Veto Ceremony Results! Chris Kirkpatrick – “Do you understand what just happened? We won! We just won!”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Miesha
Nominations: Cynthia and Carson Chris Kirkpatrick
Power of Veto Players: Miesha, Cynthia, Carson, ?, ?, ?
POV Winner: Shanna
Veto Ceremony Results: Shanna used the veto on Carson. Miesha nominated Chris Kirkpatrick
Evicted: ?

** Chris Kattan has left the Big Brother house. “Chris’ situation will be addressed on Friday’s show,” a CBS spokesperson

9:57am HOH room – Todrick and Miesha.
Todrick – I know she is in there with him and I bet that is uncomfortable for her to have to be in a room with him and pick a side but at this point now I am in jeopardy and I think that Cynthia even if Carson isn’t in the game is almost more loyal than her. Miesha – sucks yeah! I know what you’re saying.

Kitchen – Miesha and Shanna.
Miesha – can I ask you something? Shanna – yeah. Miesha – are you planning to take anyone down (use the veto)? Shanna – if I took Cynthia down like you said that would be cool. Miesha – yeah. Shanna – but who would you replace her with? Chris Kirk, or Lamar or ? Miesha – that’s what I am trying to figure out. Because like when we were talking about this I was like yeah well she’s not my target but the thing is I wasn’t thinking about it in that moment. I have to put someone else up then and I am like I don’t know how that changes votes and everything. Shanna – yeah, I mean I would love to talk to you a little bit more because I know that you and Todrick are super close and have a final two and stuff. And I respect that, like its fine. I thought we had a final four. I’ve just heard so many other things. And for me and my game too… I don’t like know what to do. And I am just sitting here and I want to be respectful to your HOH but like yeah.. and Todrick is like barely speaking to me and I don’t know why. Miesha asks her if she wants to talk upstairs.

Todrick – did she say something? Miesha – she said she is thinking about taking Cynthia down and how that would be cool. She said I thought we had a final four with her but for my game too ..da da da… she says she doesn’t know where she stands. So do I ask her not to take Cynthia down or not? Todrick – I hope she takes her down. Miesha – so don’t ask her? Todrick – I wouldn’t.

HOH room. Miesha and Shanna.
Miesha – so yeah when were were talking about taking down Cynthia, I was like yeah that’s cool because she’s not my target but then I was thinking like with Chris Kattan being gone. I don’t want to say that it fast forwarded a week but it kind of took away the cushion. Shanna – it did. It took away options. Miesha – yeah it took away options so then I was like okay maybe I’ll just ask someone like Todd or Lamar or somebody to go up but then I was like I don’t know how everyone is going to vote then. What if that person got sent home instead of Carson. I just can’t tell someone you’re going up and then surprise they get voted out. Is there any possibility that you don’t want to take Cynthia down? Shanna – yeah, you know I am open to it… it is just so hard because like obviously you and Todrick are stupid close .. right!? Miesha – yeah. Shanna – And I don’t know why Todrick is upset with me and I’ll talk to him later. Miesha – I don’t think he is upset with you. Shanna – he is like not even talking to me. I’m cool, like you don’t have to feel weird if like that’s your girl. Like that’s okay. Like I still love him and care about him and want to go as far in the game as I can… but like I don’t want him to be upset with me. Like he won’t even look at me. Like I thought we were all like a four. Like Chris Kirk, me, you and him. Miesha – right. And then Todd is going around saying that he has a final two with you. Miesha – and this is what is crazy .. I have never had that conversation with him. Shanna – he was like that’s my captain (Miesha), I’m just her soldier. This is all like verbatim. I just take my orders. He is like I have protection from her. He is like I had a final two with her before the first HOH competition. Like how is that even possible!? Miesha – he says like the craziest things. Shanna – he is just loyal to you. And Chris Kirkpatrick has said to me over and over again .. my loyalty is to Miesha. Like you have Todd, you have Chris Kirk, and like Lamar is in like an athlete alliance. Like what am I supposed to do like… Carson and Cyndy are close.. like they’re thick as thieves. Like I am in the room with them but like they’re joined at the hip. Miesha – so like you’re not feeling assurance from anyone. Shanna – from anyone! If I didn’t win that veto .. like when I was in the storage room and you said I don’t know what I’m doing.. that’s like sorry kid you’re going home. I’m up next .. you know right!? Miesha – no, its not. I mean I was definitely shook up with the whole thing with Kattan. If you don’t pull Cynthia down, I think its pretty clear that Carson goes home. Shanna – right. Miesha – however, if you pull Cynthia down.. Shanna – she’s not a threat. She’s got street smarts but when it comes to the game… like she is a good person. Miesha – oh trust me, I adore her. So like if Cynthia comes down, that is a vote for Carson to stay. IF Todd goes up then I think that it would be… IF I put Chris Kirkpatrick up there .. can I ask who are you voting out of the house? Shanna – I would have to vote for Chris to stay. Miesha – so you would vote for Carson. Shanna – yeah, yeah, yeah. I am with you, he (Carson) is just a very competitive player. Miesha – so if Todd goes up? Shanna – I am still voting for Carson. I mean whether its Todd or Lamar or Chris. Miesha – okay that is good to know.

