Cirie “I know, I could tell he [Jag] had shades on tonight so I know he’s up to something.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey Cameron and America
POV Players: Corey, Jared, America, Bowie, Jag, Cameron
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used on Corey. America and Cameron nominated
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:09pm – 8pm Bedroom – Jag, Blue and Matt.
Jag – okay if we’re moving forward with the 3 of us .. or especially with the 5, eventually someone is going to have to take a shot at everyone else. You know what I mean!? Including Jared, so specifically with Jared because of your proximity to him what does that look like. What does taking a shot at him look like? Blue – I already told you before. I already told Jag before in the beginning.. if Jared is getting out of this house its because of me. I am taking a shot at Jared. I’ve told him this from the beginning. One way that he is going to leave this house is under my HOH. So whenever that is, its going to be my shot. But if someone takes a shot before hand and it makes sense, I am not going to be like pause. You know? Jag – yeah. Blue – because also if we get Cirie out earlier, Jared is going to come to us. And he is a good competitor too so we still need to be good with him in case he wins. Even Cory told Jared that Cory thinks Jared has a good chance at winning not the next but the HOH after that. BB switches the feeds. Cameron joins them. Cameron – I can unload as much game knowledge on you as I can for the amount of time we got in here. The majority information I have are about veto competitions. We haven’t had an arcade game in awhile. You don’t know you would be good at it until you do it kind of games. HOH live, you’re due another live but I don’t know when. He tells them about OTEV and other comps. Jared joins them. They talk about getting followers on Instagram/Twitter/etc.

7:09pm – 7:30pm HOH room – Jared and Cirie.
Cirie – I know, I could tell he (Jag) had shades on tonight so I know he’s up to something. Jared – yeah I got to get Jag sooner than later. But they on Felicia heavy.. Cirie – really? Why? Jared – just cuz.. They don’t trust her. She’s talking too much. So that’s what they’re talking about right now. And also Jag ain’t never feel 100% with Felicia ever since everything happened but once again they could just be saying that to me. I just don’t think so. They just told me that Felicia has been running around to everybody today asking about what’s going on. They said that they didn’t like how she cornered him and America and pressed him about it. Cirie – who Jag and America? Jared – Uh Huh. Cirie – she told me too that she seen them over there talking and when right over there. Jared – no yeah they’re sensitive. She did it to Blue and she was about to do it to Matt. Cirie – good, let her keep at it. I’ve busy chillin’.. I ain’t say nothing to them. I am about to get on Cory. He about to leave me alone. He was like did you see Cirie’s season where they manipulated all the men that were there and then Cameron said but ya’ll ain’t hear it. I was like why don’t ya’ll talk about the season where.. And then Cameron said the traitors and he said thank you moms. He keeps trying to get to that, that is why I just walk away. But why you say next we got to get Jag? Jared – just because he is the next hardest comp. Cirie – he is the connection to everything. Jared – once he go, that’s it. But it would be best if Meme wins next and she get him out of here. Cirie – Meme, I don’t think she trying. She say she do but I don’t think so. Jared – but if you look at the pressure cooker. Cirie – oh yeah but then she gave it up for some bullsh*t a$$ deal. Cirie – if I am in for 14 hours I ain’t giving it up. Jared – yeah but we different. We completely different. You see me I go for everything. Even Blue told me today, you might want to be easy sometimes. She was like you already got two.. I told her I don’t feel safe unless I win and she was like you know I got you.. but you got to be easy. You might not need to keep winning. So I do need to probably need to take a step back but I do think Jag is feeling the same way. Cirie – Please, I hope he steps back and let me win it. Jared – I really want Meme to make that move because if she do it, then we can save face with Matt. Cirie – oh right. Jared – Cory said he feels like a less desperate Cam. He said when I did that everyone was on my side, it seemed like everyone was trying to back me and then the moment that was over it feels like everyone was against me and I don’t got no relationships except for America in the house. Cirie – I don’t trust Cory.

8:05pm Kitchen – Meme, Felicia and Cirie are chatting in the kitchen.
8:09pm BB blocks the feeds.
8:21pm Still blocked.
8:26pm Lip smacking..

