Carson “That’s going to bite her in the a$$.” Cynthia “She made her bed and she has to lay in it.”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Carson
Nominations: Todd and Miesha
Power of Veto Players: Cynthia, Todd, Miesha, Carson, Todrick and Lamar
POV Winner: Todrick
Veto Ceremony Results: Todrick used the veto on Todd
Evicted: Shanna evicted 4-0

2:30pm Kitchen Table – Carson, Lamar, Cynthia and Todd playing cards.

5:30pm Quiet day in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

5:40pm HOH Bathroom – Cynthia and Carson.
Cynthia – Did you talk to Shanna about the veto and all about that? Carson – not yet. Cynthia – and try and win and whatever? Carson – not yet. I figured I would try and let her have a nice day. Cynthia – yeah exactly. I think that is good. She just asked me if we are good. I said yeah we’re good outside of the game. I don’t have an issue outside of the game. And she was like so you wouldn’t be open to playing the game with me? And I was like I don’t want to talk about the game today. This is not game day talk to me. I was like but we can talk later. Carson – yeah just like take a break for a day. Cynthia – with everything that’s happened you still think that I trust you!? No! Carson – its crazy! And she can get the veto. Cynthia – Its just crazy that she thinks we even feel comfortable competing with her on our team, like this is crazy! She betrayed us! Carson – no, I would rather continue with the devil that I know who is very hard to beat but is very straight forward than someone who is actually very hard to beat but very sneaky. Cynthia – yeah! And to be clear its not like she came clean and told us all this stuff. She got caught! She got busted! Carson – right, and we had to get it out of her in front of everybody saying that she was in a final four without us for weeks or for however long its been. Cynthia – exactly! Carson – if everyone was saying that she did this and she did that but did not commit to the final four deal .. then I would be like HHmmm..I’m still not sure. But when she actually admitted to being in a final four deal with Miesha and Todrick. Cynthia – Call me crazy but I don’t think Miesha would want to win at all costs.. I think she wants to beat us fair and square and then go back to her husband and kids. I don’t think she would concoct some story about this woman if there wasn’t anything to it. Carson – same! That is just my read on her. I get a very trustworthy vibe on Miesha. Cynthia – me too. She never pretended to be someone that she wasn’t. And she was the first one gunning for you .. really?! Carson is a threat we need to get him out of here now. No, absolutely not. Carson – That is going to bite her in the ass. Cynthia – She made her bed and she has to lay in it. Carson – it was a way to play the game, it was a risk and she got caught.

6:13pm – 7:37pm The feeds are blocked showing to kittens. When the feeds return – The house guests are playing cards / chess. They had a Valentines day dinner.

8:46pm Miesha and Todrick.
The feeds return from being blocked. Todrick – ..its like we just went and murdered her cats or something. And I was like girl we did the same thing that you did to us and to me I feel like an eye for an eye is never worse than just going and backstabbing somebody first you know!? Miesha – yeah. Todrick – I don’t ever feel like that. Like if you did that to us then you deserve it. You wouldn’t be apologizing to us. Carson and Cynthia, I said that to them today. You never would have gone and felt bad for bringing Carson down. Why do you think that she was even having that conversation to begin with .. and Carson was like oh my god that’s right. You wouldn’t need to have that conversation because me and Miesha would understand why you pulled Carson. Why you saved Carson, you know. She was apologizing to us in front of everyone saying I don’t have anyone to fight for me as if Chris Kirkpatrick were chop liver and she knew he was going up and she just didn’t even care. I don’t have an issue with her and would still be cool with her outside of this house but you did like blow up our game. Like you did flip the house on us and you weren’t being honest and now we’re flipping the house back on you. Miesha – yeah like if you want to play the game like that .. that’s fine. You can play the game however you want but if we figure you out and you just kind of got caught then you got to be like okay you got me. You can’t be mad.

10:15pm Gym – Lamar and Miesha working out.

11:08pm – 11:35pm Backyard – Miesha, Lamar, Todd and Todrick.
Miesha – I miss life beyond these walls. Todd – it kind of feels like jail, except you get better food. Todrick – where here? Lamar – yeah this is like jail. Todrick – wait you get better food here or in jail? Todd – here. Lamar – if you’ve got beef with somebody, you gonna have to pass em! Todrick – you gonna have to what?! Lamar – you’re going to have to bump into him again. Todd – when I first went in dude, I didn’t know nothing! Todrick – this is like jail? Todd – yeah I was in prison. Todrick – you where there for 11 months? Todd – yeah. Todirick – so this ain’t that hard for you? Todd – its not that hard but I don’t like it. Todrick – is this easier? Todd – yeah this is easier. Todd – because in jail you’re in a 4×6′ cell. Todrick – how many hours are you in that? Todd – 23 hours. Lamar – 23 and 1 punk! Todrick – wait people are in their cell all day!? Lamar – yeah, you better have a book! Todrick – does everyone know why everyone else is in jail. Todd – yeah but before I went in I had a street reputation. That’s what saved me. Todrick – but everyone else? Todd – well they see tv and read the papers. The person that is in shipping and receiving.. which is where I was .. I knew why everyone was there. I just look at your jacket and see why they were there. I had to turn in child m*lesters. Once I gave the signal, its over. Todrick – once they stomped them.. Todd – they they take them away to the infirmary. Todrick – what do you mean? Todd – to the hospital. Todrick – but after you’re there for 20 – 30 years.. Todd – you’re probably going to be dead. There will be one time when they’re going to shank his a$$. Todrick – really? Todd – yeah if they don’t put them in maximum isolation.. forget it, he’ll be gone soon. That’s how they got Jeffrey.. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

11:52am The live feeds switch to the kitten cams…

POV PLAYERS: Cynthia,Todd, Miesha, Carson, Todrick and Lamar
POV Ceremony Results: Todrick used the veto on Todd
As HOH, Carson nominated Shanna as the replacement nominee.
EVICTED: Shanna is evicted 4-0

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another name

When Todd said Jeffrey… i’m like damn i don’t know which is worse? Does he mean Epstein or Dahmer? couple sideyes later…. shrug. Better not to know which, or why he’s first name basis. I’ll just be whistling to myself from waaaay over there.


