“Two out of the four people that went home, asked to go… that’s not good TV.”

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8:35pm Kitchen – Marissa, Ari and Brandi. Marissa – two out of the four people that went home, asked to go home. Like that’s not good TV. Ari – maybe its good tv. Marissa – No. Knowing two people want to bail it like looks like … I can’t explain it. Ari – I get you. Marissa – let me tell you the audience was.. Ari – bummed. Marissa – when Keshia left. They cheered when Ross saved us, even though it was just for one more day. Ari – and then with Metta. Marissa – no they were happy with that one because they didn’t want Ross or Brandi out. Ari – that’s true. They wanted the power away from Omarosa. For 1000% sure. Brandi – that competition yesterday seemed to be set up for a boy. We have boobs! We can’t go flat and stay even because I don’t want to pop an implant. They (the boys) might have something down there but I don’t think any of them are rolling big. Marissa – that is .. you give good head. Brandi – I don’t want to be gone and for her (Omarosa) not see her gone first. I can’t do anything else. Marissa – I feel like everyone at home is like “get her out!” You (Omarosa) can’t say “girls to the end, girls to the end” and then nominate two girls. Brandi – I just wish James wasn’t in this competition. Marissa – when they picked his name… Brandi – I picked his name.

Brandi to Ari – you know how Ross asked me to make a final 2. He said no matter what happens promise me you’ll tell me if you know I’m going on the block. I said yeah and he promised me the same thing. I am 99% sure he knew and he didn’t tell me.

Marissa and Ari are cleaning the kitchen mirror. Brandi sprays cleaner on the mirror and then writes “F**K OFF OMAROSA”. Big Brother tells her to STOP THAT! Omarosa comes out of the diary room and asks what they got a stop that for. Brandi – really amazing things. Life changing..

9:25pm Omarosa, Brandi, Mark, Ross and Marissa all head up to play pool. After they all head out into the backyard to chat around the fire.

10:55pm – 12am Backyard. Ari, Brandi, Mark and James. In front of James, Brandi says If I could have anyone on the block right now it would be James & Omarosa. And I already know that you’re (James) not voting for me so its fine. Mark – how do you know that? Brandi – because he’s not. I will say James that I saved you twice. James – did you? You could have saved me from a lot more… just socially. Brandi – what? What do you mean? James – bigger picture .. but ahh probably better to keep not talking about it. Brandi – AHHHHhhh.. no I think you are over thinking that. I am … kind. James – well if you just say it, it must be true. Like Omarosa .. you guys have a lot in common. Brandi – UHHHH… I have nothing in common with her. REALLY?! You’re just mad because I said that. James – I’ve been poked all day, everyday and I do my best not to blow you back because I don’t that is going to accomplish anything. You did apologize that one time. And I though that was very big of you. James – its not like I hate you

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Cannot stand Brandi.


brandi hates james because james is so hot and will never be interested in brandi, hes either straight who think brandi is too old and have too much plastic surgery or hes a closeted gay. no other reason why brandi hates him so much because shes so undesirable to her.


Joshua reminds her of her ex, Eddie who was apparently physically and verbally abusive. So I get why she is triggered with Joshua in the house.




No Joshua in the House, I guess you mean James. Do you know Brandi personally to know that Eddie was physically and verbally abusive or are you basing this off of your favorite show the real house wives?


Brandi is very rude to James. Pretty ironic her name is an alcoholic drink too.


Does Marissa ever SHUT UP ? Is there a off button on Marissa ? and how does she know what is good TV? What would be great TV is Ross & Marissa on the Block and one of those nutjobs go home . I need James to win the next HOH instead of throwing them so that guaranteed.


I just figured out who loud mouthed Marissa reminds me of, Kryssie from BBOTT!!! Remember how much she talked and she was so sure that the public just loved her alliance? Marissa is acting the same way, non-stop talking and thinking she is so high and mighty that she and Ross decide what WE the viewer want to see.

Also. has anyone else noticed how many meds these celebrities are taking? Marissa needs meds during the day and then meds at night to sleep. Brandi needs meds all the time, plus she drinks wine all night long which I wouldn’t think would be good while taking meds. I just bring this up because Brandi and Marissa are always mentioning their meds.

If Marissa and Ross get to the final 2, I will break out a case of Kraken for sure!!!




