Cynthia “I don’t trust Kirkpatrick. I don’t care how much he talks. The man just doesn’t sit right with me.”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Miesha
Nominations: Cynthia and Carson
Power of Veto Players: Miesha, Cynthia, Carson, ?, ?, ?
POV Winner: Shanna
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

** Chris Kattan has left the Big Brother house. “Chris’ situation will be addressed on Friday’s show,” a CBS spokesperson

11:36pm Bedroom – Carson, Chris Kirk, Cynthia, Shanna.
Chris Kirk – I said this is a game, you know?! I mean I didn’t say anything but that I got her. Cynthia – so what does she think? Does she still think that you’re on her team? Chris Kirk – I think by not doing anything, I think she knows… a little bit and I think by doing that they would test me by putting me up to make sure that if anything happens it could come down to me or you. Cynthia – HhmmmHHmmmm. Chris Kirk – honestly that is the best I can do and I am offering myself up there. If they decide that’s the way it is, then I have no problem for you guys because.. Shanna – has she (Miesha) ever said to you that she would put you up? Chris Kirk – no. But she also know that now could be the flipping point and it could happen so.. I hope you guys don’t blow me up because I am being 1000% honest with you. Please know that! And I am honestly offering myself up there. And if I go home Friday, I still love you guys. Its not a big deal. She thinks you’re taking Cynthia down. Cynthia – I didn’t know there was a definite plan. I didn’t know you guys had decided. Chris Kirk – oh we didn’t. I was just knowing that if he (Carson) is on the block, that is the target. Cynthia – yeah. Chris Kirk – whereas you have a chance. And If I go up, you have a chance. And you guys have to vote for her (Cynthia) to stay. I am blowing up my game here and I hope you guys appreciate that. If I go home, I am cool with that. If they put me up just to take my vote away, then I am sorry for that. Carson – I am fine going home too.

12:13am Bedroom – Cynthia and Carson.
Cynthia – I don’t trust Kirkpatrick. I don’t care how much he talks. The man just doesn’t sit right with me. Carson – the man talks so much. SO MUCH! Cynthia – after he didn’t tell us about .. after he didn’t give us a little heads up and now he wants to come in and visit all the time … he just loves us so much! I definitely told Todrick that .. just know that you can’t trust Kirkpatrick. Because Kirkpatrick is coming for Todrick. And that was because I was pissed off at him and I told him like.. Carson whispers something (can’t hear it). Big Brother blocks the feeds. Cynthia – if its that important just let her have it. Carson – its fine. If its more helpful, then …leave it as it is. I’ll leave and you stay. Cynthia – when I said to you, I’ll just go and you were like absolutely not but if you noticed she did not say one word about that. She was completely fine because it keeps her in the game. But you’re such an asset to this game. I don’t want you to leave. Carson – I was saying I would take one for the team so that the team could have a fighting chance. Cynthia – this (her and Carson) is the team. (They pinky swear) …and then whatever this is .. which I am starting to question a little bit. Carson – then we should just go with what the consensus was.. take me down. Leave you up, people keep you here.. Cynthia – or… if we just leave it.. leave the nominations the same.. Carson – if we leave it, I’ll go home. You cook and you’re beloved. And I know they like me but I think they’ve seen some glimmers of like … I won ONE thing a month ago so I don’t know why anyone should be that worried. Cynthia – I will say this .. I don’t mind going. Carson – I don’t mind going either. Cynthia – I don’t mind either because if I don’t go sooner rather than later I am going to get caught up in things. The lord will not let me completely trust Kirkpatrick. She is not going to go against him. She hates Todrick. And he can’t stand Todrick. Carson – I am hoping for the best from Todrick. Cynthia – at least I know where he is. Carson – yeah he has been transparent about his loyalty. So what is the latest? That she is going to take me down and leave you up? That forces Miesha to put one of her own up. Cynthia – which is why he (Chris Kirk) thinks its going to be him. And he wants to be noble and us vote him out. Carson – then let him be noble! Because you’re going to stay. Cynthia – its all whether she (Miesha) wants him to do it. Carson – yes.

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