“We are watching the game burn in front of us in the most beautiful way ever”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey Cameron and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used on Corey. America and Cameron nominated
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation ->

2:20 pm Jag and America
Jag – oh my god.. We are watching the game burn in front of us in the most beautiful way ever
America – this has never happened before
Jag – this has never happened
Blue joins them.. Chit chat.

2:21 pm Chilling.

3:00 pm Felicia and Blue
Felicia is telling her how much Jared and Cirie lied to her.
Blue – I do want to keep my personal relationship.. that’s obvious however I don’t want to lie to you my game relationship with Jared has changed immensely
Blue – I am really focusing on my best strategy moving forward with or without him.
Blue – a lot of of I told him he told Izzy and it went around.
Blue – I want to be seen as a individual player. People are considering me as my own player.
Felicia is telling her to not let her relationship with Jared destroy her game.
Felicia – I really am disappointed I really trusted Cirie and Jared more than anybody else in this house. When I found out they were gunning to put me out but everyday telling me .. You got out vote. WE’re trying but we just can’t get…..
Felicia – What bothers me is I don’t know why. At this point it doesn’t matter. I’m questioning now how to move forward.
Felicia says she still loves Cirie and Jared but Game wise “We’re done’
Felicia says she talked to Jag and she wants to resurrect the 7 deadly sins but remove Cirie and Jared with Corey and America.
Felicia points out that Cirie and Jared were trying to get her out. She saw Jared as a son and Cirie as a Sister. “YOu’re doing that to me guys, I”m disappointed”
Blue says she’s in a sticky position

3:16 pm Blue and Jag
Blue is talking about her conversation with Felicia.
Blue – Felicia, you and America had a conversation Cirie saw that and her and Jared went inside.
Jag – I saw that.
Jag – Felicia against them
Blue – is big for us
Jag – is better than us
Blue – MEME against them to
Jag – them also against Felicia like why is Felicia going around investigating

3:27 pm Cirie and Big Momma Felicia
Cirie – Corey, Jag and America will make a final 3 you just watch..
Felicia – you think so?
Cirie – don’t say this to anybody. I’ve been watching the whole picture right in front of my eyes and i’m thinking OHH my god. They are going to get rid of Jared watch.
Felicia – you think so?
Cirie – I think so I don’t think they are going to worry about me too much they are going to go Cameron, jared, Probably Me.. they are scared to sit next to you and Matt because they already talked about it. They aren’t worried about Bowie or Meme because they figure they can get rid of them whenever. It’ll be you, Matt followed by Bowie Jane.. watch..
Cirie – I can see it happening right before my eyes. I’m like ohh no

4:10 pm Jag chilling with Cameron while he talks crazy (Crazy like Starting a podcast, Meeting Up with Reilly, getting drunk.. )

4:16 pm Cirie is making something light for dinner tonight.

4:26 pm Matt and Corey
Corey – I think Bowie I could get to target Jared
matt – I’m going to have a one on one and feel it out.
Corey thinks Bowie’s noms would be JAred and Felicia
America joins them.
Corey goes on about the backyard being closed tomorrow meaning HOH will be something Active.

Bowie joins them.

4:33 pm Felicia and Cirie
Cirie – Jared don’t vote that’s the problem.
Felicia – Me, You, MEME, Bowie, Jag!
Cirie – that’s right!
Cire says they need to stick together.
Felicia – we stick together and you trust us going forward.
Cirie – mmmhmmm
Felicia – that’s all way have
Cirie – right

5:23 pm Chit chats

5:40 pm Chits

6:00 pm Cirie and Felicia
Cirie apologizes to Felicia

6:16 pm Feeds have been cut.
6:53 pm Feeds down yo

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Nether Region Euphemism

I just discovered that Bowie has a career as a professional performer, she’s written her own songs and now DJs her radio channel. Her video was featured on CBS S.W.A.T. The song charted in the US and UK. I guess she was recruited for BB.

She’s had a lot of success and networking within the music industry. Meanwhile. Cerie, Fel and Izzy thought they had something over on her with that awful bullying. They are nothing but wannabes.

I hope they feel really stupid when they find out about Bowie’s background. Esp Izzy, since she’s a professional musician but nowhere in the big leagues.

Bowie Jane is very good in the video, and she looks beautiful. True professional.

Queen B

A couple of weeks ago one of the house guests asked her about her ex. She said they were together 10 years and he was a producer for………..at that moment they cut the feeds. I’ve wanted to look into it more but haven’t. I think she got cast in a house where she can’t shine as bright because of all the darkness some of the other guests bring. She is sincerely just happy to be there. She doesn’t see the need to behave the way the others have and they can’t comprehend that, therefore, she must be an enemy lol. I like her and I’m ready to see her start winning some stuff.


if bowie had a friend in the house, i imagine she’d be a lot of fun, but with this cast she’s not really clicking.

Queen B

I think you are exactly right! I have literally thought about how her and I would be friends if I was there.

Nether Region Euphemism

I wonder if BB wanted to create that narrative for her of a lawyer with a creative side gig, as part of their overall HG presentation. Maybe at one point they’ll do a fun reveal expose. It would be odd if she were quietly there without opportunity to promote her career.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Cam thinks he’s going to meet up with Reilly??? LOL!!! That’s about as likely as hom meeting up with Dizzy!


IMO Cam & Reilly not gonna happen, foolish scenario…. to what end ? It’s not as if they live around the corner from each other.


Why do BB always go to “we’return” when Cirie starts lying. She was telling Felicia how she’s so sorry and BB wants to cut feeds. She is so protected it’s a shame. Let’s us hear how she lies like the others.


What the neck is going on now? Felicia conspiring with Cirie? Spilling her guts to her about the other side’s plans. Was this some new strategy I missed out on?9
Is she thinking that once Jared is gone the other side will welcome Cirie with open arms? Maybe I had the wrong impression – that Felicia was done with Momma and baby?
I wonder if anyone besides Cam has even seen the show before because they sure don’t know what they are doing!
And…Where is Expect the Unexpected? There’s so much that TPTB could introduce into the show to change up the script and mess with ALL of the houseguests. Instead of focusing their attention on their bad star cast and working to protect them, make the game fun for everyone… Not just Cirie and Jared. Hidden vetoes, saboteur, Pandora’s box, on and on… Bring back the fun!

Phyllis Moran

Want to watch some fun? What Big Brother Canaan’s Big Brother Australia.

Nether Region Euphemism

I think Felicia is snowing Cerie to maintain her trust before blindsiding her. She’s not giving anything away; Cerie already knows the house is set to take out Jared and then Cerie.

Felicia is way too vindictive to let go of the betrayal based on a self serving apology with no depth.


Felicia isn’t smart enough for the move.

Phyllis Moran

Want to watch some fun? Watch Big Brother Canada and Big Brother Australia. Our Big Brother in America is so boring.


My favorite has always been BBUK. It’s coming back on sometime this fall. I can’t wait! You can catch back seasons in their entirety on YouTube.