Vanessa “Chess pieces and victims aren’t we all” Julia “Then walk out and throw the beanie!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots ?

THE PLAN – Vanessa plans to nominate James & Meg

– James & Meg think only one of them will go up as a pawn with Johnny Mac
– Vanessa also plans to make James & Meg havenots for the week
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 12-18-36-085

12:15pm – 1:10pm HOH room – Vanessa and Austin are talking. Austin says maybe they won’t do havenots this week. Vanessa says that would be awesome. Vanessa continues to talk about what to say in her speech about why she is putting up James and Meg. How do explain the nuts and bolts of the story. Austin says you could explain it all later. Vanessa says the worst part is they knew why I didn’t tell you. I had no reason to hold back the details because the point was you were the target. I was keeping my word to them .. and they used that to better position themselves with you at my expense. They made fun of Brass Tacks! Meg has talked a lot of sh*t and never been called out. She hasn’t done anything except ride coat tails. She hasn’t done sh*t in this game. I don’t want to be offensive but floaters get a life vest! Austin says she is a floater. Vanessa says this is like chess and I came here to make big moves. James will respect that. Austin says and Chess pieces aren’t we all. Vanessa says bomb! You are good!!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 12-23-28-213
Vanessa’s nomination speech:

Vanessa says as you all know I’m all about the game and big brother is like real life chess. I realized last week that there was a lot of information going around about me. The misinformation was being spread around about me in an attempt to make me the easy pawn. As with all game moves the reward doesn’t come without risk and in playing me for the easy pawn you risk that I don’t later shape shift into a more powerful piece. Unfortunately its my move and as anyone knows who’s played chess with me I don’t waste time, I go for the big move. I go for the game ending move, I don’t hesitate to put a king in check and the King is certainly nothing without his queen. Sometimes chess pieces have to be sacrificed for the bigger purposes of the game. So chess pieces and victims aren’t we all.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 12-40-04-303
Julia says I love it!! Walk out and throw the beanie! Vanessa says I can’t throw the beanie. They talk about Vanessa’s conversation with Johnny Mac. Vanessa says it went good. He is willing to do a 6 with us him and Steve. Austin says I talked to him too and we’re good. Vanessa says I would love to be able to say he will trust me. Austin says it is a much better shot that he will run with us if Meg is here. Vanessa says oh 100% if James is here he would try to work with him. Vanessa asks what will he do if he (James) wins the veto? Austin says he might take her (Meg) down. We can convince him that no matter what Johnny is going out the door. Its okay man, be the hero. How good would that be if he went out the door and then Meg is crying, she’s on slop. The conversation turns to talking about last nights HOH comp. Austin comments on how it was perfect that Johnny didn’t get to talk to anyone in jury. Vanessa says the maximum that any of us will be in jury is 2 weeks now.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 12-39-32-804

1:20pm – 1:30pm Austin and Vanessa continue to talk. Austin says its perfect that Johnny Mac wasn’t tainted by the jury. Vanessa says at the very least I am happy how all of this has gone down and hopefully we would get called back for an allstars. I would love to do it. Austin says he would too but maybe not next summer or I would crack. Austin heads downstairs and Vanessa practices her speech.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-28 13-22-14-166

1:35pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.
1:40pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the highlights.. could be for the setting up of the havenot extra food or for nominations.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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These turds…

Hahahahaha All Stars Hahahaha

Holy sh*t. Welcome to the bi-polar roller coaster, I hate you, I’m alone the whole house gunning for me, motherf*ckers, Johnny is OK with me now, they’ll ask us back to All Stars. Then Amazing Race. Delusions of grandiosity. Pleeeeze, and the chess pieces speech needs some work. Shapeshit!

Everyone sucking her a$$ because she’s in power, and this is a floater cast, bribe everyone take them to Vegas and confuse that with genuine friends or real popularity. Steve & Johnny gonna get you out, then mop the floor with Austwits. But Mel lecturing while everyone nods. Betree remind Meg she didn’t kiss your ring after cheating on the comp.


Since when do they have to give a dissertation to nominate someone? Austin looked like a fool doing his and now Vanessa has got to do one. In the actions of JohnnyMac (gag, puke).

Better Than Last Year

Bi-polar roller coaster………..LMAO………ROFL………..Excellent!

CBS should hire you as the scriptwriter for Zingbot!


I can’t see anyone this season going to all stars!

Canadian Kevin

Fuck Austin, Meg hasn’t done shit. James how would you feel if you left and she was crying and on slop.

This fucknut gave away $500k to score in Jury?!?!?

Who the fuck is he to start making fun of ANYONE ELSE.