8:33pm HOH room – Matt and Jared.
Matt – Cirie’s been quite. Jared – she’s been chillin’. Matt – I feel like she’s upset with the Izzy thing and lonely. Jared – yeah, she feels alone. Matt – she’s got us. Jared – yeah she knows she has me and you. I think Cory scares her a lot. Cory’s got her real scared. Which is crazy right? Such a small guy. Matt – such a strong presence. Jared – she still feels super comfortable with me and you.. especially you. Matt – no yeah, same. Jared – I think everyone is just wondering what happens next. How’s Jag? Matt – he’s solid. Jared – I feel like I’m at the top of the list now. Matt – in a bad way? Like target? Jared – yeah, me and Jag yeah. Matt – that’s Cameron’s angle though. Cameron is going to say that. He’s like they’re going after me because I’m winning.. and I am like not they’re going after you because you’re kind of a D**k. Jared – if Cory is not coming after me who the f**k would he go after? Matt – if not, the leftovers.. Bowie and Meme maybe? Jared – I think Cory is too smart for that. I don’t think he would want to waste that on Bowie and Meme. I can really see Cory putting me and Jag up. Who knows though.. that’s why I really want Blue to win. Or one of you to win. Matt – yeah no sh*t. If I win, it basically .. no it guarantees Jury for all 6 of us. Jared – I know BRO! Matt – one of us 5 wins, we’re all guaranteed jury. Blue joins them. Jared – I think the chances of them (America and Cory) winning next week are low.

9pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
9:51pm Still blocked.
11:36pm – 11:40pm The feeds return to the house guests moving around the house / getting ready for bed.

11:40pm – 11:56pm The feeds are blocked again.

11:56pm The feeds return to the HOH room – Jared and Blue in the HOH room bed. Blue is talking about New York and what her HOH letter would be like from her friends if she won HOH. Blue – OH man I feel so much FOMO. I bet they’re having so much fun. Jared – FOMO? What is FOMO? Blue – free of missing out.

12:03am The feeds are blocked again..
12:09am Bathroom – Jag and America.
America – I didn’t get to enjoy the back yard yesterday because I was drunk. Jag – that is going to be such a funny… America – I said to Cory can you please please please assure me I am not going to get evicted this week because I am going to look like the dumbest b***H in big brother history! Jag – I promise you, your a$$ is grass. America – can you imagine… BB blocks the feeds again.

12:15am The feeds return – Jag and America in the bathroom again.
America – I know my parents are going to be like you idiot! What are you doing?! Jag – its funny though. America – they’re going to be like eyes on the prize! Eyes on the prize. Jag – classic America. America – I know my friends are going to be like but yeah that checks out. Jag – of all weeks this would be the week. It would be dumb otherwise. It shows all our personalities and you’re so f**king funny. Everyones going to be like na she’s a clown. America – yeah I know my dad is going to be like big mad.

12:18am Havenot room – Matt and Bowie.
Bowie – what is Blue’s position? She will just go with whatever? Matt – she .. its also with her personal game .. she loves POO.. Jared but she knows game wise she can’t be around it anymore. The thing is we know she will take a shot at Cirie but she won’t take a shot at Jared. Bowie – yeah. Matt – which is dangerous because Jared is a good comp player. So he could win next week after this week and that could come back at us so that is why.. the best idea would be to put them both up. Bowie – so both groups are sort of saying this? No they can’t be? Matt – no, so basically Cory and America agree on this, Jag, Blue… Meme .. we don’t know what Meme will do. I know Jared would put up Cory and America again. But he can’t win so I think that’s what Cirie will do. Bowie – this was a big week. Matt – yeah, so you can trust them. And that’s what I said I would always try to let you know where the votes are before things happen. Matt – obviously its going to be a unanimous vote and if its not someone is going to put a big target on their back. Bowie – yeah I’ll just say I am voting with the house.

