Izzy about Cam “Everybody hates you no on wants to celebrate you.. stop celebrating you”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Sounds like Blue and Jag going up. Grab the Kraken.

1:00 am Cameron and Blue
Cam tells her she’s going up with Jag. Blue starts bawling.
Cameron – go win the veto and use it that’s it.. that’s all. you know I’m a straight shooter. Someone has to be bamboozled that’s this damn game.
Blue – if your target gets off the block bro then what?
Blue goes on that any replacement for Jag would mean she’s going to be evicted. She lists through the houseguests.
Blue – you better win bro
Cam – you better win I need you to win.. I’m not doing it.
Cam – you don’t like me right? you don’t like me and you are on the other side of the line to me. We are enemies.
Blue – Cameron I really don’t like you right now
Cam – I can take it I’ve been not liked many times. I’m a tough dude.

They hug it out. Cam leaves to get his stuff downstairs.

Blue alone “What more can I do oh my god.. I was sobbing.. what more can I do?”

1:13 am Bowie and Cirie
Hard to hear what they are saying but sounds like Felicia is being blamed for the vote last night.
Bowie – every week it’s a shit show
Cirie – it’s only going to get worse and worse and worse
Cirie – actually once it gets down to a certain amount of people you’ll know where you stand. It just comes down to the competitions.
Bowie – that will be great.
Cirie – we have at least.. 12.. we have 6 more people before that.
Bowie – the general consensus is today was driven by her (Points to Felicia or America)
Cirie – I’m not doing anything tomorrow.. I’m not running nobody down i’m not licking nobody’s ….. (She just makes a slurping sound)
Bowie says the game moves fast she was “Fully upset” after the vote but now she’s ready for next week.
Bowie – What the hell?
Izzy comes in having finished her Diary room.
They head to bed.

1:10 am Jag and Matt
Jag is going to try to drill it into Cam that he’s not his target.
Matt says Felicia was trying to get Jag vote out this morning.
Matt – she was scared of you because of last night and the quesadillas and Seeing America and Corey with us.
Matt explains that she thought they were all working together to take her out.
Matt – we were eating a quesadilla. She’s so dramatic.
Matt said Felicia controlled the vote last week.
jag – I don’t trust Felicia
Matt – she hasn’t looked at me today at all
Jag – Izzy and Cirie were solid right?
Matt – for sure.. Me and jared are going to try and put Felicia’s name out there.
Jag – should I even mention their names or will it seems like we’re all working together then.
Matt – maybe just say the first part.. getting me out isn’t going to fix any problems there’s people bigger. Go after someone who is controlling on the other side. Don’t say names.
Matt goes on about Felicia being the one that is controlling the votes and is flipping. (Sigh)
Jag – does he know he was the target
Matt – I don’t know, he knows nobody was happy today.
Jag – he’s smart enough to know
Matt – he is smart he’s won three of them now.
Jag – I’ll say BRO we’re clearly at the bottom it does me NO good to come after you.
Jag -I was like brother I’m going to tell you what will happen for the next few weeks.. either you are going to go or I am going to go. One of us will be on the block over and over..
MEME walks in after she leaves..
Jag – I’m going to talk to cam and be like Bro I’m not gunning for you. You are not my target. It does me no good to take you out. If I take you out I am the next one to go if he takes me out he’s still the next one to go. Who knows if he’ll believe it or not.
Jag – does he know we’re close?
Matt – he knows we’re bros but he doesn’t know gamewise.
Jag – if he thinks that you can also.. it might help if you also not second that .. say Bro.. Jag is serious about that. He might not think I’m not serious
Matt – I’ll say maybe we should recruit Jag. He literally has no one with him.
Jag – I’m serious about working with Cam. If he trusts you and he knows we’re bros.. I’m deadass not trying to get him out.
Jag – I’ll have my conversation with Cam afterwards you have your conversation be like Dude maybe we should recruit him because he’s actually dead ass about..
Izzy rolls in to take a cold shower.

Chit chat with the guys. Matt leaves Jag and Izzy

Izzy comes out of the shower. She’s complaining about Cam apparently he offered to save his 6 white claws until wednesday so the entire house can share.
Izzy – it’s another semi manipulative tool to do that.. you don’t have to rub it in people’s faces I don’t need your white claw. Just drink it..
Jag – or half a white claw for everyone on Wednesday.
Jag thought it would be funny if Jag downed all 6 and started hanging out with them.
Izzy about Cam “everybody hates you no on wants to celebrate you.. stop celebrating you. you celebrate yourself enough for all of us”
Jag points out that after Cam won the HOH they all stood around with their mouths open.
Jag – I said are we allowed to celebrate? they said we are and everyone just looked around. that was all caught on live.

