Steve “I can f**king skip Julia and Austin unless I’m with Vanessa”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother



Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 03-19-04-862
12am – 12:45am Steve is practising his Final 2 speech. He then takes a shower and returns to the backyard.

12:45am Steve says my goal coming into this game was just to survive the first eviction because I knew I did not have the social skills to get far in this game. I was hugely relieved when I won the veto the first week by spelling trombonist. I pulled my act together, I made some moves and here I am in the final 2. When you break the game down you can really put it into 3 components. Competition, Social Game and Strategic Game. First Competitions – I’ve been head of household 4 times and each of those four resulted in eviction. Liz has only been head of household 3 times and she was dethroned once so only 2 of those ever came to an eviction. Also I won two power of vetos. Spelling, Nose-a-scotia, and BB Comic. Liz has only won 1 power of veto. If you’re voting for who won competitions, then I’ve earned your vote tonight. Second Social Game – Liz spent her summer snuggling with Austin. I knew I didn’t have the social skills or charisma to make it far in this game. As Zingbot said I was a nerdy, socially awkward nerd that loves his mom. Liz spent her summer snuggling with Austin. I spent my summer really getting to know people. I learned about Shelli obsession with Abraham Lincoln, or Becky’s German boyfriend singing about being a tomato. What is something specific I can zero in on for Jackie?? I never talked to her which is my I evicted her. My social game with Jackie was sh*t and that’s becoming apparent to me right now.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 03-20-31-050
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1am – 1:15am Meg playing Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. I can f**king skip Julia and Austin unless I’m with Vanessa. Am I really going to say an example for all 9 jurors?! Because if you 1 for some the others are going to be like why didn’t you use me?! Johnny Mac and his YouTube collection. I want an example for Jackie, a concrete example for Jackie. Something minor in her life that she would be surprised that I remembered. I just don’t know what. Jackie .. we had nothing in common. I couldn’t form a relationship with her. You were so closed off. I did a really bad job with Jackie but that’s why I got rid of her because I knew I couldn’t fix it. She went on the race because she desperate for fame and attention. She was recruited through the Heat. Something from the amazing race.. That’s it – Jackie’s continued friendship the Hailey and Blair from the amazing race. HA my watching the race paid off!!! I would have watched the race so differently if I had known one of them was going to be on here. Of the blind date pairs they were the best couple. James love for Clemson and Beighley. I want to talk about zeta with Julia. Austin and watching the early seasons of the feeds. I want to mention how Liz took about 3 weeks off as a result of switching places with Julia. Steve heads inside to go to bed saying he is exhausted and isn’t going to come up with good ideas.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 03-44-39-924

1:25am – 2:25am Steve heads back outside with the M&M’s to study.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 04-00-51-682

2:30am – 3:45am Steve heads to bed. All the house guests are now sleeping. Steve tosses and turns and then gets up to play with the cards at 3:30am. He then heads back to bed.

10:10am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Steve and Liz go back to sleep. Vanessa heads outside to suntan her face, arms and feet. Vanessa then heads inside. Liz goes outside to suntan.

10:30am – 11am Liz eats her breakfast outside and on the way back in she says goodbye outside! It’s been nice knowing ya! Next time I see you it will be Wednesday and it will be very different. Liz then starts working out on the elliptical. Vanessa comes outside and asks all this for Austin? Liz says I just felt like I was getting thicker. I can’t believe they’re closing it so much earlier. Vanessa also wonders why then need to close it today for Wednesday. Liz comments on how she’s always been a little thicker than me.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-21 10-56-34-505

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Steve's Speech

I really like the direction that Steve’s speech is taking. I can picture Van saying something like” i am really glad i got to know each and everyone of you. Blah, blah blah. Ok Mel, we did it! Now let’s go spend that 500k”.

Closing Arguments

Vanessa is gonna murder the speeches trading responsibility for everything down to the weather. She calls her unfinished lawyer training her best asset in the house and foundation of her threat rants that set HG up for eviction. Shelli & Austin brought in Twins, Van coat tailed then stole it. Austin had the voting block not Van. Her screaming stomping away routine recap was stomach clenching. She twisted, imposed double standards and attacked players. Her winning attribute is abusing trust and double talk her bribes paid for Jury Votes.

