Todrick WON HOH! Lamar “I think him and Miesha want it more than us.”

Last EVICTED HG: Carson

Head Of Household Winner: Todrick
Nominations: Lamar and Todd
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

Double Eviction on Monday

Todrick nominated Todd & Lamar. If either of them win the veto he will put up Cynthia. Todd is the target this week but if he can’t get out Todd he wants to get out Lamar.

11:52pm The Live feeds return. The house guest are talking about the HOH competition. It was an individual timed comp. Todrick did it in the fastest time and won HOH.

1:26am Bathroom. Todd and Lamar.
Todd – they won, we’re definitely in trouble. I don’t care though. Lamar – no I don’t care. Todd – it doesn’t matter what happens to me. I’m just tired. Lamar – I don’t mind competing but when you’re playing against a team that really really want it more than you. It will show up in the long run. Todd – I could have won. Lamar – I think him and Miesha want it more than us. You feel me!? And I ain’t mad at that. Todd – they’ll probably get rid of me because I can win competitions. They’ll get rid of me. I’m close to them, I’m right on their heels. I’ll probably be gone next week. Lamar – who will they put up? Todd – probably me and you or me and Miesha because they’re not afraid of Cynthia. I think she got one right. Lamar – that’s fu*ked up. Todd – Na in the taste test. Its going to be me. I’m the public enemy number one! I’m scary because you never know what you’re going to get out of me.

1:50am – 2:45am Cards, cards and more cards.

2:46am Todrick comes out of the diary room. “Who wants to see my HOH room!!!” They all head up to the HOH room and check out his room, photos and letter. Miesha – how does it feel. Todrick – it feels the same .. I just really really wanted to get a letter from my family. And I got a video today and then the letter .. it makes this whole experience worth while and I am glad I get to do it right before the final push. They all congratulate him on his win.

2:56am – 3:28am HOH room. Miesha and Todrick.
Miesha – I am so happy for you. You deserve this. Todrick – as the biggest big brother fan in the world.. Miesha – this is everything right!? Todrick – you’re not obsessed with this game as much as I am but like this is like the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Miesha – I love it. Todrick – And I’m sure I’ll be passing the baton right back to you. Miesha – yeah I’ll be waiting behind you. Todrick – can you believe this? Miesha – its perfect.. so literally perfect! Todrick – I know! Miesha – it could not have worked out better! Todrick – and if we win that veto?! Miesha – yeah. Todrick – I am really excited to be in here but I am already thinking about how tomorrow I’ll have to I have to make nominations and that’s already stressing me out. Miesha – welcome to the position. Todrick – and now its like you have to nominate 50% of the house at this point. I already know what I need to do so at least that’s easy and I don’t have 11 people to choose from. You’re going up… just joking. Miesha – I’m like oh damn! Ok, let me go pack my bags! There is a blessing and a curse to winning it later in the game .. Its nice that this is kind of clear cut, you know what I mean? At least its not confusing at this point. Imagine if you had like 4 Cynthia’s left. Todrick – you can tell they really wanted to win when they went in there. Game face on. Miesha – I don’t know why they waited till this point in the game to play hard. They really should have been playing with Todd and trying to not get put up. Like they came swinging a little too late. Todrick – Cynthia was really disappointed I think. Miesha – yeah but I also think she understood. Todrick – understood what?! Todrick laughs. Miesha – I think she understood.. Todrick – understood that she didn’t understand. I think we’re going to make it to the end. Miesha – I’m pretty sure, yeah. If you’re going to put Todd and Lamar up… if Todd wins the veto.. Todrick – I would put Cynthia up and just send Lamar home. I am hoping that Todd just doesn’t do well in whatever the veto is. Miesha – yeah.

2:06pm – 3:06pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

As HOH, Todrick nominated Todd and Lamar for eviction.

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another name

The HOH was Lamar and Cynthia vs. Todrick and Miesha.
Anyone surprised by the results? I mean… literally shits the bed and comp-wise figuratively shits the bed vs. the Gruesomes.
No shock there.
If Weirdly and Creepella were to make it to the finals? I’d be more likely to support her than him.
Actually… I’d be more likely to support anyone than him. And that’s saying something. On a game play perspective I should support him more than the others… I mean Cynthia and Lamar aren’t even coasters… they’re anchors. But I’m so put off by Todrick that I’d support anyone against him. Heck, I’d even call back Sarabeth as a ringer and vote for her. And I said that shit.



Honestly, I never believed Carson was that naive — rather, I felt like TPTB made them keep Miesha & take out Shanna. He must’ve said at least 10 times “well – you two have made it clear & IF YOU’RE TELLING THE TRUTH IT WILL BE VERIFIED IN THE CLIPS OF THE SHOW”. The fact he kept saying that over and over again was the hint for me he knew something was askew. He also made a point of telling Todd yesterday that Todrick went back on his word to protect him.

Carson is still taking the high road in his exit interviews (very on brand). He’s apologizing to Shanna – said that was his biggest mistake & he feels terrible about it. He also is saying he was naive b/c he thought since they are all celebrities they would play with more transparency & blames himself for not having a better understanding of Big Brother AND in believing Todrick’s lies.

