jag – you are safe with me you are not my target I would not put you up I am in position where I don’t have anyone. I’ve already been evicted
Feeds flip to F***ing Bowie Jane chatting it up in the comic room. Seconds after the feeds cut.
Jag – I’m looking long term and what the means for us. I think it will be a tough road unless we cut the bullshit. Look we’re at the bottom of the f***ing barrel if we don’t team up and trust each other and be like Dude I’m not going to go after you.
Jag – I am clearly at the bottom you are clearly things have happened in this house and I’m sure you are just noticing things as well.
Jag – whatever you are considering or whoever you are considering to take a shot at all i know is I am not the head of any snake. I am not the ringleader of anything. I think that is probably pretty apparent to a lot of folks. that needs to be said.
Jag says taking him out would be a waste to Cameron’s game. he goes on about how keeping him and how he’s not a threat to Cameron’s game
Cameron – did you get it all out?
Jag – so far
Cam – good
Cameron – I don’t trust you at all..
jag – hhjhhhhmmmmmm
Cam – but… we are on a road the conversation the chats you and I have had have come back to me.
Jag – one thing I want to point something out … With this previous conversation we had I didn’t say anything until there where whispers of those conversations.
Cam – walk about the boat? the boat we are both in.
Cam – it’s clear we are trying to trust each other. We are also trying to play this game and keep our other relationships intact. Follow me here..
Jag – yes 100%
Cam – Follow me here.. you are a good social player and that is the up most compliment I could possibly give you I absolutely adore you. I love hanging out with you brother. I love you I could not be more serious about that.
Jag – I love hanging out with you also .. yeah
Cam – the point here is I am very separated when it comes to game and personal. I told you think many times before. THere is a game we are playing on aperonal side I love hanging out with you and you are my dude. Everything else got muddy gamewise.
Cam – we’re muddied
Cam think the people they are close to on the other side of the house are the same. “I also know you are a pretty good actor also that is a compliment”

Jag -okay what do you mean by that?
Cam – I really want to put you on the block right next to Blue. I really want that. BUT I think you are right in the fact that it wouldn’t benefit us but I want to do it. What you offer me is the same thing I will offer in return. If for some miraculous inconceivable reason that I decide not to put you on the block this week I need to know with 100% certainty .. I want to know if I don’t put them on the block this week which is what EVERYONE wants… EVERYONE If I don’t I need absolute safety next week.. Not on the block not a replacement.. not a backdoor.. I can offer you that this week if you can vow that to me next week.
Jag – here is what I’ll say.. the same that everyone wants me this week I’m serious about the things I’m saying I will hold up the that promise. If I don’t touch the block this week and you keep me safe I know it’s not because of someone else’s graces that I am safe. I know it is because of you.
Cameron says if he doesn’t nominate jag and the conversation they just had spills then he’s a backdoor possability. “It’s over it’s completely over I will make sure you go home this week”
Cam – it’s a repeat of week four… I am putting you on the block when you leave I have to think about how I will not and if I can trust this conversation or not that is a big gamble
Jag – this does not leave here..
Cam – I’ve been told that..
jag – as have i ..
Cam – this is the gamble jag this is the one shot we have and any sort of semblance of a road forward together this is the shot. if you can keep your mouth shut for this reason I can make that promise to you . I need you to know I am serious
Jag – I am very serious as well.. I am looking at you in the eyes.
Jag asks him what he should say to people?
Cam – that’s on you. You’re the one with the sad face you are good with them so far. Use your words and your sad eyes and the sad face and all the things that you use for your solid acting skills and you paint this picture (ouch)
Cam – if anything comes back to me between now and tomorrow afternoon it is over. This is the ones shot we have man.
Cam tells him to act like they never talked about this. Adds that he still doesn’t know what he’ll do.

