Vanessa “If Sheldon makes a move, I would guess it would be Minh.” Chris “I would be fine with it. Vanessa “I would vote her out.”

10:45pm HOH room. Sheldon and Brooke.
Sheldon – Ahhh.. it would be hard for him to vote out Minh but I think he would do whatever we tell him to do. Like this is going to be an ugly campaign. Brooke – oh yeah like it is going to be a f**king blood bath if we do that and it is going to be close. Sheldon – it is going to be close and its going to be hard to hide what we’re doing. Hira is going to be like well how are we going to get the votes to send out Rianne? And I will be like the four of us… and then I can’t tell him that we have Vanessa and Kyle for sure… could I? Brooke – honestly I dont think it would matter because I don’t think Hira is voting Rianne out if Minh is on the block. No if ands or butts especially if he knows the votes are that close and he thinks he can flip it. He is stubborn enough that he is going to do it. Sheldon – you, Jams.. Brooke – Sue. Sheldon – Vanessa, Sue and I think we can get Chris. Brooke – the thing is if Rianne and Minh are on the block eviction night .. no matter who we work.. it will be a battle to the end and chances are that Rianne will come out on top. Sheldon – yeah but then who the hell do I put up? Like if I throw up Angie .. then I’ve lost Angie. And Angie is someone I know I will never lose. When we were waiting for the comp to start ..myself, Angie and Jamar were in here and she tried to make an alliance with us. She said that she would vote how ever I wanted but she is not voting out Minh when she knows she is the flip vote. If Rianne were to stay .. because me and you are the ones that are terrified of her… what would we have to do?

Brooke – I think the thing with Rianne is not her competition or that the fact that I think she would just put us up out right … I think the thing is that she will have an alliance with enough numbers to be an incredible formidable opponent for us .. if we get out Jams next week like we need to. I don’t think we can take any of these pieces out until we remove Rianne. Sheldon – you’re right and its messed up because next week if Kyle wins and he takes out Jams .. then Rianne and Maddy this vendetta with Kyle and Chris is going to be done. Brooke – 100%. Sheldon – and then we would be going up next week if they win. Its looking like we might not be able to get rid of her. Brooke – that is scary .. that is scary as f**k! Because if we can’t do it now .. then we can’t do it ever! Sheldon – oh my god bro! There is no person that we can comfortably throw up on the block and be like Rianne is going home. Brooke – literally the only person and this is not happening but it would be Sue. Sheldon – that’s impossible because she is in our alliance with Hira and Jams and she is your best friend in the house. She loves me and is part of the six. SO we can’t send home Rianne.

Jams comes into the HOH and says he’s bored. They tell him they’re having a private conversation so he leaves. Sheldon and Brooke continue talking. Sheldon – we make it look like we are putting up Minh for them…. this time around and we tell JL this stays low key but we like the three of us. And like we won’t put a name on it or anything but you have our word we will not put you up and we know you will not put us up. And at the end of the day we have their strongest ally going for us. Like on our side and at the same time its like we just tried to do a favor for them. And then from there we try to stay as socially consistent as possible.

11:17pm Living room. Angie and Rianne. Angie – you did very very well in that competition. Both of you could end up staying .. its still possible. The way I look at it the social is such a big part of this game and you have that .. of everyone I talked to you were the most approachable. Rianne – I am scared that I am in this position and people already see me as a social threat. Angie – regardless of who goes up there .. to me you have a great chance. Rianne – thanks Angie. Angie – Sheldon doesn’t seem like the type of person that would put up someone who doesn’t deserve it. I feel like he is someone that will put up a big player. I honestly believe that even in the beginning the plan was to do a back door. Rianne – have you heard anyone say that I was the target this week? Angie – I haven’t heard anything.