Like, ever!?!


Whoa, Like that’s one angry Canadian

Canadian Kevin

I’m sorry :)


These people are a...

Couple of turds and a few dinglberries


How do you get excited about a making a final 6 deal with only 8 people in the house? I’m done with this season.


It’s a good move for Vanessa.
It’s called eliminating varibles
Van wants to get rid of James n Meg (the varibles)
Then Van is hoping that Steve or JM win HOH
and Liz goes
Then Van hopes she can manuver between the remaining players
till the end
That’s my guess anyhow


I’m dont think thats her plan. I am assuming Van is telling the austwins the truth, since she has always ran with them and her nom speech is certainly saying James is the target.
All signs point to her truly wanting to go to F4 w/Austwins!?
It really doesn’t make sense though, I know. But, she has already dropped hints she wants jmac gone to steve, and she wants Steve gone to austin. I get that she is pitting the sides after each other, to take the target off her. I just dont think she is ever going to turn on the Austwins… In fact, she is going above and beyond to protect them. I just dont understand her reasoning to be in the F4with the Austwits… Unless what people are saying is true, and she is bribing them so she can win?


It’s probably like trying to get excited having to jump on the same kitty after many years of marriage. Don’t know how they do it, monogamy blows

Beast Mode Cowpie

Yeah it’s kind of silly. Even sillier next week. On one of them will have to go on the block next week as a pawn, and if the target wins veto then 2 of them are on the block and one of them goes to jury. Should be interesting watching them fight over who is going to be the pawn. I can guarantee it won’t be Vanessa!




I would like to see James ask Van if it was her idea to put them on the block and have not at the same time. If she owns it, tell her she just lost 3 jury votes. See what happens. Nothing to lose.

Clelli forever

Finally!!! Hope meg is going out this week!! Oh & think it’s more like “clueless aren’t we all” lol

Big sexy 40

It’s almost like we got the Bizzaro world form of bb. We got the version of ” imagine if ” . Like, imagine if they just let the other twin enter the game and stay ” or imagine if they just let Meg float to the end without ever winning an hoh or veto, Thad be hilarious . Imagine they all knew Vanessa was playing them, put her on the block and said nah – keep her. Imagine Liz nailed that wrestler bro ? Imagine . Imagine


Oh I Luv me some Big sexy 40!!! But haven’t been able to stay current – & though not important – just curious – did Austin receive a pic of his “ex-girlfriend” when he won HOH? Also – just an observation – this season reminds me somewhat of last season in that most everyone disliked Derrick – though he clearly deserved to win – same thing about Van. Everyone (most) luved Donny & Zach – though they sucked at the game. Same thing for JMac & Steve. I personally would luv to see James win – but unfortunately, Meg has an anchor around his neck. Have to admit – excited about a Van, JMac, Steve trio. (Just wish they would have included James). They have a good chance of being final three. They are each extremely intelligent & capable of winning comps. They have the brains – but do they have the balls? (James does!!)


I don’t like vanessa but then i didn’t like Derrick either. But in this season, vanessa has done a lot more than Derrick ever did, and is still getting closer to the end in spite of it.

She is more of a Rachel than a Derrick. In a way, Austin manages to socialize himself in ways that are advantageous to himself, and he’s dragging twins & vanessa along behind him, and still no one seems to think that’s a problem.

And he is doing this without being able to win comps, except one by sheer luck (and people false starting, cuz if they were all running, he’d probably have lost the races as well. I have never seen a guy who works out that much AND studies that much lose that often, and we all know aside from maybe one or two, he is NOT throwing these things. I think he may claim to throw one of those actually in order to make himself not look quite so inept……oh, no, yeah, that was on PURPOSE. you saw how upset he was that vanessa accused him of throwing the dice POV to johnnymac, even tho he was actually supposed to as far as i remember, and yet he still lost it hahaha.

maybe he is more of a Sarah of BBCAN3, manages to get there by really odd things happening, that happen to be in their favour, and wins at the end because of the social skills and positioning skills.


With the track and field comp Austin was five strides from the button, and has nearly double the arm span of most of the other competitors (equals less distance to travel with reach).
everyone else was closer to 10 strides from the button, and had to run further to reach the button.
The comp was MADE for Austin to win.

script reader

Derrick is a fake teleprompter reading bitch who is also a bad actor.


As much as I despise Vanessa and cannot wait for her to be out of this game you can only blame Meg and James for not winning competitions of late. They have their own-self to blame and nobody else.

James & Meg

Bill Murray from Groundhog Day: What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?


