“Nothing is really annoying me in this house yet where it’s like I’m personally mad. [Minh’s] getting pretty close and she might even be there”

Veto Player pairs

There’s a good amount of tension between Kyle and Jamar that that caused Drama earlier today.

Maddy wins the power of veto

4:22 pm Sheldon and Brooke
Sheldon brings up Minh asking him who his backdoor target is he told her no he’s not telling.
Sheldon – she goes If I win Veto I Promise to not use it
Brooke – perfect
Sheldon – I was like I don’t know if I want it used or not but if you want the veto.
Sheldon told her he’s been hearing a lot fo sketchy stuff about Minh about her saying what Sheldon is going to do and telling people that certain houseguests are working together.
Sheldon – She was like How can I tell people what you are going to do when you don’t tell me anything
Sheldon – whether it’s true or not I don’t care everybody is telling me stuff about you and you tell me you want to know.
Sheldon – I just walked out of the room
Sheldon – it’s going to be really easy for when Rianne or someone gets pulled down. Nothing is really annoying me in this house yet where it’s like I’m personally mad. She’s getting pretty close and she might even be there to be honest I think she’s crazy and stuff. The one thing I do believe is she wouldn’t come our way.
Brooke – I think she might
Sheldon – these last few days I think the opposite.
Sheldon senses Jealousy from Minh “It’s really weird and it’s really weird to say out loud. She doesn’t like how I don’t talk game with her”

Sheldon says he’s very confident if Maddy and Rianne stay they are not coming after him.
Carol joins them says that Minh is downstairs saying she heard Brooke tell Vanessa to throw the comp
Brooke – what
Carol – she just told me in the kitchen she said to Hira.
Carol asks if he has a backdoor contingency plan (hinting Minh)
Sheldon says not that he doesn’t trust her he’s just keeping it to himself right now
Carol – if that was your backdoor contingency plan I would be ok with it.
Carol leaves.
They talk about the teams to play the Veto. Brooke says the way the teams were put together anyone can win the veto.
Sheldon – if I’m putting her up she’s leaving at it will be a favour for everybody

Sheldon says Minh is closing her eyes and throwing all the shit at the wall rapid fire.
Brooke says she wants Minh out now and Jamar but she feels they need to get Rianne out now.
They agree if it doesn’t happen now she will go deep into the game.
Sheldon – you know what it is Rianne is way too smart to be a moving piece.
Sheldon – If Minh and Jams can leave pre-jury that’s such a blessing
Sheldon – I can see Hira getting blindsided the first person in jury that’s his spot
Sheldon – it would be beautiful if they were gone (Jams and Minh)
Brooke – they can’t be in jury
Brooke says the biter people that could be in Jury are Minh, Jams and Maddy
Sheldon – and I could see Hira being biter
Sheldon – Hira was just in here talking to me

5:05 pm Brooke and Sheldon
Brooke saying Ria and Minh-ly were talking on the couch and she walked by they were silent. “F** that”
Hira joins them “Minh was acting weird again”
He mentions that Minh is saying that Brooke went to Vanessa to convince her to throw the veto
Hira – she’s trying the same sh1t she always does
Brooke – that’s such bullsh1t
Hira – the same stuff she’s saying about you she’s saying about me and whoever else. Jamar, Sue, Sheldon
Brooke says she has not spoken to Vanessa since the veto player s
Hira – so she lied about that
Brooke – she stirs sh1t. she’s full out lying
Brooke says she’s going to hold it inside and unleash it in the veto.
Hira says that Minh spreading lies is weird.
Hira says they’re five needs to gun for the veto.
Sheldon – Vanessa cannot win. I just don’t want Ming to have any power
Hira – If Minh wins Vanessa can still go up
Brooke – both people in the pair get safety but only the nominated one gets veto
Sheldon – the way I see it best case scenario she (Brooke) wins because then it’s ours. I don’t think we have that for any other scenario.
Hira leaves.

