Celebrity Big Brother 3 – Todd to Lamar “Alright, you’re going up homie!”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Todd
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

Nominations are Today: Todd plans to put up Lamar and Carson

9:50am Living Room – Todd and Todrick.
Todrick – I hate that I’ve got to do this today. They don’t even give us a day to rest do they?! Todrick – well you’re dealing with the two most mature people in the game that are playing the game based on loyalty. The fact that you’re even considering putting up putting Lamar up that was your closest ally in the house is a very very gracious move. I think that everyone would understand that. But if you put Cynthia and Carson up the people at home might wonder well why isn’t he putting Lamar up because they’re not going to know that Lamar is like campaigning to go home. It might look weird to them but to save the energy in the house …they don’t have to understand. You can explain in your diary room. Like Lamar’s got one foot out the door. We love Cynthia. Like Lamar doesn’t even really want to be in the game. Its hard for him to even decide who he wants to send home. He doesn’t really know what’s happening in the game. Todd – but you know we got to win that veto! Todrick – oh I know! Well even worst case scenario Carson wins and we send Lamar home because.. you know .. its a win / win situation. Todd – yeah that’s true. It is, it is. You’re absolutely right about that. Todd – and I think there’s no hard feelings. Putting Lamar up there shows good faith that.. Lamar comes out of the diary room and the conversation ends.

9:54am Living Room – Lamar, Todd and Todrick.
The feeds return from being blocked. Todrick – I think you’re good. Todd – yeah I think that’s what I’ll do. Todrick – you’re not backdooring anybody. Nothing shady is happening this week like last week. The last two evictions have been like oh my gosh. Like you’re doing something straight up. Its what everyone would expect and respect and that’s the way to do it. I am telling you to absolve you of any stress… they would expect that. The only thing is since you’re not putting her up … make sure that we’re very very aligned because obviously you know where me and Miesha’s vote will lie. Todd – well either way it would be a tie. Worst case scenario its a tie and then I can break it. Todrick – well it won’t be a tie. Three people won’t be able to vote and three people will vote. Todd – ohh!! Alright, you (Lamar) are going up homie! Lamar – when are they doing that? Today? Todd nods. Lamar – they don’t give you no rest! Todrick figures the veto will be tomorrow. Lamar – so the person that wins the veto, what do they got to do? Todd – if they’re on the block, they can come off. Todrick – they have to choose the person that’s going to come off the block. Like how I saved Todd the other day. And then the Head of Household replaces that person. Lamar – Hmmm.

11:48am Bathroom – Miesha, Todd, Todrick and Lamar.
Miesha – I don’t know if I would even say not going to take Cynthia out or whatever just because they might assume maybe take Lamar out. You don’t want to make them think that right?! Todd – well they don’t have enough (votes) to take Lamar out. Miesha – yeah that’s true. Todd – if he is on the block, he can’t vote right… but if he wins the veto he can. If I say if you pull yourself down, I am going to have to put Cynthia up and she is going to have to go home. Is that a better way of saying it? Miesha – yeah.

11:55am Bedroom – Carson and Cynthia.
Carson – Todd told me he is going to put me up. Cynthia – he told you? Carson – he came and told me just now .. he was super nice about it. YOu’re not going to be put up, which is great! Cynthia – why not? Carson – then we don’t have to be against each other. Cynthia – what is the plan? Why wouldn’t they just put both of us up? Carson – He’s going to put me and Lamar up. And I’m sure its going to be Todrick/Miesha are going to vote for Lamar. And you’ll vote for me.. and that’s fine. We know that’s the price to pay for being like this. Cynthia – if I end up going up, I am fine! Carson – yeah. He said we’ve been playing straight up so that’s how he is playing. And I can win the veto… but then you’d go up. Cynthia – let him put me up.. if you win the veto then I go up. That’s how it is. We’re almost at the end, lets have fun. Let’s have a nice week.