I thought the same thing

Teleprompter Joe McMumbles

Me too.

All Hail Pres Joe

Cynthia is going to feel real dumb when this is over and she watches what really happened. Carson too, but he’s just not as aggressive as Cynthia.


Cynthia is always aggressive and does not know how dumb she is ?

All Hail Pres Joe

I do not disagree with you.


Cynthia is a follower not a leader


Cynthia is so stupid, she will probably watch it all and still not understand how idiotic she looks.


Since this was Carson’s HOH, I’m going to say he’s even dumber than Cynthia! Either way, they just ended their game.


and they deserved to ruin it……I would have told Cynthia to shut her BIG YAP!


I can’t believe how quick Cynthia was to believe Toddrick about Shanna and hardly listening to her defend herself. Hopefully Carson won’t be manipulated by them. If Shanna plays in the Veto and were to win she should tell Cynthia and Carson if she is going to be accused she may as well play with them. Then pull Miesha off. That would be hilarious. She could make a deal with them not to put her up if she saves Miesha.

All Hail Pres Joe

I like how you think!!!


Shanna did NOT play a clean or perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. She was playing both sides, had mean girl moments, and lied — this is Big Brother!

Still, that shouldn’t give Cynthia the right to completely undervalue the fact both she & Carson remain in the house ONLY because of Shanna. This holier than thou sh*t has been pissing me off for a while.

Transparency — I received an amazing message from Cynthia a few years back when she was responding to something I’d written about the RHOA. It was lovely — she was lovely. And I believe that’s part of the problem here. Cynthia is a very nice person but sees things in black and white there is no room for grey areas. More to the point she’s NOT playing Big Brother. She views the game in very small boxes. There is Carson her BFF and Todrick someone who she adores outside the house and envisioned going to F3 with.

Despite being told for WEEKS now that Todrick was the one to put the target on Carson & by association herself – she adamantly refuses to believe it or chooses to ignore it.

In contrast, she had no prior relationship with Chris Kirkpatrick and never liked or trusted him. She feels more comfortable with Todd and Lamar even than she does Shanna who was guilty by association for being tied to Nsync.

Never mind the LOGIC of the situation that she’s been told repeatedly who put the target on them & how nasty he’s been talking about people or how low he’ll go in order to turn people against you. Never mind that Miesha is standing outside the door eavesdropping – you know at the same time that Cynthia is yelling at Shanna for being shady/sneaky. She was Shanna’s judge and jury without a trial. She is CHOOSING to throw all logic out the window and ignore the fact that if Shanna truly was the one who put the target on them then why wouldn’t she get Chris to put them up and why the F would she ever take him off the block?

While she hurls accusations and refuses to even hear Shanna out she also is electing to ignore she did precisely the same things herself albeit to a lesser extent. She ratted out Kirkpatrick AFTER they agreed to F4 & during the SAME week he was HOH and kept her off the block.

They TOLD Carson/Cynthia they had been playing the middle ground. Repeatedly Shanna told her she was working Lamar to come to their side but that Todd was a lost cause b/c he was so tied to Miesha. How did she think Shanna learned that information? Didn’t Cynthia also tell Lamar & Todd she wanted to work with them?

Ultimately, this is about Cynthia buying her own bullsh*t, having a different standard for Todrick than she does Shanna. Part of it is how great a manipulator Todrick is but again it wouldn’t matter what Shanna said b/c she WANTS to believe Todrick and would PREFER to work with him & as long as someone gives her a “story” she can use to justify it she will.

It’s akin to the girl who likes bad boys & the really nice guy keeps showing up when she needs something but the minute the bad boy looks her way she drops the nice guy like a hot potato. Weird analogy maybe especially b/c Shanna isn’t always “nice” but that’s the best way to describe Todrick vs. Shanna in Cynthia’s world b/c if Todrick had won POV last week or HOH this week Carson would be gone OR Cynthia would to disarm Carson.

Just b/c she speaks out loud that she is loyal and has integrity in her mind that makes it so – – even while she is doing little things similar to her own accusations. Again, the ONLY reason Cynthia is clean(ish) here is b/c SHE IS NOT PLAYING THE GAME!

If she were she’d realize how this action will quite probably remove the person that indirectly 2 weeks ago and directly last week kept her & Carson safe. IMHO it’s FAR WORSE than what she’s judging Shanna for.

What can she say to ANY of them other than her wash, rinse, repeat – I’m loyal and have integrity? What move can she claim she made in this game to move ahead or to help her alliance? Of course, she’ll claim righteousness over the Shanna oust but once she learns it was Todrick and him alone that pushed Carson as the target or that he did in fact say Cynthia was only cooking and didn’t deserve to be there that argument is null and void.