11:00 pm Carol, Vanessa and Maddy
Carol is saying that whoever goes up goes home.
Carol – we want girls to go as far as they can
Maddy – it’s a girl season

11:02 pm JL and Jamar
JL going on about getting Kyle put up as the replacement.
They talk about Kyle trying to play damage control
JL – he was scared man when he saw me and Maddy win that comp he was worried
Jamar – he was the first man in Sheldon’s room. Vanessa in there too
JL says either one of Kyel or Vanessa would be fine
Jamar – he said Vanessa and Kyle are options if they show shadiness
JL – We have the votes we can’t have them running this house.
JL going on about Sheldon wanting a girl out this week and Vanessa is a beast at competitions
JL – Minh isn’t coming after either of us
Jamar agrees
JL – I’m so amped up now I’m safe, Maddy’s you’re safe.
Jamar – we just have to make sure Ri’s safe
JL – we’re playing this game now.
Jamar says if Ri stays they have Hira, Ria, Maddy JL and him, “With us five working together”
JL – Exactly

11:06 pm Maddy and Ri
Maddy doesn’t think if her or Ri hadn’t won the veto that it wasn’t going to be played.
Maddy – Vanessa is trying to detach from Kyle HARD

11:20 pm Brooke and Sheldon
B – If we send home Jams next week for kyle and Vanessa. I f**ing want to ride till the end with Kyle. I don’t want to f**ing want to play with Vanessa any more
Brooke thinks Kyle will most likely go home in the next couple of week. Sheldon says if Kyle wins HOH and takes out Jams they can make it look like they had nothing to do with it.
Sheldon says there’s no way they can get rid of Ri unless Maddy stays on the block, “Straight up”
Says they have to be the people that “Embrace the ugliness of the game”
Sheldon says he’s putting up Minh, “This game is f*ed Ri could go home over Minh.. Carol tried to flip the vote on you and Mike anything can happen”
Sheldon – we have to embrace the ugly
Brooke – I f**ing want Ri out so bad
Brooke – what about Vanessa?
Sheldon – we’re going to take out Minh. We just have to turn up our social game. WE have to turn up with Ri and Maddy Turn up with Vanessa Turn up with Carol
Sheldon says getting rid of Minh will make the entire house Happy
Brooke agrees.
Sheldon says Minh has been talking shit about him for the last 2 days.

Kyle joins them
Sheldon says they have to do better with Vanessa socially.
Sheldon – Minh Has to go up I don’t even think we can send Ri home we don’t have the votes.
Kyle agrees.
Sheldon – She has 2 votes with JL and MAddy. We can’t trust Carol to not flip, we can’t trust Hira.
Sheldon says Jams doesn’t think it’s impossible that Kyle goes up “which is good”
Brooke – we need to take jams out next week that’s the reality of the situation. This fake five thing we have with Hira is very close to Ri. That three will be intact I think Ri in this game is like our biggest threat to organizing some sort of formidable opposition.
B – I think we need to prioritize getting Jams out but we cannot f***ing sleep on RI
Kyle tells them he would feel safer as a four with Minh gone over Rianne.

Kyle – if we go, Minh, Jams, Ri
Sheldon – that’s not a bad combo.
Sheldon says Ri and Maddy are not mad at him right now he’s 92% sure.
They finish the conversation with agreeing it’s time for Minh to go.
Sheldon – there’s no way this girl can make jury

11:50 pm Kyle and Vanessa
Kyle claims he just spent the last 30 minutes convincing everyone that Rianne doesn’t have to go
Vanessa – I thought I had something with Ming but I don’t She’s got to go this week.
Kyle says if Ri wins HOH Sheldon/Brooke don’t think so but he knows that she’s not coming after the two of them. She’s going after Sheldon and Brooke.

11:44pm Bedroom. Jams and Minh. Jams – BRO! Like come on tell them to stop playin with me! Minh – I am not attracted to you with that jacket on. I don’t like it. It looks like a f**King curtain. Jams – BRO!! god damn! I really came into the house like this!? What was I trying to do!!?

12:35am Beach room. Vanessa and Chris. Vanessa – this is a total guess .. I have no idea but if Sheldon does make a move this week I would have to guess it would be Minh. But I don’t know if he would do it or not.. Chris – I would be fine with it. Vanessa – me too. I would vote her out. Chris – I would vote her out. I don’t care if those two girls would side and go against me and Kyle. She is suck a f**king wild card. Vanessa – she will ask you a question and if you don’t answer it in the right way she will then twist that and then tells people. She is so manipulative! Chris – we have to just think about our numbers. Me, you, Angie, Carol.. we need Kyle .. we have to have a talk with him. Vanessa – yeah. Chris – that is five.

1am HOH bathroom. Jams, Ang and JL bath time..

