Part 2 Final HOH Results “I wonder how to make her not feel like shit”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother



Part 3 of 3 – Steve competes against Vanessa (Finale)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 23-11-17-362

11:12pm Feeds come back Steve won..
Steve and Vanessa Whispering “I just want to know how to make her not feel like shit”
Steve winders when they should tell Liz.
Vanessa – not now
Steve – I wonder how to make her not feel like shit
Vanessa tells him to be normal

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 23-12-26-369
Liz says she got 31.11
Steve was 28 Something

It was very close.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 23-16-50-828

11:16pm Steve and Vanessa hug
Vanessa – it’s done we’re in finals
Steve- holy sh1t
Vanessa says her neck is super sore
Vanessa – “These Benzo’s help”
Vanessa says they make her really drowsy.

Steve says he must have f***ed up in the HOH because he should have been able to beat her better than 3 minutes.
Vanessa says they should tell Liz as late as possible she doesn’t want to have to deal with her campaigning.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 23-23-02-730

Steve – Vanessa i trust you you know what’s best I’ll do whatever you think
Steve getting all excited.. “OH MY GOD I GOT 50 K for my mom”

Steve – I never believed you I never f**king believed you .. you weren’t a liar..
Steve keeps repeating that he can’t lose his ‘Sh1t’ right now

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 23-37-05-410

11:36pm HOH Lockdown

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-19 00-05-56-548

12:06AM Steve muttering to himself “She might be on to me”

12:15am – 11:10am Vanessa goes to bed. Steve says he is going to sleep in the day bed. He grabs the covers from the comic bedroom and brings them out to the other bed. He then heads into the kitchen to eat. He sits at the table to eat and build things. Liz comes back from being in the diary room and Steve gets called in.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 04-04-42-678
1:19am – 2:10am Liz is in the kitchen alone and starts crying. “I’m such a loser! Mom’s gonna be so sad, I’m sorry! I could kill myself! So stupid! What’s wrong with me! I just want to kill myself! So stupid! God!” She then lay her head on the kitchen island and continues crying. “I want to kill myself! Oh God, so embarrassing! Sorry feeders its kind of an emotional moment. Sorry I’m crying. This place will do that to you .. but the live feeds aren’t even on me right now because I’m so stupid and crying. I hate myself so much! I’m so stupid!” She Eats and cleans up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 04-03-40-647

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 04-18-46-588
2:10am – 2:30am Steve comes back from the diary room. He goes back to building things. Liz heads to bed. He spills his water and then tries to clean it up. He then stops and says he’s going to let it air dry over night. That was more work than the comp!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 04-19-06-348

2:40am Steve heads to bed.

9:50am The house guests continue to sleep.

10:05am – 12:50pm Big Brother wakes up the house guests. They all go back to sleep.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 13-49-37-297
1:30pm – 1:50pm Steve wakes up to eat. Liz gets up and starts getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Steve comes out of the diary room and tells Liz the backyard is open. Liz believes him. Steve laughs at how she believes him. He says you did see how much was out there last night didn’t you?! Liz says Steve you’re so annoying. She then chases him to the kitchen and realizes that the backyard really is open. Steve starts getting his clothes ready to do a load of laundry.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 14-07-20-578
2:10pm – 2:45pm Steve grabs a couple weights and bring them inside to use with whatever he is attempting to build with the toys. Vanessa gets called to the diary room and when she comes out she joins Steve and then heads to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Steve completes his “suspended house project” using the Lincoln Logs and weights. Steve and Liz start making food. Steve thanks the “beef cakes” for taking down the set up so quickly so they could have the backyard today. Liz says she’s just happy her favourite beef cake strapped her in last night. Steve asks the one with the pony tail? Liz says yes.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-19 14-29-14-795

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there is no guarantee that there is 50k for your mom yet, you have to beat V in the final HOH calm down Boy!!!

Lyin' King: I Like Villains

No shit Skeve you’ve been sucking up to the biggest villain this season as a strategy. I’m winning $50k mommy, very my bubble bath ready, I’m coming home. Hahaha. I’m not gonna throw it though Scarnessa, I’m going to play hard to win HOH– seriously these two can’t be trusted, Steve has to announce he won’t throw Final HOH??? Did he tell Production? Food he ask Julie if it’s okay for him to play? I don’t know who I hate more, Skeve or Vanasty. Liz is $50k for her trip to Vegas, is she still invited if Skeve & Lizard go to F2? Hahaha

I Can't Decide I'm On Drugs I Scored Benzos

I better not make this decision on Benzos, I’ll wait till tomorrow. I love the mind rape these two are steeped in. Im going to F2. I haven’t decided yet. You haven’t won yet. I’m Scar I’m Captain Hook, you’re seriously sick in the head, yeah so what, and a virgin too (hopefully forever we don’t need you procreating). I scored Benzos, I’m not talking game Skeve and I’m not telling Liz she’s not going to F2 bc she is! Stupid ass Skeve thought Vanasty would take him bc she’s got honor and integrity or stupid? I’m not throwing it Van….jeeezus….there’s gonna be more crying to mommy on camera tonight….and more drug abuse. Only way Steve goes to Final 2 is if Van ODs. Totally possible.

