Celebrity Big Brother Face Morph POwer of Veto Results “I am nominating Marissa”

Ari won the Power of Veto

6:35pm They’re talking about it being a double eviction tomorrow and the entire show is over on Sunday.
Marissa thinks someone will go home in the first 5 minutes of the finale
Brandi – at least it’ll be all over for me on Sunday

They go over the Face morph competition.
Marissa – me and Ross together made a really pretty girl

On the other camera is MArk getting ready to workout.

6:39pm Mark working out with James

Mark – YEAH buddy .. ok lets talk.
Mark – I am nominating MArissa.. I’m not giving them a chance
Mark – that’s period end of story.. she hasn’t been on the block now’s her chance
Mark – if they are really getting Brandi out then it shouldn’t be a problem
Jame s- no problem at all
mark – this is where the Brandi train ends.. what she’s done to you and me
James – she’s done .. I’m so happy to hear you say that

Mark – it’s non negotiable
James – tells her
Mark – I’ll tell her just not today.. I don’t want her sulking the next two days, crying and having fits
Mark – I might even tell her the day of .. I love MArissa but..
James – tell her in private.. say you haven’t been on the block we’ve all done it
Mark – they are already rallying down there.. I heard them going it’s not over yet
James – look Omarossa is the next threat no question
Mark – no doubt
James – if we’re getting Brandi out why bother pissing Omarosa off and why start drama and why give them a chance to rally
Mark – they are going to rally .. it’ll be 2 to 1 we’ll lose
James – they have personal reason to get Omarosa out
Mark – so do we.. we’re done.. end of story..
james – done

MArk – I’m going to entertain all ideas and not commit to anything
James – sure
Mark – I won’t tell her till Friday.. got it
James – we don’t need to talk about it again
Mark – I love Marissa but it’ll be sulk city here for the next 2 days. Plus she’ll over think it, panic and cry
James – do the same bullshit they did to us.. say In don’t want to talk game today
James – just say I’m taking the day off game I don’t want to talk about it
James – they did that to us so much
Mark – I’ll entertain everyone ONCE.. they’re already rallying down there

They talk about how much they want Brandi out
James – I feel like a rat in a maze.

Mark – I got you.. we came in here thinking the same game.
James wants “so bad” for the two of them to be sitting final 2
Mark – i’m telling you if you are next to me in the finals I like your chances. cause people respect your game
James – you too
Mark – I’m a harmless guy,..
James points out a good thing about keeping Ari around is if she wins Head of household she’s taking out Omarossa
Mark – they’re going to take each other out

Mark – I’m telling you, If Ross or Marissa win I don’t know how safe you are
James – we have this alliance
Mark – I know but they are going to want to win dude if they have a shot they are going to want to take it
James – dude if they blow… I already gave Ross an HOH
Mark – I understand .. that was yesterday’s news though. When it’s the 5 of us fighting it’ll be dog eat dog
Jam es- Ross is going after Omarossa before me
Mark – we’ll see.. I hope so
Jam es – i don’t think Ross and MArissa will do that as people.. I know it’s a game and they’re allowed to.. That would be so shady after all the stuff I’ve done for them. (HAHAHAH)
James thinks Ross is truthful when he says he doesn’t think he’ll win against a girl
James – he gets it
mark – he’s right..
They agree to remind Ross about this.

Mark thinks the only girl that will vote a guy to win would be omarossa
James disagrees brings up the time Omraorssa said there’s no way “someone with a d1ck” is winning
James brings up Shannon might be the one that will throw them a vote because “she’s mad”

James warns him to make it very clear to Marissa that she isn’t going home she’s the pawn.
Mark – it’s a team play, James has already gone up Ross has gone up.. it’s good for you (LOL it’s good for you)

James – I just can’t wait for brandi to leave this house..
Mark thinks tonight will be turned up
James – i’m going to hide the alcohol if I see it

James starts talking about when he gets out “Pilot Season” starts and he’s already been talking to people.
Mark mentions how different the show is than what they play on TV.

