“those are not your friends don’t associated yourself with them ..on any social level.. the way he looks”

Big Brother gives them a special meal. Looks like they throw a lot of it out 🙁

11:44am HOH Ricky

11:46am LOCO and Dina talking about the nominations being today.

Dina looks up at the Camera “VEto got to win .. they’re putting me up they don’t like me.. most of my friends are gone” (Dina is a comp beast just wait)

11:48am Ricky, Tamar and LOCO
R – because you can win competition and you’re a good athlete that doesn’t mean sh1t to me
Ta – true
LOCO – true
R – means I pick you first on a team if we’re competing
Ricky says you meet some Athletes that are “empty.. they paid too much for that victory”
Tamar yells something i heard the word Presbyterian

Ricky – you realize that if one of them wins the veto I have to nominate one of you guys
LOCO – yeah
Ricky asks if they care which one.
Ta – I CARE..
Ta – I still don’t understand why people see me as a threat
R – Even if that happened (you go up) the only reason you would be evicted is if .. well first it would have to be LOCO .. all you need is one vote ..
Ta – I trust you
LO – I feel everybody trusts everybody
R – I want to be clear if we win the veto it’s not a issue
LOCO says Kandi has made it known she’s never voting for TA (to evict)
Ricky says it just has to be 1 1
Ta – well I didn’t say that
R – that you wouldn’t vote for Kandi
Ta – yeah I never said that
LOCO – Yeah I know that .,. I’m saying her
R – do you guys have a preference.. you guys vote I can’t vote
R – you don’t have to answer it now ..
LO – thanks for asking us
R – I’m not going to change how I’m playing the game because it’s the end..

Ta – I would be in a group chat with this Room..
LOCO – thanks TA
Ta – it’s a fact. I don’t want to talk.. I’m good.. like all the other sh1t is fake
R – I don’t mean to be rude.. and and.. I’m sure this won’t make it on.. but.. . personally I don’t feel like i get that she probably would be easier to beat in the end..
Ta – who
R – Dina, but I don’t think her being in the end really represents the show
TA – it doesn’t, I thought about that..
Ta says “those guys (toamto) have been pumping her (Dina) with a lot of negativity”
Ta – how do we know at finale night she’s not going to represent positivity
r – yeah..
LOCO asks Tamar how does she know she won’t pick Kandi over her.
Ta – I don’t owe her anything and she … and she doesn’t owe… Well she does .. you understand what I’m saying.. I’ve been loyal as a friend outside of this house and inside of this house
Ta – she’s the one that did the bullshit to me .. Period.
Ta – and that’s not like.. I’ve known her for 20 years and I know nothing about her .. I don’t have to have her as a friend.. to be honest she’s a lot of remnants of bullshit

Tamar goes on about every time she says something Kandi has to “TRUMP” it
Ricky – I just think we should lift each other up

LOCO starts reading the Bible.. Ricky leaves..

Ta – I’m telling you to your face I will never pick Kandi over you whether you think that you can win with me or not I just wouldn’t do it
Lo – thanks ..
Tamar says one of Kandis best friends wrote a book and the first chapter was about Tamar shitting on her (must have been tough to find a Whole chapter)
LOLO mentions she thought they were going to Keep Kandi over Dina
Ta says that was Ricky’s plan “I told him I would respect his HOH.. ”
LO – it’s all the same
Ta – whoever he wants to go .. OK
Lo says if Kandi makes it to the end nobody has a chance
Ta – nobody likes her.. the only people that like her are Kato and Tom
Lo – no all the guys
Ta – Ryan don’t like her.. he put her up
Ta – I think Dina..
Lo says the breakfast this morning was “Awful”
Ta – its was awful
LO – I was so annoyed .. and I’m never annoyed
Ta – she’s been fed negativity.. she’s affected

Feeds flip..

Ta – those are not your friends don’t associated yourself with them when you get out of here
LO – who
Ta – Kato and Tom
Lo – Oh I got you ..
Ta – on any social level
Lo – yeah
Ta – don’t do that.. those people are no good..
Ta – the way he looks … ohhh I’m sorry I have to say this all on TV but the truth is the truth this ain’t my war I’m just a solider it’ ain’t right mmm hmmm mmmm hmmm
Ta – I’m so glad he knows nothing about me ..
Ta – thanks for the little dance.. get your life..