Production makes it look like Austin is fighting against her with his bare feet.
Shelli getting paid to fight for Vanessa in the Jury House like she never did for her own game with the promise of a BB/CBS franchise. Clay is selling Clelli TShirts while they prepare for Amazing Race. Twins will do Amazing Race too, it will be a BB takeover. Gag. Vanessa practically drooling on muscle relaxants so she doesn’t keep damaging the brand with her nasty rhetoric. If she’s stumbling CBS thinks people will tune in for an upset. No deal poker face.

Pot Kettle Black

I hope in the future that BB doesn’t cast anyone with issues enough to need maintenance medication. Vanessa is a prime example. When she took her pills, she was fine, laughing, interacting…when she didn’t – holy hell, she was nasty, mean and through temper tantrums if anyone disagreed with anything she said. Then she gets hurt during part one of the trio of competitions and they give her “benzos”. What does she do? Drinks champagne with them.
Not fun to watch CBS!


Lol at the twins on amazing race ‘Juliaaaaaa’ ‘oh my gawddddd’

No one can carry them through that one lol.


Another Vanessa hater. You’re delusional! She’s been the mastermind! Reading and playing everyone like a fiddle! Lol @ haters. Get over it!

Pot Kettle Black

She’s a freakin bully… Hope she doesn’t win. She’s no mastermind, she’s a nasty, mean, self entitled liar. Period.


Wahh she’s a bully! Wahh she played big brother like a big meanie. Wahh I’m going to stalk OBB and comment on the big bad bully 500 times a day because I’m as crazy as I say Vanessa is.

Wahhh she evicted all my favorites. Wahhhhh. Good God, how do you even get through day to day life if you feel so victimized by a player on a TV game show?

Pot Kettle Black

Hey Anonymous – Let me start by saying that I have enjoyed your colorful commentary this season. I am not Waaah crying about Vanessa. And if you have watched the show, BBAD and the feeds, then you know why her game play is not enjoyable to me. I have watched the best of the best over the years and she was downright nasty and irrational. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I respect your opinion, you should respect mine.


Could not agree more! All I want to hear tonite from Steve is, “I vote to evict Vanessa.” Been waiting all season to hear it.


.is Vanessa paying you guys by the post or is it a flat rate?


vanessa’s speech will include nonsense such as ‘incentivizations’ and how much integrity she had while stabbing people in the back, which was ok because she always lied about how valuable her word was. i watched how she just doesn’t say anything to steve when he is asking about what kind of deal she made with Liz. Her denying it is probably why steve feels good about not going f2 with her. If they are supposedly open with each other and the steps they made, and sharing and all, why would she deny doing something that there is no reason or no way that she didn’t make some kind of ‘i will keep you if’ deal. after all the stupid deals she made and required and forced, etc, why wouldn’t she. the fact that she denied doing it makes her look so sketchy, i am sure.

like he said, it wouldn’t make sense to not do that.


I don’t know about Steves speech. It comes off really condescending , could turn them off. If Liz goes second. She’ll rail him for the snuggling comment and remind him that he’s only in finals because he rode in on vanessas


Unless she’s completely honest, Vanessa’s speech will screw her over. She sits in the diary room and acts like WE don’t see what she’s done. Unlike a lot of times on finale when minds are already made up, I think the responses to the questions people ask her will really make them say “Ok, she earned it” or “Dear Lord, she’s sticking to that bogus story.” I’d admire her gameplay if the tears she cried WEREN’T real, but the fact that she believes what she’s saying is just hard to watch, like a 16 year old girl who still throws tantrums. She cries and yells at someone for doing to her exactly what she’s done to them. She truly thinks they betrayed her, while she’s just playing the game so it’s ok.


Alll that can be said about Steve is RRRRRRRRWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWGHRRRRWW


Wouldn’t it be a blast if the third HOH comp is a Pandora’s box that brings back the last evicted player, or a reset…

Think Positive

There will be a button in the living room on finale night. If any of the house guests press it, it will open the secret door in the living room and Chuck Norris will come out and kick the shit out of all 3 finalists.

Pot Kettle Black

Hey CBS! Next year – give us Pandora’s box, reset button, diamond power of veto, luxury comps, food comps and make some rules. No bullying. Change it up…please! Come up with some new challenges…the ones every year are predictable, boring and they know it’s coming. If you need idea’s, just ask the Survivor crew, they are genius at the physical comps. Hear my plea!

Just stop please

Do you even know what a bully is?


I do!! I was up close and personal with one for 5 years and Vanessa is a BULLY! That’s why the HGs haven’t stood up to her, she instills fear.


CBS got cheap this year. So cheap, that the luxury comp was spending time with Frankie…What happened to all those twists they promised? I remember they once offered 10K on the table to the last three HGs…for one to leave the game with the 10k.