Pinocchio Obama

You are right. I can see both Vanessa and Steve possibly taking Liz if they win.


Maybe he can be excited-as long as he’s genuinely just playing Van and doesn’t fall under her mist! He knows even with 2 or 3 lock down votes for Liz, he can make a better argument for playing the game. She was “protected” most of the game and choked at crunch time. I have a feeling if Van really believes she had him under her spell, she may very well throw it, given her “incentive” not to get blood on her hands. It’s gonna be a looooong few days folks!

Vanessa's Broomstick

I’m rooting for Liz to win. She may not deserve it but I don’t dislike her like I do Vanessa and Steve.

I think Steve may be helped in the final HOH that time is not a factor. He seems to get flustered when he has to make quick decisions.

I’m voting for John for favorite houseguest too.

Zingbot Fan

i’m wondering if CBS has enough medication on hand if Steve wins HOH and takes Liz over Vanessa?


I’m wondering if they have enough food for Liz if she goes through. Despite her suicidal talk and drama, good to see she still has her 24hr appetite!

Frankie the Glitter Fairy

I’ll admit that I don’t want Liz doing my taxes but she looks great. Whether you like them or not the twins are hot.

Zingbot Fan

The only thing that would make Vanessa look better is if her picture was in black and white. Evict her Steve!


If this was a competition for who was the most buggiest-eyed, moose-looking, she-man, Vanessa would take the cake.

Frostbite Falls

Moose are beautiful. Bullwinkle is a stud.


yeah… don’t see why either one of them wouldn’t take liz. sure, she’s got two jury votes locked up, but the other 7 have no such loyalty and liz stabbed james in the back just as bad as vanessa if not worse, which makes james/meg/jackie/becky completely up for grabs with shelli a “swing” who’s ether gonna be bitter about her showmance and thus anti-liz or favor comps/gameplay which also doesn’t bode well for liz (those quotations around “swing” because we haven’t gotten to the votes of jmac and steve/vanessa which could also very likely be of the anti-liz variety).

Mixing Medications?

This is a bad time for true Big Brother fans. We all dislike Vanessa but we all know that she deserves to win. Nothing against Liz and Steve and they deserve credit for surviving but Vanessa has dominated this game all season long.
It doesn’t mean that we can’t keep watching and pray for a miracle though.


So I’m thinking Steve is trying to make Van as comfortable as possible – hoping she doesn’t try as hard in the final comp.

Steve wants the following to happen: He wants Van to be so confident that no matter who wins final HOH she’s going to the finals and it would be better for her not to win so he’d be the one to cut Liz and potentially give her more votes in the Jury rather than her pissing Steve or Liz off and possibly losing their vote (a la Dan in S14). Then he wants to win and get rid of her.

The thing is – I don’t see Van falling for it – I think she knows there’s a chance Steve doesn’t take her. This 3rd Comp could be really interesting though. – these are probably the two smartest final 3 round 3 HOH houseguests I’ve seen play.


Do either of really believe the other will take them? I think they are both taking Liz.


That’s what’s so delicious about it. They’ve tricked each other! Someone is gonna be hella blindsided!


Really only Vanessa will be blindsided, because Steve already admitted and knows Vanessa won’t take him to final 2. He may just cry for not making final 2, but he won’t be surprised or blind sided. Would be great TV to finally see Vanessa get a taste of her own medicine, but who knows if that will happen if production have their way.

Benzo Queen vs. Lyin' King

Van staggering around house slurring, I am too out of it to talk about Liz she’s gonna campaign, and I’m in a F2 with her. What Van? I’ll take the $50k no problem. What Van? You’re not telling Liz you and I are the nerd squad stooges of sound alliance? Well fuck you then mommy, I’m not gonna throw it then. He actually has to ask permission to play final HOH?? He’s the reason this season sucked. Whhhaaaat? You’re not gonna throw m me $500k Boy??! I made you you little motherf*cker. I changed your diapers all summer you sick little prick. I’m Scar, I’m Captain Hook, and I’m actually gonna play Mommy….ugh


It would be poetic justice if Vanessa goes out in third place.