Moreover, should she sit beside Todrick at F2 he’ll wipe the floor with her on how she told him about Kirk & believed everything he said about her ally Shanna as gospel b/c he manipulated the F out of her.

She’ll have become the thing she vowed never to be DISLOYAL & someone without integrity b/c she cut the throat of her real ally (I’d bet money Shanna intended to take her & Lamar to F3 with Cynthia her F2)

The other tangible here is this entire situation feels very production-driven. CC are saying “b/c Miesha doesn’t lie & is more trustworthy”. That’s BS & it’s a convenient way for Cynthia to ignore the obvious — Todrick is the culprit. Again, she sees this game in the small segments, not the strategic ways real BB strategists do.

At least Carson is thinking and has made a deal with Miesha not to put CC on the block next week & I guess it’s assumed Todrick won’t either. DO YOU TRUST THAT? The fact she told Teddi she wouldn’t put her up but did is evidence (ACTIONS) that she’ll go back on her word.

The fact she put up Kirkpatrick who she had F2 and F3 & F4 deals with is more evidence although it was in direct response to what Shanna did. Still, it was ruthless (hey – isn’t that her brand?). She is only loyal to herself and her BFF Todrick and only the latter b/c she believes she’ll beat him anyway. If she doubted that she’d cut him like she did NSync.

The reason I feel this entire week is being orchestrated by production is Carson is smarter than this & he’s also less emotional. Sure, he wants to play with Todrick (it helps he knows he’d beat him) but it makes no sense for him to cut Shanna after he’s so easily forgiven Todrick and especially after having that chat with him about being sure to be careful not to present himself in a certain light b/c it could negatively affect his image/brand.

I can’t wrap my head around that portion of this – Carson is so self-aware about being kind & positive so by taking out the person who just saved him could have negative blowback on him (if nothing else it’ll make him look like he was punked). Granted, Carson doesn’t recognize the depths Todrick sunk to put the target on him in the first place.

Anyway, as annoyed as I am by this week and in particular Cynthia for being almost cruel to Shanna – “I’ll talk to you OUTSIDE THE HOUSE” “We can talk but ONLY as a group” & leaving her all alone in the bedroom while trash talking her is harsh and cruel – it’s over the top & once she learns what Todrick/Miesha has said & done I believe she’ll feel terrible b/c — she’s a nice person.

She’s just not a very good Big Brother player — but I’m sure she’s a good cook & a GREAT friend “outside the house”. (and yeah – that’s a bit of shade — but Cynthia has EARNED that this week).


Couldn’t have said it better. Cynthia and Carson clearly don’t know how to play and are going to deservingly feel like idiots when they watch it back.


No Name

“A clean game” or “a perfect game” are artificial constructs that don’t exist in reality.Anyone who has watched RHoA would probably agree Cynthia is nice but also deeply insecure and emotionally vulnerable,and has now proven herself to be incredibly stupid.As for Carson he is also very nice (his brand) and yet he will go down in BB history for one of the biggest scumbag moves for backdooring an ally who just saved him.How can it get more stupid?


i havent disliked a houseguest as much as Todrick since Frankie Grande. Just a disgusting, narcissistic, selfish, ignorant MESS! I hope he gets cut at final 3!

Guy namedSue

Me too!


Same he is awful

Aunt Fester

Todrick is such a QUEEN! He’s not from Earth, maybe Uranus?


I’m not enthused that Meisha and Todrick are running this game. Lamar’s behavior has saddened me. Not too bright.


Well he overdosed in a brothel and suffered multiple heart attacks, strokes and was comatose for days. How bright were you expecting him to be?

Aunt Fester

That bid doofus loves eating his finger nails.


Todrick just called Shanna “a thug with a blonde wig on”.

I can’t

And Cynthia now has Carson joining in on her Righteous Holy Roller act–

Carson never asked her to save him & proving my point about Cynthia knowing jack sh*t about Big Brother “even with *everything that’s going on she;s still trying to stay in the game”

*everything – them ostracizing her by not speaking to her unless it’s in a group.

So what Cynthia – she should just leave b/c you don’t know how to play the game & don’t want to play nice anymore? AGAIN — I can’t


I can’t anymore either. I read at the top of this that Todd was taken down and then Shanna was evicted and decided right then and there that I am done with this season. This reeks of production’s interference. Everyone loves Carson and even if the gets evicted, everyone will always love Carson. If this is their way of pushing mean and ugly, Meisha and Toddrick, down our throats to give one of them the win, I won’t be viewing it!
Every season I watch hoping for a good game but it has been a long time since we’ve had one.
Oh well, maybe next time…I’m out!


Cynthia is so dump walking right into Todricks scam….worst big brother player ever

another name

Y’all know full damn well that Lamar is not pretty enough to be asking, “Do we do the veto thing first and then evict or the other way around?” on the 4th eviction.
Ladies and gentlemen, one of your celebrity finalists this season.
Head desk.


At first, I thought he was just playing full on stupid. Now I see he is not playing.
It seems to me (after hearing all the bragging of possessions) that Todd is the only one who needs the cash.

another name

It’s not a charity. Financial need shouldn’t mean a thing.
Besides, after Todd and Kattan’s talk about residuals, he’s likely doing fine.