Enroll Tide

Steve is going to be crushed when Vanessa picks Liz. I truly believe Production will help Vanessa win part 3.
Steve is going to need help.

me too

i really think so too production knows that steve is choosing liz so they will fix it so they know vanessa will win>> wait and see


Steve will win. No way will production let 2 women be in F2. They will make sure that if Vanessa wins she will take Steve.

meg's always laughing

Well I don’t care who wins this effing thing at least we don’t have to look at Vanessa’s beanies, Austin’s tattoos, Steve’s scampering and hear Liz/Julia wine anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The viewers have finally won.

Linda in Texas

Van is on meds for pain management. Won’t the meds give her an advantage in the upcoming competitions if they are physical. Thanks

Double D

It’s not physical. Julie Chen reads quotes from the jury house.


The third competition is usually trivia.
Given that her medication has the side effect of drowsiness, I don’t see it being helpful.


Can’t believe that all those meds Production is giving Vanessa is allowed. Yes it will give Vanessa an advantage which is what Production wants-her to win or she would have been disqualified along time ago for so many things. And Liz telling Steve she got help in the Final HOH comp from Production only solidifies what fans have been saying about CBS interference and cheating. Why isn’t CBS doing something about all of this?


Assuming she is actually experiencing the pain she describes, it’ll take the edge off the pain. Benzodiazepine (or “benzos” as she describes them) is a Class IV controlled substance… it relieves pain and has a tranquilizing and depressant effect on the nervous system. So if she is under the influence of that drug on finale night, she may not be as sharp as she normally is.

I had an ex-stepmother who was addicted to heroin and every other opiate and coma-inducing drug imaginable. I grew up around addicts… only addicts use terminology like “benzos.” Only addicts demand drugs by name. Only addicts seek performance enhancing drugs (yes, ADHD drugs alter the performance of a user) on schedule.


Thanks for the info. She seems too familiar with narcotics, and neither Steve nor Liz are complaining about any pain.
Do you think she is as medicated as she states? If she stops taking it for finale night, do you think she would experience withdrawl, or would her Adhd meds counter act that?


I remember Caleb saying last year on the live feeds that Production conducts drug tests on the candidates and i doubt they would accept drug addicts in the show.


Actually, the meds she’s taking for pain make her groggy, drowsy and out of it. She better quit taking them now, and start Jedi Drilling if she wants to win the Part 3 Mental Comp.


Lol you can’t “Jedi drill” or study for the final comp.

Just ME

I can’t believe Steve hasn’t figured out that his best move would be to take Vanessa (choking down vomit while saying that btw). If he gets rid of Vanessa, Liz will automatically have three votes. I can’t see Jackie voting for him, so that’s four of the five votes she would need to win. The only person I can see voting for Vanessa is Shelli, who seems to admire Vanessa’s game play. Everyone else is extremely bitter. Evicting Vanessa at the last minute, could be too little too late.


I totally, respectfully, disagree. I don’t think that Liz would for sure have Vanessa’s vote because I think that she would respect the game play move and I also think if it isn’t her winning she wouldn’t care that much about a woman winning. I think if she ends up in 3rd place her vote is a toss up. Additionally, I don’t think Jackie will be a bitter Jury member.. especially if Steve is the one to evict Vanessa. And on the flip side if Steve is sitting beside Vanessa I think he would have Austin’s vote for sure and that’s about it. The twins were vocal in wanting a woman to win and you can see in the jury segments that no one besides Austin and maybe James are that bitter. And I honestly think even Austin might be swayed to voting for Vanessa with another week to cool down and if Steve is responsible for Liz going home. I don’t know that Steve would for sure win against Liz but I feel 100% sure he wouldn’t win against Vanessa.

I'm done watching big brother

I invest too much of my time over the summer watching bb, reading bb, stressing over who won, whose getting evicted. I’m going to watch next year’s season in October, so I don’t have to invest so much emotions over it.


After this Altered State of BB, coming up, SURVIVOR, which I will not watch. If CBS fixed one show….


It definitely goes on too long both for views and players. No pandora’s box, no spooks in the windows, not as many costumes, prizes and no playdough.


That’s a great speech. I like it that Steve talks out loud to himself. Fills us in on a lot!



Why is he always picking his nose!

(I want you to win, Steve! But why are you so gross?!)


