Corey – “All I need for next week is Cirie to not win” [HOH]

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey Cameron and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used on Corey. America and Cameron nominated
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation -> Veto was used. Cameron is up. Cameron VERY likely to go home.

noon Blue, Jag and Matt
Jag – Cirie mentioned to Jared that she thinks we’ll throw the comp..
Blue leaves. Matt and Jag agree to decide what they are doing about the HOH later in the week after they’ve had some conversations.
Jag – Do we throw it or not?
Jag says this HOH is different than others “You are guaranteeing Jury”
Jag thinks if Cirie wins it she will put them up to try and get closer to Corey and America. “It’s good for us to know that Cirie isn’t fully with us”
Jag – it makes sense for us to win
Matt says they have reasons to put Cirie, “you made alliances with everyone, Never chose a side. Truly”

They do the minute man handshake.

Matt chills.

12:12 pm Corey and Jared
Corey says the thing that sucks for Cameron is not making it to Jury.
Corey says picking people to nominate is getting harder.
Corey says for a couple days they were against each other but after they hung out and “Figured sh1t out” So now he’s not looking at “touching you or touching blue”
Corey – now who’s left?
Jared – once the easy ones are out of the way that’s when sh1t gets complicated. Figure it out when it comes there’s going to be a lot of shit… a lot of shit.
Blue joins them.
Corey says he knows Jared can’t compete next week but if you see who is competing and keeping in mind he doesn’t have to worry about America or Corey. Jared’s odds’ are looking pretty good.
Corey – you help me this week I’ll help…
Feeds cut.

12:24 pm Blue and Jared enjoying some tube time.

12:27 pm Backyard couch MEME, Cirie, Cameron, Felicia
a lot of silence and some chit chat about nothing.
Cameron – I could go for a margarita right now..
MEME – please don’t
Cirie – I could go with a lemon drop
Felicia – me too
MEME – stop y’all
Cirie – i had the best lemon drop of my life
Feeds flip when we’re back Felicia is sharing a story about her best lemon drop..

12:37 pm same group
They are talking about eating the MInt in a mojito.
Cameron – If I am drinking a mojito I’m out I’m not just sitting there drinking by myself I want to have good breath I’m going to be walking up there talkng to people.

12:44 pm Jag and MAtt (Having another check up)
Jag is pushing the Jag, Matt, Corey, America, Blue, Meme Alliance.
Jag wants Matt to talk to MEME.
Jag – Cam is going to say a lot of bullshit. About you, Me about everyone.
Matt – They will be half false and half true. You see the way he tried to spin this shit on us yesterday? he was like Ohh they knew we were voting for you and was like.
Matt – Brother! you f***ing snitch (that’s rich coming from Matt)
Matt- JAred was like What?
Matt – what the f*** Cameron. Blue has mentioned that JAred is getting a little bit scared
Jag – Scared at us?
Matt – yeah
Jag – which is even more reason for us to take the shot. Next week he can’t but the following week he’ll take it
Matt – the mommas are with him. WE have to take the shot.
Matt- he will put us two up..
Jag – one of us goes home that’s good for him.
matt – he knows he can’t get between the us. He’s going to be like sh1t .. if he wins HOH it’ll be bad for us.
Jag – Let’s not even throw it let’s f***ign win it (Wow what an IDEA) . We can take the shot first.
Matt – if we win this we can really pull in MEME.
Jag – if we are going to play Big Brother and if you are going to win Big Brother You have to be BOLD. We can’t be cowards playing the game. (Triple cheese dip rich)
JAg – You and me were the only people that stood up for Reilly week two. We were the only ones that stood up nobody had a backbone.
Jag – we stood there by her side.

Jag starts eating his burrito
Matt – that’s a big ass burrito
Jared comes in.

12:47 pm Bowie Jane and America
Going Over the drama of last week when Cirie, Izzy and JAred were telling Felicia she was safe. They also talk about all the lies and how MESSY last week was.
Bowie says there were webs everywhere.
America – you’ve been burned by them I’ve been burned by them also.. the lies of all the alliances.
America brings up Cirie talking to her and trying to smooth things over, “I’m sure she’s telling everyone else the same thing.. I can’t trust anything that is happening”
Bowie – I can’t trust anything
America – she’s just telling me this in case I win HOH next week.
Bowie tells her no matter she has the votes to stay this week.

