“I could have F**King KILLED THIS GAME! OH MY GOD MOM! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have thrown it!”

Finale Schedule
Wed, 9/16- 8p = Eviction Episode
Thu, 9/17 – pre-empted by NFL = First of the Finale HOH played
Sun, 9/20- 8p = Second part of HOH Played
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 02-26-09-115

11:20pm – 12am HOH room –Steve starts talking to himself. If I win finals with Vanessa she isn’t going to take me. If its Me, Johnny and Vanessa .. I don’t think she takes me. Here’s the thing if Liz doesn’t take me or Vanessa doesn’t take me. Which means my worst case scenario is that Vanessa wins. So if John goes I both have a better chance at winning. DO I take Liz to final 2 if I win? I might! I really might! I think… Do I want to maximize getting final 2 or do I want to risk not getting second for the price of increasing my chances of winning. I am going to say this flat out I would rather increase my chances of getting to final 2 because you never know what the jury is going to do. Jury’s have done really strange things. So I don’t know what the jury is thinking. I think what I think is far from accurate because I didn’t think I would come off as the smart kid and it appears as if I have. And here’s the thing .. If I win then I take LIZ! That’s the thing! I think Liz spent her time with Austin. I can stress about that decision when it comes time. But if Johnny Mac gets to final.. If Johnny Mac beats Vanessa tomorrow in the endurance comp, then I won part 2, then I am the definition of f**king golden!! If I take Johnny then .. Oh because I could beat Vanessa in part 2 that’s why. Here’s the thing Vanessa is competing no matter what. I think Johnny would take me over Vanessa. I am sick of not being able to make the decision. I feel like I should have all these strong opinions and I don’t! I don’t have strong opinions and I don’t know what I want. You never know what the jury is going to do. Lets get me to the final 2. I think Vanessa is going to pick Johnny no matter what I do or say because she is so nervous about me taking him over her. Which I would!! Steve showers. Oh my god most of this game is luck. I should have won that Veto today and not Vanessa, I made such a f**k up today! Oh My God I should I have won today! I f**ked it up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 02-45-16-090

11:48pm – 11:55pm In the kitchen – Johnny Mac woke up and starts playing Janga. Johnny asks him how he is doing. Steve says I’m okay. I’m HOH, I have no right to complain. Johnny says if I get evicted its not that bad. Steve asks do you know what she is going to do? Johnny shakes his head and says nope! Steve says I’m just afraid to push too hard because then she might.. Johnny says don’t. Don’t push. Its between me and her. Steve says okay. Vanessa joins them. Johnny knocks over his jenga stack and says I’m going to go bed. Vanessa heads to bed too. Johnny tells her good work out there. She says thank you, yeah it was close. Very close. Johnny asks was it close at all? Vanessa says one of them I didn’t think I won was zingbot. Johnny says I knew I lost .. I was happy and depressed. Vanessa says tomorrows a big day. Johnny agrees.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 02-57-21-606

12:05am – 12:10am Cabana room – Steve says to the camera I made a $500,000 mistake today and mom, mom I’m sorry I let you down. These past few days have been so fatiguing, I’ve been sick and I made a really bad decision today. I made a really bad decision today, I should have won it and I should have used it on Johnny. Johnny would have sent Vanessa home. Then me, John, Liz in the final 3. And I could have won next to Johnny because I would have the Scamper Squad. If this had been head of household Steve you would have whipped her a$$. I just want someone to talk to. I am really just so alone. What I need to do is forget about it and accept I made a mistake and I need to move forward from it. This is a stupid, stupid mistake. Austin telling Vanessa she can’t win. Johnny wouldn’t have won with the 4 scamper squad votes. MmmmMMMmm. I should have saved Johnny and taken Vanessa. Vanessa’s not going to take Johnny, she’s taking Liz. I would give anything for just a friend, a hug, a something. I want coco… I’m going to go cry in my room. I just need to cry this out and get it out of my system. Steve heads back up to the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 03-08-32-642

12:10am HOH room – Just the worst part about this is not having someone I can talk to, someone that can calm me down. Someone I can vent to but there is no one I can talk to, no one vent to. There’s just the camera to talk to. Thank you. I just feel like such a sh*t bag. I let my mom down, I let my family down today. I could have won the game today! I could have won the game today! If I just won that Veto and sent f**king Vanessa home! Me, John, Liz final 3! John and I could have killed it. John would have won part 1, I would have won part 2, …SH*T! Steve starts crying. I can’t beat Vanessa in the final 2… who am I kidding!?! Vanessa I can’t beat you in the final 2!!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 03-20-10-936

12:12am – 12:18am Steve start crying onto coco. I just lost the game! I could have won the game today!!! If anyone but Vanessa. I can’t beat her, she’s so good!! She can’t win the veto. I said it this morning!!! I could have beat her!! I’m sorry mom! I’m so sorry! I made a mistake and I just cost you so much!! I’m sorry!!! Steve continues to cry into coco the teddy bear. I can’t beat Vanessa! I can’t!! I could have taken Johnny and Johnny would have taken me. I could have taken this game home oh my god!! Why did I pass that up!?! I don’t have a case against Vanessa!! She split up Meg and James. She split up Jeff and Jackie. She send Jason home. She made so many big moves! What did I do .. I spit the twins up! My big move could have been sending Vanessa home! I could have F**King KILLED THIS GAME!! And I didn’t! I could have won big brother today! Oh my god MOM! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have thrown it!! I’m sorry! I could have done better than I did!! I could have won this. I said it this morning.. and then I chickened out! Next to Johnny I would have 4 scamper squad votes and then Meg and James. There was no way Meg, James, Shelli, Becky and Jackie would have all voted for Johnny Mac. There’s no way! Having zero HOH’s I would have won! I would have won this game. SH*T! I’m sorry mom! I could have won and now I can’t! And now here I am this pathetic little sh*t hiding in my HOH room wanting my f**king Mom because I’m on a tv show in a parking lot. I’m sorry mom! I love you so much and I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry I wanted to take this home for you! I did! I did! He stops crying and says I needed that! Anyone.. please I don’t want to be alone right now! I love you mom! I was so close.. it would have been fine if I didn’t throw it .. If I had just not won on my own merit it would have been fine and I lost because I wasn’t good enough. He looks at the cameras and says thank you for caring because it really feels like no one cares in here. I feel like no one cares. You’re probably laughing at me about this or that but… Johnny Mac would have been my easiest win but I lost him. Unless he lost the endurance. That’s the thing. Steve thinks of what he can tell Vanessa to convince her not to vote out Johnny – IF I can’t win, I want you to win and by taking Johnny Mac we guarantee that. I trust you’re not going to burn me and I’m not going to burn you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 03-35-19-719