I remember in the pre show interviews Steve said he was practicing being on cameras 24/7 . I noticed the nose thing too. Although he stops short actually picking it as far as I can tell. He goes up and just will rub or scratch. lol


I find it ironic how many people want Steve to win now considering how much he seems to have based his game on Andy’s MO (not to say that Andy didn’t play a great all around game minus the ratting). He’s ratted for most of the game, and has ridden Vanessa’s Coattail for the majority of the game. However unlike Andy his social game has been terrible, and he’s waited so long to make a big move (if he even gets the chance come finale night). Andy played a role in numerous people’s eviction, but his best moves were during the final double eviction where Amanda and Elissa were evicted back to back. Steve’s gotten out Jackie (which was sort of a decent move), and Julia… Julia. I can’t tell if people just actually dislike Vanessa and Liz so much, that they would actually want Steve to win. But who’s voting for Steve besides Jmac and Shelli?

I’m not a fan of any of the three left, but Vanessa has earned a win. I’m not entirely convinced that she’d win in the final 2 yet considering how Shelli seemed to be the only person in the jury rooting for her. Becky and Austin both seemed annoyed by her gameplay to say the least. Her gameplay might come back to haunt her though espcially if she continues to play this ridiculous innocent card on finale night. She needs to be honest about what her strategy was, and why she did what she did to further her game.

I still think Liz has a chance of winning as well. If the jury is bitter, than it will work to her advantage regardless of who takes her to the end.

Double D

Are you kidding? Steve has more wins then Vanessa. On the block more than Vanessa. AGREED to be a pawn. Vanessa refused when asked. Broke up the twins. And if he sends Vanessa packing….easily beats Liz and her 2 guaranteed votes.


Steve has more wins? Wrong, better stop and count them again.


Steve is the lesser of three evils. He also really does have a medical liability. Vanessa is despicable and Liz, I have no words except Lizaaaaaaaaa.


i don’t think steve is anything like andy. Andy was able to play all sides of the house, and be aligned with everyone. Steve was barely number 6 on a 5 person alliance. His closest friend, Jmac, was always on the block, fighting for himself, so not exactly able to work together. in this season, the closest to andy would probably be clelli, those were the ones who had alliances with every single person in the house. I don’t think Andy ever had to fight for a veto to not go home, nor win a lot of HOHs? the only way steve has survived a couple of eviction weeks is because he won. He had also been a few people’s target, and his own alliances most expendable member. and yet he is at the F3 in spite of this

i do agree that overall vanessa played hard, got far, and has earned a win. if she makes it to final 2, i think it is clear who the jury would vote for. Juries are not as bitter voters as many claim, and it always surprises me to see in comments sections of fan sites like this one that they think that. i can’t count the number of times where i didn’t want someone to win because they are basically a rat, but there they are, winning. vanessa will get the votes, there is no doubt about that, and steve seems very aware of that. his best chance is to take Liz, he has more than a 50% chance to first with liz, maybe it is only 60/40, but with vanessa it would be 80/20 in her favour, not his.


There’s no irony in any fan wanting Steve to win.

As for me, he and John were my favorites since week one. I guess every fan picks their favorite(s) early and some change their minds as the game progresses- and some (like me) don’t.

As for being a “rat” … I think if we step back and really think of the game every HG played, we can label (to some degree) ALL of them a “rat”.

I truly believe that Liz will have only 2 for sure votes (Julia and Austin) and POSSIBLY Vanessa. Not many people would say that Liz actually played the game. She won a few comps and was protected by a handful of strong players… but for the most part never really seemed to know what she was doing– she was guided thru every game decision she made and every breath she took (sarcasm, obviously).

Assuming it’s Liz and Steve at the end, he will slay her. 🙂


To answer the first sentence in your comment: For me and my crowd, we are rooting for Steve now as a second choice after J Mac was evicted. I think it’s true for any J Mac fan that they would not want Van or either twin to win.


Steve is the lesser of the 3 evils. He has had more of an uphill battle than Liz and Van put together. I think he has earned his place in the final 3. Van threw him under the bus, countless of times, but Steve still stands. Sure, he may have never made it without Vanessa, but neither would have Liz… But I am also sure, Vanessa wouldn’t have made it this long without him. He had opportunity to blow up her game and he held power to evict her, yet she still stands. He knew it was the best game move to stay with her. He has gotten more blood on his hands than Van. (No matter how much she screams she massacred the house). He went after his own alliance first. In the beginning he stood out from the crown and so he was a target from day 1, and nobody wanted to hang with him socially. I also really liked his segment of his hometown, and family. He would be a great representative for bb, as he is a super fan. Van probably wont be in the BB world long, as she will find something else to do, and she kinda seems like a flake. When steve has really delved himself into BB. Steve is the best option as bb winner IMO.