12:07pm Cynthia and Todd.
Todd – I am not putting you up, just so you know. Cynthia – okay but just so you know I know you got to do what you got to do… and I know its down to us. And its completely fine. Todd – but I am not putting you up. I’m putting Lamar and Carson up. Carson, I’ve already told him too. I am playing the game fair. I want people to know what I am doing. Cynthia – and I appreciate that. Todd – I don’t want to do no shady stuff behind peoples backs. I can’t play like that. I want to play fair. Cynthia – I respect that.

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Cynthia shut up she ruined everything

Dementia Joe

Hopefully this is the shot to bounce Carson.


After sending Shanna out in one of the stupidest moves ever, he deserves to go. I was rooting for Carson before that.


Me too

Dorothy Ealey

I agree Cynthia and Carson made the dumbest play ever. They both are so freaking naive. Shannon was their hail Mary. I felt so bad for Shannon trying to plead her case to two DUMMYS who obviously don’t know how the game is played. Now they will both follow Shannon. Ugh! I was so mad. Cynthia must have forgotten her eavesdropping from the couch that Carson was going on the block. Big brother please bring people who knows the game well. Lamar is a lost cause. Smh!


I wish they would hurry up and send Cynthia packing! Can’t take no more of her. She going to feel like a big idiot when she finds the truth out.


Even if she finds out the true, she would argue more and never admit that she was wrong. This woman loves to yell at people.


I wouldn’t say she necessarily likes to rage at people. I’ve been watching her on HWOA for several years. She learned more and more to stand up for herself and this doesn’t come easily to her. I would she is emotional-she, believe it or not is not comfortable with conflict and standing up for herself and expressing anger is hard. When she was younger she wasn’t always able to do these things. Yeah I would say she is not a mad black woman type.


That’s about all she knows how to do……Until this I’d never even heard of her! lol


Me too

Dorothy Ealey

I agree! What an idiot.


Carson/Cynthia horrible game players. But just thinking what could help the season just because, Cynthia wins POV, takes down Carson. Todd has to pick Todrick or Miesha up. He picks Todrick because everyone is Mieshas best friend and Todrick goes home. Don’t care for any of these celebrities left but that would make for a good eviction.


Cynthia will never win anything. She is dead weight.


Her and Lamar both are!


Unless it is a competition based on pure chance, what do you think Cynthia could win?


A “timed event” that production controls (ie: they input whatever time they want) – but since they want Todrick/Miesha to be F2 that won’t happen

Diana Rodriguez

I can’t stand toddrick or the bully meisha but these are adults. You need to speak up for yourselves. If Lamar wants to leave say so. It’s not fair to Vote out someone who wants to play and then leave like cattan did. Now the other Chris dug his own grave. Cynthia picked a fight and Chris went home. Not smart. If Carson goes home I’m not watching. The others are just boring.


So stupid, I liked Carson from the start. Miesha is just a bully. Todererick is a little dog following Miesha around thinking he is doing something when he is actually doing nothing! Chris Kirkpatrick and Shanna know the game but dumb move for Chris to sacrifice himself. Shanna was robbed because Carson bought into Todderick’s and Miesha’s lies. Cynthia (who?) has done absolutely nothing. Todd B is a grumpy old man trying to be relevant. Carson, and Shanna would have made a great final two but Carson doesn’t understand you need to have numbers on your side. I have no idea what Lamar is about but I do hope Khloe will give him a chance. Don’t know if I will keep watching BB. Dumb moves are so frustrating.


Hopefully it’s a double eviction and both Carson and Cynthia go.


The sad part is, that is what Carson & Cynthia are hoping for too. ????

I hope this is the last “Celebrity” BB. Let people who love the game, know how to play (or think they know ?) and want to win play. It’s much more interesting that way.