12:25am The one advantage of Johnny Mac going to jury is that he can campaign for me. Maybe I can beat Vanessa with Johnny Mac in jury. If Liz goes .. here’s the thing if Liz goes I’ve got second place. Probably! Okay Johnny Mac needs to go tomorrow because I’m sure that’s what Vanessa is going to do because she’s worried about me taking him. She wants to win the endurance comp, she’s going to evict Johnny Mac tomorrow. And then I need to take my shots against Vanessa because I honestly think I have a better shot against Vanessa than Liz. Because Jackie and Becky are going to vote for me over.. Vanessa’s been head of household more than me. So I know I’m basically getting second. I saw season 14.. people didn’t hate Derrick. Okay Johnny Mac is going tomorrow. I know that’s what she’s going to do. Then its Me, Vanessa and Liz in the final 3. I want to win this f**King comp! Sh*t I made the wrong decision today! I just want someone to talk to! Everyone’s in bed and I just want someone to talk to right now.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 04-04-44-123

12:30am – 12:35am Steve heads down stairs. He walks into the bedroom Liz notices him standing there. Liz asks him what he’s doing. He says he doesn’t know. Liz says there’s something terribly wrong with you! Steve says I don’t know. I just balled my eye out upstairs and I have no idea why? Liz asks do you what to talk. Steve says I have no idea why. Liz says Steve you’re being ridiculous. I can step outside of myself and say what the f**k is wrong with me. Can I have a hug? Can I have a hug? Can I have a hug? Liz says maybe they were tears of joy. Steve says I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know! The DR kicked me out so … Liz asks they kicked you out? Steve says they have things to do and he heard me longer than he needed too. Liz says has this game gotten to you? Steve says yes. Liz says there are just 10 days left. Steve says my family will be proud of me no matter what. I don’t know why I’m like this. Liz asks are you just scared for the endurance stuff. Steve says we’re not going to win tomorrow. Not the endurance comp. Liz says just be proud. You were going to go home week one. Steve says I shouldn’t be upset I am the one person that isn’t going home right now. Steve says he doesn’t cry like this. Liz says I’m scared for tomorrow too. You know my track record with endurance sh*t! Steve says I can step outside myself and see how silly this is. Liz says I think you’re terrified and have the pressure you might win because its so close. Steve talks about always wanting to be on the show but figured he would never get cast. I’ve never been accepted by so many people before. I needed this socially. Vanessa comes by. Liz tells him to go to bed. We talked about this. Everyone wants to just go to bed and play the comp tomorrow. Vanessa tells him to sleep down here. Steve says he will sleep down here but just needs to get coco.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 04-12-50-617

12:37am Steve grabs all his covers, pillows and coco and heads back down to the bedroom to sleep. Liz says I can’t believe the HOH is coming down here to sleep. You have so many problems. Liz tucks him in. Steve says thanks mom.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 09-33-00-183

9:10am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Steve gets into the corner of the HOH room in preperation for the HOH lockdown. Johnny asks what did they say at 10am we’re going up? (HOH lockdown) Liz says yes. Liz comments on how Steve slept in Meg and James bed. Vanessa joins them and asks what was wrong with him. Liz says he was having a panic attack. Vanessa says when he acts like that you can’t indulge him in it. You just have to shut him down like I did. Vanessa asks Liz if she’s been thinking about Austin? Liz says yes. Do you think he’s been thinking about me? Vanessa says of course he worships the ground you walk on. Liz says in 90 days it the longest we haven’t been together. Slept together. Liz comments on how whatever they’re doing in the backyard they’ve been doing it all night. Liz and Vanessa head up to the HOH room. Liz asks if Steve is feeling better. Steve says he is and if dealing with this game is my biggest problem then I don’t have anything to worry about. Steve says I admit and acknowledge that I was freaking out more than the nominees. Vanessa laughs that Steve went to one of the nominees for support last night. Vanessa recommends they take an emotional wellness course that she took in Vegas. Steve says yeah I need that.

They talk about Austin. Liz says Austin will get over it. Vanessa says I’m going to lose respect if Austin cant let it go and holds a grudge. Its a game. Steve starts talking about the girl he has a crush on back home at school. Liz asks if she knows he has a crush on her. Steve says yes and she’s completely disinterested. Liz says maybe that will change now. Johnny Mac joins them and they all decide to nap.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 10-13-03-056

10:50am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights for the eviction episode HOH lockdown.

12pm The feeds are still blocked..

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No sympathy Steve

You stupid shit! You deliberately throw the most important comp (well maybe 2nd most important) and could have had your fate in your own hands.You get no sympathy for bad game-playing. I just don’t understand the constant throwing of comps by Steve and J-Mac.

Pot Kettle Black

Agreed! CBS needs to make some changes. It’s sad when the HG’s know exactly what is going to happen, and what comps are coming every week. There should be penalties for throwing anything. Sick of the same ole same ole…Shake it up next year…or get some new blood in production.

leave em be

Production should just let them play…
No penalties for throwing comps what if that is their strategy? Dan and Dr will both threw comps…
Just my thoughts not bashing what you are saying at all just disagreeing.
If anything we need less production interference.(imho)
Some people like to see only the people they like do well I suppose
I prefer to see the best player win
What I would Love to see is a schedule released to the public (not house guests ) of what comps are each week when double evictions will be when Pandora box diamond veto etc.
Prepublished so we know they are not just using them when it is convenient.
Last point for nomination ceremony i wish they would go back to the keys in the big round box and pull them out in order with the so and so you are safe the new format is lame.


Right, “perfect game” is a joke, Vanessa played a mediocre game at best, her “game” was spotted by many players, all season long, BUT most of the house was scared to deal with her psycho, “I’m alone, I’m being bullied, I’m the victim” paranoia, they didn’t want to or couldn’t deal with it so they just went with it. The HGs with a backbone got taken out early, had she done that bullshit with Day, or Jason, she would’ve got put in her place, and real tears would’ve rolled down her face when she couldn’t get her way.

Psycho fake crying and all Vanessa deserves to win because nobody stood up to her, when they were given too many chances..


Yet you guys love both and down vote anyone cheering for Vanessa (the only one who deserves it of the F4)…. You guys are confusing as F

Pot Kettle Black

If they do All-Stars next year I hope they do invite Vanessa back, she will get chewed up and spit out. She will win this season partly because these idiots thought they were at summer camp. Put her up against a house of seasoned players and her ass is out week two.


Are you talking about Vanessa, or Derrick?? Funny, when someone plays a great game, but has enough haters, that person doesn’t get credit for their great gameplay; and when someone has enough naΓ―ve dumbasses, he gets credit for playing such a “great game,” which wasn’t so great at all. BE OBJECTIVE DUMBASSES!!!

Cheer for Vanasty! Taking Steve to Doctors in Vegas After Griffin Him!