And Steve dodged a lot of bullets. His name was thrown around a lot because he was “sneaky” and he was “weird” not because he was really valued as a threat IMO. He stayed pretty true to what he planned in his entrance interview–choosing to align with someone at the bottom of an alliance which he sort of did with JM and with Van, to play up his awkwardness, to get to know people by asking questions and listening. He had a strategy and he followed it.


A great rep? a 22 Y/O who sleeps with his teddy, has serious mommy issues, loves to pick his nose and ass and has been practicing his coming out by blowing a trombone since he was 10. No I would rather see Liz win then give this kid money to buy weapons


He’s no Andy. Andy was the rat of all rats.Steve didn’t necessarily ride on Van’s coattail. I watched a Jewish comedy show last night that said Jews tend to answer questions with questions. That’s what he did. They will all vote for Steve if he votes out Vanessa–the biggest move of the game. He got Jackie out as she had no relationship with him and if you listen to his pregame interview he said he would get the least amount of blood on his hands early on by getting out someone no one would get upset about. I think that’s what he did with Jackie. I think Steve presents very good arguments. Vanessa will need to admit whether she was acting and her fights were strategy or if she was genuinely upset. If she was genuinely upset then she’s a bully. If it was play acting I think we and the jury would all understand.


So Liz is essentially guaranteed Final Two, right? And then guaranteed to get bounced lol!


OMG i just can’t with Steve. I feel mean but I just don’t like him. And that speech. I won three and you won two.. I’m sure the jury knows Steve

Double D

The jury doesn’t get to watch the show. He has to remind them. eds to mention how many times he was used as a pawn and Vanessa fused


Steve is just an actor, he’s been in character since day 1. BB Twist.


Steve said in an interview that he would be playing Sheldon, the character from Big Bang Theory in the BB house.

CBS Production Created Character

CBS casting Robyn Kass, created supernerd Sheldon character and promoted it in advertising from beginning, he added band nerd, teddy bear and mommy who they knew because she applied numerous times and was rejected because she didn’t have a archetype character. I don’t know who’s idea it was to play up the virgin-bi-sexual-can’t-come-out-of-the-closet-gay. They all have archetypes, Austin wrestler he-man, serority girl Shelli, football hero Clay, surfer dude Jace, flamboyant mylanta gay Jason, Transgender icon Audrey, asian hillbilly James, goofy giggly city girl Meg, poker face celebrity Van, Mean Girl Club Twins –CBS set up whole cool kids vs. nerds gimmick. I think Van’s costume she made herself, trucker hat beanie, suspenders DJ boy toy gay. Steve’s get up he’s the only one wearing his look his whole life.


I don’t think it matters who Steve takes to the finals if he wins.. i think both Liz and Van would beat him in finals. I think he’d have a better shot against Van if it’s a bitter jury, if not then maybe Liz….it’s hard to tell at this point.


If Steve took like, most people in Jury would see that as a strong game move and give him credit for it. If Steve takes Vanessa it will prove once again that he is an idiot. Are people from Cornel University this dumb ? In no way shape or form is taking Vanessa a grand idea. Lets say that Liz does get non game play votes from austin and her sister. the rest on the jury know that Liz was a later and rode the shirttails of austin. They will vote for Steve. Even if they don’t both ways he gets 50,000 but he has a bette chance at the big prize by taking liz. I also think Production messed up BIGTIME this season. If they were intact feeding an addiction of Vanessa’s prior to any type of competition that translates to cheating … period .


It must be a woman effect that they always ride the coattails of guys. Because as far as I recall Vanessa shielded Steve SOOO MANY times in this game but yet noone thinks he rode any coattails. Steve was supposed to be the back-up option when Austin was the backdoor plan. Jackie (and Austin and everyone else) would have been really happy with Steve and Van shielded him. Van kept protecting him even when it was a stupid move for her such as evicting Austin over Steve. But please Steve is a man so he doesn’t ride coattails. Only Liz is.

Ugh! I'm soooooooo frustrated!