I hope steve does a good job convincing her, and she’ll just throw the third, to not lose Liz’s vote.

Frostbite Falls

Zero chance that Vanessa throws anything.


Sigh, I know.


I’m just hoping she’s still taking mess and too out of it to concentrate. BB must be the local pharmacist. Every year for the last couple seasons seems like the entire cast are on some form of medication. What are the requirements to be in a an? I mean no one without mess get accepted that they have to go out and recruit those that are in some type of medication!



Big Jim

Neither one is taking each other righ?

Double D

This is a tough call. If you take Liz, she’s guaranteed 2 votes (out of 9) in the jury. I give Steve a 40% chance to bet Vanessa. He has come on the last 4 weeks and if he wins the final. But Vanessa has controlled the whole game.


Steve has to take Liz because he knows Vanessa will crush him. Vanessa has made the obvious moves and he’s just hidden behind her. He only has a couple things he can sell to the jury where Vanessa can play a dozen angles.


If Van kicks out Liz , Steve gets JuJu, Austin,JM and Liz’s vote (unless they really believe she will pay them off??) If Steve keeps Liz , he loses Van, Julia and Austin”s vote, but I think he has a good chance of taking the rest, because Liz and JuJu had 2x the chance to win. If Van keeps Liz, Liz gets, Steve, Austin and JuJu’s vote and a few others because they have all bee burned by Van


I’m not sure about them feeling burned by Vanessa (sadly). Even shelli said she’s playing a great game. I think shelli may be able to convince people of how good of a game Vans been playing. For me, this is just another year of thinking none are deserving of the money. Vanessa will have Austins vote if she does not take Liz and julia/liz will follow since they don’t have a brain of their own..but then again,. without Vanessa telling them what to do, they wont know how to

Vanessa Should Take Liz!

Steve is a douche and tries to suck up to Vanessa again, gag, by telling her she’ll win $500k and he’ll take 2nd. Now we get to watch these two promise to take each other. Van’s already hinting she won’t take him asking what do you mean you’ll have more to brag about in Jury, Steve quickly covers and says I barely won over Liz. Vans isn’t digging Steve’s assumption he’s got Final 2 in the bag, suggesting she’ll win final HOH and Liz will still be campaigning to her. If Steve wins he better take Liz and bring mommy $500k. If Van wins no way she’s taking Skeve.


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Stevie Boy!!!
If Vanessa wins the final 3, she told Liz she is taking her. {they want a girl to win, and Vanessa has no loyalty to Steve}
In a perfect world, Vanessa throws the 3rd part , { Vanessa thinks Steve will evicts Liz, therefore she is mad at Steve, and Vanessa gets her vote} in reality, Steve votes out Vanessa and takes Liz. Now that would be good TV!
Liz I think will beat Steve! She has Austin, Vanessa, JuJu,, and I think Jackie, Meg, and James will give her their vote instead of Steve.


Wouldn’t count on the Jackie, Meg and James vote, Liz was responsible for evicting James and who knows what shit Austin has been tying to spew! I believe Austin’s mouth and attitude could cost Liz! Austin (like Frankie last year) believes he controls the Jury vote……………….Ah NO, I hope they all tell him to STFU!!


Because Steve would have to evict Vanessa to take Liz to final 2, I think that move will secure the goblins votes as well as Shelli (jmac, meg, jackie, james, becky too). I think Steve can beat Liz because of that move.


Would be interesting to see if Vanessa goes the bitter jury route in that scenario.


I wouldn’t call either vote from Vanessa in the jury a bitter vote. Steve and Liz both have several things they can sell to the jury. Liz stayed in the game with a tight threesome, won HoH’s, and made moves to keep her and her sister safe. Steve can point out he took on the goblins, played Vanessa until the end, won HoH’s and kept himself safe by playing smart. They both have a shot without Vanessa.

I can see her going wither way although she has said she wanted a female to win but that may have just been to keep herself in the mix with Liz.


You’re right she has a lot on her resume. I just assumed she was unwinnable because she had the help of her sister in the house, and Austin shielding her 100%.

I don’t agree with that (people should be rewarded on merit regardless of how much ‘help’ they had), but I just can’t see a jury ignoring it.


Good point. They would respect that move.


I don’t think that Liz for sure has Vanessa’s vote. I think that’s a toss up. If anyone was going to be a bitter jury member it would definitely be Vanessa but on the other hand she might genuinely respect the game play move because I’m sure she’s figured out at this point that if she goes final two she’s basically guaranteed the 500k.