6:00 pm Kyle and Brooke
Kyle – this needs to stay between us but serious we need to get Minh out of this house she got to Vanessa. \
Kyle – Vanessa told Minh that she was told by you to throw the Veto Comp
Brooke – What!! that’s where that’s coming from
Kyle – trust me I’m just as shocked as you are
Brooke says Hira, JL and Carol all came up to them and said that Minh told them she said for Vanessa to throw the comp
Brooke – how did she get to Vanessa.

Sheldon joins them.. They fill him in.

6:23 pm They pull Vanessa into the HOH
Vanessa says Minh is starting to get to people
Kyle says that all the information in the team has to stay inside the team. What Minh is doing ios spreading little pieces of information
Sheldon – no one is os grilling you
Vanessa – I feel like I’m being grilled.

Vanessa says she never told Minh that Brooke said to throw the Veto “I’m really intimidated right now.. It feels like you guys are talking to me more than usual now that shits got weird”
Kyle – what do you mean by that
Nessa – I don’t know .. I never talked to her about Brooke.. I don’t know it’s very frustrating to me
Sheldon just wants to know what was said in the conversation so they can move forward.
Sheldon asks if he brings Minh up here right now and asks her what was said. Does Vanessa think she’s going to lie to her face
Vanessa – she’ll lie to my face.. this is very intimidating right now

7:00 pm Feeds down for veto maybe.

10:51 pm Feeds return Maddy wins the power of veto.
Hira, Maddy and JL talk about getting Chris on the block as a renom.

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I know I’m biased towards Minh, but how much of what’s going on right now is Minh actually stirring shit up more than normal, and how much of it is Kyle trying to get her out cause he knows he’s her #1 target?
Kyle’s very obviously swayed Brooke, and now he’s trying with Sheldon and Vanessa… Right? That’s what it seems like to me but I might have missed stuff where Minh was actually being a shit.

another name

KBS confront Vanessa about telling Minh that Brooke said throw the veto. What we learn about the house dynamic by how this news spread: Carol is playing the snitch game big time to every HOH, not just Chris last week. Brooke has spent waaaaaay too much time in the HOH, and is way too comfortable telling her alliance what to do.
I type KBS because let’s get real, they already kicked Vanessa out of the alliance, but they are pretending to keep her so she doesn’t blow them up to the house. A replacement will be chosen shortly. Kyle votes JL (because he believes JL can be intimidated? I ask).
Result: Minh was already the likely renom. Now more likely without that veto.
Result2: Vanessa knows she can’t trust Kyle for a fact because she just told Kyle an hour earlier she was frustrated with the alliance bending over backwards since last week to keep Sheldon and Brooke safe, while people naming them as targets get a free pass… and now she’s being debriefed. This is the most her alliance has spoken to her. Ever. They’ve held most meetings without her anyway.
Result3: Vanessa will jump ship at the first opportunity. the questioning of the alliance will guarantee she tries to win veto.
Result4: pretty obvious that they called Vanessa up to have an HOH chat. That alliance won’t stay hidden long. Most annoyed will be Hira, Jamar and Chris when it does come out. Jamar is already questioning (because Minh told her to watch out for it) Chris is already questioning because Kyle said he and Sheldon are a thing (the 3 were supposed to be a thing). Hira already doesn’t get why his alliance won’t target Chris or Kyle. Sheldon called for the talk with Vanessa in front of Minh.
Clarification for the sake of definitions: If Minh gets put up on the block as a renom, it’s a blindside, not a back door. Backdoor is putting someone that didn’t play in veto (no chance to save themselves) on the block as renom. Like Mike last week.

no no no

“If Minh gets put up on the block as a renom, it’s a blindside, not a back door. Backdoor is putting someone that didn’t play in veto (no chance to save themselves) on the block as renom. ”

No it doesnt matter if they play in the veto comp or not. You start out with a “Backdoor Plan”, meaning the target to be evicted doesnt get nominated first so theres less of a chance they play in the veto.