Vote here for Grifter Nurse Vanasty! She prescribes Emotional Health Therapy after giving him Panic Attacks all summer, scolding Lizard DON’T INDULGE HIM WITH HUGS WHEN HE’S HAVING A PANIC ATTACK MELTDOWN, SHUT HIM DOWN WHEN HE ACTS LIKE THAT says kindhearted Vanessa, who of course is not evil, just tricked him into throwing comps and lies about going to Final 2. Cry to your REAL mommy Steve. She’s taking you to HER head shrinker in Vegas, the one who writes all the abusive prescriptions. She tells him to SHUT IT DOWN like production warns her before disqualifying her for cheating bribes drug fights etc etc.

What you’re not cheering for Vanessa now? Think she won fair and square as long as she spends her check on Psychiatrists for the cast? New low CBS keep blocking feeds if all that’s left is getting social workers and cops to scrape what’s left of all the mental patients and addicts you call players off the pavement.


He threw the comp because he is scared Vanessa will grab him by the ear, take him out back and spank him if he didn’t. This kid will leave the house and go straight to a mental rehab facility. How many boys his age sleep with a teddy bear?


Doesn’t matter production is making sure vanessa going to win because their new show poker face ,!!! ( THAT SUCKS )


Has anyone site seen any CBS statements or announcements of the show called Poker Face. Only references I can find making this statement are the rumor mill websites. There was a show named that ten years ago on UK’s ITV but cannot find anything about a new show with that name.

Dominatrix Vanasty Hosts New Show: Poker Across the Face

You didn’t hear? The show is called Poker Across the Face by Dominatrix Vanasty Vanessa Rousso. Contestants sit in a chair, her assistant Liz puts on their blindfold, feeds them Skittles, and as contestants chew, BAM! Vanessa in a baggy crotch catsuit smashes them Across the Face with a Fireplace Poker…she can’t play poker anymore, just like law school, she was thrown out of Vegas & online gaming for cheating. So she’s forced to show up on fake game shows. She plotted to start a money making website with Steve and because he’s not going to BB Finals & broke, he’s got to put in sweat equity, and agreed to be the first contestant, to get squashed across the face with Vanessa’s poker…. as long as he gets flavorless Skittles. Google it. Next summer on CBS! the Complete Bullshit Station.


Thrown out of Vegas and online community for cheating? Funny how any retard on the internet can make shit up and pass it off like its true. Some people might even believe it. Except oh ya she is a poker pro on Poker Stars and is a regular at many Vegas high roller casino tables.
Oh well back to mom’m basement to make up some more shit. Hey at least it makes you feel important and by making several different screen names to agree with you it looks like you might even have validation. I’m curious though, do you think of Vanessa as you cry yourself to sleep every night alone again? I think you might as this seems very personal for you. Its ok bucko, we understand that you need to feel important and if you can’t get anyone to notice you in the real world you can always count on your internet friends. We are here for you and your multiple aliases.

Pot Kettle Black

Hey BB…don’t cast anyone that needs mood altering meds/drugs. Vanessa is a clear example of two personalities. If she gets her way, and if she DOESN’T!


i don’t think he said he threw it, just that he didn’t win it. I think he made a mistake in the answers, something he knew and should have known, but didn’t answer or do it correctly.

that is what i got from the recap there. there is no way he wanted to throw that veto when he knew going in, and from the start of the game, that it is only the veto that matters in final 4. remember, he put vanessa up, and he has wanted to get her out for a while, this was his last chance, and she won it, now he is stuck with this.

if he really wanted to get further, it won’t be with Jmac, imo, it will be with Liz. at some point he needs to be able to win against Liz to move on, and he has a good case for Liz taking out vanessa and not taking her F2 if it was up to Liz. i have no respect for anyone who buys vanessa’s claims that no one will vote for her so they should F2 with her. or that because Liz has 2 for sure votes she is the wrong one to take to F2. it is only 2 votes. Jmac could have 4 or 5 based on goblins, becky, and austwins not wanting to vote for vanessa or steve.

Just Sayin'...

You should probably re-read the title of the article. Quoth the raven, “I shouldn’t have thrown it”

Druggy Dominatrix Vanessa Scripted to Win Big Brother!

Steve’s crying like any guy who blew his wad on drugs and a whore and woke up to find his car stolen, computer hacked, credit cards maxed, and career smashed….and his Teddy Bear Coco watched it all without calling 911. Used, abused and pathetically confused, reassuring himself at least he got a blow job…didn’t he? He’s thankful grateful no one expected him to ever have sex! Wait…he’s not still a virgin is he?… Waaaaahhh.

He likes his prostitutes mean though, addicted, brutal, bloody, screaming, sobbing and he goes back for more. He cries, he quits, he gets threatened, spanked, but he gets a pet name- Boy! The pimps in DR send him back for more! He gets humiliated, pawned, threatened, exiled, ostracized and her drug dealers lock the door of DR. He’s got another name Stupid Scamper Scum, Stooge Of Whimpering Sounds, he goes back! Waaaaahhhhh she left me, she’s not gonna take me, Mommy I lost it all, Teddy where are you?

Dominatrix Vanasty and her assistant Lizardtail Whip Liz pet him on the head, and say there’s something seriously wrong with yooouuu! Don’t worry, we’ll give you a job on our new show Poker Across Your Face….you sit in the chair and we hit you across the face with a poker and you say Thank You Mommy…May I Have Another? …..Steve is excited again, I’ll go with you Liz, can I have a hug, can I get another name? Sure Boy, we’ll call you Flavorless BoogerEater Boy….okay! Can I bring Coco?..Sure, but we get to hit it across the face with a poker. Don’t worry, my Mommy will sew your stuffing back in Coco!

Missed it

Did Steve throw the Veto contest to Vanessa?


Just let Vanessa Rousso win this thing and just let Steve Moses to vote out this time for all right now.


More of Steve’s fake crying. All for the cameras and Americas sympathy vote. You can’t cry that hard and not have a ton of tears.

This kid is so fake.


Thats what I thought, He is definitely faking to be the mommas boy, innocent type which looks super creepy and fake.

Vanessa's Mist

Don’t feel bad Steve… I convinced you to throw it and I’m also going to convince you to take me to the final two if you happen to win final HOH. I’m just THAT good! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Livin on a Prayer

I think Steve is just throwing a tantrum. Things didn’t automatically go his way, and now he’s having a hissy fit. That’s why it doesn’t come across as genuine.


No that’s what Vanessa does.

Yes you can

Actually you can. I never really have tears. People are not built the same and believe it or not many people are different. Some have tears and some do not.


There were NO tears…zoomed in..lol…all fake theatrics

Pot Kettle Black

Well A, it’s been an interesting season…really enjoyed your posts…I couldn’t understand why Derrick got as far as he did last year…and now Vanessa. People really must go partially insane in that house. No way they could not see that V was going to win this game since week two. At least Derrick did it without hysterical meltdowns and being an ass hat bully. Catch you next summer!


John is opening up his lead in the Americas Favorite House Guest poll.