10:58am The live feeds switch to kittens… for the veto ceremony.

12:07pm The feeds return. Shanna used the veto on Carson. As HOH, Miesha nominated Chris Kirkpatrick as the replacement nominee.

Bedroom – Miesha, Shanna and Todrick
Shanna – I know that you’re pissed because you’re in that position but I had to do something to give me a fighting chance… and Carson has like some ability in competitions. So if you guys want to take some time and decompress and reconvene… or if you don’t even want to.. I understand. But if you want to even try to work together moving forward I am open to that still. Todrick – but when we were all working together we all agreed that we were getting Teddi out, we all agreed that we were getting Mirai out. Shanna – I was told that you guys wanted to move forward with Lamar and not me because there was an athlete alliance. Todrick – we were told that by Chris Kirkpatrick. There is not athletes alliance. Shanna – I asked Lamar and he kind of confirmed it. Miesha – me coming in here I wanted to work with athletes but that all fell a part. Shanna – I did what I had to do. If that is my big move, I won 2 veto’s.

Bathroom. Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna.
Chris Kirkpatrick – do you understand what just happened? We won! We just won! By that alone we just won. Sure I might go home .. either me or Cynthia might go home but the entire house just flipped. The entire house realizes that it could be them. That’s it! You’re okay now! Shanna – do you realize the conversation I just had …like you just drew a line in the sand. I was like oh boo-hoo. Chris – We did! We did! Man up! We did! Don’t let it get to you. Who cares! Worst case scenario, I go home. Shanna – I can’t believe she put you up. Chris – who cares. They drew the definite line in the sand. Right now is the happiest I’ve been in this house. Shanna – I need to keep you in this house. Chris – I understand that but if we don’t … we got people. (He points to Lamar as he’s walking into the room.) We’ve got Lamar now, we’ve got Todd. Shanna – I hope so. Chris – what were we going to do leave it the same and let them pick us off? We shock them the f**k up. That’s what we needed to do. I am f**king tired of Todrick sleeping all day and then playing solitaire because he knows it just him and Miesha all week with their minions. They’re doing all their dirty work. Shanna – I said that to her. Chris – its game on! The biggest thing that needs to happen tomorrow is whoever is still here .. we need to win HOH and then once that happens their days are numbered. Shanna – can you get Lamar and Todd to vote for you? Chris – no, I can’t. I just got her to trust me, I can’t.

12:30pm The feeds switch to Kittens!

1:50pm Still blocked..