An interesting dynamic here is Todd asked Shanna what’s wrong & she said “they are going to backdoor me”

Lamar (bless his soul) still doesn’t understand the game said: “if I win I’m not putting her up”. He hasn’t figured out how the POV works yet so it sounds like he thinks he would have to nominate someone like if he was HOH — doing a little Lamar speak here I think what he means is he would keep nominations the same b/c he WANTS Miesha gone which I’m sure wouldn’t thrill Todd but both of them would believe Cynthia would vote out Miesha b/c HEY she’s all about honesty, integrity & loyalty it’s all she has is her word right?

However — if Lamar or Shanna won & kept it the same things would get interesting & I’d bet there would be some drama between Cynthia & Todd b/c she has OPENLY stated repeatedly how Miesha has to go & worked Todd/Lamar to suggest they should want that too.

We know Todrick would vote out Todd but if Shanna/Lamar vote out Miesha then Cynthia would have to go against her word to keep Miesha (the person she has said all along she would nominate & vote out). Ahhhhhhhhhhh that would be divine intervention b/c then Todd could say you just spent all week trashing Shanna when she actually worked to save you/Carson & now it turns out you’re the one who is a liar/hypocrite/untrustworthy without integrity b/c everything you said prior to now was bullsh*t.

I SERIOUSLY want this ^^^^ to happen just so Cynthia has to sit in that situation to recognize how ridiculous she was being this week & just how easy it is to be put in that spot by saying a few things & then reacting/adjusting to the changes in the game.

So yeah – I’m definitely pulling for Shanna to win POV but fingers crossed if Lamar does he keeps things the same just to force Cynthia & Carson to make that choice.


Also – I’m still holding out hope this is Carson being uber smart & setting a Todrick trap – b/c he just said to Todrick/Miesha -since we’ll all be in the same room right now (for POV picks) if she (Shanna) were honest this would be the perfect opportunity for her to say “I’m calling you out and I’m calling you out”

And it went to bubbles right after. Yeah – I know I’m searching for needles in haystacks b/c that also followed Carson saying he’d have to change nominations regardless b/c they made this deal now to save Miesha & TM agreed to not put up CC if they win.

The other HILARIOUS bit of news is Todrick told CC that he NEVER EVER wanted them OTB/gone with Miesha in the frigging room. So Miesha just got to see how easily he lies but it also painted her as being the only one that wanted Carson gone – will she catch onto that? Will it give her some pause moving forward?

Will it end up serving as the trap of him if they say that gets brought up again — hmm let’s say if Miesha & him land on the block together for example? When she can out the entire story of how week one Todrick tried to switch the target to Carson immediately & the only reason she went back on her word to Teddi was b/c Todrick said they had to cut off one of Carson’s allies.

I mean I keep hoping something will trap him b/c it’s insane to me NO ONE has called him out publicly on his lies yet. Sure feels like TPTB are keeping him awfully safe/protected.

P.S. another thing – NOW Cynthia (with Carson agreeing) is saying she’s guilty b/c she won’t defend herself when just a day ago they were saying she was guilty b/c she was trying to defend herself & b/c she was so emotional she must be lying. Come on you two it can’t be both things.


Cynthia handed her own ass on a platter. Way to go for throwing your alliance member on the bus.. you just flopped Carsons HoH. You’re next on my hit list. If Miesha or Todrick wins the veto, Shanna would be backdoored all thx to her own alliance member. Wow. Talk about rigged


I’m super disappointed in her behavior too -it’s not just the ignorance it’s the over-the-top self-righteous behavior. That’s why as I noted earlier I’m hoping Shanna wins POV just so she can leave noms the same & FORCE Cynthia to go back on her word which she’ll have to regardless of who she picks.

Her intention is to save Miesha but the entire game she has told Todd/Lamar that she ONLY CARES about getting out Miesha & has talked to them about working with her so if she votes out Todd she was “playing both sides of the house” & if she keeps Todd she was full of it when she promised Miesha/Todrick she would keep them safe.

Essentially she would be adapting to the circumstances of the game as players are wont to do in BB. But based on Cynthia’s skewed BB mind what Shanna did was “play all sides”, shafted CC & was inexcusable – there’s no room in her mind for Todrick/Miesha to be lying — only Shanna. Yet the reality is Todrick was the one who put the target on CC (esp Carson) but she wouldn’t even allow Shanna an opportunity to speak. Initially, she said Shanna had to be lying b/c she was too emotional & trying too hard to explain & today she said she must be lying b/c she’s not even trying to explain. AND all this while also telling Shanna “we can talk OUTSIDE the house” when she asked to talk or “we can talk ONLY if everyone else is present.”

It’s condescending & cruel.

And one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen of someone screwing someone over that was an ally. Don’t know if the arrogance or the ignorance of her actions are worse especially doing it right after she saved them. For CC to be saying “I didn’t ask her to do that” is such BS. I’m tired so I”m sort of re-iterating here what I wrote above but the bottom line is Cynthia WANTS to go to the end with Carson/Todrick & have them drag her there b/c she’s not actually playing the game. Sadly, even if Cynthia was in a room & Todrick spilled his guts owning up to what he did she’d STILL find a reason to blame Shanna (b/c it’s what she wants).

It’s also pathetic b/c she’s been preaching honesty & integrity from the get — so yeah sending out into the universe for Shanna to win POV just so this comes full circle.


Technically the only innocent person in this game right now is Lamar and that’s because he is practically clueless about the game. Todrick may be extremely frustrating but he is good at Big Brother. Cynthia is too prone to believe the worst immediately without questioning 1st while Shanna helped put herself in the situation she is in (courtesy of Kirkpatrick)


That’s fair – and even Lamar isn’t innocent (he made a nasty comment about Shanna having Kirk’s pictures of him & his family on a shelf in the room – as if it was in poor taste).