2:00 am America and Corey are back to cuddling and giggling.

3:00 am Zzzzz

7:20 am zzzzzz

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un autre nom

You just know Grod has personally gone to d/r to tell Cam his golden edit goes away if he even thinks of inconveniencing a stuntcast for even a moment.


So sad. “Every week same old same old!” Is it just Cameron, Jag and Blue in the house? I guess they are the blockbusters.
Cameron needs to take a shot at mean ladies+ Jared. Stop being Mr nice guy. If Cameron didn’t win HOH
he would definitely be on the block.
Wake up Cameron!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He is absolutely clueless! I’ve never seen so many dumb houseguests all on one season. All the “men” are beta males this year.


100% agree. Worse thing about it he is all alone. I can’t believe he can’t pick up what is happening.


He wouldn’t be on the block he would be left off so he could be backdoored.

That will happen next week for sure.

Bowie Jane and Blue or Jag will be the nominees.

His only hope is to get drawn for Veto and to win (Bowie could pick him if she gets House Guest’s Choice) so maybe she is not an initial nominee and it is someone like America and Jag/Blue.

Even if he wins Veto and then the HOH after it won’t him any good because that literally happened last week and he’s squandering his last week in power before he becomes Juror # 1.

It’s just so sad…


That’s right they probably would have backdoored him. I just can’t understand why he is so clueless though. The veto next week is his only saving grace if he plays. So sad.


Such a disappointing season. The BB players on the Challenge are playing BB better right now.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

What happened to the Cameron from Saturday that wanted Izzy/Felicia/Cirie to be backdoored? Change the name of the show to BIG MORON. He’s all talk no action.


the toxicity this season is off the charts


That’s true and Izzy everyone don’t hate Cameron.

Maureen F Wilson

If I was Izzy, I would be more worried about how everyone feels about her…yuck.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Everyone in the house does! I thought CBS wanted him out for all the sexual harassment! Especially before jury. Certain women will not be safe with him in the jury house!

Verdella Fisher

People who either aren’t watching the feeds or don’t care about sexual harassment are downvoting your comment but you’re not wrong. Cameron earned his dislike in the house.


It’s true. Cam sitting there calm and telling America he never talked about her. As much as I can’t stand her either, I don’t see how ANYONE can like Cam personally. Based off his actions on the lives. These people aren’t any better than izzy. They are just in prettier bodies. Wake up.


I must have missed this on feeds.. what exactly did Cameron say/do that was sexual harassment? Not arguing at all I just never saw any of that behavior..

Matt's Unwashed hands ?

I wonder if Cirie and Jared will make it far enough into the game where they get videos from home . If each of them have someone different in their video but the background is the same because they are in the same house, if the houseguest will pick up on that & realize they are related


I want a video of Cam & Blue’s Convo


Izzy is a buggy eyed gremlin. I can’t with that hairy bitch. She talks so much shit but she’ll see soon enough she has about two fans…

I don’t even like Cameron…he is a legit idiot for doing what he has planned this week (and will be Juror # 1 soon)…but he doesn’t deserve as much hate as she hurls at him constantly (of course always behind his back).

She is a fake ass bitch and in a perfect world Cameron would wise the fuck up and get her out this week. There is no need to backdoor her. Put her up with Jared and be done with it! Win the Veto again and seal her fate.

Verdella Fisher

Izzy is a fan favorite because she’s real and funny and kind and vul

Team Taylor

As bad as it is that Cam is HOH, I’m surprised he still wants to put Jag and Blue OTB after the blindside that just happened.


I’m so tired of Jag being OTB. Why doesn’t he make a big move?


Part of this is on Red for not clearing the air with Cam. Had that convo happened, Jared would be firmly in the crosshairs.


Red had an opportunity, whilst they were sitting together, feet in the hot tub, to say “Jared said you said …..” and then they could have hashed it out.

But he didn’t do that so Cam never knew that Jared was the one to put a wedge in their odd friendship. I just want JARED GONE. ICK.


I’m not ‘tired’ of Jag being OTB, I’m exhausted ! ! ! !

Oh my

Izzy needs Psychiatric help. I hope hope hope Cameron puts up Izzy. I don’t know why people like Matt. He has a very nasty side as much as Izzy. It’s funny how people ignore the nasty things that Matt says about people too. His mouth can get as toxic as Felicia/ Ceri/Jared and Icky. And he’s the one spreading crap in the house as well, about Cameron. These idiots think Cameron will waste his HOH on a 63 year old loud mouth. Cameron is right when he told Blu, game is game but all of them are taking pleasure in hurting people. They like shock value, so he’ll give them shock. He knows all the crap that was said about him and who said it. So we will see.