12:35am Bathroom – Jag, Matt and America.
Jag – the other thing I wanted to talk about… is it worth it to keep Cam? America laughs and hits Jag. Matt – NO! Jag – you know when he said gun slinger? I was thinking this is so awkward because the person I want you to take a shot at… Matt – is in the room. Jag – yeah. Matt – Yeah, I want to hire you. Can you get the same person (Jared) you’re talking to right now? Cam, your first objective is …

12:43am – 1:10am Bathroom – Jag, Cory and Matt.
Cory – if she wins, here is how we pitch it. We say Blue we all want to work with you the reason we were scared of working with you in the past was because of Jared. This has to happen, he is targeting all of us. And also what she would go for is like Blue do you want to be the baddest b***h in Big Brother history? You know how he’s been treating you. You know how he is whatever .. we don’t have to go personal .. I am not talking about that but just being like. Matt – he never told you about all these alliances he was in. Cory – he’s been playing you the whole game just like he’s been playing all of us and I know you guys are closer but that makes it worse.. But like my whole thing is when it comes to Jared .. I in the Scary Room earlier I was talking about how Jared is gunning for me and I regretted saying that in front of Blue because I think she is going to run to Jared and say that. For me I don’t even care that much because he is targeting me anyways but I do think when it comes to you, you and America.. I have no reservations. With her I just know how close I am to America and how I get information from her. Matt – when he is gone we could trust her 100%. Jag – one thing I did want to have America her for too is like I know America and Blue are close.. they have their own thing going that is fine .. I want to make sure I 100% feel confident in this. Like we are talking about things that are really relevant to our game. Like if Blue wins how do we navigate that. Cory – At least as far as what America has told me .. she knows to not tell Blue anything about Jared and obviously about Blue but she thinks you’re closer to Blue than she is. Jag – that’s good to know because then me and America can talk about it and be like we’re locked. My thing is this, if Blue feels close to Jared and doesn’t want to take the shot with Jared.. that ties her hands in a way that goes beyond Jared .. just gameplay wise lets play this out. If she won’t take a shot at Jared, my next assumption is that it will be hard for her to take a shot Cirie and Felicia. Because the moment she takes a shot at Cirie and Felicia, Jared is going to be like what the f**k?! That’s as good as taking a shot at him .. so then it puts us in a position of who is she going to take out? Cory – Bowie Jane and Meme. Matt – WHAT a WASTE! Jag – my thing is this .. ideally she doesn’t win.. if she throws it or if she feels comfortable enough to throw it.. Cory – I don’t want her to throw it because the numbers are getting low enough.. we’re close to being 5 of the final 9 and that is including her and I know that. Jag – the numbers wise .. us 4 are all playing. Cory – I would rather Blue win than Felicia. And Meme I am not sure. Blue winning would be inconvenient but you don’t think all four of us going.. here is my concern about staying on the block.. right!? The reason why I was nervous about staying on the block was because if the vote was flipping on me .. like I trust you guys but if Jared was like I got to get Cory out.. it would be Cirie, Meme, Felicia, Blue.. Because I think if Jared wants to he could just bulldoze Blue. Force her into doing something and i think that would be much less likely with America considering blue and America’s relationship. Jag – that was a real fear.

1:15am – 1:33am Bathroom – Jag and Bowie.

Jag – you need a team that is solid and strong and trusts each other and doesn’t blindside each other. Blindsiding someone on your own team. Bowie – for no reason. Like what was the point!? Not only the power thing but when a person wins HOH we need to have that person’s back the week after. Jag – and I am strong on that. Low key going into next week we got to gun for it because I am tried of playing scared. These people are being very bold in terms of trying to manipulate us. Bowie – flat out lies! We don’t even need to play dirty. Jag – in some ways they made me feel really left out, they’ve excluded me, they’ve said things that are cruel. Very similarly they’ve treated you in a terrible way and things that I don’t even fully know about. Just hearing from other people .. like that is literally bullying. Bowie – oh I know and weird sh*t like they would laugh because I couldn’t find .. like I was walking around trying to find people and they would be watching me on the camera and laugh. Jag – like that is f**king disgusting! That is just bullying! Bowie – Izzy drives all that .. I am sure that was Izzy. Jag – its not just Izzy. Even Cirie is in on it. Its just not cool, like play the game but like respect everyone as a person and don’t be cruel. Or like I just heard, like oh lets Blindside Bowie Jane for fun. Bowie – yeah I heard that too. Jag – that is just traumatizing people. I’m sure you heard a bunch of things about me like he’s not loyal, he manipulates, he’s a liar, he’s working with everyone.. all of those are lies and I didn’t hear about that until later. They were just making up sh*t about me.

1:35pm Kitchen – Matt, Cory, Jag and America cooking..

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Queen B

Folks literally talking game and they switch all cameras to lip smacking! Why do they think we want to see that? 😐

Carlito's Way

UGH I know! I’m sorry but they are gross. Not cute, BB!! I cringe and turn the feeds off every time. C and A under the covers make me feel like a 10 year old being grossed out. It is just EWWWAAA.

