Veto Meeting Results “If they vote for me over Danielle I’m going to flip out”

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12:45pm Morgan and Kryssie
Morgan – Alex was my sister.. so… that was a big twist.. Jason got out my sister I’ve been targeting him.. that is why I want to be HOH..
Morgan – even if I go home.. I want to do something on a game and personal level
Kryssie – ok
Morgan adds that she broke her word to Kryssie earlier in the season and she’s hoping with coming to Kryssie with this truth now she can mend things.
Morgan is planning on talking to Justin as well.
Morgan – I want the 4 of us to make it to final 4.. I’m willing to get the blood on my hands..
MOrgan – the off chance he does stay he’ll be coming for me
Kryssie – if I end up throwing this thing it has to at least look like I’m not throwing it
Morgan – obviously I don’t want it to be obvious.. we need Jason to stay close to Justin.. saying I don’t need HOH I need the final one
Morgan – If I got HOH you, Justin and Shelby are completely safe

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 15-33-49-341
Morgan – I want the final 4 thing to work out
Kryssie – I do too

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1:03pm Veto meeting…
Shelby uses the veto on MOrgan. Since she’s America’s nomination there will be no replacement picked. Jason and Danielle nominated for eviction.

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1:30pm ….

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 15-46-49-432

1:35pm Jason, Shelby and Kryssie

Jason – This will be interesting, America will have to vote for someone whose not their nominee..
Shelby – is this the first time this has happened..
Jason – ya
Jason – If they vote for me over Danielle I’m going to flip out
Jason laughs…

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3:37pm Chit chat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 19-58-22-685

4:30pm Storage room Morgan and Justin

Talking about going final 3 with Kryssie.
Justin – Yo.. I was thinking.. we gotta come up with a name..
Morgan – give me tonight I’ll have something for you by tomorrow
Justin – this could be a good thing for us.. I feel like I can really trust you
Morgan – out of everyone you’ve been the most genuine
Justin – no one will see it coming
Morgan – we get to final 4 we have options.. you’re close with Kryssie, I’m close with Shelby .. we got the best of both worlds going.. Plus you get the care package
Justin will use the power to save Kryssie if that’s what it does.

They hug..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 20-06-00-875
4:54pm Kryssie tells Danielle
Kryssie – those girls came to me and pitched me a final 3 I was sure if it comes to that
Kryssie burps
Danielle says they might take Justin and dump her
Kryssie burps
Kryssie – that’s not going to happen.. they were right to not approach me about it (Final 4)
kryssie burps (and I’m not joking about the burps)
Kryssie – I gotta get him alone and I gotta figure out what the hell he’s got going on with them.. cause if that ones (Jason) in Jeopardy next week I gotta win HOH
Danielle starts talking about wanting her phone right away when she gets out
Kryssie burps

Kryssie – that’s the worst part of gettign evicted is not getting your phone..
Kryssie burps

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 20-08-25-404
5:28pm Bathroom Justin and Morgan

Jusitn says Kryssie told him “Don’t throw the comp”
Morgan – is she really
Justin – ya .. thats why I’m saying it’ll be really tough
Morgan – that makes me nervous that means she’s going to side with Jason
Justin – I already know .

They agree “To figure it out”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 20-10-12-657

5:34pm HOH Morgan and Shelby
Morgan says Kryssie is siding with Jason. Thinks this is a dumb move for Kryssie.
Morgan calls Kryssie stupid for this, “Kryssie isn’t a huge comp threat.. which she’s proven”
Shelby – time and time again

Shelby about Kryssie – She thinks this is a friendship game and not Big Brother

Shelby brings up how dumb Kryssie is to want to take people she can’t beat to the end.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 20-13-29-279

5:45pm Justin and Shelby HOH
Justin says Kryssie isn’t throwing the HOH competition but she’s not very good at them. Justin mentions how Jason is always talking about throwing this competition because he wants to play for the last one.
Shleby – MOrgan Vs Kryssie
Jusitn – if y’all stay true to me.. Kryssie is not goign to vote out Jason
Shelby – he needs to go why can’t she see that
Jusitn – she’s not that type of person
Justin says Jason has been throwing him under the bus, “He’s playing for his own sake.. which I understand it’s Big Brother”
Shelby says Jason has been trying to make final 4 and final 5 deals with her for the past 2 weeks and still Kryssie is being loyal to him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 20-21-55-119

6:13pm Kryssie and Justin Bathroom hard to hear because of hair dryer
Justin tells her he’s got a fool proof plan for them to make first second and MOrgan third.
Kryssie – Shelby needs to go before Jason RIGHT
Justin – If I win this week I’m going to be screwed next week..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-15 20-23-10-984

8:23pm Live DR’s

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Would be tempting to vote Jason out just to see him flip out if he does as he is saying. However, it would be smarter for the house guests to eliminate the stronger competitor. Kryssie and Justin will pick Jason to remain instead of Dani. Morgan will do the same. Would be pretty much a pointless vote to evict Jason. Jason would not even think America was voting him out so it would not freak him out. He would assume someone gave Dani a pity vote is all.


I’m voting Jason out!! Only chance we could get, feels right!!