Does Vanessa EVER shut up? Her mouth runs constantly, and it’s usually telling a lie when it does, or making a veiled threat. She is my definition of a BULLY, in the truest sense of the word. You don’t have to be physical to be a bully – emotional bullying is just as bad. And production has ruined this game… I remember the early years when it was just people competing — no Adderal or other “meds” for the HG’s ( remember Chicken George? Now he could have used some meds!) — and no help, whether it’s in the form of giving someone special information or convincing them what they should do to make the game “more interesting.” All that does is mess with the whole social experiment! They need to stop “recruiting” these nut jobs! IMHO, Vanessa is a sociopath or at the very least, a pathological liar. It will be a grave injustice to the spirit of BB if she wins.

Pot Kettle Black

Oh, and they gave Vanessa champagne to wash down the pills…I call BS!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB17 HG's

Two more days until finale night! At least we can say this season will end with an exciting final episode regardless of the outcome. I think it would be AWESOME to have one final BB Takeover twist were Coco the bear, Vanessa’s Vicodin, and Liz and Julia’s third deformed twin get a vote to see who wins BB! You never know maybe Coco may have a shocking vote against Steve! Maybe for all the abuse he has imposed on that adorable bear? But if that’s the case Nessa’s Vicodin has gone through the same thing….


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Chill this Town

this is just usually kind of a sad time. game talk is over.

they spend forever sitting around doing nothing waiting for the finale, which is then rushed and the season ends and the next day no one really cares.

other than a huge underdog making it to the final 3, I rarely am interested in the game at this point. it was a lot of fun this year though, a lot of game talk, so much better than BB16.

now if we can somehow get CBS to put an All Stars season together. I’d prefer a non winners version, but…that’s just me-


I don’t have feeds. Do they ever play volleyball with the beach ball? That can be fun. Or soccer? Vanessa was in sports. She had beach volleyball in the front yard of her Las Vegas house. Why not kill time in a more fun way?

Vanessa land

PLEASE I know Steve is very weird…but I’d like to see him in the finals!!! He’s like the socially awkward kid that always got bullied,..I hope production isn’t swaying it so Vanessa wins the final hoh!!


I hope no one is dumb enough to waste their money on buying a “clelli” shirt….

Doran Martell


So anyway

Vanessa deserves to win hands down.


LETS GO BB… I want my falls shows to come on so lets finish dis shit already……… da worse bb season ever….that’s 17 years that I can’t get back.


Did CBS hold a gun to your head and make you watch?


season over yet?

Tattooed Finger

I will tell you what “da” worst is. Sitting here dipping my finger in garlic sauce with no fish juice to seal it in! Wednesday can’t get here fast enough for me and my friends. I am planning a new dipping sauce for the chicken to make my queen proud. She may even treat me to a chocolate pudding based desert. I have been keeping my nails clipped and have burned through several emery boards. Hurry to the castle princess your knight awaits you!


what the hell comment is that.


I think Vanessa played a strategic game but that game involved scumbagging everyone she made an alliance with Austin, johnnymac, Julia, james, and many more in the bb house. Vanessa did play the game but at what expense……her character. Steve played the game in a more different way. He was not perfect but he played the game. Liz played the game but she did not win the last competitions and that should be held against her but she should win the $50,000. over Vanessa.

Liz is a mean girl

Liz and Van are being huge botches on live feeds talking smack about Steve. I just want reality to hit this girl so hard that it shuts her up forever on Socila media. She is so delusional about how her looks have gotten her whatever she wanted in the past since no one looks deeper with her. Well, people have seen past your looks girl to see your truly ugly sole. You have pertained youself to have a low self value by whoring yourself in the beginning to Austin (and really any penis having person), picked on/bullied people like Steve, and talked shit about every other guest. Wake up and smell the roses girl….America hates you and even your own family is not defending you theses days.


“Scumbagging” is when you are in final 3 and if u win the last comp u take the person that’s the easier win with jury than the person you have had a final two deal with. Many here say people have been “scumbagging” all season. Not possible.

Steve is planning to scumbag Vanessa but his little plan won’t work cuz he can not beat her in the last comp. Also..little Steve doesn’t realize Vanessa knows he is lying to her. He thinks he has final two in the bag. I still think Vanessa will take him because she doesnt want to scumbag him like he plans to do to her. She knows she can win against either of these peasants in final two.

The jury will see Vanessa in that chair and be like damn she is good and the only person that should represent our season. All the haters think the jury hates Vanessa. No the jury is stable and knows this is just a game. A game..that Vanessa won.

The jury isnt unstable like some of u and creepily can’t stop your hate and obsession with Vanessa.

The voice

We are all arguing over who is mastermind or who should and shouldn’t do this or that. These people are just puppets doing what production wants them to. They are ALL idiots as far as I’m concern.