Verne mann

The lip smacking (Corey and America) is soooo annoying. Why do the feeds insist on focusing on that?. Why doesn’t production give them some advice

Tre Billis

Agree. They just lay around and make out. The most boring Showmance ever on the show.

Spot ON

Maybe Amerika wishing Cory can grow long forked-tongue like Cirie??


why doesn’t production put the cameras on someone else instead of cory and america the whole time? they’re not showing blue and jared doing it, so maybe they could show it for 30 seconds then move on.

un autre nom

What’s up with the feed blocks today?
One of them was right after mentioning the thing on the couch before voting. What thing?
One of them seemed to be in case Felicia went off on Cirie during her lie-pology.
There’s still hare triggers around Jared.
Same around Blue now that she’s allowed to acknowledge she knows the secret.

Of note: Cameron has never campaigned before. He tried to campaign to stay off the block, but he never campaigned week2 or week3. At. All.
His campaign right now seems to be i’m gonna get drunk with Reilly and do tiktok (at least he didn’t say onlyfans…does that still exist?)

Cory seems to be taking steps back. His advice is great for him to do (off the block) not so great for America (on the block).

The throw pillows (Jag/Matt/Blue) are still debating throwing the next HOH. It’s week 7.


Throw pillows?????

un autre nom

Comfortable thinking they’re safe and always wanting to throw. I stand by the name.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

It’s the perfect name for them!

Not Jasons Holly

“The throw pillows” —- made me chuckle

You should have a blog. I’d read it!

Meme's Muse

You most definitely should. I would read and share it too! Throw pillows( hahaha) funny and accurate! Your comments and necessary corrections when they are duly warranted saved this dreadful season for me!


Throw pillows lol love it lol ?

Verdella Fisher

“Throw pillows” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


If Cirie
or Jared had any brains they would latch on to Cameron and save him. He would be an asset to her crappy team. If you put Cam and Jared against Jag and Cory, it would be no contest.
Really, I wish Cory would pull his head out of his butt and realize that they ought to let America go. I don’t believe his feelings for her are that deep that he’d take her over the prize money.
It would be a stacked team. They could sit back and pick off everyone, starting with Jared, one by one…like shooting fish in a barrel.
But, no. Nobody is gonna save Cameron. I choose him foe A.F.P. !!!


I was thinking Jared should try to team with Cameron, not that I want that, but Jared seems to feel so safe because everyone else is throwing comps or just plain sucks. But then he is right, they are debating if they should throw it right now. It hard to believe they can’t see the singular focus should be to get Jared out.

un autre nom

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Cirie thinks saving Cam is good short term, I think logically and intuitively it’s a bad idea.
He has proven himself untrustworthy. Cirie depends on the chaos she creates and controls. Cam? Jumps ship. Once he stays he’ll be saying well i didn’t mean it. He did agree with Jared’s get Red plan and Felicia’s get Hisam plan, and Hiasm’s get Reilly plan. HE may not have agreed in his head, but the words out of his mouth were agreement.
Can Jared beat him head to head? Name the comp where Jared beats Cameron in both hoh then in veto. If Jared’s the protector/beast in the pair, and Jared can’t deefat him consistently, it’s unwise to keep him.

Not Jasons Holly

Everyone, not just Cam, has been going where the power is at the moment. Jag, Matt, Cameron, Corey, America, Bowie have all flipped and flopped more than a fish out of water!

I think while Cameron didn’t truly agree with each plan, he could see the writing on the wall and went with the flow. Basically, like everyone else in the house! SMH

I tend to see it as Cameron does keep his word when he’s in charge. He didn’t put Jag up last week. He’s very careful with his words. He had told Cirie something to the effect that she was safe. So I really was shocked when he told Jared his plan to back door Cirie! If he had not said Cirie’s name and said Jag, the veto probably would have been used. THEN he could have put Cirie up. Problem was he trusted Jared!

Cam is NOT going to like the mother/son part of the game when he’s out.

Carlito's Way

Cam’s only big, and sadly, fatal mistake to his game was telling Jared everything when he was HOH. Then Jared told Cirie and so it goes. The unfair, duo twist totally screwed Cam the most at this point. He deserves to be there.