(James of course wears compression pants when working out )

7:52pm Ross and MArissa
Ross – I feel awful
Marissa – of course I want Omarossa over Brandi but I don’t want to go before her
Ross – I never heard them talk about putting you up
Marissa – I think they will
Ross – that would be a big surprise to me because when I asked Mark who goes up
Marissa – right
Ross – if they win the veto he said.. omarossa
Marissa – but then they want Brandi to go?
Ross – yes
Marissa – how do we vote for Brandi to go?
Ross – I know
Ross – we can tell them we can’t and they break the tie
Marissa – it wouldn’t be a tie it would be, me, you and Ari

Ross – ohh shit..
Marissa – that is why I assumed they are going to put me up no question
Ross – you need to talk to them
MArissa – I don’t want to go home though
Ross – oh my god no
Ross – we need to tell them they don’t have the votes to get out Brandi and if they put up you they lose you
Marissa – they will, I mean they might not.. You don’t vote for me right…
Ross – I will never vote for you (to go)
Marissa adds that James will vote for her to stay and Ari/Omarossa will vote for her to go.
They agree omarossa going up means she might be evicted Marissa going up means Brandi goes.
Marissa is nervous, “James might change”
Ross – what and keep Brandi
Marissa – no..

9:07pm Ross and Brandi

Ross says he doesn’t want to lose a friendship because of the game.
Brandi says he wonb’t

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9:15pm The house guests are all hanging out in the living room. Omarosa is scratching records. They play truth or dare. Ari – is it true that you are not only gay, you are straight in the big brother house? Ross – the truth is yes. Outside of this house I live myself as a gay man. But inside this house I have lived a lie. I’ve been presenting myself as a straight male. The bottle lands on Ari. Ari says she wants a dare. Ross – make me straight again. Ari – I’ll make you straight … later.

10pm Bedroom. Ross and Marissa. Marissa – Brandi listening at the door. What is that about!? Ross – she said I knew you wouldn’t keep the final 2 .. you won’t have my vote at the end. Marissa – I’ll let Ari know that she made a final two with you. I will. Want me to? Ross – no.

10:10pm They head out into the backyard and sit around the fire pit chatting.

11:30pm – 11:50pm Backyard. James – Team Maslow is still here. Omarosa – you could make a good appeal for the end. James – yeah, mine is kind of obvious. People have been gunning for me since day 1. Mark – people have been gunning for me since day 1. I’ve had to fight for everything I’ve gotten. And I’m here. You’ve got to respect my game at least. I’ve played with integrity and with heart. I’ve won competitions, I’ve won POV’s, I’ve given people HOH’s. James – I’ve given more. Omarosa – that is going to be a bitter a$$ jury. Mark – no matter what you say or do their mins were made up the second they went in there. Omarosa – its a popularity contest. James – I’ve been batting from behind since day 1. Some people are able to adapt. I just rub people the wrong way.

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Thanks, i hadn’t watched it yet.




I hate it win people ruin a show I have DVR’d to watch on the weekend to find out the finale.


Seriously you had to know Cody/Jess TAR spoilers might be on a BB site the next day.


It wasn’t the next day a$$***e. It was an hour after the show aired. Don’t twist it for as***es who ruin peoples’ shows

Crybaby much?

Wah, wah…….Blankie coming your way…The good guys won, you should be happy…


what a douche. Why spoil it for people who haven’t seen it. What’s in it for someone do that. Even so. It was a great episode. Lots of suspense.


Gee sorry idiots. Maybe i should’ve put a heading entitled ***TAR SPOILERS*** before i said the results


Yep, karma blessing Cody and Jessica for all shiite that was hurled their way during the worst season of BB. CBS brought them on again for ratings, but never expected them to win the Amazing Race….The way the both Cody and Jessica handled themselves during the entire race was very classy in a high pressure environment. This is why the haters (most the left loving liberals) hate them, because they good people to the core….