They hug it out (OHH SHIT)

11:40 am Jared and Cameron (Jared not looking worried at all)
They bro around.
Cameron – I hold security clearance with the united states government I don’t tell secrets..
Jared goes on about the last minute chaos with Felicia. Jared says jag feels slighted by Jared’s relationship with Blue “he’s feeling abandoned is the word from her”
jared- that has nothing to to with me
Cam – we got played this wasn’t their plan from the beginning. Pay attention to him today he just walked out here.. I looked at him in his face and said I don’t f***ing trust you not for a second.
they laugh
Cam – f*** him
Cam – Ride with me
Jared – I know
Cam – Ride with me
Jared – I know
Cam – just be cool for the rest of the day
Jared – I got you I be Chilling

11:58 am Corey and Cameron
Cameron points out how weird it was that nobody celebrated him winning HOH
Cam – you’re good with me and you know that and you know it’ll be a easy week. It’s pretty cut and dry.
Corey says next week there will ne a lot of people looking to backdoor him,
Corey asks him what does he need this week from him. Cameron says just be yourself and be around to talk.
Corey asks if it’ll be jag and blue noms. Camerons says yes.

12:12 pm America and Cameron
America – here we are again
Cam goes on that he has no reason to come after her. “I want to work with you and I believe i have been explicant about that the last couple of days”
cam – door slammed don face every time because you keep your ears open to people’s bullsh1t
Cam – lets just relax and play Big Brother
America – is it jag and blue
Cam – yeah
America – Any replacement in mind?
Cam – one.. We already voted him out 10 – 0 lets do it again

12:43 pm Cam and MEMEME
Cam tells her they are good they’ve always been good. Says they can’t put a pawn up because they’ve already lost a person.
Cam – this week is going to be really bad.. Short on food…

12:47 pm Cam and Izzy
Cam – what hurts me still to this moment is Red is going to go home and watch these episode and he’ll feel really bad
feeds flip… when we’re back
Cam – lets run it back to week four and get him egon e
Izzy – okay.. I am proud of you last night it’s .. I want you to feel good about it I know you are humble and being overly gracious with your food I hope you are feeling really proud

They hug it out.

12:54 pm Bowie and Cam
Bowie says Felicia is lying to her “Black and Blue” withhow yesterday happened
Cam – I’ll let it go
Bowie – Yeah, but I’m not forgetting it.
Cam says it’s just the two of them.
Bowie – everyone is so scared to go against the house
Cam says Red will go back home and realize what he did ” i feel like he self sabotaged himself.. he set himself home without quitting.
Cam – I am going to keep you at an arms length.. We’re good but I don’t want them to grill you
Bowie – don’t tell me anything
Cam says when he does the veto tomorrow it’ll be his 13th comp in a row. Claims he wasn’t going to win yesterday but after Red was vote out he was “Alright let focus in on this b1tch”

Cameron keeps repeating Jag and Blue replacement is America
They hug it out.

1:24 pm America and Corey
America – I asked him about the replacement and he said there’s no replacement.
Corey – I think you might be the replacement
America – ME!
Corey – he didn’t tell me that but…
America says he told her he wants to work with her.
Corey – who are you throwing under the bus
America – Felicia and Jared. We’ve both been talking about Cirie and Izzy as the two in charge. We don’t say names but he knows that I know. He’s talking about BIG moves.
Corey – I think you and I have to be best friends with Cameron for the next 4 days.
COrey thought there was a chance it was Izzy and Felicia but he’s thinking it’s not Izzy now. “Felicia is possible. You have to convince him of two things you are on the bottom and you are willing to work with him”
America – He knows I’m on the bottom
Corey – if you go up next to blue you are in a lot of trouble. You are going home in that Sancio if you go up against Jag you are staying.
Corey – he (cam) thinks Jared despite just nominating him he think jared would protect him. He thinks I would protect him, He thinks Matt would protect him. He’s looking at this list and he’s thinking I need these people to win against Cirie, Izzy.. and he feels fine about that.
Corey – I’ve been buddying up with Bowie
America tells him not to underestimate her
Corey – what’s Bowie’s comp?
America – I don’t know
Corey – I know what your comps are
America – what Am I?
Corey – endurance like HISAM said.

