Tom Strikes Back “I’m commencing operation DON’T F*** WITH ME..”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


1:50AM Alec and Peter

Having a discussion about what to do when Tom starts talking about the quattro and throwing them under the bus. Peter says if he Tom outs the quatrro they will turn on him publically. Peter and Alec agree they will go to Emmett and tell him about the entire Gary plan. Alec asks Peter if he’s talking game to liza. Peter says no, Alec: “From now on we tell Talla and Aj that Liza is gone”
Peter brings up that he had a long talk to Jillian today, it was the first time they talked real game since being in the house. Peter: “She’s not very trusting of Gary at all.. and she’s onboard with getting Gary out… She’ll do whatever Emmett says”

Peter mentions if Liza wins HOH she has nobody here except for himself. He will be very influential in her nominations.

Alec is worried that Tom is going to lose his sh!t tomorrow when the Veto isn’t used.


2:00AM HOH Peter, Topaz, Gary and Alec

They are worried that Talla would save liza. Peter says that Tom is threatening him to get Alec to use the POV. Gary calls Tom the dumbest player in Big Brother History. Peter calls him the worst HOH in history because he put 3 people up and none of them went home. Suzette comes up and says that Tom and Liza are “haveing $x” Gary races downstairs to see whats going on..

2:14AM Gary telling Suzette he’s gotta take a poo ( WTF why does he take his pants down in the hallway)


2:15AM Bedroom Liza and Tom
Tom: “I’m commencing operation DON’T FUCK WITH ME.. water bottle gone.. (Tosses it under petes bed) He also took her shoes and tucked them underneath her sheets. Tomorrow he’s going to throw out her food and hide her bandanna. He’s thinking it will totally throw her off her game. He’s just got to be careful because Gary’s HOH camera. Liza says Topaz is ready to burst, Tom: “Not going to damage anything personal.. but things are going to be misplaced.. BIAM SON” Tom now is planning on the next time Topaz puts a load of wash in he’s going to cancel it.

Liza tells him things that you can get away with in the house, “you can’t flush a ring down the toilet but you can hit clothes”. She starts to reference what people have done in other seasons and have gotten away with them. Tom says he’s going to f**k with people a lot.

Liza says Topaz is ready to burst, Tom: “Not going to damage anything personal.. but things are going to be misplaced.. BIAM SON”

( Tom comments before this conversation that someone in the bedroom farted really bad.. it was Gary )


2:40AM Alec, Tom and Aj Chatting They ask Tom if he was having sex with Liza. Aj mentions it was Suzette telling everyone. Tom says he was just wrestling Liza.. He thinks Suzette was the one that farted in the bedroom and wanted to leave the scene of the crime.

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Sir Peanut

Fricken AJ needs to just Shut Up!


honestly ths week changed my opion of tom, i really like him alot more then ever and its dumb that he and liza are nominated, gary made the worst descion ever, he should have stayed wit tom,tom saved him, like a snake they always bite u ah, out of the qoutra perter and tom are my favorite, i hope iza wins hoh, itll be a mental one and i hope to go either aec or emmett leave, then tala wins hoh, lol hopefully that happens crossing fingers, im hoping fr a huge blowup today. shits about to hit the fan, i really want tom to spil the beans to everyone about the alliance. that cn be hi fighting chance to stay


I was laughing so hard last night when I heard Tom trying to get Gary to save him and put up AJ or Suzette or Topaz to save Liza. She’s a sweetheart. ROFLMAO!! No, she isn’t. She seems to have some succubus power over some of those guys, especially Tom. Peter seems to still trust her and I think Andrew does too. She will be the end of their game if they don’t wake up and distance themselves from her. As much as I don’t like her, I have to hand it to her. She is not that attractive, not sexy, not femme fatal, so kudos to her for making it work so far. My respect for Emmett has grown since last nights show. He reacted like a nice guy would when the accidental cheating was revealed. Tom was the one that acted up the most. Now Tom wants to go Hantz on the HG and I will laugh when he gives them the valid reasons for voting him out before jury. He thought he had it all figured out, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when even his bros vote him out!


There was noooo accidental cheating, they all discussed it after the competition and Jillian told Emmett to shut up and don’t talk about it. Emmett was palming the balls purposely so that nobody would see them and Alec outright said that he was putting balls in Emmetts tank and said that he was going to try and cheat on every competition from now on. Jillian’s face said it all when they showed the pictures of their cheating, I’ve never seen anybody show more guilt in lying on their face. They all thought that there would be no repercussions like last week when they all cheated and prediscussed firstly that they were going to all pick “A” and secondly they could all see each others answers on the black glass in front of them. Big Brother US has had constant cheating at competitions over the years, it is nice to see that they are finally doing something about it! Good job BBC!!!!!


AJ is just trying so hard to be accepted by “the cool guy” i.e. Tom. The joke’s on him because Tom is definitely NOT “the cool guy”!!!