Steve's Mommy Co-Dependency Issues Loses Him $500k

Dear Steve’s Mom: Whether you believe he has Aspergers or not, cover up for him or not, reinforce his Mommy issues or not, you can see how your enmeshed co-dependency has negatively affected him socially to the point he has no identity, self esteem or ability to reason, rationalize and follow through with minor and life altering decisions without the approval of a mother figure. He is in no way an independent adult and overrides every instinct to trust and gain approval of any woman, who does not have his best interests at heart. He gave his life and all his money to an abusive cheating bribing con artist who did more to demean him than anyone in his life, and is only appearing nice now, as an Abuser will, because he is defeated, even as HOH and bullied by her over the course of 3 months to throw her the last POV comp. Such vulnerability to abuse and theft we find in children and aging seniors who are unable to protect themselves, victims of preditors. He is prey for anyone offering fake social approval because he has not received training to have confidence in himself. Intervention, training, community resources and education are available for testing and treatment he likely did not receive in public education or Cornell if his problems are covered up as minor social anxiety. We all know you & dad love him, spoil him, now it’s time to get him help, for his sake, his personal safety, his development as a healthy mature independent adult, a future partner and family of his own.

Dear CBS: Great job casting mental illness as entertainment, costume department for the virgin, teddy bear, mommy obsessed Sheldon archetype, and BB recruiters and doctors for supporting Vanessa’s game with drugs, non-enforcement of bribing, cheating rules shout out camera monologs and stocking the cast with kids who live at home with Mommy dependency issues. Mommy Van won by eroding self esteem to the point of total control. Great social experiment! Next cast her with adults.

Judy B

WOW…nailed it!


Pretty sure Vanessa gas lighted every houseguest she could and gave them Stockholm syndrome.

She also had zero reflection on her demands for votes or how cruel she would talk to Steve. Ever notice she literally looks down at people when she talks to them as well.

I can’t say I think she played the best game so much as she played with people who either weren’t smart enough to tell every piece of their game to her or wore worn down.

That house does things to you, but this season was about all gossip and no one stopped to think, nah she isn’t owed my thoughts just because she demands it.

Still reeling they spotted Audrey’s behavior and wouldn’t put up with it, but Vanessa is easily a thousand times Audrey and they just let it happen. I really hope many of them rematch the season and get some clarity and kick themselves for being so weak.


Now I see the real bully of the show, Steve. He’s way harder on himself than Vanessa ever thought of being.


After watching the HoH comp again Steve switching boards. You never really see what he writes on the first board. secondly all through the comp he is messing with something on the back end of the left side of the cubicle


Is there a number we can call to report teddy bear abuse? I swear I saw Coco’s neck snap

Pinocchio Obama

CBS could you please give us some extended Jury House footage before the final.

Steve's Mommy

I feel so bad for my baby

Don't hate the player

Well Vanessa haters, who is in charge now!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Goodbye JMAC, Steve you are next.

The Big Brother Babes in the finale and of course Vanessa wins it all

SUCK IT UP PEOPLE! My girl just put another $500,000 in her bank account.

Mel speaks

I set my alarm to get up early and see the results (I don’t have to work, me and ‘Nessa are rich!) and was so happy to see my babe has won POV.

I appreciate your comments as it seems everyone hates ‘Nessa for playing a perfect game. Believe me when i tell you living with ‘Nessa is a dream that you people will never live. One more week and bae comes home to me.

And you all go back to watching survivor. ROFLMAO at all of you.


She may win, but she did not play a perfect game. Derrick did. Kept himself off the block and insulated by a loyal troupe for the entire game. Pulled in the outcasts, like Victoria. Calmly picked off anyone who sniffed him out, like Donny. She does qualify for the title of most unbalanced winner, though.


And it will be all gone in less than a month because your selfish, greedy a$$ will spend every last red cent. She is going insane trying to support your lazy, selfish, greedy as#. Tell me, do you have a job?? Or is she pulling all the weight around your world?!?! Tell me, what will you do when she can no longer afford your greedy as#? Oh and btw, you are no beauty either….certainly not worth the millions she has spent on you.


Like we believe you are actually Mel! I


BTW, I’m looking forward to Survivor, it can’t possibly be any worse than BB 17! Go Joe!!!!!


“Nessa” is rich…not you babydoll.I hope she does win because medication can be expensive in the states and hell knows she needs alot of it.Nessa gives mental health a bad name.Also by the way you are,she wont be rich for long.

No Favorites

I just wish Liz would get evicted over J-Mac. I’m ok with Vanessa because she’s played a pretty good game thus far. I honestly don’t think she will win if she takes Liz. J-Mac, Austin, and Julia would vote for Liz. Shelly and Meg would probably vote for Liz. I’m not sure about James, Becky, and Jackie.


Ok Mel speaks — Wouldn’t it be such Karma if Steve wins the final HOH, and evicts your sugar mama?? It is one thing to play well and win, but quite another to play well, win, and be humble about it !! Those toes that you step on while on your way up the ladder, are usually attached to the arses that you will have to kiss when you find your way down that same ladder!!


LOL when did Mel move to Winnipeg? I thought you were from Quebec.


Money can’t buy happiness, but it seems it CAN buy a girlfriend.


Money can’t buy happiness, but it seems it can buy a girlfriend.


STFU and pull your head your of Vanessa’s ass!


When I give my Nessa (my) head, it’s not in her a$$. You must be a man who doesn’t know lesbian love.I can’t wait until she and I are together and give each other (our) heads. Beat youself thinking about us.

Tattooed Finger

Yes! save both of those asses for me. That is where I really dig being!




First off, you are disgusting….leave and second point, no one believes you ate Mel, so leave


all the Vanessa fans crawling out of the shadows, while were nowhere to be found when she wanted to make the “smartest” move in the history of BB-going to f4 with a showmance.


I’m a Vanessa fan and was right here saying wait and see what she decides to do. She ALWAYS runs through every possible scenario.

CBS Drug Doctors are in Charge Not Vanessa

Without copious doses of amphetamines, opioids and sedation, Vanessa cannot construct a sentence, much less win a fake game show. Even with their drugs and illegal moves, she can’t control her incessant sobbing, paranoid schizo rants, religious fanatical witch hunts, manic delusion incoherent rambling and Skittles theory.

Now that mommy psycho dearest got all the mental patients to throw her the game, she gets out of bed to make sure they don’t comfort each other or share notes. What did you script in this year’s soap opera? American Horror Story:Big Brother House? You’re no Brad Falchuk and Vanessa is no Jessica Lang. This creep show’s satisfying end is Van & Austin on All-Stars, Amazing Race and Bold & Beautiful? A bunch of other shows you’re losing demographic. Get new producers, writers and since no body in their right mind would let your handlers touch them, keep Robin Kassting recruiting on Tindr, Grinder and the State Mental Facilities for so-called gamers like Austin who tell Julie they’re on for wrestling. If you can’t even fake a likable character, get recruits from death row to exterminate the hated abusive addict cast, a la Scream, now those live feeds we could stomach.