OMG…..these speeches are getting ridiculous. Stop it already…you guys are really making yourselves look stupid!

Member of the Ant Farm

This move is in the best interest for my game. End of speech!!


How about, “Sorry, but not sorry”

Vanessa land

I hope she goes on the block next week, with 1 of the asssstwits..JMAC, you’re on the very bottom of that totem pole…Please win next week and take out one of the ASSSStwits, I;m sick of hearing they’re vial talk, and ugly MUGS! They need a little taste of their own medicine..If you don’t win HOH next week you are probably next to go..


i wish the dr would clue in the houseguests on how poorly austin’s speech went over with fans, and that speeches don’t mean sh*t.

all you ever need to say in the speech is “this is a game” or “you both have a chance to win veto” and move on.

Bunny Slipper



They are delusional. I will not feel sorry for Meg after the speech because she thought it was funny when Steve and Jmac were in the same spot. James win and don’t give it to her PLEASE


Van is just look at me – she is not looking at the big picture – she will go down in flames next week. I dislike her so much


That nomination speech would be perfectly suited to Austin and Liz too….hmmm one can dream


I was thinking the very same thing….


too bad as she recites that speech she is so far gone she doesnt even realize that the people sitting with her are the ones it is truly about. They couldnt wait to get on the bandwagon and say how annoying she was even calling her a lunatic at one point and saying they couldnt even be in the same room before she won pov but go ahead and blame Meg/James. And all this talk of integrity and loyalty from the mouth breather Austin…LOL…what a joke!! Oh how I cant wait to see her crocodile tears and say Im so betrayed and you are a nasty person when they surely will not disappoint and vote her out thursday she will eat every word as she sulks to the jury house being the biggest pawn outsmarted by a fame tramp a cheater and a complete moron. Way to go Van!! You truly are getting what you deserve!


Have I mentioned how much I HATE THESE PEOPLE!!! They are getting as bad a the F3 of BB15.

Art Teach

talking about floaters………………hello JULIA is the biggest floater riding the coattails of her sister and Austin, she has done absolutely nothing!

These clowns are starting to get to me with their nasty remarks about everyone. CBS has shown none of this behavior. The twins are the worst followed by Austin, I feel like I’m watching my high school students interact when they talk about someone they don’t like or who is not in their group


Austin’s speech was funny to me because everyone was like , what? LOL

skeptical onlooker

To’s been so obvious..from the beginning..that Vanessa is broke. No problem.winning BB would be great and life changing for many.
BUT….she’s gone overboard with saying she doesn’t need the money. She’s rich. She’s on the show to promote her * DJ career*.
Please. She’s been trying to get on BB since 2011…( her statement)…and at that time..she was playing Poker she wasn’t trying to be a DJ..and I doubt that she is now.
So..bribing with…( which, btw..I thought was against the rules)…well..loookeee here.
She tell Austing…* well, winning, Mel and I could pay a few bills*.
RIGHT!! If you’re don’t talk about paying a few bills.
Austin…( Liz and Julia as well..don’t see the obvious. Why is Vanessa so DESPERATE?
Mel’s letter….* she says..* Don’t forget why you’re playing the game.*
It’s most certainly NOT to promote a DJ career.
I wouldn’t care if Vanessa either didn’t say anything about having or not having money.
But…..bribing in this game is just wrong.
Vanessa’s reason for doing when the 3 dimwits are lolling in the Jury house..she’ll get their votes…because you may be sure….the next thing she’ll do..(when the first one is going out the door) to tell them they’ll get a their VOTES!!


If it is truly against the rules why arent they stopping her? I would love to see them stop that. Austin is probably more broke than she is which is why hes overly eager every time she talks about it. She openly admitted to counting cards and claims that is legal? On what planet? The gaming commission should be notified and she should be banned from playing poker after that. Anybody hearing that should just know that she is a cheat and a fraud!

skeptical onlooker

Card counting is used when playing Black Jack. And whilst it is not illegal..the casinos will ban you. If they catch you.


I hope she finds it hard to find someone to play her after she admitted being a cheater.


You can bet your bottom dollar (no pun intended) Vegas casinos have already put Van in their BOLO book. As an ex-table games dealer, casinos that that stuff VERY seriously. Stupid admission Van, unless you know you are already in the black book (which casinos share, btw) .


So done with this season. Just give it to the Austwins. I can’t believe no one has went after them yet. And I CANNOT stand Liz and that voice! OMG she sounds like friggin Urkel or something. And with the nasty comments, she is not anyone great.