It’s just annoying Cynthia is having such an influence on the game that she CLEARLY isn’t playing & doesn’t understand – Carson even told Todrick/Miesha the reason he turned on Shanna is that “while he’s very gullible, Cynthia is very street smart so he relies on her b/c she reads people better.”

That made me want to throw something.

I also don’t disagree that Todrick is a very good manipulator but it’s uber annoying he keeps spouting about how he protected EVERYONE or how he’s been the only one defending them (I could run through a list of crap he’s said about every player in the house that is low brow with only Miesha avoiding his base comments – although that could be coming).

It’s one thing for him to lie about what he’s doing to the people he’s manipulating or screwing over (that’s BB) like telling CC he NEVER wanted him/her OTB or evicted & how it was Shanna who put the target on Carson.. WTF?

But for the two of them to then go on a long diatribe when alone about how they’ve protected Carson & how they are being perceived I can’t – it’s insulting to our intelligence. He tried to change Miesha’s week 1 target to Carson worked Kirkpatrick HARD to change the nom to Carson. Todrick told everyone except Cynthia how Carson has changed & isn’t the same person he knew years ago & Miesha put him OTB twice.

Look maybe CC is willing to buy that crap but I’m pretty sure I speak for the majority that we aren’t stupid nor are we deaf, dumb or blind.


New today – Todrick talking to cameras about Shanna —
“Now he doesn’t care. She’s supposed to be a role model for young women – he would never let his daughter or son go into her pageants.”

That ^^^ b/c he says he heard (hello Cynthia) that Shanna was talking behind his back. Who the F does he think he is after how he’s acted & all the people he’s trash talked in the house?

All Hail Pres Joe

Man, I had no idea who he wa s when he came into the house. I thought I was going to like him…. I was so very wrong!


I still don’t know who he is.

Obviously if I cared I could pay more attention to him or google him!

another name

Well, at least you know for sure it would take the Grod literally sticking her arm up each celebrities ass and moving their mouths like a muppet before they’d vote Todrick to win.
That toxic jury management thought helps me cope.

All Hail Pres Joe

So true. I need to remember that if he makes it to final two, he has a jury to face!


And this jury is at home streaming the whole season. Not sequestered. I feel like even Lamar could win against Toddrick in final 2, and Lamar doesn’t even know what game he is playing.


LOL – no kidding

Teleprompter Joe McMumbles

Dawg any idea what the television ratings are for this train wreck?


They’re going to be even lower because I am officially done with watching until finale. If course I will come here and read about it. Hope Todd or Lamar wins. Voting Shanna AFP


YES! Everyone needs to vote Shanna for AFP!! Get the point to everyone! They ALL turned on her for doing nothing wrong at all. She was actually playing a great game.


Shanna needs to win AFP like how Cody (S19) won so that everyone in the house knows that she was correct…


I read that Chris’s Kattan will not be voting for the winner because he quit the show and wasn’t voted out.


I don’t ever want to see Cynthia on another reality show again no time soon. She was recently on the series The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls trip and she was horrible the entire 8 episodes. Now she is ruining BB. Please take her off my screen this week by voting her out


I so agree, I stopped watching RHOA, and now I remember why….she is awful

Guy namedSue

How could Carson be this naive???

Backseat Driver

This is when i start thinking it’s rigged by production…..Carson is smart and for crying outloud Shanna used the veto on him. A little sketchy….just saying.


I know. He won the veto the first time he was on the block, which was a mental comp.

And now he is stupid enough to believe this obvious BS? The person who put him up (last week (Meisha) wants him to stay, but the person who took him down last week {Shanna) is against him??? How does that make any sense to him?

I hope he gets backfired by Meisha or Toddrick next week. He deserves it. And I’ve been a Carson Kressley fan since the original Queer Eye.

another name

Looking back, I’m thinking Nsync and Shanna shouldn’t have choked when they had the chance to knock out Todrick. I think we all agree on this.
Nsync’s error: make it public knowledge you are gunning for someone, choke. Everyone that knew is still in the house. The target you were gunning for is still in the house. People talk.

Shanna’s big fault right now? When you play the float rat game, your get around game has to be superb. You can’t let any conversations occur between sides without your input or control. Shanna took her eye off the ball because she was comfortable. Imagine if she’d maintained a get around game, and didn’t make her jumping from side to side so noticeable. Todrick and Miesha’s talk with Carson and Cynthia would never have been believed. Her big problem: People talk.

I see in the episode that Shanna isn’t playing in veto. Looks back to my comment yesterday about how tptb could play it…. yup. nailed it. Todrick won veto? A big hearty WHO CARES heard across the fandom. Yeah I’m sure I heard it: People talk. Let’s hope the gossip rags are wrong, because otherwise Shanna’s Valentine’s is going to be a massacre. yeesh.
Todrick used his veto on Todd. I didn’t quite expect that. So now we have the Meisha vs. Shanna block. which is thematically reasonable for storyline i guess. Would it be a REAL kick in the teeth if Todrick backstabbed Meisha after all that. sorry. It popped in my mind. Like he wouldn’t???? I mean, go on, backstab the only person left that might have voted for your sorry ass to win… totally on brand for him.
Shanna’s out.
Now on to a week of Todrick repeating all of his trash about Shanna on feeds like everyone didn’t hear it the first time. I’d suggest muting.