Just because your target of the “Backdoor Plan” ends up playing in the veto doesnt mean you start calling it a “Blindside Plan”

another name

When the backdoor plan (originally coined the six finger plan) was first set up in Big Brother FIve by the alliance led by Nakomis, it was to specifically target someone that did not get a chance to play in veto to secure their safety. By technical definition, a backdoor IS renomming somebody that didn’t get to play in veto. People have just bastardized the term repeatedly and enough that that part of the definition gets lost.
It’s like how, over time, the original meaning of floater (a house guest that jumps from side to side in the house using their social game and social manipulation abilities to remain on the side of whichever alliance is in power) first noted as a term by Jun and Allison in season 4 has been muddied and turned into anybody that doesn’t have any power or an alliance and just coasts through the game because of the Rachel Reilly lifevest comment.


^MVP. The mixing of this terminology has bothered me for a while. Regardless of whether the plan started as a “backdoor plan”, if the target plays in the veto, it is no longer a backdoor. Backdoor is not the act of naming a renom, it is the act of naming a renom who did not play in the veto. Floaters are people who do not pick a side but jump from HOH to HOH. Someone who is on one side of the house, sticks to it but does not win comps is not a floater. They are just not great at comps.

no no no

“Regardless of whether the plan started as a “backdoor plan”, if the target plays in the veto, it is no longer a backdoor.”
its a backdoor when the plan was to not nominate the target first and the target ends up being the renom and gets evicted.

“Backdoor is not the act of naming a renom,”
Backdoor is the act of naming a renom who is the target for eviction and was intentionally not nominated first.

” it is the act of naming a renom who did not play in the veto.”
Many players have been a renom who did not play in the veto and are never considered a backdoor even when theyve been evicted. the renom has to be the target for eviction before the first nominations and was intentionally not nominated first.

no no no

the term hasnt been bastardized or the definition lost, in season 5 Nakomis came up with a backdoor plan (six finger plan) The plan is to not nominate Jase first so that he is guaranteed to play veto. The rules for veto player picks allowed them to keep Jase from playing veto.

after season 5 the veto players were random draw. but the goal or plan of getting your target out for the week follows the same strategy, which is to not nominate your target first, to guarantee them to play for veto. it is the Backdoor Plan

You start out with a plan to backdoor someone, which follows the original strategy of Nakomis’ plan of not nominating them first, then at the end of the week if the target of the backdoor plan gets evicted, they are still considered a backdoor regardless if they played veto or not, because rules for veto player picks is random now, and anyone who starts a backdoor plan already knows theres a chance for them to play in veto comp.

They dont stop calling their plan to backdoor someone not a backdoor plan or a blindside plan just because the target of their backdoor plan got to play in veto comp.

A Backdoor is about not giving the target a guarantee to play in veto.

another name

Kyle has already gone to Rianne and informed her that he has saved her, and that Minh will be going home. And Kyle has already told Vanessa about this plan. Vanessa is driving ALL the buses over Minh to deflect that Vanessa sold out KVBS (she did tell Minh that Brooke told her to throw). Without Minh… who will Vanessa blame for her get around game (like telling Chris about the FIve Outs), or her plot to flip the vote last week after Kyle was mad she won the slop pass. She’s been using Minh as a lie shield for two weeks.
Kyle later informs Carol. Isn’t this how last week started? Kyle running through the house telling everyone the plan behind the hoh’s back causing drama?


Wonder how that’s going to work for Nessy once Ming goes on the block b/c she already said she would OUT everything she knows about everyone if she ever landed on the block. Once Shel reads her (as he says he will) it will likely mean she blows up Vanessa’s game & EVERYTHING Vanessa has told her. That won’t help her stay but it will put more of a spotlight on Vanessa b/c not everyone is going to believe it’s just Ming making things up.