I don’t see Vanessa taking Liz because that reduces her chances at the big win. Liz will have Austin and Julia’s vote. Vanessa will not throw the third part because she realizes that Steve may cut her because it’s what she’d do. She has to be the one to pull the trigger on who stays and goes. She’ll use it’s a game for half a million dollars and Liz was too hard to beat in the finals. Stoking her ego a bit and possibly hinting at a great time in Vegas should she win. ::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::

Vanessa has thus restored Liz’s vote to her and away from Steve.


VanASS has NO loyality to anyone. She has shown that already. lol.. That said, I hope Steve wins 3rd round and takes Liz..only because I want to see some real tears from VanASS instead of all the crocidile tears she’s shed all season. Then I hope they scan in on her and Austins’ faces when they aren’t picked as AFP..because you know both of their egos they will think that America loves them and will vote for them.


Time for Stephen to show ASSTWIT he is NO BOY! Come on Stephen win the final and dispose of Vanasty!
I would SO LOVE to Stephen win and ask ASSTWIT “Who’s the BOY now A$$hole!”.


he will lose if he lets go of vanessa…..liz already has 3 votes on lock if he lets go of vanessa….would be lunacy actually

Double D

I think Vanessa votes for Steve. She understands the game and knows hes played a better game than Liz

Moose's moustache hair

If moose wins and takes Boy, she will win. If Moose wins and takes Liz, she will loose. If Boy wins and takes Moose, he will loose. But if Boy wins and takes Liz, he will win. The jury would be impressed if Boy has the biggest balls to take out the strongest player(Moose).


No way, getting rid of Vanessa will give him all the notes he needs.


50k for his mom? Why the hell would he give away his money?

is it just me

because it puts the lotion in the basket like a good boy
it puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again

forum follower


Too Funny!

I knew the reference immediately! That was hilarious!


Genius, really genius comment! Best I have ever read.

Smart Guy

So his mom can use it to pay someone to make Steve’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that he likes to eat after he gets home from school.


Smart BOY, tells his mom right up front, “$50K for you.”

What Steve doesn’t say is, “The other $450K for me!” Huha-Huthuuu!! (learned that from JMac)


Don’t count on your $50K yet Steve. Vanessa isn’t done backstabbing you.

Frankie the Glitter Fairy

True that.


Steve has 50K worth of air for what that is worth. Vanessa isn’t guaranteed taking him F2 and it’s Wednesday before the 3rd part happens. JC 5 days of dead air. Steve win or mommy’s 50K goes to Liz. Van is black hearted ruthlessness you fool. She might lose to you she is taking Liz maybe.
Now logically Liz has 2 votes, sissy and Austin and needs 3 more. Vanessa should get the last 7. Steve said he’d vote for Liz short time ago. That could give her 3 and just need 2 out of the remaining 6. Strategically she has to eliminate Liz doesn’t she and hope Austwins come back to her on finale night.

So lets say that doesn’t happen and Steve votes Liz 500k. Austin, Juju, Steve/Liz are not giving Van the money hypothetically. The 6 left are Goblins…. James, Meg Jackie and want to be a gobby Becky plus J Mac and Shelli. That’s the 6, Vanessa needs 5 of them potentially.
Van versus Steve- Here Steve has had a hand in Goblins to the jury. I don’t think they have to vote as a block but lets say they do Van has 3. Need 2 from Becky, Shelli and JM. I think JM who doesn’t give a crap and Shelli enough I like this 6-3 Van against Steve. if she loses one still wins 5-4.
Van versus Liz- could Liz peel off Meg and Jackie? Shelli is Van, Becky I’m not sure. James and JM, just think logically less certainty with Liz F2 the Steve. Those skittles are going to get a work out between now and Wednesday.
One slight caveat and that’s Juju might vote Van over Steve. Still think she gives 3 votes to no matter who is left F2. She has to figure out how to get 5 out of 6.


Van will pick LIz , win the 500k , and quietly give Steve 50k after the show .


I don’t see benevolence from Vanessa. She won’t see most of these people ever again. Steve never sees a penny from her. As to you suggesting she’ll take Liz I’m leaning that way also. I thought for some time a twin was her end strategy. Accept for winning HOH F5 thus having to evict Austin, which looks like it cost her votes, she played a good season if not aided by AG and production.

Canadian Fan

Or if Steve or Liz win – maybe V would convince them she deserved $50K for getting them to F2 …. that would be sad. She has so many plans for this money regardless of where it lands.


Vanessa can’t lose if she goes to F2 and I really think she wants Liz but I think her odds are better with Steve. She ran through everything she controlled in the game with Liz the other day. If Liz ends up in the jury, she is hoping that Liz will be her advocate. But that would mean she would have to throw the HOH and pray Steve honours his deal. Mmmm…
Steve’s only hope is to win HOH and oust Vanessa (as he keeps promising).


she can’t be an advocate for VanASS with the jury..considering she leaves the house to join the jury on stage right away. She wont have a chance to talk to them about that idea is out, if that was what VanASS thought.