Love they won amazing race pretty hard task. They make a great team. Good luck guys ya earned it . Jess you are a catch


Thanks, a$$hole, I hadn’t watched it yet.


who just the amazing race?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are Celebrity twists more famous than regular BB twists ?

Let me guess. Paul came in second Bwahahahahahahahahahaha


Absolutely, full stop.


I’ve never watched Amazing Race but now I’m starting to get all tinfoil hat-like…could it have been a set up? I still don’t care about the couple but it seems sketchy.


So based on zero actual knowledge you just assume things are a setup. Hmmm …


Welcome to the internet. Everyone’s an expert.


Yes, it shows you have never watched…This isn’t BB Larry.

The Beef

Mark and James seem to be thinking very clearly right now. When Ari takes herself down, Mark can put up either Marissa or Ross, and pretty much assure that Brandi goes home. The one thing he can’t do is put up Asthmarosa, as Ross, Marissa, and Ari would vote her out in a heartbeat over Brandi, and then the lines would be drawn with the four women against the two men, and only James can play against the four in the next HOH. Glad to see those guys have it figured out!


Mark is thinking very clearly…James not so much. He honestly trusts Ross and Marissa, which is just delusional. It’s the end of the game. Final 7 means you only need HOH and 2 votes for control and any alliance bigger than 3 after that requires 1 person to be a goof, a patsy. Mark gets it, that at Final 6 you need a solid partner and an add on you know will take you over the partner…and for him it’s with James and Ross. He knows that final 3 guarantees him final. Marissa gets it too and for her Ross and Ari assure her in final 2.

Ross seemingly can’t count votes, yet is still trying to orchestrate. He just needs to go along to get along because even though he wanted Brandi in final 3, he can’t save her and HAS to adapt and just work for Omarossa to be EVERYBODY’S next target…then ideally, Ari takes out James and Mark takes out Ari. That puts Ross in the best final 3 spot, but I think he mistakenly thinks it’s with Ari rather than Mark.

Ari takes Marissa, not him. It’ll be real interesting to see how Mark pitches the “a guy can’t beat a girl” to Ross because it’s incredibly important to sell this and to make sure Ross hears it from him, not James…because Mark needs Ross to think they’d be final 2 of that 3. Maybe Ross realizes Mark is his Brandi replacement.

Ari was brilliant last night, just putting her head down as Brandi sealed her fate…and she’s been great all game,

Botox Pelosi

How about putting up Ross or Marissa and vote out one of their sorry Master Splinter looking asses.


Yes Ross is a creep got someone fired on tonight show because he didn’t like them by blaming them for something he did. Merissa is sneaky disloyal kinda lousy at everything equally constantly claims kinship w other women but had her chance with the women that did compete and chose Ross over them it’s reugnant the way she is so pushy with her opinion as if no one else is as pure she is. Icky in addition Ross and she are totally disparaging if all the other contestants. I hope anyone but those two win I use to like Ross but have changed my opinion of him.


Its a liberal trait…..


Ok….who’s gonna pull Omarosa in????? Will she go for Mark & James because Ross nominated her….or will she stick with Marissa & Ari (the girls) even tho she thinks Ross is with them????

Sorry Ross…….you’ve just lost the “middle of the road” & Omarosa has that lane now.

I can’t believe they want to get Omarosa out on the double. She’s perfect to have next to you in the end. Who’s gonna vote for her???? Metta & Keisha, maybe, but that’s all.

Friday’s double should be good. All depends on who wins the next HOH.

Really like the pace of this season. They should all be like this.

Shannon for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Botox Pelosi

I’m voting Shannon for AFP too.


Metta actually said he would vote for Ross. During his exit interview, he said Shannon was his favorite, but Julie reminded him he would have to vote based upon who is still in the house and that was when he named Ross.