1:18 pm Corey, Jag and America poolside
Jag – your guys speeches were so funny ..
Chit chat about their showmance name C-america.
They start talking about next week should they backdoor jared or puthim up.
Corey – Cirie and Felicia cause there’s no other option
Jag – if either of them get houseguest choice you know who they choose?
Corey – Felicia wouldn’t because he would take down Cirie and she would go home.
Jag – I guess Cirie is the only person that would choose Jared.
Corey – yeah
COrey says if Felicia leaves before Cirie and Jared it’s a waste of the HOH. For him the biggest target he wants out is Jared.
Jag – I’m happy with Cirie leaving. It’s important for her to leave She has to go. It becomes a RED and Cam situation.
Corey – if it’s a backdoor you can pretend you are working with him until it’s a backdoor. In case he wins the veto.
Corey – Actually… I agree with Jag maybe about just putting up Jared and Cirie.
America – he’s going to go just as hard if he’s on the block or if he’s just playing.
Corey says Jared hasn’t proven himself to be a strong competitor.
Jag – the wall is the only one he truly won.
Corey – I agree one of the two leaving is really important.
Jag – I thought about he backdoor thing.. It’s scary because Felicia leaving doesn’t do anything.. it’s probably bad for our game.
Corey says the three of them can get Bowie. “the problem is Cirie for sure but she might leave next week. If jared leaves next week that’s great too”
Corey – all I need for next week is Cirie to not win. Cirie Can’t win .
Jag – that’s it
Corey – that’s it, the fact that they are shutting the backyard this early it’s going to be an involved comp.

Blue joins them.
America says if Cirie wins hoh it will be Corey and her on the block.
Blue says she thinks MEME will throw the hOH. Jag and the rest of them disagree.
Corey wonders if they can get Cirie to throw it.

1:33 pm Bowie chilling out

1:52 pm Felicia, Jag and America
Talking about the Cirie, Jared, Izzy lies and the flip last week. Felicia brings up how betrayed she is.
Felicia – really just questioning what to do now.
Felicia says they take Cirie and Jag out and Add America and Corey in.
Felicia – Bring in C and A take out C and J
Jag – mmmhmmmm, Momma is cooking
Felicia – I’m cooking I’m on fire.
Feeds cut. When we’re back.
Felicia is bringing up more lies from Cirie. They talk a lot about the vote last week and how they all trust MEME.

2:01 pm
Production – no napping houseguests

2:13 pm Cameron is hanging out alone.

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Felicia holds grudges to no end.
Jared and mom on the block and let the fun begin.

Jared’s greasy durag

Now THAT’S a show !


Expect the unexpected! Big brother do something for Cam. Send him to the Netherlands prior to eviction, put a golden veto somewhere he can find it, where is Pandora’s box, America’s vote etc.


How about a Coup d’eta? Is that how you spell it. SOMETHING! Cam needs to stay!!!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

It’s too late for that; we can’t lose America!

Gan ainm

The problem with this season is the dynamic set up of the house.Once they brought in a “celebrity” they gave Cirie control of the house and her currency is information,setting up the rat game we have been watching.You must feed Momma C or you will be up for eviction and they all know it.This makes it nearly impossible to form a rebellion as no one can be trusted not to rat.Once America revealed what was really happening to Cory and Cam they were able to make a move that now jeopardizes them.The loss of Cam this week is no loss since he refuses to work with anyone,he is the leader they must follow,just look at how he talks to people.Cory and America now must put their faith in the 2 biggest rats (Matt/Jag) or Bowie and Meme whose strategy is do nothing.The rest of this season is a showdown between Cirie and Cory but the person I’m watching to make a move is Felicia who likes stabbing people in the back.America has shown she has the best read on the house but is playing the classic pretty silly showmance girl a little too well which is why no one took her seriously enough to listen to her and had to convince Cory to convince the others to flip on the Izzy vote.Ironically no one has hurt America’s game more that her showmance ally.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I wish she’d lose that pipsqueak! He’s done nothing but hold her back!

Team Taylor

Been out for a week and now catching up with what’s going on:

HALLELUJAH!! Cameron is finally back OTB. Just evict this guy this time and then go for each other.

With Izzy evicted last week, Jared and America are my two pre-season picks left in the house. At least one of them will get to Jury once Cameron is evicted.

Ideally, I want to see either Matt or Jag evicted next so that a physically powerful duo gets split up. Cirie will need to win the HOH to make this a possibility.


You must be kin to Cirie and dummy Jared


“Physically powerful duo” hahaha. I dont care if they go soon but not because they are a threat.


75 down votes must be some kind of record.

Team Taylor

Now it’s 82 down votes. No doubt Jared is a dumbass, but he’s my dumbass pick. He may not win, but I want to see him get as far as possible.


Now it is down 99 votes. Can’t stand Jared and hope he goes next. What an a$$hole.