2:27pm Feeds are back. The house is quite…

4:50pm Bedroom – Shanna and Chris Kirkpatrick.
Shanna – if Todrick looks me in the face one more time.. like he just keeps saying like when you get out of this house you’ll see how I stood up for you and like how I talked about you in the diary room and … he is literally with Miesha 24/7. And its like it doesn’t matter how nice you spoke about me. You’re still doing everything and anything she says. You’re not playing your own HOH… I mean you’re not playing your own game. You’re playing her game. Chris – no she’s playing his game. He’s controlling it. 1000%! There is nothing in her being that would have put me up even if we did that. Nothing, she would not have put me up. Shanna – yeah. Chris – if it was her in control. He is the one that convinced her. 1000% Shanna – I believe that. He (Todrick) cried this morning saying I just don’t want to look stupid. Chris – you do look stupid. You look how you look! They (production) can only change it so much. Shanna – and she is saying I’m playing both sides. The only one playing both sides at this point is … Todrick.

9pm – 10pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table talking about tv shows.

Storage room. Miesha and Chris Kirkpatrick.
Chris – just so you know to .. there was never a time I want to turn on you. I totally understand. Its a game. I am not campaigning for anything. I am just telling you because you’ve been straight up with me and I’ve been straight up with you. There was not any intention to come for you. Miesha – how come you didn’t want to vote Carson out? Chris – I mean I didn’t care. I had a good relationship with both of them. Miesha – I know but you did care in a sense because obviously you didn’t want to do it. Chris – well especially when I was over there… when I was with you, I didn’t even know where I was. Like I said I know you had Todrick and I know you had Todd but I was like where does that leave me? Like I don’t even know if I am above Lamar at this point so what else am I going to do. And you know it was all game. It was all like what it was but honestly at no point was I like I’ve got to get Miesha and this is how I’m going to do it. Miesha – yeah. Chris – and even if you watch everything, you’ll see back and see that I was always really honest and true with you. I just wanted to get that off my chest. And when you did that and put me up, I knew it was hard on you but I want you to know that it is okay! Miesha – thank you. Chris – its a game. And when you said I was okay I was like well you might have to go back on that a little bit because I am sure you will probably want to get me out after this. Miesha – well the whole Chris Kattan threw a wrench in the mix too. (Chris Kattan self-evicting) Because it took away the plan and then the other plan to get Carson out and I was like motherf**k .. you know!? Chris – yeah. But Cynthia would still be up there. And there are other people in your ear… I was like well I trust her but not the other people around her. And like I said Todrick hasn’t even looked at me in two days now and I’ve still tried. Miesha – and I am frustrated with Shanna …and you might go tell her this but she is playing this game a lot smarter than people give her credit for. I think she is just as dangerous as me in that I have won two comps.. Chris – but what other option did she have? Miesha – well just listen, I’ve won two comps and she’s won two comps but there’s this victim role reason why no one really included her in their alliance because she’s been playing both sides since the beginning.

11pm Hot Tub time..

9:57am – 12:34pm Big Brother blocks the feeds showing the kitty cams..

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another name

So i’m asking myself… really? My head is on that angle of not quite buying what i heard.

Shanna just said “I’m still open to working with you moving forward.”

  • to the people she was supposed to be in a final four with.
  • to the people she lied to about how she was going to use the veto (she told them she’d take down Cynthia).
  • to the people that know she backstabbed her last alliance in the same general way.

Who would buy that?
For that matter, why aren’t Nsync and Shanna bigger targets? A known pair with an HOH and two vetoes? It’s odd they aren’t bigger targets actually.

Probably an unpopular opinion: I don’t truly see an incredible difference between the Todrick/Meisha pair and the Nsync/Shanna pair. Both pairs have more than one comp win. A member of each pair has spouted off about bullying when it wasn’t warranted. I wouldn’t want to have a conversation or spend any time with either pair (the vacillating you’d have to do between stroking ego and pity would do my head in). Both have a rat and an egomaniac as their dynamic. Gonna need some help with finding the actual difference.

If Todd’s current rant against Cynthia included fingerguns. All i’m saying.
But then again, I was actually surprised Todd was on this season. I didn’t know he was out of jail. As one of the original 80’s posterchildren for child stars gone bad, i’ve just assumed for years. Then again, most of the other notorious posterchildren for child stars gone bad in the 80’s are dead…. or will appear on celebrity <insert show name> the washed up years.