Omarossa- for AFP why? Because she is Americas favorite person to talk about and hate. Lol
So she got my vote. But wait she don’t care, I think I read she was the highest paid 200K
She don’t even care. Lol


If she starts telling another stupid WH story I’m changing the channel for a few minutes. Don’t care about anything she has to say, it’s just dead airtime.


Love that thete are no showmances this time around. Made the game play alot better.

Too shy or too wise

I sensed some chemistry between James and Ari the entire game…but they’re both too shy haha.

Marissa's Mole

No showmances but Ross and Omarosa love themselves.


Because those one would think would be 1 half of a showmance are already married (and actually have respect for their spouses)


James IS a “d bag”. Brandi was right on with why James gave the hoh to Mark. If these guys can’t handle a woman speaking the truth, they’re bigger whimps than they appear. Hint-if you say you’re being the “bigger person”, you can bet your ass you aren’t.


Brandi is just mad because her 6min couldn’t come close to their 1min. Who cares if James gave it to Mark. Brandi is a B**** that still can’t get over her ex and taking it out on James.


While it is true that James handed the HOH to Mark on a silver platter, let’s not forget he did the same thing for Ross, using the same platter. For Ross, it was to show good faith with Shannon, who had orchestrated the whole scheme. For Mark, it was because he wanted to be able to compete in the final HOH. Has Brandi forgotten that part about Ross’s win? Ross bragged about that victory as though he thought he had actually triumphed over James. The fact is, James wore himself out waiting for Ross to catch up and win. No shame in timing your victories. Just ask Mark, who bided his time for most of the season while other HGs got their hands dirty. It’s just too bad that James still hasn’t caught on to the duplicitous nature of his two buddies, Ross and Marissa. He thinks winning the final HOH would be nice. In truth, he had BETTER win it, or he could well be the next one hailing a cab/ booking a limo for jury duty.


I’m glad they aren’t thinking of putting up Omarosa and putting up Ross or Marissa it pretty much guarantees Brandi is going home and it’ll least give James a fair chance this upcoming double if they decide to pull in Omarosa (which would be very smart at this point) he won’t be alone in trying to win HOH vs Having to face Ross,Ari,Marissa,and Brandi for HOH because if Omarosa wins HOH she’s not going after James and Mark which would be in their best interest at this point they can’t rely on Ross and Marissa no more .


Completely agree that no showmances has really made this feel different in a good way. I didn’t mind a showmance when it felt real and not just made for tv. This group Actually feels more like what I want to see on big brother. Different ages. No showmances. Just gameplay. Rooting for Mark and James. They both seem to be a little naive regarding Ross and Marissa. But hopefully James can win the next HOH. I’m afraid if a female is in the final they will win. Only because Omarosa will pitch the girl power and the other girls will chime in and the girl will win. Just because they are a girl. Not because it was deserved.

Double D

No ZINGBOT for CBB? What a bummer. Would love to have heard the Zings.

Omarosa…Donald Trump just tweeted. You’re still fired…Zing


James and Mark – trying to make themselves pure victims of Brandi that’s rich!
Brandi calling out bull shit of these people is TV gold! Watching Mark almost swallow
his face when Brandi asked -face to face – him if this “throwing” of HOH – TV Gold.

Meanwhile the “men” – so wimpy – slam/bitch about Brandi behind her back. and that is preferrable to
face to face – for BBC?



The comp throw was strategy and the rest is that they don’t want to engage in a shouting match with a “lady”. Also Brandi fishing for information is about the clumsiest thing I’ve ever seen.


how manly is it to bitchslap a woman behind her back? Brandi was outting James and Mark’s final 2 plan and Mark failed – hope he doesn’t play poker.