Pretty sure Liz feels like a complete idiot for throwing part 1. If she doesn’t, she should


Why? They’re both going to take her to final 2.


steve all I want for Christmas is for you to win that final hoh
come on steve we fans going for you if steve win big brother 17
we will be so happy

Guy From Canada

Best graveyard shift ever! Thanks Simon for the update 🙂




If Steve takes Vanessa he will get second. Steve’s only shot is taking Liz. If Vanessa is in the final 2 she wins no matter who sits next to her. That’s why no one is throwing part 3. Vanessa will take her chances with whoever she tosses if she wins and Steve will hopefully roll the dice with Liz otherwise he walks with 50k if he wins HoH and takes Vanessa.


Weird statistic:
name a season of BBUS where a woman beat a man in final two.
There aren’t any.

Guy From Canada

BB Canada, BBCAN1 and BBCAN3, the lady beat the man both times….even if Topaz f@cked up her vote in Season 1 lol! BBCAN2, if John Pardy didn’t screw over his showmance and take a floater to F2, she would have beat him 😉


Oh i know that Canada has a totally different history than the US.
Canada also has much more viewer participation in the game.
The only statistic that still applies to Canada as well as the US is that the first person to walk through the door on night one is never the last person to walk out the door on finale night.
(Zach on BBCAN3, Day’vonne on BB17 are the latest cases).
If Steve is as aware of BB trivia as he says, he should know this.
It doesn’t matter statistically who he takes.
If Vanessa knows this, she would be more likely to take Liz.

Gender Police

Is Steve really a man?

twistin with the twins

a man that sleeps with a teddy bear. First time I have ever seen a 22 yr old man running around with a teddy. If you watch him on the feeds every night talking to himself, crying, walking around counting things. Its hard to watch and very sad.

No Man Will Win

This year it may be a woman,
or it may be Steve,
but No MAN will win !

Missing Ranceypants

All right Steve! Now, like I said, he’s probably going to beat Vanessa in part 3, he’ll take Liz, and Vanessa, despite having the strongest overall game, will finish 3rd. Steve, who played the smart quiet game, and won when he had to, will be your next Big Brother winner. Calling it.

Smart Guy

If it was Steve and Liz in the end, I don’t see Julia, Austin, Vanessa, James, Meg, or Jackie voting for Steve. I think Liz having to survive the twin twist would put her over the top.


Ugh i hope not *vomits*


Liz didn’t have to survive anything… Her and her sister were kept safe. Once the house found out about it they decided they wanted her sister in the game too.

Missing Ranceypants

I don’t know…it’s a tough call. I would speculate this is how the votes fall:



I can see just as many arguments forming that Liz was protected most of the game due to the twist, by the Sixth Sense, by Austin, etc. I think it will ultimately come down to Meg and James’s votes.


What if Liz makes the argument that she went into the game knowing she had to play under the radar as much as possible in order to get Julia into the game.
Once she realized that people were questioning the twin twist, she worked her way into a group in order to be protected and insulated from being evicted.
She then worked her way into flirting with the men, and a showmance in order to also stay insulated.
She won comps when she had to, used the fact that she was a twin and part of a showmance to make herself insulated but powerful as a three vote block, and then settled in to summer camp as much as she could for as long as she could, allowing the alpha personalities in the game to get bloody, while she stayed cleaner.


Well, that would mean Liz actually has brain……so it’s safe to say she won’t come up with those reasons!


She was able to convince Vanessa and Shelli that her meat shield wasn’t disloyal in week five. She convinced them and then told Austin to go to Vanessa and come clean or his days were numbered.
Oh, are we still pretending that Austin was responsible for saving himself? Sorry.


seriously, have you heard Liz speak? Do you really think she would come up with an argument like that? Even when she had to make a speech being on the block, she didn’t know what to say, she had to ask vanASS and Austin for suggestions. Without someone telling her what to say nor having time to practice what she will say, she will hum and haw her way through it, not convincing one person that she is more deserving. She could surprise me, but I doubt it..LOL


Fingers crossed that you are correct! Best blindside and comeuppance ever if she gets cut at final 3.

Frankie the Glitter Fairy

She would blow her beanie.


Do you really think he has the upper hand in part 3? Isn’t it always questions about what the other HGs said? I can’t figure out how good Vanessa and Steve might be with those questions. Steve also tends to overthink and get flustered, although it works in his favor sometimes. But as much I don’t want to see it happen, I think Vanessa is more likely to win it b/c they are equally capable but she is much calmer.