Corey – if he nominates Jag and Blue it’s really bad for him.. The problem is if Jag wins Blue’s going to be on the block if he puts up anyone meaningful blue is going home.
America – maybe.. we don’t know what.
C – give me a name
A – A Felicia?
C – I’m talking about a Cirie or Izzy, They were turning on Felicia last week after the eviction.
C – the reason why I hate blue being up there you would go out against her. Jag would go out against her but Izzy would stay against her. She’s that awkward type of person. I don’t know how to deal with that …. it’s f***ing BLUE I don’t know

2:15 pm Cirie, Bowie and Felicia
They are talking about how Taylor was treated last season and how cruel the houseguests were to Taylor.
Bowie – it was mean stuff
Felicia – is was mean spirited
Cirie – why?
Felicia – she was a pretty girl.
Feeds cut.

2:47 pm Jared is complaining to Blue about not being aloud to sleep.
Jared – I’m like Bro.. this sh1t.. Bro.. I’m not feeling it today..
blue – I wish you could get over me.
Jared – hmm.. what did you just say?
Blue – I wish you could go over me.
Jared – Get over you?
Blue – I wish I could get under you though.

2:53 pm Feeds cut to Pound

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Copied from my previous post:
Cameron is “secret war” game play.
Corey and America are “GOT Freys” (wishy-washy) game play
Jared is (tries to pass mommy’s moves as mine) horrible game play.
Izzy is overeager game play.
Matt and Jag too trusting game play
Cirie, MeMe, Felicia, controlling game play
Blue and Bowie FORGETTABLE game play

I'm Jack's Smirking Revenge

Cam deserves to lose, he’s a sucker being played by a clown show.

Nether Region Euphemism

At this point if he really means what he’s saying, then I look forward to him getting evicted next week.

I'm Jack's Smirking Revenge

I stand corrected :0


First time I’ve watched the feeds this season. He isn’t saying anything but Jag/Blue with America as a renom.

I would bet he’s using that same line in the DR.

If he does anything else, it’s going to be a surprise to everyone, including production. And that would be bada$$.

Fingers crossed that a dud HG like Cameron could manipulate everyone. I mean, he has to see what’s happening — Legend 25 had the voted and flipped on him. They can’t blame anyone else. Or at least he should see that they can’t blame anyone outside the alliance.

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t see how it helps him to lie to every single HG except Bowie. If he can pull that off to see how HGs shake out, then gather up a crew, that would be a Kirby move. I doubt it.


Well he’s implied to Jared and Bowie that he has a better plan but won’t tell them so they can “save face” with the others…. Eyeroll. I do hope it’s Cerie or Izzy but I think it’s Felicia and I think it’s only as a replacement nom.


Like Frank, Cameron is a dud HG that will be out the door soon. Due to their shadiness throwing people under the bus and making the wrong moves in power. To appease those that view them as expendable. It’s a sign both players repulsed women on their seasons.


I think he’s making a big move! At least semi-big! I hope! I can’t stand to see Jag up there again this week.

Spot ON

Well, CAM knew about the “cracks” of the “Legend 25” alliance because, if I recall correctly, early on in the season he (CAM) was having a conversation with RED, and CAM told RED that there was a “smaller group within ours” (Legend25).

So CAM is not stupid; he just doesn’t know when to execute. Maybe in a couple of days (when they have the moms) he will prove me wrong.

Queen Catia

Cameron needs to put his thinking cap on and get real. He needs to put up two from the family. Instead he is still saying Blue and Jag. That’s an in-law and a castaway. Geez does he truly not see that Son Jared, Daughter Izzy, and Grandma Felicia are running things under the not-so-subtle command of Grand Matriarch Cirie?


The interesting thing here is that Cameron is calling Jag a good actor who can put on a sad face. He has the power this week. Why not use it?

All it takes is one question: I know you were putting on a show, so how did you know you were staying?

Just that one question could unravel everything. Jag: Yeah, I was asked to be a pawn by my alliance: Cirie, Izzie, Felicia, Matt, Blue and Jared. We had the votes with the HOH tiebreaker.