Pot Kettle Black

If Steve threw the POV, I hope he goes out 3rd. Let him spend the rest of his life thinking about it. Some super fan…SMH.


Steve is a weird dude. Could this all be an act? Trying to ensure Americas vote through sympathy in case he does get evicted? Or is he really a messed up kid?


Awe… I feel bad for Steve. We have NO IDEA what it’s like being in there. He did. He absolutely F’d up, if he indeed threw the POV to Vanessa. THAT was a $500k mistake. But. As they say, it’s a game in the middle of Studio City, on top of a parking lot. You move on. He can only hope to win and pick Liz F2. But, most likely, this game belongs to Vanessa.

You see guys, how can this be “rigged” if Steve is the ass that made the mistake. No one told him to do this. So everyone SHUT IT with saying that every single season.

Nothing is for certain. Let’s kick back like true BB fans and see how it unfolds. Then we can get on to Survivor and watch a cast that doesn’t study dates, that doesn’t know what competition will be next, and that doesn’t have a stupid battle of the block. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!


The one thing I noticed where Steve has a disadvantage is his lack of ruthlessness, cunning and manipulative behaviour that vanessa so competently possesses. I’m sorry to say that he made a HUGE mistake. The recurring theme in this season is most contestants never to think before hand and if they do, go back on their original plan out of fear for stupid reasons. They are playing for half a million dollars, is that NOT reason enough??

Roll Tide

Production knows Vanessa has been studying the dates pretty hard for a month. They could have changed the comp, but didn’t. Pretty much said our pick to win will win. I have never felt so let down. John will go home tonight, then I am done. Not going to watch the bully collect her check. I will tune in during the last 5 minutes to see if James wins AFP.
Instead of Vanessa paying off all of her bribes, she ought to pay for Steve’s psycharist. After the way she treated and mentally abused him, he is going to need help.
Why do they have the bribery rules if they don’t enforce them?

Yes, Yes, & No

Yes, it is all an act.
Yes, he is that messed up.
No, you don’t win AFP for throwing the game at the end.
there’s no sympathy for screwing yourself & your closest ally.


I’m a Jmac fan (was looking like the comeback kid here), and agree that Steve screwed him, both by dropping his zero in comp (Jmac would have won HOH) and by throwing Veto comp if he really did…but even if Vanessa and Liz had gone up and the Veto was won by Vanessa, this would still be where we are at.

I personally think Vanessa should send Liz to jury where she wants to be, then try to out Steve next week. Steve has won more comps and might decide to get a little revenge for outing Jmac by taking Liz with him instead of Vanessa if he wins the last HOH.

Besides…Vanessa and Jmac shook…yea right, LOL!

Deez Nutz



And I hope that Steve doing this is a lesson to any possible future contestants deciding to ever throw any future competitions in the game of Big Brother!! What a idiot, If this costs him his game, he is done!! This could’ve been the end of vanessa’s game but nope.

Deez Nutz

Like the sand in an hour glass, these are the days of our lives….

WTF Steve!!! Man up….that was RIDICULOUS!!!!

At the end of the day

So happy Austin is out, so sad Jmac will be leaving.


james for AVP!!


What is AVP? America vs Predator?


Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts



This is taking forever!!!!!

skeptical onlooker

Will someone tell me how to watch BB UK 2014 season 15? Thanks πŸ™‚




Once again, leave it up to Steve to find a way to ruin this season once again… -_-


Is Steve’s mom Nurse Ratched and why he’s a unholy mess?


I dont get the live feeds so I didnt see Steve melt down but just reading about it was one of the most uncomfortable reads I have read in a long time. Keeping in mind Steve is not a child but a grown man …… As a mother myself I would get him to the nearest family therapist stat ….wont try to diagnose the problem but his relationship with his mom is not the norm IMHO. She should want to get him help if she has not already.

As for Big Brother…shame on them for kicking him out of DR when he was obviously breaking down or ??? I always thought that they had docs available for such times but apparantly they have no one. To say to a person who is in such a state that they dont have time for this is callous and insensitive and shows what type of people are running this show. They got their material ….and are probably having a good laugh about it and to h*** with the contestants. Sad…….


The biggest problem with all man child mom obsessed weirdos is that their mothers think they are perfect. You think he needs therapy immediately? I agree but i guarantee you his mommy thinks hes just perfect


His Mother is Norma Bates.

BB Takeover

Vanessa just evicted the HOH from his HOH room.
Steve, you sleep downstairs.
OK mom

Vanessa is the Ultimate Strategist

BB Takeover, that is the funniest!!! If she makes F2, that should be her speel. Not only have I been responsible for all the Jury being evicted, I am responsible for evicting the HOH from their room. Hahahahahaha.


lol I love it.

On a real note though, she was just trying to make him feel better. Thinking he would feel better around people than alone

I Agree

She knew just how far to push him.
Would have been overly aggressive to tell him…… Leave The Teddy Bear


Sad, that somebody’ with a decent brain can be so socially fucking inept . Even with his dream and 500 k on the line he could not pull the trigger . Must be fucking terrible being afraid . He clearly did not have the balls to finish her off and instead he ON PURPoSE blow it . Unreal. That one move killed jmac, Steve himself , and. V wins now – u booger eating shitbag. Life’s Guna roll you dude, you had a chance to break free, back to the basement. Life is over .


Life is over? The guy is a genius with a promising future in audio engineering. He’s not only going to be fine, he’s going to be great. He’s got a loving and supportive family. He has a good perspective on life. He will finish school, get a job, find a nice girl one day and have a family. There is nothing sad about him. No need to be so scornful. If the worst you can say about someone is that they are socially inept, that’s not so bad. What are your flaws? Lack of tolerance? That’s not sad, that’s a deep character flaw.


He’s not going to be great. I’ve seen mass shooters who aren’t as mentally fragile as Steve. Seriously he needs to get help.

White Wolf

What’s sad is you talking about Steve as though he’s a human vegetable. While he clearly couldn’t finish his degree, maintain social relationships or cope with minor problem solving in order to hold a job, he waxes poetic on how his diapers are changed at home and has no interest in being adult. He won’t get some nice girl to pop out children, when he is clearly unable to care for himself, much less relate to others and enjoys being Mommy’s littlest boy. Even girls who want to mother him don’t deserve that. Even after his real mommy dies she’ll always be #13 behind Mommy’s picture, daddy, Coco the teddy bear, mickey mouse, donald duck, his job at Disney and his secret gay partners. It’s only because we really love and care about Steve we beg him to see himself something other than Amerca’s Favorite Weirdo, he’s over qualified for special olympics, don’t treat him that way. He does need help, and covering it up hurts him and stigmatizes his mental illness. Just like his fake BFF abusive addict pseudo mommy Vanessa who stole his prize money.