No one has the “upper hand” in the final hoh. It’s a crap shoot. Pure 50:50 chance regardless of who makes F2.


I disagree. The point of the comp is that the more social player would have a better understanding of the other HGs responses. I suppose it may seem arbitrary to some, but I believe it has validity. If you think of your own personal relationships, you would probably find certain statements more fitting from some people vs others. Being locked up for three months can give you a very good handle on your housemates.


Racheal got Brendon’s question wrong, and Jordan got jeffs wrong. And they spent the majority of their time in the house with them. So the point is moot.


Steve you better win part 3 because Vanessa is taking Liz not you
She wants to make sure a woman wins this year .
And I bet you are going to take Liz not Vanessa
James for AFP


James is an idiot, he doesn’t know what’s going on in the jury house either. JMAC for AFP.


You want to give John AFP he threw competitions he was a doormat to
other players on the block 9 times did not win an HOH
HE may have been a little entertaining but

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

But you are fine telling other people who their favorite house guest is? Go ahead and vote your man crush Jamesy but get used to the fact that John is going to win.

Straight Shooter

BB my neck hurts. Can I have some drugs too?

Use your brain Steve

I really hope he wins part 3 and sends Vanessa out the door, he would then win the Jury’s respect and secure the Win!!


Simon, do you know why Steve kept putting that envelop or piece of paper between Liz’s toes during the HOH lock down? That was strange.


I can totally see someone driving by with a megaphone telling steve vanessa is taking liz


Why do people believe that Vanessa wants a girl to win so bad? I mean that could’ve been another one of her numerous lies that she told as part of her strategy. If the Skittles are saying she has a better shot at winning against Steve there’s no way she would risk losing first place just so she would lose to a girl?! She just wants a girl to win this year if she’s that girl!

Smart Guy

People believe she wants a girl to win because she is a girl and she wants to win. #doyouevenbrain?

Vanessa the VAGetarian

Van wants a girl to win because she’s a vagetarian (with sore vegetables)


Jesus, CBS, does the diary room also serve as a pharmacy?


It’s called a doctor. Believe it or not, even cbs can get one to come on set when need be. Tylenol doesn’t help shit when you have whiplash the only thing that helps are muscle relaxants, and that’s exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Physician's Desk Reference

Benzodiazepines and muscle relaxants are not the same thing. There are plenty of muscle relaxants to prescribe without resorting to benzos. Sounds like Van has CBS by the balls to cater to her drug addled ass all for some new show.


I agree. And who confirmed that she has a whiplash diagnosis, anyway? Even patients with fairly intense back pain due to muscle spasm who are stiff as a board and having difficulty functioning for work, will not always immediately be prescribed muscle relaxants, as they are controlled substances and have the potential for abuse. And certainly not benzos. Sounds absurd.


yes…muscle relaxers are not in the Benzoe FAMILY…again im an Addictions dude at a detox (rehab youz in the states call it) Benzoes is a Class of drug and there is alot such as Ativan, Valium, Clonzeapam etc…are a controlled substance….and HIGHLY addictive….the branch of that family where muscle relaxents are ….is called skeletol muscle .antispatic..Like Baclofen or FLEXERAL..(shaped like a house) short term can be used with benzoes but really should be closely monitored and absolutely no alcohol! as depresses your whole ventral Nervous System
+ adderal??like shit…1 depresses CNS and 1 speeds it up! shes knows how to con and EXACTLY what and how to ASK A Dr.for anything! sounds like she been doing this for years…abusing prescription drugs!


It’s odd how willing they are to give controlled substances to Vanessa, while delaying treatment to Victoria and Becky for their pain. In terms of medical triage, certainly Becky was in more urgent need, with Victoria second. Vanessa’s pain is more like an overuse or sports injury…..try advil for a couple of days before going to the narcotics. My father had severe nerve pain for weeks from shingles neuralgia, and still the doctors held off on the narcotics and tried ointments and Tylenol/advil first. The only valid reason I can think of is that they don’t want Vanessa to be a train wreck in severe pain for the finale, but I find that a weak rationale since they could have surely waited a day or two. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but it is odd. Maybe she’s just that good at talking people into what she wants.


Benzo, Adderall, Xanax…..I’m starting to think the network for this show is not CBS…maybe CVS?

Min O'Pause

That was a good one!


Lillystark that is the best comment of the year and pretty much sums up this season.


Ewwwwwwww uggghhhhhhhhhh I am so freakin over Steve.. Barf. And Vanessa’s drugged up crazy ass.