1:12am Minh and Sheldon. Minh – You’re a bit torn eh!? Sheldon – yeah. Minh – don’t be afraid, be brave. Be brave in your choices. As long as people will back you in your choices. You’re contemplating what would be the best move for your game. Sheldon – I guess you could say that. Minh – and afraid for the repercussions. Sheldon – is that what you think? Minh – do you want to earn respect for your decisions? Sheldon – earn respect from who? Minh – respect for a game move. Sheldon – you think I want game move respect? Minh – no I don’t know .. I think its something everyone would want to have. But at the same time you have to do what’s best in the long run too. You said to me the other day .. I don’t know if you left the house if anyone would be upset. Sheldon – did I say that .. that sounds like something I would say. Minh – that’s kind of offensive. Sheldon – were you offended? Minh – no but were you trying to say like who’s got my back in this game? Sheldon –

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another name

It hit me finally. Minh ly is the ego of Sindy with the strategy of Veronica/Plur.
May be offline for a couple of days. Hope i don’t miss too much.
Cheers folks.


Carol told Nessa she convinced Rianne to do an alliance with the foursome of Maddy, Ri, Nessa, & Carol. While this was going on Nessa was working overtime to throw Kyle, Brooke & to a lesser extent Sheldon UTB to Chris (and likely had similar convos with others not seen on camera).

As per the previous page, Carol also told Rianne that she WAS the original target (which Kyle also told Ri), Ming is going OTB as the replacement & that she learned this information from KYLE. She relayed all of this to Nessa & made sure to tell Ri that Nessa isn’t tight with Kyle. Unwittingly, the fact Carol told Nessa everything will likely find her becoming Nessa’s new scapegoat. ** see note

The elephant in the room – Ming is going to blow up. The degree to which she does will depend on whether Sheldon tells her prior to POV re-noms. Hopefully, Sheldon spills the beans that each of Carol, Kyle, JL, Hira all told BS that Ming made up the Brooke rumor & Nessa denied it. Cue Ming then knowing Nessa screwed her over big time.

I personally hope Sheldon tells Ming tomorrow so she can convey to each of Sheldon, Brooke & Kyle that Nessa is targeting them and gives them all the secrets she’s told her. If Ming is already the re-nom once this information gets relayed the explosion will be major but unfortunately I doubt she’ll have much of a chance of staying unless she can convince everyone Rianne leaving is better for the house b/c she wants to take out Nessa. (and I’m still not sure that will work given Ri is tight with JL, Maddy, Carol, Angie, Jamar & Hira & once she outs Nessa that’ll be seven votes to save Ri).

At issue, like Another Name pointed out Nessa has used Ming as her scapegoat for all her lies (or dispersing of secrets). The problem with that is she’s ALSO probably told Ming MORE THAN ANYONE. That means Ming has a double-barrel shotgun loaded with tons of secrets.

** As per the above, I’m also hopeful it gets back to Shel that Ri knows she was the target (b/c again – that outs someone in their alliance for spilling secrets & while the truth is that person is Kyle – he’ll spin it to look like it was Nessa).

Today when the foursome (KVBS) met the trio knew Nessa was lying. So, once Ming outs all the secrets then Carol, Chris, KBS and anyone else who has ever told Nessa anything is going to know she can’t be trusted.

Again, my hope is Sheldon tells Ming prior to noms. I don’t typically like production’s interference but I’m making an exception in this one case, Hopefully, The Powers That Be influence Sheldon to tell Ming in advance bc I could see that resulting in Nessa landing on the block instead AND it should also serve to make Shel/Brooke realize Kyle CANNOT be trusted.

Although Big Brother is a game meant to include lying – I prefer the liars who are more adept and subtle – Nessa is adept at spreading information but about as subtle as slapping a person in the face with a 2 by 4 when it comes to lying b/c she doesn’t even attempt to cover her tracks.

Besides, I enjoy the drama & anything that fuels it so let’s pull for Ming learning tomorrow so she can out Nessa (and inadvertently out Kyle, Carol, etc). Bring on the drama!!!

Just a game

No!!!!! There is no show without mihn! At least let her make jury !!

I guess the reason I don’t find Ming annoying so much is because all the guys have such giant egos except for Hira. It is nice to have a woman to counter that with an equally giant ego.