“Gonna need some help with finding the actual difference.”
difference is one of those pairs isnt dumb enough to take the HoH’s target off the block and get their other half of the pair nominated as the replacement, then that replacement thinking theyve won”


dumbest pair and dumbest move in BB history…you hate to see it…LOL


I’m definitely on an island b/c I’m enjoying Shanna. I’ll admit I didn’t like how she went and sold out “Formation” initially but then again Teddi & Mirai both told her about it too so from that perspective I thought it was a wise move on her part to get some safety from the Alpha in the house. AND b/c it put Todrick in a bit of a pickle for not telling her. Albeit, Miesha seems to be completely blind to everything negative/shady/selfish Todrick does.

To take the devil’s advocate view here Miesha made F2 deals with EACH of Todrick, Kirk AND Todd. She formed an athlete’s alliance with Todr, Lamar, ChrisKirk & Mirai. Made a F4 with ChrisKirk/Shanna as well as Todd/Lamar.

She fought Chris Kirkpatrick ALL WEEK with some pretty lame reasons on why Carson had to go and Mirai had to stay (the whole thing about keeping the lone Asian in the house so he wouldn’t get attacked in the real world after — thrown out mostly by Todrick but stamped by her was low brow).

So I thoroughly enjoyed Shanna calling her out on her ride or die with Todrick & F2’s with both Kirk/Todd plus her three alliances. Shanna nailed her b/c if Miesha was “this true & loyal” person she claims to be then why couldn’t she guarantee Shanna would be safe if she is really her F4 partner? And why would Kirk even go OTB if he was at worst her F3? ‘

Like every season there is the typical hypocrisy like saying Carson had to go b/c he was a comp beast for winning ONE POV – Shanna was onto her game.

I’m not as keen about Kirk b/c he vacillates too much but I worry Carson/Cyn/Shanna won’t be able to win anyway although there is hope if Lamar can win HOH he WILL put up Miesha/Todrick.

You know me AN – I love the strategy and am always drawn to the underdogs so Carson became an immediate favorite (LOVE his DRs) but I earmarked Shanna right away as the best strategist (Teddi was maybe in the running but we didn’t see enough).

You aren’t wrong in the two duos being similarly dangerous but this year it’s all duos and with the house about to be seven people one couple winning power & another being on the block gives the other couple the voting power.

Although — what if they DON’T WAIVE THE EVICTION? What if they say Chris Kattan’s exit cancels whoever gets evicted? If this cast wasn’t so boring in general or there weren’t more of them who might self-evict then I’d be keen for that to happen esp if Miesha didn’t get to play HOH. Granted they could do a double or triple-eviction to keep the timeline the same.

I’m hoping before eviction that Kirk or Shanna outs Miesha said Todd would go up if Cynthia was removed & then said maybe Lamar instead just for the drama that should cause.

Speaking of which the Todd/Lamar pair is an interesting dynamic b/c they have two very different game views. Lamar recognizes Miesha HAS to go & that Carson/Cynthia aren’t the dangers in the house whereas Todd is all-in the Miesha guy’s group still believing he’s her F2. How is that possible? He’s been literally told Todrick is her ride or die & he’s one of three F2’s she offered plus the Athlete’s alliance & the F4 with Kirk/Shanna so how does he not see that he’s just as disposable?

Miesha is a comp beast but her blind spot is Todrick and her weakness is she waits until she needs something before she makes an effort. No upfront work is done to make people feel comfortable – instead, she waits UNTIL she needs you — for example – she never really talked to Lamar UNTIL now that she needs him to vote how she wants. And how ironic that Teddi & Shanna became people she couldn’t stand once they clued into her game?

Todrick is also very sloppy – he never considers anyone else is playing the game or comparing notes so tells Shanna AND Cynthia he wants to go to the end with them — but also tells Cyn “Shanna can’t be trusted & spoke badly about you” & tells Shanna “Cyn doesn’t “deserve” to be here b/c all she does is cook”. I mean cmon Todrick aren’t you a super fan? Don’t you realize these two women will talk?