Wow! That was pretty harsh. He doesn’t deserve to win because he can’t make an independent decision, but his life is not over.


So true bro. Best comment ever. I would actually be afraid if I lived in this kids town. I hope his mommy get him the help he needs before its to late. I see a little John Holmes twinkle in his eyes.


God I love you trolls sometimes. “Booger eating shitbag”

Sportz Assassin

This has to be, by far, the dumbest season I’ve seen of Big Brother. There have been dumb individual moves in the past, but this entire season has been filled with dumb strategy, over (really, under) thinking and complete misreads of the house. Why in the living hell would anyone throw the final veto of the season? That veto would’ve given Steve the power to do whatever he wanted. Vanessa has been the best player, though she’s doing this against a very subpar house. When Austin was the 2nd best strategist then you know you are a high schooler playing with kindergartners. Don’t get me wrong, comparatively this has been a pleasant group of HGs, but this has been a poor GAME. Steve’s right, uou don’t know what the jury will do since they are all morons.


Exactly! I agree with you 100%


Once JMAC is out, I am just not interested in this show anymore. I would pick Liz over Vanessa, lesser of two evils and WHF is wrong with Steve. Man, I would love it if we could switch this game immediately and throw these four into the jury house and bring everyone back who was semi decent and enjoyable to watch. Having a house with just Steve, Vanessa and Liz is sickening….ugh Vanessa has some serious issues and being given her adderall or whatever drug of the day for those bipolar folks seems to actually help her during comps and seems a bit wrong. Nonetheless, if bullying, intimidating, screaming, crying and threatening is a prereq for winning, than Vanessa has that done. The social aspect after leaving the house and living in the real world after everyone has seen your actions is not worth that amount of money esp after taxes. That aspect of the game last for a long time

Beast Mode Cowpie

Steve’s brain seems to be completely scrambled right now. He doesn’t know wtf he is doing. I think he tried to throw that HOH (600 seconds???; I don’t buy the “forgot a zero” excuse) because he knew the real power at Final Four is the veto. Then he throws the veto to Vanessa? Wow. Idiot. I doubt Vanessa will evict Liz because that would make 3 guaranteed votes against her in jury, so bye Johnny Mac. And bye Steve next. Sad to say it looks like Vanessa vs Liz for the finals. Vanessa deserves to win but Liz could pull it out if the jury chooses to be bitter. I don’t want either of them to win but Steve just screwed himself and Johnny Mac out of a good chance to go to final 2.


That’s the thing, it’s obvious he lied about “accidentally” winning hoh. Who knows if he’s even being real about throwing this veto. He constantly tries to put on a show for the live feeds, so with him it’s always hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I thought that maybe he was trying to let Vanessa carry him to final 2 while getting all the blood on her hands, which isn’t a bad strategy except that I don’t think she will choose him at the end. But that doesn’t jive with his rants on the live feeds. So I guess you’re right Anonymous – who knows what this dude is really thinking?


Steve isn’t a great player, sure he has performed well but he isn’t great and does not deserve to win. Vanessa on the other hand, even though the vast majority including myself dislikes her, has played better. Imagine her playing if she wasn’t manic and jonzing! Terrifying. Then we have Liz, who is probably more disliked than Van, but all the same also played a good game. No one wants to sit in the final two with her, but if they are not careful, she will be, and she is the only one with a realistic chance to beat Van. At this point, it’s a game between three disliked house guests. Poor Johnny mac has a chance at nothing but AFP and 2nd place.

If we look at the numbers it falls something like this–
Van v Liz
Meg-V/L(Votes w/James)
Toss Up, Could Go Either Way(Assuming Jackie and Becky vote together and against Van)

Van v Steve
Van wins bb17

Van v Johnny
Van wins unless Liz is pissed Van evicts her, flipping juju,and austwits votes to johnny, longshot win for the rockstar

Liz v Steve
Steves best shot at winning is ironically to take the twin

Liz v Johnny
Meg-J(votes w/James)
James-J(assuming he decides to go for a male winner, and is pulling for JMAC like the other early evicted jurors)
Johnny Macs best shot was to be in F2 with liz, which will not happen because one of the two will be evicted shortly.

JohnnyMac v Steve
JUJ-J(Assuming bitter)
This is another toss up, could go either way. based on likeability, J takes it home. Based on actual strategy, Steve

these are just my thoughts.


Please, can you be more specific? I would also like pictures of your skittlegrams.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I hope with my whole heart that Steve ends up third!


I’m not like Mr. Take chance guy. Me tell everyone off . But how can you let a dream slip away when you know 100% you can’t throw anything this late . And you sure as shit can’t give V any edge she wants . Why oh why would you do that ? Please somebody make me feel better. ….? Wtf jus happened there ?


Everyone thinks it would be an easy win against Johnny Mac because he won no HoH’s. All I’d be thinking is that he got evicted and still got to finals.


Not to mention he’s POV’d himself off the block a million times.


I have a hard time seeing Steve win in the end against Vanessa or Liz. He’s hardly made any moves all summer except run and tattle on people, and try and ride bigger targets coattails. It’s one thing to make up s**t or throw people under the bus or even to hold onto info to use later, but reporting directly to someone is meh gameplay imo. He took out Jackie and Julia. Not exactly the best resume come finale night.

Even if the jury was bitter I don’t see them not voting for Vanessa to win if she got to the end. She’s got so much blood on her you’d think she was Carrie.

Liz has performed well enough to win (against Steve). She’s taken out fairly big targets like James and Becky. Plus she has Julia and Austin’s votes practically locked in. She may even have James, Meg, and Jackie’s which is the 5 votes she’d need to win anyways.

Jmac is in the position he’s in because he didn’t really do anything all summer. Active Floaters (Will, Jun, Shelly, Andy, etc) are fun to watch because they play to all sides in the house, and have no problem stabbing people in the back and kicking them out the house. Passive Floaters like Jmac are kind of a let down. He’s been entertaining at times (like his moments with Vanessa), but he just kept waiting. And now his time has run out… again.

I'm A Mama's Boy Too....

But, that shits not right.


Steve reminds me of Norman Bates. His mommy issues are frightening! The other house guests should check his suitcase for a gray wig and night gown.

Stop Whining

People were predicting Vanessa to win the game all summer and now that it is here you people act shocked? Lol. Fact of the matter is that Vanessa is the only one that actually played the game. Everyone else just played hers. She deserves the win.


I hate that you are right.


I like Jmac. He’s funny, he doesn’t seem completely nuts!


I guess we won’t know why or how until we see the Veto comp… but why in holy hell would he throw the POV to Vanessa?

If he did, he guaranteed JMac’s eviction and his 3rd place.