The duo twist totally screwed Reilly the most because of JARAT and Reilly wanted to keep him and his mom safe. Cam leaving would be him receiving his comeuppance from betraying his original alliance.


JARAT put up cam next to his buddy red. And Cam foolishly still continues to think that he could trust JARAT and tell him his full plans about backdooring Cirie is all on cameron having a horrible read socially when it is all in front of his face that Jared screwed him and red the week before. Cam didn’t owe Jared that info! Dan Ghessling: If you’re thinking about
backdooring me now. You will probably do it at a later point in time.
Cam foolishly did it to him self telling JARAT this info one week after he targeted him and his best friend red.


A.F.P. absolutely positively.

Not Jasons Holly

I never thought about Cam going to Cirie’s side, but boy, wouldn’t that shake up some stuff in the house!? Cam likes stirring the pot. Maybe he will come up with that idea and pitch it. If Cirie wanted it, he’d have Cirie, Meme, Felicia, Bowie, and Blue’s vote.

However, I heard Cirie tell Felicia she needed CAMERON OUT! If I were Felicia, being as upset as she is with Cirie & Jared, I’d try to keep him in the house! She could possibly gets the votes from Meme, Bowie, Jag, Matt, & herself. They could tell the rest of the house, minus Cirie, they have the votes to keep Cameron! If they were smart, you save that info until the very last second.

These are just the scenarios I’d like to see happen. It won’t, but a girl can dream!


I don’t think Cirie can rally the troops and get the votes even if she wants to save Cameron. She did tell Jared to take Cameron’s deal. I think she’s just stuck watching Jared tank both their games

Meme's Muse

Right you are, John! Cirie really wants to go home and no production will not drag this mother /son story out. John you are observing what the houseguest, others here and on X, etc’s time to call time of death on this Cirie and Jared story line. Cirie is smart enough and she’s a quick study to know when to fold “em” hence her apology to Felicia. Would love to hear her conversation with Jared when this is all over and she see/learns more about just how much Jared burned her game. Mother /son.umm did not turn out to be much of an advantage after all…

Spot ON

“Cirie really wants to go home”
I never bought that line from her. What are the odds she’s telling the TRUTH for a change?
She’s not going to walk away voluntarily from a chance to win 750k or whatever it is.

The Beef

Maybe not now that she’s screwed over Felicia AND Felicia knows it. That’s 2 votes right there since Meme will most likely vote in lock step with Felicia, despite her conversation with Jag.

There’s still a lot of time between now and Thursday though, and what those weak competition players have to know and realize is, once Jared is gone, they’re totally exposed, with no chance to advance in the game unless the comp winners want them to. That’s why I think Cirie might come to the conclusion it’s better to keep Cam over America, convince Jared of that, and then work on convincing Felicia (with Meme), while Jared convinces Blue, while also talking to Bowie, who I don’t think will really take a lot of convincing to keep Cam, since she’s been quietly “with” him and Red for weeks. Cirie, Felicia, Meme, Blue and Bowie represent enough votes to keep Cam without the need for a Jared tie breaker vote.

It’s a simple matter of how strong is the bond of the Brown Sugar Babes alliance – well that and how strong is Blue’s bond to Jared and Bowie’s commitment to Cam?


That’s so true.
Cameron for America’s Favorite Player. That would shock them a pre jury getting favorite player.


absolutely voting Cameron for AFP! As many times as allowed!


I vote for Cameron to stay on the show and win! He’s been the only one who is smart enough to figure out the liars. He’s played this game how it’s meant to be played, for himself. You do not go on this show to play to help others win. He’s been pretty honest, much more honest than Cerie & Jared who have been lying to the house the entire time. But yet they want to call out Cameron for his game play????? He’s played this game good and how it should be played. I wish players would stop thinking “Oh a returning, strong player, I should align myself with them” it’s like really? Then the returning player also has another advantage by having her son on the show. So not fair Big Brother!!!

Queen B

I think they are doing scary-verse stuff. I was wondering when they were going to do something with that this week.