If Nessa told Ming about throwing the comp odds are she may also have told her about the Five Outs & if she did THAT will get outed too & BS will know that came from Vanessa.

Trying to think of whether Kyle has shared anything with her that can blown up.

Nessa is also working Chris & between her/Kyle they’ve been throwing SB UTB so that might also get interesting since Chris/Ming have shared quite a bit of intel too.

The biggest takeaway from this week is SB is getting buried by their tightest alliance. How will they respond once they realize it’s Kyle/Nessa burying them worse than anyone else in the house? It seems like VK is jealous of SB gaining traction b/c of being in power & I doubt SB would’ve done the same to them if the situation was reversed. To that end, I kind of hope one of Jamar or Hira wins HOH next week just so Nessa/Kyle say something they shouldn’t & SB find out!


Hey there Another Name, Simon, Dawg (and all who read/follow),

Popping in quickly since I’m swamped trying to get up NBA content without games running (that’s fun — READ a ton of work lol).
Anyway, thanks to all for your posts as per usual it’s always a pleasure to drop in here and read get updates/opinions.

Few quick thoughts:

* Shel/Brooke have made the BB 101 mistake of NEVER leaving HOH.
*As much as Kyle is in the 4-some he’s playing all 3 against each other throwing them all UTB to each other & of course claiming credit for having everyone’s back. That will eventually catch up to him & in truth, it would be better for SB if he leaves earlier than they think.
* As per above Nessa knows BS lied to her about the 3 who told them about her telling Ming to throw comp AND BS know she lied BOTH b/c of Kyle
* Kyle told SB that Ri ran to him but then told Nessa that he already told Ri she is safe & Ming is leaving (WOW).
* Sheldon will talk to Ri & tell her he could put someone up to send her home or someone to ensure she stays. It will be interesting to see who she really trusts (Kyle or Shel).
* Kyle wants Jamal/Hira gone (b/c they are targeting HIM) – Brooke/Sheldon want Ri gone (and possibly Jamar which I don’t understand since it means they trust Kyle more than Jamal & I’m not sure they should)
* Jamar/JL want Shel to put up one of Nessa or Chris
* The most interesting thing to me is that Kyle made sure Brooke/Shel would be Ri’s noms and didn’t try to deflect to anyone else & then lied to SB’s faces about it. If it ever comes out — fireworks.
* Each of Kyle – Shel – Ri are trying to pull JL to them individually but when Kyle suggested replacing Nessa with JL they said no. (is that b/c BS would rather keep him to themselves?).
*Carol – Angie – (& Sue to an extent) for me are outliers who all could impact any of the groups negatively based on the fact they all scurry to power & to share information. Eventually, that will piss someone off & they’ll become easy pawns/targets.
* I love DRAMA in the game so I’d rather Ming/Jamar stay as long as possible which is unlikely to happen
*can’t remember if it was Another Name or Simon who has a distaste for JL just b/c (I have the same thing with Chris lol) – but the easy thing with him is you just plant a seed to make him think it’s his idea & he’s fine b/c he’s such a narcissist.

Again, just popping in to say hi & drop my two cents. I hope everyone is well and staying safe.

another name

Hey TTOTambz. JL is my gut reaction nope guy.
KSVB are at the moment running the show. Their problem as an alliance is they are not cohesive and never have been. The moment they are outed and targeted as a group it will be popcorn of all of them trying to stab each other in the back to save themselves.
The problem Kyle is going to have: now that he has quite clearly said he is willing to say ANYTHING, everyone is going to question trusting him.
The problem Vanessa is going to have is she’s been using Minh as her cover to stir the pot. Without Minh to blame (and now knowing from Kyle that Carol sold her out to Brooke and Sheldon), Vanessa is going to have to pivot her game quickly.
Sheldon is unable to deal with emotions of others, and lacks the ability to comprehend beyond game logic. This is his main issue with players like Jamar and Minh (Jamar would have been waaaaaaay more loyal than Kyle). He doesn’t like mess because he requires control.
Brooke. sorry to say this. Brooke uses a baby voice on men like JL, and plays damsel in distress that the other girls are against to the guys as one of her main tactics. Name anything else that Ri, Minh, Susanne Carol, Vanessa and Angie have in common. They are all the women that Brooke has taken issue with in her conversations with the guys since feeds started. She has pretty much been a fixture in the hoh since Thursday night, after saying five times on Thursday that they can’t make it obvious that she and Sheldon are a pair.
These flaws can’t stay covered long term.