Jag and Matt were two of my favorites at the beginning of this season now I hope they both get evicted. Jag is a big disappointment and did exactly what Jared and Cirie wanted him to. He should have kept Cameron to help get them out and they still could have gotten him out after. People aligning with Jag or Corey should be careful cause they will not have their back. I hope America wins but I think it is fixed for Jared and Cirie to be final two. Cameron should get AFP not afraid to make big moves and had me laughing when he was sitting back watching fight between Jared and Corey.

Meme's Muse

Corey you will get your wish! Moaning Murtle, you were spot on! Only all those naysayers who grumbled “write Cirie the check’ take a back seat. There is no world were Cirie wins nor Jared ( yes we can all breather a collective sigh about Jared not winning) most of alreasy see that , even the remaining houseguest, their talking is just the weight of anxiety of people who would be anxious even if a situation didn’t warrant it. Cory will win – no question about it. Jared will go out during the double eviction for sure. They all want him gone and he needs to go. I Cirie wants to go home folks she knows she is done as well. Most mothers would do anything to help their child and Cirie is hanging on only to shield Jared but she knows Jared is a hot mess, she can’t win comps, so and his goose is cooked without her. I am glad to see Meme finally stepping up – no matter how savvy she is her union with Jag will help her ..some. She is smart enough to know that Cory ( who can win mental comps and most of the will be from this point on) and America won’t keep her for long. Felicia is just a seat filler. She plays the game like a fan, delightfully ridiculous as she may be at times, she is just a harmless number. Bowie is trying to get to the end without having to make any decisions about making a move or nominating anyone. Cameron, you are cocky and condescending when you win, grumpy and sullen when not in control. You and Jared are the same personality. I can’t stick around the the low energy, Jag’s endless scenerios loops America smirking as the camera focuses on her ( no you and Cory are not the next Taylor and Angela) sorry not sorry once the snakes are gone ( after Thursday, these houseguest become snoozefest no matter how much headlines, etc try to make it seem like it’s not. Congrats Cory! Ps I look forward to Cirie finding out jared lied to her about Blue knowing about their relationship. She will handle it gracefully on TV ( like she does) and wish again she hadn’t given up her job to do BB it’s not a game for her. Jared will get his comeuppance but he is to arrogant to ever admit his mistakes..wait for it Thursday you will se he goes, production rigging this for Jared ha and Cirie.. hardly all signs point to that not being the case.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I agree about Cameron and Jar-head having the same personality. Personality disorder, actually. It’s called narcissism.


Does Cameron have a quirky personality? Absolutely. Is he condescending and have a personality disorder? Absolutely not. Is he grumpy and sullen when not in control? I don’t see it that way. I see it as a houseguest who has been targeted almost since the beginning for reasons that are very weak or not true. HE is the one who shook the house and brought the lies of Cirie, Izzy, Jared, and Felicia to the forefront. HE is the one who should be applauded and win America’s Favorite Player. The country America. HE is the one who is giving all others the chance to keep Cirie and Jared from winning. Cameron for AFP.


The only reason I dont want Cam to go home is because of what Izzy said. Really dont want her to be right. Her exit was way more bitter than necessary unless Im missing something….


Yea it’s a shame Cam most lol going and Bitter Izzy pig will be right.

Goes to show how dumb Jag is because he’s the next target. He lost Cirie and dumb sons trust plus has won a lot of comps so would be the better target compared to Corey or America


Izzy’s exit was nasty. Screw her.
Karma…are you listening ?

Jared’s greasy durag

Not a big Cam fan, …. BUT…. I felt the old school BB when he was HOH & surprised EVERYONE with his noms, even us! I would actually welcome an advantage for him to stay in the game bc he brightened an obvious boring season… especially with the UNFAIR advantage of Cerie & her a$$hole of a son

Spot ON

Ahhhh.. don’t be so harsh on the durag….


Tired of Jareds attitude,
these HGs need to start winning.

I think I’d like to see America and Bowie Jane kiss a little bit, nothing too serious, just a little poolside make out to make the game more interesting, cause these HGs are legit boring.

Spot ON

“Corey – “All I need for next week is Cirie to not win” [HOH]”
I predict that the FORKED-TONGUE SNAKE will WIN HOH this THURSDAY.


I understand that throwing comps is part of game strategy, but at the level they are doing it now, it’s frustrating to enjoy the show. I wish there was more incentive to win HOH. At least remove the disincentive of not playing next week. Maybe some incentive to use POV, like you get to pick the renom, idk, just something instead of stupid ‘twists.’


And all the back door discussions. If there are two you want out put them both up. It’s the safest bet if you believe they are playing together. And the throw till you have to win is so aggravating. I so agree!