All Hail Pres Joe

Dumbest people to ever play CBB.

Joelle Knox

I didn’t even watch this episode (Shanna being voted out) For Cynthia who talks about friends and being kind she’s been less than that. The way they treated Shanna was appalling. Give it to Todd at this point. What this did show me is character and that Todrick is showing his. It’s one thing to play the game but not at the cost of others feelings. Let’s not forget Todrick put a bullseye on Carson’s back in the first place. Then eludes to Chris being homophobic which he knows outside this game could cost Chris whatever he has. Todrick is playing a mean spirited game and I really liked him before this. No one wants to feel alone so Shanna I’m sorry you went through that. I hope production (since they are running things will show Carson and Cynthia how much Shanna was with them. And shows her how she looks. Mean girl.

No Name

This is too stupid to watch.

another name

In terms of big brother:
Anyone ever asked what would happen if Season 15 and season 21 ever got drunk / went on a drug filled bender in West Hollywood, had a one night stand together in a dumpster, and left the resulting lustdemonspawn to be raised by Paul????
Todrick Hall, everyone.


I’m not sure whether to refer to this as hilarious, apropos, audacious, karmic retribution, or what…

Apologies in advance – long post & yes it’s a rant — with a repeating chorus…

But we get the segment on “the making of the deal” in an edit that SCREAMS this was planned out prior (read it’s in the script).

First snippet: storage room Carson/Miesha… the offer & acceptance of the offer aka “the deal”

Second snippet: Miesha DR looking incredulous (& paying homage to Todrick for “the plan”- insert massive eye roll) & her looking dead center into the camera saying “but if Carson is willing to take out ONE OF THE NUMBERS ON HIS SIDE — THAT — could ultimately lead to the END OF HIS GAME!

Third snippet: Carson sharing the great news with Cynthia about the deal he brokered & how they’re both safe for this next HOH and follows it with “so I think we’re going to the F4

Fourth snippet: Cocky Cynthia in DR bragging about how things have turned around “wasn’t that long ago I was worried about Carson & my life in this house (Oh, you mean last week before Shanna saved your sorry asses?) but now – (with a raised eyebrow & cat that ate the canary expression) I’m feeling a lot more comfortable we’re here for the long haul.”

Fifth snippet: Miesha shares news with Todrick confirms it’s just for one week – he’s says perfect so I should win HOH this week then (duh, duh, duh, YOU KNOW WHAT’S COMING — Carson is going OTB)

Final snippet: Todrick in DR— “My plan worked perfectly- (he kisses fingers on his hand & tosses to camera) … not only is Miesha potentially going to be safe this week but we have convinced Carson to take out ONE OF HIS OWN PEOPLE if Shanna gets on the block… THIS could be the biggest move in Celebrity Big Brother history. (he points at himself) MY MOVE – (points at himself again) I MADE THIS HAPPEN

Umm where is the barf bucket.
….. (pause)
—- (double head shake)
—- (I mean …. two more refrains of the CC dumb asses chorus’ here)

HOLD UP -so not only do they not know how to play BB they also failed math? How the F do you jump from promised safety at F6 to being in F4? B/c not only are you not going to F4 you’ll be lucky to get out of next week (caveat: Grodner adjusts script to allow CC to get to F4 for exposing themselves as the biggest hypocrites & worst BB players EVER all it cost them was publicly humiliating & embarrassing themselves on national TV as idiots and hey maybe some of their fanbase).

Cynthia squeals of delight & arrogance is gag-worthy — she can barely contain how she can’t wait to cut Shanna’s throat now -(yeah I know the irony of Cynthia being the one who made a deal with the devil’s spawn by taking out her own ally while saying Shanna screwed her over is dripping in hypocrisy. (again —- insert chorus — DUMB ASSES)

Serving as a reminder that CC either has never watched a full episode of Big Brother or is reading scripts is Carson doesn’t even try to make a longer-term deal whether it be F4 or an agreement TM will target Todd/Lamar first or hey let’s discuss what THEY might do if they won — actually no need bc you have THAT INTEL from your real ally (Shanna) that you have no more use for now that she served her purpose- – right Cynthia & Carson?

Nope, instead, these two are chuffed at their brilliance. So much to hash out here but the GREATEST FLAW in “the deal” is now Miesha is guaranteed to throw the HOH b/c ***no one will put her OTB. She can sit back enjoy this week, win the following (F5) HOH – put up Carson & Cynthia – evict Carson & still have honored “the deal”. Bring in the chorus …. DUMB ASSES!

*** so there is one person who maybe puts Miesha up which is Lamar but the guy looked like he was high tonight in the DR (something was definitely amiss) & sure doesn’t seem to be trying to win anything. This man won NBA Sixth Man of the Year (just over a decade ago – 2011) & is only 42 years old – there is no way he should be losing all these comps – he’s 6’10 for ffs – still works out & was a BEAST when he played. Yes I know all about the health incident but he has played ball since & has muscle memory & is at least a foot+ taller than anyone in the house so it makes no sense he’s losing all these comps (and it’s not even close). SERIOUS QUESTION — Is anyone else wondering if he’s playing possum?