Yeah – Brooke seems only interested in aligning with the males (although for now, Sue is an ally). She reminded me of Sarah initially but Sarah was so pro females & Brooke is NOT at all.

I kind of laughed at her being upset that Maddy won POV & she wouldn’t get her wish (Ri leaving). Early on the feeds there was a lot of Rianne is doing nothing (kind of like how they used to talk about Jenn Starr lol) but I think Ri has potential. One thing is people just tell her sh*t. She doesn’t even have to ask & people spill their guts to her — obviously more so now after the POV b/c they know Ming is going up & want her out over Ri so they are scrambling to pull her in.

My one question is ————- will Sheldon have his convo BEFORE re-noms with Ming where he plans to read her? And if he does will Ming be able to sway his opinion or give him enough information about Vanessa that he’ll know Nessa is the one he can’t trust? AND would he then target Nessa instead of recognizing how dangerous she is?

Ming & Sheldon are talking right now & she asked him if he still meant what he said when he told her she wasn’t going on the block & wouldn’t be a “back door” (her words) option. His response was “I meant it WHEN I SAID IT’ which leaves the door open for him to say —- but since I said that YOU did x,y,z.

Again, b/c I like drama I’d rather see Ming stay – but it seems unlikely at this point.


Holy NONE of these people can keep their mouths shut—- Now Carol is telling Ri she was the original target (which is what Kyle just told her) & that Ming is going up & she’ll be safe. She’s also throwing Brooke UTB.

Hilarious how both Carol & Kyle tried to spin it like they were the reason why Ri is going to be safe. The one interesting thing is Vanessa has already starting to bury Kyle too- Carol just told her that Nessa is willing to vote out Kyle & that she isn’t Kyle’s true #1 (but I didn’t hear if she said it was Chris or Shel).

What Kyle/Carol just did by telling Ri this means now she can go into the HOH and NOT offer safety to Shel or Brooke so we’ll see whether Shel picks up on this & tells her I’m leaning toward “one person” (Ming) but if you won’t guarantee safety I’ll put up someone who will send you home! Not sure he’s been out of the HOH enough to sense that though. The one positive working in Sheldon’s favor is so many people want to work with him that Brooke is the person they’ll target ahead of him (Carol, Kyle, Chris, Nessa, etc, etc — haven’t heard one of them put Shel’s name in front of Brooke’s). She really messed up this week by not leaving the HOH b/c now the entire house is making it seem like it was her HOH & not Sheldon’s.

Like I said Carol/Angie are loose cannons who can’t be trusted but so is Kyle.

Meanwhile, Nessa is working Chris & they are now making plans to oust Jamar & then BROOKE & both say they’ll talk to Kyle about it. So to Another Names post – Nessa wasted no time turning on KVBS as she’s planted seeds now to oust both Kyle & Brooke via other hamsters. She told Chris let me talk to Kyle first – wonder how she’s going to spin this to Kyle b/c if he senses she’s working others to get out Brooke (something he himself is doing) will he be as open to that plan since it’s not coming from him? Or will he see it as her actively breaking up the four?

Club H.O.H

Dammit!!! Brooke and Sheldon are getting bad like Tangela bad ugh! Don’t get me wrong this season is a bunch of snitches but damn! We asked for chaos and we received!!! Now we’re all eeeeehhhhhhhh…… lol Thanks again OBB for the many years of updates.