Izzy – unattractive, hairy, gay.
Matt – adorable and can do no wrong.

There’s a reason people hate Izzy when everyone else is just as bad. It’s easier to hate her.


So in essence, Cam is Frank now. Has to win every comp to stay alive. The key difference, Frank took big swings, even if he missed.


Agree, that’s the same thing I was saying to my husband. Poor Frank at least he make moves, now poor Cameron not making any moves at all.


Most overrated ever is Frank. He technically got 12th twice. Prodo saved him being backdoor canceling the eviction last second with no mention by Julie or America vote the eviction would be called off with coaches entering. Immediately after Shane won hoh Julie said join next thursday for the live eviction. Instead prodo saved frank after letting him have 2 for 1 hoh. It’s obvious it was a setup Shane hoh gets voided spontaneously right as they vote. If Frank took big moves then he wouldn’t of taken out Wil on his HOH. Instead actually go after Dan the two times he should’ve. Frank being targeted all those times like Cam is proof that their social games suck.


Yes, cam is frank as in they’re both shady bad players.

Taco Bell Runs

God I hate Izzy! Useless


I don’t hate people but Izzy is one terrible person.

Felicia’s Tooth

A bit late to the party…..
One of the stupidest competitions I’ve seen or that I can remember.
And this is the amazing Season 25, but we’re watching colored gas come out of their a$$?
Let ‘er rip !


That challenge was a bit embarrassing if I must say so myself. Really producers, that’s what you came up with ?!?! Jeez.

Tre Billis

Should have had the gas come out their mouthes

Carlito's Way

Matt is a great athlete but not so great at BB. He is putting all his eggs in the Reilly basket when she told him to trust Cirie only. He is not savvy enough to see Cirie for who she is – a user for intel. He is putting all of his trust in Cirie and Izzy when they already have him 4th on the chopping block to go next. Wake up Matt! But really how does anyone have a chance when a mother and son are getting info from different sides. Ideally, if Matt teamed up with Cameron, Jag, Corey, America, Blue and Bowie they could start to steamroll. Jag, America, Corey and Cameron already know who is running the house but they refuse to make the move. Every one of them will report back to Cirie and Jared. Is there any chance Cameron is only telling people what they want to hear and is planning a big move? Doubt it because he knows he is alone on an island and he is trying to hold on to his fake “alliance.” He has to see they all hate him and he is next. Why not try to do something big? I say go big or go home. If a big move is not made this week, why even bother watching? Cirie,Izzy and Jared are assured a final three (although Cirie will likely have someone cut Izzy at 4 and try to have Bowie or Blue as her “goat”).


It’s a result of Cameron being untrustworthy turning on their original alliance. Along with constantly putting up jag as target. When Matt views jag as a number. Matt doesn’t owe Cameron anything.


Has everyone forgotten that Matt is DEAF???? The man can not hear anything. He has to rely on his ability to read lips and other people telling him what is going on in that house. It’s pretty wild that a deaf person is playing BB considering talking behind your back is the way people seem to win.


At the end of every show, you have Chenbot, aka Julie Chen say “Love one another”, but the producers chose the meanest, unkindest, hateful houseguests they could find to put on BB tv show. Production is so clueless and out of sync with today’s general direction of change for the better for all, that they have seriously missed the boat with BB fans. If Cameron doesn’t put on his big boy pants and go after the Queen Bees, Cirie and Felicia and their Drone, Icky Izzy along with the worker bees, Jared, Matt, Blue, then he deserve to loose…I don’t care at this point who wins. They are all unlikeable, I would never associate with these people in real life. But I would like to see some gameplay and big moves……WHAT A BORING MESS.

Felicia’s Tooth

What is up with Cory’s mouth not matching with his words when he votes? It’s so odd.
Or I’m hallucinating.


There’s a slow mo version on Twitter where you can see that phonetically he seems to have voted for Jag. But would it have made a big difference?

Tre Billis

I want to root for Cam but Damn is he stupid.


Izzy – doing her best that members of the LGTBQAI+_+ community can be brutish bully’s just like everyone else.

Backseat Driver

Can Felicia really go a week on slop…….?

Felicia’s Tooth

They should have never sent Red home. He made all sorts of different concoctions with seasonings and whatever else. It wouldn’t have been as half bad to eat with him there. Bunch of morons… I’m glad this is happening! I feel bad for Cameron… he may be creepy, but my gosh, they all suck in some way. You don’t have to ostracize people… it’s JUST a game.
Or is it?


Izzy is the last one that should be talking about likeability.


What a shame that production has officially been fixing this game for the last several years. It really shows how pathetic they believe certain players are, otherwise, they wouldn’t have to stack the game in their favor. What a shame and a bore to watch.