One example of what he’s saying now regarding Todrick’s game play & TM’s lies to him:
I didn’t hear a lot of the personal things because I wasn’t in close quarters with him. He was up in that HoH room with Miesha all the time so I missed a lot of that. I will say though that the overreaching thing I feel about him is that I’m disappointed because you can play the game without personal attacks. You can still play the game with a little bit of class and not make it personal. I guess I’ve learned my lesson. They (Todrick and Miesha) both lied to us in such a bold-faced way. They said they had integrity but they obviously didn’t,” said a crestfallen Carson.

Remember – Carson had that chat with Todrick about how he needed to be careful about his brand – so undoubtedly Carson already knows that Todrick sank very low & even made comments about Carson although he has tried to clean those up recently. Carson’s point about “we all work together” could have some far-reaching effects b/c unlike Todrick – Carson does have an excellent reputation. Didn’t Todrick imply Carson screwed him over with working on Rupaul’s Drag Race? If that statement was made I’m sure it’s not true but Todrick is likely to find himself in a position where Carson WON’T be too keen to help him in the future.

As for the Shanna back stab, Carson is OWNING it & apologizing & to your point it’s doubtful Todrick gets his vote NO MATTER WHO he sits beside…

“Todrick and Miesha did a wonderful job of making us think that she was playing both sides and there was probably a kernel of truth to that, in that she had talked to them about a final four with her and Chris Kirkpatrick…..Carson deeply regrets taking the word of his two biggest enemies, rivals in the house over Shanna’s. “We should have never believed them. It makes no sense to think that the people that were trying to get you out of the house all this time are now telling us the truth but it made sense at the time.,,I trusted somebody’s words over somebody’s actions. That was a huge mistake and that responsibility lay squarely on my shoulders. I want to apologize to Shanna a million times because what we did was not right,” said Carson shaking his head with regret.

And confirmation of how he’ll vote ….
Carson says the lessons he learned in the house will play into his final decision.I want to vote for who played the game with grace and integrity. A competitive spirit is very important and I totally respect that but playing with a sportsman-like attitude is very important to me too,”

So, yeah Todrick is in for a BIG surprise – b/c I don’t think he’s fully put it together yet.

another name

has he looked at who is left in the house? Where is he going to fnd the Darwinian Unicorn to give his vote?
I mean, grace and integrity he might find. but grace, integrity and played the game?

Joey Teleprompter McMumbles

I’m just glad that Carson has left us.

another name

You make it sound like when they voted him out, Julie killed him.

Hunter's Pipe



He won’t – there isn’t a combo of all those dynamics – but it’s setting up his vote for Miesha over Todrick in advance if that’s where it ends up.


If there’s anything worse than a floater, that is Lamar. At least Cynthia has tried at playing the game. Lamar is just… there

another name

I have no issue with a classic floater (plays the game by being good with both sides of the house, thus able to keep themselves off the block by always being on the side of whoever is in HOH, and controls all of the flow of information each side has). It’s actually one of the most difficult strategies to do well.
I think coasters aren’t really playing, they just think they are. Remove all of the actual action a floater takes, and remove all strategic difficulty from a floater’s game: that’s a coaster.
Then there’s the Lamar type. The anchor. They’re just sitting there at the bottom, doing nothing, with no illusion that they are even playing.

All Hail Pres Joe

And THAT’S a wrap. Also, Shanna’s photo on here needs to go black and white. For a minute I thought she came back on a battle back. That would be great! Ha ha.

Dementia Joe

That was scary Dawg.


VETO is the only thing that matters at this point. And on another note, watched yesterday’s episode and it was boring and a total waste. All the time that they spent talking to Jerry O’Connell and other things used to fill in the episode could have been better spent by letting us see another HOH play out.


Veto is the only thing that matters when they’re at final 4, but now at final 5 if Todd, Lamar and Cynthia could work together to get the one of them that isnt on the block the veto, then they could use it and Todd would be forced to nom Meisha, and vote her out

10% For The Big Guy

You’re right but either way Todd or Lamar are toast.


I could have went all season without Jerry O’Connell’s opinion. He was very pro Todrick, he said him and his kids attend all of Todrick shows. That explains why Jerry gives me creep vibes! JS


Just wondering if Todrick wins the final HOH will he take Miesha. I honestly think that he would cut her at this point. Either way it goes, I think he will lose because the jury just may be a little bitter against him. I do believe that Miesha will take Todrick to the F2, I think she knows that she can beat him in the votes.

Hunter's Pipe

He would have to know that if he cut Miesha at that point that he would be a lock to win.


I really don’t believe he would have the jury votes to win


It would be comical if Todrick, Miesha, and Cynthia are in the F3 and Todrick wins final HOH and takes Cynthia over Miesha and he loses to Cynthia!

Hunter's Pipe

Cynthia is the new Victoria.


Lol, the former “ Cookout “ now being called “ Todrick’s Tenants “ …. even some of them are lobbying to vote Lamar for AFP , not their landlord…… Shanna has my vote for AFP bc she was screwed by Dumb & Dumber


This is not a good version of Celebrity Big Brother. Misha/Toddeick bullying tactics not great viewing.


How hilarious is it that Cynthia is making fun of Lamar not knowing how Big Brother works?

Talk about the blind leading the blind!


I’m not sure if it was talked about here, and if so forgive me. A question I have is: since it’s an even # of houseguest that vote this time due to Chris Kattan leaving, does the audience vote in case of a tie? This has happened twice I believe… if so, let’s hope if Todrick is in the final 2 chairs the viewers have a hand in anyone else winning but him!