Brandi is on her way out and she knows it –

Ari used the veto on herself ( smartest move)
Mark put up Marissa (poor Marissa believes she is not in danger)
And Omarossa is still there


this morning, Marissa came up from behind and hugged Brandi. Brandi said ‘oh you’re so quiet.’
Probably the first time anyone has said that to Marissa… or there you have it folks, Brandi’s tranquilizers have kicked in, and she’s having one hell of a trip.

Duck Lips is trashy

Brandi is known for having no filter….also for causing drama. There is a reason many people turn their back on her bc she targets someone to humiliate or trash in public for shock & awe just to keep herself relevant . I don’t find her enjoyable to watch, half the time her fake lips don’t move and it’s distracting.Brandi knows she’s on this show to cause drama…..James is her target bc she likes pushing buttons to see how far she can go and he really wasn’t familiar with her in the beginning..she’s a bitter middle aged woman… I can see why her husband left her for that squinty eyed singer


Not a Brandi fan, in fact i’m often confused when they say plastic doesn’t biodegrade, and then say Brandi is 44. BUT, it would be interesting to know if pre-feeds James was as much of an egomaniac in the first week as others have been saying. We got a few seconds of him being very self centred on the first episode, did it end there? This is something I’d like to know, because once someone plays the bully card on big brother, I want all the receipts so I can judge for myself. Was Brandi just Brandi, or did James act like a complete jerk as a first impression? Or is there a combination of the two? Stupid no feeds first weeks. Always leads to questions.


James was a totally arrogant a$$hole the first week. I’m pretty laid back, but he even managed to get to me too. He made himself such an easy target for Brandi.

Mark has balls

Atta boy, Mark! Megaphone-Mouth Marissa just named as re-nom,,, maybe this’ll shut her up for a few minutes! Glad he didn’t fall for their BS to put Omarosa up….. hope Mark tells Omarosa how much the other side wants to get rid of her. If Mark & James we’re smart, they’d lock up a F3 with her and and take out the others… would LOVE to see Ross pee his pants if Marissa got voted out over Botox Brandi

Those guys

James/mark are playing nice guys for television.
OPTICS ya know.
As for Brandi and James,They’re both at fault.
She needles him.
He’s a thin-skinned.
Both are narssicistic.


Brandi has a very long and documented history of being a vile person…This is not disputable based on both video and audio recordings.


Do you have a cat Simon?


Nice, hope they are all well.


I think Brandy crushed on James but knows he would never like her. She acts like a 6th grader over him.


Brandi is a wounded spirit with poor coping skills. She uses alcohol to ease her pain and lashes out at people whom she either perceives as weak or whom she is reasonably certain will not fight back. She ends up in tears when she miscalculates and pokes the wrong bear. This is the plight of the bully. Brandi doesn’t feel good about herself and lacks a socially acceptable means to express her frustration. Wish her well, or pray for her, or hold a good thought for her and send it out into the universe…


Fantasy Scenario:
Marissa and Brandi are on the block.
Ari and Ross vote to evict Brandi.
James and Mark get a clue and realize the danger in keeping Marissa. Omarosa provides a much-needed tutorial on all of the ways in which Marissa needs to be surgically removed from Ross’s left hip.
James and Mark set aside their personal feelings about Brandi for the sake of the game.
James and Omarosa vote to evict Marissa!!
Mark breaks the tie and Marissa is evicted.
Ari and Brandi finally catch on that Ross is playing both sides of the house and turn on him.
No matter who wins HOH (James? Ari? Brandi? Omarosa?), Ross goes up on the block (FINALLY).
And no matter who sits next to him, Ross is the target.
James/ Mark wins the POV. Ross is evicted!
There is finally a level playing field wherein it is anybody’s guess who has the votes to win. Ross is no longer running the show and all of the votes he would have had get redistributed.


Oh yes please Talker!

Girl Power

Why oh why didn’t the women continue to work together to evict the men one by one? They had the numbers! Is it the pettiness? The jealousy? The power grab? I’m so disappointed in the female species right now 🙁