There are plenty of reasons I don’t like V. I won’t get into that. But what I will say is that it is very sad to see Steve like this. He’s groveling for companionship and attention. He has lost the game because his psychological needs have been (partially) met by only HER throughout the game… she manipulated and used him.


Coco the Bear

Poor Stevie wish he stop hurting me πŸ™


Welp this is looking like it’s shaping up for Vanessa to win…unfortunately. Sad to see Jmac go!

coco has the brain

wth steve..if you indeed threw the veto, among the things it proves 1) coco has more brains than you and 2) coco has the gonads. maybe it was coco banging steves noggin on a headboard the whole time and not steve thrashing coco after all sooo sad… more than a $500,000 blunder, did yourself in as well as jmac…scamper back to the basement boy


He threw the POV? Is that what he’s rambling and crying about? Well cry more you dumbass, I hope this costs you your game. If Jmac is out, as much as I hate to say it, I hope Vanessa wins this game because if she doesn’t I’ll be even more pissed that someone waited this long to grow a set of balls to get her out. We were basically water boarded all summer with Vanessa in that house week after week so the torture better not have been for Steve or Liz to win this sh*t. Ugh.

Not Better Than Last Year


The woman is like gum on the bottom of your shoe!!!!!!

James for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the first season that I am not pulling for an individual to win the game. I am pulling for Vanessa NOT to win the game, anyone but her is just fine with me. Her crying antics, claiming she is a good person, claiming she is not evil…..she a disgusting person. I can see her in real life…”I didn’t mean to play the ace, I swear to you it was an accident. *cry cry* I don’t care about the money and I wanted you to win the poker tournament, it’s what I have always wanted, for you to win. *cry cry* I will somehow pay the bills for my grandma’s cancer treatment. *cry cry* She only has 24 hours to live. *cry cry*


I will always look back on this season completely baffled as to why fans and super fans thought it was a good idea to throw comps continuously. It drives me nuts that they try to lose and then sit back and say why are we losing. Jason and Meg were the champs at this but the others all did it too. Losing is not a strategy, take the win and take leadership and keep power whenever you can, that’s a strategy.


So Vanessa and Steve are in the Final Three. Now Vanessa has to choose between Johnny Mac and Liz.

If you think of Final 2 both choices are bad for different reasons.
I think if look at it from a Game or Strategy Position:
Who has the Best Argument to win in the Final 2 based on Game Moves and Wins?: Evict Liz: She not only managed to go far with her twin sister, she has won BoB, PoV and HoH. She has guaranteed votes in Jury you Do Not have. Johnny Mac though likable has won PoV’s but never won an HoH. He has not made any moves just reacted to things as they came to him. In the case of Johnny Mac, for all intensive purposes the word Floater could be used in regards to Johnny Mac. He has had No major Alliances, He has done what HoH’s have told him to in throwing BoB’s, He has had no real alliances, He never won HoH and got the blood on his hands. From a have they played the game perspective… Liz played the game more.

Who had the Best Social Game? Evict Johnny Mac: Liz actually had a horrible Social Game. So did Julia, Vanessa and Steve. They did not really socialize with people that were not at the cool kids table. One of the things that Liz and Julia would always say is “I hate him/ her… why should I got to keep him/her?… they never talked game to me.” that also means that Liz never talked to them also. I always find that to be a flawed argument. There is a problem of being in a bubble, you think that the rest of the world is like your bubble… it isn’t. The rest of the House did not like their clique. Shelli and Clay didn’t like their clique and they were in the clique. Shell said the joined the darkness in the house… they always wanted to team up with JMac and Becky… Clay wanted to work with James, Meg and Jason. Johnny Mac, has NO Blood on him. People did not know him that well, but they did not hate him either. Johnny Mac was liked for the most part… Shell and Becky both really liked Johnny Mac. I also think that Liz is more likely to vote Vanessa or Steve to win over Johnny Mac.

I really think with this Jury it is better arguments wise is to evict Liz, the Jury is not that bitter, because I think Shelli just did what she did because Production asked them to… If Shelli was really all that bitter she would have won that HoH and came back in the house looking for blood. The jury isn’t that bitter.


Solid thinking, and I hope she goes the way of evicting Liz, and the guys take each other to F2. I really would not like to see Vanessa win.


Thank You. I think Vanessa earned her win as a player. I have been rooting for her even though if she was in another Season keeping the Austwins would have been a huge mistake. There was moves she did not do that would have screwed her in another season. I think out of Steve, Vanessa & Johnny Mac… I would want Vanessa for Strategy and Johnny Mac for Personal. I am more of a Game Play Fan… In Big Brother History I really only disliked a handful of players and most of them were in Season 15… Out of Winners maybe Two Winners really ticked me off that they won…. Andy (TBH 97% of that cast would have ticked me off if they won LOL.), Rachel Riley. I am not a Brenchal Fan, but mostly because it felt at times that was the most Unfair Season of them all. It started with the casting of the Newbies (they were chosen to fail.). Then the comps (that were geared for the known talents of the vets and the weaknesses of the Newbies). Rachel had a full blown mental breakdown that should have sent her out of the house. The straw that broke the camels back when Jordan & Rachel were obviously saved by production and it was not even subtle.

Vanessa, Steve or Johnny Mac I would be cool with any of them winning. I just do not want Liz to win, but, she still will not make my List of “Winners I Hated That They Won”.


I’m sure with you on BB15, the closest ones I came to liking were Judd (when you could understand him), Howard and maybe Nick if we’d had the chance to know him. The rest were just…awful…(in the game, who knows about life?). I’ve never been able to warm up to Brenchel, no how, no-way. Same goes for Vanessa for me. I just can’t with her, not a single redeeming quality IMO in game play, or what we know of her personality. I can’t get behind her style of play or win. I think rewarding these types of plays/wins does a lot of harm in the world. Always enjoy your posts, EricCA!

Murphy's Law

“….intents and purposes…” NOT “…intensive purposes…”


Steve did you really throw the POV or just make a mistake? Just think, your last mistake made you HOH. Get over it all ready.

Steve: it’s not over yet! You can still win this.
I know this is unpopular, but I want Steve to win AFP just due to the bullying he had to endure from Van to make it this far. If he had ever stood up to her he would have been gone. He knows it, I know it, do you know it?


Steve did put up with a lot of bullying from her. Quite a few people in the house did, and I get what you’re saying, but you shouldn’t win AFP for simply letting yourself be bullied all summer. I’d have taken up a campaign to give him all the money if he had just told her to shut up and eff off, but he didn’t. It’s sad that any attempt to get her out of that house failed because there weren’t enough people willing to endure the tears and freak outs, but it was possible to do, so nobody should be crying at this point for not “killing the game.” Especially not Steve.


Steve will not win AFP…not even close. He has a great chance of winning the game but AFP will go to James or Johnny….no one else. If Johnny leaves tonight, then I want Van to win. I am not a fan of Liz at all and Steve played a poor game.