I keep hoping for the gloves to come off via a big Miesha/Todrick – Kirk/Shanna blow up IN FRONT of everyone. As much as Miesha is a fighter I think Shanna might win the verbal exchange.

Anyway – lots of banter from me for a season that’s been meh lol.

The truth is I just think Shanna is the likeliest to instigate that melee & blow up the game and I’m eager for some drama.


Spot on with your observation!

another name

Here’s the thing: was Shanna wrong in her comments to Miesha? No, of course not. Is it a wee bit of pot and kettle hypocrisy? Oh damn right it is. So strategically do I have a problem with Shanna, not at all. Watching her high horse it though? That gives me one of my eyerolls. I’m not expecting a lot of own your game from a pseudo-celebrity season, but I’m still going to hold them to account when it comes to game ownership.
Miesha, and Nsync are in essence the same in terms of their strategic gamestyle. Tbh, as annoying and self righteous as she is, and given that she had so many alliances, It’s odd that Miesha is actually the more loyal to her allies than Nsync. I know that’s odd to say given she put him on the block, but he’d already torpedoed the alliance. He’s the one that targeted Todrick to weaken Miesha. He choked, but the damage was done. He’d discussed with Shanna getting behind someone else actually targeting Miesha. He was willing to sacrifice Todd or Lamar. He’s got nowhere to go with his upright loyal game talk. That road is a one way no exit.
Todrick and Shanna are in essence the same in their social game. Both are catty, both are gossips in the worst way, and both exaggerate to the point of making things up in order to sink others socially. Neither is particularly loyal to anyone but themselves. The loyalty to self isn’t a put down, they are both playing to be the winner, so go for it. However, both have burned their own alliances at least twice, and both talk about being loyal. Neither are.
I can’t actually call Carson an underdog, in the sense that he doesn’t actually seem to put in the effort to fight. He’s not offensive… but he’s more like a play dead than an underdog.
Todd? oh dear. If you have a past arrest for stabbing someone… maybe don’t talk about where you are going to stick the knife. Just saying.
Lamar? Isn’t there a bed that needs shitting?
Whatsherface…. Cynthia? Not overly offensive (though i can see how she might have a rabid case of HOHITIS if she won one), but not really an underdog either because, as in the case of Carson, I don’t really see effort.
That’s how I’m seeing them.


Listening to Toddrick’s obsession over getting Carson or Chris Ki out is exhausting. For someone who thinks she’s smarter than the average bear, Meisha changes her target as Toddrick convinces her whose the biggest threat. First he obsessed over Carson, then yesterday he’s working her cause Chris Ki makes him uncomfortable. He said Chris doesn’t like him cause he’s gay, then he said he’s just this white guy that has a problem with gays. I think Toddrick is trying to pull another cookout and Meisha’s playing right in his hands.


Does anyone else find it weird that Chris Kirkpatrick has remained calm through this entire situation? Methinks thou doth NOT protest for a REASON (read the Powers That Be has given him a heads up)…

I’m wondering did TPTB tell him they would let the eviction play out & then have Julie read the vote but follow it up by locking the front door or Julie saying BUT – since Chris Kattan left we aren’t evicting anyone else.

Throughout this game, Kirkpatrick has been one of the more emotional players and rarely goes 24 hours without shifting from one direction to the opposite. Look at his HOH and how he wanted to put up Todrick & then suddenly shifted to keeping noms the same when Shanna won & they had full control.

He’s not fighting for Lamar or Todd’s votes (even though Todd PROMISED HIM his vote from the start of the game), he’s not trying to make amends with Todrick, not trying to convince Miesha, won’t allow Shanna to try to rally votes for him.

Instead, he’s consistently taking the high road. Maybe THIS is more of his true character & I’m just too suspicious but my gut says he KNOWS something is up and that’s why he’s so calm.