Chris “No, f**k that!” Todrick “I did. I said it. Fix this!”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Miesha
Nominations: Cynthia and Carson Chris Kirkpatrick
Power of Veto Players: Miesha, Cynthia, Carson, ?, ?, ?
POV Winner: Shanna
Veto Ceremony Results: Shanna used the veto on Carson. Miesha nominated Chris Kirkpatrick
Evicted: ?

** Chris Kattan has left the Big Brother house. “Chris’ situation will be addressed on Friday’s show,” a CBS spokesperson

11am Chris Kirkpatrick is packing for the eviction tonight.

11:43am Sauna – Todrick and Chris Kirkpatrik.
Todrick – I will speak to anybody but if you’re not man enough to follow by what you say and say that you’re going to follow… when you get out of this f**king house and you see how much I’ve been riding for you and Shanna it makes me want to burst into tears because I was honest with Cynthia and Carson when I left their side. I’ve been honest with you in that moment that we had that man to man conversation. I was riding for you and right there we had the power and the numbers to make it to top four. I talked to Shanna to be in this group with Miesha more than you did ..and you’re closer friends with her. Like I have been so honest and trustworthy with everyone in this house. I feel like I have played a transparent game. I came in here with friends that I’ve had to turn on and say it to their face. And the fact that people in this house are trying to paint a narrative of me .. Teddi, you … that I am untrustworthy… it just really upsets me. The only time was when you asked me questions which weren’t my place to say and I did not tell you because at that time we did not have an agreement. I didn’t know you that well. I think that you should just really be looking at the way that like this is going to be perceived in the outside world because you have come into this house and its a roller coaster. We don’t know which version of Chris Kirkpatrick we’re going to get. One day you’ll be nice, hanging out and singing with me and the complimenting my voice and cheering me on and I feel very close to you and then the next day.. Like I have never experienced that from somebody like you will just pay me dust and not speak to me and then I have to be the person that keeps coming to you to initiate conversations. You turned your back on me, you did. Chris – no I didn’t. Todrick – okay. Chris – first of all its a miscommunication. I agree with you 1000%. That’s how I want to play with you. To be honest. Then people are coming to me saying Todrick is out to get you. Flat out, that’s what they said. And I said there is no way Todrick is out to get me. And maybe that is the house playing us and playing us against each other. The only reason I started flipping on everything was because I heard you were out to get me. And maybe that’s my fault. It breaks my heart because I was loyal to you. The only reason why I said I couldn’t trust you was because I heard you were coming for me. Big Brother blocks the feeds as they’re talking..

11:56am – 12:35pm The blocked showing kittens. When the feeds come back. Chris – No, f**k that! Todrick – I did. I said it. Chris – Todrick!! Todrick – fix this! Todrick leaves the room. Chris – wow!

12:41pm Gym – Todrick and Miesha.
Todrick – I was like I just wanted to spice things up and for me you’re taking it personal. Its all game. I was like it was all game until you sat me down and basically tried to shame me for transparent enough with you. I was like I trust Miesha’s game because Miesha keeps it straight up with me. She is straight forward. She is honest with me. And I was like great. I shook your hand and at that point it became more than just game. It became personal and on a man to man level you shook my hand and at the end of the day I don’t think he think’s I’m a man. I don’t think he feels like that deal was whatever. I was like you have more loyalty to Teddi who was the only person that mentioned taking you out of the game. Miesha – yeah. I trust you and I do realize that ..basically his perception is very skewed. That’s what it is. Todrick – I already felt like I couldn’t trust him and that you couldn’t either but having that conversation made it very clear that his narrative is what it is and no one can make him shake that narrative from what he thinks what it is. Miesha – right, and then him find a way to justify it. Todrick – I wish he would have been more mature and look at it in a way that makes sense. Apologize ..but he just couldn’t understand that. Todrick – he just keeps saying I was loyal until I wasn’t. Right, and people weren’t a cheater until they cheated. No one was a murderer until they murdered someone. You are not a thief until you steal something. And at that point that you did it you are a traitor and I don’t know why you keep trying to paint this narrative that you’re not. You are disloyal! And that’s why were in this position. I was talking with you and I was making eye contact with you until you were disloyal. And no matter how many times I rearrange that sentence… he wasn’t receiving it.

1:20pm Big Brother switches the feeds to kittens. Feeds will be blocked till after tonight’s episode..

Eviction Results: Chris Kirkpatrick was voted out 5-0

HOH WALL COMPETITION Watch it all play out on the live feeds..

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another name

I’m going to need someone to remind me.
The actual reasons for Nsync wanting to target Todrick.
In my head they were:

  • Teddi told him that Todrick would come for him. She was trying to grenade Todrick because she blamed him for her situation. Nsync swallowed hook line and sinker.
  • Nsync wanted to be grand poobah. Meisha was seen as the grand poobah. He wanted to weaken her by taking out her number one so that she would run to him.

Wasn’t that what was going on when you really peel away everything else?? I mean take out all of the petty and all of the weird, and it comes down to Nsync wanted to rule the roost and targeted the perceived ruler’s ally so she would be pairless and become his loyal soldier.
That was the point, wasn’t it?


At one point both Miesha and Chris were talking about taking out a perceived leader’s ally to weaken the other team. As far as Chris saying that Meisha would run to him? If he said that, based on what I know about her, that would never have happened unless it was some type of “Trojan horse” ploy on her part

another name

Perhaps turn to him would be a better choice of words than run to him.
His goal wasn’t to target her, but to weaken her so that he was her number one ally was the general idea i thought.


I would love another CBB right after this one instead of the regular season of BB. This has been by far the most entertaining ever!!


I missed that Cynthia/Todd incident on the feeds that Big Brother just showed


As I stated before. Toddrick is playing a cookout game. He just gave a nod to couch by evoting Chris Ki! He thinks he’s slick.


They better hurry up and get Miesha out of this house. Backdooring her is the best option