Steve is pathetic

He thinks he is so “sneaky” he has been saying this all season. He was setting up for this moment when he can scumbag Vanessa and take Liz.

Well you closet homosexual…you have no chance of winning part 3 against Vanessa. She will wipe the floor with you. And I even think she will take your ass to final 2. U who she carried on her back through this game.

Steve you think you are “sneaky” and the best the player ever. Newsflash twinkle toes you are playing against the GOAT of Big Brother. Now go wash your hair and your self. You look like a five yr old who was neglected by their parents and doesn’t know how to clean himself.

Can’t wait to see this self proclaimed “best BB player ever” sitting next Vanessa and then realizing the jury knows she carried him through this game. You lost fool.

Go suck your moms nipple and tell her how “sneaky” you are in that stupid fake baby voice we all are glad we never have to hear again you pathetic little slimey greasey bitch boy.


It’s just a game.


Trolls be trollin’!

Try yoga or something, dude. Way too angry, sheesh!


you think steve is pathetic? how do you think you come across? I must have missed something, I don’t recall steve saying he is the best BB player ever.


Take a Benzo and a Midol and go back to bed.


I gotta admit… The finale will be good!

My Two Cents

Anyone else wish we could watch what’s going on the Jury House instead?

You're Welcome CBS

Since you don’t televise what is happening in the jury house, maybe you could set up a pay-only access to live feeds of the jury house for viewers.


Some reasons they don’t show the jury house, it’s a rented house and the cost and effort to put in the cameras and then remove them would not be cost effective for a month of feeds. The jurors are probably pretty boring and just trying to decompress after an emotionally taxing time in the house. They probably lay around mostly like some of them did in the beginning of the game. The biggest reason is they may talk about how they would vote on finale night and that would be a problem.


Maybe just Maybe….Steve knows he cant beat either in the end…but just …is happy with 50K…
and to be the one that finally got Vanessa out! ??


I hope that is what happens. He probably figures he’s gonna come 2nd no matter who he is sitting beside, so why not try and earn their respect by doing what none of them ever could..the icing though, would be watching vanASS crying as she walks out the door..LOL


also…Steve knows that the BB World knows that Vanessa should be the winner cuz outplayed everyone…
So for him to be the one to squash that it will always be talked about…so hes happy with the 50K


I don’t know what’s funnier, Liz throw 1st HOH(when she clearly could’ve beaten Vanessa who 10 years older than her), or screwing up in the 2nd HOH? She deserves to be crying, Twin Twist ruined this season. I hope whoever wins final HOH disent dry Liz to the finals. Steve & Vanessa actually earned final 2, Twins were carried most of the summer.

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts



Hey guys, i just voted James 40 times with my 2 CBS accounts make duplicate or multiple accounts and do the same !!!

Lameo Jameo

I can see why you like James.

Meg Needs Security

I see on the poll here that JMAC has a 8.5% lead on James for favorite contestant. The way James was stalking Meg and that he quit keeps me from voting for him. John was voted out once so I had to go with Dawg.

I think if James wins anything it will be a restraining order.


I hope they are able to stop people like you from doing things like this by checking IP addresses. People should actually play by the rules IMO.


I did the math and V will win.


I stayed up last night strategizing with the M&Ms. Vanessa is not going to win.


I got a good night’s sleep. Shit, no good at math anyway….

I wonder

How likely is it for Steve to beat Vanessa in round 3? I want him to win and then not take Vanessa (only because I want to see something unpredictable happen this season). This is my last hope.


I don’t understand how they both think they will win easily against Liz? She already has her boyfriend and sister in jury and who ever will be the last juror will vote for her. If Vanessa wins final HOH she should take Steve because it will be way easier than winning against Liz. And Steve is kinda screwed no matter who he takes. Thats what he gets for letting Everyone on his HOH vote out Julia.


Geez some of you guys get a little carried away with your comments! Its a stupid game for God’s sake!



Min O'Pause

Benzodiazepines for a sore neck? Are you kidding me? Did CBS employ Michael Jackson’s doctor or did he get on Vannasty’s payroll? This med list of hers…’s called polypharmacy, people, and she’s another Elvis Presley waiting to happen.


Vanessa will take Steve. Steve is “acting” so happy that their SOS alliance has succeeded so that Van won’t suspect him of the sumbagging move he is planning just in case she beats him final HOH.


I hope Vanessa wins part 3. She went from looking so weak by crying because she missed her girlfriend the night the feeds went live to playing one of the best strategic games ever. She was also really good in comps. She deserves to win it all!!!


I love how you used the truth and a valid supporting argument just to court thumbs down votes.
I agree with you.