7:20pm Ricky nominated Dina and Kandi

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another name

since i really didn’t know who she was before this, i thought it was just her real housewives audition reel.

Tom Is a A Canuck

Tay is so jealous of Kandi. I thought Tay had been super rich before? And now
She is so broke she desperately needs at least the favorite house guest prize. Where’d all her money go?


Agreed. They’ve really gone overboard (IMO) just trying to justify their own horrid behavior. Like repeating a lie so many times you convince yourself it’s true


I’ve always said that BB brings out the worst in everyone.

Tamar is not at all apologetic for who she is. She thinks she is Jesus’ top pick.

Honestly, I’ve now lost interest in the season since the only one I’m interested in winning at this point is Kandi….the richest of them all. This just isn’t turning out well. *sigh


Playing the game (Celebrity)Big Brother caused Tom Green to become the target of odium. Tom was perpetually verbally bludgeoned with rants designed to hurt him & cause him pain. This abuse was so threatening that Tom had to lock himself inside of his HOH room. Everyone in the house should have said “this hostile threatening hateful behavior is wrong-stop-this is a game-no one playing this game should be made to feel threatened especially to the extent that they do not feel safe & to feel safe have to lock themselves inside of a room.” Tom is out of the house/game & he still remains a target of odium. Watching such hateful personalities is sad. Toni Braxton’s youngest sibling & bobsledder’s heinous behaviors are wrong & unnecessary. They are revealing that they are gruesomely harmful & knowingly injurious. It is who they are – not an outrageous BB Game Play scheme. Showcasing repugnant behaviors is not being true to the BigBrother Game.
Tom Americas Favorite HG cbs.com/cbbvote


Cry me a river for Tom. I like him but he and Kato screwed their own game. As for Ta, well, I got Nothing:)

It's just a game...

I don’t get it either Simon. I was actually in the Tamar camp until last night’s classless happy dance. I was pulling for Tom and Kato, but thought Tamar was misunderstood at first. No more.

With any luck, LOLO will watch the season back and see where Tom’s head really was at.

Tamar holds on to the grudges, best I can tell. She wasn’t going to waste breath on Tom and then blew up on him. She’s great to sit next to, but doesn’t belong in final two.


“With any luck, LOLO will watch the season back and see where Tom’s head really was at.” – That would require a HUGE amount of luck, for Lolo to have any resemblance of self-awareness, that is. 🙂


I think Tamar enjoys taking things super personal and she’ll hold on to perceived slights like they are sweet ambrosia. Everything else for her is to justify her unpleasant attitude towards folks.


The way Ta talks about Tom youd think he kidnapped her kid.

50 shades of Cray-mar

Tamar gives Christians and humanity for that matter a bad name


Amen to that!!!!!!


They are all seriously underestimating Dina’s ability to beat them in the end. Her chance of getting to Final 2 is minimal, but if she does, she’d beat any of those 3 sore losers. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider Dina winning a “bitter jury” vote. This woman managed to keep her calm the entire season, living with a bunch of lunatics, so that alone merits her a win.

Just me

It’s the meds that keep her calm. She can’t string a sentence together. Last nite when evicting Tom, she said I vict to evok Tom.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That was funny!

another name

she victed to evote last night.


Agreed. At this point, I soooooo want one of them to take Dina to final 2. I honestly think she could sweep the votes of all 5 male evictees and 5 is all you need.


The other night Tom was talking to Kandi and Dina in HOH. It was late on live feeds.
He said he is absolutely sure Ricki was given the power by America. He said he is a loved Heissman winner. He took ricki off the block so that. America wouldn’t think badly about him because he was trying to Blackdoor America’s favorite. And that he gave ricki a very nice speech. He said this puts him in a good spot with viewers.
Btw. Dina totally agrees with Tom that ricki had the power.
What Tom should have done was evict Tamar.

another name

Tom seems to throw multiple scenarios against the wall to see which one sticks.
He had multiple reasons for saving Ricky. In expressing multiple reasons he knows that people will pick and choose the explanation that fits with their narrative the best. This isn’t a slag on Tom. It just is what it is. He’s trying to play to the masses.