Game fan

This would NEVER happen but actually
Meme& blue& Felicia & cirie
Needs to come together force a tie and than Jared vote out America.
If only they knew Jag & matt & bowie are working with cory & america.
They can break that and get cam ( a competitor) on their side.
Thing is.. blue is stupid, and Felicia is emotional , and cirie and Jared can’t figure out Jag & matt is onto them even after last week.
Blue can actually figure it all out and send it to jared and warn him but she is too busy protecting her own A$$ that she doesn’t think long term , after jared and cirie she would be in the bottom

Game fan

yeah i know you guys would love for everyone to hate on cirie and jared.
but they are better to – meme , felicia and blue game a lot more than cory and america.
and cam can help them – if they are gonna be the ones to save him. meme and felicia needs allies – espcially if they cant trust cirie and jared- america isnt gonna take them far – cam could. cirie and jared needs help ASAP so cam is better to keep ( it also seem like cirie is figuring it out ) and as for blue – i do believe she is being used. we see the convercitions. they dont trust her anyways. they didnt wanted to tell her about the izzy vote as well.

Game fan

btw even cory broght that plan up.. for this excactly people to come toghther and jag said it was a real scary thing to think about . its because they KNOW this people are in the bottom with them.

Not Jasons Holly

Anything that keeps Cam stirs up the house! I would love it!


Again, Meme is a ghost in this game. She’s never the center of drama. Too bad Cameron is booted out this week, he made good TV. Blue , Meme, Bowie Jane, Felicia are boring af.

Jared & Cirie need to go but BB will milk the mother/son story for a while.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Agree….. at least Cam brought some old school BB vibes…. Everything is so PC now, esp with Junior Fields, every time he opens his mouth the feeds cut…. He’s a walking, talking liability for CBS I guess


Not so PC that they didn’t actively recruit racist and sexist houseguests…
Blocking the feeds seems like a way BB keeps from having to deal with any consequences of what they say.


Why does Jared wear a napkin on his head??

un autre nom

See the humor in this I hope:
The double is likely the only HOH Bowie would try to win.
She’s rented out her home until Nov. She WANTS to make jury.

Last 4 double HOH’S were 3 memory, 1 puzzle.


Watching the show from Sunday – love seeing the blow up play out & glad that it seems prodo didn’t cover it up – but what is the “after the Have Not Debacle” that Cirie talked about? The argument shown or another one I missed? Thank you!

The Beef

The argument that was shown took place in the “have not” room, so the one you saw is the one Cirie was talking about.

Meme's Muse

Thanks, Don’t Shoot the Messenger, you are correct it is indeed narcissism. Gan ainm your 9/19 observations and comments hit the mark exactly! Un autre nom in your 9/19 I saw the humor and have been smiling ever since, you did it again!
If you have been following feeds it is evident that the remaining houseguest are more resolute than ever in getting Jared out. I hold firm that Corey will win this game with America coming in second. Jag and Matt are smart enough to know that in their 4some with Corey and America, they are on the bottom. Meme knows she is on the bottom as well and that Corey, once Jared is gone, has no need for her either. America is in the best position although I am disappointed with how she got there but whatever.
Enjoy Jared getting the boot on Thursday. The only way that does not happen is if Cirie pleads to let them vote her out so he can stay. Either way one of them will be gone on Thursday . Yep, the comps are mostly mental and puzzles from this point on and neither Jared nor Cirie can win in those areas. After that , I agree the remaining houseguest are boring drama- not even a slow burn drama ( No, Latina America and Jag, contrary to what you said America will not fall in love with the rest of you) we cheer your resolve to wake up and do what needs to be done, but Corey is the captain now and he will slowly manipulate all of you until he wins- and he will.

Meme's Muse

Would really like to see/hear Jared’s reaction when he learns Corey was one of the 4 chosen in the Path to Power twist. Jared has this “thing’ to constantly one up Corey. Jared appears to be very jealous of him while trying to NOT appear jealous . Remember he told Cory he ” wasn’t the type of person the USA ( America) would vote for. It is Jared’s jealousy that keeps him underestimating Corey. It is that same jealousy and narcissism that motivated him to ignore Cirie’s warning to him recently about Corey. How delicious it will be for Corey ( look for Corey’s smirk) when Jared walks out the door soon.


Jared is so dumb. Get rid of soy boy Corny or lamerica but nooooo he had to get rid of Cam. So stupid. No one likes Corny or Lamerica unless you’re a weird incel or old single cat mom. LOSERS!


Incels love sexist macho men like Cam so this doesnt add up in the way you think it does…

BB Fan

In what way is Cam sexist? Genuinely can’t think of an example. He hasn’t targeted any women in the house except Izzy and…well…that’s Izzy. She had it coming.