That was part of her strategy of making her seem like an authentic person, emotionally bonding with other house guests, establishing that she wasn’t there for the money, and testing how emotional she could get without the other house guests without turning other people off.


Why would they take Liz when she has two guaranteed votes…isn’t that pretty risky?


There are 3 very different players in final 3 this year
Vanessa: she controlled the HoHs and won comps, she also made many alliances to cover her bases. Though her being in the game has been a result of other players making mistakes, but there is no denying how well she played
Steve: He played under the radar for the first half of the game, focusing more on not getting evicted then evicting others. Second half of the game he started making alliances and winning comps, the people he evicted didn’t make a big effect in the game though, but he is yet to be considered a target by anybody exept maybe liz because he got rid of Julia
Liz: Liz probably has the smallest chance of winning because she was protected for most of the game, and in the final HoH when it really mattered couldn’t win a comp, what she does have going for her is two locked votes and a good chance of winning second place

I personally would like to see Steve win because I like to cheer for the underdog, but Vanessa would win against anybody. I think Steve could beat liz so as long as Steve plans to take liz to final two, this seasons winner comes down to this final comp.


Why would either take Liz when she has two guaranteed votes?


Because she likely only has two votes.


Not if Julia and Austin have been campaigning for her in Jury and dissing Vanessa and Steve.


This is the time when what others say don’t hold much power. People now vote how they want to without fear of being evicted for it. Most in the jury don’t seem to care what austin/julia have to say…

Vanessa Full Off Tilt

If Vanessa throws final HOH to Steve and Steve then chooses to take Liz to final 2 on live TV Vanessa legit might jump from her seat across the coffee table and rip Steve’s head off


Why do people keep talking about Vanessa throwing the final hoh? If you’ve been watching all season, do you honestly think there’s even .001% chance she would do that? No way.

She does not trust Steve 100%. It’s obvious. Even Steve knows it.


And sh#t in his neck.


I forget. Do we get to see the 3rd part of the competition in the feeds?


Part 3 is done live on the finale 🙂


My argument as to why Johnny should not win AFHG. He never played his own game. He continually threw comps when told to. He offered to throw comps to keep a low profile. He spent all his spare time sleeping instead of cultivating his social game. He played the bafoon in dr sessions, probably directed by production to do so. When it came down to win or die…..he died. He put his game in Vanessa and Austin’s hands. He never took charge of his game..not in competitions…not socially… whatever strategy he might have had…he abandoned wjen he walked into the house. Yes, he won his way back in from jury….and then instead of taking charge…let Vanessa and Austin call his shots. Everyone tried to give him credit for forcing Vanessa’s hand in Austin’s eviction, the truth is that Vanessa called that shot herself. She told Johnny to do it that way.
James played his own game and although he made a fatal mistake by not backing Becky, he at least was not afraid to “get blood on his hands”. He was likeable socially and didn’t hide and hibernate.
James for AFHG.

James Wets Himself

At least John didn’t choke a veto comp like James did. Weak sauce.


The problem with John’s strategy is that he was quickly grabbed as an expendable pawn. Then there wasn’t an alternate side to really partner up with so he was stuck doing what he was told. He then had to wait until something changed but by the time it did he was on the bottom no matter which group he sided with. When Donny and Nicole won HoH last year they still were in trouble because they couldn’t work with or trust anyone. Staying out of the crosshairs may carry you deep into the game but you are also very expendable and vunerable.


Irrelevant. It’s America’s favorite, not America’s choice for best player. It makes no sense to tip the scales between the top two favorites based on strategic play.


There are people that don’t want james nor john for AFP. Doesn’t matter what you think your reasons are for james to win, its an individual choice..not a group activity. You vote for who you want and the rest of us will vote for who we want..not who you think we should.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Hahahaha, Vanessa will win Part-3 of the final HOH and will choose Liz to be in the final two with her. Steve will have a moral consolation…. and a stipend.


I got it figured out..about Steves man crush on Jace
Steve stole this idea in an attempt at winning us over from Seinfeld. Too bad Steves Version revolted me!

he stole a couple lines too.


Steve has to win Part 3. He then should take Liz. He has no choice. He is not stupid; he knows he can’t beat Vanessa. If Steve evicts Vanessa, it will be one of the most entertaining and exciting finales in BB history!

Van is a head case

If Steve wins the third hoh comp Van is going to have a total breakdown on live TV. They have had to edit a lot of her temper tantrums this year. She is a known to have breakdowns when things don’t go her way playing poker. She has terrible sportsmanship and I hope they have a straight jacket on hand if Steve wins and doesn’t take her. I have a feeling he will take Liz if he wins just to put the screws to Van. Van will take total credit for Steves game when talking to jury, so he should take Liz.