Susanne “I feel like he is trying to claim a woman. I feel like all these men are trying to claim a woman.”

10:05pm HOH room. Chris and Vanessa.
Vanessa – I am a straight shooter! When I tell you something, that’s what I’m doing. And well maybe I need to be a bit better at lying or whatever.. I am who I am. Chris – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chris – and I am going to sniff through that and that like turned me off. Vanessa – what turned you off? Chris – the lying, the playing everyone. Vanessa – yeah its too much. Chris – its not that it pisses me off .. I see it. Vanessa – its unnecessary and I’ve said that to people like Kyle. You don’t need to be talking sh*t about Chris. Why do you need to do that!? I’m not doing that! Chris – Kyle is f**king lucky that I still have his f**king back. Vanessa – I know! Chris – you can tell me anything and I am not going to worry about it, I’m not going to talk about it. Vanessa – Christ whatever I tell you I’m doing .. that’s what I’m doing! I am loyal and I don’t want to play this game that sketchy way. Chris – I don’t want to do that either. I just want to have my people and go hard. Vanessa – I love it. Chris – we are the four most loyal people. Like I know I can 100% trust you. I feel like .. I don’t talk sh*t about anyone! Vanessa – me neither. You know who I feel very trust worthy with and also adores you what we got going on here .. is Carol. Chris – Oh Carol LOVES.. Vanessa – I think she is loyal to the f**king soil! Chris – I do too. What are your thoughts on Susanne? Vanessa – Susanne just makes me nervous .. she is everywhere! She has great relationships with everyone. Like her though. Chris – she might hide behind me taking the heat while playing nice with everyone.. where as with you, I know you would come to me. Vanessa – yeah. Chris starts teaching Vanessa his tricks for memorizing mental comps.

11:42pm Minh-ly and Brooke.
Brooke – In conversations with groups of people you will bring up things that I am identifying as slightly passive aggressive towards me. Minh-ly – towards YOU!?
Brooke – Yeah like just in terms of today .. with like the fake laugh comment. Minh-ly – oh that wasn’t passive aggressive. I didn’t mean it that way at all! Brooke – no like I trust you. Minh-ly – it made you uncomfortable? Brooke – no like I trust you but we’re playing a game that is a social game and like bringing up something like do your fake laugh .. Like the only reason why I see the reason to do that is to make me look shaddy. Minh-ly – no that’s not what I was doing. So like there was another comment too? Brooke – yeah it will just be stuff like ..ah like maybe its just me being over thinking and stuff. Minh-ly – I think you are over thinking. It was just me talking freely and not thinking. I understand and I get it. I get what you’re saying .. my bad. In this game I get it.. its very sensitive.

1:40am Storage room. Brooke and Susanne.
Susanne – what did he (Jamar) say to you? Brooke – he was flirting with me all day. Like I don’t know how to respond to it. Like he will do the thing that he does where he is winking at me and asking me questions and stuff. We just had weird interactions all day. Its just that’s not the road I want to take. We good as buds. I don’t want to f**k anything up and I am pretty emotionally unavailable and I think he is like super cute and nice and stuff. Susanne – you’re definitely crushing. Brooke – yeah but I don’t want to talk about it. Its just not something I want to touch or like whatever. And he is like yeah but you’re flirting with me.. and he was like I’m flirting with you. I was like you can do whatever you want I am not flirting back. I am responding in the voice that I normally use. And he was like okay you feel me… and I was like whatever! Susanne – I feel like he is trying to claim a woman. I feel like all these men are trying to claim a woman. Brooke – I don’t get it. Susanne – I think the love hate thing with me is because he literally loves me and hates me a the same time. Brooke – I don’t think he hates you. I think he actually really likes you. Susanne – why is he being like.. Brooke – he is immature. I don’t like being flirted with at all. I like him and like talking to him but like we have no chemistry at all.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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another name

Some Shallow Thoughts

Sometimes I ask myself: was Chris homeschooled? Like in that test subject locked in a basement for a study on feral children with only a book on cheesy party trick hypnotism kind of way.
The only thing that gets me more confused is Maddy saying for the third time she has an inner Ika. Girl would be extremely hard pressed to scrape together an inner Jackie. I can see her having a season one inner Gary (when Gary ran off crying and threw himself on the bathroom floor kicking and screaming having a meltdown because he was put on slop).
Vanessa. It’s obvious the editing department doesn’t know what kind of game she is playing. I don’t know what kind of game she is playing. I’m not sure SHE knows what kind of game she’s playing. Best guess: she was all in on her final 2 with Kyle until his slop brain petulant child reaction to not getting the slop pass. She pivoted. Her loyalty was to Kyle, she even brought him info. about Minh targeting him. She wins the slop pass. feeds are out for a long time. Feeds come back: she’s targeting Kyle. Deductively this means that was some feed outage. House scuttlebutt when feeds returned implied that Kyle had a bit of a tantrum. House rumor implies it was not his first tantrum.
Do you think anyone raised an eyebrow when JL went out and talked to people by himself last night? Gee, someone is looking for an alpha to be wingman for. I have little doubt he’ll attempt to form a men’s alliance with Sheldon and Jamar and Hira. I have no doubt it will be real to Hira and JL. It will be real if Hira or JL win hoh, until after the veto ceremony. With Sheldon trying to protect his primaries, and Jamar trying to power behind the throne. It would have to raise an eyebrow though… it’s not like JL has interacted much with anyone without a Mike shaped growth attached to him ( or did Mike have a JL shaped growth…. whatever).
Does anyone else get this feeling? When Carol was talking about leaving and feeds went down for a couple hours, production asked for volunteers to include Carol in their reindeer games? I still say they might let the oldest person quit, or the lgbt person, or the illness survivor, or the plus size person. They’d let one of those four quit, but no way in Hell are they letting the ONE person that is ALL four walk. I mean… she’s got to stick around until one of the special evictions (double or triple) so that she can fill the quota.
Susanne. would babysabs (yup, she’s invited a couple of them to her house already) think she had any storyline whatsoever if she didn’t have her minh hate? You know. and I mean KNOW we are going to get a watered down Sabrina v. Ika are you threatening me argument at some point, right? NO. I’m not saying Minh is the Ika. I’m saying they’ll have that kind of brewing hatred grow as a thing (at least in Susanne’s mind).
I thought Brooke and Susanne were talking about Sheldon in the crush section of the update. It was Jamar? Oh. I’m still trying to see what they are seeing when someone says Jamar is sexy. I don’t get it.
Rianne? who? I think we can (and I think we have) gone days at a time where she has been completely irrelevant to the game.

And that’s what I’m thinking.