Will Double Eviction HoH hold true to form? Usually either the one who needs it the most or the most unlikely person wins the Double Eviction HoH

un autre nom

Meme is back to BSB.
Meme is talking about keeping Cam because Jag and Matt are pushing too hard.
Not sure how long this lasts, or if they’d be able to do much more than tie, which exposes Jared.
Felicia is saying her ‘spiirit’ is telling her. Things like that always sound code to me for d/r so that there’s some drama or threat for campaigning. Fe noted Jag and Blue used the same language yesterday when tallking to her.
They agree If the situation arises, Jared is the one they vote out, but they aren’t sure they should take the shot themselves.
After last night’s d/r blocks there had to be something brewing.


Wow!!!! I just listened to Rachel Reilly on RHAP! Great interview. I didn’t know that she now does reality show casting! She’s apparently helping cast for Masterchef Junior now and will be doing the casting for Big Brother Canada very soon


Did she offer any opinions on BB 25?


Kate Chastain dig about Rachel Reilly on the Traitor “her outfits look like “community theatre” costumes”

BTW, check out The Traitors (USA) with Cirie and see how she stabbed her then BSB or Cookout family in the back to win all the $. Very deftly, too! Watch on Peacock Plus.


She has a connection to Cirie via the show Traitors so a number of questions were in terms of Cirie and Jared. Rachel was surprised that people did not consider her more of a threat given that most of them know her from Survivor. She does think that Cirie does face an uphill battle right now


Rachel also pretty much clocked Blue’s bizarre gameplay. This interview is on YouTube and is so much fun to listen to


Cam staying would probably make the show more enjoyable for us to watch but from the hamsters’ perspective, they should get rid of him while they can.

I think Cam will latch on to whoever is in power at the moment making him untrustworthy. Plus, he’s the best competitor. The longer he’s there, the harder it will be to get him out.

At this moment, I haven’t decided who I would like to see take home the prize. By now, I have usually penciled in a few that I’m rooting for. Granted, I haven’t been watching the feeds. I’ve just been the show and following along on this site.

I will say that I would like to see Jared walk out the door sooner rather than later. I don’t even want him to make jury. I just don’t like his arrogance. He would be lost if his mommy wasn’t there to clean up his mess. He is so focused on himself he’s lost his ability to read the room. (If he ever had it to begin with!) Then again, if Cirie left before Jared, it could be entertaining to watch Jared scramble without mommy telling him what to do and cleaning up his mess.

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Meme goes to Cory about Jag’s alliance plan (also Felicia’s plan yesterday) the 7DS swap out plan. Cory says it’s silly. He’s not down for any more onion alliances. He just wants to work on his relationships, not alliance stuff.
Cory goes to Felicia asking about the final 3 talk of Jag/Cory/America that’s going around.
Felicia says that was Cirie, not Felicia starting that. Felicia shares her same talking points / excuses from Jag and Blue.
Cory shares his Cirie def noms Amer/Cory if she wins, so why should Cory talk to Cirie so they can lie to each other concern. Fe says don’t bother with the Cirie convo.
IF Fe flips, the don’t talk to Cirie,Cory becomes Cory didn’t even talk to you, did he, Cirie.
Jag, Jared, Matt discuss seperating human Cam and game Cam. Game Cam gotta go.
Cam is attempting mild intimidation with battleback and what comps can you win without me campaign type talk to the boys.
Blue is trying to tell everyone it’s too soon to take a shot (at Jared / Cirie). At least that’s what she’s going with to Amer/Cory.
I said there’s a chance of flipflopfuqery for Amer v Cam a couple days ago when i noticed Bbtwitter already having an eviction party. I still think there’s a 30% chance.

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Splitting showmance is the big move.
Everyone is lying to / targeting Jared
Cory needs to be isolated, he’s the engine, she’s the pretty car.
They’ll use Blue to get Jared.
He’s playing on Jared’s ego trying to make splitting a showmance a big ego move (split the showmance to the other showmance guy is a risk, it could give opposite effect).
Don’t trust anyone is code as well. Iso Jared from discussing the option… can Jared keep a secret? Ask Blue.
The biggest thing this does to Jared is reinforces Cirie and Jared’s distrust of Jag if I understand Jared’s knowitall psyche.