Does Marissa ever SHUT UP ? Is there a off button on Marissa ? and how does she know what is good TV? What would be great TV is Ross & Marissa on the Block and one of those nutjobs go home . I need James to win the next HOH instead of throwing them so that Mark and him can be safe because if they don’t win HOH one of them ( Specifically) James is going home , and I would hate it to be Marissa and Ross being final 2 .


I don’t understand why the audience gets cranked up when the mention of Ross winning comes up. It’s weird everywhere else seems to have the opposite opinion. If it wasn’t associated with Marissa, maybe I would want him to have higher probability of winning but he’s kind of snake. I don’t know – James and/or Mark for the win. (I’m with Metta on the fact that I still want Shannon to win, lol). They need to make these season longer and have the chance to bring someone back, do have-not’s, and have a real big brother experience. This has been a little bogus IMO – had potential to be really good had they (CBS) ran it a little longer.

Omarosa's Caftan

Does she ever stop eating her damn fingernails as well. Yuck.


hopefully next time they do a “celebrity” BB is with people that at least have respect for the game, not quitters and cry babies ( Metta “I want to go home see my wife, I love her so much blahblah” and Keisha- “my milk has depleted cry cry”). Sorry but not really! if these idiots knew the game they would know they need to go to the end with Omorosa who everyone dislikes. I won’t say Brandi because she is annoying! Final 3 Mark/Omorosa/James, although personally I would like to see Ari or Ross or James win.

Omarosa's Caftan

My thoughts exactly. Why oh why would you sign up for a show knowing full well you would be sequestered and then beg to be voted out (Metta and Keisha). Big casting mistake I would say. Also, the UK version of Celeb Big Bros. is nuts (in a good way). I think they need to cast crazier celebs if they ever attempt to do this again


So how does everyone like CBB?

I really only watched about 4 hours a feeds a day. I don’t have as big of a feel for the game as I do in other seasons. From what I’ve seen this would be my least favorite format of Big Brother.

BBUS (shorter format)
BBUS (new longer format)

I should probably add there’s been some seasons of BBCAN that were the best and some some of BBUS that were worse that BBOTT. I’m talking more about format.

Guess I'll root for James

I did like the shorter, fast moving version. The normal version is drawn out and tends to get boring. I do not like the fact that these folks think they are responsible for direction and popularity of “their” show. They are woefully aware of staging and formatting to appeal to viewers. Making sure they are viewed in a positive light. Most of this one is filled with boorish, anal chat and makeup and hair. Ugh! They are pampered. Grodner said, “they are used to luxury so we had to make some changes”. Metta and Keisha should have been booed for walking out. Just my opinion.

Sir Loin of Beef


I DVR each episode so I can fast-forward through the “psycho-babble” to see who won HOH, who gets nominated, who wins the POV/if they use it, and who gets evicted!

Can’t wait to see Oma-Tokyo-Rosa get backdoored/evicted! Just like how she was thrown-out of the WH!

Guy From Canada

I like the format, think the cast sucks. I wish it was a fast forward with more bodies and an extra couple weeks. With such a small cast, they needed to really select people who want to be in there for the month plus week of sequester. Maybe with an extra week or two it will weed out people who are home sick sooner? Did anyone read that interview with Shannon from the Toronto sun? She said she was trying to pitch to stay to be a bigger target and people looked at her with confusion (Brandi). Now Brandi is on the block and maybe now is aware of that argument. Maybe when they are in sequester the only think they shouldn’t be allowed to watch is B.B. episodes to get them ready to game and maybe Chuck would still be in there…….

Keisha blew up a blind side, Metta screwed up a twist (would have been great to see Omarosa nominate half the house). I agree with the other comment that people volunteering to go home should be held at the same accountability as walking out the door, no stipend, It’s bad tv. while I hate Omarosa, it really screwed with her HOH and I hate when outside forces screw with hoh that are needless.


Don’t watch BBUK? It’s the BEST of all BB’s out there! I have seen them all. I view it on YouTube. Check it out!


The other 20 hours would just be pure Marissa and fish – we certainly appreciate your forum – it’s pretty awesome and you all really keep us engaged :-).

I should start watching BBCAN – would be cool if we had the feeds in the US.


thanks 🙂


Well. I have to agree about Keisha and Metta. It changes the game enough when it happens once. Then twice !! The game would be different at this moment. Sooo. If they do another celebrity. There need to be stipulations in their contract. You beg people to send you home….contract is void and you don’t get paid. Otherwise I have actually not hated the show. The alliances being all over the place are odd. Wish James and mark didn’t decide to work with Ross and Marissa. Ross and Marissa will turn on them in a minute if they get power. Now rooting for James or mark.