In his first interview outside Big Brother Tom said he made a mistake saying he was hoping Lolo wins. He said he was unprepared for the double eviction and Lolo was the last person he saw. He said he hopes kandi wins.
But the next day he says he hopes Lolo wins. This on 2 different interviews.
He says it was a dark and sinister experience.
I don’t think Tom watched many seasons. From what he has said he watched celebrity 1st season.
If he thinks this was a sinister season…wow. He should watch some of the other ones.
He also said he THOUGHT Lolo and Nat were against him and Kato so he decided to go against them.
I think this was tom’s paranoia.
They didn’t want to backdoor ricki. He was the 5th in the alliance.
And lots of times people have multiple alliances.
The deal is Tom never got over ricki’s insulting remarks outside to him.
Tom and Kato should have stayed as the five.
Tom was killing the comps. And Lolo and nat with ricki would have swept the others away.
Tamar’s behavior was shocking at the end.
Btw.. Tom’s change of heart must be because he saw something that kandi said since he left.
He mentioned he had dinner with Kato the other night.
What a pain Dina is. Sheesh. She talks over everyone and makes out that she is the authority on how to play and how she knew everything and THEY didn’t listen to her.
Hard to live with IMO.


Tom was iffy about Ricky because he was always non-committal about being part of an alliance. Either he or Kato said they brought it up more than once, and Ricky just wasn’t interested. So when someone is like that, you can’t just assume you can tell them every strategic move your ‘4’ want to make.
I wonder if the game would have been different for Tom and Kato if the Mooch had stayed.


I find it funny that Tamar has convinced herself that she’s a good righteous person! Lol This woman has so badly fooled herself. I just can’t see her mother being proud of her behavior. But then again Ricky, LoLo, and Candy all think they are above everybody else. They’re a disgusting bunch of people and not worth watching. They lost the show when they lost Tom and Kato !!!!!


Brat, WTH are you talking about. Yes Tamar is bratty as hell and a tad delusional, and LOLO is LOCO but they aren’t ALL disgusting people. A bit strong.


I think Tamar got triggered because of the whole ‘Tom Green threatened Kandi’ thing, which was totally overblown. She brings up her kid in that screaming at him, and that’s where you know she took it to another level. Sadly, many people out there will always be on her side, because they see her as the victim. She acts like a 10 year old kid, emotionally and mentally, and will never be self-aware of her poor demeanor.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

They showed that on the show last night and Tom repeatedly stated that proposing ideas is NOT threatening; stop using the word “threaten”. The most aggressive women in the house use words like “threaten” and “attack” repeatedly and it’s ridiculous. Lolo says “and I’m never annoyed”. She has “resting “b*(*( face” and she is annoyed when the wind blows! Tamar, Ricky and Lolo disgust me. I just erased After Dark from my DVR last night and couldn’t stomach watching it. Omarosa bahaved better than those three.

another name

A 24 hours later processed analysis of last night’s episode completely encapsulates what has been annoying me.
Even as hoh, Loco tries to pander for a poor me sympathy response from the audience. The entire oh i don’t know who to choose. She sure knew who she was going to choose when she discussed the scenario with nem the night before. Even in the driver’s seat she has to try to get people to feel badly for her. I. Just. Can’t.
Tamar. Last night’s vitriolic behavior. She’s bought her own press. She has decided she received the safety prize because she was stirring the pot, but has mistakenly equated it with support and likeability more than the desire for feed watchers to fight boredom.
Final thought on the entire health insurance hubaballoo. maybe swaggy can organize a charity event.
Too soon?


Ha ha Swaggy will give her $500 and keep the rest for himself because you know that’s how “gang gang” charities work.

another name

… okay. turned off twitter. when Loco is tweeting ego stroking tweets about integrity and friendship and kindness to former house guests in order to try to get back jury votes from people she back stabbed. i mean…

Crazy Dog

Wake me when this season’s over…lol