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Jared / Blue
Called it. To Blue, Jared is worried about Jag. Should he keep Cam to beat Jag, or can Jared beat Jag himself? Blue talks about her uneasiness with Felicia running her mouth as her only distrust of the 6 (7DS).
Question: is Jag the real reason, or is this a) Jag is the game error that’s never been cleaned up b) excuse to flip vote because Jared knows his comp wins are default (as Cam pointed out).
Side question: is the reason the Fields team was reticent with doing anything with America because she was an alternate, and prodo hadn’t placed her in storyline yet? See season 23 for alternates lacking storyline agency for 1/2 the season edit.
Note: America has the first enter curse.
Blue is team Cirie / Jared. She only talks to Cory/America to cover bases.
How Matt feels about Amer is how Blue feels about Cory.
Matt would target Jared because eventually Jared will try to split Jag/Matt by blocking them together.
Who do they want in jury? Cirie and Jared or Cory and America?
Matt says Blue is in the perfect spot, she could throw HOH and not have to take any shot that blows herself up.
Matt points out that Jared and Cirie over-alliancing is on them. It’s why they are targets/tanked/untrustworthy.
They want to push Amer / Cory to win HOH and do the dirty work. Blue wants Jag/Amer/Cory to know she can’t / won’t target Jared.
Blue doesn’t reveal to Matt that Jared is worried about Jag (and all his lies vs. Jared’s truths).
Matt told Felicia that Cirie / Jared may be a sinking ship. He was offended by Jared’s misunderstood excuse during have not argument.
Jared / Felicia discussed how Bowie Jane is now in swing vote territory moving forward.
They don’t realize that Jag/ Amer / Matt have put work in with Bowie.


Cirie and Jared need to walk out the door, Blue has painted one letter on her back and she and only she did that.

Nether Region Euphemism

Picking one’s teeth with a floss pick is a really gross and anti-social habit.

As for game, if Meme, Fel and Blue do throw the HOH, that will increase Cerie’s odd of a win in the case of a bad luck fumble by Americory, Jag, Matt. I think Bowie would try for the win, but she hasn’t performed well at all except for wall comp. Well, neither have Americory.

One out of 3 odds for Cerie. She’s been able to hang on in quiz comps.

Only hope is that a DE will make everyone anxious enough to go for the HOH.

Carlito's Way

They are all starting to do the nasty floss picks hanging out of their mouths and robes, too!


I wouldn’t be to upset if Cam lied through his teeth to Jared and then put baby thug up with his mommy. In fact I would love to hear him say “sucks to suck dumb butt”


I wouldn’t be to surprised if after all the gaming these past few days, that after multiple DRs that everyone gets MIB mind scrambled, that ”somehow” (cough rigged cough) Cerie and Jared continue to survive and uggghhh win….
Sorry, in a pessimistic mood.

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the real world is getting in the way, this is just jumbled quick notes
Matt / Blue / Jared discussed Cam’s campaign as trying to induce fear and paranoia.
Cirie and America talked. Not targeting you’s and flattery (Cory told me you’re the Janelle of Survivor).
Matt talks to Meme about how much he trusted Cirie and Jared, now he feels played.
Sorry, Back to life lifing.


Thanks for your updates!


OK, I’ve been thinking that Cam is this season’s Cody Nickson (of Cody/Jessica fame). Both military with a daughter they dote on, and nobody in the house seems to like him. He was the anti-Paul and of course, we loved him for that.

Now wasn’t he voted out and made it back in?? I’m thinking there will be a route back for Cam as well. It would only be fair, since the guy that was voted out on his HOH, is still there and the reason Cam is OTB.

If it’s Scaryverse week, what could be scarier than Cam walking back in the house?

Cam did a 14-hour challenge for naught plus stuck with his nemesis, Izzy, in 1000 trips across the yard for naught. And now he’s not even going to make jury??

Yes, there are some issues with the guy, but he’s not the most heinous person in the house. That honor belongs to … do I even have to say it?


Cam for America’s favorite player!

Nether Region Euphemism

Can anyone explain why today, Meme considered keeping Cam?

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beyond the possible production line? d/r?
He oversold and gave to much info to Meme.
It was too pushy for her liking, and made it seem like she would be brought in to the new group that already existed, and she’d be on the bottom.