Only problem is, All 3 housegusrs who can vote will take out Dani because she is the stronger player of the 2. Will be 3-1 Dani still evicted.


I’m with ya. This is the only shot we’ll have at Jason and I’m taking it. I know my vote is pointless, but I don’t care. I’ve said it since day one……he’s winning this game. They’re ignorant for not taking him out right now when they have the chance. They tried week 1 he won the Veto. Last wk when he needed to win the Veto to get Alex out…he Won. Ppl are acting like he’s not good at comps….it cracks me up. He was good in this Domi-knows Veto. Same with the Haunted House Veto. Ppl are underestimating him in comps, he’ll win the F4 HOH. Watch and See. Or he might feel threatened enough after this wk that he might go after this HOH. Since it’s a F3 they might let this next HOH winner compete in the final one, as well. Jason might figure this out and go after this one. Then they have no shot at taking him out and he wins the game. If he’s in the F3 he’s getting all the votes. Nobody will beat him. He already had a fan base going into this and it’s only gotten bigger:( Not sure how ppl like him, but they do. If Danielle’s in F3, she’s getting no votes. Seems pretty simple to me. Why can’t they see this plus the crap that he did last week: taking out Alex, making the fake alliance for $hits and giggles, telling them to suck a di*k after winning Veto, wiping boogers on Alex’s bag, the list goes on and on. Taking Jason out this wk would’ve guarunteed Justin working with the girls and left Krusty with nobody, therefore she’d go with Justin and the girls too. They could’ve taken Danielle out next week and if she won Veto, take out Kryssie. Leaving Jason means they’ll never have Kryssie. Kryssie thinks she’s liked bc she likes Jason. LOL. She’s trying to use him to get at his fan base. It’s hilarious. And Justin can be back in Jason’s arms with just one conversation from Jason. Then the girls are up a creek without a paddle. If Jason stays….Morgan absolutely HAS to win HOH. If he goes they’d have a chance with Justin, Morgan, and Kryssie as HOH. Well Kryssie’s debatable.
Imagine Scott and Alex screaming at their computer, “Take Jason OUT!!!” LOL! Bc that’s probably what they’re thinking.


Danielle’s game play just got real! Now what, chile!


Kryssie just had 3 of the longest burps ever. She doesn’t even apologize. Zero manners from that girl. There should be a drinking game for every time she burps.

Funny how Danielle tells Kryssie that she’s ready to go home and she is not campaigning against Jason because this means more to him than her,…making it seem like she’s doing Jason a favor. And later she said that Justin pretty much told her that she’s going home. So trying to save face is all that is.


the final 3 should be Jason Shelby the other I cant decide
reason Shelby cause she wins comp
reason Jason when he don’t win comp he sill get people to do what he want look at krristy
another reason Jason should be final 3 hes on the block in they sill not taking him out when they got a chance
good game play with out win a comp hate him or like him his game is on point
my two people who should wins this game or Shelby or Jason the other don’t


I know Danielle is going home, but I am voting Jason out for the hell of it haha


What do you’ll think about Morgan opening up to KRYSSIE about her being Alex’s sister! Do you think KRYSSIE is going tell Jason?

Uncle Teddy

I miss the old days when Big Brother nominees fought hard to stay in the house, tried to cut deals, stir up some shit to take the target off their back, etc.


Just saw on Kryssie’s LDR that the did not buy Morgan’s “lie” about Alex. Boy is she in for a surprise whe she finds out yet another thing she was wrong about.


Re Kryssie not believing Morgan– “They (the girls) underestimate my intelligence”. Bwwwaaaaahahahahahahahaha!!!! You mean the lack thereof girlfriend!!!!


Krusty’s stone cold face, no reaction, didnt even blink when Morgan told her Alex was her sister!
Krusty is soo f@#king BORING!!!!!


“kryssie burps (and Iā€™m not joking about the burps)”

lol Simon šŸ˜‰


Ideal final 3, (Jason/Danielle), Shelbie, Morgan


I’m gonna vote…… But very reluctantly. I want both of them gone but at this point I really feel like my votes aren’t counting for anything. I have voted for Kryssie as AN for the last three weeks and with all the polls showing her by a large margin EVERY single time I just don’t believe that it went left that many times. It has nothing to do with it not going my way but everything to do with ppl from both sides cannot stand Kryssie so I do Not believe the votes are legit. Either CBS is doing that for drama or some dumb*ss out there hacked the system. Either way I feel like it wouldn’t matter. I would love to see Shelby/Morgan/Justin as the final three but the odds are against them. And apparently America’s vote is not actually America’s vote. But who knows it could be there are that many ppl out there that approve of the booger wipers.

Dear Delusional

Your votes are being counted, but you are not in the majority. Morgan for NOM was all over twitter and chat rooms. People that voted for Morgan decided to not vote in the polls so they could set you off when she got nommed, and it worked! Production has not once helped the Misfits out so why would they not Nom Kryssie if she had the votes. Are you seriously thinking production has it out for the Plastics and are biased against them. OMG!


Question for Simon…. did krissie burp šŸ˜‰


This game changes constantly and our minds are always changing about these houseguests. I used to not like Shelby at all and I kind of feel she deserves to win this game.