The other telltale to CC they brushed right over is Miesha told them how Lamar would be better to go up & take out than Todd (that’s b/c he’s more loyal to her but also b/c Lamar actually told TM he would put them up if he won HOH (LOL – I can’t). Now that’s either a sign of her not recognizing this isn’t intel she should share b/c then CC “should” want to keep Lamar over Todd or nah never mind they don’t even recognize game intel when you say it to their faces (just insert the chorus here UGH)

The person who was paying attention was Todrick – hence him pulling Todd off the block tonight instead of his ride or die. I meannnnnnnnnnnnnn cmon Todrick if you were going to plant kiss ass seeds around the house you could’ve hidden the fertilizer. We know it’s to garner favor – & he knows Todd is emotional (like getting mad at Cynthia for voting him out over Teddi even though she knew he was safe).

It was a blatant move – I may not like him (Todrick) but at least someone is playing the game. This should’ve been a red flag for Miesha too b/c it should show her Todrick is ALWAYS playing the game. Cue the upcoming Todrick/Todd scene “you know we can’t beat her in F2 & have to take each other”

One of the more delightful takeaways from tonight came from Shanna besides her parting doorway exit “don’t worry Todrick I’ll get the jury to vote against you‘ and was more subtle but definitely felt strategic — as she hugged Todd she said loudly enough for everyone to hear “I hope you win”.

Now I pondered what her true goal was b/c there is a myriad of options:

  • She ONLY hugged Lamar/Todd so that was letting CC especially know they did her dirty & she wasn’t letting their “righteousness & BS slide”
  • Carson won’t miss the point she’s making by not hugging them b/c for Shanna to still not want to talk/hug them as she’s leaving it has to mean she wasn’t lying. (hence you overhear him say to Miesha (as Shanna is sitting on stage with Julie) Well thank you for that for pointing out “how shady Shanna is — I mean b/c you never know what is being shown although they will show who is lying (uh huh – he knows b/c that’s at least the fifth or sixth time I’ve heard him say that specific line – that it’ll ALL be shown so the truth will come out)
  • This was also DEFINITELY a shot at Cynthia specifically who had issues with Todd & who Shanna thought she was closest to besides Kirk – (IMO Shanna is more pissed at Cynthia b/c she got in her face & was the driving force to Carson — remember – he told TM – Cynthia has street smarts – I’m gullible so I trust her.
  • It also let the quartet know unless she has to they will not have her vote
  • maybe b/c I want her to be petty & I’m starved for some real strategy I’m reaching but could she be thinking there’s no way Todrick wants to sit beside Miesha & seeing him give Todd the POV knows Todrick is angling to take him instead of Miesha? And her saying that will make him think twice?
  • I even thought maybe she did it so they would cut Todd & it would help Lamar but then she said to Julie “Go Todd Bridges” so I settled on her actually wanting Todd to win b/c of those remaining she feels only Todd/Todrick & Miesha have any BB knowledge so she’d rather a true fan/player win than someone like CC/Lamar who are playing tiddlywinks while she was playing chess & can’t bring herself to vote for TM given any other choice b/c she knows how low Todrick has gone & finds Miesha cruel & arrogant.

I saw Another Name mentioned Shanna dropped the ball & I agree but I don’t think it was so much b/c she was too cocky or comfortable (b/c she lost Kirk who she wanted to keep). I’m thinking it’s b/c it has to be so emotionally draining to be playing with non BB knowledgeable players and ESPECIALLY someone like Cynthia who never knows what to share or not and how that information can hurt your own ally. And the absolute worst — like I;ve said over and over (that Shanna confirmed tonight) — she literally got shafted b/c she dared to play Big Brother!

Shanna nailed it they are ignorant to the reality of what’s happening — like Carson not recognizing he was in three different alliances. Carson has covered his butt though by telling the hamsters (live feeders) I’m gullible plus I’m guessing he might be the most famous in the house & is beloved enough to get past this. Even while he was doing Shanna dirty, he set up the stage all around himself to cover his bases – “I mean they’ll show who is really lying on TV so she’ll get exposed (insert the wink to stage right), & I trust & rely on Cynthia b/c she’s the one who has the street smarts not me.

Miss integrity on the other hand is in for a world of hurt if social is any indication and has no clue how bad it’s going to be. Not only is she (& Carson) being called out for the worst BB players ever, she’s being mocked/laughed at for her ill-placed smugness, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, being a mean girl, never letting Shanna talk to her, being cruel in how she spoke to her, etc, etc, etc. Not sure how many people watch Celebrity BB for her sake hopefully it’s not getting high ratings.

But that’s what she gets for self-appointing herself judge/jury & executioner — Cynthia Bailey her honorable self-righteous hypocritical executioner.

Hope they do BB Comics – & TPTB are reading this or it gets passed along b/c I have the PERFECT BB comic for Cynthia:

She is standing atop a mountain in her judge’s robe holding a book entitled “BB rules to integrity, loyalty & honor” by Justice Cynthia, and her other arm is raised straight up high above her head clutching a knife dripping in blood & on the shaft, it’s engraved “ALLIES”.

Final chorus – you f**king dumb ass.

t thing I’ve seen. And I feel it is rigged!

I’m done with BB. This was absolutely the wors

Go to Hell Todrick!

Gonna bite YOU in the ass Carson when the backstab comes from jerk off Todrick! I can’t watch this sh!t anymore….. I thought Lamar was dumb but Cynthia & Carson have surpassed him…… Cynthia turned into the self righteous house mean girl! I was team CC until they turned into idiots overnight ….. treated Shanna like sh!t too! I’m voting Shanna for AFP just to see the reaction in their horrible faces….. although, their collective BB IQ is zero


Todd won HOH – — now come on tell me you didn’t see that coming.