Murphy's Law

I don’t know if Steve will win AFP or not, but CBS should have a careful follow-up with Steve’s post show behavior. Certainly, CBS has waivers of responsibility regarding mental/physical actions during & after show, but Steve may have a serious breakdown when he sees & reads all the comments about him. I hope he’ll be okay.


Wonder what Austin is doing right now …

Tattooed Finger

I was cold and lonely but after a few drinks James offered me a place to keep warm and I was able to bring three friends


I’m real curious to find out tonight if Steve Bates actually threw it or he legit lost and now saying he could have won is just him beating himself up. If he threw it he’s an idiot. Why would anybody throw anything this late in the game? He should have thrown final 6 HOH to Johnny Mac, tried to win Final 5, even if he didn’t win he would have been safe and JMac in final 6 takes out twin so Steve wouldn’t have 2 bitter Jury Members voting against him.
Everybody’s playing checkers, Vans played Chess. Hate her or love her she’s played an amazing game, shes no derrick or Dan. I’d say she’s a smarter Janelle. Wins when she needs to and set her self up almost perfectly for the this final run. But it was great seeing her melt down in DR when JMac won veto…could have cost her her game if she didn’t win that VETO.
James for AFP- Might not have been the best player but the entertainment in the house left with him. Although watching Austin sit still in the chair in disbelief is the highlight of the season for me. You could tell in his speech he was 100% sure he was staying.

What happened to psychological screening?

I don’t like Vanessa, but at least she plays the game, and she is good. Steve does not deserve to win anything. Throwing a final POV competition- and throwing away another player’s game at the same time? Steve has problems. I find it hard to watch him- his world will close in on him at some point- maybe it already has. My feeling at this point is anybody but Steve- he doesn’t deserve a win- he is an embarrassment- his mother needs to tell him that.


WTF was Steve thinking throwing the Veto is he serious??? This was the only time to get out the snake Vanessa, worst mistake ever they could have gotten her out!! He could have used on Johnny Mac and then Johnny would have evicted her. Wow people this year just keep bowing down to Vanessa and now she has won the game! Also Steve get a clue Vanessa will most likely win last HOH and evict you. Whatever Vanessa wants she gets. She will evict Johnny Mac and then win last HOH and evict Steve. She’s taking Liz to the end. She’s won this game at this point this was the final move to get her out and Steve didn’t take it.


If I were a marketing person for some big dental product corporation, I’d be writing up a spokesperson contract for JMac ASAP. That would be WAY more lucrative for him than BB winnings.


I have to say I’m a little disturbed by Steve’s mommy issues. Kid might need some therapy.

BB Shakeup

Production really needs to restructure the game to make it interesting, rather than just casting painfully unstable house guests.

Start with a small set of house guests, 12 or so. Play through the season, winner gets $200k. All the same house guests re-enter the house knowing each others’ previous strategies and alliances, play the season again. Winner gets $300k. Interesting for the viewers, house guests get to learn from their mistakes and avenge previous betrayals.

New comps: slop cooking contest, hosted and judged by Gordon Ramsey.

New twists: like a change up on “hide and seek”… once a week, Evel Dick or Dr Will get 15 minutes in the house with a tazer.


Guy From Canada

Drop the golden veto, bring back the silver. Oh yo used the veto, well your ass is on the block πŸ˜‰ Use the “Safe” idea from BBCAN3 and treat the veto as such each week. Bring back food comps and televise them, Even things like the white room they did in the UK. Something to change the predictable format that will allow good social play to dodge twists.


to me I will be glad if steve win the game
I do not want venssa to win I didn’t
want Austin to win either but I whould of pick him
to win over venssa cause win I read she was pick to win this
season by somebody I was like why that take away the fun of the game
I cant go for venssa for that reason the game would be so much better
if the winner wasn’t pick before the end of the season that’s why big brother 18 should give the power to the fans
that mean we vote out in redo renom come on big brother give us the power next year watch your rating go up big time


The relationship between Steve and Vanessa is getting real Stockholm Syndrome-y. It’s actually hard to watch a grown man be so completely controlled by a woman who so obviously does not care about him. It’s now reached disturbing levels.


And the updated portion of the post has Vanessa recommending an “emotional wellness” course she took to Steve!?!?!….Wha….? She must be making a joke, right?

Amy N

Just a thought, but wouldn’t it really be in Vanessa’s best interest to take Jmac instead of Steve or Liz? Yes I want Jmac to win but at this point all bets are off. But Liz I can’t keep up with all of the alliances Vanessa has made and I know she made it with all 3 of these people, so which person really betters her chances to win?


According to Vanessa’s skittles, she has best shot of winning if she takes Steve to F2.
JMac votes are: Austin, James, Meg, Steve, Becky and Jackie.
Liz votes are: Austin, Julia, Meg, James, Steve
Steve votes are: Austin

Delta 231

In hindsight, maybe John voting out Austin was a bad move. Vanessa would have been all for getting Austin out this week. With Steve gone John would have stayed till final 3 and possibly won the endurance part.


Steve has not yet developed into a fully grown man. He’s been looking for a mommy figure in the house (just notice his posture, his facial expeessions and how often he asks to get a hug from Vanessa, it’s pathetic). He’s constantly seeking approval from her. And Vanessa, the nasty sake that she is, has taken full advantage of the situation. It’s very disturbing to watch.

Going out on a high note

I was so excited last night when Austin left. Great blindside! But so disappointed this morning to see that Van won POV and JMac will now be leaving. As for me, there is no need to watch the remaining episodes. I don’t care about any of the remaining three HG. I’ll read the OBB tonight to confirm JMac is gone and I’ll read next week who actually wins. But I just don’t care enough to actually watch it play out.

Real fan

A real fan would watch even if their favorite lost.

Going out on a high note

This show is here for entertainment purposes. I no longer find it entertaining, so I’ll no longer watch. Doesn’t mean I’m not a “real” fan (not sure I can be a “fake” fan). I’ll still tune in next summer for BB18 (unless it has Frankie – not a fan). I also watched BBCanada and BB Australia this past year. I’ll watch again, as long as I’m entertained.

Real Fan

If we all stopped watching because our favorites (eg. James/JM) get voted out then the ratings will dip and we will lose the show we all love. That is selfish and to be quite frank – lame. If BB gets cancelled due to low ratings we can all thank people like you.

Each of the people is playing a game. We really know very little about them. We have found out after prior seasons that many we thought were “good” were not so and many we thought were “bad” were really good people.

We should all just allow ourselves to be entertained and congratulate the winner no matter whom they are.

Chill this Town

wow….I love MAC and all, but I have no problem saying that it wouldn’t have shocked me if MAC threw the freaking veto….

but…STEVE? really? wow. he thinks everything through, I am really shocked he would make such a ridiculous error.

he cost himself the game. if Vanessa got you to throw that POV, she deserves to win, you freaking…UGH