That info alone would lead Cameron to two conclusions: (1) Izzy, Cirie, and Felicia were telling Jag and Red that they were both safe (because of the alliances). And (2) Jared is with the first group, and Jared’s conversation on Wednesday night about the vote flipping on Red was solely to make Jared look like he’s Cameron’s boy and looking out for him.

Use your power! Have that talk!

Nether Region Euphemism

Problem there is that Cam does not trust anything that Jag tells him.

Spot ON

Reality check: Nobody can trust what ANYBODY says in that environment.

The word “trust” is the most misused word in the “house”. How can ANYONE, in a right frame of mind, “trust” ANYBODY when they are all competing for 750k(?). It’s laughable.


at minimum he should recognize that both felicia and jared nominated him and those two should go up as a consequence otherwise he’s saying they should continue to nominate him.


I think he sees – at least the 3 ladies. I am hoping he throws up Felicia and Izzy. Backdooring Cirie would be way too much to hope for!

Spot ON

” He needs to put up two from the family”


I think him saying JAG and BLEW is a smoke screen for the snakes in the house.


I really do hope that Cam was telling Jag the truth. What scares me with Cam is, he talks in riddles, Cam comes across as sarcastic, and a know it all. He thinks that he’s on top of what’s going on in the house, but in reality, Cam is being a fool for Cirie, Jared, Felicia and Izzy.

When Cam was talking with Jag, Cam was being a jerk with Jag, the threats of if he hears anything from this conversation, he will put Jag on the block. Problem is, if Cam opens his mouth and tells Felicia, Cirie or Jared, then they will make sure that Cam thinks Jag is going around talking about his conversation with Jag.

Jag was 100% correct, Cam and Jag need to team up and work together, there is no kind of Alliance, Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and Jared want Cam and Jag out.

Cam and Jag need to work together, get rid of Felicia, Cirie, Izzy & Jared, then they can let the chips fall were they may, Cam, Jag, Matt, work together, Cam needs to stop thinking he can trust Jared, he’s a snake and runs right back to his Mommy, and tells here everything.

Come Cam, PLEASE make this a good week, work with Jag, put up 2 of the 4 people who are playing you for a fool, put up “Cirie & Jared” or “Izzy & Felicia”, they want you and Jag to take each other out, which will make life easier for them, stop being their puppet.

I’m hoping and praying Cam makes this a good week, not the same ole hum drum we have been dealing with, do not put Jag & Blue up, stop thinking Cirie is your friend, Jared is the reason Red lost faith and trust in you, clean house Cam, make this a interesting exciting week.

Cam, you and Jag need to go after the 4 people who think they are running the house, think back to how your so called Alliance members looked when you won HOH, they are not on your side, work with Jag, Matt, America, maybe Blue, don’t trust Cory, he will run back to the 4 wanna be leaders.

I’m pulling for you Cam, work with Jag and Matt, watch how fast the 4 wanna be leaders run and hide, then start throwing each other under the bus, stop trusting Cirie & Jared, I’m Pulling for you Cam.

Barney Rubble

Clearly this is the season of unplumbed incompetence.

If Cameron’s word salad is to be believed, he has the critical thinking skills of a hair ball. What the hell went wrong with cast recruitment this season?

Spot ON

Barney: You’ve been living in Bedrock for too long. (lol). (BTW, I love the Flintstones. Best toon ever).

CAM is playing with the contestants as well as with the viewers by NOT showing his true hand until it’s time. He proved it by his mom’s…FELICIA & ICKY.


I think at the very least, Cameron should be thinking of Felicia as a back door. At least that would take away one of their numbers, and enough of them are annoyed with her that they just might vote her out. I don’t really see any other back door working for him.

Backseat Driver

If Cameron doesn’t make a move (and you all know what I mean) I will be completely convinced production is running the house!

Spot ON

AGREED 100%,

Spot ON

But at the same time, look what production did to CAM during his 1st HOH…they invalidated the entire week!


Cam is the kind of person who just…..

‘Get it all out?’
‘Are you done spiraling?’

It’s like hey I do the thing where I imply whatever you’re doing, I don’t do that. And in a nice way which is even dickier. Just all day with every hg he’s talked to so far in hoh.