At this point i can’t even get mad at this show and the people who play anymore, i’m the idiot who keeps watching this shit year after year. It started with BB15 as out downfall with the bigots and then last year with production shoving Frankie Grande down out throats, after that you should connect the dots that this show is not to be taken seriously anymore. It seems like someone is daring Grodner to make this show unwatchable now and it looks like she’s succeeding.



Bob Cobb

BB All-Stars??? Oh, good grief!!! Hey guys, let me clue you on something…..You’re not that great BB players!!! Just that everyone else around you really suck! Scamessa, you wouldn’t last 3 weeks with Derrick around.


ALLSTARS LOL this season gets NO STARS. Is she kidding?? This is most boring house guests ever in my opinion. So bad that they are bringing down the few good characters in the house. This will be the first time I turn it OFF before its over. HELP big brother its the only show I watched.


Hate this season. Thought it was gonna be good. Terrible, just terrible.


I bet JohnnyMac could start a cult.

AKA Twistin'...

Have I already said how much I dislike Vanessa? I mean…I just simply can’t stress it enough. I could have liked all the other HGs had I met them in life but I would have shunned the twins, Steve and Vanessa real quick. I don’t dislike Austin – I just can’t get with the tatts but he is a smart, if love-struck, man. I feel bad for him when he gets out and sees Liz for the POS that she is.

But Vanessa – I dislike on an epic level. Makes me want to slap her in to the middle of next week.


please get rid of the twins! their nasty superior attitude coupled with the fact that julia hasn’t won anything, screams that they must go.


send people home that’s game play but they enjoy being mean that’s our future, bunch of assholes

Big sexy 40

I see you V…


Touche’ Big sexy


Dawg is moving up in the polls…now in the 4th spot. JMac, James, and Meg are ahead of him. Tells you what people think about the delusional house guest. Lol

Former Fan

Another week of the same ol’ shit. Unbelievable I refuse to watch anymore, but I do like reading the posts and the viewer comments on this site.


Vanessa’s stupidity has started to make me wish her gf would dump her.

I am sick of this crap


Whoa Dawg, you really climbed up there in the poll! But sorry, you’ll never beat JohnnyMac. Seriously tho, I don’t ever remember you beating out so many HGs.


Whoa Dawg, you really climbed up there in the poll! But sorry, you’ll never beat JohnnyMac. Seriously tho, I don’t ever remember you beating out so many HGs.

Chill this Town

insecure Austin is at it again. before he couldn’t get his huge brain wrapped around MAC wanting him gone, now he can’t quite understand why one wouldn’t want jury to “taint” MAC.

so…MAC is a kamikaze after Austin, but its a good thing Shelli(MAC ally), Becky(MAC ally) and Jackie(you could put her and MAC in a room for a week and I am not sure a conversation would take place) aren’t allowed the time to spill secrets to John?

and how is meg getting 13 percent of the vote on this site? I understand MAC/James/DAWG. of course…but Meg? is it the farscape nod? we have some sci fi fans? or is it a boobs thing?


I happen to like Meg. So what if she hasn’t won any competitions neither has Julia. It’s not all about winning competitions.


I hope after this season to never lay eyes on Vanessa, Austin, or the twins. There is no entertainment value with them. Vanessa’s being paranoid and taking it out on the other’s, then her crying if things don’t go her way, her annoying beanie wearing, Please BB NO MORE! Liz and JuJu have the most whiny nasally voices, they are very mean spirited, and then add, they don’t know how to play the game, ! Austin is just too gross to look at on TV, I could not take another season of looking at him, I have not been able to figure out why he is so arrogant.
I think Shellie would of been a good player if she did not ruin her game hooking up with Clay. I still can’t believe that Vanessa was able to beat Shellie, Jackie, and Becky at this comp. let alone James, {that comp. was made for him.} it makes no sense. We saw how bad she was at the funny book comp. She even said she was surprised.


If James wins POV and gives it to Meg, it will be to get the hell out of that boring, stupid, potball, bowling, house! I’d be begging to be put on the block then evicted to just chill in the jury house! Hellooooo! James would be all alone with those girls in jury!


Why wouldn’t the US let the audience a chance at the game? At lease let them vote for the have nots, this would be epic as it give the guests an idea of how viewers see them/like/dislike them. I really would like to them to get a reality check now and than!!! T-shirt with a word or phrase on how they are begin portrayed. I am sure none will say all star, movie star, hottie …..

ladybug please stop stalking Vanessa

Your creepy obsession with her in EVERY post would lead anyone to believe you are obsessed with her.

Most stalkers don’t think of themselves as obsessed but you so obviously are.

Now Ive wasted enough time on you.

Let the authorities step in.