Todd Wins HOH! Cynthia “After getting rid of miss thing, my work is done here.”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Todd
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

11:30pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH competition. When the feeds return we learn that Todd won HOH. He has the HOH key around his neck. Carson – I didn’t pay my bill when I was up there (HOH room) so you might get a notice. Todd – what happened. Carson – yeah, I was like f**k it! I’m moving. Todd – that is just wrong. Todd – that is just wrong. You know they’re going to charge me for it. Carson – yeah but its worth it. Cynthia – I have to say its kind of a cool vibe in the house now game aside. I looking for it to just play out now. Todd – yeah. Carson – when we have had to vote people out its been almost unanimous.

12:20am Kitchen – Carson and Cynthia.
Carson – we might be in trouble now that Todd has won. I was like are you kidding me?! But its okay. Cynthia – you know what.. I am fine. Like I could go. Carson – I am totally fine with it too. Cynthia – after getting rid of miss thing, my work is done here. I am so fine. I am good. Carson – I would love it if we could go on a double elimination together. We had a good run. Cynthia – yeah. I’m starting to wonder if all this is worth it. I am at peace now. I almost can’t take anything else. Carson – that was such a stressful day. Cynthia – it makes me sad that it ended that way with her. Like were we crazy. Carson – and its also a game leave with some dignity.

1am Lamar and Todrick in their punishment costumes. They have to be attached to each other. Todrick – that’s the part I am not super thrilled about because I want to be able to go where I want to go. Lamar – where do you want to go!? Todrick – just go hang out with her. I want to sleep in other rooms.

3am Todd gets his HOH room.

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Welp the game was good for a little while but with Shanna going there are only two people who even know how this sh*t works and clearly are going to be the final 2.

Carson and Cynthia are unofficial members of FOUTTE with how big of an idiot each of them are… Rockstar and Fessy would be proud. :p

It’s really quite astounding.

Props to Toddrick but I still hope Meisha wins.

Shanna for AFP. That would be a GIANT FU to everyone left in the house and signal that she was wrongly backdoored.


Yeah, I tweeted something similar last night but went for individuals instead of FOUTTE:

The only thing that would’ve made this worth the (there was a box of popcorn emoji here) is if Shanna exits by saying Carson/Cynthia — I mean Luwan & Marcellas – no seriously Cynthia stick to gullible b/c integrity & loyalty are clearly words beyond your realm of understanding.


Sadly, they wouldn’t understand the reference but Toddrick would and probably would have laughed.


So Todrick is talking Todd into putting Lamar up and so far he has agreed to it and Todd told Lamar that he would put him up. I think that it’s a disservice to the fans for CBS to put Celebrities on the show that know absolutely nothing about the game to compete with Celebrities that know everything about the game. Todrick convinced Todd that putting Lamar up is good game play. Smh

Backseat Driver

At this point I don’t think Lamar gives a rats ass if he goes home!


Lamar doesn’t care – as long as nobody cuts his fingernails which seem to be his favorite snack.

Aunt Fester

In the diary room to vote, Lamar was oblivious to Julie asking him to vote and more than once. He was too busy chewing on his nails and spitting them on the couch and then picking it up before flicking it! Does Lamar now sleep with Depends?


I know right! All he wants to do is be with Khloe

Aunt Fester

She needs to be working on that restraining order NOW!

another name

Lamar pauses to eat a couple of his own fingers on a live show.
Lamar’s partner in the game wins HOH.
Lamar is going on the block with either Cynthia or Carson?

Lesson: Don’t make Chenbot look stupid and useless on live tv…. she doesn’t need the help.


Im not sure I even want to finish the season. Todrick is officially my least favorite player – right up there with Frankie and Mickie… PAINFUL to watch

Aunt Fester

Todrick is gonna self combust. Hope there’s a fire extinguisher close.

Alycia K Shelton

He’s so weak for that,these betas always target Women?


Why is it after 50 years of Big Brother, are people going in the game saying they want to be surrounded by honest people? It’s a game!!! It’s not real life! You go there to lie, cheat and manipulate to get ahead


Did Todd get some letters from The Big House?