Keisha and Metta really left cuz they were as bored as we are ~ PERIOD!


One thing I like about this group is that they are not a bunch of snot-nosed millennials that every other word is “f” this. It’s like they have to see who can say “f” more than the other people. Those are the tide pod eating people that will be running this country eventually.


True.. the age spread is nice on CBB.



More than 3 Blacks Trying out Every Year

Equal amount of races in the game would definitely make it fair too!


What happened after Brandy said all that stuff to James get Brandy start being mean to other people


Wish it was longer!~

Guess I'll root for James

Yeah, only Brandi the lush is the foul mouth…….meh

Great TV WOULD BE.........

Ross & his hairy cohort on the block together


not sure why cast and viewers are “pearl clutching” at Brandi’s swearing/drinking/calling out liars. Have former BB cast NEVER sworn on national TV?

Meanwhile it seems James is being adored for dragging and trashing a woman. So is it

– it’s ok for men to stomp on women
– it’s ok for men to stomp on Brandi?

honest question


Brandi has been pretty horrible to James though and he’s let a lot of it go before this..


thanks for your answer anonymous.

I know Brandi from her time on #rhbh – so what i am watching is a drop in a bucket – mean/swear wise. I thought the name of the BB game is to divide and shade. I may actually be wrong about what BB is about, been awhile since I’ve watched BB.


I actually like this format. Dislike Marissa on this show with a passion. She like ruins like the feeds like you know what I mean? Like constantly like injecting herself in like the conversations and like making it like about her. Her husband is probably glad she left for a month. He probably moved while she’s been there. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Marissa is the worst


AMEN. I can’t watch the feeds if she is on them. She will NOT STOP talking….Self-talkers, man….



Agreed! It disgusts me that her flotation-power has wafted this far……Probably from all the talking….Keeps the motors going…


I like the celebrity bb cuz there are no stupid showmances


That’s one HUGE plus i had forgotten.


I like the no showmances aspect, the shorter version which also pushes gameplay because you can’t risk not being in the mix, and this cast started with some promise as many seemed to be trying to play but shut down the moment they were in jeopardy such as Keisha and Metta. I guess it’s easier on the ego if you can tell others it was your choice.

I wonder what effect it would have if these guys were playing for charity. What kind of celebrity could they get for a charity season?

Overall, I wish they would adapt a shorter season in the regular Big Brother although perhaps not this short but maybe 60ish days as opposed to 95+.


The Houseguests I like the most are Mark, Ross, & Ariadna

big mouth

its the face morph!


Omarosa has made some poor choices, but she is the only one who seems to get that Marissa is working both sides of the house. She may even realize that Marissa is no longer playing to win, but only to usher Ross into the winners’ circle. Unfortunately, no one is listening to Omarosa. Ari and Brandi are so dependent upon “Rossa”/ Marissa & Ross that they have closed their minds to the idea that they are no longer part of a four-way alliance.
Mark’s nominations will clarify this for them… Regrettably, Mark is letting “Rossa” run his HOH. On some level he must realize that Omarosa is never going to have the votes to win, which makes her ideal for a final 2. He just doesn’t seem to have done the math. Nor has anyone else, besides Ross. James is counting on winning the final HOH. Nice plan, but anyone sitting next to Ross in a final 2 is doomed. WAKE UP!!! The only way to level the playing field is for Ross to be on the jury. Marissa, Chuck, Metta, and (probably) Brandi would vote for Ross to win. Keshia would likely vote for Omarosa. If Ari were in the finals, she still would not have the numbers to win against Ross. Omarosa seems to be the only one who understands both her own value as someone to keep as long as possible, as well as the importance of getting rid of Ross. Marissa has to go because Ross’s votes might get transferred to her, especially since Brandi and Ari (as jury members) would still be thinking in terms of their “alliance.”
Never thought I’d be saying it, but James and Mark may need a tutorial, courtesy of Omarosa. She is the only HG who has taken in ALL of the manipulations by EVERY perpetrator and reached some very sound and legitimate conclusions. If they keep listening to Rossa, they will be jury bound, in a limo, but nonetheless en route to the jury.


And the 2 that left have some striking similarities….