I don’t like Meisha and Todrick. They need to be out the door next. Everyone is too dumb to know they need out. They act like owned the house since day one. I did like Shana but she’s gone.

another name

My perspective on this season seems to fall in line with the general ideas we’re all expressing in some ways, but seems wildly divergent in others.
I guess I’m missing the sympathy gene.
I had no sympathy for Teddi. While I enjoy blunt and to the point, she struck me as rude and trying too hard to prove she could cut it as a real housewife by being flippant and ignorant. Her post season socials continue that streak. Almost like with every tweet she should be tagging (give me a sec, i don’t remember his name) Andy Cohen.
I would almost have sympathy for skategirl. But really? I didn’t because I didn’t see her bringing anything to the table.
Kattan? Like we didn’t all realize almost immediately that he was only going to stay long enough to meet contractual obligation so that he could keep his signing fee. (Season 2 houseguests were given a 100k appearance fee). He’s this season’s Scaramucci.
Nsync? Sorry. I find half of his post eviction interviews to be a little too trained for media by boyband managers. Push a narrative that is partially true but grossly misleading and blame others. That has me saying no sympathy. A little too “wardrobe malfunction” for my taste. He didn’t fall on the sword. He tried to pull a fast one, and it didn’t work. There. that’s what actually happened.
Shanna. okay. No sympathy there either. I know. Heartless. I appreciate that she was playing the game. I didn’t like her personality. Yeah, she gets more sympathy from me for the gossip rag stuff than being evicted. I don’t know why, but even her outbursts seemed contrived for appearance to me. Though I’m still confused about the Shanna flirting with Lamar headline… did i miss something? If anything she was getting too cozy with Nsync, not Lamar but even then, it’s not gossip article worthy. Just an opinion. Put down the torches. Yes she was playing the game, but on a regular season, if we saw someone potstirring waaaay too much and haphazardly, jumping sides multiple times, and not covering her tracks well… we wouldn’t be cheering them on, we’d be saying oh what a goof she’s going to get nailed and rolling our eyes at her. Comes down to this for me, she had the chance to use her veto to get rid of Todrick and didn’t. And now she’s gone because she didn’t.
So now where are we? We’ve got the Gruesomes, and the walking braindead. Yippee.

another name

Carson and Cynthia’s big plan:
one second. still chuckling.
okay. that made me laugh harder.
So.. get this: the big plan is Carson goes on the block, Cynthia wins veto, and they’re both safe.
I’m going to need to see how production is gearing a veto to Cynthia. I’m trying to figure out what she can actually DO.


The competition would be called “No sense makes sense”. The objective is to just spew nonsense to someone who is talking rationally and making complete sense until the rational person just gives up. You know, like Cynthia did to Shanna last week. Cynthia would win with ease.


This 2022 edition of Celebrity Big Brother a mishmash of pinhead peabrains, terrible play, foolish people can’t think for themselves. Also the bullying never looks good on anyone outside the Big Brother House, lots of damage control forthcoming but we’ve already seen for ourselves true identity come to the forefront of these people.

Fraudrick Hell

Never happened before, I went from loving the CC duo to now hoping they get the boot ASAP….. Todrick is looking to recreate the Cookout, Lamar could give a fk ( love that he’s getting under Fraudrick’s skin heh heh) Todd, the older angry prick ; Meisha , the quintessential she-male thinking she’s a lock for F2, Cynthia the self righteous mean girl who actually believes she can win a comp & clueless Carson who made one of the dumbest moves in BB history……. please let Shanna win AFP just to see a Grande reaction on Todrick!

Annie Dee

Yes let Shannon win. They turned on her at the drop of a dime. I wish Chris would have convinced her to keep C&C on the block.


This season sucks!!!
Big brother, when casting “celebrities “ can you weed out the people that do not know how to play the game??????
This could have been a great season but half the people you cast don’t even know what the game is about! Shame on you!
If these Celebrities don’t want to be there then pick regular folks that want to play and need the money!!!! It makes for a fun and exciting game! Not let’s see which celeb begs to go home!

Annie Dee

? Agree

Dorothy Ealey

They will never get rid of Lamar. Why? Because he doesn’t know the game. Toddrick and his boss will be the last ones standing. After Carson is gone they will put up Cynthia and Todd B. The final 4 will battle. It won’t even be a game anymore because Todd B and Lamar can’t win anything. Unless they decide to put up ? hoops??


I am really hoping that Lamar goes on to take the win by some crazy chance. I sometimes think he is playing an amazing game by laying low under the radar, throwing all the Competitions when everyone knows he could easily win them and acting like he doesn’t understand the game strategies but in reality it’s all part of the plan to make it to the end.


Looks like another cookout