Whatever it was Todd picked Lamar to wear a costume (and he’s NOT happy about it). Todrick also has to wear a costume. Todd/Miesha thought comp was geared for Cynthia to win.

The immediate thought as Todrick has already superglued himself to his BFF Todd is that all that backstabbing & amazing CC deal-making might result in them sitting on the block & most likely Carson leaving next.

Carrying over from my last post insert the chorus.

I had hoped based on Todd telling Lamar he can’t stand Todrick he would put him up but he just told Lamar Miesha he’s putting up CC & will go after Todrick at F4 (another dumb ass – guess either Miesha or Grodner already got to him). Is there potential he’s lying & wants to backdoor Todrick – yeah but unlikely after what we saw go down today.

The only way it would get interesting is via the renom b/c we KNOW neither Todrick or Miesha will take them down if they win. Sorry about your bad luck & screwing your ally CC.

Only drama occurs if Carson wins POV takes himself down b/c then Todd would put up Todrick AND I could see Lamar & Carson voting him out. Sadly, if Carson wins POV he’ll prob save Cynthia b/c hey that’s what dumb ass players do when they don’t have an ally to help them see strategic options or the logic that Cynthia sitting beside anyone is safe.

I’m just saying it could be an interesting week b/c Todd won. I wonder how many days or hours or hey maybe minutes until CC clue in they F’d up & really did need their ally to save them from making DUMB ASS choices.

another name

From what I saw, C/C knew pretty quickly that they were in trouble.
Their “logic” was they had to choose another pair to roll with for safety, so they chose the pair with a higher win percentage, and it bit them in the ass.
I believe Meisha was in the room with them for part of that convo.
Tbh, it felt like she was in every room as part of every convo for the first bit after feeds returned. Like every time two people are about to speak there she is.
She’s doing what Todrick is failing to do. She’s covering her bases. I’m not used to seeing that.
It’s a pity Todd is saying if Carson wins he’ll renom Lamar. oi.
So, your opinion: In a regular season, hearing a jury say they are going to poison the jury against someone… are you more likely to consider dragging them to final 2 knowing the jury hates them? I’d seriously consider it. If the others do as well, Shanna might have just guaranteed Todrick second place. If any of the others think who is easiest to beat in a final vote, I’d consider the one the jury hates more than me hands down.

another name

Todd is HOH.
Sounds like a gross food type HOH comp.
Lamar gets a costume.
His stomach was probably too full of fingernail to eat another bite.


What the HECK DID I JUST WATCH?!?!?!?! Lol did this moron really put up shanna after she took him off the block?! Wth?! Can’t help but think this is all scripted now especially after Toddricks veto. Like what did I really watch?! And the way they treated shanna was horrible! Like are these ppl all out to lunch or what??


Did production not think of how obvious this would look? Yeah lets take off a power duo and the chick who’s put me on the block every time for a number on your side? Who just SAVED you and clear as friggin day just went against his enemy in the game for him!!?!?! One cannot be this stupid?! Knowing it’s there only hope to stay?! I believe Cynthia is full on “god mode” and her mean ass attitude is true to how she is in real life but I can’t believe ppl are this stupid.. and because I don’t like production to completely rig who wins…I already canceled all future recordings of this season!! Done! Was boring Anyways


Sorry – I’m tired – that should say “he told Miesha he’s putting up CC”

And to clarify he didn’t actually say “F4” he said “after” I took it to mean after they are gone (CC that is)


Todd won HOH. Wondering if Miesha and Todrick threw it to him so he could put Cynthia and Carson on the block so they(Miesha and Todrick ) don’t get blood on their hands. I have no problem with them on the block especially Cynthia. She and Carson both need to be evicted so that they can see how they have been played.

another name

My bad. pressed post instead of minimizing the window to listen to what was going on.
If I got the gyst of the plan correctly….
Todd plans to nom Carson and Cynthia. (oooooffff course he does. eyeroll). He consulted with Miesha (i mean… at least he didn’t ask Todrick… but oi). Could he be planning a bamboozle? I dunno. Turn on the alpha? That would take an awful lot of drgremlining to deprogram that conditioning.
If Carson wins veto, Todd plans to replace with Lamojito? So he’s sticking with that final three with Miesha and lime todricky? Sorry. mojito and lime costumes. Not my best segue. At. All. Todrick he’d put up at final four, but not yet. blink blink. Mrs Garrett and Tootie both would have put him up. Shakes head in shame. Lamar doesn’t want a costume. Oh good. Pouty Lamar…. can’t wait. eyeroll.

A food type comp. Well, I can picture how that went. Miesha refused to eat because it wasn’t in supplement form. Todrick refused to eat because it didn’t have michelin stars… Lamar heard Michelin, thought they were going to make him eat a tire, and wouldn’t play. Todd? You know Todd’s going to eat anything. and Cynthia? who cares. No seriously. Cynthia in comps is like Lamar with too much milk. They both shit the bed.

Miesha plans to attend the HOH room reveal. (singsong voice ‘ i bet production told someone to get off their high horse and take part in the program they already cashed their pay for play signing bonuses for…’).
Yeah. The celebrities in the past seasons got an upfront signing amount to appear, this is known. Therefore, None of them are hurting for cash, so let’s not play who needs it financially.


When Cynthia told Shanna she’s been playing for herself uhmmmm duh lol isn’t that the point you make moves and create alliances in order to thrive and move forward in the game. There is only one winner!!! She was doing what she had to do in order to survive, that’s the game!!