Right. He’s an A$$! He’s hard to root for. I was excited for the shake up, then that conversation with jag was so damn rude and condescending. Urgh! His ego.
On another note. This is why letting hisam go so early was a mistake. They pretty sure needed him to get out Cam, and Corey first. That move has already cone back to haunt them

The Beef

Why should he give information to these people when everything that they know goes directly back to Cirie, Izzy and their minions? How would you finesse a conversation with someone you NEED to work with, in order to advance your game, but has proven anything you say to them will be leaked to TOS immediately if not sooner, even though that person himself has been backstabbed several times by the people he’s leaking to? Keep in mind you’re trying to wake that person up, or maybe jolt them into recognizing they CAN’T WIN by continuing to play into the hands of the power, as they’ve been playing, so maybe they need to hear what Cam said and the way he said it, in order to appreciate the safety he’s offering them, but not just that, the opportunity to win the damn game going forward, rather than being a block sitter for the next week or two, then going home!

If Cam, Jag, Matt, America, Cory and even Bowie want a chance to win, they need to start working T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R and not against each other, PLUS they need to realize they’re standing in the other group (none of them are in the Top 5 as those spots are filled by Cirie, Jared, Izzy, Felicia and Meme/Blue), so best start looking for a better place to be than 7th to 13th.

Nether Region Euphemism

Cory is so sour to deny that the HOH was not winnable by pure skill. As if his own befuddlement with the comp means that no one else could possibly possess more ability than he has.

It was so obvious throughout the comp that Cam was fully confident of his choices.

Some people have very good sequential memory.

I like Cory, but sometimes he comes off more like a college freshman, whereas per his age he’s likely a senior. I guess it’s an Ivy League wanna-be thing.

The Beef

It was a colored fart counting competition and it was stupid as Hell.

Surely they can do better.

Oh my

Cameron owes zero anything to these nasty players. It’s like he told Blu last night, Red trusted them and ALL of them took unnecessary pleasure in blindsidding the guy. He said what point did it make? If that’s the type of bullshit they want to do, then that’s what he will do. He knows he was the original target and have to play every week to not get evicted. I think Cameron wants to give them a taste of their own medicine now.

joe miller

I am confused. What is it about Red and Cameron that Cirie, Felicia, and Jared took an instant dislike to at the start of the game?


I think that they all could see that Cam and Red were very compatible and that the friendship they have was real. They were not using each other. The women’s relationships were all fake and probably still are (some of them) using each other for protection and a source of information.

If Cam and Red can overcome their problems created by lies they will probably be lifelong friends. Those type of relationships are dangerous in the house to other houseguests. The others saw that friendship and their first thought was to break them up.

I hope they work it out.

Senior Citizen

From what I’ve read and maybe understand, Cam is telling everyone that he’s putting up Jag and Blew. I suspect this is a subterfuge, that he really has a “plan” for a big surprise at the nomination reveal. That’s why he’s not told his plan to the Aussie Chick, wants her to be included in the open mouth OMG! Or, maybe he’s covering both their butts on the oft chance that she might inadvertently slip up and give the “real” noms a heads-up giving them time to strategize for how to keep them safe and get him out next.

OK, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. But, Cam said he has/had a security clearance which means he knows how to keep secrets and keep his mouth shut. I understand this since I had a security clearance during my working days.

Spot ON

“I suspect this is a subterfuge, that he really has a “plan” for a big surprise at the nomination reveal”

Well, Senior Citizen, you got it 100% correct. There is no correlation between your brain activity and age. Brain is still working on all 8 cylinders. CAN’T SAY SAME FOR JARED THOUGH.


Jared is a filthy casual.

He said he ““I love UFC dude.. I LOOOOVE UFC”

Which is what casual fans of MMA say. haha. UFC is a great company with most of the best fighters in the World, but the sport is Mixed Martial Arts, and UFC is just one company in it. Casuals always talk about UFC as if that’s the name of the sport.

It’s like music fans saying, “I love Pink Floyd…he’s great!”